Software Quality Assurance

Watch recording of the first 3 sessions of the online class

The online instructor-facilitated "Software Quality Assurance" program is designed for career changers interested in establishing their career in Software QA (Software Testing) field.

The program includes the following major modules:

  • Software QA class: 10 weeks; 20 one-hour online sessions; 2 sessions a week
  • Web/Mobile application testing project (real-life): 10 one-hour sessions; one session a week
  • 8 self-paced online classes (HTML, JavaScript, XML, SQL, Selenium IDE, UNIX commands, Shell and Perl Scripting)
  • Video lectures on Mobile Applications Testing, Test Documentation Development

The Software QA class of that program covers:

  • Software QA Profession in modern world
  • Introduction to Windows and WEB applications GUI Testing 
  • ResumeBuilder project: GUI testing, writing bug reports 
  • Bug Reporting rules 
  • Bug Tracking Databases - Elementool 
  • Web Testing project 1: requirements, purpose, GUI, ad hoc testing and reporting 
  • Web Testing project 2: Testing WEB forms 
  • Mastering Bug Reporting Skills 
  • Testing Web Applications: navigation, performance, browser/OS compatibility
  • Writing Test Documentation: test plan, test design, test suites, test matrices
  • Testing database applications 
  • Testing Printers/Drivers
  • Localization and Internationalization testing
  • Testing User Documentation
  • Testing Mobile Applications
  • Study Project (Mobile or Web application)
  • Job Market Navigation. Posting Resumes. 
  • Overview of Quality Assurance/Testing Interview questions 
  • Overview of Testing Types interview questions 

The instruction includes written materials, quizzes, videos, tests and home work assignments in the areas listed above. Student’s performance and progress will be evaluated based on scores earned on online tests. Certificate of completion will be issued online to successful test takers.

To register, please, connect to us on Skype at mportnov
The course materials are available for 6 months after course registration date
no refund for online classes if taken