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Resume 1

Samples represent that of an actual working technical professional found on the WEB and modified to protect the privacy of these professionals. Human names, company names, colleges, software product names are intentionally made up.


Martha McDonald

Des Flaines, IL



Provide systems consulting services including project planning and management, systems analysis and design including requirements definition, user support activities, testing and documentation. Areas of expertise include global telecommunications network billing and auditing systems, financial and human resource systems, and other airline systems on mainframe and workstation platforms.

Primary customer has been a major airline headquartered near O Hare Airport. As an expert in global telecommunications billing and distribution systems, completed development of new billing distribution system using Microsoft Access 97, reducing invoice processing time from 21 to 3 days. Project activities included project planning and tracking, systems design, development, testing and documentation. Trained airline IT/Finance personnel in business knowledge, system use and maintenance. Upon completion of system development, provided assistance with monthly processing.

ORLANDO INTERNATIONAL including Apollo Travel Services, Roseville, IL

Project Manager-United Airlines/SITA: 01/99-09/99

Managed transition of processing and distribution of monthly Soci t Internationale de T l communications A ronautiques “SITA” telecommunications invoice to United Airlines/Information Systems Division “UA/ISD” personnel. Responsibilities included invoice processing, personnel training, interface with United Airlines, SITA, and Galileo for migration activities. Responsible for project management, design and development of conversion of existing SITA Billing Distribution System from dBase V to Access 97.

Senior Development Specialist: 07/98-02/99

Completed monthly production, ad hoc programming, reporting and analysis supporting subscriber marketing and finance. Provided mainframe and personal computer programming support necessary to accomplish development projects. Identified and implemented schedule and processing improvements to significantly reduce time to complete assigned work.

Manager, Telecom Auditing and Distribution: 03/97-12/97

Managed staff of analysts responsible for processing all telecommunications invoices for United Airlines and Apollo Travel Services UA subsidiary purchased by Galileo International 07/97 . Handled over 2500 invoices per month and multi-million+ dollars annually in purchased telecom and related equipment maintenance services for U.S. and international voice, data, private line and switched services, frame relay, X.25 and videoconferencing. Identified and recovered several million dollars in vendor billing errors. Implemented improvements in efficiency of invoice processing and provided better management forecasting reports for telecom expenditures.

SITA Administrator/Senior Technical Analyst: 11/92-06/98

Responsible for processing, distribution and auditing of monthly international telecommunications invoice totaling several million dollars annually. Reengineered invoice processing resulting in the identification of overcharges and greatly improved service to users. Refunds received during 1994-1997 of over 2 million. Significantly Improved management reporting of network costs for UA, ATS and GI. Award winner for past three years.

Team Leader: 01/91-10/92

Responsible for two teams: First team of data processing professionals supported HR and Finance departments including maintenance and enhancements to Dun & Bradstreet Software s HR:M, AR:M, AP/PO:M, GL:M and other internally developed mainframe and PC systems. Second team developed invoice management system using HURON Amdahl . Project planning and organization; day-to-day team direction; user management liaison; high-level and detailed systems design; and requirement definition. Manager s alternate.

HR/Payroll Team Leader: 12/89-12/90

Implementation of Dun & Bradstreet Software s HR:M payroll/personnel system. As project manager, established and maintained all project plans; served as primary contact with outside vendors/consulting firms; and led team of analysts/consultants. Handled all personnel issues; worked with clients in HR and accounting/payroll to identify project-related goals; participated in long range systems planning activities. System successfully cutover on schedule.

Project Leader: 01/88-01/89

Responsible for all employee-related systems production support including maintenance and new development of PC and mainframe systems. Managed team on multiple projects including liaison with internal users and outside vendors. Participated in design of new Payroll/HR system.


Senior Systems Analyst

Principal user contact for analysis, design and development of new airline pilot training scheduling and records systems using IDMS/ADS/O, COBOL, FOCUS and CULPRIT. Acquired in-depth knowledge of pilot training procedures, scheduling methods and maintenance of training records. Planned and directed all user activities including testing and training. Team leader for development of international cash disbursements system using ORACLE for overseas UA offices. Conducted analysis, design and testing activities for payroll and marketing fares pricing systems; developed two payroll applications.


DE PAUL UNIVERSITY, BA/Business Administration. Emphasis on Data Processing and Accounting. “A” average.


  • Excellent organization skills
  • Skilled at team building and development
  • Successfully manages multiple projects simultaneously
  • Knowledgeable in project management and planning for complete project lifecycle
  • Extensive use of structured techniques for analysis and design
  • Experienced in system testing, conversion, implementation and quality assurance
  • Designed several large, complex mainframe systems using COBOL, CICS, VSAM, IDMS/ADS/O
  • Developed and implemented numerous PC-based systems using various PC languages: Microsoft Access 97, dBase V for DOS, dBase III+, LOTUS 1-2-3, DATAEASE
  • Experienced with TSO/ISPF, PANVALET, and FOCUS in large scale multiple IBM CPU environments as well as other PC software including WIN/95, WIN/98, Excel, Word, etc.

Resume 2

Samples represent that of an actual working technical professional found on the WEB and modified to protect the privacy of these professionals. Human names, company names, colleges, software product names are intentionally made up.


Clark Lennon

Oaktown, Virginia


Systems Analyst or Requirements Analyst

  • Managed up to 6 staff and mentored technical teams in a cooperative unified spirit.
  • Excellent analytical skills coupled with excellent oral, written, and presentation skills.
  • Elicited Requirements, designed, and developed profitable advanced information systems.
  • Developed customer relations and expanded new business while maintaining repeat business.
  • Problem solving certified at the top 3 of college graduates applying to US graduate schools.

I have demonstrated the creative, technical, management, leadership, and interpersonal skills required to design and develop advanced information systems. Experienced in every phase of the system development life-cycle, I have utilized over eighty system development tools on more than two dozen hardware platforms.


