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Resume 1

Samples represents that of an actual working technical professional found on the WEB and modified to protect the privacy of these professionals. Human names, company names, colleges, software product names are intentionally made up.


Samuel Dang, Ph.D.


More than six years of Oracle database administration experiences for various kinds of applications such as Peoplesoft in UNIX and NT environments. Over ten years of IT working experiences with a proven background of technical problem solving. A self-motivated, responsible, and reliable team player with a set of very strong technical skills.


April 2001 June 2002

Sr. Oracle/PeopleSoft DBA Consultant

  • Provided administrative supports for PEOPLESOFT 7.5 and 8 with Oracle running on HP.
  • Upgraded the application from 7.5 to 8.0. Provided migrations of SQL and SQR patches.
  • Setup SQL trace, PeopleCode trace, and Application Engine trace. Monitored and tuned AppSever performance.
  • Identified, resolved, or provided recommendations to other different kinds of the performance problems ranging from Database performance problems to I/O hardware performance problems.
  • The tools used mainly are Savant, TKPROF, Explain Plan, and some my own scripts. The tool called SQL Expert from Leccotech for SQL statement tuning was also used.
  • Upgraded PeopleTools for Dev, Test, and Production environments.
  • Created domains, configured AppServer, setup Process Scheduler, brought up Web Server, updated report repository and changed passwords through Application Design, etc. for PEOPLESOFT 7.5 and 8.
  • Provided Oracle database administrative supports for other different applications, NUCLEUS, CONTERPARTY, CONTRACT, and DOCUMENT MANAGEMENT SYSTEM.
  • Created new databases and users, setup RMAN backups, Export, and other monitoring scripts.
  • Provided 24×7 on call production support.
  • Trained a new DBA in our environment.

DDS Global Service
May 2000 – April 2001

Sr. Oracle DBA Consultant

  • Provided Oracle database administrative support to Enron.
  • Responsible for Oracle7/8/8i logical and physical databases design, implementation and maintenance on UNIX and NT.
  • Installed, upgraded and patched Oracle software. Setup brand new machines including Oracle software installation, Oracle side configuration, third party backup software Legato troubleshoot and backup testing.
  • Managed and resolved design issues during development.
  • Moved database Schema changes to stage or production.
  • Migrated and upgraded databases from version 7 to 8i.
  • Developed some Unix Shell scripts to automate database operation and database monitoring.
  • Developed or modified some Oracle backup and recovery scripts. Used Oracle backup utility RMAN/EBU to implement Oracle backup and performed a number of times of disaster recovery.
  • Implemented database refresh with the hot backup using DUPLICATE or full export. Used EXPORT/IMPORT to do table level and full database defragmentation.
  • Performed database tuning using Explain Plan, hints, utlbstat/utlestat, Toad, PowerExplain, and Enterprise Manager.
  • Provided on-call production database support.
  • Provided primary database support for application database systems such as Siebel CMS, Documentumn, MapInfo MapXtreme Spatial Application, PowerCurve System, Performance Monitoring Control System, etc.
  • Tested and documented some Oracle8I new features, such as duplicate database using RMAN from both disk and tape, setup name server.
  • Created materialized views.
  • Helped developer to install Oracle Client, troubleshoot and establish the connection to Oracle database through ODBC, JDBC.
  • Trained a new DBA in our environment.

AeroSpace Inc., Houston, TX
March 97 – May 00

Oracle /PeopleSoft DBA

  • Provided administrative support for Peoplesoft as a backup in Unix environment.
  • Provided primary administrative support for Oracle7/8/8i databases in UNIX and NT environments.
  • Migrated SQL and SQR patches, refreshed development and test databases. Created domains, configured AppServer, setup Process Scheduler, recompiled and relinked COBOL source code, setup 2-tier and 3-tier environments.
  • Participated in the design, analysis and implementation for a space shuttle engineering database system.
  • Installed, upgraded and patched Oracle software and associated applications.
  • Managed and resolved design issues during development stage. Worked closely with developers.
  • Moved database Schema changes to stage or production.
  • Developed Oracle backup and recovery strategy and scripts.
  • Implemented database refresh using full export. Used EXPORT/IMPORT to do table level and full database defragmentation.
  • Performed database tuning using Oracle Enterprise Manager, Explain Plan and utlbstat/utlestat.
  • Created Unix Shell scripts to automate database operation.

Borman Martin, Houston, TX
Dec. 95 – March 97

Computer Engineer

  • Created and maintained Oracle7 databases on Unix to store the structural analysis data of different projects for International Space Station.
  • Generated reports from the database using PL/SQL and SQL.
  • Developed various computer programs to automate the postprocessing of finite element structural analysis using C++.
  • Created different Unix Shell scripts to help stress analysis tasks.
  • Added more new features to existing analysis software tools.
  • Developed MS Excel Macros for different applications.

Khanjing Consulting Company, China


  • Developed a Finite Element code using FORTRAN 77 from the scratch.
  • The main function of the code is to predict the structural response during an earthquake.


Oracle Training – Oracle7/8/8i DBA training courses, 1996-2001
Peoplesoft Training PeopleTools I&II, Server Administration,Data Management 2000-2002
Unix Administration Training -Lockheed Martin 1996

Ph.D, Civil Engineering, Lamar University, Beaumont, Texas 1995
MS, Civil Engineering – Lamar University , Beaumont, Texas 1991
BS, Mechanical Engineering – Hohai University, China 1983


PeopleSoft 7.5/8, Oracle8i/8/7, OEM, EBU, RMAN, TOAD, SQL Expert, ERWIN, DBTuner, Savant Diagnosis, Multi Threaded Server, C, C++, UNIX Shell, SQL, PL/SQL, FORTRAN 77, TCP/IP, SQL*Net, Net8, UNIX, Solaris, SunOS, HP-UX 11.0, IBM AIX, EMC, Tivoli ADSM, Windows-NT, 2000.

Available upon request

Resume 2

Samples represents that of an actual working technical professional found on the WEB and modified to protect the privacy of these professionals. Human names, company names, colleges, software product names are intentionally made up.


Vijay T. Danakar


  • Six years of experience in the IT industry. Over five years of experience as an Oracle Database Administrator and over two and a half years experience with Informatica.
  • Experience with Oracle 9i/8i/8.0/7.3 Installation, Administration, Monitoring, Performance Tuning, Database Backup and Recovery.
  • In-depth experience in Data Warehousing using Informatica and Oracle.
  • Worked for a large CMM level 5 consulting firm Tata Consultancy Services for over 4 years.
  • Excellent communication and interpersonal skills. Highly motivated with strong commitment to quality and customer service.


  • Software PL/SQL, UNIX Shell Scripting
  • Databases & Tools Oracle 9i/8i/8.0/7.3, Oracle Enterprise Manager, Oracle Diagnostics Pack, Oracle Performance Pack, ERWin 3.5/4.0, TOAD, SQL*Net/Net 8, Spotlight on Oracle
  • ETL Informatica PowerMart 4.6/PowerCenter 5.1.1, Cognos DecisionStream
  • Operating Systems Solaris 2.8/2.7/2.6, Windows NT 4.0, HP-UX 10.2/11.0, Windows 98/95
  • Hardware SunFire 15K, Sun E6500, Sun E4500, Sun E450, HP 9000, Compaq Proliant


B.E. Bachelor of Engineering , Walchand Institute of Technology
Oracle Certified Professional OCP – Database Administrator from Oracle Corporation.
Certified Oracle DBA from Brainbench.
Received training in Informatica PowerMart by Informatica Corporation.
Received training in Rational Clear Case and Clear Quest by Rational Corporation.
Continuing Education Program CEP included Oracle Database Administration, Data Warehousing and Cognos at Tata Consultancy Services.


TG Power Systems, Carlsberg, GA
Oct 01 – till date

Oracle DBA/Informatica

Currently working on the CODE project using Informatica and providing DBA support. The Code system is being developed to gather data logged by the Maintenance and Diagnostics division of TG Power Systems and store it in a database on which the Business Intelligence team can generate and run reports. This data is gathered from the turbines installed by TG Power Systems at various sites. The data shows the functioning of the turbines. It shows the values of the various tags of the turbines at different times of day. These data points for a tag can be at 1 minute, 5 minute or 60 minute intervals depending on a tag. The data is transformed while being moved from source to target. On an average 9 to 10 million rows are extracted from the source daily. The Code system being developed will enable users to perform studies on turbine and site data. The source and target databases are Oracle 8.1.7 running on Solaris 2.8 and Informatica PowerCenter 5.1.1 is being used as the ETL tool. Before starting work on the Code project provided Oracle DBA support for a number of databases.


  • Installation and configuration of Oracle 8.1.6 server and creation of databases.
  • Develop Informatica mappings to extract, transform and load data from source to target.
  • Upgrade of Informatica PowerCenter repository from PowerCenter 1.5 to PowerCenter 5.1.1.
  • Worked with ETL architect to develop ETL design.
  • Database and SQL tuning to improve performance of loads.
  • Implemented table partitioning to improve performance and data management.
  • Performed SQL tuning by using Explain Plan and Tkprof.
  • Bitmap indexes were used on low cardinality columns as they result in reduced response time for queries and substantial reduction of storage space.
  • Assisted in logical and physical database design.
  • Making structural changes to the databases when design changes are to be implemented. Also implemented those changes in Informatica mappings.
  • Installation, configuration and administration of Informatica server on Solaris 2.8 and client on Windows NT 2000. Establishing connectivity through ODBC data sources.
  • Developing Unix shell scripts and SQL scripts to carry out routine checks on databases. This includes checking whether all databases are running, listener is running, Unix error messages, disk space availability, segments with greater than 10 extents, segments nearing max extents, checking for errors in alert logs and trace files, etc.

Environment: Oracle 8.1.7, Solaris 2.8, Sun E4500, ERWin 4.0, Informatica PowerCenter 5.1.1, Oracle DBA Studio, TOAD

Bilenius Olsen, Addison, NJ
July 01 – Sept 01

Oracle DBA

Provide Oracle DBA support for multiple large databases in production, development and test environments for various types of databases – OLTP and Datawarehouse. Used Oracle replication as databases used read only snapshots for maintaining local copy of master tables in OLTP systems. Part of a three-member DBA team managing 36 databases. This included 18 production databases and 18 development/test databases. Users were located in America, Europe and Asia Pacific. Databases were Oracle 8.1.6 and running on HP UNIX. Sizes of databases varied from 5 GB to 40 GB. The projects using these databases are for web development and maintenance of Client-Server OLTP systems for business applications such as cargo tracking, billing, etc. Following are some of the typical tasks carried out as part of database administration.


  • Installation and configuration of Oracle 8.1.6 server and creation of databases.
  • Creating tablespaces and database files based on the OFA model. Implemented physical database design after sizing tables and indexes and creating tablespaces taking into account I/O load distribution.
  • Locally managed tablespaces were used which track all extent information in the tablespace itself. This results in improved performance as it eliminates recursive operations and reliance on data dictionary.
  • Performed SQL tuning by using Explain Plan and Tkprof.
  • Making structural changes to the databases when database design changes are to be implemented.
  • Implementation and maintenance of read only snapshots and snapshot logs.
  • Migration from Oracle 7.3.4 to Oracle 8.1.6 using Oracle Data Migration Assistant and mig utility.
  • Refreshing development/test database from production using Export/Import. This is done so that the latest data is available in the development/test database.
  • Developing Unix shell scripts and SQL scripts to carry out routine checks on databases. This includes checking whether all databases are running, listener is running, Unix error messages, disk space availability, segments with greater than 10 extents, segments nearing max extents, checking for errors in alert logs and trace files, etc.

Environment: Oracle 8.1.6/7.3.4, HP-UX 10.2/11.0, HP 9000, Windows NT 4.0, Compaq Proliant, ERWin 3.5, Informatica PowerMart 4.6, Oracle Replication Manager, Export/Import, Unix Shell Scripts, TOAD, Tkprof and SQL*Net/Net8

German Laboratories, Ringdale, NY
June 01

Oracle DBA

German Laboratories is a pharmaceutical company, which had eight Oracle 8.1.6 databases running on Solaris 2.6. They had a two member DBA team which did most of the tasks manually. Most of these tasks needed to be automated. Sizes of databases varied from 2 GB to 10 GB. Following are some of the typical tasks carried out as a DBA


  • Developed Unix shell and SQL scripts for database monitoring.
  • Developed Unix shell and SQL scripts for database backups.
  • Migration of databases from Oracle 7.3.4 to Oracle 8.1.6.
  • Performed database tuning.
  • Refreshing development/test database from production using Export/Import. This was done so that the latest data is available in the development/test database.

Environment: Oracle 8.1.6/7.3.4, Solaris 2.6, E450, Unix Shell Scripts

Ginsburg Consultancy Services GCS
Dec 96 – Mar 01

CDR Aviation Services, Bombay
Jul 00 – Mar 01

Oracle DBA

The proposed Datawarehouse system is intended to be used by the Six Sigma, Customer Satisfaction and Finance departments. Utilization of this Data Warehouse will guarantee ease and consistency in analytical reports across these departments as it is developed by use of integrated data sources and uniform data warehouse architecture. The feeder systems included OSB, IPT and SFC.


  • Creation of Data Warehouse database consisting of Star Schema Fact & Dimensions tables .
  • Data extraction from various sources, transformation and loading into the target Oracle database using Informatica PowerMart.
  • Installation and configuration of Informatica PowerMart server.
  • Administration of the Informatica server. Creating users in Informatica and assigning roles.
  • Developing and testing of mappings in Informatica for data cleansing and transformation.
  • Installation of client tools on user machines and establishing connectivity to databases.
  • Creating tablespaces and planning the location of data, index and rollback tablespaces redo log files and control files in adherence to the Optimal Flex Architecture.
  • Defragmentation of tables and indexes for improved performance and effective space management.
  • Managing database security. Creating and assigning appropriate roles and privileges to users depending on the user activity.
  • Database server tuning. Proactively monitored hit ratios on different components of the SGA. This included tuning of the shared pool, databases buffers and redo buffers.
  • Providing assistance in logical/physical data modeling using ERWin.
  • Making structural changes to the databases.
  • Sizing database objects for effective space management and optimal performance. All storage parameters are entered in ERWin for objects to be created.
  • Used ERWin to ensure that data model is in sync with database.
  • Database backups and recovery.
  • Installations of Oracle 8.0.5 database server on Solaris 2.6 and creating new databases.

Environment: Oracle 8.0.5, Solaris 2.6, Sun E450, Compaq Proliant, ERWin 3.5, Oracle Enterprise Manager, Informatica PowerMart 4.5/4.6, Windows NT 4.0

TGE, Crisburgh, Scotland UK
Aug 99 – Jun 00

TGE Capital Fleet Services, TGE Capital Bilfinans and GTE Capital Modular Space – Europe
Oracle DBA

Provide Oracle DBA support for multiple large databases in production and development/ test environments for various types of databases – OLTP, Data Warehouses and Oracle Financials. Part of a two-member DBA team managing 35 databases. This included 23 production databases and 12 development/test databases. Users were located all over Europe. Databases were Oracle 7.3.x and Oracle 8.0.x and running on Solaris 2.6. Sizes of databases varied from 2 GB to 100 GB. Following are some of the typical tasks carried out as part of database administration.


  • Installation of Oracle 7.3/8.0 database server on Solaris 2.6 and creating new databases.
  • Carrying out upgrades of databases using the Oracle Installer. Applying patches to Oracle using Installer and to Oracle Financials using the adpatch utility.
  • Relinking Oracle applications programs and regeneration of Oracle Forms and Reports.
  • Refreshing development database from production using export/import.
  • Be on-call, attend to problems on a daily basis and resolve various database-related issues and customer requests.
  • Creating tablespaces and planning the location of data, index and rollback tablespaces redo log files and control files in adherence to the Optimal Flexible Architecture.
  • Database reorganization of existing databases to meet standards or improve performance.
  • Managing database security. Creating and assigning appropriate roles and privileges to users depending on the user activity.
  • Sizing database objects for effective space management and optimal performance.
  • Capacity Planing for changes in the size of databases due to business growth.
  • Database server tuning. Proactively monitored hit ratios on different components of the SGA. This included tuning of the shared pool, databases buffers and redo buffers.
  • Analyzing tables on a regular basis for the Oracle optimizer.
  • Database backup and recovery. Used hot and cold backups. Involved in development of scripts to automate backup and recovery procedures for development databases.
  • Monitoring rollback segments. Adopting proactive maintenance strategies to curb extensive shrinking and wrapping of rollback segments.
  • Aided developers in writing efficient code and making efficient use of the resources leading to better performance and optimization.
  • Data loading using SQL*Loader to assist Data Warehouse developers.

Apart from the above-mentioned tasks, daily monitoring was carried out before start of business hours to ensure database availability and smooth functioning of databases. Daily monitoring includes checking whether all databases are running, listener is running, concurrent manager is running for Oracle Financials databases, UNIX error messages, disk space availability, segments with greater than 10 extents, segments with next extents that would not fit in the tablespace, checking for errors in alert logs and trace files, checking for invalid objects, etc. Corrective action is taken for any of the problems before start of business hours.

Environment:Oracle 7.3.4/8.0.x, Solaris 2.6, Sun E6500, ERWin 3.5, Oracle Financials 10.7, PL/SQL, SQL*Loader, Export/Import, UNIX Shell

TGE Capital Real Estate, Bombay
Apr 99 – Jul 99

Asset Management System
Oracle DBA

The Asset Management System ATLAS is one of the main applications used by Asset managers of TGE Capital Real Estate. ATLAS helps in collecting, analyzing and reporting information related to assets like loans and property. This application forms the backbone of Asset Management Services, which are spread nationwide through a network of field offices and Dallas, TX based centralized service platform. The existing system uses an Oracle 7.3.4 database with MS Access front end. This has to be migrated to Oracle 8.0.5 and Visual Basic 6.0.


