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Resume 1

Samples represents that of an actual working technical professional found on the WEB and modified to protect the privacy of these professionals. Human names, company names, colleges, software product names are intentionally made up.


Gary Freeman

295 Merrimack Drive # 32
Denver, CO 80223


To find a challenging position which effectively utilizes my Software Development training and experience. Preferably in a management, working management or mentoring position.

Professional Experience:

Comprando Consulting Inc., Denver, CO
Jan. 02 – Mar.02


Developed custom applications with Delphi in a Client/Server environment using Microsoft SQLServer 2000 and WIN 2000 workstations. This required intense SQL/Delphi experience to develop direct mailing applications. The databases were 1 gigabyte and larger.

Armstrong Corp., Williamstown, CO
Apr. 01 – Jan.02


Operation of computerized packaging equipment. Responsible for proper operation, meeting production and reporting requirements.

SDC Consulting, Redwood, CO 80111
Apr. 99 – Apr. 00

  • Programming Consultant primarily Delphi 4, with some 5/ certified on Delphi 5
  • Developed custom reports using HiMark software proprietary connected to SQLServer and AS400 Amadeus DB2 databases.
  • Responsible for the development, troubleshooting, and debug of custom financial software at customer sites using Delphi 4.0 and SQLServer.
  • Used CyrstalReport to produce reports.

Crystal Consulting, Denver, Colorado
Sept. 98 – Apr. 99

Programming Consultant

Created a SQLServer database and wrote the front-end GUI interface, in Delphi 4.0, for a tenant investigation company. This program and database stored and enabled tracking of data used to provide clients with information about potential tenants. It also interfaced with a criminal background database and a credit checking database.

Paper Storage Systems, Denver, Colorado
Aug. 96 – Aug. 98

Manager of Software Development

  • Responsible for the design and development of proprietary custom software using Delphi and SQL Server for Veterans Administration Hospitals.
  • Coding of products from conception through distribution.
  • Three products developed from design stage through Customer use, includes products for connection to a database index for retrieval of scanned images from a Optical Disk Juke Box, Creating indexes for and moving images from an Intensive Care unit to the Network and Juke Box.
  • And a program that performs scanning, indexing and viewing of Electronic Images with associated maintenance programs.
  • Responsible for customer interface and problem resolution.

American Mortgage Research, Inc., Williamstown, CO
Jan. 96 – July 96

Information Systems Manager

  • Responsible for the proper operation of the Information Systems Department supervising four IS employees and 12 users.
  • Plan, Design and develop in-house industry-specific software programs using MSAccess, Gupta s SQLWindows and Borland s Paradox products.
  • Responsible for the operation and enhancement of a 3.1X Novell network including remote communications with the Virginia and Idaho Offices.
  • Trained users in the operation of GroupWise e-mail, ACT Database, MSOfficeSuite Miscellaneous other software packages.

United Specialists of Colorado, Redwood, CO
Aug 95 – Dec 95

Contract Consultant

  • Assist in the Design, Layout, and Implementation of a plant wide network system for Client Company including Hubs, a MUX, a File Server, a communications Server, and a Database Server.
  • Provide programming services in a windows environment using SQLWindows to enhance an international version of a configuration program for Client Company.
  • Provided backup service for Client Company on a HP9000 System.

RTCW Local 7, Oak Ridge, Colorado
May 94 -Aug 95

Systems Analysis

  • Supervise the MIS Department consisting of two developers and 18 users in the Conversion of a membership tracking and billing system from an AS400/Dumb Terminal system to a Client/Server network running Novell NetWare.
  • Developed the new system using Gupta s SQLBase as the database, and Gupta s SQLWindows, Visual Basic, and C++ and Visual C++ as the Programming Language.
  • Used the Software Development Life Cycle in cooperation with the end users.
  • The next step included the coding and testing of the application. The majority of the code was written using SQLWindows with C++ and Visual C++ used to connect the SQL Code with a device driver that allowed communication with input devices Nine Track Tape Drive for getting data into the main application.
  • A data-link-library was written in C++ and the Windows SDK that allowed the SQL code to access the input device.
  • I created output reports using R&R Report writer and SQR Windows.
  • Responsible for the maintenance of the hardware and software on the network.
  • Perform purchasing of equipment, software, and supplies to support the network and personnel.
  • Maintained and programmed the Audix Voice Phone.

Military Service:

United States Air Force – March 73 through September 1976 – Separated with Honorable discharge, Rank – Sergeant.

Professional Association/Certifications:

Vice-President for Programs 1995 Colorado Gupta Developer s Group. Founding Member Delphi 5 certification


USAF Electronics/Computer Systems – Keesler Air Force Base, Mississippi
Basic/Advanced Electronics, Computer Operations and Maintenance

Regis University – Denver Colorado
Undergraduate Degree – Bachelor of Science in Business Administration, Major in Management, Minor in Economics.
Graduated August 1992 GPA 3.40
Graduate Degree – Master of Science in Computer Information Systems.
Graduated May 1994 GPA 3.889

MicroWare Education – Denver Colorado
Certified Novell Administrator – Completed February 1995

Computer Skills:

Platforms: IBM OS400, DOS, Windows/Windows95/98/XP/2000, Windows NT 4.0/WIN 2000 server and workstation, WIN 2000, some Unix, Linux

Languages: Windows – Delphi, SQLWindows, Object Vision, Visual Basic Visual C++, and C++ DOS – C, C++, Pascal, and Basic

Databases: SQLServer 6.5 and 7.0, SQLServer 2000, Gupta SQLBase, Access, Paradox

Tools: Prototyping – ProtoScreens, DemoII, SQLWindows, Object Vision:
Case Tools – OOA, Easy Case, Excelorator
Web Tools – Netscape navigator, Internet Explorer, Symantic Visual Page, Cold Fusion, and various web assistance tools

Application Programs: Microsoft Office Professional, WordPerfect, Quattro Pro, Lotus 123, Harvard Graphics, Aldus Pagemaker, SQLindows, Norton Utilities, PCAnyWhere, PC Tools, Visio, Internet Explorer, Netscape, various utilities and other miscellaneous application programs

Report Writers: Crystal Reports, R&R Report Writer, Borland Report Smith, Himark Tools proprietary

Network: Microsoft NT, WIN 2000, Novell 3.X/4.X and LANtastic–IPX, TCP/IP Ethernet and Token Ring. Novell NetWare Connect, Network Design and Installation, Certified Novell Administrator

Resume 2

Samples represents that of an actual working technical professional found on the WEB and modified to protect the privacy of these professionals. Human names, company names, colleges, software product names are intentionally made up.


Margaret Stockman

125 Lincoln Road #23
Sacramento, CA 94939


Sr. Software Engineer, Bachelor of Commerce
Majors in Computer Science and Business Economics


Experienced developer/designer with strong problem solving and personal skills seeking a development home that will allow me to leverage my extensive experience as a software engineer.

I would like to be part of a development team providing the highest quality of software development, on time, and on budget.


Bachelor s Degree: Bachelor of Commerce 1997 Computer Science, Economics, Business Economics
11/1997 – University of Stellenbosch, South Africa


Microsoft Certified Software Developer MCSD – 3/2000, ITT Solutions, Cape Town, South Africa


  • Delphi Object Pascal versions 2-6.
  • Win32.
  • XML.
  • SQL MSSQL, Interbase, Paradox, MS Access, Oracle .
  • ActiveX.
  • Macromedia Flash version 4, 5 and MX.
  • Microsoft Installation Engine
  • Wise Installers versions 3, 4 and 8.
  • COM / DCOM
  • VB6
  • C#
  • Client-Server, Multi-tier.
  • Microsoft SourceSafe.
  • Microsoft Windows versions 3.1 XP.

Target job

Full-Time Employee or contract.
Working on-site or from home.
Desired Salary: Negotiable. 80 000 + or 50 hour

Work status

Authorized to work in the USA for any employer without sponsorship.


5/2000 – 4/2002
Albertson, Inc., San Jose, CA

Position: Analyst Developer Project: Faststream

Description: A Windows-based, desktop application for the hosting and sharing of personal digital media over the internet, directly from a user s home PC.


  • Used Wise for Windows Installer, version 4.01 and custom DLL s to install and un- install client / server applications, that included the creation of virtual directories, MSSQL databases, web based installers with web-updates and patches.
  • Created Virtual directories, installed MS SQL 2002 databases, registered COM objects and more.

Position: Analyst Developer Project:Fenza

Description: Kenza, a media-on-demand TV-Centric software platform. This platform enables cable operators and set-top box makers to rapidly deploy rich interactive content subscription service through its ready-to-customize, easy-to-navigate, and fully animated, television-Internet digital media management architecture. Alberson s Fenzasoftware platform was a key demonstration of the advances brought about by Windows XP and Embedded XP. This product was demonstrated at the Windows XP embedded launch .


  • XML User Interface editor for FenzaThis editor read its definition, rules and output format from XML files, applied these rules to create new XML files that Fenzaused as user interface definitions.
  • This editor made it possible for a non-technical designer to change and manage the definition, layout and user interface.

Position: Analyst Developer Project: Universal Media Player / Digital set-top box Multi Media application.

Description: A Windows 32bit application allowing users to discover, create, play, mix and manage MP3s, audio CDs, DVD movies, TV, HDTV and streaming and local media files. The application also included a user tracking mechanism that logged data to an Oracle database and later to a MS SQL server database, which allowed Albertson to track user behavior in order to drive sales by suggesting customized content.

This application was initially designed to run on a proprietary high-end digital set-top box but was later extended as downloadable and reached a 60000 download mark in three months.


  • Lead Developer using Borland Delphi 5, Macromedia Flash 5, MSSQL 7.0, Wise Install builder 8.5, XML, ActiveX, Secure HTTP, COM, ODBC, MSSQL, Oracle, VSS, Bug collector Pro and more.
  • Specialized in User Interface design.
  • On-line registration and web updates.
  • Designed and implemented database systems Microsoft SQL version 7 and Microsoft Access , connected to an Oracle backend database.
  • Implemented CDDB connectivity Audio CD recognition via an Internet connection , by means of Gracenote s CDDB COM object defined in an API.
  • Ripping/Converting audio CD s into Mp3 s, creating and editing the Mp3 tag version 1 and 2 from CDDB information.
  • Media manager To manage all your audio and video files by creating, saving and editing play lists.
  • XML skin technologies to make it possible for the user to change the skin of the application. HTTP Client Server connectivity User registration, shareware application timeout, automatic software updates and upgrading shareware versions to registered versions.
  • Macromedia Flash 5, user interface inside a Microsoft Windows 32 application.
  • Inprise Delphi version 5 Object Pascal
  • Worked with quality assurance team to ensure thorough software system testing.
  • Designed, wrote and maintained program specifications and documentation.

3/1999 – 2/2000
George International Trust Company, Midtown, South Africa

Position: Independent Contractor
Project: George s Portfolio Manager

Description:The George International Group needed a Microsoft Windows based Portfolio management system to replace their existing Microsoft DOS based system.

This system imported their existing XBase database into a newly designed Interbase Database and then helped portfolio managers to create reports, trade securities and preview a client s portfolio at any specific date and time.


  • Client liaison to determine mapping of the firm s workflow procedures to the software environment.
  • Design and implementation of a database system Interbase RDBMS .
  • Design and implementation of specialized user interfaces.
  • Implementation of triggers and stored procedures.
  • System debugging & maintenance
  • User training.
  • Inprise Delphi version 4/5.

1/1999 – 2/1999
Electronic data Ltd., Johannesburg, South Africa

Position: Independent Contractor
Project: Electronic data on-line trading system

Description: Electronic data holdings needed an interface to connect to the Johannesburg stock exchange s streaming trade data and a user interface to allow traders to buy and sell shares.


  • Developed an online trading system to interface with the Johannesburg Stock Exchange JSE .
  • Developed a JSE emulator using Borland Delphi version 4.
  • Design and implementation of a database system Interbase RDBMS .
  • Communication via the Tibco Rendezvous networking protocol.

12/1997 – 12/1998
SmartPay Software Products, Midtown, South Africa

Position: Delphi Developer
Project: SmartPay Payroll

Description: This application replaced the current Microsoft DOS based payroll suite with a new Windows 95/98/NT based version.


  • Delphi developer versions 3/4.
  • Implemented a modular expandable reporting system using DLL technology.
  • Developed Report Writer with an integrated Paradox database SQL wizard and Paradox table designer.
  • Created all the reports used by the SmartPay suite.
  • Developed custom printing modules for many different paper standards and letterheads.
  • Banking interface and data transfer / Electronic Funds transfer.

12/1997 – 03/2000
Modern Computers, Midtown, South Africa

Position: Owner

Description: I started a consulting company that maintained computers for individuals and companies. Modern s services included Computer Sales / Upgrades, service, Network installation and Software and Hardware installation.


  • Hardware and software purchasing.
  • Computer assembly and testing.
  • Hardware and Software installation.
  • Network installation.

Resume 3

Samples represents that of an actual working technical professional found on the WEB and modified to protect the privacy of these professionals. Human names, company names, colleges, software product names are intentionally made up.


Daniel Cotton

32 Burlington Court
Westport, IA

Perhaps I am the Delphi Software Engineer that you seek? I am a versatile senior level programmer, ready to step up to the job and take on new tasks. I have solid programming, analytical problem solving skills, multithreaded client/server apps, project management and very strong database skills. Additionally, I am Brain Bench certified in Delphi and advanced database concepts. My goal is to find a stable company in which I can match my skills, talent and innovation. And in return create a better product base that makes your company shine above the rest.

The details of your advertisement suggest that you are seeking a motivated and talented programmer. To be as successful as your company is you no doubt require the ability to deliver quality code and meet deadlines.

In addition to the software development, Q&A, project management, and database duties I highlight in my resume, please note that I have over 15 years of demonstrated performance in these and other areas. Including but not limited to various OS, hardware platforms, technical writing, preparing training for end users, project management and networks.

Quantitative Skills: There are very few problems or types of data that I haven t produced robust solutions for. This includes payroll, GL integration, project management and many client/server apps.

Communication Skills: The positions that I have occupied have required both oral and written excellence.

Teamwork Skills: Participating in as well as leading countless projects has resulted in a good ability to be a team player. Knowing how important it is to be staffed by the right person for the position, I wouldn t submit my resume if I didn t plan on giving 100 .

Daniel Cotton


Ideally a software engineering position in which I may use my skills to benefit the company that I work for. I enjoy being a team member or taking a task and making it my own. With the ultimate goal to always keep productivity high, cost low and users satisfied. All while working for a stable company that will still be here tomorrow.


Delphi Brain Bench Certified , HTML, CGI/ISAPI, Visual Basic, some UNIX Bourne, Korn shell scripts, SQL, JavaScript, C, Python and REXX, PL/SQL, T-SQL, Crystal Reports and many other script languages.


DOS 1.0 through 6.22 , Microsoft Windows 3.1, 3.11, 95,98, NT 3.5x, 4.0, 2000 and some XP , UNIX SCO , Red Hat Linux, O/S 2; Informix 7; Oracle 5, 7 and some exposure to 8i; SQL Server 6.5 and 7.0; Advantage; PostGre; MYSQL; Sybase; Paradox, FoxBASE, dBase, Access; MS Word, Excel, PowerPoint; Visio, FTP, Exchange, Outlook, Lotus Notes; Dream Weaver, Adobe Acrobat document creation;


Smith Marketing Services, Rock Port, IL.
11/05/01 – present

Delphi Developer

Was brought on board to help this company to utilize CGI, ISAPI, JAVA, ActiveX and COM/DCOM. I have written and rewritten large bases of existing code. This is in addition to Component writing to produce custom component suites.

Trinity Data Center, Arlen, TX.
Senior Programmer
Reason for leaving: ABDC, out of business

Prior to it s dissolution this company was positioned with industry leaders to provide state of the art real-time data transfer. This company was in-line with the restaurant POS industry to capture and relay all sales, labor and inventory data via the Internet. Also able to capture any other data that would be retained in back end SQL compliant databases.

This company was absorbed and became A BetterDataCenter that located itself in Dallas, Texas. At that point I transferred to the Texas area. My accomplishments and achievements are listed below:

  • Brought to market a complex TCP/IP data engine that brokered connections, data transfer, reports, etc.
  • Enabled immediate transfer of mission critical data via client/server solutions.
  • Rules based reporting and exception notification via D-Source engine.
  • Designed and built a distributed HTML report engine.
  • Instituted client chat feature to a data center with precise detail of where they were at within the application.
  • Created Dew-Point Early Warning critical notification server: it s purpose to notify of problems and difficulty with hardware or software failures.
  • Designed a fault tolerant, distributed processing mechanism that operated over multiple operating systems and servers.

Environment: Windows NT, 2000 and Linux; SQL Server 7, PostGre; HTML, JavaScript, shell scripts, FTP, PERL and python. Delphi.