Quality Systems Center
7/1987 to Present

Project Manager – Senior Systems Architect

For the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan, conducted a User Needs Assessment and designed four alternative MIS architectures to satisfy the needs of 8600 employees.The MISs focus on Decision Makers and their collaborative information needs. Migration plans to tightly coupled Client-Server configurations were proposed and accepted.

Assisted in the requirements analysis, alternative architecture design analysis, cost/benefit analysis, and lifecycle cost estimate for the FAA s real-time 20 megabyte per day National Operational Data Archive NODA . For SAIC and the FAA, built a working prototype Environmental Impact Noise Model that streamlines noise levels calculations.

For the US Army, developed “best effective use” options for the base closure of Jefferson Proving Ground. The Project focused on community economic and social needs and for the safe but cost effective remediation required. Assisted in a DOD MAISRC cost analysis 700 million for the Army Corps of Engineers. Major contribution to the Feasibility and Cost Analysis for DOD s consolidation of the PX/BX/MX Information Systems into a single MIS.

Managed a six person team that converted SECRET Trident missile launch and flight testing software for the US Navy and John s Hopkins Applied Physics Lab. Evaluated CASE tools and Rapid Prototyping formal software development methodologies. Repaired and greatly enhanced a Capacity Planning model. Converted, maintained, extended, and optimized up to1200 the Naval Officer Personnel System tracking the Navy s 75,000 officers.

Extensively researched and developed a 120-module APL code and data object reuse database system for the US Postal Service. This system permitted the retrieval and erasure of large APL workspace objects in order to remain within the 640KB memory limitations of the 80286 computers. The system centrally organizes code and data objects developed over many years by many users. The system also acts as a “chain of custody” tool to revisit and explain past decisions. Developed additional software tools to populate the object repository.

New Professional Software
3/1982 to 6/1987

Senior Systems Analyst – New Business Developer Developed marketing leads, wrote winning proposals, and developed schedules and budgets. Integrated PC based business systems and also 25 to 50 million dollars federal government COTS hardware, software, and service procurements. Developed IBM PC utilities in Assembler and C using hardware BIOS interrupts. Optimized IBM PCs inexpensively. Researched, developed, and tested a Stock Market Technical Analysis Trading System.

Converted and documented a SECRET 75 module Assembler and FORTRAN Army chemical wargame model. Prototyped a Submarine Overhaul Scheduling System to reduce maintenance while increasing fleet availability.

For a proposed Information Utility, performed marketing studies, collected financial data, and then conducted Break Even Analysis, Return On Investment, Forecasted Revenues and Operating Expenses, and other studies for financial planning. Later analyzed the thinking styles of probable system users to developed rapid prototypes of user interfaces for Stock Market forecasting and statistical data dissemination Information Utilities.

Identified user s needs and financial constraints and then developed an appropriate Project Tracking System for the US Synthetic Fuels Corporation to oversee their management of five billion dollars in corporate loan guarantees. Was competitively awarded a contract to deliver the corporation s accounting system and staff training.

SoftCrown, Inc.9/1980 – 2/1982
Applications Consultant

Conducted an extensive User Needs Assessment to develop Financial-Actuarial Supplemental Security Income SSI model used quarterly in Congressional testimony by the Social Security Administration. Provided expert technical assistance to clients in their efforts to solve problems involving general algorithmic development, APL, BASIC, COBOL, FORTRAN, PL/I, SPSS, SAS, IBM Utilities, TSO, WYLBUR, VSAM, and SYSTEM 2000.

Industrial Energy and Environmental Analysis
1/1980 – 9/1980

Senior Systems Analyst

Forecast US energy consumption with the Industrial Sector Technology Use Model 30 engineering technologies using 10 fuels . Repaired and enhanced the 400 APL module system and created its documentation. Executed the model and presented interpretive policy reports to the Department of Energy. Modified the payroll system.

Independent Statistical Analyst Consultant

Provided SAS, SPSS, and BMD statistical analysis services to University of Maryland professors and Ph.D. candidates. Designed and programmed real-time systems in FORTRAN II and Assembler on a DEC PDP-8L to control and statistically analyze multiple experiments. Organized and analyzed electric and gas consumption, weather, and sociological data for a price-elasticity study for the New York State Rate Commission. Organized and statistically analyzed hospital emergency room personal injury data for the Consumer Product Safety Commission.

University of Maryland

Programmer Analyst II

Conducted User Needs Assessments and developed codebooks and coding forms. Graphically summarized the environmental and biological data. Developed an E-MAIL system. Designed and developed database and statistical application software for research and academic programs. Designed and developed a system to conduct the statistical analysis of US Census household data. Debugged and documented PAX, an image processing package.


MS, Information Systems, George Mason University, 1990
BS, 36 semester credit concentrations in Computer Science, Chemistry, Psychology, and History University of the State of New York, 1980
Certified Quality Analyst, Quality Assurance Institute, Jacksonville, Florida, 1990
Certified in Hazardous Materials Incident Response Operations, US EPA, 1992

Graduate school and current study of the Unified Modeling Language UML with Rational Rose.
Extensive Work Samples provided upon request.

Resume 3

Samples represent that of an actual working technical professional found on the WEB and modified to protect the privacy of these professionals. Human names, company names, colleges, software product names are intentionally made up.


Deborah Emerson

Greetings and Good Day,

I am a seasoned professional looking for challenging opportunities in the Information Technology arena. I have excellent analytical and problem resolution skills, superior team building and motivational skills. I subscribe and review most industry standards publications. I have the outstanding ability to predict or foresee potential problems and avenues for new business opportunities. I also have the ability to bring proven strategies to the table – yet am flexible enough to recognize viable alternatives available for business practices required in successful process implementation and deployment activities.

I have over 15 years of experience in the Information Technology Industry. I have worked as a Sr. Analyst, Project Leader, Technical Project Manager, Business Analyst, Systems Engineer, Computer Specialist, Systems Analyst, and Applications Analyst for the major Automotive, Utility, Health care, Communication and Federal Government agencies/industries.