  • Installation of Oracle 7.3.4/8.0.5 database server and creating a new target database.
  • Creating tablespaces, tables, indexes, users, etc., maintaining OFA compliance.
  • Migrating the Oracle 7.3.4 database to Oracle 8.0.5 and incorporating the changes in the database design.
  • Database reorganization. Making structural changes to the databases.
  • Developing stored procedures to migrate the data from Oracle 7.3.4 database to Oracle 8.0.5 database. UTL FILE package was used for error logging. The error code, error description and rejected record were logged in the log file.
  • Managing database security and creating and assigning appropriate roles and privileges as required by the application.
  • Implementing the changes in the database design and modifying stored procedures if necessary.
  • Sizing database objects for effective space management and optimal performance.
  • Database server tuning. This included tuning the shared pool, database buffers and redo buffers.
  • Database backups and recovery. Developing scripts for cold backup.

Environment: Oracle 7.3.4/8.0.5, Solaris 2.6, Sun E450, ERWin 3.5, Oracle Enterprise Manager, PL/SQL, Export/Import, UNIX Shell

TGE Financial Assurance, San Miguel, CA
Aug 98 – Mar 99

Oracle DBA/Informatica

The Data Warehouse system enables TGE Financial Assurance users to perform actuarial studies on historical policy and claims data. This is done in an effort to improve pricing, underwriting and customer targeting. Informatica PowerMart was used for data extraction, transformation and loading. The source data was in flat files, Oracle and SQL Server databases and the target database was Oracle. In addition, provided Oracle DBA support for the project.


  • Creation of Data Warehouse database consisting of Star Schema Fact & Dimensions tables .
  • Data extraction from sources, creating transformations and loading into the target Oracle database using Informatica PowerCenter.
  • Creating tablespaces and database files based on the OFA model. Implemented physical database design after sizing tables and indexes and creating tablespaces taking into account I/O load distribution. Database objects were sized for effective space management and optimal performance.
  • Installation, configuration and administration of Informatica PowerMart server and client on Windows NT 4.0.
  • Establishing connectivity through ODBC data sources.
  • Making structural changes to the databases when design changes are to be implemented.
  • Database server tuning to improve performance using ultbstat and utlestat or custom scripts. Proactively tuned the shared pool and buffers db buffers and log buffers . Checked for I/O contention. Took appropriate action by adjusting parameters or moving datafiles.
  • Used parallelism to improve performance. By setting parallel_automatic_tuning to true the degree of parallelism is set automatically by oracle.
  • Performed SQL tuning by using Explain Plan and Tkprof.
  • Bitmap indexes were used on low cardinality columns as they result in reduced response time for queries and substantial reduction of storage space. Also helps efficient processing of star queries.
  • Managing database security. Creating and assigning appropriate roles and privileges to users depending on the user activity.
  • Development of stored procedures for carrying out transformations on data and loading target tables.
  • Defragmentation of tables and indexes for improved performance and effective space management.
  • Installation and configuration of SQL*Net/Net 8. Installation of Oracle 8.0.5 on Windows NT 4.0.

Environment: Oracle 8.0.5, Windows NT 4.0, Compaq Proliant 7000, ERWin 3.5, Informatica PowerMart 4.6, SQL*Net/Net8.

TGE Plastics, Bombay
Jan 97 – Jul 98

Oracle DBA

The Global Pricing System was developed as package software to handle complex business processes within GE Plastics and as a need to simplify the Information Management in GE Plastics for better positioning for the future. The system has Pricing and Contract as its modules.


  • Installation of Oracle 7.3.4 on Solaris 2.5 and creating new databases.
  • Developing PL/SQL programs for data manipulation.
  • Installation of Oracle client tools and establishing connectivity to databases
  • Creating tablespaces, tables, indexes, users, etc.
  • Providing assistance in physical data modeling.
  • Managing security.
  • Sizing database objects for effective space management and optimal performance.

Environment: Oracle 7.3.4, Windows NT, Compaq Proliant 7000, ERWin 3.0, PL/SQL, PowerBuilder 5.0

Stickman Infovision Technologies Pvt. Ltd., Bombay
Sep 96 – Nov 96

Software Engineer

Worked in the application development team to develop variety of applications for end-clients, such as, Inventory Management System, Payroll System, Recruiting System, etc. These applications were developed using PowerBuilder 5.0/4.0 and Oracle.


  • Development of various front-end modules using PowerBuilder 5.0/4.0.
  • Developing PL/SQL programs for backend processes.
  • Developing and performing unit and integration tests.
  • Testing and debugging.
  • Client demonstrations and user training.

Environment: Oracle 7.3.x, PL/SQL, PowerBuilder 5.0/4.0, Windows NT/3.11

Resume 3

Samples represents that of an actual working technical professional found on the WEB and modified to protect the privacy of these professionals. Human names, company names, colleges, software product names are intentionally made up.


Tim Bredford

164 Meadow Springs Dr
Haverhill, GA 30328


Contract position as an Oracle Applications Database Administrator for a successful, growing, and well-established company.


Operating Systems Application Software Platforms
UNIX Oracle Database 7, 8, 8i, 9i SUN Solaris
Sun-OS Oracle Apps 10.7, 11.X, 11i HP-UX
DOS Oracle Enterprise MGR V2 DEC ALPHA
Windows 95/ 98/ JInitiator, Applet Viewer Windows NT
NT/2000 WebDB Apache Server


ABC Solutions, Ottawa, Ontario
7/01 Present

Independent Contractor
Oracle Applications Database Administrator

Onsite Applications Database Administrator for a multiphase implementation for a Canadian company. This project is an Oracle Business Online implementation. Was responsible for development and test instances of an 11.5.3 installation of the Oracle E-Business Applications Suite on a Sun Solaris 2.6 Operating System hosted by Oracle. Applications were installed with Multiple Reporting Currencies and Multiple Organizations. Worked extensively with Oracle Hosting Services, Applications Management Services, and Oracle Support Services to fix issues and problems. Applied patches to bring Oracle Products to latest Patchset level.

Captiva, Inc., Haverhill, GA, Bangor, UK
10/00 7/01

Principal Consultant
Oracle Applications Database Administrator

Acted as Technical Lead Consultant for a global company on an international project. Involved in the assessment, installation, upgrade, administration, and implementation of the Oracle E-Business Applications Suite. Involved in the sizing and assessment of hardware and hardware resources for Sun Solaris 2.6 Operating System. Constructed OFA compliant File System structure. Installed and configured Oracle Applications version 11.0.3. Upon client decision to upgrade Application level, performed clean installation of Oracle Applications version 11i 11.5.2 . 11i installation was performed in single node, single user environment with three instances. Installed NLS French , Multiple Reporting Currencies, and Multiple Organizations. Applied patches to bring Oracle Products to latest Patchset level. Assisted in management of backup and recovery.

Royal Pine LLP, Haverhill, GA
5/98 10/00

Senior Consultant
Oracle Applications Database Administrator

Primarily responsible for technical part of implementations of Oracle Applications in middle market companies throughout the U.S. Provide sizing and requirements for pre-planning of technical environment. Install and configure Oracle databases and Application Software. Install production environment. Tune databases. Setup backup and recovery strategy. Work with Implementation team to resolve issues and problems. Work with team to accomplish mapping for data conversion from legacy system to Oracle. Setup and configure printers in the Operating System and Apps. Perform knowledge transfer with technical client staff. Often perform OS System Admin, network, and Oracle Application System Admin tasks in addition to Apps DBA tasks.

RRT Communications, Inc., Haverhill, GA
2/98 5/98

Oracle Database Administrator

Worked as an Oracle Database Administrator assigned to the Installation Services Team. Created an Oracle 7.3.3 Database used as a Master Repository for an applications tool. Downsized and upsized databases. Administration on Master Repository database, including tablespaces, scripts for creating tables and other objects, and performing exports.

Moore Consulting Corporation, St. Louis, MO, Haverhill, GA, & Arsden, AL
5/97 2/98

Oracle Applications Database Administrator

Worked as an Oracle Applications Database Administrator. Performed installations and upgrades to database and 10.7 applications on Server, installed Oracle Applications on client machines, and developed scripts for common Oracle tasks. Established database backup and export schemes. Performed other Oracle DBA responsibilities performance tuning, monitoring tablespaces, monitoring users, etc. as well as much problem solving. Also worked as Oracle Applications System Administrator and UNIX System Administrator.

McKeon Associates, Charlotta, VA
1/97 – 5/97

Member of Technical Staff

Worked as System Administrator on a UNIX based SUN system. Performed installations and upgrades of system and system applications. Manipulated an Oracle database. Received and sent data via WAN. Set up users for remote login from other systems. Assisted in developing of a tool used with Map functions.

U.S. Army, Frankfurt & Heidelberg, Germany
9/93 11/95 & 5/96 – 11/96

Signals Intelligence Analyst

Analyzed messages and reported information in a formatted message via LAN, to higher headquarters. Worked with UNIX based systems to compile an Oracle database and produce a daily report sent out to consumers via WAN. Trained new users on functions, applications and set up. Worked as System Administrator archiving databases, setting up user accounts, and performing system backups. Also worked with Trojan Spirit, a military system that provided Microwave Satellite Communications.

U.S. Army, Grafenwoehr, Germany & Taszar, Hungary11/95 – 5/96
All Source Analyst System Database Manager

Compiled, maintained, and updated an Oracle database on the All Source Analyst System. Provided information, in the form of graphics, transferred via File Transfer Protocol to another system, then transferred into Microsoft PowerPoint slides, used in briefings. Trained new staff on user and system supervisor functions, including database management, graphics transfers, and system backups.


Oracle Database Administration 8I, Oracle Education, Atlanta, GA, December 1999.

Oracle Enterprise Manager Version 2, Oracle Education, Atlanta, GA, December 1999.

Oracle Alerts, Oracle Education, Atlanta, GA, August 1999.

Oracle8: New Features for Developers, Oracle Education, Atlanta, GA, March 1998.

Oracle Introduction to SQL and PL/SQL, Oracle Education, Tysons Corner, VA, June 1997.

Oracle Develop Database Models, Oracle Education, Chicago, IL, July 1997.

Oracle Database Administration Course, Oracle Education, Atlanta, GA, June 1997.

Resume 4

Samples represents that of an actual working technical professional found on the WEB and modified to protect the privacy of these professionals. Human names, company names, colleges, software product names are intentionally made up.


Chintan Sangton

354 Springfield Terrace
Littleton, VA 22315


DB2 Database Administrator – Position that invite technical challenges in Database Design and Administration involving OS/390 and other platforms.


  • 11 years of IT experience involving implementation of large application software solutions using Information Engineering for both commercial and government sector clients.
  • 5 years Extensive DB2 Database design and administration experience on MVS OS/390 platform.
  • Sound technical and functional knowledge of various business applications such as Welfare, Department of Motor Vehicle operations, Auto/Home/Life Insurance industry, Financial accounting, HR and Payroll accounting, Loan Systems and Telecommunications.
  • Extensive experience in working directly with application developers and customers to define their needs and produce quality solutions on time.


  • DB2 for MVS OS/390: Database Design and Administration
  • Datawarehouse/Datamart/ETL Design and Implementation
  • Technical Architecture Definition/Implementation N-tier, online, batch, development
  • Software Configuration Management Change Control code/database, Application Environments
  • Strong Systems Design/Development Abilities


Bachelor of Technology Computer Science & Engineering ,
Harcourt Butler Technological Institute, INDIA 1991


DB2 Universal Database Administration for OS/390 version 6 at IBM.
CICS Web Support/3270 Bridge for Web projects from IBM partners
Enterprise Application Integration and Middleware technologies


  • Hardware: IBM ES/9000, IBM/3090, PC/LAN Environment
  • Operating System: MVS OS/390, MVS/ESA, MVS/XA, UNIX, OS/2, MS-DOS, WINDOWS
  • Case Tool: TELON, ADW Key 4.0 , DESIGN/1, TURBO ANALYST

Experience: February 2001 Present

Client: District of Colombia Department of Motor Vehicles,
Alexandria, DC/Deloitte Consulting DMV,

Government Sector, 17 months
DB2 Database Administrator/Configuration Architect

Destiny Project :

The application supports various functions related to Driver Licensing and Vehicle Registration

  • Logical Data modeling using ERWIN
  • Physical data models using ERWIN forward-engineered into DDLs and executed on mainframe to create databases.
  • Maintained create/alter/drop/grant/revoke/ re bind/free DB2 object using BMC catalog manager.
  • Migration of database objects between databases and DB2 subsystems using BMC change manager.
  • Performed routine database space and growth estimations using BMC DASD manager.
  • Facilitated execution of load/unload/DSN1COPY of data for database conversion team. Support and enhancements to
  • ETL Extract Transform Load process for Datamarts
  • Measured package performance using OMEGAMON for DB2 and suggested SQL tuning and/or created index/execute DB2 utilities for better data organization and SQL performance.
  • Implemented Backup and recovery procedures using BMC recovery manager.
  • Configured ODBC connectivity to DB2 for MS Access/Visual Explain/Crystal reports users.
  • Implemented DB2 security for online/batch application/users and software change control process.
  • Designed & administered RACF user security groups & rule-sets for application security on the MF.
  • Designed and implemented PEM password Expiration Management Interface for the application
  • Designed, implemented and managed change control process for application and database components using CA-PANAPT models and BMC tools catalog and change manager for DB2.
  • Created and managed production emergency fix process on the mainframe.
  • Configuration definition and implementation of interfaces such as AAMVAnet, TCP/IP sockets, Mainframe connectivity via CICS Universal Client, FTP etc.
  • Customization and testing of SSA Software Search America phonic search algorithms.
  • Designed/implemented Automatic transaction scheduling for TSQ management, AAMVA extract files.
  • Facilitated special printing through COBOL programs using Barcode Print Facility software
  • Suggested IBM s AFP architecture for DMV outputs.
  • Designed, implemented and managed JES output printing via VPS on network destinations.
  • Designed and implemented application Batch Architecture using CA7.
  • Generated virtual users stress load to stress test the application using Load runner software scripts.
  • Conducted and documented thorough technical review of application design/code and data.
  • Extensive & continued interaction with configuration support agency/software vendors/project staff.

Hardware and Software: IBM/3090 OS/390 , DB2, BMC tools Catalogue Manager, Change Manager, DASD Manager, Recovery Manager , QMF, DB2I, ERWIN, CICS, VS COBOL II, JCL, TSO/ISPF, CA-PANAPT, Panvalet, Omegamon for CICS, DB2 and MVS, Abend-Aid, File-Aid, AVERS, CA7, RACF, ABR, PC workstations on LAN, Load-runner, Win-runner, SSA, BPF4.4.2, AFP, CICS Universal Client, VisualAge Interspace, Outlook Express.

May 1999 January 2001

Client: Mass Life Insurance Co., West Hill, Connecticut, USA
INSURANCE, Private Sector, 20 months
Project lead/Data Modeler

Client Management Facility/Daily Drafting Project CMF :

This system maintains customer check service accounts and draft policies under it for premium due on a given withdrawal day each month.

  • Project planning, Impact on Systems and Data, Establish high level work estimates
  • Business Requirements Analysis for the Daily Drafting Enhancements
  • Development of Data Flow Diagrams and Entity relation Diagrams using VISIO
  • Design, enhance ETL process to add/update data into DataMarts
  • File, Interface, Messages and logical Database Design using ERWIN software
  • Program specifications, Screen and Report layouts from user specifications.
  • Development of comprehensive test plan document
  • Program development, testing & implementation using DB2, DATACOM IDEAL/DB, CICS, COBOL, JCL.
  • Documentation and User Training.
  • Maintenance support after implementations


May 1998 April 1999

Client:New Jersey Higher Education Service Corporation, Springfield, New Jersey
Student Load, Government Sector, 11 months
Database Administrator/Data Modeler

Student Loan System :

This system co-ordinates approvals, recovery of student loans between schools and lenders under state of New York guidelines.

  • Data Modeling/DB admin. support to define/modify database objects & implement DB2 security.
  • Executing DB2 reports/utilities for performance/database organization & database growth analysis.
  • SQL review through EXPLAIN
  • Designed and Implemented Software change control for database and other application components
  • Rotational On-call production DBA support

Hardware and Software: IBM/3090 MVS/XA , DB2, ERWIN, Key 4.0 ADW , Platinum for DB2, SQL, QMF, SPUFI, DB2I, JCL, JES2, JES3, TSO/ISPF, OS/2.

August 1997 – April 1998

Client:Farmers Insurance Group, San Diego, California
INSURANCE, Private Sector, 8 months
DB2 Database Administrator

Automobile Insurance – Auto Policy Processing System APPS :

APPS is an auto insurance system that provides various processing options insurance quotes and claims related assistance to the customer. The system consists of around 2500 programs with 35 different functional areas and around 600 DB2 tables.

  • Designed Logical and physical database for business transaction functionality
  • Created and migrated database objects between databases and subsystems
  • Implemented DB2 security for application architecture.
  • DB2 Historical reporting, Database tuning, Backup & recovery procedures, Execution of DB2 utilities. Support ETL functions for Datawarehouse/DataMarts
  • Rotational On-Call DBA Support

Hardware and Software: IBM/3090 MVS/XA , Key 4.0 ADW , DB2, ERWIN, File aid for DB2,Platinum for DB2,SQL, QMF, SPUFI, CICS, VS COBOL II, JCL, JES2, JES3, TSO/ISPF, OS/2.

April 1997 – July 1997

Client: FGR Communications Inc., Willington, Iowa
TELECOMMUNICATIONS, Private Sector, 4 months
DB2 Database Administrator

New Commercial Billing System NCBS :

DB2 Database Administration support to Discount Enrollment Database system 40 DB2 tables of NCBS system. NCBS provides MCI with the means to bill large and mid-size commercial customer for use of virtual network-related services such as Vision and V-net.

  • Database design considerations at Code walk-though,
  • EXPLAIN for database accesses,
  • Performance Analysis and tuning SQLs,
  • Create & maintain DB2 objects, Create, modify, execute IMAGE COPY, RUNSTAT, REORG production jobs, Execute Data migration Jobs in test regions.
  • 24 hour rotational On-call DBA support.

Hardware and Software: IBM/3090 MVS/XA , DB2, SQL, QMF, DB2I, SPUFI, CICS, JCL Endevor, COBOL II, OS/2, PVCS Version Manager.