ADSC, Inc., Bar Harbor, WA.
New Technologies Engineer
Reason for leaving: ADSC experienced industry wide financial setbacks

ADSC is a leader in the movie theater industry providing state of the art applications and hardware. Which was always striving to stay ahead of its competition by providing solutions, which were faster and better before anyone else could. That s where my expertise came into play, writing high-end scalable solutions under budget and ready to deliver.

  • Designed, created and implemented the first real-time theatre ticket solution in the industry, taking 4 seconds.
  • Resulting in increased sales for theatres. 2-second real-time credit card validations via the Internet.
  • Enabled immediate transfer of mission critical data via client/server solutions.
  • Created a suite of tools and CRM management applications based around Smart Card solutions. Again, I was first in the industry to achieve this.
  • Designed flat-file engine to export from any format to any format. This was used to gather data from multiple sources and created export records for payrolls.
  • I exposed a flaw to Microsoft in regards to the Registry on NT Server. Which was subsequently fixed in the next service pack.
  • Migrated poorly designed inter-application and inter-server communications to robust TCP/IP libraries that I later moved to a developer s kit.

Environment: Windows NT, 2000; HTML; Advantage, Crystal Reports; Delphi;

John White, Seattle, WA
Lead Programmer/Analyst
Reason for leaving: Out of business

While in the employ of John White, a 115-store national retail chain. One of my ongoing tasks was to convert legacy code. Much of which was a jumble of DOS batch files, Paradox Application Language 2.0-5.0 and massive transfers between DOS machines and HP-3000. The migration paths lead to creating robust 95/NT compliant applications.

Enhanced nightly polling routines with fail-safes and transfer checks to assure that data was valid. Instituted chain-wide loyalty card program that resulted in management and mailing applications for 30,000 members. Designed and built several full cycle purchase order systems. Created interface applications to deal with banks and money transfers ACH , with additional population into MAS-90 GL. Overhauled the in-house Point Of Sale system reducing its resource requirements.

Among the revisions implemented were fault tolerant processing routines, for nightly processes and data warehousing requirements. Switched all paper-based reports to HTML based, resulting in 19,000 savings on wide carriage printer paper. Programmed client/server applications that our warehouse utilized over a dedicated T1.

Also developed applications for: Rental system with GL tie in; Seasonality and trend analysis;

Environment: DOS, Windows 3.1-3.11, Windows NT, Linux and SCO Unix; Informix, HTML, shell scripts, Paradox, Crystal Reports; Delphi;

Auto-Matic, Denver, CO
Iowa Office Technical Manager

Reason for leaving: Newly married and 320 days of travel per year were not acceptable

This position entrusted me with overseeing the installation of computer, voice and data telecommunications equipment. My level responsibility was for 14 states and revenue that totaled 23 million annually. Through implementing procedures, policies and installation guidelines I was able to significantly reduce the overall cost per install resulting in higher profits. Our primary install base was that of correctional facilities.

Performed duties of account management and on-site customized programming by visiting all sites within my 14 state area as well as other areas. Traveling 300+ days a year was not uncommon. Routinely dealt with service providers such as US West Qwest now , AT&T, SW Bell and many others. Wrote custom applications, which became company standards that provided in-depth call reports to LEC s and RBOC s. Created protocols for dealing with difficult customers, knowledge base of common problems, etc.

Received a total of 35 commendations from our clients and their customers. Helped create many RFP s that resulted in winning the bid. Support of 750+ X.25 Frame Relay connections.

Environment: DOS, Windows 3.1-3.11, Windows 95 and NT; Oracle, Paradox, Paradox Application Language and some C;


A.A. in Computer Science, Concorde Technical College, 07/92, Grade Point Average: 3.94
Dean s List every semester.
Lamplighters Award for Excellence – 1992
Continuing education classes have included: Windows NT, Server, Lotus/Domino Server, Exchange Server, 40 hour telecom skills class, Novell, Artisoft, Delphi, Web design, marketing and many more.
Brain Bench certifications for Delphi, database design and HTML


NCIC Security Clearance while employed by Auto-Matic.
JEDI project for developer supported free code.

Resume 4

Samples represents that of an actual working technical professional found on the WEB and modified to protect the privacy of these professionals. Human names, company names, colleges, software product names are intentionally made up.


Peter Anderson

172 West 34th Street
Tupelo, OK 74105


Team member involved in the design and development of software systems.


Smart Games, Tupelo, Oklahoma
June, 1996, to present, fulltime since March, 1999 .

Co-Owner/Independent Game Developer

Independent Game Design and Development for Windows.

Major Projects:

  • Project Leader: Artemis . An Internet-based, multiplayer, online real-time strategy game. Released October, 1999. I oversaw the project from its inception, assisting with the design of the game and finding and overseeing the efforts of the other team members. In addition, I was responsible for all client-side software development, including graphics 2D , networking TCP/IP , user interface, sound and music. Artemis 2, a major upgrade of the entire game, was released November, 2000. Both versions of Artemis had a 4-member team, managed remotely: 2 programmers, an artist, and a sound engineer. In addition, I have also managed the online running of the game since 1999.

  • Project Leader: Worked with Sierra Online/Havas Interactive to develop a licensed, medieval-fantasty multi-player real-time strategy game based on Artemis, see above . I served as project leader, finding the necessary team members and directing their efforts in the short timeline we were given for the project. Also, I created and maintained the design document for the project, as well as handled the client software development. The project involved total content replacement all new artwork, sound and music and numerous changes and extensions to the underlying game, both on the server and client sides, and an incredibly short deadline 4 months . There were 4 remote team members, including myself: 2 programmers, an artist, and a sound engineer. The project was delivered on time and on budget, but was placed on indefinite hold by Sierra due to licensing issues.

  • Co-Developer: Paintball GAME. Internet-based, multiplayer online paintball game. I was responsible for creating the client-side software for the game, including graphics 2D , networking TCP/IP , user interface, sound and music. The original team for Paintball GAME was 2 programmers. As the game grew, however, new artwork was contracted and a musician provided a soundtrack. Both of these were managed remotely. I also managed the online running of the game from 1996 until it was taken offline in 2000.

Advanced Software, Tupelo, Oklahoma
June, 1996, to present, fulltime since March, 1999 .

Owner/Independent Software Developer

Independent Software Design and Development for Windows.

Major Projects:

  • The Diary 3.0. A complete re-design and re-write of my The Diary software see below . Incorporating over 5 years of user feedback, The Diary 3.0 is a major upgrade of an already-successful shareware product. Released 28 November, 2001.

  • The Diary 1.x/2.x. Originally released in June, 1996, The Diary was designed, developed, and maintained entirely by me. The Diary has seen numerous feature upgrades and has an ever-growing base of satisfied users. The Diary is a local database application programmed with Delphi.

Netview Networks, Inc., Tupelo, Oklahoma
March, 1996, to March, 1999.

Senior Software Engineer

Responsibilities included the design and implementation of both software and database systems using PowerBuilder, Microsoft SQL Server and AS/400 DB2. I interacted directly with management and users to determine requirements for system extensions and new systems.

Major Projects:

  • Developed a new software system to support Netview s sale of ads on interactive cable guide systems. Also worked with Netview Product Development teams to implement software and database bridge processes to connect the legacy database with the new systems they were creating.

  • Involved in the implementation of a new National Ad Sales trafficking system. Oversaw the design and implementation of database bridge processes needed to connect the new trafficking system to the existing production systems.

  • Involved in design and implementation of new Netview Localization now called TV Guide Around Town effort. Responsible for the design and implementation of the back-end database and processes.

  • Upgrade of backoffice applications to support new Netview on-air look and format. Involved in the Design of a major new backoffice application in addition to upgrading legacy applications.

Health Soft Management, Inc., Littleton, Tennessee
December, 1994, to February, 1996.

Senior Systems Analyst

Responsible for the development of extensions to, and maintenance of, the company software system: CSC Managed Health Care, running on VMark Universe on an IBM RS6000 990 with AIX v3.2.5. Interacted directly with management and users to determine requirements for system extensions and maintenance.

Responsibilities included support for Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, Billing, Capitation, Claims, Enrollment, Membership, and Provider Setup.

BlueCross HMO, Tupelo, Oklahoma
September, 1991, to November, 1994.

Systems Analyst.

Responsible for the development of extensions to, and maintenance of, the company software system: CSC Managed Health Care, running on VMark Universe on an IBM RS6000 990 with AIX v3.2.5. Interacted directly with management and users to determine requirements for system extensions and maintenance.

Responsibilities included support for Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, Billing, Capitation, Claims, Enrollment, Membership, and Provider Setup.


Bachelor of Science Degree in Computer Science, 1991
Oral Roberts University
Tupelo, Oklahoma


  • Remote Team Management
  • Online Game Management
  • Small Business Management
  • Application Design, Development, Extension & Maintenance
  • Game Design, Development, Extension & Maintenance
  • Database Design & Programming, Local and Client-Server
  • 32-bit Windows Programming
  • Network Programming via TCP/IP
  • 2D Graphics in 32-bit Windows

Programming Languages

Delphi Pascal, C++, ANSI C, PowerBuilder, SQL, UniVerse BASIC, x86 PC Assembler

Computer Hardware & Operating Systems

  • Pentium-based PCs with MS-DOS and Windows 3.x/95/98/NT 3.5/4.0
  • Pentium-based servers with Linux and BSD Unix
  • IBM RS6000 990 with AIX Unix v3.2.5 and UniVerse v7.3.2
  • AT&T 3B2 1000 with Unix System V r3.2.3

Resume 5

Samples represents that of an actual working technical professional found on the WEB and modified to protect the privacy of these professionals. Human names, company names, colleges, software product names are intentionally made up.


Simon Davidson

132 53rd Street
South Bergen, NJ 07047

Employment History

03/01 – 06/02
St. Joseph Hospital, Concord, NJ

Position: Project Manager / Developer


  • Security Log Book Application for use by the St. Joseph Hospital Security Department to log all security requests and incidents that may pose a problem for potential future legal action. The application holds a permanent record of such incidents.
  • Preference Card System for use by the Operating Room staff. Scheduling System For Use By the Operating Room staff.
  • Specifications and design for the replacement of the hospital s current Health Information System. The replacement system will be written in Java and run on Sun servers with an Oracle Database and an Oracle Application Server.

Software: Borland JBuilder Versions 4.0 & 5.0, SQL Server 2000, Borland Delphi 5.0, Borland C++ Builder 6.0, Oracle 9i, DB2 7.2 for Linux. Windows 2000, Mandrake Linux 7.2 – 8.2

7/00 – 02/01
United Micro Development, Inc., South Bergen, NJ

Position: Project Manager Hands On

Project: Developed a Hot Line Software package in C++ Builder 5. Ultimately, the package was to be ported to Java and Delphi 5.0.

Software: Borland C++ Builder 5.0, Delphi 5.0, JBuilder 4.0, Microsoft SQL Server 7.0, MySQL, Windows NT 4.0, and Caldera Linux 2.3, SQL Server 2000

9/97 – 6/00
Standard & Wendy s Corporation, New York, NY

Position: Project Manager Hands On


  • I wrote an application known as Invesetability Quotient. I designed this as an internal tool for the S & P analytical staff to create a new ranking system for a universe of ten-thousand U.S. based companies. The back end was an Oracle database with the front end client in Java. The Java tool I used was Borland JBuilder 3.0.
  • Wrote an application for internal S & P use that tracks payments on Unit Investment Trusts. This application was written in Borland C++ Builder 3.0 on the client side, with Oracle 7.3.4 as the back end database on a Windows NT 4.0 platform. It uses in-line SQL as well as Oracle Stored Procedures. Additionally, it reads tapes from three external sources and applies them to the database. The application comprises about 85 screens.
  • Wrote another application to analyze Unit Investment Trust data as provided by Merrill Lynch on a nightly basis. This application calculates total returns on a given UIT for specified periods and then returns the calculated information to Merrill Lynch in a flat file format. It was written in Borland C++ Builder 1.0 with an Oracle backend.

Software: Borland C++ Builder 1.0, Borland C++ Builder 3.0, Borland Delphi 3.0 for teaching purposes , Borland JBuilder 3.0, Oracle 7.3 and Windows NT 4.0.

5/97 – 8/97
Modern Design, Ltd., White Pines, NY

Position: Senior Programmer / Analyst.


  • Wrote the back end office part of a graphics application known as Idv Control , which was designed to allow the users at International Distillers and Vintners, Inc. to produce custom advertising pieces for their liquor distributors. This application was written in C++ Builder 1.0 Borland s RAD tool for C++ .
  • Wrote a database application to track the internal expenses and income for each art and advertising design project that Modern Design, Ltd. undertakes for its customers. This project was written in Delphi 3.0.

Software: Delphi 3.0, Borland C++ Builder 1.0, Windows NT 4.0, Paradox 7.0

2/89 – 4/97
Medisoft, Inc., Ridgestone, NJ

Position: Senior Programmer / Analyst.


  • Medisoft, Inc. supplies custom software solutions to diverse businesses, as well as marketing its own medical office management software to private physicians. Over the years I have been the primary architect and writer of the medical software.
  • In addition, I have written a variety of software packages for such diverse industries as publishing, real estate, mortgage, and hospitals.
  • The work has been undertaken in C, C++, Delphi, Visual Basic and Java.
  • Over the last two years I have written complete applications for Windows 3.1, & Windows 95/NT in Delphi 1.0, Delphi 2.0, and Visual Basic 4.0. Since the fall 96 beta release of Borland C++ Builder, I have also undertaken extensive work in that environment.

Software: Delphi 1.0, Delphi 2.0, Borland C++ Builder, Java J++ , Visual Basic 4.0, Codebase 6.1, Access, Paradox 7.0, Borland C/C++ 3.1, Borland SQL Interbase Server, Windows 3.1, Windows 95/NT.

6/88 – 1/89
Hanneman Trust, New York, NY

Position: Senior Systems Analyst.


  • Designed and implemented changes to a Futures and Options Trading System. This system was written with Oracle as the database server.
  • I also wrote portions of a Fed Funds trading system with a Sybase back end.

Software: C, Pro-C, Oracle SQL & Sybase SQL.

2/87 – 5/88
Standard & Wendy s Corporation, New York, NY

Position: Systems Analyst

Project: Unit Investment Trust IBM mainframe application to store information on Unit Investment Trusts and provide daily and weekly print and electronic products. Designed and implemented all phases of this project.

Software: Pro-IV for CICS, Oracle, VMS, etc.

4/86 – 1/87
Alpha Bank of New Jersey, New York, NY

Position: Programmer Analyst.

Project: Wrote new modules for the existing Government Securities Clearance Software. These modifications were undertaken in C and Cobol.

Software: C, Cobol & VMS.

2/83 – 3/86
Baloney s Merger Ltd., Albertson, PA

Position: Programmer Analyst.

Project: Wrote retail book and inventory system. The system was a complete accounts receivable, accounts payable, and inventory control system.

Software: DOS, Dbase II, Dbase III, Cobol.


Franklin and Marshall College, Lancaster, PA
Degree: B.A. History

References: Available upon request.

Resume 6

Samples represents that of an actual working technical professional found on the WEB and modified to protect the privacy of these professionals. Human names, company names, colleges, software product names are intentionally made up.


Arnold B. Dasario

47 Montana St. Apt. 212
Sacramento, CA 93010


Seeking a challenging technical position in software or web development for an Equal Opportunity Employer using my technical skills for the greater benefit of the employer.


  • Programming Languages

    PHP, Delphi 5/4/3/2, C/C++, Java, VB 6/4/3, Visual Studio, Javascript, Perl,PowerBuilder 4/3, Foxpro

  • Operating System

    Linux, Win NT 4 Server, Win NT 4/Win2k, Solaris 2.6, Win 9x/3.x, DOS 6.x-3.x

  • Database Software

    MySQL, MS SQL Svr 6.5/7, Interbase SQL Svr, Paradox, MS Access, Foxpro, Foxbase, Dbase.

  • Software/Technology

    Apache, Client/Server, Samba, TCP/IP Networking, Openssh, Inprise App Server, JSP, Java Servlet, Tomcat, ODBC, ISAPI Web Broker, JAVA 2 SDK, FrontPage 98/2000, ODBC Express, Testing/QA, Openssl, Winshoes, COM/OLE, Orpheus, AsyncPro, IIS, Html, Css, Cvs, XML, OO

  • PC/Server Hardware

    Servers, PC, Modems, Ethernet Cards, Printers, Network Hubs, Voice Grade Cabling, CAT 5 Cabling, DSL, Scanners, SCSI.