I have written to various documentation standards to include Federal Government, Utilities, Banking and manufacturing. I have prepared Cost Benefit Analysis, Mission Needs Statements, Feasibility Studies, Functional Requirements documents, and SDLC documentation. I have also created derivatives of these documents to satisfy individual contract needs.

I have worked and managed a number of contracts in both the Federal Government and private sector environments. As an independent consultant, I have worked with a number of small companies and local governments to produce/enhance/define requirements for office automation and budgetary Accounting systems. In the federal sector, I have worked/managed several projects in the personnel/payroll automation and tracking systems.

I have extensive experience in full life-cycle development, user interface, and systems implementation. With few exceptions, I have assembled winning teams, of varied skills to ensure total systems development, acceptance and deployment in the user community. I also maintain a familiarity with several automated PM tools.

Always looking for new opportunities to help build and/or support mission objectives.

Willing to relocate, able to travel up to 75 .

Respectfully Yours,
Deborah Emerson

Employment History:

DigitalWare Corporation, Cedar Hills, MI
August 1998 to Present

Industry: Automotive
Position: Business/Systems Analyst
Environment: IBM, DB2, Oracle, Windows 98
Tools: MS Word, MS PowerPoint, MS Excel, MS Project, FrontPage, MS Outlook

Designed and developed basic web pages for internal documentation support, which were linked by keyword to standard AMC document templates. Designed a new template specifically for Regression Testing event captures. Worked with Customer and PTG to review production problems with current GDS system. Developed an Application Improvement Testing Approach diagram to support maintenance issues. Developed a Testing Strategies process flow diagram to facilitate quality issues within maintenance programming tasks. Represented team in 6-Sigma project to reduce software defects, SQA, and CMM project practices. Represented team in 6-Sigma project to reduce software defects, SQA, and CMM project practices. Created and presented PowerPoint presentations to team members to instruct them how to complete the required documentation templates.

Industry: Automotive
Position: Project Leader/Systems Analyst
Environment: IBM
Tools: MS Word, MS PowerPoint, MS Excel, MS Project, FrontPage, MS Outlook

Identified the current state baseline vehicle recall procedures for North American, European, Asia-Pacific New Markets and Ford Affiliate markets. Developed support diagrams and documentation to support the new development. Assisted in the execution of JAD/RAPID sessions to bring together the Ford Affiliate members from the UK, Japan, Australia, Mexico and Venezuela to identify recall issues and concerns requiring resolution for an automated, globalized, Vehicle Recall Systems.

DBS Corporation, Chicago, IL
April 1997 to July 1998

Industry: Utility – DTE
Position: Project Leader
Environment: IBM, PC
Tools: MS Word, MS PowerPoint, MS Excel

Assigned to the ISO Year 2000 project. Developed and prepared Y2K Project Guidelines. Assessed and selected Tools to support conversion efforts, and established training procedures for the use of the selected tools. Developed documentation templates used to obtain certification for the testing requirements. Created a testing requirement diagram which, showed the type of testing end-to-end, regression, unit, system, application, etc. required at each phase of the Y2K transition project. DTE Project Manager said that no one had ever taken the time to produce this type of process flow diagram. The document was widely circulated among the project team members. Reviewed hardware and software platform structures, identified mission criticality, determined feasibility of conducting in-house remediation vs. off-shore factory selection for the code change requirements. Developed requirements for code change standards.

Industry: Banking
Position: Project Leader
Environment: IBM, PC
Tools: MS Word, MS PowerPoint, MS Excel

Assigned to the Process and Tools group. Responsible for researching the YR 2000 tools needed to convert legacy systems to satisfy corporate mandates. Prepared and presented PowerPoint classroom materials for the use of selected tools and assisted in the definition and instruction of conversion standards.

Computer Empire, Columbia, SC
October 1996 to March 1997

Industry: Healthcare
Position: Project Leader – multitasked
Environment: IBM, DB2, IMS, CICS
Tools: MS Office, MS PowerPoint

Functioned as a multitasked Project Leader. Prepared a of the Scope of Work which identified the Corporate I/S required systems to support BCBSUW. Prepared the design document for system enhancements. Prepared and presented those requirements using PowerPoint slides, to BCBSUW and BCBSSC during JAD sessions. Attended requirements gathering work sessions used to identify technical support services for the BCBSUW contract. Prepared materials for a Federal Government related contract with TRIWEST health services.

Mextron, Chantilly, VA
December 1995 to September 1996

Industry: Communication
Position: Sr. Systems Analyst
Environment: IBM, AT&T
Tools: MS Office

Performed systems analysis and testing for the Financial Information Systems component of the small and middle markets family of services. Responsibilities included the monitoring system testing, creating test data, providing guidance to junior team members, and conducting interviews with customers and UTA groups for testing requirements and expected results. Attended staff meetings and occasional site visits to determine system functional requirements.

RTSI, Alexandria, VA
September 1993 to November 1995

Industry: Federal Government
Position: Sr. Systems Analyst
Environment: IBM, DATACOM DB, IDMS
Tools: ISPF, Corel Draw, Micrografx Designer, MS PowerPoint, Word Perfect

Performed database design, systems maintenance, proposal writing and presentation graphics. Prepared Functional Requirements Documents to redesign two IDMS legacy systems into a DATACOM DB environment. Provided technical support for systems enhancements and data validation procedures for the legacy systems.

Johnson Associates, McLean, VA
January 1992 to August 1993

Industry: Federal Government
Position: Sr. Technical Project Manager – multitasked
Tools: Word Perfect

Functioned as a multitasked Project Manager at the US Customs Service. Responsible for day-to-day contract monitoring, personnel reviews, hiring, and terminations. Prepared a Functional Design Document for programming the Asset Information Management System AIMS Security Module. Responsible for problem resolution with sub-contractor personnel, daily interfacing with USCS Program Managers and weekly or as-required meetings with the USCS Director of the Office of Management Systems. Managed a contract staffing group of 40-45 professional analysts, programmer and documentation specialists. Provided the Project Management interfaces for five sub-contracting companies.