April 1996 – March 1997

Client: Department of Workforce Development, Addison, Wisconsin, USA
WELFARE, Government Sector, 11 months
Systems Analyst/Module Lead

Wisconsin Client Assistance for Re-employment & Economic Support CARES System :

CARES is a large scale computerized welfare application automated for public assistance for the State of Wisconsin with Aid to families with dependent children AFDC , Food Stamps, Medicaid and JOBs programs.

  • Maintenance of Application Entry/Self-Sufficiency First/Pay for Performance subsystems.
  • Requirements Analysis, Design, Construction and Production Implementation of Eligibility budgets calculations module for welfare client.
  • Requirements gathering of Wisconsin Works W2 pilot initiative for Department of workforce development, State of Wisconsin.
  • Defining Data flow views and development of mini-spec for W2 pilot using ADW
  • Development of Structure Charts and Module Action Diagrams using ADW
  • Program Development and Unit testing using TELON, ADMVS, MF WORKBENCH/MF COBOL, ANIMATOR, and XDB in LAN environment.
  • System Testing and Integration with other modules using DB2, VSAM, REXX, JCL, FILE-AID, PRO-EDIT.
  • Monitored DB2 SQLs using STROBE
  • Performed historical reporting on DB2 performance data


April 1993 – February 1996

Employer: Finance Division of United Nations, Florence, Italy
FINANCE, Government Sector, 34 months
Systems Analyst/Module Lead

Financial and Personnel Systems FINSYS/PERSYS :

FINSYS/PERSYS is a computerized system that provides personnel management and multi-currency financial, budgetary and payroll accounting support to FAOs staff, Vendors, Food programs and Projects all over the world. The application supports subsystems like General Ledger, Payment Authorization, Budgets, Treasury, Personal Accounts, Personnel Management, Payroll Accounting and Reports/Inquiries.

  • Personal account subsystem review to assure database quality and apply database corrections.
  • Construction and testing of Personal account database assurance program using DATACOM IDEAL language, JCL to assure system functionality and quality of personal account data.
  • List discrepancies from Database Assurance report to review and further analyze data quality and system functionality. Log discrepancies into problem tracking & reporting system.
  • Suggest, design, construct and apply amendments to online/batch system functionality, database and Interface to
  • General ledger, Treasury and payroll accounting subsystems using DATACOM IDEAL, VS COBOL II, CICS, DATACOM DB, DB2 and JCL tools.
  • Maintenance support to Personal Account PA system.
  • Functional review and feasibility study to replace the system with a new packaged technology


July 1991 – March 1993

Employer:Larsen & Tutti Limited, Bombay, India
FINANCE, Private Sector, 21 months
Programmer/Analyst & Lead Analyst

Financial Applications of L&T :

A comprehensive accounting system that handles posting of accounting transactions to the general ledger in batch and printing books and ledgers on a daily, weekly and monthly, quarterly basis, passing information to the supplier, payroll accounting and management performance and control subsystems MPCS for downstream processing.

  • Requirements gathering and analysis for General ledger posting, interface and module processing for suppliers, Management performance and control, and travel expense subsystem
  • Development of database design ER diagrams , Dataflow Diagrams DFD , program specifications, screen and reports layout and system prototyping using CSP
  • Development of Unit and System Integration Test Plans
  • Program construction, Testing and Implementation using CICS, DB2, VSAM, SDF II, and COBOL.
  • Development of Interactive Job submission facility using REXX procedures and JCL
  • System Documentation and User Training


Resume 5

Samples represents that of an actual working technical professional found on the WEB and modified to protect the privacy of these professionals. Human names, company names, colleges, software product names are intentionally made up.


John Ford

Santa Ana, CA 90293


Twenty three years of diverse work experience in Information Technology. This has involved Project Management, Structured Systems Design and Analysis, Application and Systems Programming, Database Administration, Data Modeling, Data Communication, Networking of IBM PC to IBM Mainframes and Software Engineering.


Far Eastern University , Manila, Philippines
B.Sc. Electrical Engineering 10/82


IBM 370, 4331, 4341, 4381, 4391, 3033, 3083, 3090, ES 9000, S/390, IBM S/3, S/34, S/36, S/38, AS/400, RS/6000, NCR TOWER, NCR SYSTEM 3000, NCR ATM, AT&T, DEC STATION 3000/5000, DEC VAX 4000, SUN WORKSTATION, PERKIN ELMER, and PC












Superior Solutions Corporation – Stamford CT
10/01 – 04/02

Technical Lead Consultant

I was involved in doing some data integration to link Essbase OLAP database using ETL tools such as Hyperion HAL or Ascential Data Stage. Responsible for providing technical expertise in data integration for software packages such SAP/R3, JD Edwards, Lawson, Peoplesoft, DB2, Oracle, Ms-sql server and Sybase.

Environment: Windows NT/2000, OLAP, Essbase, MS-SQL 7, ORACLE, DB2 – Santa Clara, CA
03/00 – 01/01


Involved in the migration of Microsoft SQL Server 7.0 to Solaris Oracle 8i, doing schema re-engineering, conversion of TSQL stored procedure to Oracle PL/SQL, transformation of all MS-SQL data tables to Oracle. Also responsible for the day-to-day task of maintaining production MS-SQL database, like fine tuning, backup and recovery.

Environment: Sun 3400, SOLARIS, LINUX, WINDOW NT 4.0, MS-SQL 7, ORACLE 8i, Erwin – San Diego, CA

Information DBA

Involved in doing Data Modeling, data mart and ODS development, designing data warehousing boundaries and parameters, Data Transformation, PL/SQL and TSQL stored procedure and DataStage Universe Basic coding. Also responsible in designing, setting up and administering BRIO data repository in Oracle 8, Sybase 11.9 and MS-SQL 7 databases.


ABC Consulting Inc. – Daytone, CA

IT Consultant – Data Modeler/DBA

Involve in doing Data Modeling in preparation for migrating legacy application from flat file to ORACLE database, also using ORACLE DESIGNER as Case Tools for analysis, design and creation of Metadata repository for Princess Cruises. Perform data mining, data mapping, data graphing using OLTP and OLAP tools such as Business Object, Relational Rose Red brick software packages. Reverseand Forward re-engineer current database using ERWIN, by adding, and modifying tables on databases. Coding Stored Procedures for Sybase TSQL, CSP/AD-DB2, PowerBuilder, and AIX Shell Script. Also perform DBA function such as backup and recovery, fine tuning, replication and physical database creation through CASE tools.


Random Information Technology Inc. – Lowney, CA
01/97 – 05/97

Software Developer/DBA Contractor

Prepare program specification prior to coding using Entity Relation Diagram for Client Server Development projects. Perform program coding in Cobol language using Embedded SQL as interface to Sybase Databases. Also Perform DBA and System Administration task for fine tuning performance, replication of Sybase Database, like coding Stored Procedures, Triggers. Perform Data Modeling analysis of current Logical and Physical database used by various manufacturing application.

Environment: DEC MicroVax 4000, Alpha, Pentium-based PC, Novell LAN, Windows 95, Windows NT, DEC Cobol, Sybase, 4th Dimension – Client Server Gui, Reflection

Advanced Solutions Computer Management Consultant, Inc. Irving, CA
07/96 – 12/96

System Analyst/Programmer – Contractor

Responsible for doing analysis, debugging, modification and testing of the IV-D financial module of the Child Welfare Support System of the State of Nevada – Nomads Project. Perform program coding in CSP/AD, DB2 SQL, generate ALP codes for CICS and JCL. Update documentation pertaining to Entity Relation Diagram and Pseudo Code for the CSP specification.

Environment: IBM ES 9000, IBM PC s, MVS/ESA, CICS, TSO, JES2, ISPF, REXX, DB2, CSP/AD, SPUFI, QMF, OS/2.

Parametric Systems, Inc. – Redwood Forest, CA
01/96 – 06/96


Responsible for the development of GUI application using Visual FoxPro Ver 3.0 as standard Platform, running under Windows 95 and NT server. Design object classes and database tables for reusable interfaces with different software packages like RMA and ACCPAC Accounting Packages. Perform program coding using Visual FoxPro Ver 3.0, Stored Procedures and Trigger at Client Server level using MS-SQL Server 6.0.

Environment: 486 and Pentium-based PC, Novell LAN, Windows 95, Windows NT, Visual FoxPro, Micro Focus Cobol, ACCPAC Software Development Kit, Crystal Report Writer, Visio

Asian Information Management Services – Kuwait
03 /94 – 09/95

I.T. Consultant/ Data Modeler/DBA

Develop functional specification utilizing DFD, ERD, PAD, and Crud Matrix using IEF and ADW 2.7 CASE tools. Develop Data Warehousing DB2 multidimensional fact logical and physical databases based on Star Schema. Perform Data Modeling, Database Administration and program coding in COBOL, CICS, CSP, PowerBuilder, TSQL Stored Procedures and Triggers for SYBASE. Also do DBA tasks like backup, fine tuning and replication of SYBASE Databases.

Environment: IBM ES 9000 IBM PC s, NCR 3000, SUN 100/20 Workstation, MVS/ESA, TSO, JES2, ISPF, DB2, CSP/AD, CICS, SPUFI, QMF, SYBASE, PowerBuilder, CASE Tools ADW 2.7, Ernst & Young Navigator, BACHMAN DBA, IEF Version 5.0

SAT Flores I.T. Consultancy
02/93 – 02/94

Entrepreneur – Self Employed

Provide consultancy services such as system analysis, database design and software construction through the use of IEW CASE Tools. Perform DBA and database program coding for Stored Procedures and Triggers on SYBASE, ORACLE and INGRES database. Install and set-up UNIX operating system for NCR 3300 and DEC 3000 hardware.

Environment: DEC VAX 4000, NCR 3300, NCR ATM, IBM AS/400, IBM OS/400, RS/6000 VMS, ULTRIX, AIX, UNIX System V, Ingres, Sybase, Oracle 6.0, CASE Tools IEW Ver 5.0

University of Hampton/Department of Medicine – United Kingdom
09/91 – 09/93

Information Technology Consultant – Business Analyst

Conduct Data Gathering and JAD Session with Asthma – Allergy Medical Specialist Practitioner. Develop user s requirement and detail functional specification using Entity Relational Diagram, Program Action Diagram and Structure Charts. Perform C/C++ program coding using Borland C++ 3.5 compiler.

Environment: 486 EISA PC – MS DOS, Windows 3.1, Borland C/C++ Ver. 3.5, CodeBase, Liant Libraries, CASE Tools – EasyCase Plus Ver 3.1

RRTCADS – Bahrain
12/90 – 07/92

Systems Analyst/DBA – Contract

Develop data model diagram based from Entity Relation Diagram, Structure Chart, Process Flow Diagram, Action Diagram, using IEW Ver 5.0. Engage in the development of an Integrated Hospital Management Care System, using ORACLE Version 5.0 and 6.0 as standard platform. Utilized ORACLE SQL Forms Writer and Reporter and code PL/SQL. Generate COBOL code through IEW GAMMA software construction module.

Environment: IBM 4381, 4391, 3083, ES 9000, PC s, MVS/XA, TSO, ISPF, JES2, MANTIS, PANVALET, CICS, COBOL, C, TOTAL, Oracle 5.0 & 6.0, Millennium, FoxPro, Case Tools IEW Ver. 5.0 Gamma COBOL Generator

Arabian Telecom – Saudi Arabia
10/87 – 06/90

Business Analyst

Develop Data Model Diagram based from the Context Diagram, Data Flow Diagram, Entity Relation Diagram, Structure Chart and Process Flow Diagram, using EXCELERATOR package. Design and prepare testing strategy procedures. Code IMS DL1, COBOL, JCL and CLIPPER programs for Uploading and Downloading of IBM Mainframe files.

Environment: IBM 3033, 3090, PC s, MVS/XA, TSO, ISPF, CICS, JES2, PANVALET, SAS, Novell LAN, IMS, Clipper, FoxPro, COBOL, FORTRAN, BASIC, C, CASE Tools Excelerator.

Resume 6

Samples represents that of an actual working technical professional found on the WEB and modified to protect the privacy of these professionals. Human names, company names, colleges, software product names are intentionally made up.


Ronald L. Swanson

358 Evergreen Road
Alston, CO 80439


Database Administrator and Architect, with in-depth technical knowledge combined with strong management/supervisory skills. Hands on professional able to produce positive results in an efficient, quick and cost effective manner. Able to gather client requirements, design and implement work process solutions and database design, along with marketing data analysis, meeting extremely tight time and quality objectives. Skill set includes defining, developing, and modifying database systems, building the logical design model of a database, administering databases, meeting schedules and budgets, working with developers in performance tuning design and functioning as a change agent.


2001 to Present

Senior Oracle DBA

  • Contract positions as required by various companies.
  • Built up a data warehouse along with an intermediate log processing database.
  • Got into production the replication system for processing web server logs and aggregating the data into a warehouse.
  • Set-up a complete backup and recovery system
  • Skills used- Oracle administration and installation, performance tuning, Backup and recovery, SQL, PL/SQL, Oracle Designer, Technical documentation

SmartLogic, Westford, CO
2000 to 2001

Senior Database Architect

  • Member of the MatchLogic DBA team, involved with the requirements analysis, design and implementation of several re-engineered systems. Successfully developed and implemented several new database systems as well as the supporting processes.
  • Worked on the design team that re-engineered the complete data transformation process for incoming client data streams to be loaded to a profile repository data warehouse . This included reverse engineering undocumented existing systems, finding and eliminating bottlenecks and streamlining the entire process.
  • Developed the concepts for the metadata portion of the data transformation processes including a database driven job control section.
  • Designed and implemented a statistical gathering, reporting and data aging system for profile repositories.
  • Designed and implemented an ad server configuration system. This involved moving an existing perl based batch process to a real-time database system.

ExciteSystems, Westford, CO

Database Architect

  • Using UML analysis and design, laid the foundation and did proof of concept for an image management system as well as several multi-media presentation systems to increase site traffic and registrations.
  • Designed an image metadata database using object-relational technology. The system was implemented to a testing stage and allowed not only standard metadata to be tracked and applied, but contractual information as well. This prevented images from being used in areas outside of contracts.
  • Built a system to rapidly deploy multi-media web sites. The sites were developed such that all parameters were stored in a database allowing high efficiency of the time of creative type people. Also, statistics were gathered as to traffic and traffic patterns to fine tune the web site performance., Boderville, CO
1999 – 2000

Database Manager

  • Brought on to develop and build up a database management team that would take the work back from outside contractors that had been used for fast site start-up. This included documenting the existing system, planning the future expansion and developing the required expertise.
  • Completely responsible for a 7 x 24 Oracle database operation involving both e-commerce, market data collection, ad serving and e-mail pushes.
  • Setup and tested a 7 x 24 database fail over system and data recovery.
  • Liaison with marketing department to improve targeting accuracy and increase speed and detail of consumer online registrations with new reporting and analysis tools.
  • Outlined and instituted the process of building a database management team for a 7 by 24 e-commerce web site., Alden, CO

Senior Oracle DBA

  • Contract position to get a small internet start-up moved to the next growth stage in a production environment.
  • Moved in-production websites to a new ISP while upgrading software versions with minimal downtime.
  • Did a complete analysis and major performance tuning on the production system.

Florence Daniel, Alden, CO
1995 – 1999

Project Information Manager, Computer Integrated Engineering Manager and Oracle DBA

  • Worked as a project information manager on a 1.2 billion dollar project and as the Computer Integrated Engineering department manager. Took the office from minimal CAD experience to utilizing intelligent 3D design systems which involved a tremendous change in work attitudes across several cultures.
  • Directed the integration of information flow using new automation tools that resulted in less costs and error free design execution.
  • Managed the cradle to grave integration of information and data flows between different groups.
  • Guided the building of a uniform set of work procedures on inter-office work sharing of data and information at a scale not been done before.
  • Worked with clients, after project award, to establish technical requirements and goals. Translated these into technical specs and procedures for implementation.
  • Consistent work processes were established between 3 offices, enabling work load balancing, eliminating personnel transfers and crossing cultural and technical boundaries.

Raylon Engineers, Steelwood, CO
1985 – 1995

Computer Aided Engineering Support and Oracle DBA

  • Sole Oracle DBA responsible for several databases on different engineering projects. Not only supported and tuned the databases, but worked with the end users to develop new applications and reporting systems.
  • Supported and developed Oracle RDBMS and systems for the Design Teams. Wrote procedures and automated work processes.
  • Defined goals and objectives, managed major projects, developed and managed budgets, and dealt effectively with management responsibilities.


Databases: Oracle, Informix, Access

Operating Systems: Windows NT and UNIX Solaris & LINUX

Software: Oracle RDBMS, SQL*Plus, Oracle Designer, Microsoft Office, Lotus Notes, Various CAD software, Microsoft Project, Power Designer

Languages: SQL, Perl, PL/SQL, Java minimal , C, HTML beginner

Other: Oracle Database Administration, Database Design, Apache web server, database performance tuning, database backup and recovery, data cleansing, data bulk loading, specification writing, customer interface, UML Analysis and design


MS, Computer Science, University of Denver MBA, University of Houston
BSEE, Iowa State University
Registered professional Engineer
Colorado, Missouri, Idaho, and Texas
Oracle University- Oracle Fundamentals and Advanced Query Techniques, Oracle Database Administration and Oracle Application Performance Tuning, Develop Web Based Applications in JAVA and PL/SQL, plus Oracle Application Server Administration, Database Design Analysis using UML
Continuing Training- Supporting NT Servers and Workstations, Novell system administration
Management and Supervision- Developing Positive Assertiveness, Effective Speaking, Managing Human Performance, Written Presentation of Ideas, Supervisory Management

Resume 7

Samples represents that of an actual working technical professional found on the WEB and modified to protect the privacy of these professionals. Human names, company names, colleges, software product names are intentionally made up.


Maishui Sang

122 Hudson St
Rayland Park, NJ 08904


To obtain a senior Sybase DBA position in a progressive company.


Languages: Ksh, Csh, Perl, Sed, Awk, C, C++, Java, VB5.0, Fortran.

