Students testimonials

I would recommend Portnov Computer School to anyone who wants to improve their Software Testing Skills or wishes to start a new career as Software Tester.

SQA Engineer at AT&T

I joined in AT&T. Yes it is really good. In this job search the Perl class was very useful. I got 2 offers.

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SQA Engineer at Carat Fusion

Yes, I got the job at Carat Fusion!

Thank you very much Sofia.You are a great friend, person, and Director of Operations! May you be blessed with happiness, health, and wealth.

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SQA Enginier at Blue Jungle

Hi Mikhail & Sofia. I am very happy to inform you both regarding having accepted a contract position with Blue Jungle effective today.

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SQA Enginier

I joined Portnov Computer School’s SQA Express class about 3 months ago and they found the perfect internship for me.

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Elena I.
SQA Enginier

I am one of the students that I have been graduated in your school in 2000.

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SQA engineer in Apple, Cupertino

How are you? I've got a job in Apple, Cupertino. It is a 6 month contract. I've joined there 3 days before. Everything goes fine.

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I completed my MS in Information Systems from a reputed US University and had been looking for a job for the last 7 months.

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