RTSI, Alexandria, VA
May 1991 to December 1991

Industry: Federal Government
Position: Sr. Systems Analyst
Tools: ISPF, MS PowerPoint, Word Perfect, Timeline Project Manager

Assisted in the troubleshooting and correction of several COBOL, JCL and production control problems. Successfully corrected, enhanced and streamlined these procedures which resulted in the turning around of this troubled project. Remained on-call to assist in technical problems and questions for current production systems and system design considerations.

Dallas Engineering, Bethesda, MD
September 1990 to April 1991

Industry: Federal Government
Position: Systems Engineer/Project Leader
Environment: PC
Tools: Word Perfect

Functioned as a project leader for the Objective Logistic System OLS library development system. Worked to develop a System Requirement Specifications document to automate the library system until contract was canceled due to protest.

Malden Engineering, Greenville, MD
December 1987 to August 1990

Industry: Federal Government
Position: Project Manager – multitasked
Environment: IBM, Sperry/Univac
Tools: Multimate Word Processor, Timeline Project Manager

Functioned as a multitask Project Manager on the Army National Guard Project. Successfully turned around a failing project, which had received a stop work order prior to her assuming control. Within six months of concentrated effort, the project was turned around. Submitted an approved work proposal for an additional 1.5 million dollars in software development T&M . Identified and enforced software development and modification standards. Established guidelines to consolidate production control libraries. Created tighter controls for moving programs into and out of this library. Implemented quality control procedures for systems testing and acceptance. Improved morale and working relationships between project team members. Established a workable delivery schedules and ensured that deadlines were met. Regained customer confidence in project staff. Tripled the technical support staffing level.

Resume 4

Samples represent that of an actual working technical professional found on the WEB and modified to protect the privacy of these professionals. Human names, company names, colleges, software product names are intentionally made up.


Jay Ramon

Applewood Park, NY


Innovative IS/IT professional with important record of accomplishments. Possessing strong analytical and reasoning skills. Able to solve problems in tight deadline environments.


  • Developed pension management systems for use by 225,000 plan participants.
  • Migrated pension and money management systems from standalone to client server systems.
  • Founded and managed Soft-Binary Systems Corp., a systems integrator and software developer
  • Founded and managed MBS Power Systems Corp., building UPS systems for industrial and IT users.
  • Expanded annual sales of MBS Power/Soft-Binary Systems from 28k 1984 to 2.4M 1994 .
  • Sold 750,000 UPS products to Merck for LAN infrastructure project, saving client 1.25M.
  • Uncovered flaws in competitors products resulting in 2.14M hardware and service sale to NYNEX.
  • Developed IT outsourcing services for American Express for > 1M in services and hardware sales.
  • Designed solution for COMEX to protect exchange floor based systems. Sales > 500k.
  • Designed and built IS system to administer rental properties for Catholic Charities, linking 17 sites.
  • Developed IT services and software for the magazine publishing industry. Sales > 1M.


2000 – 2001


  • Provided system development and support services for two client engagements.
  • Managed five development teams, 25 developers amongst the Sybase/Powerbuilder, Java, TALX, calc and print teams . Liaised with one QA team, four business admin teams, one DBA team, and two engagement partners.
  • Developed and coordinated testing plans with the business admin teams for IST.
  • Managed on-going processing procedures to fulfill client deliverables. Resolved problems from other team members.
  • Maintained documentation, processing notes and detailed functional specs for all interfaces and procedures.
  • Maintained on-going data operations for Sybase and DB2 ES9000 databases.
  • Completed special projects, adhoc data loads, extracts and queries.

1995 – 2000


  • Performed trading floor end-user support. Troubleshot and resolved market data service problems. Liaised between traders and external vendors to satisfy technology requests and resolve issues.
  • Identified IT solutions for business needs. Researched and evaluated new technology products by testing prototypes to ensure they meet end user needs and functional requirements.
  • Troubleshot and resolved equipment failures, desktop software problems, and network outages.
  • Suggested and implemented migration of market data services from leased lines to IP, reducing costs by 48k/year.
  • Suggested converting fund accounting system from Cobol on DG minicomputer to NetWare LAN resulting in hardware lease savings of 22k/year.
  • Maintained market data, hardware, software, Telco circuit, and inventory.

1984 – 1995


  • Recruited, trained and supervised staff of six.
  • Designed, built and administered LAN/WAN implementations for diverse clientele including Ziff-Davis, Conde Nast, Family Media, Catholic Charities, American Express, First Data Corp, Novo-Nordisk, and Phillips Janson P.A.
  • Developed turnkey database and spreadsheet systems using FoxBASE for diverse clientele including Changing Homes Publishing, Family Media, BarLor Cosmetics, ToyMax, and Award Packaging.
  • Provided pre-sales engineering and technical support at customer sites. Coordinated services with client s staff to ensure successful project completion.
  • Designed and implemented customized power protection solution for COMEX. Sales > 500k.
  • Awarded 2.14M subcontract from NYNEX for 268 site power protection solution.

1983 – 1984


  • Developed financial module enhancements in RPG2 running on IBM S34.
  • Supported four client firms, including management, end users, hardware and OS.


  • Market Data Bloomberg, Instinet, AT Financial, S&P Comstock, TIBCO, First Call

  • QA UAT, Regression Testing, Test Data Creation, IST
    Methodologies Full Lifecycle
    Documentation BRD, scope of work, business case, users guide

  • Languages C, Transact/SQL, Cobol, xBase
    Databases Sybase ASE V11.x, 12, Sybase Replication Agents, Embarcadero RapidSQL, bcp

  • Win Apps MS Office 2000, Visio, Acrobat
    Linux Apps OpenOffice 1.0, gnucash, gnumeric, Opera 6.02, RPM, Nautilus, Shell Scripts
    Utilities WinSCP, Ghost, WinZIP, Norton

  • DataComm SecureCRT 3.4, Opera 6.04, Hummingbird FTP/telnet, PCAnywhere
    Networking Mixed environments consisting of NetWare, NT, UNIX/LINUX and SNA
    OS HPUX, Linux , Windows NT/2000, NetWare 3.x

  • Servers HP and Compaq NetServers
    LAN HP & 3Com switches, Cisco 16xx,25xx Routers, LinkSys 802.11b Routers
    Data Storage SAN, RAID, JBOD, DAT, DLT, Ultrium, AVX, SCSI, ATA/IDE


Bachelor of Science Computer Science Union College, Schenectady, NY
Minor in Mathematics

Resume 5

Samples represent that of an actual working technical professional found on the WEB and modified to protect the privacy of these professionals. Human names, company names, colleges, software product names are intentionally made up.