Database Management Systems: Sybase ASE 11.x, 12.x , Replication Server, T-SQL, Open Client / ODBC/JDBC, Power Designer 8; Informix Online Server 7.x; Oracle 8, 8i: PL/SQL.

Operating Systems: Unix Solaris, HP-UX, Linux , Windows 95/98/2000/NT 4.0 Server/Workstation , DOS.

Networking: TCP/IP

Web Development: IIS 4.0, ASP, HTML, CGI, Java Script


6/00 Present

Position: Sybase and Informix DBA full time

  • Installed eight new Sybase ASEs version 12 and upgraded three ASEs to version 12 from 11.x. Set up user PCs and Unix application servers connections to ASEs.
  • Wrote shell and SQL scripts and setup cron jobs for checking Adaptive servers availability, backup of databases and crucial system tables, nightly batch jobs for data transfer from Informix to Sybase servers, synchronizing syslogins tables among different servers, refreshing the same database in test server with production data.
  • Monitored server performance, database and transaction log growth and error logs.
  • Tuned ASEs on case-by-case basis such as adding indexes, data and procedure caches, allocating segments, partitioning big tables, optimizing SQL statements, etc.
  • Performed disaster recovery for a production database which went offline after the server was moved to a new Sun box. Recovered a testing server after accidentally deleting all its syslogins entries including sa login.
  • As the only DBA, supported nine developers for various projects such as database logical design for new applications ER diagram, primary, foreign keys, etc , building data warehouse, creation and population of daily work tables out of huge tables for faster data retrieval. Responded to user requests and resolved server issues.
  • Administered three Informix On-Line Server 7.x. using dbaccess, onstat, onmonitor, load, unload, dbimport, dbexport, dbschema. Moved Informix production server to a new unix sun box. Migrated an Informix database from a development server to a testing server. Setup daily cron jobs to unload Informix data and load into Sybase server. Added more chunks to temp dbspace, resolving a slow server response issue.

1/00 6/00

Position: Sybase DBA consultant

  • Provided production support as Sybase Primary, resolving requests or problems raised by application groups in various business clusters, and coordinating with Command Centers, Legato primary, Unix Primary, Replication Primary, etc.
  • Administered replication servers LTM, DSI, heartbeat, Partitions, Stable Queues, Secondary Truncation point, Connections, Synchronization, etc .
  • Monitored Sybase ASEs on SUN unix hosts via the monitoring tools: Tivoli, PCM problem change manager and Mail Tools, as well as on NT with Sybase Central.
  • Diagnosed and resolved server problems using the monitoring tools, relevant error logs, scripts, stored procedures, internal web documents and Sybase support.
  • Involved in Sybase server migration from version to

5/98 1/00

Position: Sybase DBA full time

  • Installed, upgraded, and configured Sybase ASE11.x and replication servers on Sun Solaris and Windows NT.
  • Created databases, managed storage device, fragment, segment, threshold , and administered security role, login, user/alias/group, object/command permissions .
  • Monitored and troubleshooted Sybase ASEs using server messages, ASE error logs, backup server logs, system procedures, DBCCs, threshold manager, etc.
  • Performed backup and recovery recovery of master/user databases and master device, server rebuild, Up-to-the-Minute Recovery, Point-in-Time Recovery, etc.
  • Tuned ASEs for performance from different levels i.e. system level, application level, server level using various approaches memory, indexing, locking, object placement, table de normalization, SQL design, and other server configurations .

5/97 5/98

Position: Sybase DBA full time

  • Created databases in the development, test, and production servers.
  • Authorized Sybase SQL server users and granted permissions to them.
  • Managed and monitored the use of disk space, database space, CPU, memory, cache, and user connections and processes.
  • Implemented procedures for backup and recovery of production servers.
  • Developed various procedures and shell scripts on HP-UX platform.
  • Transferred large quantities of data in and out of Sybase SQL server databases.

8/90 12/93

Position: Project Engineer full time

Used C , FORTRAN, dBase III to manage and analyze various data of measurement and technical specifications.


MS Dept. of Computer Science

BS Dept. of Earth Science

REFERENCES: Will be provided upon request.

Resume 8

Samples represents that of an actual working technical professional found on the WEB and modified to protect the privacy of these professionals. Human names, company names, colleges, software product names are intentionally made up.


Eugene Convay

254 Ashwood Drive
Colorado Springs, Colorado 80916




Computer Information Professional presenting more than twenty-two years of solid experience in Information Systems. Demonstrated Database Administration skills including, but not limited to Database and it s Instance/Engine planning, configuration, implementation, troubleshooting, performance tuning, disaster prevention and recovery skills to over 30 client-customer companies, for short/SWAT, medium and long term assignments. Displays excellent leadership, listening, assessment and persuasion skills. Highly effect in communicating technical information and issues to technical and non-technical end-users alike. Informix Database Administration expertise. Knowledgeable of Enterprise Replication. Pursuing MS SQL Server and DB2 UDB certification. Experienced UNIX Systems Administrator. Oracle Installation and use experience. B.S. in Computer and Information Science.


Active Technologies, Inc.
October 1997 April 2002

Consulting Assignments

Tri-County Health

Performed Upgrade from Informix IDS Ver 7.3 UC8 to IDS 2000 Ver 9.21 UC4-1 and installed 4GL Ver 7.30. and SDK Ver 2.50.UC2, then tuned engine. Set up archecker utility. Evaluated/investigated the environment/infrastructure in general, implemented and made general “good practice” recommendations.

United Bank Of Commerce

Implemented a clone/semi-hot Informix instance, Ver 7.31UC7-1 from their production instance. Advised client on Informix backup tools available, pointed out the significant differences, advantages and disadvantages from IBOC s perspective, implemented chosen tool and assisted them with demonstrations and explanations to the staff of how to utilize it. Educated their staff on advantages that using Informix Enterprise Replication would provide, including near-instantaneous propagation of data from one server to another and some challenges that would need to be addressed in order to consider it s use.


Performed, advised and implemented an instance Health Check & Performance Tuning tasks. Improved 3 categories of performance 20 , 30 and 50 while eliminating writes between checkpoints when no clean memory pages were available, besides reducing the polling workload for each cpu virtual processor.

Strategic Outsourcing, Inc.

Delivered Database tuning expertise on IDS 2000 Ver. 9.21.FC3. Helped uncover that the disk infrastructure was configured in a way that only partially utilized the high availability protection and performance capacity capabilities of the hardware and software.

Circuit Court, Florida

Due to impending capacity limit of disks, presumed inability to add more of that model to the given server and the length of time involved for the onbar migration being the major part of a week or longer , the task at hand was to get Informix 7.23.UC1, OnBar and Omniback2 OB2 working together sufficiently on a smaller scale, so that the staff could use the tools on a larger scale to perform a full blown migration later.


Performed Informix DBA services, such as performance monitoring and tuning, data archiving and log management, network connectivity for user workstations and daily database management. Reviewed and approved the suitability of using the Informix Storage Mgr SM , vs. other SMs, to reduce the 16-20 hours or more using ontape it took to back up the 80GB Informix production instance. Researched and troubleshot the previous ISM installation, which produced unusable backups. Re-installed and corrected the implementation, resulting in backing up 80GB in as little as, just over 2 Hrs in the development environment, which passed validation checking.

GTE, Fort Worth, Texas

Carried out General DBA Supervisory Skills. Oversaw and assisted in the establishment of on Oracle instance and in the migration of data from an Informix instance to it. Provided general DBA problem troubleshooting resolutions.

Informix Software SWAT Team

Responsible for reviewing current and implementing planned Informix instances, data migrations, apprising/advising site mgt., DBA s & UNIX system administrators of performance monitoring and tuning, disk RAIDing and/or layout, database installation and configuration issues; code reviews, UNIX script writing and maintenance for Informix customers. Implementing ISM for Informix s onbar utility usage.

GTE, Orlando, Florida

While at GTE-LES, performed installs, registrations and manipulations of the Informix and third party provided Datablades, a number of which dealt with webpages, webtags, webimages and facial recognition. Used Informix s blademgr and locally written utility scripts to do so. This ran within Silicon Graphic s IRIX OS. Produced detailed documentation/instructions of their locally developed methodology which was used to migrate integral metadata and data of their database, that included their web pages, tags, images; Informix engine and datablade software. This was used to migrate/synchronize the upgrade of their Bastille application from one server to another, while maintaining the versioning infrastructure on these servers which would allow, if needed, shutdown of their app. and instance while linked to one version of their instance environment, with a rapid restart of the application and all its necessary components after delinking & relinking, to a different instance environment .


Assigned to Kmart to provide performance enhancements and methodologies for their existing warehouse database. This involved verifying the correct problem manifistation, in order to provide a correct diagnosis to the actual performance problem. Adapted scripts in order to report on the tables that had too many extents. Per customer request, produced Database Schema SQL statements and shell scripts to correct extenting problems. Provided on the job training for their Jr. DBA personnel. Diagnosed cause and implemented restorative solutions for down instances. Performed real time monitoring of system resources, which lead to identifying poorly performing SQL statements, and recommendations, which yielded the same/desired solution set, at a more robust speed.

The Signature Production Group

Informix DBA for the customer s production environment. Responsibilities included creating database-monitoring scripts to alert and notify operations and DBA support, based on alarming events in the database. Created Informix- fragmentation strategies for database and application performance. Implemented archiving strategy for recoverability. Standardization of Informix and OS versions for all telemarketing servers. Trained Signature associates to effectively handle DBA functions.

Informix Soft, Inc.

Responsible for the migration of data from Sybase to Informix 7.23 for the MCI Star OE project. The conversion efforts included the use of various Sybase, Informix and UNIX migration tools to export and filter data; analyzing, optimizing and configuring the disk layout, initialization and tuning of the Informix engine, manipulation of the database schema to take advantage of optimization techniques and migration of the data into the new database tables in a parallel fashion.

Walter Weston & Sons
August 1983 October 1997

Performed Database Administration services for Informix Online Dynamic Server, such as performance monitoring and tuning. Developed an archiving strategy and created scripts for database archiving and logical log management. Responsible for reviewing and recommending changes to the composition of SQL statements, which optimized the performance of the Powerbuilder applications using them. UNIX & GCOS System Administrator. Other duties included assisting in the re-engineering of the Mainframe label application system, which included combining label data with data control commands, essential for the production of offset printing plates; roll labels or laser printed sheet labels. Assisted developers in various problem resolutions, including connectivity, code efficiency and communication issues.

United States Air Force
July 1979 July 1983

Provided technical guidance in the use of the GCOS File Management Supervisor FMS utilities. Evaluated and performed file saves/restores of system and user files. Assisted programmers and functional users in resolving or working-around system software deficiencies. Adept at following the procedural and data flow of undocumented and/or documents program written in higher or lower level languages. Possessed TS/ESI security clearance.


Informix Database versions 5.x, 7.x, 9.x UDO, Informix Blade Manager, Informix Third Party Datablades, Informix High Perfomance Loader, Informix HDR High Availability Replication , Informix ER Enterprise Replication , Informix On-BAR, ISM, Informix Performance Tuning, SQL, Erwin, UNIX, Solaris, AIX, HP-UX, IRIX, Linux, K Shell, Bourne Shell & C Shell Scripting, Crystal Reports, MS Windows 2000, NT, 98, 95, 3.1, MS Office 2000 applications Excel, Outlook, PowerPoint, Word, etc .


B.S. Degree in Computer and Information Science, Ohio State

Notable Corporate Education:

Informix Dynamic Server Backup & Restore Strategies onbar/ISM
Master Series Informix advanced Performance Tuning.
Using Informix Enterprise Replication.
Informix Dynamic Server Advanced Performance Tuning
Informix Dynamic Server Performance tuning.
Informix Dynamic Server Systems Administration Managing and Optimizing Informix Dynamic Server.
Veritas Volume Mgr and Netbackup.
BMC Patrol
Crystal Reports

Resume 9

Samples represents that of an actual working technical professional found on the WEB and modified to protect the privacy of these professionals. Human names, company names, colleges, software product names are intentionally made up.


James A. Broadford

615 Taylor Court
Aurora, CO 80004


Senior E-Commerce VLDB DBA/Architect and Oracle Replication Specialist


Independent Consultant:

1/01 present Financial Advisors, San Diego, CA

Sr. Operations/Development DBA/Architect Oracle8i 8.1.7 , Solaris 8, EMC, Veritas

Architected development system into a highly available production configuration using Oracle advanced replication, standby database, Veritas HA Cluster and Oracle Dataguard products. Systems were designed, tested and implemented for minimum downtime in the event of a node, database or corruption failure. Designed production architecture from scratch to scale out multiple servers with load balancing as well as up within the primary machine with zero completed transaction loss on switchover. Worked with developers to implement JDBC cached connection pooling and improve SQL queries, bfile and XML access.

6/00 12/00
Corporate Headquarters, Springfield, CO

Senior Operations/Development DBA – Oracle 8i 8.1.6 , Sun Solaris 2.6, EMC, Veritas

Primarily responsible for SQL and database level tuning and scalability projects for Corporate Express primary OLTP systems. Modified systems to enhance scalability due to migration from legacy systems. Increased workload 100 in two months with no loss of response time. In project to purge approximately 50GB of old data, improved performance by twenty-fold by tuning or re-writing the SQL and parallelizing the process. Performance white papers were written for this client on buffer busy waits, sequential read waits, db_block_size comparison, SQL tuning and file I/O load balancing.

1/00 6/00
Western Financial Services, Des Moines, IA

Senior Operations DBA Oracle 8i 8.1.6 , Sun Solaris 2.6 – 7, EMC, Veritas

Implementing 2TB+ OLTP system Sapphire to process loan information from over 1000 offices in a 7/24 operation at 99.99 uptime requirement. Implemented Oracle Parallel Server 8.1.6 – SUN PDB on two Sun E10000 machines for high availability requirements. Modified physical design of databases for the specific needs of OLTP and secondary structured reporting data mart approx 5.5TB . Designed and implemented EMC EDM Symmetrix SymmConnect and SymmPath backups for minimal impact on database operations. Using Veritas, created all raw volumes and filesystems for use by the OLTP and structured reporting systems. Other duties include production support of HR, payroll, Remedy, ITO and other production systems.

3/99 1/00
Fanta Bottling Group/IBM Global Services, Somerville, New York

Senior Operations – Development DBA

Manage over 35 production and development databases on 14 systems HP, SUN, IBM-AIX, NT . Databases support Peoplesoft HR, Oracle GL and GEMMS in 7/24 operation. Upgraded systems from 7.3 to 8.0 and 8i using Oracle s migration utility and import/export. Created processes to monitor and implement changes to all systems from one machine with shell scripts ksh via remote shell, SQL and other methods. Simplified systems to have a similar look and feel for ease of maintenance, i.e. naming conventions for datafiles, tablespaces and directories, scripts written once to modify any or all of the instances as well as logical and physical backup scripts using BMC SQL*Backtrack. Database project lead for advanced technology projects to include sales-force automation updateable snapshot replication , imaging and Oracle Express all on Oracle 8i. Created and executed plan to move several 100GB+ databases from New York to North Carolina to include tablespace consolidation and reorganization within a very limited timeframe..

1/99 3/99
Channel Force, Inc., Colorado Springs, Colorado

Senior Operations DBA/Datacenter Architect Oracle 8.0.5 IBM AIX 4.3

Designed physical and logical structure and implemented client s health insurance commerce server. Previously implemented for one carrier on Windows NT and Oracle 7.3.3, the new system will include over 100 carriers and 400 users for 7×24 operation. Designed disk layout for EMC2 3430 array for optimal OLTP performance and to scale to projected growth of 228GB per year.

9/98 2/99
Country.Net, Inc., Colorado Springs, Colorado

Senior Operations DBA. Oracle 7.3.x and 8.0.4 Sun Solaris 2.5.1 , 2.6 – 2.7

Designed and implemented changes to tune and enable operational consistency to nine databases of approximately 200GB each supporting the free email services of Country.Net Netaddress and Netscape Webmail and fee-based mail American Express, Country.Net s . Also manage 8 other supporting databases for customer service, order processing, etc. Increased amount of data accounts stored on each mail database by 160 from 900,000 to 2.5 million with no change in response time sub 2 second . Reduced database downtime from an average of 30 hours/month to less than 2 hours including scheduled maintenance for 99.7 availability. Worked with Timebridge and Country.Net personnel to resolve memory and I/O tuning issues. Implemented new backup procedures for all databases using EMC2 Symmetrix and Timefinder software with EMC2 s EDM backup system and tape array subsystem replacing RMAN and EBU. Lead and trainer of junior DBA blending Oracle training with practical knowledge specific to the needs of Country.Net s OLTP systems.

1995 1998

Technical Specialist/Team Lead

Senior member of the Server Technologies kernel group.

  • Senior analyst resolving database, advanced replication, backup – recovery, tuning, PL/SQL, and internals issues for worldwide clients.
  • Replication specialist for the Rocky Mountain Support Center. Resolved in depth replication issues in multi-master, updateable and read-only snapshots. Instructor in Oracle replication internals and replication SME subject matter expert for Oracle 8i beta program.
  • Systems administrator/DBA for six Server Technologies group systems Sun, HP – Windows NT . Manage over 50 databases for training, version testing, beta testing and customer test cases.
  • Manage eight analysts, assist in resolution of technical issues, provide a technical escalation path, define training plans, scheduling and manage day-to-day operations customer satisfaction, call and issue metrics .
  • Developed and presented training courses for analysts in advanced replication, distributed database operations, database installation, snapshots, multi-threaded server and SQL*Net.
  • Developed and implemented web based personnel scheduling system and team TAR tracking system written in PL/SQL.
  • Maintain script repository for Oracle Support Services. Scripts are evaluated, tested and placed for availability on an intranet web site.
  • Developed and maintain the RMSC RDBMS intranet web site.

