Selenium Training Courses Online

Our self-paced Selenium IDE online training course is designed for individuals interested learning how to automate testing of web applications. On-campus Selenium classes are available in Los Altos, CA. Learning Selenium IDE the students will be able to develop test automation projects in the real life environment.

The course is created with utilization of the materials used in our corresponding on-campus class.

The course covers:

  • Advantages of Test Automation
  • What is Selenium IDE?
  • Selenium Background
  • Selenium Components - IDE, RC, Grid, Core
  • Selenium IDE Features
  • Installing Selenium IDE
  • Recording and Running Selenium IDE Tests
  • Example: testing "Login" dialog box
  • Editing and Debugging Selenium IDE scripts
  • Overview of Selenium GUI
  • Overview of Selenium Features
  • Overview of Selenium commands and command categories
  • Selenium Debugging Tips
  • Overview of tools to use with Selenium (DOM Inspector, X-Path Checker, XPather, etc.)
  • Location elements in Selenium
  • Matching Text Pattern
  • JavaScript in Selenium
  • Selenium User Extensions, actions, accessors, assertions
  • Format of a Selenium test
  • Selenium Test Suites - Format, Creating, Extending, Adding test cases

The instruction includes written materials, quizzes, tests and home work assignments in the areas listed above. Student’s performance and progress will be evaluated based on scores earned on online tests. Certificate of completion will be issued online to successful test takers.

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The course materials are available for 6 months after course registration date
no refund for online classes if taken