Mark Cribble

Long Island City, NY


A results-driven systems analyst/developer with extensive experience in application development and IT system integration in an automated manufacturing environment. Familiarity with business processes and proven abilities in negotiating with third-party vendors/contractors, coordinating diverse team members, and servicing internal customers.


  • Extensive experience in project initiation, conceptual design, requirements definition, database design/modeling, system/programming specifications and documentation, quality assurance/system testing, and implementation;
  • Extensive experience in shop floor data collection systems involving applications of barcode technology;
  • Theoretical and applied knowledge of ERP/MRP II/DRP Systems key involvement in the implementation of JD Edwards ERP, AMAPS MRP II, and Distribution Resource Planning Systems .


Consultant to Several Small Businesses, Toronto, ON

System/Technical Consultant

  • LAN Hardware and Software Integration/Installation

    Provided complete local area network installation including sourcing and configuration of server/workstations, physical cabling, business accounting system conversion and implementation, and staff training.

  • Web Development and Data Base Applications

    Developed/maintained websites using HTML and developed a contact management/tracking database application under Microsoft Access managing 30,000-plus contact list.

  • Mainframe COBOL Program Development

    Provided COBOL program development/maintenance for a tele-communications company under an IBM S/390 System, OS environment; proficient in JCL.

Lambert Canada Inc., Toronto, ON

Mfg. Systems Coordinator Adams Brands Mfg.

  • Project Leader/System Developer, Production Reporting System

    Provided the system design, programming, and implementation of a production reporting system that utilizes barcodes on shipping cases to automate the printing of pallet tickets, bill of lading, and daily finished goods production report, eliminating one shipping attendant per shift at the shipping dock operation.

  • System Developer, Master Scheduling/Capacity Planning System

    Provided the conceptual design, data mapping, and programming specifications for a LAN-based master scheduling and production capacity planning/simulation tool utilizing sales forecasts and production work orders extracted from the JD Edwards manufacturing module; system was written under PowerBuilder, database resided on a Microsoft SQL Server.

  • Project Leader, Central Printing System

    One of two principals in the design, system specifications, and implementation of a plant-wide LAN-based printing system that utilizes barcode technology to print the Lot Code and Expiry Date on finished goods product shipping cases.

  • System Developer, Shop Floor Data Collection Pilot Project

    Provided the conceptual design, database modeling, equipment selection, and programming specifications for a pilot data collection system utilizing shop floor data terminals barcode technology to capture production data and material component issues against manufacturing work orders.

  • Project Leader, Project Cost Tracking System

    Provided the requirements definition, system/database design, and programming specifications for a LAN-based project cost tracking system programmed using Microsoft Access achieving a one-year project payback.

  • Project Leader, Computerized Maintenance Management System

    Provided the implementation/system support to the plant maintenance crew in the inventory management/purchasing of over 10,000 repair parts and preventive maintenance programme.

  • Project Engineer, Building Security/Video Surveillance System

    Implemented a LAN-based building security system utilizing bar-coded badge card readers at entry/exit points and 16-camera video surveillance system.

  • Project Leader, Year 2000 Project

    Assessed all Y2K inventory items and performed location-wide certification of date-dependent manufacturing, Information Technology, Quality Assurance, and building facilities equipment and components.

  • Location IT and LAN Administrator

    Managed the group responsible for the hardware/software sourcing and maintenance of all LAN and computer equipment/peripherals and helpdesk support for a 100+ user-base Windows NT LAN installation.

  • MIS Project Leader, Corporate MRP II and DRP Implementation

    Prior to 1988, managed the group analysts and programmers responsible for the software installation and system integration of an MRP II Manufacturing Resource Planning and DRP Distribution Resource Planning systems.


Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering


Various JD Edwards Enterprise system modules; Oliver Wight 5-day MRP II Course; various Purchasing, Production, and Inventory Management training courses under CAPICS program .


  • PeopleSoft PeopleTools Vn 8.1 Course, PeopleSoft Singapore, April 2001
  • CISCO Network Associate Certification Course CCNA , September 2000
  • Java Programming Course Level I,Mark=A , Centennial College, August 2000
  • Visual Basic Programming Course Level I,Mark=A+ , Centennial College, May 2000
  • SQL/PowerBuilder Programming Course, Sybase Education Centre, May 1997


Windows NT and Novell LAN architecture/hardware components, IBM PC-compatible personal computers, peripherals, Ethernet and Token Ring LAN topologies. Familiarity with Cisco routers and Programmable Logic Controllers.


Windows NT and Novell Network Operating Systems, Databases MS SQL Server and Access , Windows 98/2000; Microsoft Project, Microsoft Office Suite Word, Excel, PowerPoint , and Microsoft Access; DOS, VISIO; Mainframe COBOL/JCL; familiarity with PowerBuilder, Visual Studio 6.0 and IIS Development Environment, Visual Basic/Java HTML scripting, Active Server Pages, and Java programming languages.

Resume 6

Samples represent that of an actual working technical professional found on the WEB and modified to protect the privacy of these professionals. Human names, company names, colleges, software product names are intentionally made up.


Fred Dorsey

Hampton, N.H.

Summary of Qualifications

IT Professional experienced in systems analysis, business process analysis, data modeling, database design, data architecture, Decision Support systems, project management, application development, and programming with various languages on multiple platforms. The scope of client data has spanned the worldwide financial, forecasting, and marketing world as well as the product engineering, customs, and chemical research areas.