Principal Consultant

Consultant engaged in multiple DBA and development assignments including:

  • Bureau of Reclamation, Department of the Interior – Addison, Colorado
    Oracle 7.3.x HP/UX 10.20 — Designed, tested and implemented time – attendance/inventory data warehouse. System consisted of 19 distributed sites processing data to a central data warehouse. System implemented with Oracle7 7.3 with updateable snapshots and multi-master replication. Also developed distributed systems disaster recovery plan with Unix and SQL scripts and provided database and application tuning expertise. Worked with PSDI personnel to adapt Oracle database to specific needs of their Maximo product. Wrote PL/SQL code and triggers to process data between Maximo and other Bureau of Reclamation applications.
  • Unisys/State of Wisconsin – Fremont, Wisconsin
    Oracle 7.2.3 Sequent Dynix — Medicaid Data Warehouse Conversion. Created PL/SQL procedures to load/process data from legacy flat-file application into relational tables. Advised Unisys and Oracle staff on large scale systems 500+ GB and DBA concerns on HP T-500 system.
  • Bell Atlantic Video Services – Bellton, Virginia
    Oracle 7.0-7.2 Sun Solaris 2.4 — Design, installation and documentation of multi-database table level replication using snapshots. Database to support real-time order and video stream processing to home set-top boxes for direct video. Installation, database setup and tuning on Sun Solaris. Upgraded SQL*Net from 1.2 to 2.1 and modified applications for the new version. Task lead for migration of data from three sources two Oracle databases and a Filemaker Pro flat file database to two new Oracle databases.

1994 – 1995

Software Engineer/Database Administrator

Designed and developed Sybase database and applications using stored procedures and C++ to retrieve and process over 250,000 rows six times daily approximately 4000 real-time measurements for Hughes HS601 and HS603 communications satellites. Rewrote Sybase header files to C++ standards and tested system with 130 million rows of data.

1989 – 1994

Member of Technical Staff

Lead engineer and Oracle DBA. Designed, coded, installed and maintained database systems for Air Force Space Command customers. Logical and physical design for prototype and productions systems running parallel server. Other engineering included: design and code of human-machine interface using X-Windows and Motif, programming in Ada/Pro*Ada, C and C++ and documentation to DOD-STD-2167A standards.


Software: Oracle8i through 8.1.7 , Oracle8, Oracle7, Oracle V6 – V5.1, PL/SQL, Net8 – SQL*Net, DataGuard, EMC2 Symmetrix, Timefinder and EDM, BMC SQL-Backtrack, Pro*C, Pro*Ada, SQL*Module, Oracle Forms 4.5, Oracle Reports 2.5, C, C++, Ada, X-windows/Motif, Sybase, Veritas, Unix shell scripting korn – C shells , Perl

Hardware: Sun Solaris – SunOS , EMC2 EDM, EMC Clariion, HP HP/UX 9.X, 10.X – 11 , PC Windows NT , IBM AIX , Digital DEC Unix, VAX – OpenVMS , Sequent Dynix and SGI IRIX 5.x – 6.x


Oracle7 and Oracle8 – 8i Database Administration
Advanced Replication – Snapshots
Backup – Recovery
Database and Application Tuning
VLDB Design and Implementation
Distributed Database Design and Implementation


Oracle Certified Professional 7.3, 8.0, 8i
Database Administrator 2/98, 1/00, 6/00
Certifications:Oracle Masters – Database Administrator – 1995
Masters Candidate – Computer Systems Engineering
Colorado Technical University – estimated completion – 2001
B.S. Computer Science – Northwestern Oklahoma State University – 1989

Oracle Classes: Database Internals, Replication Internals, Database Administration, Backup – Recovery, Tuning, Advanced Symmetric Replication, Oracle Webserver Administration, Developing Web Applications with PL/SQL, Distributed Database Administration, Introduction to Data Warehousing, Implementing an Oracle Data Warehouse, Oracle8 New Features for Administrators, Oracle8 New Features for Developers, Managing Teamwork


Level 1 Award – RDBMS Group Outstanding Analyst Oracle Support Services – December 1997

Resume 10

Samples represents that of an actual working technical professional found on the WEB and modified to protect the privacy of these professionals. Human names, company names, colleges, software product names are intentionally made up.


Ameet Ali

Immigration status: Authorized to work in the US without sponsorship.

Summary of Experience:

Experienced Certified Sybase DBA with over 7.5 years of experience in Sybase SQL Server, MS SQL Server and Replication Server Administration. Expert level skills using Sybase 11.0.x, 11.5.1, 11.9.x – 12.0.0.x 32 – 64 bit installations on Solaris / HP-UX / AIX / Linux installations , Sybase System – Database Administration, Sybase Replication Server 11.5.1 -12, Sybase Performance – Tuning strategies and issues, MS SQL Server Database Administration, Sybase Disaster Management – Recovery, Database design and UNIX System Administration skills.

Worked on databases from 40 GB to 2.5 TB in size, and upgraded over 80 servers from 11.x to 12.x. Evaluated and made recommendations on multiple disaster recovery solutions, storage solutions as well as hardware / software choices to clients in the Banking, Energy and Telecommunications industry. Designed and implemented logical and physical database models. I have a solid techno-commercial background that allows me to make better decisions for my employer / clients on the basis of cost-effectiveness of different solutions.

  • Strong decision making – management skills and team player attitude with the ability to get things done.
  • SYBASE Certified Professional. Certified on SYBASE 11 – 11.5.1.
  • Expert in Dataserver Design – Configuration, Disk Layout – machine configuration and Performance optimization and Tuning.
  • Sybase Replication Server Design and Implementation for disaster management and recovery.

Hardware/Operating Systems:

HP-UX 11.0 / 10.20 K / V / N Class boxes , AIX 4.3.x S 80 / S70 / H Class Boxes , Solaris 2.5.1 / 2.6 / 7 / 8 sparc 5 / sparc 10 / E250 / E 450 / E3500 / E 4500/ E 6500 / E 10000 class servers using Veritas Quick IO , NT 4.0 Compaq Proliant and HP Servers , Linux – Windows 95.


EMC Symmetric 5740, MTI, EMC Clarion, T3, A5200, D1000, A1000 and IBM Shark arrays with SSA controllers.


Sybase Adaptive Server Enterprise 11.0, 11.5.1, 11.9.2 – 12.0, Sybase Replication Server 11.5.1 and 12.0, SQL Backtrack, Sybase IQ Server 12.4.2, DB Artisan, MS SQL Server 6.5 – 7.0, isql, bcp, Sybase Monitor Server, Sybase Historical Server, Component Integration Services CIS , SQL Remote for Sybase Replication to SQL Anywhere and T-SQL, Mercury Load Runner.

Education/Training – Sybase Certifications:

  • MBA in progress – Keller Graduate School of Management 2000-02
  • Bachelors Degree in Accounting from University of Bombay.
  • 2 year Post Graduate Diploma in Information Systems Management from NIIT
  • Sybase Certified Professional – Adaptive Server Administrator version 11.5.1
  • Certified SYBASE DBA – version 11.0
  • System and Database Administration: Adaptive Server Enterprise 12.0
  • Replication Server Disaster Recovery version 12.0
  • Fast Track to Replication Server Administration 12.0
  • Fast Track to Replication Server Administration 11.5.1
  • Fast Track to Sybase Adaptive Server Enterprise11.5.1
  • System Administration of SYBASE Adaptive Server Enterprise 11.5.1
  • Advanced System Administration of SYBASE Adaptive Server Enterprise 11.5.1
  • Performance and Tuning of SYBASE Adaptive Server Enterprise 11.5.1
  • Advanced Sybase SQL Server System Administration 11.0
  • Certified UNIX System Administrator
  • Microsoft Certified Product Specialist.

Summary of experience:

Willson Systems
7/99 4/02

Senior SYBASE DBA Consultant

Provided Technical Support to system analysts and end users on technical issues. Database sizes ranged from 40 GB to 2.5 TB. I installed, tuned, upgraded, maintained and trouble shot Sybase Adaptive Servers v. 11.5.1 / 11.9.2 / 12.x on Solaris using Veritas file System / HP-UX / AIX / NT platforms, and Replication Servers 11.5.1 and 12.0. Additional duties included stress testing database servers using TPC and Mercury Load Runner, designing and implementing disaster management and recovery plans; automation of routine database maintenance tasks using shell scripts. Tuned database servers as needed on the physical and / or the logical query tuning level, as well as Replication and SQL Remote servers for using parallel dsi and memory allocation as needed. Supported both OLTP and DSS environments in development, production and QA environments. Designed and implemented physical database models.

Random Telecom company
April 99 – July 99

Production Sybase DBA for Excel

Provided Production Support to the client, and did performance tuning on the Test and Production Servers. Tuned and rewrote some stored procedures to do index scans, partitioned big tables across devices on a segment to reduce disk i/o contention, and wrote korn shell scripts to automate DB maintenance tasks such as update stats, sp_recompile – dbcc s. Installed, configured and upgraded Sybase dataservers 11.5.1 / 11.9.x, and Replication Server 11.5.1 on Solaris, AIX, Linux and NT. Also supported MS SQL Server 6.5 on NT 4.0

Sybase Products Middle East Sybase Distributor
1/98 3/99

Senior Consultant

Provided Technical Support to clients database administrators on technical issues. SPME caters to a majority of banks, government organizations, commercial houses – financial institutions on behalf of Sybase Inc. Duties include installation, remote trouble shooting using dial up networking, installing SYBASE on Sun Solaris Clusters for high availability.

  • Installed SYBASE in various client locations on multiple platforms.
  • Implemented Disaster recovery – management strategies.
  • Automation of Routine Maintenance tasks.
  • Physical Database design and implementation.
  • Set-up – configuration of SYBASE ASE 11.0.3.x, 11.5.1 and 11.9.2 on UNIX and NT platforms.
  • Performance tuning – troubleshooting of SYBASE ASE – Replication Servers.
  • Replication Server installation, configuration and administration.
  • Installed and configured Sybase Dataservers used for running GEAC solutions.
  • Installed and configured Sybase Dataservers and Replication Servers used for running LOGICA solutions used by banks and credit card issuers.

CTICO, Bombay, India
10-94 – 12/97

DBA Responsibilities:

  • Installation and configuration of the databases and dataservers on SCO UNIX and Solaris with VFS.
  • Set-up user groups and accounts to facilitate system administration.
  • Set-up a comprehensive Disaster Management and Recovery plan to ensure full and rapid recovery from any disasters.
  • Database Design – Performance Tuning:
  • Placed the database devices on different hard disks to reduce disk I/O contention and speed up performance.
  • Created indexes to help optimize queries and improve performance.
  • Arranged database devices on raw partitions to reduce disk I/O contention – speed up performance
  • Fine tuned SQL queries to improve performance
  • Implemented Stored Procedures – created indexes improving performance
  • Distributed tables on different devices to reduce disk I/O contention

Languages spoken: English, Hindi, Urdu, Marathi, Gujrati.

Resume 11

Samples represents that of an actual working technical professional found on the WEB and modified to protect the privacy of these professionals. Human names, company names, colleges, software product names are intentionally made up.


Ravikumar K. Sulamudi


  • Over 5 Years of experience in database administration and development of application software under ORACLE, SQL server Environment. Thorough knowledge of ORACLE 7.x/8.0/8.1.5/8.1.6/8.1.7, SQL Server 6.5/7/2000, SAS 6.12/8.2 database and development tools.
  • Server Administration, system study, analysis, design, development, testing and implementation with expertise in online transaction processing and multi-user systems involving large and distributed databases.
  • Thorough knowledge of Normalization, Data Warehousing, Replication, and OLAP 24X7 support, data transfer, documentation, preventive maintenance, archive and purging, database security design and setup, client connectivity, developers support, code review, automation, store procedures and triggers writing, load balancing, remote administration etc.
  • Performance tuning, database refresh, and day-to-day database monitoring activities.
  • Created roles, Privileges and assigned roles to users. Used Explain Plan to monitor execution path.
  • Used utilities like SQL Profiler, SQL Query Analyzer, SVRMGRL, Oracle Database Assistance, Oracle Enterprise Manager, and TKPROF for monitoring database performance.
  • Hands on experience in ORADIM, ORACLE Net 8 Assistance, LSNRTC
  • Performed database backup and recovery, Mirroring Redo log, Hot, Cold, EXP/IMP.
  • Also worked on database creation, modeling, and calculation of object sizes and database sizes.
  • Created tables in database with integrity constraints.


ORACLE 7.3/8i/8.1.5/8.1.6/8.1.7, SQL Server 6.5/7.0/2000, SAS6.12/8.2

T-SQL, PL/SQL, SQL*PLUS 3.3/8.0/8.1.5/8.1.6, TKPROF, SVRMGR30, Oracle Net 8 Assistance, Oracle Enterprise Manager, Oracle Replication Server, Oracle Database Assistance, EXP/IMP, SQL Loader, Sql navigator, Business Objects, Performance Tuning by Using TKPROF as well as Clustering and Indexing, Backup/Recovery, OLAP, WEBDB, DTS, Query Analyzer, Oracle OEM, BCP, ISQL, Sql server Enterprise manager

Database-administration using DB-Artisan, Monitoring tool Spot Light, Data modeling tools like Erwin and Erstudio, Data junction, Toad.

Operating Systems
UNIX Sun Solaris, AIX , Windows NT, Linux, Win95/98, DOS

Unix Shell Programming, C and Fortran

XML, XSL, Java1.1/1.2, HTML, MS Access 95/97, Microsoft EXCEL, MS Office 2000, JSP, HTML.

Professional Experience

Nova Pharmaceutical company, Gaisenburg, MD
Aug 2001 – Till Date


Project: This is a branch of Nova located at Gaisenburg, MD. They mainly deal with genetic and genomic concepts for drug development. Here we get clinical trial data for analysis.

Responsibilities As a DBA my role includes:

  • Oracle production support and Development environment.
  • Upgrading Oracle from 8.1.5 to 8.1.7, Installing 8.1.7 on new server.
  • Designing new schema form the specks.
  • Replication between oracle databases.
  • Installing and upgrading oracle.
  • Designing new databases for every different Clinical trial.
  • All the clinical data is in sas files, which need to be exported to oracle tables. These sas files need to be uncompressed before loading into the oracle database.
  • Regular maintenance and fine-tuning the database.
  • Creating and managing stored procedures and triggers, distributed data, database replication, server tuning, automation of administrative tasks, backup s, restoring and recovering databases, user and security management, database optimization, determining common performance problems, monitoring, configuring servers, and efficient in handling front-ends activities
  • Loading the clinical data from different sas formats to oracle using SQL loader and sas proc dbload.
  • Data need to be extracted from different tables in different schemas/databases for analysis. Clinical data comes in different formats so its new scenario for every trial.
  • Spreading the table and index data on different table spaces for better performance.

Environment: SUN SOLARIS 8, WINDOWS 2000 and REDHAT Linux, 0, SAS 6.12/8.2, ORACLE 8.1.7, Oracle Net 8Assistance, MS Access 95/97, Microsoft EXCEL, Microsoft Office 2000,DTS, Query Analyzer, Oracle OEM, DB-Artisan, EXPLAIN Plan, JSP, HTML, BCP, ISQL, Oracle Database Assistance, Perl, Backup And Recovery Utility, Exp/Imp, Tape backup, Enterprise Manager, Toad, Erwin.

Kursent, Inc., Oregon
Oct 2000 – May 2001


Ddtaxi: The ddtaxi service aggregates the largest Internet-enabled reservation booking service in the U.S. for the local point-to-point ground transportation industry. For the first time, corporate travelers, travel planners and consumers have a true reservation and confirmation advocate for taxi, sedan and limousine services. Ddtaxi is a one-stop, value-added solution that is accessible real time anywhere in the nation, plus five major Canadian cities.

Ddradio: The iQradio service is the first national database of radio stations searchable by the content played. You can locate stations playing your favorite artist, talk show, talk show host, sports team affiliate and network programming, wherever you are. By adding a preference profile, Ddradio can quickly find stations in any market that match your interests.

Dd411: Dd411 is the first and only directory information product with definitive directory data, providing the most accurate and findable data available. It s the cornerstone in consolidation of unrelated directory information data sources into a single consistent business process. A quantum leap forward for users of voice directory assistance and Web, the Dd411 platform empowers every business to enhance their competitive position by using definitive directory information that flexibly integrates with existing systems.


  • Support for development and production databases.
  • There are 2 development and 2 production Oracle servers with Oracle 8.1.5/8.1.6.
  • Development of schema changes
  • Development of product, quality testing and production database
  • Changes are done using scripts from development up the chain to production databases. These changes scripts need to have a rollback script if changes need to be rollback.
  • Refreshing the development databases from the production database.
  • Remotely administrating the production database through VPN connection. This includes monitoring the database growth, checking for the performance bottlenecks and taking backups for disaster recovery.
  • Responsible for installation ODBC Connectivity issues
  • Translation of business requirements to an Enterprise Data model
  • Planned and implemented various Transact-SQL statements, cursors, stored procedures and triggers
  • Responsible for data modeling, creation of database device logical and physical design of the database
  • Grant privileges to users to access systems and databases
  • Establishing connectivity to databases and monitoring system performance
  • Using Enterprise Manager and Query Analyzer to optimize the data flow on call for the production database
  • Supporting the development schema design.
  • Performance tuning the DML statements before including in the product development

Environment: SUN SOLARIS 2.6,WINDOWS 2000, ORACLE 8.1.6, Oracle Net 8.1.6Assistance, MS Access 95/97, Microsoft EXCEL, Microsoft Office 2000,DTS, Query Analyzer, Oracle OEM, DB-Artisan, EXPLAIN Plan, JSP, HTML, BCP, ISQL, Oracle Database Assistance, Backup And Recovery Utility, Exp/Imp, Net app s snapshot utility, DB-Artisan, Schema Manager, Sport light, Sql Navigator, ERWIN., California
Apr 2000 – Oct 2000


Projects: This project deals with selling of books online. Oracle is used as a back end for the application running on SAP system and SQL server handles inventory database. SAP application is used to handle parches orders of the books. The environment is Oracle 8.0 on AIX UNIX and Windows NT 4.0.

