Max M.
I am based in Chicago and I took an online course from Portnov Computer School in September 2017. Once I completed the course, I went on the job market right away. I found my first job in about couple months after that. It wasn’t easy but with that knowledge that I got during the course and Mikhail’s guidelines and tips on how to look for job – I was able to find it! Just need to listen to him and follow to all his instructions and eventually you will succeed!

Mike A.
What Portnov provides is simple; a career change program for those wishing to join the tech industry as a Software Quality Assurance professional. It’s an intense program that needs a lot of commitment and patience. As long as you do your part and follow their instructions, you will be successful at the end. They have been doing this for a long time and are well connected in the Silicon Valley and beyond. Audit yourself and make sure you are ready for the commitment before joining. Good luck!!!

Teona K.
At Portnov they give you rods and teach you how to catch a fish! The rest is up to You! All you need is commitment, hard work and it will definitely pay off in a very short period of time.

Mason G.
Guys, this is a life changer place! They teach you all you need to become great Software QA Tester and to get very nice salary without any degree or crazy experience! Highly recommended! Don’t think too much just listen to what they teach you and do exactly what you are told (!), then you will be successful in this field.