How long it takes to complete the program?

The answer depends on specific course schedule. We might have one session a week, two, or three. Our popular Software Testing Program (covers basics of QA, WEB & Mobile testing) would normally take 14 weeks to complete.

Can I get an internship after completion of the course?

There is no company-based internships available. We might have companies offering online projects, but there is no way to assure neither availability nor your acceptance.

Which classes should I take to get a job in Software QA field?

It depends on your education, work experience, user skills with software applications and mobile devices. Fluency in English will also play very important role in your marketability. We can discuss your specific situation and create a customized solution.

Are there any discounts?

There are no discounts. Instead you can repeat the classes taken on unlimited basis.

How do I pay? Can I use credit cards?

We accept checks, credit cards, money orders, PayPal - no cash, please

If on H1B or H4 visa may I take the class?

We do not have any citizenship, visa or immigration status requirements.

Can I get a job without Computer Science Degree?

Computer Science degree is not required to get a job in Software QA field. It helps though to grow faster in your new career

How the job market is doing?

The job market in Software QA field is very demanding. With that said, the demand/supply ratio outside of Silicon Valley is much better than in the Valley itself. We have locally the highest demand, but we also have the largest supply.

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