  • Telecom Hardware

    Digital Multiplexers, PCM, Fiber Optic Cables, HDSL, Digital Loop Carrier, E1 Lines, Pabx, Carrier Adapter,EWSA/EWSD Switch, ATMA, Dig. Trans. Analyzer, OTDR, Fusion Machine, PCM Analyzer, Optical Power Meter


Computer Developers, Inc., Aurora Hills, CA
Nov 1999 – Present

Programmer/Web Developer

  • System design of backend server for web-based SQL Claims Processing System
  • Web development/programming of web-based claims processing system.
  • Back-end programming using PHP, Phplib, Pdflib on Apache and Mysql Servers
  • GUI design and programming using Javascript, Html and CSS
  • System administration/configuration of backend servers running on Linux, Apache Mysql, Samba, Openssh including but not limited to source code compilation, configuration and optimization.
  • Responsible for the restructuring of information systems of Technology Staffing Group from paper based to a full client/server system.
  • Introduced GUI client/server design, planning, analysis and programming of Job Posting System and Resume Building software on Windows NT/SQL Server system using Delphi/Visual Basic programming tool.
  • Designed and implement the DP/Rx Corporation Message Board to consolidate and track bugs submission, error and customization reports for the DP/Rx TeleClaim System, a pharmaceutical software package system. The result is an increased in efficiency in handling customer queries, bugs submission, software customization requests.
  • Create, designed and maintain the company s website running on Linux Apache web server
  • Provide technical writing on the DP/Rx TeleClaim system.
  • Provide database administration on MS SQL server 7 amd MySQL Server.
  • Provide Network administration work on the company s network equipment.
  • Provide system administration work on various Servers/PC running on Linux, Windows NT 4.0 Server/Workstation, Windows 98, MS-DOS systems.

TeleNet, Inc., Rain City, Philippines
April 1997 – May 1999

Switch/Transmission Engineer

  • Operate & maintain various switch and transmission telecom equipments.
  • Management and supervision of fifteen telcom personnel.
  • Introduced to management the benefits of Client/Server system in the Telephone Central Office Exchange wherein data is shared among the various users of the Plant Operations.
  • Implement the creation of a Graphical User Interface front-end software to access the database running in Interbase SQL Server. Front-end applications were created in Delphi 4.0
  • Key in implementing the conversion of data from flat file database to full SQL serer database.
  • Perform the installation, configuration and optimization of server and client workstations running on Windows NT 4.0 Server/workstation and Windows 98 clients.
  • Performs database and system administration on Server/PC running on Windows NT 4.0 Server/Workstation and Windows 98.
  • Setup and install LAN networking equipment
  • Create and implement a complete software life cycle of an insurance firm
  • Create and implement a complete software life cycle of a database for a medical practitioner
  • Passed the Microsoft Certification Exam for Windows NT Workstation 4.0

Modern Computing, Rain City, Philippines
May 1997 – Sept, 1999

Programmer/Project Leader Contract

  • Perform planning and implementation of structured cabling for newly constructed building that requires voice grade cabling facilities.
  • Perform planning and implementation of CAT 5 UTP cabling
  • Developed database applications for third party clients

TeleNet, Inc., Rain City, Philippines
July 1995 – April 1997

Switch Engineer

  • Operate and maintain EWSA/EWSD Siemens Telecom equipment Subscriber administration
  • Supervision of fifteen personnel that perform operation and maintenance of Switch/Transmission/MDF facilities
  • Operate and maintain Inter-Office transmission facilities using Fiber Optic Cables and Digital Signaling Multiplexers which has a combine capacity of 13,000 trunk lines voice/data
  • Operate and maintain Interconnection Transmission facilities with other Telecom companies
  • Operate and maintain Digital Loop Carriers equipment.
  • Performed planning, installation, operation and maintenance of WAN links with a bitrate of 2.048 kbps E1 line
  • Trained in Munich, Germany to study Siemens Transport System
  • National Champion of PLDT 10th Teleskills Championship

TeleNet, Inc., Rain City, Philippines
Aug 1989 – July 1995


  • Operate and maintain Analog/Digital Transmission Systems using Siemens Transport equipment 2, 34 and 140 Mbps
  • Operate and maintain Fiber Optic Cables used in Inter-Office facilities and Digital Loop Carriers
  • Operate and maintain Pulse Code Modulation equipment Analog/Digital and Digital/Analog Converters
  • Perform commissioning and acceptance test of newly installed transmission equipment.
  • Operate and maintain of Carrier Trunk Adapters
  • Fault clearing of transmission equipment using the latest telecom test equipment on various protocols such as HDB3, CMI, AMI
  • Install, operate and maintain HDSL WAN equipment with a bit rate of 2.048 kbps
  • Operate and maintain Synchronous Digital Hierarchy SDH equipment. 622 Mbps running on Solaris 2.1/Sun Sparc Machine
  • Install and maintain , Central Office, PABX and subscriber telephone lines


Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering -Graduate
University of San Jose Recoletos, Cebu City, Philippines – 1987


Registered Electrical Engineer – Republic of the Philippines
Microsoft Certified Professional Windows NT 4.0 Workstation

Resume 7

Samples represents that of an actual working technical professional found on the WEB and modified to protect the privacy of these professionals. Human names, company names, colleges, software product names are intentionally made up.


Glenn Swanvilla

Age/Sex : 32 Years/ Male

Educational Profile :

MCA Distinction
BSc Physics Distinction

Business Used :

Financial, PayRoll, Inventory, Order Entry, Production, Accounts, Marketing,Travel, ALM Insurance, Dental Insurance, Logistics

Experience :

8 Years of Extensive Experience in Client / Server , OO/UML , Middle Tier Environment using Rational Rose, Delphi, Oracle, SqlServer
As Tech Lead/Sys Architect, Senior Analyst, Designer, Developer
Of which 5 years in USA with fortune 500 clients.

Visa Status : Needs New Visa


  • Client Server/ GUI : Delphi , VB.NET / VB, JBuilder
  • RDBMS : Oracle 8, SQL Server , DB2
  • OO Languages : Object Pascal, Java, C#, VB.NET
  • UML Tools : Rational Rose 2000
  • Distributed Object Services : COM/ DCOM, RMI, MIDAS, Web Services .NET
  • Web Exposure : ASP.NET, VB.NET, XML, CSS, XSL

Work history :

Project Name : WareHouseManagement
Software : Rational Rose, /UML/ Delphi 6/ SqlServer /MQSeries
Team size : 15
Role : Senior Analyst , Designer
Duration : One Year
Project Scope : Logistics and Inventory

Features :

  • Used Rational Rose for modeling Inventory ,Booking, Billing, Receipts, Load Maintenance , FleetMaintenance, Vessel Contracts, WareHouse Management, Administration/Security Modules.
  • Involved in interacting with User Groups, User Managers .
  • Involved in interacting with Business Analysts.
  • Involved in creating the Activity Diagrams, Sequence Diagrams at the Analysis level for Various Modules.
  • Involved as an Architect to have COM/Midas configuration for different Com units across Servers.
  • Involved in the technical aspect of creating Web Services to be ported across the Net compliant with .NET using XML.
  • Invloved in the development of modules like WareHouse, Inventory.

Project Name : Provider Rewrite
Software : Rational Rose 2000, /UML/ Delphi 5 /CORBA/Java / Oracle8i
Team size : 15
Role : Analyst , Designer
Duration : 9 Months
Project Scope : For the Professional Relations Group / Dental Insurance

Features :

  • Used Rational Rose 2000 for modeling Business, Office, Summary and Agreement Modules, Provider, License, Region, Network Modules.
  • Has done Analysis and Design for Modules like Perform Business Query, Maintain Provider, Maintain BOL, Maintain Business, Maintain License, Maintain region use cases.
  • Created Class Diagrams, Sequence Diagrams, Activity Diagrams for the above modules at the Analysis and Design levels.
  • The project is overall n tier using Delphi/Java Delphi is connected to Java with Corba Architecture.
  • Involved in interacting with Business Analysts , Users .
  • Involved in interacting with UI Managers, User Managers.

Project Name : Auto Submit Request
Software : Delphi 5 / Oracle8 / COM / DCOM/MQSeries /UML
Team size : 11
Role : Systems Analyst
Duration : 10 months
Project Scope : For the Consumer Relations Group

Features :

  • Involved into writing Business Objects, COM Objects.
  • Involved in the Gator Broker, SSA Search Architecture.
  • Analysis and Design of the modules is done using UML
  • Involved in the backend work for writing specifications for stored procedures triggers and packages.
  • Auto Submit Request for VRU and Web is developed using Delphi5, using COM DCOM Technology. There are basically 5 Com DLLs like Consumer, VRU and Web , Request and Request Type , Entity Lock and also Com Exe Submit Request. It is developed in such a way that every COM Object has a corresponding Delphi Unit associated with it. Also used other Com servers are Gator, DBAccessor for db Methods , and SSA Search . Com Servers and Clients are deployed in different sites across states. Packages are used to add, get, and update data from the Oracle. Used are ADO, COM/DCOM and OLE DB.
  • The overall project is built on a n tier architecture.

Project Name : Asset and Liabilities Managemenet
Software : Delphi 4 / Oracle8
Team size : 10
Role : Systems / Programmmer Analyst
Duration : 6 Months
Project Scope : For the Investment Group / Insurance

Features :

  • Involved as a Systems & Software Analyst for the data migration. From Btrieve to Oracle.Source Data for ALM comes from SqlServer, Btrieve, and Informix. .PAM portfolio Accounting System is the centre piece of the system And stored in Btrieve.
  • Involved in User Meetings, Design Meetings. Data from PAM will be ported to Oracle Staging Area.
  • From there, using Stored Procedures and Packages Will be transported to the Real Data Store.

Project Name : AgriSystem Application
Software : VB5/ SqlServer
Team size : 5
Role : Systems / Programmer Analyst
Duration : 5 months
Project Scope : For the Agri Division

Features :

  • Involved as a Sytstems/ Programmer Analyst for the conversion from XBase to RDBMS.
  • Was Working as a Systems & Design Analyst.
  • Involved in writing Specs in converting XBase front end to Visual Tool, Which includes the overhaul of Y2K.
  • Involved in writing Specs for the Stored procedures, Triggers, Packages

Project Name : Order Entry Application
Software : Delphi 3.0 / DB2
Team size : 10
Role : Programmer Analyst
Duration : 10 months
Project Scope : For the Marketing and DCS Division

Features :

  • Involved in the front end design flows and involved in the coding of Critical Transaction Modules like Skeleton – Create, Update, Copy, Customer List Copy, ReAssignAll , TurnDowns, Called History, ELT Counter, ELT Offer , AreaLookUp, Contract Activity, Carrier Assignment And Access Interface.
  • Skeleton is a template for the Order , which will be converted to the Order any time.
  • ELT is the Electronic Load Tender.
  • Skeleton and Order contain Stops Details like Shipper, Receiver, and upto a max of 16 Intermediate Stops Shipper/Receivers , NonStops Detail like BillTo, Solicitor, Rater, Custom Broker.
  • Also it contains orderClassifications and Stop Requirement for Shipper and Receiver.ELT is used as an Interface between OrderEntry and Customers.
  • The whole program is done using Delphi 3.0 ClientServer, using MultiTier architecture.
  • Implementation is by using TProvider and TQuery on the dataModule, and TClientDataSet , and TDataSource on the Form using MIDAS architecture.
  • The whole project is built on OOPS Structure. All the Modules are built as Packages. All the Modules contain ReUsable Classes.

Project Name : PMI Physical Measurements Information
Software : Delphi 3.0 / Oracle 7.3 on Unix
Team size : 3
Role : Software Engineer
Duration : 5 months
Project Scope : For Sales Division

Features :

  • Mainly to be used for the Customer Requirements , who has got a large Clientele.
  • The various modules in this part are Customer Forms, Narratives, requirements, Examiner Instructions, Special Instructions, Supplies and Mailing Address, Lab Details, Addons and Extensions.
  • Requirements is based on different Choice Types which will be Type Policy, State, Age Amount Insured etc.
  • Forms part is based on the Type Plan, State and Form Number.
  • Special & Examiner Instructions are based on the Customer Requirements.
  • Requirements and Forms are done using Tree Structure.
  • Stored Procedures, Triggers, Sequences are Created and used extensively in the BackEnd Part.
  • From the FrontEnd part, Implementation is done using Object Oriented Method.All the Modules are built as packages.
  • Concept of three tier Architecture is used so that Provider ,Query , ClientDataset are used.

Project Name : Travel Pack
Software : Delphi 2.0 / Oracle 7.1 on WorkGroup Server
Hardware : IBM Pentium
OS : Windows 95, Netware 4.1
Team size : 5
Role : Software Engineer
Duration : One Year & 3 months
Project Scope : Primarily for Controlled and effective operations within a travel Agency, with interface to Centralized Reservation System and Accounting System

Features :

  • Multiple Database Support
  • Online Transaction Processing with support from CRS
  • Docketing – Registration of Domestic/International Air Bookings, Rail, hotel Allocation- Work Allocation to the personnel
  • Booking/Blocking of Seats – From Application through Galileo
  • Ticketing – Issue and Printing of Tickets from Agents Stock.
  • Handling of Ticket StocksBilling
  • Fare calculaton based on the Fares as on Date for Dom/Int and Extended Services
  • Cancellations/ Credit Notes- Based on Cancellation Type
  • Reports – Export to Excel

Contribution : Design, Development, Testing and Implementation

Project Name : Marketing Assistance Software
Software : Delphi 1.0 / InterBase
Hardware : IBM Pentium
OS : Windows 3.11
Team size : 2
Role : Software Engineer
Duration : 6 months
Project Scope : Primarily used for Order Processing, Invoicing, and Receipts made

Features :

  • Exhaustive Customer List, Product List, Market Segments, Budget Preparation
  • Enquiry of Products
  • Conversion of Enquiry to Offer
  • Conversion of Offer to Order
  • Conversion of Order to Receipts
  • Multiple Offers against an Enquiry
  • Multiple Orders against an Offer
  • Partial Delivery of the Order
  • Multiple Invoices for the Order and Multiple Receipts for Invoice
  • Exhaustive Management Information
  • Peformance Includes Budget Vs Actuals, Current Year Vs Previous Year, Market Segment wise, Product Category wise
  • Business Statistics maintained at Supervisory level.

Contribution : Design, Development, Testing, Implementation

Project Name : Inventory, and Billing for El. Components
Software : Visual Basic 4.0 / MS Access
Hardware : IBM Pentium
Team size : 5
Role : Software Engineer
Duration : 3 months

Features :

  • This was designed to process
  • The keep track of the inventory of Electronic Components, Billing, Payable, Receivables etc.
  • Involved in the Development of the above modules.

Contribution : Development, Testing

Project Name : Gold Merchant Information Software
Software : Visual Basic 3.0 / MS Access
Team size : 5
Role : Software Engineer
Duration : 9 months
Project Scope : Financial Accounting and Inventory Control

Features :

Financial Accounting includes General Ledger, Trial Balance, Trading account, Profit and Loss Account, Balance Sheet, Cash Inflow and Outflow, accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable Also Planning, Costing, Budgeting production Scheduling, Requisition, History Keeping.

Contribution : Design, Development, Testing, Implementation

Resume 8

Samples represents that of an actual working technical professional found on the WEB and modified to protect the privacy of these professionals. Human names, company names, colleges, software product names are intentionally made up.


Levon Wendis


  • DOS, OS2, Windows 3.1 16 bit , Windows 95 32 bit , VAX and UNIX operating systems.
  • Novell NetWare installation and administration.
  • Windows NT workstation administration
  • Numerous proprietary C++ compilers and assemblers.
  • A variety of embedded real time UNIX kernels.
  • Microsoft C, C++ and Visual C++.
  • Microsoft Visual J++ and JAVA.
  • Borland C, C++, Pascal and Delphi professional.
  • MS SQL ORACLE and Interbase Servers
  • Borland object windows library OWL , Windows 3.1 and Windows 95 API.
  • Internet scripting languages, HTML, CGI and PERL.
  • Microsoft FrontPage Internet Web page development environment.
  • Code Warrior 7.0 for PALM OS


  • MSSQL, ACCESS, Paradox, Dbase and DB Vista data base design.
  • Microsoft Office.
  • Macromedia s Freehand graphics studio.


2000 2001
SOFTSET, Santa Clara, California

Principal Engineer

Responsible for the maintenance and development of features for a paperless manufacturing application Solumina utilizing the DELPHI RAD 5.0 development environment.

During my tenure I was a key member of a team that drastically reduced the customer problems with the product and introduced many new product enhancements and features. I was personally responsible for the development and release of a configurable barcode driven command and data collection interface to the product.

Of late I was developing a remote data collection facility for the Solumina product using an infrared data transfer interface from the DELPHI application Solumina and a PALM OS based application Code Warrior 7 for PALM OS that would transmit/receive data and manage a dynamically created data collection application interface between the our product and the disconnected PDA device.

