Online USA Class FAQ  (European class FAQ – use that link)

Basic info on the program:

  1. First 3 sessions are a trial – there is no charge to participate. After 3 sessions students decide if they want to continue.  Students can repeat the course unlimited number of times at no extra charge. Tuition is non-refundable.
  2. All the sessions are recorded in case you miss a session or want to repeat that session. We are using GoToWebinar tool to run the sessions. There is no installation involved on your side.
  3. There are QA and Technology modules in the program:
    QA MODULE – 50 hours, $1,500
    – Software QA Methodology – 18 hours
    – Job Search – 4 hours
    – Testing Mobile Applications (project included) – 12 hours
    – Testing Web Application Project – 12 hours
    – REST API testing  – 4 hours

    TECHNOLOGY MODULE – 50 hours, $1,000 if taken as a standalone course/$500 if taken with QA Module
    – Test Automation (Webdriver, Java, Cucumber) – 20 hours
    – Backend testing (SQL & LINUX) – 16 hours
    – Advanced Mobile testing – 14 hours

  4. In QA Module we have 3 live sessions a week – Mon, Tue, Thu – 6-7 or 6-8pm California (PST) time (50 hours in total).
  5. In TECHNOLOGY Module we have 4 session a week 6-8pm/7-9pm for automation
  6. To start the session teacher sends a link to the group chat in Skype. Students click on the link and there will be new window opening with teacher’s screen inside.
  7. Besides live/recorded 100 hours of webinars participants have lifetime access to the School’s video library with 100+ hours of videos on QA, Test Automation with Selenium/Webdriver, JavaScript, SQL, Mobile Testing, HTML, XML, etc.
  8. The school helps with your resumes, certificates, references for the projects


What to do before the class begins:

  1. Slava on Automation  – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9M0V5C24m1M
  2. James Bach video    – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ILkT_HV9DVU
  3. Jana Mourza  – Test Documentation: PPT    part1    part2    part3    part4    part5    part6    part7
  4. Jana Mourza on Agile Testing – Part1     Part2
  5. Bonus session on resume bullets – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=12xDLTy18h0
  6. HTML by Slava   – Part1         Part2

How to prepare to the first session:

  1. Go to https://online.portnov.net/onlinehome/ page. We keep there recordings of the first 3 sessions for the most recent online groups.
  2. Scroll down to the Session 1 section and start first with the Homework part. Watch the webinar, learn the interview questions and answers, take the quiz, etc.
  3. After completing the Homework – watch the recorded webinar in the Session 1 title line.
With that work done you are ready to fully benefit from the first LIVE session on January 6, 2022