Webdriver Plus

Advanced Test Automation Bootcamp by Campus: 80 hours, (big discount given to Portnov Online graduates)

  • Understanding grey box testing and usage of browser built-in and external development tools – Chrome developer tools, Firebug, Firepath, etc.
  • Different HTML element location strategies – XPath, CSS.
  • Relative XPath, Cheatsheet, navigating over elements, selecting by tag name, attribute name, empty tag, tag contents, text, etc.
  • Behavior Driven Development (BDD) with example of Cucumber. Definition and architecture. Gherkin language.
  • Automation frameworks overview and structure.
  • Setting up simple Selenium WebDriver Automation Framework with BDD from scratch on Windows, Linux or Mac.
  • Navigation, Click Elements, Alert Handling, Data Input, Assertion, Progress, Taking Screenshot, Configuration and Mobile Steps.
  • Dealing with forms, forms reset and submit.
  • Multiple browser usage with Selenium WebDriver.
  • Java language deep dive – simple, laconic, object oriented, easiest to learn. Interactive Java.
  • Assertion vs validation – why automation engineer needs to learn them?
  • Page Object Pattern.
  • Managing cookies, logs, timeouts, alerts, screenshots, reports, etc.