Corinna Medical Systems, San Jose, CA

Senior Analyst/Developer

Development and maintenance of a series of DELPHI 4.0 client/server applications utilized for medical billing, patient service coding and insurance reimbursement reconciliation for large hospitals. The programs make extensive us of Microsoft SQL server 7.0, data encryption methodologies all incorporated into a WAN environment.

Sheridian Tax Services, Green Valley, CA


Key member of a team responsible for bringing to market a major revision of Ceridian s Client server based Tax Management System TMS . Written in Borland C++ 5.02, the existing product was an undocumented application requiring extensive renovation to incorporate new functionality for tax requirements in all states.

In addition to new functions the application required a rewrite to eliminate some 250 known critical defects and customer problem reports. This had to be completed within an eight-week period with a team of one other developer and myself.

I provided much needed maturity to the development and certification of the product by introducing modifications and consistency to the environment by introducing a more document and object oriented approach.

Sofisticated Advisors, Ervine, CA


Responsible for the ongoing development and maintenance of client server based applications DELPHI 3.0, 4.0 and MS SQL 6.5 to produce mutual fund cost and accounting reports from sales/performance data. The products originally were written for internal use by another division of the company and had no documentation.

My tasks included reverse engineering of the products resulting in functional specifications and software design documents in support of Y2K validation and future life cycle management. I then reworked the applications to alleviate bugs and improve program operation.

Harper Software, Ervine, CA


Sole software designer and programmer of a personal computer application to aid Harper Software customers in the selection and purchase of hydraulic / pneumatic sealing assemblies. The program presents a Wizard approach to the definition of mechanical components by interpreting user input of environmental conditions and application dimensions.

The user specifications are then analyzed with the aid of various databases to produce a list of candidate Harper Software supplied parts. Once a part s is defined they can then be transferred to an electronic purchase order for transmittal to the supplier.

Duties include, transformation of engineering specifications to software design, development of all application code Borland C++ , plus documentation and test.

United Electronics Corp., Gorheim, CA.


Responsible for software requirements and design of the Man/Machine Interface and Built In Test Equipment BITE for a multi-purpose control and display unit MCDU installed on commercial airplanes. Built prototypes for software test and verification using Borland C++ and Delphi and then exported for embedded system usage.

Qwarta Information Systems, Hamilton, CA


Responsible for software requirements and design of the Man/Machine Interface and flight plan management for Air traffic control workstations. Demonstration user interfaces and controls were implemented on a PC platform running Windows 95 with Borland C++ DLL s and Delphi GUI front end .

ADS Financial Systems, San Mateo, CA


  • Developed turnkey Windows 3.1 and 95 applications for mutual fund brokerage in a remote dialup client/server environment.
  • Designed and wrote numerous 16 bit and 32 bit PC applications and communications utilities in Borland C and Microsoft Visual C++.
  • Developed data managers compatible with local PC database management and DEC VAX flat files.
  • Evaluated and wrote demonstration data management utilities using ORACLE, DB VISTA, ACCESS and VAX resident database interpreters.

Projects included:

  • Installation and program maintenance tools compatible with a wide range of customer computer configurations.
  • Dialup communication TCPIP utilities.
  • Incorporated Internet access into LPL applications.
  • Automation of dialup client /server operations.
  • Man / Machine interface development

1994 1995
Rootberg Avionics Systems, Ervine, CA


Utilized experience in previous projects to assist the company in the development of a limited digital cabin control and passenger entertainment system for installation on McDonnell Douglas and Airbus Industries airplanes. Led in-house test and field installation teams both domestic and foreign.

Developed Built In Test reporting software for the company s Boeing 777 customers. This program was written in UNIX C for the airplane equipment and later ported to Microsoft Visual C++ Windows 3.1 for use as a cost effective carry on tester for airplane applications.

The company utilized the graphical interface library DLL developed earlier by myself in both the Onboard system controls and PC based configuration tools. Configuration tools utilized ODBC compliant data managers for the desktop tool with DB Vista data management for network data storage of multiple customer configurations.

1993 1994
Advanced In-flight Systems, Bangor, England


Contracted by GEC to develop desktop configuration database tools for the in seat video portion of the Boeing 777 airplane Borland Pascal and Microsoft C++ for Windows 3.1 . Also developed the system design for Built In Test Equipment to be compliant with Boeing specifications.

Based upon experience gained at Boeing, assisted in the software development and test documentation for certification. The company utilized the graphical interface library DLL developed earlier by myself in both the Onboard system controls and configuration tools.

1992 1993
Precise Data Control, Redwood, WA


  • Wrote software test tools for Ground Proximity Warning Systems Assembly Language .
  • Assisted in the design and development of Automatic Test equipment.
  • Developed DO-178 compliant design and test documentation for delivery to Boeing.
  • Wrote and performed system validation tests.

1991 1992
The Grundic Company, Rain City, WA

777 Cabin Management Systems Software Design

  • Developed system design for the increased function cabin management system on the 777 airplane that included the addition of interactive in seat video entertainment. This system allowed, for the first time, the integration of multi vendor supplied equipment.
  • Was responsible for the development of a standard method of communication between system components regardless of vendor. Designed the Built In Test portion of the system including the software that performed the display and consolidation of detected system faults.
  • During the assignment I invented a graphical point and click interface program Microsoft C++ and Borland Pascal that represented the airplane in a cabin layout format utilized in system configuration tools, on-board controls and system fault reporting.

1988 1991
The Grundic Company, Rain City, WA

747-400 Cabin Management Systems Software Design

Design team member on the first all digital cabin control and entertainment system installed on a commercial airplane. Responsibilities included:

  • The development and certification of a desktop PC based configuration program written in Borland C for DOS to control the operation of the passenger seats, cabin lighting and passenger address system.
  • Write and perform system and software module testing at vendor facility.
  • Manage vendor development of system software and problem resolution.
  • Perform FAA acceptance of system software at vendor facility.
  • Support Boeing flight test and certification.
  • After system certification, experience gained during system development brought assignment to a team sent to provide customer introduction and initial in service support at customer airline facilities. Assignments included Domestic support for Northwest and United Airlines and foreign assignments to Japan Airlines, All Nippon, Qantas Lufthansa, Air France and British Airways.

1987 1988
The Grundic Company, Rain City, WA

7J7 Central Maintenance System Development

Key member of the engineering team that formally developed the concept of centralized Built In Test Equipment BITE for commercial airplane avionics systems. Developed prototype demonstration software that included simulated equipment tests and an smart online maintenance manual resident on Compact Disk CD used to suggest repairs for airplane failures. This application was one of the first to utilize CD ROM in a PC environment for airplanes.

1984 1986
The Grundic Company, Rain City, WA

737-300 Electronic Flight Instrument System Design

Responsible for system software test and certification for the Electronic Flight Instrument System onboard the 737-300. During the test phase of the project I developed a PC based software test tool that allowed the test engineer to simulate external airplane interfaces and produce simulated flight scenarios from a stand alone test station. It also allowed the test engineering to run test scripts generated from the test tool. This system software tester decreased time required for system software verification by an estimated 50 percent.

1980 1983
The Grundic Company, Rain City, WA

757/777 Flight Management Computer Design

Member of the 767/757 design team as a junior engineer. Responsible for the initial creation and release of wiring diagrams and system schematics for the Flight Management Computer System FMCS during the airplane design phase. For the flight test and certification portion of the program, duties included lab and flight test verification of system operation.


  • Own and operate a residential office with a 5 station NT and Novell 4.1 network with Windows 98/2000 desk tops and laptop work stations with remote dialup server and internet access to support application development and deployment.
  • Application development with Borland Delphi 5.0 Client/Server, Borland C++ 16 and 32 bit , Microsoft Visual C++ and Visual J++.
  • PALM OS development
  • Internet Web Page development using Microsoft Front Page.
  • Database development with ACCESS, Paradox and DBase.
  • Graphics support for applications implementation provided by Macromedia FreeHand and Extreme 3D.
  • Installation program Development using Install Shield Express Professional .
  • Design documentation utilizing Microsoft Office, Micorgrafix ABC FlowCharter and Micrografix Draw.


Engineering Division Employee of the quarter for Boeing Commercial Airplane Company.
Maximum employee suggestion award for inventing an automated remote access flight test problem resolution program.


Available upon request

Resume 9

Samples represents that of an actual working technical professional found on the WEB and modified to protect the privacy of these professionals. Human names, company names, colleges, software product names are intentionally made up.


Samuel Houston

P.O. Box 23577
San Diego, CA 93729


High School: McLane High School, San Diego, CA
San Diego City College, San Diego, CA
San Diego State University, San Diego, CA

Advanced Certifications, Training & Education
Object Lessons Inc. Greg Lief Advanced Delphi Concepts and Component Writing, Data Access, Objects Manipulation, Advanced Programming Concepts.
Softbite International Advanced Delphi Programming.
Certified Delphi Programmer
Certified Software Project Manager
Certified Windows 95 Power User
Certified High IT Aptitude


More than eighteen years of professional experience in the computer industry, primarily centering on the use and deployment of distributed database systems in NT and PC-based environments with the main software focus being on the use of Delphi, SQL Server, SQL, C, and C++. Participated in the entire spectrum of the software lifecycle, including project management, identification of business requirements, design, implementation, quality assurance, database administration, and metric collection/analysis with a complete hands-on management style along with programming regularly throughout the software lifecycle.

Work Experience

1999 2002
LAN Transamerican, Portland Beach, CA

Senior Project Manager / Consultant / Programmer

Responsibilities and duties including but not limited to:

  • Worked on numerous misc. projects on-site as well as off-site as required to complete projects on-time as specified. Project manager for large scale software implementation. Modules ranged from simple data screen input to complex budget and spot calculations for a traffic and billing system.
  • The scope of the project encompassed all aspects from complex project management to actual programming in Delphi 5 for the Windows 98, Windows 2000 and NT environment as well as SQL server.
  • Assist in the development of strategic plans and implement the objectives. Direct the design, development and implementation of comprehensive, information systems to ensure users needs are met and, data is processed according to company specifications and requirements.
  • Review and constantly improving the overall direction of computing and communications, and assist in the defining of the strategy of all information process and communication systems and operations.
  • Define and solve user requirements by conferring with users and analyzing functions to develop and implement applications and solutions. Recommend and develop computer-based business solutions.
  • Evaluate effectiveness of programs and offers solutions to enhance effectiveness. Hire, train, and assist to develop staff effectively.
  • Project timelines, milestones, goal development and monitoring with continual communications of progress to CTO and CEO of company, along with continual communication to CEO s superior.
  • Weekly updates on timelines using project to outline items status, along with a weekly status update describing changes to programmer s timelines along with overall modules status.
  • Guidance to programmers in coding conventions and standards, along with general programming help. Established programming standards and conventions for project. Established technical documentation guidelines and standards.
  • Implemented source code management system. Training and guiding programmers in the daily programming tasks as needed. Worked on misc. projects on and off-site as required will ALL projects completed on-time as specified.

1995 1999
Data Consulting, San Diego, CA

R&D Manager / Project Manager / Programmer

Responsibilities and duties including but not limited to:

  • Project timelines, milestones, goal development and monitoring with continual communications of progress to management. Maintenance and enhancement of departmental product, and process documentation.
  • Long and short term product planning and preparation. Coordinate product feature and functionality decisions.
  • Development of team members through delegation, training, tutoring, and coaching with continual motivation. Maintain and enforce coding conventions, procedures and standards for all software projects.
  • Develop enhancement designs and implementation of enhancement from start to end-of-job.
  • Development of testing standards and implementation. Manage all aspects of personnel issues.
  • Labor resource control as needed. Application development estimating. Source code management.
  • Internal testing and QA coordination of all projects. Complete coding at all stages of project in Delphi for Windows 95, 98 and NT In-house communications program coding specialist.
  • Integrating home grown software with Third Party software.

1985 Present
Executive Systems Inc., San Diego, CA

Consultant / Programmer / Project Manager

  • Development and analysis of software needs requested by client.
  • Design outlines and project specifications for project.
  • Programming of designs and implementation of specifications.
  • Analyze and develop software guidelines and troubleshoot problems within the development of existing software projects.
  • Train, motivate and restructure programming dept of company for maximum efficiency.
  • Develop coding conventions, procedures and standards.
  • Develop training schedules.
  • Software conversions to Delphi or language specified by customer.

1986 1991
Boat Sales, San Diego, CA

Sales Manager / F&I Manager

  • Coordinate sale from start to delivery for maximum customer satisfaction.
  • Layout ads and sales tools for advertising.
  • Ordering and maintaining needed stock levels for specific times of the year.
  • Work with salespeople for final pricing and negotiations on sales.
  • Work with banks on financing and backside profits. *Prepare final paperwork for deliveries. *Arrange or go along on demo of product for customer.
  • Maintain software for continued ability to access stock, profit, and general needs of business.


Programming Languages: Delphi 1-5 Pro & Client/Server , Paradox, Report Builder, Crystal Reports, Quick Reports, C, C++, C++ Builder, Visual Basic 2-6, Visual Dbase, Basic, PDS Basic, Clipper, Revelation, PICK. Dos, SQL, MIDAS, Client Server Architecture, ODBC, BDE, COM, OOP, GUI, Active-X, 3rd Party VCL s Visual Control Libraries , Windows API.

Industry Experience: includes Automotive, Financial, Medical, Dental, Radio, Entertainment. COM programming, Use of Active X controls, COM objects interfacing, remote automation. Multithreading applications and synchronizing. Web browser interface. Relational Database programming one-to-one or one-to many .

Database Experience: SQL Server 6.5 and 7.0, Oracle, Dbase, Paradox, AS/400 Interface, Access.

Networking Experience: Complete multi-workstation setup in Windows 95, 98, 2000 and NT. System administration and configuration of software and hardware related to the network. Installation and repair of network related items.

Programs Used: MS Project, Word, Excel, Access, Outlook, Visual Dbase, C++ Builder, WordStar, Database Desktop, Winzip, Borland C++, CC Mail, Source Safe, Crystal Reports, Quick Reports, Report Builder, PCAnywhere, Pkzip.

Interests and Activities Weight Lifting, Racquetball, Softball.

References Supplied on request.

Resume 10

Samples represents that of an actual working technical professional found on the WEB and modified to protect the privacy of these professionals. Human names, company names, colleges, software product names are intentionally made up.


Bill Ross


Looking to be part of a team of engineers building web applications or database client/server applications.


I am authorized to work in this country for any employer.


12/2000 – Present
Ticketsales, Los Angeles, CA

Senior Engineer Managed the rollout of the Citysearch platform to partners domestically and internationally Canada, Sweden, Australia . Responsibilities included training, installation, configuring, and customizing application in the partner s environment, which included customizing for foreign language support. Responsible for representing the partners needs in engineering decisions for the future of Citysearch development. Build custom applications/scripts for partners to monetize the Citysearch application in ways that Ticketmaster does not. Designed and built syndication scripts using XML.

Technologies/Systems used:

  • Perl mod_perl/Template::Toolkit
  • Oracle 8i and 7.3.4
  • MySQL
  • Apache
  • Linux and Solaris
  • SQL Server
  • XML

9/2000 – 12/2000
Snake Media Group, Santa Clara, CA

Senior Developer

Worked on a team of 10 developers architecting, designing and building a Digital Rights Management DRM system for the entertainment industry. I was trained by InterTrust Technologies, the leaders in DRM solutions and became a certified engineer. Our goal was to use the InterTrust API and build robust applications for packaging media, deploying media, and clearing payments. My primary focus was on the packager interface written in C++ and the UI to it. The user interface was a web-based tool written in ASP.

5/2000 – 9/2000, Sacramento, CA

Senior Developer

Worked on a team of 4 developers building and maintaining the website. The website was run on a Linux system using Apache and Perl. My responsibility was to investigate a java solution using the Enhydra Application Server and to make recommendations. When the merger with happened, we began the process of moving our site to the ATG Dynamo Application Server what s platform was .

10/1999 – 5/2000, Edwardale, CA

Director, Software Development

Manage a team of 5 developers to build and maintain website as well as develop internal tools to maintain customer database, process orders, and track progress. The website is run on a Windows NT system using IIS across 2 servers using an Alteon switch for load balancing. Dynamic pages are served through an ISAPI DLL written in Delphi. Administration tools are CGI executables written in Delphi as well.

  • Designed and implemented a database pooling system
  • Designed and implemented a caching system that scales across N machines minimizing access to a central database
  • Designed and implemented a cleaning mechanism for cache across N servers to make sure data is always clean as users are directed to different servers through load balancing.

