This industry is built on relationships

Stacee Brackens
Recruiter at MindSource

First of all, I am so thankful for being introduced to you a few months ago. As you know, N.P. is currently working on contract for us at VeriSign, which is how I was introduced to you. She is the best! I love her attitude, enthusiasm and professionalism. I do hope that I will be able to continue to build relationships with your graduates and hire them as they fit for the positions I am working on.

Sofia, it has truly been a pleasure to work with you and Portnov Computer School. Every time we talk, you are extremely professional and what’s most important to me as a recruiter is your responsiveness. Thanks again for the offer to sit in on one of your QA classes; as soon as I can work it out in my schedule I will take you up on that. I believe it will enhance my recruiting efforts as I learn more.
I know Portnov Computer School has been around for a good while and I can see the increase in the skill level of the graduates that are coming out. Every graduate I have talked with are pleased with their education as well as the relationship they have with you and the school. Now, when I get any QA opportunities, you are my first point of contact.

This industry is built on relationships. I am confident that you will continue to send me the best of the best and I also appreciate your honesty about their communication and technical skills. That makes all the difference in my job; Knowing that I am working with people of integrity.

I have enjoyed working with you the last few months and I do hope we will get a chance to break bread together soon. Hopefully as the holiday hits, we will be able to make time. I would like you to meet the team I work with and hopefully we can come to your site as well.