Photo Techologies Corporation, Nashua, NH
1984 2001

Information Management Consultant 1997-2001

  • Accelerated development cycle by providing business process analysis and data modeling expertise to projects related to the Digital Media, U.S. Customs, Business Program Management and IT Portfolio areas. Coordination with business clients, DBA personnel, and WEB developers was required. The primary tool used for design exercises was PowerDesigner Data Architect.
  • Conceived, designed, and implemented Intranet WEB site that allowed clients to view data models, data dictionaries, glossaries, and other related documentation. HTML, CSS, and JavaScript were employed.
  • Facilitated and organized bi-weekly DBA discussion forum.
  • Project manager for undertaking that migrated 40 years of product engineering history to Intranet WEB application. Provided business requirements analysis, direction to WEB developers and DBA personnel, and facilitated client review sessions.
  • Development & technical manager for worldwide product sales and forecasting system. Provided business requirements analysis, database maintenance, UNIX, SQL, and SYBASE scripting as well as support for Computer Associate s Eureka Strategy decision support software and e-intelligence s Forecasting Suite software.

Senior Systems Analyst 1989-1997

  • Member of team charged with development of sophisticated worldwide forecasting system. Roles included the direction of contract programmers, business requirement analysis, writing of specification and process documents, design of operational procedures, application development using UNIX and SQL scripting, maintenance of decision support application, and SYBASE DBA tasks. In addition, acted as primary liaison between forecast analysts and IT.
  • Managed the IBM marketing systems that collected and reported E.D.I. point-of-sales and inventory data. This included close contact with national sales representatives, coordination with external technical groups, and supervision of contract programmer. Also developed FOCUS applications for this system.
  • Created business requirements analysis document for potential outsourcing of selected E.D.I. processes. Technical manager for legacy VAX based forecasting system FAME . Supervised contractor.
  • Member of ten person team involved with one year investigation of available executive Decision Support software. This endeavor was coupled with intense team building effort directed by human resource professional.

Programmer Analyst 1984-1989

  • Developed VM FOCUS system that provided marketing analysis with sophisticated on-line reporting of International sales and expense data early prototype of decision support system
  • Provided development and maintenance services for VM based International data sales, financial, forecasting collection system.
  • Provided development, maintenance, and hotline support services for PC FOCUS based International planning system.
  • Developed system to automatically transfer report data from VM platform to Lotus spreadsheets. Used IRAMLAN and ACCESS/RT scripting.

Technical Knowledge





Professional Courses

2001 – WEB Development Microsoft InterDev 6.0
2001 – Object Oriented Analysis
2000 – Physical Database Design
2000 – Conceptual Database Design
1998 – Fast Track to Java
1998 – Project Management
1997 – SQL Server Administration Sybase
1996 – C Programming Lowell Institute MIT
1996 – UNIX System Basics
1996 – Fast Track to SQL
1996 – SQR Programming
1996 Introduction to Data Modeling


  • Daniel Webster EXCEL Program B.S. in Management of Information Technology, 2003
  • Northeastern University Business and Technical Courses
  • Rhode Island School of Design Graphic Arts, Photography, and Film
  • University of New Hampshire Liberal Arts

Resume 7

Samples represent that of an actual working technical professional found on the WEB and modified to protect the privacy of these professionals. Human names, company names, colleges, software product names are intentionally made up.


Astansir Sawala


H1B Visa Holder


  • Systems Analyst, Project Leader, Web Developer, Application Developer, Lead Oracle DBA.
  • 13 years of progressive experience in all phases of application development life cycle.
  • Proven analytical, Designing, Development, trouble shooting and managerial skills in development/Production environments.
  • Expert in ORACLE DBMS, Web Technologies, C, and COBOL.
  • 9 years Application Development experience using ORACLE
  • 6 years Project Leader experience 12 Programmers, various Projects.
  • 2 years Oracle Database Administration
  • 2 years in Web Development


  • Platforms : NCR 3450 with 2 * RAID class 6298, 6257.

  • Database : Oracle 8.x, Oracle 7.x

  • OS : UNIX, Windows 2000, Windows NT 4.0, Novell

  • Development Tools : Designer 2000, ERWIN 2.6, Developer 2000, SqlForms 3.0, Report Writer 1.1, SqlPlus, Pro-C, SQLDBA, Server manager.

  • Web Tools : Java Script, VB Script, XML, JSP, Servlet, JAVA, JDBC, SQLJ, Dreamweaver, ColdFusion.

  • Networking : Install & Configure Networking & Communication Equipments and Protocols like TCP/IP, IPX, DNS, WINS, DHCP, etc.

Academic Education

Diploma in Financial Management, 1989, 61
Bachelor of Commerce, 1988, 64

Professional Education

Oracle Certified Professional Oracle 8i DBA Track , 2002, 80
Oracle Certified Professional Oracle 8 DBA Track , 2001, 94
E-Commerce, 2000, 80
Programming in JAVA, 2000
Programming in COBOL & DBMS, 1989, 90


04/2002 – Till Date
Seagal Consultants Inc., Washington, DC


  • Analyze, Design and Development of Web Applicationfor Online Media Sales using tools/technologies like Dreamweaver, ColdFusion, JSP, Servlet
  • Setting Up Web Development Environment

OS – Windows 2000 Professional
Web Server – Microsoft IIS
Application Server – Apache Tomcat
Database – Oracle
Development Tools – Dreamweaver, ColdFusion

