Career Training for Software QA Testing

We are Software QA career change specialists. And we believe in Software QA being a rewarding career when you take it to the heart. It deserves serious consideration if you are facing a career change.

Over years we helped to successful career changers who are different in age (17 to 60) and college education (Mechanical and Civil Engineering, IT, Teaching, Chemistry, Math and Physics), country of origin (US, India, Russia, Israel, and many others) and languages spoken. Software QA is different from other IT specialties by being much more accepting and open to the new blood.

That program is designed to lead graduates to employment in the occupation of training. That is why we are interviewing all the candidates in Skype with web camera employed to provide an additional level of caution in case someone cannot benefit from our program.

That is how it works if you join our program:

  • Within 10 weeks we learn software testing by meeting online twice a week. One session takes one hour.
  • One more time a week you meet with our project lead who makes sure you gain practical skills by participating in testing life application given to us for testing by a real company. That project experience will become a part of you resume.
  • You get access to all our self-paced technical courses, which will make your resume even more attractive to the future employers. References are also on us.
  • We write a resume for you interactively. That process is 100% individualized. We have written over 5000 QA resumes so far. Let us do one more for you.
  • We teach you every step in how to get a job. Hours of proprietary videos are available to our students along with pre-recorded webinars and live training sessions. We know all about including insider information on how to get to the top of search results on most popular web sites used by recruiters.
  • We will practice mock interviews with you to make sure you are ready for undertaking a successful job market action
  • We will update your resume at no charge within first year of your employment in the field of study
  • And remember: we are here to walk you through each and every step and we have being doing that since 1994 with 5000+ successful graduates

Do your research about the profession and about us. Get in touch with school to discuss your career change needs. We’ll see you on the Information Superhighway.