Responsibilities As a DBA, my role involves:

  • Support the ORACLE production and development databases. There are about 1 production and 2 development databases each about 70Gb.
  • Supporting the SQL SERVER production and development databases. There are about 27 production, 45 development servers and 72 databases.
  • Designing the recovery plan. Supporting the testing group in running automated bridging applications.
  • Analyzing and resizing objects for Production Database.
  • Running imports/export utilities, off-line backup, on-line backup various Oracle/SQL server Applications utilities.
  • DTS Package for data massage and data conversion from various databases and Flat files.
  • Responsible for installation of SQL Server and ODBC Connectivity issues
  • Translation of business requirements to an Enterprise Data model
  • Worked on DTS, Import and Export utility, BCP Utility and replication tool
  • Planned and implemented various Transact-SQL statements, cursors, stored procedures and triggers
  • Responsible for data modeling, creation of database device logical and physical design of the database
  • Grant privileges to users to access systems and databases
  • Establishing connectivity to databases and monitoring system performance
  • Using Enterprise Manager and Query Analyzer to optimize the data flow
  • Setting up standby server and maintaining it.
  • Performance Monitoring, estimate the number of users, CPU and Disk space requirement, identifying bottleneck and rectifying it, fine-tuned store procedures to improve performance, database loads performance improvements, proper setup of database files and file groups to boost performance on SQL Server 7.0.
  • On call for the production database.

Environment: AIX UNIX, WINDOWS NT 4.0, ORACLE 8.0, SQL SERVER 6.5/7, Oracle Net 8.1.6Assistance, AltaVista Search engine, Enterprise manager, ODBC, DTS package, Backup and Recovery Utility, Exp/Imp, Tools, DB-Artisan, ERWIN., California
Feb 99 – Apr 2000


Projects: This project is about medical product catalogs. Client deals with distribution of medical products. To deal with different catalogs we were given project to convert all the data into oracle database for faster access. In order to accomplish this the Medical database is presently being developed. Data is provided by the client in terms of printed Catalogs, used by the client for the selling of products. Database server Oracle and database size is about 10Gb.

Responsibilities As an Oracle DBA:

  • Handled Database size of about 10 GB.
  • Data Modeling using Erwin 3.5.2. Creating schema, control file, set database initialization parameters and plan to distribute table spaces across different disks.
  • Designed and developed scripts for administrative tasks like backups, tuning and refreshing test databases from production periodically.
  • Responsible for fine-tuning production servers.
  • Running imports/export utilities, off-line backup, on-line backup various, Oracle Applications, utilities.
  • Tuning SQL applications with EXPLAIN PLAN AND TKPROF statistics.
  • Pinning of Packages, procedures and functions in SGA Use of recovery strategy when required.
  • Updating client s server after data has been QA for error ratification.
  • Performance Monitoring, Tuning SQL , determine the size System Global Area SGA , estimate the number of users, CPU and Disk space requirement.
  • Handled Database size of about 10 GB Data Modeling using Erwin 3.5.2 Creating schema, control file, set database initialization parameters and plan to distribute table spaces across different disks.
  • Designed and developed scripts for administrative tasks like backups, tuning and refreshing test databases from production periodically.

Environment: NT, ORACLE 8.0, Oracle Net 8 Assistance, Oracle Database Assistance, Backup and Recovery Utility, Exp / Imp, Oracle Migration Tools, DB-Artisan.

Roads Real Estate, Sydney
Aug 1998 – Jan 1999


This is a web base project aims to provide information for the people who need property details. There are two phases:

  1. Commercial sales/lease
  2. Residential sales/lease

Database server MS SQL server and database size about 3Gb of data. Responsibilities As a DBA my role involves:

  • Designing of database from the specs provided by the client.
  • Creating database, control file, set database initialization parameters and plan to distribute table spaces across different disks.
  • Designed and developed scripts for administrative tasks like backups, tuning and refreshing test databases from production periodically.
  • Analyzing and resizing objects for Production Database. Running imports/export utilities, off-line backup, on-line backup various Oracle Applications utilities Use of recovery strategy when required.
  • Performance Monitoring, Tuning SQL , estimate the number of users, CPU and Disk space requirement.

Environment: NT4.0, MS SQL 6.5 /7.0, Visual Basic 5.0., California
May 1997 – Jul 1998


This is a web project aims to provide information about the food Products which our client would like to sell. This project got many features like registering a user displaying the Information about all food items and kitchen equipment. This is an E-com project where customers can buy through net. This web site provides place for advertisement for food products and kitchen equipment. Database server Oracle and database size about 7Gb.

Responsibilities As a DBA:

  • Designing of database from the specs provided by the client.
  • Creating database, control file, set database initialization parameters and plan to distribute table spaces across different disks. Designed and developed scripts for administrative tasks like backups, tuning and refreshing test databases from production periodically.
  • Analyzing and resizing objects for Production Database. Running imports/export utilities, off-line backup, on-line backup various Oracle Applications utilities.
  • Use of recovery strategy when required. Performance Monitoring, Tuning SQL , determine the size of System Global Area SGA , estimate the number of users, CPU and Disk space requirement.

Jan 1996 – Feb 1997

This is a web base project, which is made to holding information about the employ and project details. There are many modules like employs profile and project details like status of the project, problems faced while developing the project.

Responsibilities :

  • Designing of database from the specs provided by the client Creating database, control file, set database initialization parameters and plan to distribute table spaces across different disks.
  • Designed and developed scripts for administrative tasks like backups, tuning and refreshing test databases from production periodically.
  • Analyzing and resizing objects for Production Database.
  • Running imports/export utilities, off-line backup, on-line backup various Oracle Applications utilities.
  • Use of recovery strategy when required.
  • Performance Monitoring, Tuning SQL , determine the size of System Global Area SGA , estimate the number of users, CPU and Disk space requirement.


BS in Electronics & Telecommunications Engineering
Osmania University, Hyderabad, INDIA.
Diploma in Oracle-DBA
Training on MS SQL SERVER 7.0 / 2000.


Microsoft Certified Professional in WINDOWS NT SERVER 4.0

Resume 12

Samples represents that of an actual working technical professional found on the WEB and modified to protect the privacy of these professionals. Human names, company names, colleges, software product names are intentionally made up.


Ravi Sidhumudi




  • 12 years of experience in the IT industry, 8 years of US experience working for Major corporations.
  • 2 years of ORACLE experience in installation, configuration, and stored procedure and trigger development using PL/SQL as part of migration project from Sybase to Oracle in Lucent Technologies.
  • 10 years of experience in Sybase Database Administration and Sybase backend development, out of which 6 years of experience as a Production support DBA for Sybase Replication between servers that located in different countries and ASE data servers that range in size from 10 GB to 300 GB with maximum of 300 concurrent users in Lucent Technologies and Read-Rite. Done many Sybase server installations, configurations, upgrades, and physical and logical designs on UNIX environment. Spend great extend of time in troubleshooting and performance tuning for better response time and throughput.
  • 6 months of experience at Sybase Inc working as Technical Support Engineer for Sybase ASE servers.
  • 12 years of experience in all aspect of application development Design, development, implementation and maintenance , Skilled in database administration, data modeling, SQL coding, stored procedure and trigger development, Relational Design, Referential Integrity, Index strategies, SQL Troubleshooting Using Sybase.
  • Experience in SCOPUS Bug Tracking System , Clarify, PeopelSoft HR, Manufacturing Bill of materials and Purchase order , Property insurance coverage and Banking applications.
  • Also, experience in MS SQL Server administration, Unix Shell scripting, C, COBOL, Perl, Java servlet and HTML.


MS in Computer Application, 1991
St. Josephs s College, TN, India


  • Languages:
    SQL, C, COBOL, Unix Shell Scripts, Power Builder, Perl, HTML, Java Servlet, and JDBC
  • Database:
    SYBASE ASE 12.5, ASE 12.0, ASE 11.9.2, ASE 11.5.1, ASE 11.3.3 ,Replication 11.5, 11.3 , Oracle 8i, MS SQL server 7.0, 6.5 and IDMS
  • Applications Used:
    Scopus, Clarify and PeopleSoft
  • Database Tasks:
    Data modeling, Installation, Configuration, upgrade, troubleshooting, Establishing Replication between servers, Capacity planning, Backup and Restore, Corruption and Recovery, Managing login and permission and Performance tuning
  • Tools:
    Oracle Migration Workbench, SQL-Backtrack, Platinum – Performance Monitor, Veritas Volume Manager, PowerDesigner, Sybase Central, ERWin and DBArtisan
  • Operating System:
    Unix Solaris, HP-UX, AIX , Windows NT 4.0, and TME


Vicent Technologies
June 2000 March 2002

1 year 10 months

  • As the only DBA for seven Sybase production servers that range between 10 to 50 GB in size and one MS SQL server, I was responsible for reviewing every object before creating into production server, trouble shooting, performance, user support and backups. Many Scripts developed to monitor Sybase server s various activity using shell scripts, Java Servlet and JDBC.
  • Five production servers migrated to new powerful hardware that includes designing physical raw partition, installing and configuring Sybase server and copying the database from old servers to new servers. Replication between these five servers established using Scopus WorldTeam tool. Developed new interfaces utility between CARES and SCOPUS using Unix shell script and Sybase TSQL.
  • Deadlocks were the major issue during peak hours, All-Page-locked tables altered to data-only-locked tables to avoid the deadlocks. Parallelism enabled on large tables so that the ad-hoc queries run faster, large I/O pool configured on default data cache for better throughput. On regular basis, the Update statistics ran and clustered indexes dropped and recreated on the All-Page-Locked tables and ran reorg rebuild to reclaim space on Data-only-locked tables. In addition, sp_sysmon ran regular basis to monitor system activity. To reduce the regular dbcc timing and improve the concurrency, dbcc has been running using checkstorage.
  • Migrated two Sybase database to Oracle database using Oracle Migration Workbench, that includes installing Oracle 8i dataserver in Unix platform, configuring, creating tables, indexes, stored procedures, triggers and loading data from Sybase database to Oracle database.
  • All the production and development servers upgraded to 12.5 from 11.9.2.
  • Environment:
    Unix Solaris 2.6/2.8 , Sybase ASE 12.5, ASE 11.9.2 and Replication server 11.5, Oracle 8i, SQL Server 7, NT 4.0, Veritas Volume Manager, Scopus CRM, Perl, HTML, Java Servlet, JDBC , Oracle Migration Workbench, PowerDesigner and Sybase Central

Deconbase, Inc.
Dec 1999 May 2000

Technical Support Engineer
6 Months

  • As a Technical Support Engineer, I was responsible to provide solutions in limited time for the problem reported by clients in the area of server installation, corruption, recovery and performance in multi-platform. Installed and configured all versions of Sybase servers on every Unix OS and Windows NT platform for testing the critical solution that given to the customers later on. Many critical cases involving large production servers from major corporations and government agencies solved. Server bugs reported by clients reproduced and directed to engineering for bug fix.
  • More than 250 cases logged by the clients including about 100 of higher priority Cases solved in 6 months time.
  • Environment:
    Unix Solaris, HP-UX, AIX and Digital Unix , NT 4.0, SYBASE ASE 12.0, 11.9.2, 11.5.1 and 11.3.3 , Clarify CRM

Becker Corporation
Jan 1997 Nov 1999

Sybase DBA
2 Years 11 Months

  • As a member of DBA team for five production Sybase servers that ranges from 50 GB to 300 GB in size and replication servers, I was responsible for reviewing every object before creating into production server, trouble shooting, performance, user support and backups.
  • Two-way replications established between servers in California and Thailand. Sybase servers upgraded to 11.5.1 and then to 11.9.2 on a new hardware, that includes physical design on SUN storage using Veritas Volume Manager. Replication servers upgraded to 11.5. SQL-Backtrack installed and configured for Day-to-day database backup.
  • Many scripts developed to monitor Sybase servers various activities using shell scripts, also replication server manager configured to monitor the health of the replication servers and data servers. A new application developed to archive large tables and track them.
  • Installed and configured MS SQL server for new project development. In addition, the schema and data moved from main Sybase server to MS SQL server.
  • The database devices created in such a way that the I/O spread across multiple devices. To minimize the I/O bottleneck, the data pages and index pages placed in appropriate segments. To improve the performance of PeopleSoft application, heavily used tables binded to named cache with large I/O pool and tempdb binded to named cache, large I/O pool configured on default data cache to improve the dbcc performance and better throughput. Most of the queries re-written to use the proper index so that the response time is better. Many OLTP application tables altered to Data-only-locked table from All-Page-Locked table for more concurrency. Large tables archived on a regular basis.
  • Environment:
    Unix Solaris 2.6 , SYBASE 11.9.2, 11.5.1, 11.3.3 , Replication 11.5, 11.3 , MS SQL server 6.5, NT 4.0, Veritas Volume Manager, SQL-Backtrack, Platinum – Performance Monitor, PowerDesigner, Sybase Central and DBArtisan, PeopleSoft

Woodster, Inc.
Oct 1996 Dec 1996

Programmer Analyst/DBA
2 months

  • As a member of development team, I was responsible for developing many C CT-Library programs involving Unix system calls and Sybase stored procedures for Interface that captures all legacy system financial posting, directs those transactions to either DBS or SAP and ensures that all inter-company transactions are directed to the correct locations. In addition, I was the lead person in integrating all the programs in the interface and performing the beta testing.
  • Environment:
    Unix Solaris 2.6 , Sybase 10, C CT-Library , C Shell

Sigma Company
May 1994 Oct 1996

Programmer Analyst/DBA
2 Years

  • As a member of development team for FMP Forced Mortgage Program Application, I was responsible for EDI/Tapes module. This module reads various format EDI/Tapes files from lenders, validate them and copies them into intermediate tables. In addition, issues coverage, endorsement and cancellation based on the received information and sends back the bills and letter logs to the lenders through EDI/Tapes in various format.
  • Responsible for all aspects of the project, including analysis, coding, maintenance, and end user support for this module. Data modeling done by using ERWin. Many C programs, stored procedures, triggers and SQR reports developed for this module.
  • In addition, I developed scripts to run dbcc s, update statistics, and monitor the table growth. Every query in this application tested with showplan to see whether the right index used or not.
  • Environment:
    UNIX Solaris 2.6 , Sybase 10, APT, C DB-LIB , Power Builder, SQR, Shell Scripts, ERWin

Indian Motors, India
May 1992 Mar 1994

1 Year 10 months

  • I was a member of a large team that migrate all IDMS Network DBMS application to Sybase RDBMS. I was involved in designing new logical and physical Sybase database platform from the existing IDMS database, installing and configuring new Sybase server and converting IDBMS COBOL programs to Sybase SQL-COBOL programs by replacing DML verbs to SQL statements.
  • In addition, I was responsible to load data into Sybase tables from IDMS schemas. Many COBOL programs written to down load data to flat files from IDMS schemas and many shell scripts written to bcp in flat files into Sybase tables.
  • After migration as a member of development team, I was responsible for purchase order and bill of materials modules to study the COBOL programs and develop equivalent stored procedures and 4GL using APT. Many trigger written to enforce the referential integrity. Many on-line inquiries and entries screens developed using APT and reports designed using report workbench. Many C programs written using DB-Library for reports.
  • Environment:
    UNIX HP-UX , TMC, Sybase 4.5, APT, Report Workbench, IDMS, C, COBOL, Unix Shell

Aurora Pvt. Ltd., India
Jul 1991 Apr 1992

10 months

  • As a member of small MIS team, I was responsible to maintain and enhance Inquiry Management System that tracks customer information s, requirements, production schedule and inventory. Many COBOL programs developed for data entry, data down load to export to PC s.
  • Environment:

Modern Info Tech, India
Dec 1990 Jun 1991

7 Months

  • As a member of development team, I was responsible for General Ledger Module for back office operations of a bank to verify cash balance at end of the day. Developed many ESQL-COBOL programs for cash and bank voucher entry, store them into a table and to print ledgers, trial balance and balance sheet.
  • Environment:

Resume 13

Samples represents that of an actual working technical professional found on the WEB and modified to protect the privacy of these professionals. Human names, company names, colleges, software product names are intentionally made up.


Michael Wood


  • SAP Professional with Seven years of IT experience and 4 years of experience in SAP Basis administration, BW, APO, 2 years Oracle, Db2 partially Unix Admin and Development in Java. Worked as SAP basis Admin in 2 SAP implementation projects and two live systems maintenance that included installation, configuration, tuning and performance of SAP R/3 3.1F, 3.1H, 4.0B, 4.6B and 4.6C on Windows NT, AIX4.3, HP-UX, Solaris2.6, ORACLE 7.3.3x, 8.0, Configured the SAP R/3 with 3, 2 and single system landscaping. CTS to facilitate the transports between DEV, QAS and PRD systems.
  • Experienced in ABAP/4 Reports, Batch processing BDC, Interfaces like EDI, BAPI, and IDOC.
  • Extensive experience with Java 1.0.x, 1.1.x, 1.2x, J2EE .
  • Extensive experience in Operating Systems Unix Sun Solaris, AIX .
  • Working experience with Sun Solaris 2.6, NFS, DNS, NIS, NIS+ AutoFS, Custom, JumpStart
  • Hands on experience designing the Object models for many projects using Rational Rose. Developing a re-usable and completely object-oriented code and developing mapping modules for the objects against both Relational and Objected oriented databases. Eliminates SQL usage in the Code .
  • Designed Use Cases, Technical Specifications and Objects Java Beans . Utilized Rational Rose to develop Activity, State-Transition, Sequence and Class diagrams to design business needs and synchronize systems.


  • Operating Systems DOS, Windows 95, Windows 98, Windows NT4.0, Windows 2000, Solaris and AIX.
  • Languages ABAP/4, Java, C, C++, VB, Cobol, SQL, XML.
  • DBA Oracle7.x, 8.x and DB2 6.1 UDB.
  • GUI/Tools UML, Rational Rose, Visual Age.
  • ERP SAP R/3 3.1G, 3.1H, 4.0B, 4.6B and 4.6C.
  • Admin SAP/R3, Oracle, Solaris.
  • Module MM, PP, SD, WM, FI, CO.
  • Web server Java Web Server, Web Sphere.


MS in Mathematics.
MS in Education.
PGD in Computer Application/Programming.


Axelpont, Delaware
May 2002 – Present

Security Administrator

Axelpont is a science company, delivering science-based solutions in markets such as food and nutrition, health care, apparel, home and construction, electronics and transportation, global chemicals, materials and energy. Implemented SAP/R3 in Financial Accounting, Materials Management, Plant Maintenance, Sales and Distribution.