03/1993 – 03/2002
Yousuf LLC, Dubai, United Arab Emirates MIS Dept

Developer/Systems Analyst/Project Leader/Lead DBA-Oracle

  • Analyze activities of various Divisions/Departments
  • Data Modeling/Design New Business Applications, New functionality / Modifications into existing Applications.
  • Developed Applications – Have had various level of Involvement:
    • Writing database triggers and procedures.
    • Developed Screens using Oracle Forms 4.5.
    • Developed complex reports using report writer 1.1/ 2.5
  • Developed Schema Objects & Constraints , Back End Core Modules.
  • Application Tuning to enhance the performance of Applications.
  • Guide, Advice & Supervise Staff of MIS Dept.
  • DBA Task – Designed new Oracle 8 database.
    • Planning the Physical & Logical Layout of Database.
    • Writing Scripts to monitor Database performance.
    • Planning & Implementing effective Backup and Recovery mechanism.
    • Creating & Maintaining Schemas
    • Creating & Maintaining User Accounts
    • Configuring Clients to connect to database using HOSTNAMES, TNSNAMES, DNS, TCP/IP.
  • Design & Development of a Web Site for Online Automobile Information using diverse technologies like JavaScript, VBScript, JSP, XML, Java, Dreamweaver, ColdFusion.
  • Evaluate Products.
  • Migrated data of COBOL based application to an Oracle database.
  • Developed following Business Applications
    • SMS Short Message Service
    • Barcode Scanner Programming
    • General Ledger
    • Customers & Credit Control
    • Finance Management
    • Accounts Receivables
    • Accounts Payables
    • Job Costing
    • Inventory Control Discrete & Non-Discrete Products
    • Sales & Customer Order Tracking
    • Purchase & Ordering
    • Manufacturing
    • Payroll
    • Renting & Leasing

3/1990 – 2/1993
Yousuf LLC, United Arab Emirates Software Consultancy Dept

Software Consultant / Developer – COBOL

  • Technical discussion with Clients
  • System Analysis, Design, Develop & Implement Customized Software.
  • Suggesting clients on Hardware & Networking solutions.
  • Analyzed, Modelled & Developed following Applications:
    • Integrated Accounts, Inventory & Production Job Control System
    • Integrating Accounts and Service Job Control System
    • Integrated Accounts, Payroll and Job Costing for a Garment Factory.
    • School Time-table Module.
    • Car Financing Module.
  • Installing & Configuring OS & Networking
    • Xenix, Unix, Novell

6/1989 – 2/1990
Zerind Limited Pharma & Chemical Manufacturing Co. , India

Programmer – COBOL & Foxbase+.

Programming, Implementation, Maintenance, Documentation, Enhancement of different program Modules like:

  • Sales,
  • Share Accounting,
  • Payroll,
  • GL,
  • Receivable & Payable.

4/1989 – 2/1990
Shantilal C Mehta & Co., India Part Time

Analyst Programmer – Foxbase+

System Study, Design, Developed an Integrated Accounts & Inventory Application.

Place/ Date of Birth

Bombay – India / July 29, 1966

Resume 8

Samples represent that of an actual working technical professional found on the WEB and modified to protect the privacy of these professionals. Human names, company names, colleges, software product names are intentionally made up.


Shannon Terrace

Redwood, New Jersey


Results-oriented, hands-on analyst experienced in all phases of applications development life cycle. Proven track record of technical and management achievements in mainframe, client server, and Web environments. Highly effective communicator with significant experience in consulting and a variety of industries. Available for analytical positions.


3/00 – Present
Financial Advisors. Inc., International Private Client Group


  • Participated in a large development effort to provide integrated, timely data for the International Private Client Group web-enabled applications. Analyzed and documented systems that aggregate brokerage and banking data, with emphasis on Client Relationships, Tax Reporting, Daily Portfolio Display, Monthly Statements, and Pricing.
  • Analyzed sourcing of intraday holding, pricing, and foreign exchange data for an internet intraday portfolio system. Reviewed market data prices, foreign exchange rates provided by ILX, an external vendor.
  • Played a key role in the Kinexus Greentrack project. Kinexus, an external vendor, takes feeds from various financial institutions in order to provide key clients an integrated web-enabled view of all financial holdings. Duties included 1 data analysis and format definition of customer, asset master, derivative master, pricing, foreign exchange, tax lot, position, balance, transaction, trade, dividend, and bank information, 2 specifications detailing business rules for foreign exchange, ready assets, pending trades/dividends, pricing, performance, and application of daily transactions for account balancing 3 tracking of vendor communications, 4 unit, functional, and system testing 5 tracking test issues via Excel, Test Director, and 6 tracking of development and enhancement tasks.
  • Technologies included: MS Project, Excel, Word, Powerpoint, Test Director, Web-Enabled Front-Ends,COBOL, CICS, DB2, Visual Basic, VB Script.

Deutsche Bank/Bankers Trust


  • Reviewed Y2K testing procedures and results system, firmwide, streetwide for PC, midrange, and mainframe applications. Made recommendations for improvements in testing methodology.
  • Analyzed existing Change Management procedures.
  • Tracked issues for ongoing Y2K management meetings. Designed and tested LOTUS Notes databases.
  • Analyzed system retirements due to the merger of Deutsche Bank and Bankers Trust, insuring that all system, business, and regulatory issues were considered.
  • Technologies included: LOTUS Notes, MS Project, Access, Excel, Word, and Powerpoint.

Bear Creek, Whippany, New Jersey


  • For a major brokerage company, performed administrative and analytical activites for CAGE, a back-office system of 1200 programs.
  • Coordinated change management for an IDMS to DB2 conversion. Tracked program retrofits, created a comprehensive program inventory, coordinated migration of programs from PDS to an inhouse library system, and lead weekly status meetings. Established a mainframe Bulletin Board to track technical issues.
  • Performed up-front analysis and status tracking for a Year 2000 conversion. Created an inventory of system elements and identified retirement candidates. Loaded mainframe elements to a LAN, set up projects and ran analytical reports using REVOLVE. Created spreadsheets, tracked status of all system elements, and reported weekly status to corporate. Achieved excellent results, per system audits and testing.
  • Performed up-front analysis and status tracking for a project to replace Tablebase with working storage and DB2 tables.
  • Assisted in the implementation of VERIFY, a CICS testing product. Created test scripts.
  • Performed up-front analysis for a Field Expansion project, to accommodate expanded quantities and amounts. Used REVOLVE to create an inventory of all system files and tables, and to identify related jobs and programs. Created spreadsheets for each file detailing required changes. Identified and estimated project phases.
  • Technologies included: CICS, COBOL, DB2, REVOLVE, VERIFY, IDMS, MS Project, Access, Excel, Word, and Powerpoint.

