Portnov Computer School is a great place!

SQA Enginier

I joined Portnov Computer School’s SQA Express class about 3 months ago and they found the perfect internship for me. I am very impressed with the quality and dedication of the staff, who worked so hard to place me in an internship. I would like to thank all of them: Thank you! спасибо!

Classes were interesting and the well- planned presentations certainly held my interest. Instructors were highly qualified, encouraging, and able to provide examples from their own real world experience about software testing. Also, it is very helpful that the class materials are accessible online any time, even after completion of the course.

In summary, Portnov Computer School is a great place to be for QA testing professionals. They not only helped me to be a well equipped QA software tester with well structured classes, but also coached me to stand confidently and present myself as a qualified QA Tester. They prepared me in every step, from resume writing, to mock interview, and gave me feedback on job performance.

I would highly recommend Portnov School to anyone who wants to improve their Software Testing Skills or wishes to start a new career as Software Tester.