12/1996 – 10/1999
Ticketsales Online-Citysearch, Sacramento, CA

Technical Lead, Tools Development

  • Lead a team of 5 developers in tools development using C++, Delphi, Java and Perl. Most of the tools are written for Win32, but some such as our stats solution which fell under my group for some time was done in Unix developed in Linux using Java and Perl, production is on Solaris .
  • Design And Develop Data Entry Tools In C++ And Delphi For Windows
  • Project Lead For Windows Development For Editorial Data Entry Tool
  • Maintain Software With Connectivity To SQL Server, Illustra, and Oracle Databases
  • Design And Develop Tools To Use Microsoft Transaction Server never put into production

Develop Internet Aware Tools:

  • Web Page Submission To Search Engines
  • ActiveX Components For Connectivity To Data Entry Databases
  • Transaction Server Component Development
  • Integration tools for TicketMaster Online and other internet portals
  • Develop both client and server CORBA applications never put into production
  • Developed an HTML editor for control of users HTML entry to our service

9/1993 – Present
Self-Employed Los Angeles, CA

Consultant, Developer

  • Develop websites for customers
  • Wrote custom CGI scripts under UNIX and Windows
  • Wrote customized mail server apps to automate customer support
  • Developed multi-user chat rooms and notifiers similar to ICQ and Yahoo! Pager
  • Completed a full-blown multi-vendor shopping cart in ASP then converted to Delphi ISAPI
  • Develop customized applications in Delphi
  • Database application for an import/export business
  • Customer database application similar to ACT or Outlook written in 95
  • Designed, implemented and maintain 30,000 page views/week
  • Completely written in Delphi as an ISAPI extension
  • Developed my own session management system
  • Developed caching algorithm for static content and data
  • Developed a message board and voting system using CORBA
  • Developed application server for ISAPI designed DLLs using XML to transfer data between application server and client.


6/1995 UC Santa Barbara US-CA-Santa Barbara
Bachelor s Degree
Computer Science Degree

Resume 11

Samples represents that of an actual working technical professional found on the WEB and modified to protect the privacy of these professionals. Human names, company names, colleges, software product names are intentionally made up.


Robert Triest

726 Sunflint Trail
Springfield, Mn 55317



A position developing quality software where my 16+ years of communication and technical experience will increase profitability.

Robert s career spans several years and in that time he has built or improved many software systems for companies such as:

  • VERANT Corp Medical Device Study Development Software
  • Northwest States Power purchased by Bell Energy Resource Forecasting Software
  • State Dept. of Revenue Bankruptcy & EFT Software
  • Great Lakes Higher Education Online Finance Processing Software
  • Skyline Displays Planning & Control Development
  • Sterling Engineering
  • ANCOR Technologies
  • Zyrpech Corp
  • National Assoc of Credit Management Host/Client Modem Credit Reporting Software
  • FDDT Medical Medical Device Study Development Software
  • BARGILL Hybrid Seed Genetics Software
  • Newberry County Social Services Finance System Rewrite and Migration
  • AVALON Planning & Control Development

Robert has exceptional written and oral communication, team building skills, experience with the UML Object Oriented Design methodology, Use Cases, Diagrams activity, sequence, class, interaction, state , and is fluent with the entire software life cycle process. Experience with multi-disciplinary product teams and support of the development of System and Operational Architectures. Strong experience includes requirements discovery, functional analysis, timeline analysis, COTS make/buy decisions, requirements allocation, interface definition, schema definition, specification development, UML generation/documentation, peer and formal reviews. His skills encompass team building, project management, developing multi-user and Client/Server systems. He is also talented at developing software by placing an emphasis on utilizing processing power of the particular language or database system. Robert has demonstrated the ability to deliver quality design under tight deadlines. Robert is a forward thinking professional that excels at implementing new ideas into well-established procedures. He is a firm believer in open communication and collaborative risk analysis. If your organization is looking for disciplined, dedicated service, then you owe it to yourself to get to know Robert.


  • Build and cultivate programming team.
  • Interpretation of Requirements into logical tasks.
  • Produce full software documentation to meet the requirements.
  • Provide detailed software specifications.
  • Provide coding and testing that adheres to established standards.
  • Provide dialog and communication with all parties to control expectations.
  • Ensure that all approved changes will increase the quality of the product.
  • Develop Complex Database Applications.
  • Construct Dynamic Link Libraries DLLs .
  • Create sophisticated Business Reports.
  • Design database apps using sound relational theory and application building concepts.
  • Develop professional looking installation programs for deploying applications.
  • Develop complex database queries using SQL.
  • Write SQL code that minimizes lock contention and maximizes server resources.
  • Create comprehensive windows help databases.
  • Design and deploy business rules.
  • Maintain the quality and control measurements employed by IS and to initiate upgrades/changes as needed.

Note: Due to space limitations, some of Robert s skills have not been fully expanded on here.


  • Hardware: All Intel & AMD based processors, Notebooks, Flex/X2 modems, printers, NICs, scanners, Pocket PC and Palm Pilot configuration.
  • More Hardware: CompactFlash Digital Photography, Wireless Networking
  • Primary Skills: Borland Delphi 1.0 thru 6.0, JBuilder 5 Enterprise Java , Perl, Borland C++ Builder, Visual FoxPro, Pascal 5.0, SQL-92, CORBA, some HTML.
  • After-Hours Work: ASP using ASO objects in ActiveX libs in Delphi 6, Internet Information Server/Service IIS 5.0 on Win XP Pro, Borland C++ Builder builds on existing Win API & Delphi skills , Microsoft .Net, XML, SOAP
  • Client Server Databases: Oracle 8i, Interbase , some exposure to MS SQL Server.
  • Databases: MS Visual FoxPro, Apollo, Paradox, MS FoxPro DOS/Win , dBase, MS Access
  • Data Modeling: Erwin, Silverrun Suite, System Architect, S-Designer, xCase, Corel Flow, Visio 4.5
  • Productivity: MS Office 2000/XP, Outlook 2002, Pocket PC 2002, Palm OS, AmiPro 3.0
  • GroupWare: Lotus Notes 3.0 Developer, Novell GroupWise
  • Operating Systems: Redhat Linux, MS Windows XP/2000/NT 4.0/95/98 SE, Red Hat Linux 6.0, OS/2 Warp 4.0, Palm OS 3.0
  • Networks and Protocols: Landline and Wireless, MS NT Server, Novell 4.11, NetBEUI, TCP/IP, Internet Dial-Up Accounts, Web Site Design and Setup
  • Version Control: StarTeam, Intersolve PVCS and Tracker, MS Visual Source Safe 6.0 VSS , MKS Source Integrity
  • Error Detection: Sleuth Q/A Suite , NuMega Bounds Checker 6.0
  • Tools: AT&T VNC , PC Anywhere , NetwareFTP, WS_FTP , Ghost, Disk Image, Netscape Communicator, Internet Explorer, PKWare .ZIP
  • Reporting: Seagate Crystal Reports, Report Smith, FoxFire, Paradox report writer, Foxpro report writer, Report Printer Pro
  • Special Skills: Team Leadership, Software GUI Design, Data Modeling, Project Management, Business Analysis, Configuration Management, Version Control, Process Improvement
  • Industries of Experience: Medical Devices, Package Shipping, Insurance, Energy, Genetics, Telecommunications, Marine Life, Aviation, Educational Financing , Social Services
  • Standards: 121 CFR Part 11, OOAOOD, OOP, Java, JDBC with JdataStore, ODBC, Win32, UML
  • Component Libraries: Orpheus, Raize, Async Pro, InfoPower, ABC, Report Printer Pro


Gregory Corporation Shoreview, Mn.
Aug 99 to Present

Independent Contractor – Senior Staff Analyst

1. Team Leader Business Analyst -Software Design OOA/OOD/OOP Development, Evolution and Maintenance

Solely responsible for medical device study software requirements gathering, design and Q/A reviews, construction, deployment and field support. Project reached maturity and now required only one person to utilize it. Robert was retained to provide on-going product development and support for the life of the product. An unprecedented twenty medical device Studies were handled over a two year period. We found that by using the software, and it s powerful data validation system, most data came back ready-to-use. Implemented a software design process that enforced the concept where most of the quality effort first goes into the Study Protocol, and the Software Design up front. Designed a backend data viewer using Java with JDBC that provided a window into the encrypted Guidant Clinical Link GCLink database for diagnostic purposes. Constructed a remote Bug Tracking system for developers working off site using Java. – Win 95/98/NT/2000 Delphi 4.0/6.0 JBuilder 5.0 Enterprise Java

2. Team Leader Object Oriented Analysis, Design, Development and Product Field Testing

Part of a team. Performed business analysis, requirements gathering, and project planning. Constructed and enhanced component libraries. We sub-classed selected components in libraries like Orpheus, Report Printer Pro, and Info Power. Established a object oriented UI form hierarchy system to control the look and feel of the application from the top-down, and established distinct divisions between the base software and areas of the software that frequently change Study Specific features. Established configuration management like PVCS Tracker and version control mechanisms like Visual Source Safe – VSS , as well as a formal test plan. Our software was shown to reduce the Deployment to the Field Time from over 6 months to less than 2 weeks. The Guidant Clinical Link GCLink used a “Hypernormalized Database” concept that stored the study data in unison with the metadata. The data-aware components were extended to be ready-to-use when they were dropped on the form. The components readily knew how to Load, Save, and Print themselves, as well as all controls they contained. Used Sleuth Q/A Suite to optimize much of the code and avoid potential Access Violations. GCLink was revolutionary in that it removed the later burden of database design, report writing, and DB connectivity from the programmer. Involved in team selection and approval of all COTS – Win 95/98/NT/2000 Delphi 4.0/6.0

3. OO Tool and Software Designer

Part of three-member team. Provided the requirements gathering and field research that formed the software framework. Sought-out, researched and selected base OTS components that best suited our GCLink project needs. Extended those components to provide a toolset for speedy construction and deployment of medical device studies. Constructed base software framework for the RELIANCE EZ pilot study. Provided staff selection talent needed to fill other critical roles on the team. Frequent team brainstorming sessions and rapid prototyping provided quick answers to questions of risk and feasibility. GCLink Phase 1 was intended to provide 121 CFR Part 11 compliant, Remote Data Entry RDE to the Field Clinical Engineers FCEs located at hospitals around the country. The software would be used to collect data and output it for transmittal back to the Data Center. – Win 95/98 – Delphi 4.0

Compusoft Corporation, St. Paul, Mn
Feb 98 to Aug 99

Senior Staff Analyst – Consultant

4. Senior Developer OOA/OOD/OOP Online Loan Processing System and Data Export Tool

Designed, programmed and delivered several key large key pieces of a file send/receive system that uses the internet to transfer data between SCHOLAR and various US-based client mainframes. The bulk of the effort involved inserting new features into well established business rules. Involved the use of the Windows API ShellAPI , file I/O, Orpheus, and InfoPower components, Paradox, comprehension of very complicated software specs, and manuals. Version Control was provided by PVCS. Win NT/98 Delphi 4.0

5. Lead Developer Win NT/98 Y2k and 32 bit conversion

Bizycom Express St. Paul, Mn

A local shipping company has software that automates the package labeling process. It communicates with an electronic scale with AsyncPro and provides entry forms for keying of the package details. It supports mailing lists, package tracking, and reporting. Took over enhancement of the product to provide Y2K conversion, 32 bit conversion, feature changes, UI revisions, and bug fixes. Product uses Access and originated in VB. Was converted to Delphi to enhance performance. Routinely provide database structure changes, and improvements that respond to customer feedback in the field. Provided ALL selection and approval of all COTS. Source Safe VSS was used for Version Control. Delphi 1.0 to Delphi 4.0

6. Senior Developer Project Planning, Y2K Conversion, Delphi 4.0 32bit conversion

Great Lakes Higher Education Corporation St. Paul, Mn

Took charge of Y2K efforts at a student loan servicing company. Provided study of Y2K standards and the product source code. Lead the local effort to provide Y2K compliant software by verifying all use of Date values were safe and accurate, and assisting in setting corporate standards. Implemented the changes. Participated in 32 bit conversion of SCHOLAR software from Delphi 1.0 to Delphi 4.0. Version Control was provided by Visual Source Safe VSS . Win NT/98 Delphi 4.0

7. Design & Business Analyst, Telecommunications Programmer

SomeFund of California & Great Lakes Higher Education Corporation St. Paul, Mn

Client is a student loan servicing company that provides software to its customers that they use for submitting student loan applications. It was called SCHOLAR , and a second version of the product was in development, and had fallen behind schedule. I was hired to help catch up. Provided Software Design and Analytical Support for any enhancements to SCHOLAR. Used telecommunications knowledge of modems, Comm Libraries, and the Delphi language to provide connectivity between SCHOLAR and a comm server, that telneted to a UNIX/SNA box. Used AsyncPro as the Delphi comm library, and developed a series of forms that permitted users to customize every aspect of the modem, telephone call, UNIX login and interaction, terminal mode, etc. Provided the usual requirements gathering, system analysis, problem solving, and Q/A Testing. Used PVCS to track version control, and Novell Groupwise was the mail/scheduling tool. – Delphi 1.0 / NT 4.0/AsyncPro

Compusoft Corporation
Jul 97 to Jan 98

Senior Staff Analyst – Consultant

8. Business Programmer/Analyst

Minnesota Department of Revenue MNDOR St. Paul, Mn

Electronic File Transfer EFT A system that sends funds between various banks and the DOR was behind schedule. Established Version Control, Coding Standards, new Business Rules, and realistic milestones. The small team was able to bring closure to EFT. Performed requirements gathering, system analysis, problem solving, Q/A Testing. Version Control was provided manually.

9. Business Programmer/Analyst

Minnesota Department of Revenue MNDOR St. Paul, Mn

Bankruptcy FTP Upload/Download Utility Three hosts Mainframe, UNIX/AIX, and Novell LAN shared DBF/SDF formatted data files used to keep these systems in sync. This product had been moved to production prior to completion of development or testing. Established user requirements and Business rules. Totally revamped the system to produce reliable communications, and user messaging. Many unfulfilled change requests were completed, and the product was finally delivered properly to production.

Randon Engineering, Inc., Aurora, Mn
Aug 96 to Jul 97

Business Analyst/Programmer

10. GUI Designer / Developer

McHugh Corporation formerly Gagnon Engineering , Aurora, Mn

Designed and developed a Time Tracking application in Delphi 3.0 on a FoxPro 2.x database back-end. Routinely used Delphi 3.0 for creating ActiveX components for deployment in the 32 bit environment. Customer had a FoxPro 2.5 DOS warehousing application that was in trouble. Assumed responsibility for stabilizing and enhancing the reporting and management tools of the product. As Lead designer and developer, coordinated analysis and design efforts toward the new Ware House Management System GWMS in VFP. VFP will provide a front-end to the MS SQL Server stores. Worked on several reports in Crystal Reports 5.0, for use with the new GWMS software in VFP 5.0. Setup and administered version control between developers in Richmond and Minneapolis using Visual Source Safe VSS . – Barcoding, FoxPro and Delphi

Minnesota Software Systems, Inc.
On 3 month Contract Jun 96 to Aug 96

Senior Staff Analyst – Consultant

11. Object-Oriented Analysys, Design and Development

Starkey Laboratories Bloomington, Mn

As a member of a ten person team, designed and developed several modules of a new Visual FoxPro 5.0 application. Product was a Hearing Aid POS & Franchise Billing system that also provided diagnostic and patient care features. Visual Codebook standards have been enforced throughout the project. Data Modeling was completed using xCase. It will supersede a similar existing product written in FoxPro 2.6 for Windows. Version Control was provided by Visual Source Safe VSS . – VFP 3.0 & Delphi 2.0

Minnesota Software Systems, Inc.
Dec 94 to Jun 96

Senior Staff Analyst – Consultant- Principle

12. Team Lead / OOA/OOD/OOP Developer

ADCOR Corp. Plymouth, Mn

Led a 3 person team that designed and implemented a data conversion server for a local medial device company. The client wanted to use two separate products t run its order processing and warehousing operations. The problem existed where these two products had no way of automatically updating each other. Delphi was used to provide a GUI to the Btrieve and DBF back-end. Version Control was provided by MKS Source Integrity. – Delphi 2.0

13. Technical Lead – Real-Time Labor Tracking System Developer

Peak Technologies St. Paul, Mn

Assumed control of development at a local bar coding equipment VAR, to rapidly bring closure to a Labor Tracking bar code application that had become unstable. The product was used to record Time and Labor at industrial manufacturing companies and manage the shop floor where heavy machinery was manufactured. Operators would use a bar code gun to job-in and out as well as tracking time-off, breaks, sick time, vacation, etc Provided leadership, configuration control, new development, and testing. Version Control was provided by MKS Source Integrity. Product deployment involved several excursions to the field, also considerable remote control development and configuration efforts. Product installation base includes Dresser-Rand, Mn and Portec, SD. – FoxPro DOS 2.6

14. Business Analyst – Development and Reporting

Skyline Displays Burnsville, Mn

Mapped data for conversion from an existing WANG accounting system to a new PC based accounting system for a local graphics engineering firm. Created custom reports using FoxFire and trained department staff on its use. Provided reporting tools and software development on schedules that were constantly changing and un-predictable. Version Control was manual. – FoxPro 2.x / FoxFire Reporting

United Resource Management
Aug 1993 to Dec 94

Windows Client Server / GUI Developer – Consultant

15. Database Analyst / Developer

Guidant Corporation Shoreview, Mn

Responsible for design and development of a study specific data collection system PRX Endotak pacemaker , in the Clinical Studies area of Guidant Corp. Department collects field data on medical devices that they hope to get Market-Release approval from the FDA for. The field following-studies provide the evidence needed to obtain the approval. This product was designed to provide data collection, validation and reporting that would minimize re-coordination with the field to clarify, track-down or obtain additional data. FoxPro 2.6 Win/DOS

16. Database Analyst / Developer

Premium Finance Corporation Dallas, Tx

Customer was a financier of Insurance Policies for corporations. Financial loan applications and statements were being printed by their various agents in the field. Those agents had varying types of computers and printers, that would change the look of the documents. These documents were required by federal law to have exact dimensions, fonts, and graphics. Robert created an application would process any document and adapt it to suit any printer available, from Dot Matrix to Laser. The output produced in any case was identical.

