Online training classes for working Software QA Professionals

All the technical subjects taught at Portnov Computer School are delivered from the Software testing perspective. We do not teach how to develop web sites in HTML – we teach how to find software defects from HTML perspective. Same is true for any other subject.

What is online training about?

With exception of Software QA Program all other classes are self-paced. We are using same knowledge base we use on our Los Altos, CA campus. You can take the class from the convenience of your office or home, learn the subject, take quizzes, and finally print your certificate.

How do I pay for the classes?

The tuition for self-paced classes will be charged by the secure service built into the educational platform we employ. Major credit cards are accepted along with Pay Pal. For the instructor-facilitated SQA career change program students will pay via School’s Pay Pal account directly or using their credit card.

What are the requirements for admission?

To enroll into the Career Change instructor-facilitated program candidates should clear successfully the Entrance Interview conducted in Skype with web camera present. We have to do that since the program leads to employment. Other classes are available to everybody interested in taking them.

For how long student gets access to the online facility?

Student gets access to our educational platform for the full 6 months. We can extend that time if the extension is justified by the student.

Can I learn effectively keeping my current job?

Self-paced online classes allow students for maximum flexibility in accommodating the study timing to their work schedules.  Instructor-facilitated Software QA Program requires your presence in the virtual classroom 3 times a week.

All the online sessions are recorded. The webinars are available for unlimited auditing. It is very easy to recover for a session missed.