Soft Horizons, Inc.


  • Worked at a Soft Horizons outsourcing center, developing systems for American New Group, a major insurance company.
  • Wrote technical specifications and test scripts for Workers Compensation claims financial system. Coordinated construction, specified test data requirements, and performed testing for various functions.
  • Managed a group of 30 consultants in the construction of a Claims Litigation system.
  • Reported weekly status to Consulting and Client Management
  • Established Lotus Notes Data Bases to track Technical and Business issues
  • Technologies included: CICS, COBOL, DB2, Remote Stored Procedures, Visual Basic, SQL Server, ODBC, MDI Gateway, MS Project, Access, Exel, Word, and Powerpoint.

TransAtlantic Travel, Inc.

  • Experiences included 3 months in Paris, studying French language and culture.

American New Group, New York, New York


  • For a major international insurance company, managed development and operational support activities for the Claims Litigation, Claims Processing, Claims Recovery, and Premium Audit departments.
  • Merged various American New Group companies into the main claims PMS system, and converted file structure from VSAM to DB2.
  • Developed a library facility for field auditors to send and receive documents between PC and mainframe.
  • Automated the creation of audit bills.
  • Technologies included: CICS, COBOL, DB2, Remote Stored Procedures, Visual Basic, SQL Server, Infront, ODBC, MDI Gateway, MS Project, Access, Excel, Word, Powerpoint, and Project Management Workbench.

Johnson And Johnson Products

Project Leader

  • Coordinated development and operational support activities for the Sales and Distribution Services, and Cost Accounting departments.
  • Wrote Order Completion and Promotional Computer To Computer systems.
  • Coordinated development of Cost Accounting logical and physical data models.
  • Technologies included: CICS, COBOL, VSAM, ADABAS, and NATURAL.

Kepler Broadcasting Company

Lead Programmer/Analyst

  • Participated in construction of Profit and Loss, and Television Clearance systems.
  • Technologies included: IMS DB/DC, CICS, COBOL, IDMS, and ADSO.

Consolidated Edition, New York, New York


  • Participated in construction of a Steam Billing system.
  • Technologies included: IMS DB/DC.

Harcourt Brace Jovanovich, New York, New York


  • Transferred from the editorial department.
  • Participated in construction of Book Warehousing and Production systems.
  • Technologies included: COBOL, VSAM, and IMS DB/DC.


BA Barnard College, Columbia University
Spanish/French Literature And Linguistics

MA University Of Rochester


Furnished upon request

Resume 9

Samples represent that of an actual working technical professional found on the WEB and modified to protect the privacy of these professionals. Human names, company names, colleges, software product names are intentionally made up.



Chatham, NJ

Business / Financial Systems Analyst


Broad IT experience performing System Engineering and Project Management on Financial applications including a Financial Data Warehouse, a General Ledger and Costing & Billing systems. Technical training includes Project Management graduate certificates for Software development in preparation for PMI certification and some SAP/ERP software training. Solid experience with MS Office applications, Word, Excel, Powerpoint, Access and MS Project.

Professional Experience

Recent Technologies, Inc.

IT Business Manager, Marketing & Sales Applications Development Department

Created and managed 25+ million dollar annual budget by monitoring and reconciling the monthly and quarterly expense reporting. Reconciliation included payments made to various vendors and service contractors based on people and performance of contracted work. Supported our finance organization partner by providing internal expense projections based on headcount and vendor/service contract expense outlook projections.

Business Solutions Manager, Service Provider Network Unit -CFOs

Managed the implementation of the Material Only Costing initiative in the costing and billing legacy applications by Project Managing the development changes and software releases for the affected applications.

Supported the international reporting issues for the Finance and Project Accounting organizations for applications deployed outside the US by reviewing, analyzing and prioritizing the Customer Requests. Oversaw the Deployments and Releases of an internally developed internationally used G/L package as non-US countries were brought on-line.

Supported Cash Management initiatives by assuring the development of an international billing application enhancements, EDI Invoicing through the Internet and a new international A/R visibility tool.

System Engineer and Project Managment – Financial Data Warehouse

Developed the system requirements with customers and development staff to build an integrated suite of financial reporting tools in Powerbuilder environment from JAD participation sessions. Negotiated all of the data feeds for this platform by specifying data element and formats requirements as well as Service Level agreements for their delivery.

Negotiated with customers to develop and manage project plan and detail timelines. These details was maintained in a Maintenance Release MR priority listing that was created in Access. Supported the release of these changes by coordinating User Acceptance Testing on end to end basis which included developing test plans, scripts and performing system testing.

Interfaced with other applications on the same platform, DBA group, management, other internal suppliers of information to the financial data warehouse to support the release of data feeds to downstream recipients.

Consultant – Analyst
Analysis and Design Team – General Ledger

Supported corporate accounting requirements and Business Units requests for two major releases of data element code conversions by developing requirement specifications using text, report layout and screen design. Supported the implementation of these changes by conducting user training of all new functionality and providing on-going support after their implementation with users nationwide

Supported the implementation and release of an improved security sub-system and prepared the system user guide. Implemenation required gathering screen access requirements, establishing security profiles and providing training to coordinators. Following implementation, requirements were gathered for the development of enhancements on this sub-sytem.

Special assignments included acting as the system representative to the Data Conversion referenced above team working committee and assignment to the task force for generating the original/initial cost estimates for an internally developed distributed General Ledger package.


MBA – Management
Fairleigh Dickinson University

BA – Business Administration
Grove City College

Masters Certificate – Program for High Potential Managers
Georgia Institute of Technology

Masters Certificate – Project Management for Software Leadership
Masters Certificate – Professional Program Management
Stevens Insitute