17. Database Analyst / Developer

ELA Medical Minnetonka, Mn

ELA Medical is a medical device manufacturer i.e., pacemakers, stents, leads ELA had no automated system for collecting data in the field. Their paper system was in bad need of replacement. Robert created an economical alternative to the paper system, that answered the needs of most of their issues. For under 25,000 he created a system having a small footprint, that could be deployed on any computer in the field. The FCE Field Clinical Engineer could then use the software to complete the complex Case Report Forms CRF and print them out error-free for delivery to the data center. – FoxPro 2.5 Win multi-user, device tracking, invoicing and reporting system.

AMP Computer Services
Feb 1991 to Jul 1993

Staff Analyst Programmer – Consultant

18. Analyst / System Integration Developer

Dakota Country Dept of Social Services St. Paul, Mn

At a State office, migrated a mainframe based financial resource funding system to the PC, using Paradox. The department screened all applicants through a rigorous process of questioning and cross-checking. Created new design specifications for the software and the staff. Estimated cost for software enhancements using actual in-house cost development data from past projects. Provided custom client software, enhancements, and additions to the system based on design specifications. Paradox, DOS Batch

Key Accomplishments:

  • Increased speed of application screening process by several times.
  • Enhanced and upgraded the Screening System to Paradox 3.5.

19. Analyst / Forecast Tool Developer

Northwest States Power Corporation

At a regional power company, as part of three member development team, redesigned and built a multi-user Energy Consumption Forecasting system, that helped engineers forecast energy consumption for a 30 year window in FoxPro DOS 2.0.

Key Accomplishments:

  • Designed and build a customer reporting SQL generator.
  • Introduced a design process and structured development standards to project.

AVALON Insurance
Jan 1988 to Jan 1991

20. SAS Analyst – Pascal Programmer

Regional Planning and Control Department – Developed mainframe based SAS utilities including report generators and employee productivity databases. Created and maintained software systems to generate mailings to insureds. Administered I.S. planning sessions with division heads and managers. Made initial selections of new platforms and technology, for the region.

Key Accomplishments:

  • Developed several modules that pinpointed sources of fraud. This prevented over 100,000 in fraud losses.
  • Introduced, taught and established structured design techniques as standard implementation technical documentation for paradox RDBMS development.
  • Implemented programming standards and development methods.


  • Delphi 6 Enterprise/ASP Web Development Win XP Pro Constructed a modest website that utilized ASP object with Internet Information Services IIS 5.0 through a Delphi 6 ActiveX Library. In the library I placed several Active Server Objects that generated dynamic content. Some ASOs derived from the TASPObject and others from the TASPMTSObject MS Transaction Server for behavior comparison.
  • Red Hat Linux Configuration Setup and utilized a Linux workstation in order to configure Borland Kylix IDE and test Borland s x-platform capabilities using their CLX components.
  • JBuilder 5.0 – Designing and constructing a full-featured personal asset tracking product to tap a niche market with a sleek, very robust, and easy-to-use interface. Product used JDBC with JdataStore to provide a small portable single-tier DB system.
  • Visual Age for SmallTalk & Visual Java Cafe 2.5 Graduate Work – Win 95 Programming Designed a purely OO Contact Manager application using both languages for comparison.
  • Visual Basic 6.0 Developer – Win 98/NT Programmer Built a limited Time Tracking Application using VB6 and Access, for the purposes of comparing with Delphi, and to expand on an existing time tracking tool. Also worked with Serial Communications, Database connectivity ADO, RDO, & DAO ,Error Handling and the Windows API.


Master of Science in Software Engineering Candidate 2003
Bachelor of Science in Computer Science / Software Design 1990


Java Cafe 2.5 Web Pages, Applets, Animation at St. Thomas Lotus Notes Application Development I & II at HTR
Delphi 3.0 Training Client/Server
OO Concepts Training
Private Pilot Certification & Instrument Training

Resume 12

Samples represents that of an actual working technical professional found on the WEB and modified to protect the privacy of these professionals. Human names, company names, colleges, software product names are intentionally made up.


Vishant Darao

1200 Summer dr.
Columbus, OH 43235


About six years of professional experience as System Analyst and Programmer. Seeking career with progressive responsibilities in program coding and enhancements, software development and quality testing, web-site development and maintenance.


Higher Diploma in Software Engineering HDSE , a two-year diploma program, APTECH LTD. INDIA.
Certification for Oracle 8 & Developer 2000, Tata InfoTech Limited INDIA
B.Com. Bachelor of Commerce , a three-year degree course, INDIA.


  • Languages: Turbo C, C++, C on Unix, Pascal, HTML, Shell Scripts, and JAVA , JavaScript, XML, XSL, XQL
  • Front End Tools: JBuilder5, Delphi 3.0, Delphi 5.0 COM/DCOM , Developer 2000 Forms 4.5 & 5.0 , Visual Basic 6.0 ADO/RDO/ASP
  • Database: Oracle 8.0 PL/SQL, SQL Plus, Database Triggers , SQL Server 7.0 FoxPro, Visual Dbase, Paradox, MS Access
  • DBA Tools: Oracle 8 – Installation Server & Clients for Windows NT , Database Design, Managing Users, Backup & Recovery, Export & Import Data
  • Reports:Quick Reports 2.0, Crystal Reports, Reports 3.0, FoxPro Report Writer, Report Builder Pro.
  • Operating Systems: SCO-Unix V, Windows NT4.0/98/95, Linux, Novell Netware 4.0,
  • Others: Turbo Power, Info Power 2000, and Rubicon2.

Application Areas/ Abilities

  • Project Appraisal, Evaluation and Management
  • Creation of database and improving decision support system for better performance and achieving greater social rate of returns
  • Activity based planning, budgeting and monitoring
  • Design, Analysis and Development of Software Application Systems
  • System Implementation with User Training and Support
  • System testing, Unit, Module testing and debugging
  • Back-End Design, Procedures & Triggers.
  • Conducting Training Program for system implementation
  • System documentation and development of user guides for the system



  • More than five years in Delphi Multi-tiered Client-Server Database Applications .
  • Around two years in Java.
  • More than four Years in Oracle/SQL-Server PL/SQL – database triggers & Stored Procedures
  • More than three years in Turbo C and C on Unix Data Structures , C++;
  • Around two years in Visual Basic.

Company: Inc.
Duration: May 2001 Present
Role: Senior Programmer
Environment Jbuilder 5.0, Delphi 5.0, Windows 2000, SQL-Server 7.0
Project: provides XML-powered Internet solutions and bioinformaABC applications for the life science researcher to access; data mine, integrate, store, and visualize biomedical information. Worked on a combination of several projects in the field of biotechnology and bioinformaABCs programming.

Responsibility includes working on GUI as well as back end programming using Java, XML, and Delphi.

Working on different Genomic Tools and Applications in Java. The main modules I worked on are:

  • Genomic Browser Currently working on SomeBook s Genomic Browser in Java. Fixing bugs and adding more functionality like Jclass HiGrid, BSML Editing capabilities, Bsml Attribute Editor, Bsml Search module etc.
  • Sequence Editor A tool to edit and create new DNA/RNA Sequences with the functionality to translate, edit, and double strand the sequence.
  • Blast Search It enables users to select their sequences and Blast them against different public Databases like Genbank, EMBL etc and get desired results.
  • ClustalW A tool used for Multiple Sequence Alignment.
  • SomeBook Analysis Center An application which is the central storage for all the sequences and from where a user can launch different Genomic Analysis tools like Sequence Editor, Blast, ClustalW, Multiple Alignment Viewer, Primer3, Restriction Search, Pattern Search, ORF Search etc.

Besides these worked on several modules and integration of those modules into SomeBook Genomic Query and SomeBook Genomic Browser.

Company: ABC Resources Inc.
Duration: Aug 16, 2000 May 2001
Role: Software Engineer
Environment Jbuilder 5.0, Delphi 5.0, Windows 2000, SQL-Server 7.0
Project: Developed COM wrappers and DLL s that interacts with Java Interface and make search for all types of documents in Rubicon2 Search Engine and pass on the results to the same interface. Also worked on MS J++ for Integration issues.

Worked exclusively on Sequence librarian, an application that completely manages bio sequences for researchers and scientists. It is basically a library that can manage different Protein and Nucleotide Sequences and their views and features and References attached to those views. The application includes full functionality to Import, Export, View and add sequences to Library from NCBI and supports all the formats like GenBank, EMBL, FASTA, it can access and download cross references of a sequence. It has an Automation Server that contains the whole business logic and has a thin Client, which interacts with the Application server through COM calls.

Worked on XML Queries from a Delphi Application to SQL Server 7.0. Developed XML representations for data and XSL style sheets for rendering XML data into HTML.

Company: ABC Resources Inc.
Duration: May 15, 2000 Aug 4, 2000
Role: Programmer.
Environment Delphi 5.0, SQL Server 7.0, Report Builder Pro
Project: deals in online restaurant reservations using ERB Electronic Reservation Book . It is a multi-tier application that has different levels of Interface for end-users and restaurant owners. I developed different prototypes for UI, created objects and modules for notification server middle-tier and wrote several stored procedures for SQL server 7.0 MSDE at the back-end. Besides this worked on different modules for other add-ons like Listener for web requests, Remote Admin for installation, updates and support, DBValidator for validating the current version of database at all the restaurants, a config tool which helps a user to configure the application as per his needs. Created several Reports using Report Builder pro.

Company: ABC Resources Inc.
Client: ABC Resources Inc. In house Project
Duration: September 1999-May 14, 2000
Role: Lead Programmer/Database Developer.
Environment Delphi 5.0 DCOM , Quick Reports and Oracle 8
Project: Involved in full life cycle: design, development, coding and implementation of an ERP Project Distributed Client-Server Application which includes complete automation of the company including sales, production, customer queries & reports, marketing strategy planning, accounts, payroll, employee management. Leading role in project analysis, coding, GUI development and writing queries, stored procedures & triggers on the back-end to control database interaction.

Company: Advanced Systems, Patiala. Punjab INDIA.
Duration: March 1996 – August 1999.
Role: Lead Programmer/Testing
Environment: Delphi 3.0, Oracle 8.0, Paradox, Quick Reports, Windows NT, and Windows 98.
Projects: Worked on the following projects as the project leader. Involved in Designing, Planning, analysis and major coding.

  • Migration of an application for complete automation for a School from Delphi 3.0 to Delphi 5.0, using MIDAS features, Oracle 8 was used as back-end.
  • A three-tier application for finance company using Delphi 3.0 and Oracle 8.0. A DCOM was developed in Delphi 3 and used as the application server where Oracle 8 was used as the database server.
  • Developed a three-tier application for a manufacturing company automating sales, purchase, inventory & accounts.
  • Thin clients were developed for data entry and major processing was done at the application server COM and Oracle 8 was used as database server on Windows NT.
  • A stand-alone application for wholesalers using Delphi 3.0 as front end and Paradox as back end tool.
  • A client-server project for Traders using Delphi 2.0 and Oracle 8
  • Library Management System for complete working of books library using Delphi 2.0 and Oracle 8.
  • Patient Care System for a Private Hospital. Delphi as front end and Oracle 8 as back end on Windows NT.
  • On Line Examination Monitoring System for an Educational Institute using Turbo C
  • Automation Package for a Scooter Dealership Concern.
  • Revenue Report Handler of a Bank.
  • Stock Monitoring System of a Telecom Department

Resume 13

Samples represents that of an actual working technical professional found on the WEB and modified to protect the privacy of these professionals. Human names, company names, colleges, software product names are intentionally made up.


Alex Ivanov


A position in software design and development client/server, web, database .


  • Six years of experience in software development.
  • Strong analytical, designing and programming skills for various software development of general-purpose, client/server, web-based applications.
  • Experience in full project life cycle with server programming and distributed applications.
  • Able to work in challenging environment and under demanding time schedules.
  • Conscientious, highly motivated and capable to working independently and as member of a team


  • Java Sun JDK 1.x/2.0, Sun Enterprise JDK, Borland JBuilder 2.0-4.0
  • Pascal, Object Pascal Delphi 1.0-5.0
  • C, C++ MS Visual C++ 5.0-6.0
  • JavaScript, XML, XSL, CSS, HTML
  • SQL InterBase 4.0-5.5 , PL/SQL ORACLE 8.0.5/8.1.5 , Transact SQL MS SQL 7.0


CORBA, RMI, Microsoft Windows API, MFC , OOD and OOP, COM, EJB, JavaBeans, database connectivity ODBC, JDBC, DAO, OLE DB, BDE , GUI API, MFC, AWT/JFC/Swing


  • Delphi 1.0-5.0, Borland JBuilder 3.0-4.0,
  • MS Visual C++ 5.0-6.0, Sun JDK 1.x/2.0, Enterprise JDK
  • Oracle 8.0.5/8.1.5, MS SQL 7.0, InterBase 4.0-5.5
  • SQL Navigator, SQL Professional
  • MS Internet Information Server,
  • BEA WebLogic, Inprise VisiBroker
  • SpyXML, XMLNotepad
  • InstallShield, MS Visual SourceSafe, Visio


Windows NT Server/Workstation, Windows 2000 Server/Professional, Windows 98/95/3.x, MS-DOS


Intel x86 platform


Johnson Technical Services, Inc., Oak Ridge, IL
August, 2000 – present

Software Developer

Developed an Internet-based modules MaxWeb that allow Service Providers to leverage the Internet as vehicle to effectively manage their customer relationships. MaxWeb served as an online gateway into the MaxBill MaxBill International Customer Care and Billing system. The application was based on multi-tier architecture with MS SQL Server as back-end and web-oriented GUI application as a front-end. Developed and programmed the CORBA-based application servers, ISAPI DLL for communication with main database. Servers received XML requests from ISAPI DLL and translated DOM & SAX them into T-SQL for SQL Server. Application servers translated data, received from SQL Server, back to XML and sent them to ISAPI DLL. Developed distributed component for the application utilizing CORBA.


  • analyzed system requirements;
  • produced high level design specification;
  • developed scripts for creating database object;
  • constructed SQL queries for data processing;
  • developed distributed CORBA-based components and EJB for the application servers;
  • developed ISAPI DLL for Web Servers MS II Server, OMNI HTTPd and components for Windows message processing and SQL Server monitoring;
  • developed web-oriented GUI XML, XSL, CSS, JavaScript, HTML

“Sigma” Company, Ukraine
September, 1998 – May, 2000

Senior Software Developer

Developed and supported of information system, which should be accessible through Web or through intranet with different levels of access to automatic obtainment of statistical information about trade, goods etc. for marketing purposes. Mapping of obtained information on vector maps and charts. Statistical calculation and analytical analyses of data. System upgrade using Delphi, Java and Visual C++ in an ORACLE environment. Adding access to databases on ORACLE through intranet using JDBC connection and from web through servlets and EJB.