  • Implemented User authorization security system on R/3 system using profile generator and Authorization Objects.
  • Created Roles in Universal Development R3 System and Transported to development System.
  • Synchronization of Global Work Roles, Tcodes, Authorization Object between Lotus Notes Data Base and SAP/R3.
  • Created roles, derived roles for the MM, PP, SD, EDI, WM, FI, CO modules.
  • User Creations for all Modules and support users in all Systems.
  • Mass transport of Roles from Development System to Production System.
  • Worked on the BW security and created roles based on the info cube level and providing authorization based on the queries.
  • Created Info Cubes and Info Objects in Business Warehouse.
  • Created Queries in BW Using Business Warehouse Analyzer.
  • Worked on Central User Administration for single point of control to user master and profiles which involves setting ALE environment for CUA.
  • Worked on Authorization objects, Activities/values/authorization groups, Roles, Role derivations, Activity groups, Composite Activity groups and User id assignments.
  • Assigning PD objects to activity groups and assigning users to the activity groups, which can be based on work center, Job, Organization Unit, Person or position.
  • Upgrade of the 40B system security to new 46C authorization level security, involves building new base roles and their composites and then deriving their plant level roles.
  • Reviewing the existing Activity-Groups for better security controls, the project involved a new position level security in 46C system.
  • Created derived base roles based on the plant level security, and the roles with only the display authorization and others with create and change authorizations.
  • Creating generic initial Activity-Groups for the replacement of generic full authorization profiles.
  • Profile generator activation, loading the SAP default tables in Customer Table, Transporting activity groups between the clients, transporting the user master records and the profiles across to the production.
  • Working in 4.6C worked on the Composite activity groups, Derived Base roles for better and easier way for managing authorizations and assigning PD objects to the Activity groups.
  • Checking the Security in Unit testing and Integration Testing for the system before going to production.

ENVIRONMENT: SAP R/3 4.6c, APO3.0, BW 2.0B, APO 3.0A, DB26.0, Aix, Windows2000.

Aluette, MA
Mar 2001 – Mar 2002

Basis Administrator with Security

The Aluette Company has built a reputation for technological innovation unparalleled in the consumer products industry. Global market leader in more than a dozen consumer product categories. Implemented SAP/R3 in Sales and Distribution and other module.


  • Implemented User Authorization security system on R/3 system using profile generator.
  • Utilizing system trace ST01 , authority check SU53 , debug mode to analyze and fix Problems Related to Security.
  • Configured and used Transport Management System TMS to move change requests throughout the system.
  • Application Specific data Archived using Archive Development ADK .
  • Implemented User Authorization security system on R/3 system using profile generator and Authorization Objects.
  • Set up Profile Generator, activity groups/authorizations/profiles.
  • Monitor and manage security access and violations.
  • Instructed customer in day-to-day system monitoring and administration, performance analysis and tuning, problem determination and resolution, client copies, Workbench Organizer CTS , Profile Generator Security .
  • Maintained Table space Using SAPDBA tool.
  • Monitor the system performance and logs using CCMS and Manage change request
  • Transported customizing and Workbench organizer requests from DEV,TEST and to PROD Servers CTS .
  • Created and manage the scheduling of batch jobs.
  • Installed ITS on Windows NT and Linked SAP R/3 on the web.
  • Created the roles to the user with help of BEx Browser in Business Warehouse BW .
  • Write a program to load monthly budget values using a combination of a direct Call Transaction and batch input sessions.
  • Used SAP tools such as SAPDBA, CCMS, BACKUP and SQL Trace extensively as a part of job for Checking Backups, system logs, database table space sizes and critical Objects/indexes, application servers, process and users overview, spool requests and logs, database updates and resolving problems, lock entries ABAP/4 dumps and Taking actions on those dumps, Background job status and logs, operating system tuning parameters, performance of database and application servers, and observing the response time of each server.
  • Monitoring day-to-day activities that are system log, dump analysis, lock entries, update services, background jobs, and spool analysis, workload analysis and batch process.


FEB 98 – FEB 01

Basis Administrator

United Standard is a leading global competitor with technologically advanced American Standard has acquired and divested several businesses. Two acquisitions have been developed, however, into core businesses for the Company.


  • Implemented User authorization security system on R/3 system using profile generator and Authorization Objects.
  • Utilizing system trace ST01 , authority check SU53 , debug mode to analyze and fix Problems Related to Security.
  • Installation of SAP/R3 4.0B on WindowsNT and HP-UX.
  • Maintained Table space Using SAPDBA tool.
  • System Monitoring using CCMS.
  • Monitoring Database Fill level and objects DB02 .
  • Configured landscape systems and administrative clients.
  • Client Copy was performed and configured as per customer requirements.
  • Create Background jobs and Job Scheduling Monitor.
  • Configured TMS to set up Workbench Organizer and Customizing Organizer.
  • Configured CCMS for development and production server.
  • Operation mode and profile configuration.
  • Batch Input Processing using BDC session for perform load and conversion of data into SAP.
  • Down load the data from SAP using the Call Transaction.
  • Created Invoice and purchase order using SAP script.
  • Installed Printers and configure printing services.
  • Created Activity groups and generates authorization profiles. And created user master models for job roles.

ENVIRONMENT: SAP R/3 3.1H & 4.0b, Oracle 8.0, HP-UX, WINDOWS NT.

St. Anna Hospital, NJ
Feb 97 – Jan 98

Oracle Database Administrator/Java Developer

St. Anna Hospital Project consists of 7 modules. The front end is HTML, Java script using Java data base connectivity with backend Oracle7.3.4. This is designed to take care of simultaneous operations of several users at a time through browser. Each and every module process both master and transactions.


  • Installed, Designed, Created & Configured Oracle 7.3.4 database on Solaris, Windows NT servers.
  • Creation of Database, tablespaces, schema objects and stored procedures.
  • Created and implemented logical & physical backups.
  • Oracle utilities Export/Import, Tkprof, Explain plan, sql*loader were used Extensively.
  • Developed Stored Procedures and Triggers.
  • Developed backups and recovery shell scripts.
  • Export and Import shell scripts.
  • Taking the logical & physical backups.
  • Configuration of NFS, NIS+, DNS, performance tuning, systems monitoring by writing scripts, daily backups.
  • Designed Screens with HTML and JavaScript.
  • Creation of all Html pages, Dynamic forms Validation and field Validations using JavaScript.
  • Wrote Java classes to provide the required functionality.
  • Navigate the values between Parent Window and child window using JavaScript.
  • Implemented the Connection pool for the application.
  • Generating reports based on multiple selections and dynamic search.
  • Trouble Shooting and assist java developers.
  • Maintain the Session Tracking using the Session Objects.
  • Used JDBC Connectivity to interact with the database and Created Stored procedures triggers.
  • Developed backups and recovery shell scripts.
  • Different level of securities to interact with the modules.
  • Reading Reports from flat file and writing into respective database tables.
  • Implementation of business logic using beans and servlets.
  • Integrating class modules into the application.

ENVIRONMENT: Java, Servlet, Java Script, Web Sphere, Oracle7.3.4, Solaris 2.6 and WinNT.

System Tools, Kirkland
Feb 95 – Jan 97

Oracle Database Administrator

The Software License Management System SLMS is to managing System Tools software assets. It is critical that we manage software assets with the same diligence as applied to all assets governed by legal contracts Via the SLMS. Creating a centralized database of all the software assets owned by System Tools.


  • Installed, Configured & designed Oracle 7.3 databases on Windows NT, SOLARIS.
  • Created logical and physical database as per specifications.
  • Established and maintained Security and Integrity controls.
  • Automated data loading into database tables from files using SQL*LOADER.
  • Taking the logical & physical backups.
  • Established database recovery procedures.
  • Managed & monitored the Database space requirements.
  • Performed logical exports and imports of database, users, and tables as and when required.
  • Trouble Shooting and assist java developers and Performance monitoring and tuning.
  • Performed automatic monitoring of users, tablespaces, tables, indexes & Auditing of database.
  • Developed and implemented database & application tuning strategies.
  • Reorganization of database performed periodically for best performance.


Resume 14

Samples represents that of an actual working technical professional found on the WEB and modified to protect the privacy of these professionals. Human names, company names, colleges, software product names are intentionally made up.


Edward Hanry


SAP Basis Platinum Consultant with Security, CRM, EBP, APO, Workflow and BW on Oracle/Informix/DB2/SQL Server and HP/AIX/OS/390/NT Platforms.


SAP BASIS Administrator with 6 years plus of implementation experience in Basis, Security, and Support for R/3, EBP, CRM, APO, Workflow and BIW Systems on Oracle, Informix, DB2, SQL Server Databases and AIX, HP-UX, OS/390 and Windows 2000 Platforms. Have excellent interpersonal, communication, and technical skills, in applying my detailed and extensive SAP expertise for a company s business processes.


  • Six years of experience as SAP BASIS Administrator, from 31H to 46D, supporting CRM, APO, EBP, ePortal and BW Systems with 250+ GB of production data.
  • Four years of SAP Security work with experience in SD, MM, FI, CO, BW, CRM, ePortal, APO, and EBP modules.
  • Two years design, development, and customization to SAP Workflow.
  • Two years of experience working in SAP BW.
  • Used ASAP methodology, R/3 Roadmap, and Q&A Database, Data Archiving, for SAP Implementations.
  • Seven years of experience working as an Administrator in Oracle, Informix, DB2, SQL Server, on AIX, HP-UX, and Windows 2000 Platforms.
  • Five years experience in designing, and implementing HA high-availability Systems using HACMP, and MC/Serviceguard.
  • Five years experience in Media Management Systems such as OMNIBACK II, ADSM, StorageTek Tape Libraries, DLT and LTP Tape Drives. Integration and Configration experience with SAP, Operating Systems and Databases.
  • One year experience in Printer Management Systems such as HP DAZEL.
  • One full implementation of SAP EBP 20C, using Requisite Technologies Catalogs, ITS, Content Mangement, JRUN, IIS, and Business Connector WebMethods .
  • One full implementation in SAP CRM using SAP CRM, Communication Station, Workbench Adapter, ASCII Adapter, and MSA Mobile Sales Clients.
  • One full implementation of SAP APO, using LiveCache, APO Optimizer, Demand Planning, and APO Plug-Ins to interface with R/3.


  • R/3, BW, EBP, CRM, APO, IS-Oil, ITS, Enterprise Portal, Business Connector WebMethods , Security, Workflow, Archiving, Exchange Connector
  • SAP System Installations and Basis Configurations for R/3, New Dimension Systems like CRM, EBP, APO, Enterprise Portal, IS-Oil, Business Information Warehouse, and additional components like Business Connector, ITS, IIS, Requisite, JRUN, CRM Communication Stations, Requisite Catalogs, and Mobile Sales Clients.
  • SAP Security Implementation for R/3, BIW, CRM, and EBP systems, using customer specific Roles, Authorizations, Profile Generator, Security Audit and CUA.
  • Database Management Support space management, database reorganization, memory and performance tuning, startup parameter configuration, etc for Oracle, Informix, SQL Server, DB2, and APO LiveCache database.
  • SAP Database Backup and Recovery Support on Oracle, Informix, LiveCache, and DB2 Systems. SAP Data Archiving using SARA.
  • Operating System Support file systems, logical volume management, performance monitoring, etc on AIX, HP, and Windows 2000.
  • SAP ALE Configuration, Workflow Development and Configuration.
  • SAP BASIS Support TMS, CCMS, SPRO, etc for R/3, BIW, CRM, EBP, ePortal, and APO. Used ASAP methodologies, Road Map, Q&A Database for R/3 Implementations.
  • SAP Upgrades, Support Packages, and OSS notes implementations for R/3, BW, CRM, EBP, and APO.
  • SAP Email Communications Setup using Exchange Connector, and SendMail.
  • SAP Systems Communications Setup using ALE, RFCs, and SAP Gateway technologies.


  • AIX, HP-UNIX, AIX, Sun Solaris, OS/390 UNIX, HACMP, MCServiceGuard, Windows NT, 2000
  • Creating and Managing File Systems, Raw Devices, and Logical Volumes.
  • Designing and Configuring High-Availability Systems using HACMP ans MCServiceGuard.
  • Writing shell scripts Perl, Korn, etc to automate tasks and run reports.
  • Configuring Active Directory Services ADS , IIS, DNS, TCP/IP on Windows 2000 Server.
  • Installing OS Patches, Creating User Accounts, and managing Printers.
  • Identifying performance bottlenecks and tuning for performance.

High-Availability SYSTEMS

  • HACMP Configuration for SAP Instances on RS/6000 SP.
  • Network, Hard Disks, Application Level Configuration for High Availability of the Network, Network Adapters, Disks, and HA Applications.


  • Oracle, DB2, SQL Server, Informix, LiveCache, ADSM
  • Database Installations, Upgrades, Migrations and Patch Management on UNIX and NT.
  • Sizing and Designing database system layout on the OS for optimal performance and availability.
  • Backup, Recovery, and Configuring for High-Availability.
  • Managing data consistency in distributed systems example, APO LiveCache and APO DB .
  • Database Reorganization, and Performance Tuning.


  • ADSM, OMNIBACK II, MTI, StorageTek, HP Storage Solutions, DLT, Ultrium LTO Tape Technologies
  • End-to-End experience in supporting Media Management Software OMNIBACK, ADSM and Storage System Products StorageTek, HP, MTI .
  • OMNIBACK Layout, Installation, Troubleshooting, and Configuration for SAP supporting multiple UNIX and NT Servers.
  • ADSM Management, Support, Configuration, and Integration with SAP.
  • Integration of OMNIBACK and ADSM with Tape Libraries, Standalone DLT/LTO Tape Drives from StorageTek, HP, and MTI.
  • Writing Automated Scripts for executing backups.


Relational Data Modeling, Object Oriented Design, C, C++, ABAP/4, Perl, Korn, Awk.


1992 – 1994 MS from Louisiana Tech University, LA
1986 1990 BS from Utah University
07/2001 SAP EBP Training EPR210 for EBP 20C


06/02 Current
Lancaster Machinary Corporation, Kerner, NC, USA


BASIS Support, HP-UX, OMNIBACK II, StorageTek

  • Designed and Implemented Backup Methodology using OMNIBACK, MTI Tape Library, DLT and LTP tape techologies, and SAP Landscape across multiple HP Servers.
  • Installed and Configured OMNIBACK in a mixed NT and HP-UX Environment.
  • Created Online/Offline Backup Configurations for Oracle, SAP, and OS File Systems.
  • Improved backup performance by tuning OmniBack, and SAP configuration parameters.
  • Day-to-Day BASIS support and montoring for a 24×7 SAP environment.

06/01 05/02
FlexPort Corporation, Atlanta, GA, USA


FlexPort is a Web based MarketPlace hosting company that supports and integrates buyers and sellers on its portal, using cutting edge technologies.

EBP 2.0C/3.0, APO 3.0A, WebMethods, Workflow

  • Installed and Configured EBP 2.0C and 3.0, ITS. BugsEye, Business Connector WebMethods , IIS and JRun on NT using SQL Server.
  • Designed and Configured EBP to integrate with WebMethods in order to transfer Purchase Orders to R/3 via XML conversion. Used BADI s to customize EBP to support the customer s business processes.
  • Installed, Configured WebMethods on two servers to communicate with SAP. Worked with WebMethods Packages, Services Flow Service,WIDL, etc , Debugging and Logging.
  • Designed and Configured EBP to support FPC Marketplace using R/3 46C as the backend system.
  • Installed and configured APO 3.0A, LiveCache database, APO-CIF interface to R/3, and APO Optimizer.
  • Configured, Sized, and Tuned memory, cache, etc LiveCache for checkpoints, recovery, and data consistency with APO-DB and R/3 database.
  • Tuned, monitored, and troubleshooted qRFC processing, error and exception handling, and interface monitoring in APO.
  • Customized and Developed EBP Workflows No Approvals, Single-Step, Multi-Step Approvals, Email Notifications, etc
  • Used Exchange Connector and SendMail to build SAP interfaces to internet email.
  • Designed and Implemented the Organizational Plan in EBP to suite the customer s business model. Managed User Accounts, Authorizations, Roles, and User Profiles.
  • Configured Requisite s Catalogs to support customer s catalog information and integrate with EBP.
  • Configured and Load-Balanced ITS to support 200+ concurrent user log-ons. Customized the browser interface using Business HTML to fit the customer s business practices.

BASIS 4.6C/D, SQL Server, Security, Workflow, Archiving

  • Created and implemented the security profiles for R/3 Modules FI, MM, SD, etc and mySAP components EBP, CRM, APO by implementing Role based security model using Profile Generator.
  • Used security features like Security Audit to enhance and develop profiles.
  • Used ASAP methodology and R/3 Roadmap for R/3 Implementation.
  • Used Central User Administration CUA to centrally manage users across SAP landscape in a 45B environment.
  • Provided Workflow and day-to-day Basis Support.
  • Implemented Data Archiving for FI and SD Documents.
  • Provided Informix 7.3, SQL Server 2000 and DB2 database support, which includes, database space management, migrations, performance, backups, and recovery.
  • Used SAP Notes Assistant to apply OSS notes to the SAP systems.

06/00 06/01
Seymore, Inc. Richfield, VA, USA


CRM 2.0C, Oracle, AIX, OS/390, RS/6000 SP

  • Supported and Implemented Sales Force Automation for Phillip Morris using SAP 46C Release and SAP CRM 20B. The system supports transactions from 2,000 mobile clients who connect via laptops to the SAP systems. Middleware components included Communication Stations, Workbench, and ASCII Adapter. Secure mobile connections were made via VPN network, with the load balancing distributed on a CISCO Router.
  • Installed, Configured SAP CRM 2.0, SAP R/3 4.6C, ASCII Adapter, Communication Stations, Development Workbench with SQL Server, Plugs-Ins and all associated Patches.
  • Extensively used, tuned, monitored, and troubleshooted inbound and outbound transactions, asynchronous, transactional, and queued RFC calls on the CRM and OLTP Servers.
  • Distributed the load across multiple Communication Stations, and App Servers using load-balancing techniques.
  • Installed all the systems. Scheduled backups using ADSM. Restored and recovered the database where necessary.
  • Configured, Managed, and provided Support for SAP DCOM Connector on Windows 2000. DCOM connector is an SAP tool that helps SAP Mobile Clients communicate with SAP CRM Middleware or SAP OLTP using Microsoft MTS and DCOM Components.
  • Loaded sales order data from OS/390 into CRM and OLTP systems using RFC interface.