  • application logic design;
  • produced high level and design specification;
  • developed scripts for creating database object and organizing their storage;
  • development of ORACLE server objects packages, stored procedures, functions, and triggers to make business calculations, tune them for optimal performance SQL, PL/SQL, SQL*PLUS ;
  • constructed SQL queries for data processing;
  • developed CORBA-based components, servlets and EJB for the application servers VisiBroker, ORACLE Application Server and components for Windows message processing and ORACLE monitoring;
  • developed web-oriented GUI XML DOM & SAX , XSL, CSS, JavaScript, HTML and ISAPI DLL MS II Server

“Sigma”” Company, Ukraine
February, 1997 – September, 1998

Senior Software Developer

Created and designed the software for informational co-operation of company departments based on client/server technology with access for goods inventory, movements of wares, stores, and order forming. Development and support of transaction-oriented client-server application. Object-oriented programming of software framework and database structure for client and server applications. Developing of GUI


  • application logic design;
  • developed scripts for creating database object and organizing their storage;
  • developed ORACLE server objects packages, stored procedures, functions, and triggers to make business calculations;
  • tuned them for optimal performance SQL, PL/SQL, SQL*PLUS ;
  • constructed SQL queries for data processing;
  • created different modulus of application, GUI design;
  • developed different kinds of reports;
  • installed production version of all types of application

“Sigma”” Company, Ukraine
July, 1996 – January, 1997

Software Developer

Developed the software for accounting reports of agriculture customers, personnel data of employees individual data, contract data, pension data, household members data, insurance data, address data as well as payroll-related data base salary, allowances and deductions . System also calculates real salary including retroactivity calculations. The application is multi-currency, and multi-user system.


  • application logic design;
  • created database object;
  • developed InterBase server objects packages, stored procedures, functions, and triggers ;
  • tuned them for optimal performance;
  • constructed SQL queries for data processing;
  • created different module of application, GUI design;
  • developed different kinds of reports;
  • installed production version of all types of application;
  • designed and programmed GUI and data manipulation classes for client and server applications

MTRS, Ukraine
May, 2000 – September, 2000

Software Developer

Data compression library


  • Programmed algorithms for data compression Static and adaptive Haffman, LZW, LZSS, Arithmetic , which were assembled in one COM object.
  • Developed file structure for compressed files.
  • Programmed shell extension handlers, property sheet handlers implemented as DLLs.
  • Developed GUI for data compression module.
  • MS Visual C++6.0, MFC

MTRS, Ukraine
August, 1999 – January, 2000

Software Developer

Logical game ABVERSI

Responsibilities: Created the class structure, developed the algorithms for dealing with vector graphics, designed game logic fuzzy logic . Visual C++6.0 MFC , Delphi 4.0, InstallShield

FM Radio Station, Ukraine
September, 1998 – January, 1999

System Programmer

Developed the software for automatic broadcast in an air

Responsibilities: Software framework design and coding. Borland C++ Builder 3.0, Delphi 4.0

Advertising Company “Finest”, Ukraine
January, 1996 – July, 1996


Worked out databases of periodical issues, TV companies, magazines, journals etc. in Ukraine. Creating of the code for automatic obtaining of marketing information for advertising campaigns

Responsibilities: Object-oriented design and programming of GUI and data manipulation classes. Programming of database mapping on regional vector map with zooming


B.S. in Mathematics, Kharkov State University, Ukraine, 1991-1996

Courses September, 1996 – May, 1998

  • Object Oriented Programming in C++ and Object Pascal.
  • Database Modeling and Performance Tuning.
  • Project Management Fundamentals .
  • Numerical methods programming, linear and nonlinear optimization.

Available upon request.

Resume 14

Samples represents that of an actual working technical professional found on the WEB and modified to protect the privacy of these professionals. Human names, company names, colleges, software product names are intentionally made up.


Danny Milano

Working Experience:

October 1999 – Present.

Senior Supervisor and Software Engineer using Borland Delphi 5 C/S and Ms SQL Server. Responsible for the conceptual design, development and support of a Risk Monitoring Application designed to collect, analyze and publish data regarding Hedge Funds performances on the financial market. Technologies used includes multithreading, Windows NT Services, logical and physical Database design, stored procedures and triggers.

June 1998 – June 1999.
Gatecase Systems, Inc.

Senior Supervisor and Software Developer using Delphi C/S, Ms SQL Server, Interbase and Ms Internet Information Server. Other tools used include Ms Visual Source Safe and PVCS for Version Control and Ms Raid for Bug Tracking. Developed a client/server application for online Web and desktop Network cash flow tracking and management for the banking industry and medium-large size corporate organizations.

1986 – 1998.
Freelance software consultant with working experience with several companies, including:

  • May 1997 – June 1998. Ronald Medical Division – Italy.
    Contracted several Software Applications using Delphi C/S and SQL Databases ranging from Medical Data Warehousing and Retrieving to Medical Images Handling and Storing.

  • January 1996 – May 1997. Revetti Personal Computers Financial Division – Italy.
    Contracted several Software Applications custom designed for Olivetti clients, some of which are Pirelli Informatica – Italy and several Italian Banks. Activities ranged from supervising a team of Olivetti internal developers using Delphi C/S to installing IBM OS/2 LAN Server, Communications Manager/2, Database Manager/2, Novell NetWare Servers, Windows NT Servers and Workstations and integrating different vendor platforms in different computing environment.

May 1995 – January 1996.
ModernElettronica SPA – Italy.

Contracted a worldwide-distributed Software Application for automating and controlling their Industrial Textile Dyeing Factory Equipment using Delphi C/S in a networked environment.

May 1994 – May 1995.
Revetti Personal Computer Financial Division – Italy.

Senior OS/2 System Analyst and Personal Computer to Mainframe Communications expert. Responsible for the integration of the Bank Management System of the Italian Bank BPM on Olivetti hardware, with solutions provided in the area of Software Migration on OS/2 based networks and system software and installations on different vendor hardware platforms. Coordinated Branches installation activities and post-installation hardware and software technical support.

August 1993 – May 1994.
Digital Sistemi srl – Italy.

Consulting activities such as software analysis and design, network installations and administration done for this IBM vendor and software house. Other activities include installation and customization of Unix, OS/2 and Windows environments with software ranging from Personal Productivity Applications to Computer Aided Design CAD Applications. Programming activities using Ms Access, Paradox and Dbase Desktop Databases in areas ranging from Business Applications to Data Storage and Retrieval in the Windows environment.

May 1986 – August 1993.

Freelance contractor with several Italian companies and software houses, with activities like custom Software Development using COBOL, Pascal, BASIC, Ms Access, Paradox, Dbase , network installations and administration Windows, Windows NT, IBM OS/2, IBM AS/400 , end-user training and support.

August 1989 – August 1990.
Italian Army military service.

Junior Software Developer in the Information Systems Unit of the Italian Army Officer s Academy of Viterbo, Italy. Developed several Software Applications ranging from Accounting to Data Warehousing.

February 1985 – May 1986.
Maynard College, Columbia, Maryland.

Lab supervisor and manager of a Local Area Network based Accounting System at Maynard College, Columbia, Maryland. Coordinated and assisted end-user activities.

February 1985 – May 1986.
Maynard College, Columbia, Maryland.

Assistant Lab supervisor with access to a Hewlett-Packard HP 3000 mainframe at Maynard College, Columbia, Maryland. Coordinated and assisted students Lab activities.

Professional Skills:

  • Extensive experience in analysis, design, implementation and maintenance of new or existing software systems or business processes.
  • Extensive programming experience using Borland Delphi, SQL and HTML languages in Client/Server applications, as well as Crystal Report as reporting tool. Experience administering and configuring Ms Internet Information Server.
  • Extensive experience with Relational Databases Ms SQL Server and Interbase in administration, data replication, data modeling and architecture, performance tuning, backup/restore strategies, stored procedures, triggers. Logical and physical Database design using CASE tools such as xCase and Visio.
  • Knowledge and experience in using Version Control software Ms Visual Source Safe, PVCS and Bug Tracking tools Ms Raid .
  • Scientific and business programming experience using Visual Basic, Pascal, BASIC, COBOL, FORTRAN and IBM-Rexx.
  • Knowledge and experience in the thematic and procedures necessary for the realization of massive Data Warehousing and Retrieval Systems using SQL engines and magneto-optical technology in the Windows environment.
  • Knowledge and experience in the thematic and procedures necessary for the installation and maintenance of distributed Information Systems based on Local or Wide Area Networked Personal Computers.
  • Knowledge and experience in the thematic and procedures necessary for the installation and maintenance of distributed Information Systems using different computing platforms IBM AS/400 hosts, Unix workstations, Personal Computer LANs .
  • Knowledge and experience in the installation, administration and maintenance of networks based on Windows NT, Novell NetWare, IBM OS/2 LAN Server and their integration with IBM AS/400 mainframes and Unix workstations.
  • Knowledge and experience in the installation and programming activities involving the use of Relational Databases SQL Server, Interbase, IBM Database Manager/2 , Host Communications and Distribution packages IBM Communications Manager/2, Distributed Control Access Facility .
  • Knowledge and experience in the progsramming activities involving the use of Desktop Databases Ms Access, Paradox, Dbase, FoxPro .
  • Knowledge and experience in installing, using and maintaining systems and networks based on Windows 95, 98, NT, 2000, IBM OS/2, Novell NetWare, IBM AIX.
  • Fluent in Italian, plus some Spanish and French.


1987 – 1991. University of Milan, Italy. Major in Computer Science, GPA 96/110.

1983 – 1986. Howard College, Columbia, Maryland. Major in Computer Science, minor in Information Systems Management, GPA 3,514/4. Four consecutive semesters on the Dean s of Instruction s List of Academically Superior Students. Member of the Phi Theta Kappa honor Fraternity.

1978 – 1983. ITAS G. Raineri , Piacenza, Italy. Mathematics and Computer Science oriented High School degree diploma, GPA 50/60.

Resume 15

Samples represents that of an actual working technical professional found on the WEB and modified to protect the privacy of these professionals. Human names, company names, colleges, software product names are intentionally made up.


Vijayan Senlai


  • Has over eight years of experience in the field of software development.
  • Expertise in software.
  • Excellent analytical and programming skills.
  • Good communication and interpersonal skills
  • Direct involvement in the complete software development cycle of very large-scale projects
  • Involved in business design, re-engineering, knowledge transfer and user training


  • Operating Systems: Windows 2000,Windows NT 4.0, Netware 5.0
  • Languages: C#, C/C++, Object Pascal, Java 2 J2EE , Java Script
  • Database: Oracle 8i, SQL Server 7.0, Sybase, Inter Base, Access, Paradox, Dbase
  • Software Tools: Delphi 6.0, Visual C++, Borland C++, MFC, OWL, Windows API
  • Technology: .NET, COM/DCOM, MIDAS, ISAPI, ASP, ADO, XML, ActiveX


Masters Degree in Computer Applications, May 1993
Regional Engineering College, Calicut University, Kerala, India.

Bachelor Degree in Physics, May 1989
Mahatma Gandhi University, Kerala, India.


Total Quality Assurance System TopQA
Feb 2001 – to date

Client: ABC Technologies Inc, Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Environment: Delphi Enterprise 5.0 , Win API, DCOM/Midas, Paradox, Oracle 8i
Role: Programmer Analyst in a 10-person team
Description: TOPQA is a comprehensive suite of integrated applications that is full-featured and designed to meet a wide range of unique quality assurance requirements in a complex manufacturing enterprise. Its customers rank among the Who s who of aerospace & defense Lockheed Martin, Boeing, Northrop Grumman, to name only a few of the largest and other compliance-oriented manufacturing industries.
Features of the product encompass:

  • Fully Integrated/Internet Based
  • High Data Accuracy, Integrity, Relationships
  • Real-time Reporting / Analysis
  • Standard Charting
  • Complete and Protected Audit Trail
  • Integration with Most ERP/MES Systems
  • Paperless On-line Visibility and Traceability
  • Support Internationalization

Responsible for:

  • Developing the Application Servers/Services and Deployment
  • Creating the ActiveX clients
  • Creating Netscape plugins and ActiveX wrappers
  • Smart update implementation
  • Implementing the Business Rules
  • Database/Table Design and writing queries
  • Implementing the internationalization
  • Exception handling and error logging

Warehouse Management System T-BOOK
Sep 2000-Feb 2001

Client: Best Shipping, South Palm Beach, Florida
Environment: Delphi 5.0, Win API , DCOM/Midas, ADO, SQL Server 7.0, Star Team 4.2
Role: Programmer Analyst in a 15-person team
Description: Best Shipping is an integrated liner carrier located in Riviera Beach, Florida with offices, agents and warehouses located globally. Company provides the highest quality transportation services to its customers comprised of large national accounts and small family-run businesses. Best Shipping offers complete documentation and freight forwarding services for both full-container load and less-than-container load.

T-BOOK is the information system that does bookings, logistics, costing, rating, dispatching, warehousing, customer service and sales for Best Shipping.The legacy system, called TRACE, is mainframe-based and is being replaced by T-BOOK.

Technical features of the system encompass:

  • Application Server developed using Midas /DCOM
  • SQL Server 7.0 backend
  • User interface implemented using Delphi
  • Database access through ADO
  • Extensive use of interfaces
  • Custom Components

Responsible for:

  • Business design and implementation in consultation with in-house subject-matter experts
  • Developing the Application Server
  • Implementing the Client System
  • Component creation
  • Writing Property Editors
  • Database and Table Design
  • Writing Stored procedures and Queries

Internet-Based Marketing System SmartMarket
Mar 2000-Sep 2000

Client: Midfix Alliance, Inc., St.John, Minnesota
Environment: Delphi 5.0, ISAPI, Netscape Server 3.6, Java 2,Sybase 5.0, Star Team 4.2
Role: Programmer Analyst in a 5-person team
Description: Midfix Alliance, Inc. is a software consulting, integration and development firm. Midfix builds and integrates business-to-business e-commerce and enterprise software.

SmartMarket is an internet-based Marketing Tool connecting sellers,transporters and buyers of feed grains for improved market efficiency. For the farmer SmartMarket is a new way to market their produce directly to potential end-users. SmartMarket make it possible for farmers to offer their grain for sale to any consumer within transport range of their farm, at a price and time of their own choosing. Farmers can also purchase grain with the same SmartMarket account they use for selling grain.

Technical features of the system encompass:

  • Application Sever developed using latest ISAPI technology in Delphi 5.0
  • Sybase 5.0 backend
  • User interface implemented using Java Applet
  • Multithreaded programming
  • Extensive use of stored procedures
  • Exception handling and error logging on all stages
  • Mapquest ConnectInterConnect technology for displaying location maps

Responsible for:

  • Developing the application server DLL and implementation of all action item URLs
  • Implementing the business rules
  • Database and Table Design
  • Writing Stored procedures and Queries
  • Implemented User Signups/Registration HTML page producers and action items
  • Implemented user Maintenance Software
  • Developed the mail notification daemon that alerts signups,positions and contracts in real-time
  • Location maps re-written using the latest MapQuest ConnectInterConnect Technology
  • Remote de-bugging and Stress testing

Enterprise Information System EIS
Mar 1999 Mar 2000

Client: Computer Sciences Corporation AdvanceService , Concord, Virginia
Environment: Delphi 3.0 , Windows 98 API , SQL Server 7.0 , Access 2.0
Role: Programmer Analyst in a 5-member team
Description: AdvanceService is a major provider of information technology services to commercial and government markets. The company specializes in management consulting; information systems consulting and integration and outsourcing.

AdvanceService project leaders and their staff use the Enterprise Information System EIS to provide project and contract management to defense contracts. Enterprise Information System is a re-engineering of the current system, which was developed in Access 2.0. The re-engineered system is developed with Delphi 3.0 on the front end and SQL server 7.0 on the back end. EIS architecture uses SQL server queries extensively within Delphi object framework of forms and templates.

Responsible for:

  • Business design and incorporating further changes through management and user interviews.
  • Database and Table Design
  • Normalization for optimum performance.
  • Writing queries
  • Creating/Modifying Delphi components
  • Creating the object frame work and screen templates
  • Creating base classes and business objects
  • Implementing the screens, events and exception handlers
  • System Integration
  • Implementing security both at the client and database level
  • Moving the data from the Access 2.0 to SQL server after necessary massaging.
  • Deployment, Maintenance and Production Support

Human Resources Management System PowerManage
Sep 1997 Mar 1999

Client: Teddy Bear, Redwood, Illinois
Environment: Delphi 3.0, Windows 95 API , and Oracle 8
Role: Programmer Analyst in a 60-person team
Description: Manpower is the world leader in temporary services. PowerManage is the replacement HR system for AOS, the legacy system running on AS/400 that about 1500 offices of Manpower use for their day-to-day operations.

PowerManage is a 3-tier architecture. Front end is Delphi and its Object Framework of BusinessObjects and Transactors. The backend is Oracle, which is accessed through the middle layer through OCI Oracle Call Interface calls. All the validation and dependence intelligence is buried in the business objects. Involves process and error tracking at every stage.