  • Provided 24×7 On-Call Support.
  • Upgraded SAP 3.1H system to 40B.
  • Upgraded 31H to 45B.
  • Tuned the R/3 systems, at the OS, Database and R/3 level.
  • Configured ALE, and R/3 Adapter.
  • Managed Security on the R/3 systems.
  • Managed Oracle datafiles, Reorgs, Space Management, wrote tools to automatically monitor the system and manage the database extending extents, etc .
  • Wrote a script to automate transports, which is used across all landscapes in the Customers environment.
  • Configured TMS, and some of its advanced features.
  • Configured Printers in SAP using a third party tool called DAZEL.
  • Configured Production SAP Servers for High-Availability using HACMP.
  • Configured Archiving for various SAP Application Data.
  • Wrote HACMP other shell scripts for automated monitoring of database, and SAP transports.
  • Installed and integrated SAP BW systems into SAP OLTP servers.
  • Applied Hot Packs and Service Packs. Troubleshooted SPAM related issues.
  • Made sizing recommendations for the Production Servers. Recommendations included the layout of Application Servers, Work Processors, Memory Management, etc.
  • Tuned Shared Memory Parameters, R/3 Shared Memory Pools, and the constituents of Shared Memory Segments.
  • Restored and Recovery the SAP database where and when required with minimal amount of downtime.
  • Adjusted AIX Kernel Parameters, Created File systems, and Managed Logical Volumes.
  • Configured R/3 parameters based on OSS and SAP recommendations.
  • Wrote several scripts for automated management of the R/3 systems. This includes automated email, paging capability for the BASIS team.
  • Configured BW Systems including Client Strategy, data loads, and using InfoCubes.

12/1998 05/00
Ricco Services International, Galveston, TX


SAP, Oracle, HP-UX, OS/390, Service Center, IS-Oil

  • Installed and Configured IS-OIL. Applied Hot Packages.
  • Responsible for CTS management, workflow, and process design and improvement using third party tools such as, INSITE, ROBOSITE, and ServiceCenter.
  • Designed the Transport Management Workflow.
  • Managed a team of developers for developing SAP transport mechanism from ServiceCenter. ServiceCenter is a Change Management Software. Based on my workflow design and guidance, the Transport functionality was integrated into ServiceCenter.
  • Responsible for creating Authorization Profiles and Activity Groups using PFCG.
  • System monitoring and Performance tuning.
  • Configured ALE for integrating ServiceCenter into SAP.
  • Used MC/Serviceguard for configuring High Availability on HP9000 V class systems.
  • Other duties include DBA tasks, NT, OS/390 and HP-UX administration tasks, back and recovery.
  • Coordinated and provided BASIS support to SAP installations in Europe, Australia, Asia, and the Americas.

02/1997 12/1998
TBS, Arlington, TX


SAP 3.1 H, Informix 7.3, HP-UX

  • Responsible for performance monitoring, transports, buffer management, security, and performance enhancement strategies for maximizing response time.
  • Managed OS level duties such as creating Logical Volumes, addition of hardware, application of patches, creation of file-systems, TCP/IP configuration, etc.
  • Migrated Informix databases between two UNIX systems.
  • Created SAP Security profiles using Profile Generator.
  • Managed Database level duties such as tablespace management, index tuning, buffer quality management, users and security, etc.
  • Sized SAP systems, designed the SAP Landscapes, and developed the client strategies on Informix, HP-UX Platforms.
  • Responsible for Client copies, remote and local, and System Refreshes.
  • Tuned kernel parameters for HP and Informix.

03/1994 02/1997
RTW Corporation, Irving, TX


HP-UX 10.20, Informix 7.3, ER-WIN, OS/390

Responsible for design, development, and support of a quality measurement system for GTE with a 2000 user base. Two HP9000 T-600, 8 CPU machines running HP-UX 10.20 were used to support a 2 TB Informix database. The following are the details of my responsibilities:

  • Configured Informix Online engine 7.3 on HP-UX platform.
  • Created File Systems and Logical Volumes on HP-UX.
  • Designed a Relational Data Model consisting of 700 tables.
  • Used ERWIN to design the database.
  • Developed systems to interface with mainframes on OS/390 for data loads.
  • Responsible for version control using RCS for all code on the server.
  • Responsible for system backups and restores.
  • Used normalization rules in designing the database for OLTP and denormalized where needed to provide faster access to information.

08/1993 03/1994


Informix 7.2, ER-WIN, PowerBuilder 4.0

  • Developed a client server data entry, inventory-tracking system for an environmental lab.
  • Used Powerbuilder 3.0/4.0, Informix, and ERWIN for design and development.


Available upon request.

Resume 15

Samples represents that of an actual working technical professional found on the WEB and modified to protect the privacy of these professionals. Human names, company names, colleges, software product names are intentionally made up.


Harry Richmond



Contract, technical lead position requiring extensive knowledge of Oracle database systems, strong analysis and design skills, excellent communication skills clients, developers, customers, etc , with proven record of getting jobs done right even under tight time and/or budget constraints. Willing to travel, work long hours.


Over eighteen years of database architecture/administration experience, fifteen years Oracle. Additional, extensive expertise in physical/logical modeling, data warehousing, project management, performance tuning, application architecture/coding, legacy system integration/migration, data replication and transformation ETL , documentation and training/mentoring. Have worked on both internal and commercial software development efforts in commercial/Internet, industrial and government environments.


Oracle 9i,8i,8,7,6, Oracle Enterprise Manager, ERWin, Designer/2000, PL/SQL, Stored Packages/Procedures/Table Triggers/View Triggers, Developer/2000 Ver. 6, 2.1, 1.4,etc. , export/import, SQL*Loader, database links/Oracle Gateway products, C, Pro*C, Pro*Fortan, Unix Sun/Solaris, Sun/SCO, HP, Compaq/DEC , Win 2000/NT/Me, Business Objects Designer/Reporter


February 2000 April 2002
SmartSolutions Corp., Jackson, FL


Project: Develop two Internet portals J2EE/Weblogic for medical supply company client allowing medical facilities to place orders via online catalog, with real time order tracking currently producing over a million dollars in revenue per month . Also provide client with database expertise on existing OLTP and OLAP systems tuning, backup/recovery, partitioning, etc. as well as mentor their DBA staff.

Position: Senior/Lead DBA, Data Architect


  • Designed/deployed two Oracle 9i/8i databases to support two different portal based on-line ordering systems with extensive interfaces to two existing JD Edwards ordering systems one JDE Oracle, other DB2 , interface used materialized views snapshots /database links/distributed transactions/Oracle DB2 Gateway product.
  • Made heavy use of the ERWin design tool to produce logical and physical models with install and upgrade scripts.
  • Designed and coded several major stored package/procedures/trigger systems consisting of a pricing engine, order submitter, full order tracking, co-branding support and a universal error handler.
  • Heavily assisted in requirements gathering, client interaction, user interface design and project management.
  • Designed/implemented data mart, extensive ETL routines and table-partitioning system for data warehouse.
  • Tuned/rewrote existing queries in multiple existing systems.
  • Designed/developed entire portal catalog maintenance system Developer/2000 including image/BLOB database storage, role based database security system and staging areas.
  • Catalog staging areas consisted of working , review and production with high speed migration from one area to another packages/triggers .
  • Supported database synchronization s between laptops and main database.
  • Mentored client s DBA and Development staff on daily basis.
  • Extensive Unix scripting.
  • Repeatedly asked for by name from several clients departments to assist in troubleshooting system wide problems not related to the current project.
  • Platforms included Win2000/ME, NT, Sun Solaris, HP-UX, Linux.

August 1999 February 2000
Harrison Aerospace / Aircraft, Tampa, FL


Project: Migrate older Sun/SCO Unix systems to new Sun/Solaris platforms Navy aircraft maintenance systems . Upgrade Oracle database, Developer tools and custom code, special emphasis on Y2K compliance. Migrate second system to Win NT platform.

Position: Lead DBA / conversion technical lead


  • Sole DBA with duties including installing Oracle 8i 8 instances , optimizing memory and tablespace usage , installing and using Oracle Enterprise Manager, develop backup and recovery procedures, install Developer 1.6, 2.1, 6.0, train existing staff.
  • Installs were on Sun/Solaris and Win NT.
  • Also became project lead on the actual tools and custom code upgrade/conversions as well as lead on actual deployment team.
  • Performed extensive optimization on existing inventory system.

August 1998 June 1999
Graft Foods, Lincoln, AL


Project: Deploy updated software and new HP Unix servers to 10 Graft food plant laboratories contract awarded to Raytheon .

Position: Lead DBA / Group Leader


  • Performance tuning of database, developed procedures for migration of data for junior DBA s, installed concurrent instances for the database on most servers, assist project manager with scheduling, resource allocation, etc., came up to speed on Business Objects as quickly as possible designed the main Universe database interface to assure proper data retrieval for drag and drop report users.
  • Assisted junior developers in design of Business Object reports.
  • Prepared specification for, designed and wrote client/server Developer/2000 application to replace major portion of vendor s software deployed to 10 laboratories .
  • Taught advanced PL/SQL and Developer/2000.
  • Heavy emphasis on DBA skills/experience, Unix, PL/SQL, Developer/2000

March 1995 June 1998
Advanced Technology Systems, Inc., Indian Head, SC

Contract and Permanent

Project: Commercially available client/server telephony software package. Including billing, service orders, customer care, inventory management, etc. Oracle based RDBMS-ver. 7.3, Developer 2000-ver. 1.4W, Pro*C , using UNIX and NT servers with NT/95 clients.

Position: Project Manager / Database – Application Architect


  • Started as contract developer doing bug fixes for existing system followed by specification preparation, design and coding of major add-on module.
  • Upon completion of the contract accepted offer to become permanent project manager / system architect.
  • Designed entire telephony billing system Pro*C . Approved all new designs, database changes and maintenance efforts.
  • Implemented software change control / configuration control systems.
  • Other roles included Lead DBA, technical subject matter expert for customer presentations, technical authority on tool implementations.
  • Developed interfaces to testing and documentation groups, final approval on all documentation.
  • Led migration team converting entire package from Forms 3.0 to 5.0. As part of this migration, developed coding and design standards for new environment.
  • Extensive multi-language ETL work due to east European clients.

July 1988 March 1995
Great River Company, Concord, SC


Project: Design and build Oracle based Laboratory Information Management System LIMS for nuclear laboratory at government weapons plant for Department of Energy DOE . Large, multiyear project handled almost entirely by myself.

Position: Senior Software Engineer


  • Application architect/developer, Data architect/administrator, VMS system administrator.
  • Used Oracle Forms 3.0 to develop the interfaces used to configure the system, forms proved lacking for use as the front end for actual users so Pro*Fortran was used to create a high speed windowing system.
  • Designed and wrote low level systems to interact with laboratory instruments, operating system and network to perform everything from real time data gathering to data exchanges with process control systems.
  • Created an API for other software packages to feed data directly into the system.
  • System consisted of multiple, networked databases.
  • System had extensive, configurable security system that controlled access to software functionality as well as data.
  • System is currently in use in two labs and was leading contender for the lab that would be associated with the new tritium reactor prior to it s cancellation.
  • Prepared full user and system admin documentation according to DOE requirements.
  • Prepared DOE acceptable document change control system.
  • Conducted all user training.
  • Oracle 6.x,7.x , Developer/2000, Pro*Fortan, VMS

July 1981 August 1988
American Chemo Co., Bartlett, LA


Project: Laboratory Information Mgmt System LIMS , prepare specifications, evaluate available products, procure, implement, add functionality and train users.


  • Project started out as an effort to procure an existing LIMS package. It was determined that considerable functionality would be needed beyond the existing system.
  • Designed and wrote functionality that operated on top of vendor package.
  • Over 85 of the vendors code was replaced. Set up second database, leased lines for a statistical multiplexer and brought a second laboratory in Mobile, AL online remotely from New Orleans using existing staff and hardware.
  • Developed instrument interfaces to gather real time analytical data.
  • Implemented system to handle labs through out the plant with controlled data and functionality access.
  • Data control and definition was flexible enough that the Engineering used the system to track project statuses/costs.
  • System was finally retired after 15 years due to operating system Y2K issues.
  • Concurrent with LIMS project headed up effort that converted drafting department from paper to CAD.
  • Became system manager for Integraph CAD system that used VMS as data server to Unix workstations.
  • Three years as analytical chemist.


Bachelor in Chemistry, minor in Computer Science almost double major , Southern Illinois University, 1981

Resume 16

Samples represents that of an actual working technical professional found on the WEB and modified to protect the privacy of these professionals. Human names, company names, colleges, software product names are intentionally made up.


Vijay R. Kangham

22 Elizabeth Circle
Sacramento, CA 94555

Visa Status: U. S. Citizen


I am looking for challenging and rewarding assignment as senior ORACLE database administrator.


Databases: Oracle 7.3, 8.0, 8i, MySQL

Operating Systems: Solaris, Linux, Windows 98/NT/2000/XP


Networking: CCNA, TCP/IP, Cisco Routers, PIX Firewalls




Rexona Communications, Inc., Santa Monica, CA

Oracle Database Administrator

Responsible for the installation, upgrades, and maintenance of all phases of an Oracle Database Servers on UNIX based SUN client/server environment, including hardware, operating systems, third-party software, network connectivity, and system security and backup. Also responsible for providing Solaris System Administration support to large enterprises with high availability systems. Improved and administered the existing Oracle databases and applications. Responsible for internet and intranet web page development and programming.

  • Responsible for providing 24×7 support for production Oracle databases
  • Install and upgrade the database server and application tools
  • Plan for backup, recovery, and fault tolerance of database; back up and restore the database
  • Control and monitor user access to database; monitor and optimize the performance of database
  • Allocate system storage and plan for future storage requirements for the database system
  • Provide technical resolution to Oracle database related problems
  • Create primary database storage structures and primary objects
  • Create and maintain clone/staging database environment as well as hot standby database
  • Enroll users and maintain system security, ensuring compliance with database license agreements
  • Develop and maintain database standards and conventions; analyze impact of data change
  • Assist developers in application performance tuning and evaluation of vendor supplied software packages
  • Monitor and publish database response times, uptime of different applications in supporting different database applications
  • Designed and programmed custom user database interfaces using PHP language
  • Responsible for installation, upgrade, account management, backup/recovery of Oracle 8i databases

Parametric Media, Inc., Pasadena, CA
08/00 01/01

Oracle Database Administrator

  • Responsible for installation, upgrade, of Oracle8i on UNIX servers.
  • Migrated existing Informix database to the Oracle8i
  • Planned and provided specfications for hardware and software for new SUN Solaris Oracle Application Server
  • Responsible for planning and performing routine backup and recovery of the databases.
  • Designed web interface for Oracle databases using PHP and HTML programming languages
  • Installation, programming, troubleshooting FilemakerPro databases.

SomewhereAmerica.Com, San Francisco, CA
10/1999 01/2001

Oracle Database Consultant/System Administrator

  • Worked with application development group to design and model the database
  • Responsible for installation, setup, and configuration of Oracle Database on servers
  • Formed backup and recovery strategy
  • Database capacity planning and performance tuning
  • Project management and interface with application support team

State Protection Agency, San Jose, CA
June 1996 August 2000

Associate Engineer

  • Provided database modeling support and logical database development. Developed applications architecture; performed structured query language SQL tuning; supported applications; and worked closely with developers, system DBAs and business analysts.
  • Created and managed ORACLE database for numerous environmental cleanup projects involving industries and municipalities.
  • Played a leading role in the day to day running of a number of systems running different version of Oracle databases which kept track of different industries and municipalities.
  • Assisted others in defining technical solutions for projects utilizing the Oracle RDBMS.
  • Carried out significant portions of the build and test phases of different projects involving Oracle databases and applications.
  • Assisted in defining policies related to the use of UNIX and Oracle related products.
  • Responsible for administration of UNIX Linux servers including Solaris and SGI.
  • Moving UNIX systems in conjunction with personnel moves within the local facility
  • Responsible for configuration, maintenance, and troubleshooting of client workstations and servers connected through LAN/WAN.
  • Analyze end user technical requirements and recommend specific hardware/software or operating systems solutions for their needs.
  • Install, configure, maintain, troubleshoot and upgrade computers, printers, scanners, modems, faxes, tape drives, keyboards and related equipment.
  • Install and replace internal computer components such as RAM or hard-disk memory, sound devices, disk and CD ROM drives and communications cards.
  • Engineer and/or install new equipment or guide vendors doing the same; act as liaison between departmental users and vendors to insure necessary planning, scheduling and acceptance testing is appropriately carried out; coordinate external vendor maintenance for departmental equipment.
  • Install, maintain and replace fixed function devices.
  • Evaluate new hardware and software products for use by the department staff.
  • Train department staff in the use of computer hardware and software; develop programs for upgrading the skills of departmental staff.
  • Install, configure, maintain, troubleshoot and upgrade servers and mid-range computers, and related equipment.
  • Install and replace internal server and mid-range computer components.
  • Manage system installation and upgrade projects to assure optimal operation during change over.
  • Determine short and long range major system applications needs for the County services.
  • Plan software enhancements and changes to meet the needs of the users.
  • Organize and staff application user groups to provide training on application use, identify future needs, and provide information back to software vendors on needed changes.
  • Provide expert advice to users on the application software.
  • Participate in departmental and statewide wide systems planning activities.


Enrolled in Advanced Computer Information Systems Certificate Program, University of California, Berkeley, CA
MS Chemical Engineering, Louisiana Tech University, LA
BS Chemical Engineering, Gujarat State University, Gujarat, India

References: Available upon request