Technical features encompass:

  • Three tier architecture
  • Extensive use of advanced Object Pascal
  • Transactor Classes that facilitates interaction between business objects and the Database
  • Custom Components
  • Business rules embedded in Stored Procedures
  • Connection to Oracle thru OCI Oracle Call Interface calls
  • Static data stored in local tables for faster access down loaded from the server each and every time when there is a change
  • Interface to payroll system of the legacy application that was running on AS/400

Responsible for:

  • The technical design on close interaction with business designers
  • Creating the architecture
  • Creating the business objects and transactors
  • The design and development of various screens
  • Table/Index creation
  • Stored procedure specifications
  • Bug fixes of System/Integration Testing
  • Production support with end user interaction
  • Implementing change requests

Workforce Management System Fast Scheduler
Sep 1996 Sep 1997

Client: Alpha Incorporated, Boston, Massachusetts
Environment: Delphi Client/Server 2.0, Windows 95 API, Interbase 4.1
Role: Programmer Analyst in a 15-person team
Description: Fast Scheduler is the Alpha milestone product for Workforce Management. In a nutshell Fast Scheduler software helps to forecast business, create staffing plans and generate detailed employee schedules. Armed with this product, the store managers can anticipate customer demand more accurately. They can provide more responsive customer service, manage labor resources more efficiently, increase payroll accuracy, control labor costs, ensure scheduling consistency and fairness are some of the other benefits.

Responsible for:

  • Creating the necessary infrastructure for the product by developing the base classes, common utilities, data-aware and non data-aware components, which includes Spin Edits, DbGrids etc.
  • Designing and developing Fore Cast Editor, a graphical editor for modifying and analyzing the forecast volume.
  • Developing conversion software, which moves the data from the flat files to the InterBase tables after necessary messaging to avoid all the pitfalls thanks to the liberties taken with the Codebase structures by the existing WMS application.
  • Giving the necessary technical and trouble-shooting help to the rest of the team in the role as a Delphi expert.

Electronic Plumbing Catalogue Preparation
Jan 1996 – Sep 1996

Client: Trade Economy Services, California
Environment: Delphi Client/Server 1.0, Windows 3.1 API, Interbase
Role: Programmer Analyst in a 5-person team
Description: The Software system is for converting the printed catalog pages into electronic form CD-ROM or Hard Disk and their usage using browser software.

Responsible for:

  • Creating an image splitting software to create individual components out of the scanned pages of the catalogue. Images are stored as 8-bit compressed data and the text as 1-bit compressed data thereby reducing the storage requirements to a minimum.
  • Developing browser software to access the electronic pages in various search methods. The browser design is done such a way that it takes less than 2 seconds to retrieve a page from the time a search is launched.

Catalog Generation System
Jul 1995 – Jan 1995

Client: Bitech Systems, California
Environment: Delphi Client/Server 1.0, Windows 3.1 API, Interbase
Role: Programmer Analyst in a 5-person team
Description: The Software system developed helps in making automobile catalogue pages by assembling individual images automobile parts . Since the pages are kept as different components, any changes in the pages as well as in a catalogue can be accommodated within a matter of seconds, which used to take 6 months manually.

Responsible for:

  • Creating a parts editor for inserting, deleting and modifying the individual parts in the database.
  • Developing a pagination module, which assembles the parts at run time using the information in the database.
  • Creating a re-pagination module, which handles the catalog page insertion, deletion and modification.

Feb 1995 Jul 1995

Client: Publishing Industry , Professional Photographers etc.
Environment: Delphi Client/Server 1.0, Windows 3.1 API, Paradox, VB Controls
Role: Programmer Analyst in a 5-person team
Description: The system processes, compresses, transmits, tracks, receives, retrieves and archives images. None of the packages available had these two facilities namely, communication and image processing. Another attraction of the system is that one can send a caption and a story attached to the image.

Responsible for:

  • Developing image processing and communication modules using VB controls and communication libraries.
  • Designing and developing a flexible database backend to track images and story.
  • Developing modules for phone book keeping, clean up, and archiving of images

Advertise Placement System
Nov 1994 – Feb 1995

Client: Indian Business Group of Newspapers, India.
Environment: Borland C++ 3.1, Windows 3.1 API , Code Base 5.00
Role: Programmer in a 3-person team
Description: The Software system developed completely automates the making of advertisement templates by having an inter face to the EDP database. The templates generated are taken by a pagination program to make pages.

Responsible for:

  • Developing a pagination scheme with the help of a database backend and Windows API.
  • Implementing an input strategy from the EDP database. The output generated can be taken into the page making system without much processing.

Story Archiving System
Aug 1994 – Nov 1994

Client: Indian Business Group of Newspapers, India
Environment: Visual C++ 2.0, MFC , Windows 3.1 API , Code Base 5.00
Role: Programmer in a 3-person team
Description: The software developed helps in archiving and retrieving all Editorial and Agency stories. The stories can be scanned and edited before archiving. The program makes a summary of stories, which can be sent to the prospective customers to whom details can be sent later on their request.

Responsible for:

  • Developing a set of modules for extracting the stories using C++.
  • Implementing a system where by the supervisor can allot the stories to different baskets. The stories from the individual baskets can be edited, saved and retrieved.

File Transmission Sytem
May 1994 – Aug 1994

Client: Indian Business Group of Newspapers, Bombay
Environment: Borland C++ 3.1, Windows 3.1 API , Code Base 5.00, Lead Tools
Role: Programmer in a 3-person team
Description: Handles transmission and reception of pictures and other files. Pictures are compressed before transmission, which has been causing bottlenecks in the data traffic. This program runs in real-time and fully manages the incoming and outgoing files and pictures.

A scanning module, which keeps track of incoming and outgoing files, was developed in C++. A proper strategy for resolving the multiple destinations and alerting the users about the arrival the files has been implemented. The programs compress the files or pictures before transmission and at the other side the un-compression is done.

Inventory Control System
Jan 1994 – May 1994

Client: Indian Business Group of Newspapers, India.
Environment: Clipper Summer 87, LAN Workstation Netware 3.11, DOS 5.00
Role: Programmer in 3-person team
Description: This automates the inventory management of stores in the electronics department. Activities include purchases, issues and reports.

A relational database design was done which resulted in minimum processing and storage requirements. Modules for database management in the field of purchases, issues and reports were developed.

Resume 16

Samples represents that of an actual working technical professional found on the WEB and modified to protect the privacy of these professionals. Human names, company names, colleges, software product names are intentionally made up.


Rashmi Rao


I have more than 6 years experience in design, development, testing and implementation of software. I have experience in Delphi, C, C++, and Database modeling on Windows- 95, Windows- NT. My area of expertise is in application development using Delphi, C++, OOP, OOAD, ActiveX, COM, DCOM, Ole automation, Midas Three tier architecture , ODBC, Oracle, and Paradox. I have extensive experience on component development from scrap on Delphi. I have good exposure to plan and execute all phases of software development life cycle. I have managed and supervised Delphi/C++ programmers and developed custom software solutions in several problem domains in a team environment.


Phoenix Best Solutions / Swiss life Rentenanstalt / Axiomtec PGS is a branch office of Phoenix Home life Mutual Insurance leader in insurance and finance, a fortune 500 company, am working from Oct 2001 in Swiss life Rentenanstalt Zurich, Switzerland . Presently working in Bangalore.

INFOTECH is the leading software firm in the field of Management, Resource planning in France. The software develops in English and translated in French, German. I was working as project leader, job responsibilities includes development and maintenance of Delphi components / library and reusable codes. I was responsible for implementing ISO 9001 standards/Procedures. I worked in Infotech for one year eleven months.

Engineers Consulting, Corp. New Delhi . ECC is a leading Multinational company in software development with headquarters in US and subsidiaries in India and US. The corporation has pioneered its software development in India since it appended its branch in 1993. I worked in ECC for Two years Seven months April 97 to Oct 99 .

I worked in Computer Science and Technology CST department IIT Bombay as a software engineer. I worked on ADA project handled by Head of the department CST IITB. I worked for Nine months on this project.

I have 18 years study in India, It includes 4-years B.Tech degree IIT Bombay and 2-years Master of engineering degree IIT-R .


URDT 2000 Development & Maintenance
Nov 2001 July 2002

Location: Zurich – Switzerland
Role: Design and Implementation

Project Description:

The product is used by Swiss life for life insurance procedure automation. The product is on BULL machine having configuration DPS9000/GCOS8 that is used for transaction processing TP8 . The front end is Delphi and backend is oracle.

The product is redesigned using with intermediate machine in the form of a HP-UX box running Tuxedo Services. End-user will be interacting with HP-UX machine using Delphi front end. HP-UX have standard set of APIs to communicate with BULL Machine


I am responsible for maintaining front end. The front end is designed using Midas component interacts with Tuxedo services to bring data and works as memory data set. I am responsible for maintaining Delphi components for better user interface. I am responsible for developing Delphi component for consistency of UI and reusability. Working on linking Delphi component with tuxedo services.

As a lead windows developer in a small team I managed Delphi programmers and was involved in all aspects of a product development. Including initial design, implementation, documentation, production, managing QA and delegating tasks within a team environment.


  • Operating System Windows NT
  • Software Delphi 6.0, Oracle- 8
  • Team Size 12

LIBTOOLS Development
Jan 2001 Sept 2001

Location: France Strasbourg , Pune
Role: Analysis, Design and Implementation

Project Description:

This application is for library s records maintenance. The application maintains records of issue status, availability of CD, Books and periodicals. The system provides various facilities to the librarian as well as the users.

This project is designed using three-tier architecture and ActiveX. This software is composed of two parts LibtoolsClient and LibtoolsServer. LibtoolsServer interact with Oracle. LibtoolsClient is ported to OCX and it can be opened on Internet explorer. Client application interact with Personal web server and Personal web server interact with DComServer thus client can run software using Internet explorer.


I have designed database, three tier architecture using Midas. I have designed the client and server part of this application. I was responsible for designing Incotec Delphi library for server and client side. I was responsible for porting this application to Internet using ActiveX Forms. I have design complete scheme for transactions management for multi-user. Exporting data to Excel through Ole automation is also provided. Quick report is used for producing reports.


  • Operating System Windows NT/98/95
  • Software Delphi 5.0, Oracle-8, Midas components
  • Team Size 4

Dynamic Translation Delphi Component Development
April 2000-Dec 2000

Location: Pune, India
Role:Analysis, Implementation

Project Description:

Infotech Software are developed in English and translated in various European languages. There was a need to develop a component, which can translate software in various languages. Incotrans is the component, which interacts with Delphi resources and translate them at run time. This component interacts with Dictionary stored in database and translates all Delphi resources. Dictionary is accessible to client so that client can customize text.


I have design this component from scrap. I was responsible for design, testing and implementation for the component. I was responsible for Developing supporting tools such as Dictionary Development from existing Delphi software, Modification of existing software to make compatible for Dynamic Translation.

I have design a separate application for modification of existing code PAS and DFM files to make compatible with Dynamic Translation.


  • Operating System Windows NT/98/95
  • Software Delphi 5.0,Oracle-8
  • Team Size 6

Short Cut Key Assignment Component Development
Dec 99-March 2000

Location: Pune, India
Role: Analysis, Implementation

Project Description:

Labels and Menu item s captions are changed often by programmer or translator or by the client through customizer facility. When the caption is changed it s shortcut key assigned at design time is erased. This non-visual component applies short cut keys on desired component at run time. This component can be placed on form template and it take care of all forms derived from that template.


I have design a complete scheme for this component. I was responsible for design, testing and implementation for the component. In this component all required components are collected and a tree of components is designed where Nodes of tree are defined as a container of component such as Tab pages etc. All the branches of tree are identified and a unique shortcut is assigned for each component of one branch.


  • Operating System Windows NT/98/95
  • Software Delphi 5.0,Oracle
  • Team Size 1

April 99 Oct 99

Location: New Delhi, India
Role:Analysis, Design and Coding

Project Description:

This is a package for analysis and designing of Building for wind load. This program is developed to design the residential buildings of Arizona and adjoining areas. This program offers three dimensional view capabilities. Calculations are based on Uniform Building Code UBC . Input, to define the geometry of the residential buildings inputs are fed through mouse.


As a team leader I was responsible for designing, testing and implementation of program. A complete method, Interface was designed to take three-dimensional input. User interacts/navigates input through mouse, This is done through interacting with one Delphi component GraphicsInput design by me. This component was developed using windows SDK and Delphi routines. I was also responsible for Scheduling of the project.


  • Operating System Windows NT/95
  • Software Delphi 3.0,C++,Oracle, Paradox
  • Team Size 3

Sept 98 March 99

Location: New Delhi , India
Role:Analysis, Design and Coding

Project Description:

A package to decide the best suitable layout for a precast parking garage based on the standard parking models prevalent in US. This package does automation of analysis and design process. This package uses OLE automation. This package gives output on Microsoft word and AutoCAD. This package confirms to the National Parking Association NPA and Precast Concrete Institute Chicago standards.


As a team leader I was responsible for designing, testing and implementation of all modules. I was responsible for scheduling of the projects and coordination with team members.
As a team member I had developed Coding for function design of perking garages. I had converted C++ library function Uses Windows SDK into Delphi library functions. I had incorporated OLE automation in this project.


  • Operating System Windows NT/98/95
  • Software Delphi 3.0, C++, Paradox, Ole Automation
  • Team Size 4

RWALL Development & Maintenance
April 98-Sept 98

Location: New Delhi , India
Role: Analysis, Design and Coding and testing

Project Description:

Package for analysis and design of various retaining walls. RWALL is developed as the base for the complete automation package of retaining walls design in US. The package gives output in word format and AutoCAD DXF format. This package is used by many builders /consultant in US.


As a team leader I am responsible for designing, testing and implementation of all the modules. I was responsible for the scheduling of the projects, coordination with team members.
As a team member my responsibility was development and testing of Forms. I was responsible for writing code in C++ , making dll and linking with Delphi. I had developed a Delphi component through which user can modify shape by dragging lines/shape on screen.


  • Operating System Windows NT/98/95
  • Software Delphi 3.0, Paradox, C++
  • Team Size 3

FRAM PRO Development & Maintenance
Aug 97 – April 98

Location: New Delhi, India
Role: coding and testing

Project Description:

An application for analysis and design of various framing elements of a residential building. The application supports the lumber database and graphical input of structural data. Matrix analysis is used to analyze these elements. This package was the part of National Association for Home Builder trade show in US.


As a Team leader I was responsible for establishing Delphi platform in our company. I was responsible for deciding a common GUI for software, Linking with C++ library and database designing. I was responsible for scheduling of project.
As a team member I had converted C library functions into windows-95environment using Windows-95 SDK. I had developed a non-visual Delphi component for client database support.


  • Operating System Windows NT/98/95
  • Software Delphi 3.0, Paradox, C++
  • Team Size 3

ROOF TRUSS Development & Maintenance
April 97 Aug 97

Location: New Delhi , India
Role: Coding, testing

Project Description:

An application for analysis and design of various elements of a roof truss. The Application incorporates database extensively. Matrix analysis is used in this package. This package takes input of geometry and stores in database. This program has special facility for geometry input automation. Any shape can be stored in database and it can be fetch later for incorporation.


As a team member I was responsible for coding and testing of forms. I was responsible for deciding scheme for input and output automation. Writing functions for storing input to database. Writing methods for analysis and user validation using database.I had developed printer support for graphics in this package.


  • Operating System Windows NT/98/95
  • Software Delphi 2.0, Paradox
  • Team Size 2

ABCD Aeronautical Simulation and Maintenance System
Aug 93 to June 94

Location: IIT Bombay Computer Science and technology department
Role: Coding, testing

Project Description:

This project was concerned with the design and development of a package to teach a person about the working of fighter plane under different conditions. It is difficult to educate a person by demonstrating each and every part of plane and then arising different condition to show it s working. The software gives the virtual appearance of it s functioning. A teacher can feed , modify and demonstrate lessons of various arts.


As a team member I was responsible for coding and testing of User interface. I was responsible for testing of database designing.


  • Operating System UNIX
  • Software C
  • Team Size 10


M. E. Civil 1997 from university of Roorkee, Roorkee India . Scored 81.5 highest in Geotechnical Engg.
B. Tech. Civil 1993 from IIT Bombay


ME Thesis: developed a package in C++ on Dos. A complete scheme for graphics user interface was developed. The package was developed in 8 months Aug 1996- March 1997 .

B.Tech Thesis: developed to analyze three dimensional frame. Matrix method was incorporated. This package was developed in 2 months Dec 1992-March 1993 .

Software Secretary 1992-93 of my hostel in IIT Bombay and I was involved in maintenance of software library.


  • Operating Systems: Windows, MS DOS and Unix.
  • Programming Languages: C/C++, Object-Pascal Delphi , FORTRAN77, SQL.
  • Tools / Libraries: Delphi 2,3,5,6; BC++, Active X, COM, DCOM, Ole Automation.
  • RDBMS/DBMS Oracle, Paradox, Sybase.
  • Others: Help Workshop, Install-Shield And Visual Source Cafe
  • Expertise: OOP, OOD, GUI, Delphi/C++ interface.