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Resume 1

Samples represent that of an actual working technical professional found on the WEB and modified to protect the privacy of these professionals. Human names, company names, colleges, software product names are intentionally made up.


Ramesh Suresh

Experience Summary

  • Five years of extensive experience in architecture, design and development of distributed systems, e-commerce, m-commerce, workflow and IVR applications.
  • Top quality architecture and development skills using latest technologies including Java, C++, EJB, RMI, JMS, wireless technologies and in-depth knowledge of J2EE.
  • Excellent knowledge of XML, XSL, XML parsers, SOAP, UDDI and WAP.
  • Solid background in Object-Oriented analysis and design. Very good at various Design Patterns, UML and Enterprise Application Integration EAI .
  • Expert level skills in Designing and Implementing web servers solutions and deploying Java Application Servers like Websphere, Web Logic, configuring Apache Web Server and configuring various Servlet engines.
  • Comprehensive knowledge of physical and logical data modeling, performance tuning.
  • Experience in TIBCO products ActiveEnterprise and TIBCO adapters.
  • Hands-on experience in system and network administration.
  • Excellent communication, presentation and interpersonal skills.
  • Academic Background
  • Masters degree in Computer Sc. from Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay, India.
  • Ranked first in the department of Mathematics in graduation.
  • Recipient of National Scholarship and State Merit Scholarship.

Technical Skills

  • Languages/Methodologies : Java, C, C++, XML/XSL, UML, PL-SQL, Perl, JavaScript
  • Technologies : EJB 1.x/2.0, JNDI, JMS, JTA/JTS, RMI, JDBC, Servlets, JSP, SAX/DOM, Web Services, SOAP, WSDL, UDDI, JAXB, JavaMail, WAP, WML, HTML
  • Software tools and Utilities : TIBCO/RV, TIBCO/In-Concert, TIBCO/Hawk and TIBCO adapters, MQ-Series, Tomcat, Apache Xalan, Apache Xerces, Jserv, JRun, JBuilder, TogetherJ, Visual Caf , Visual Source Safe, CVS, Microsoft Visio, TOAD.
  • Internet Technologies Installations and Configurations : Complete design, installation and configuration of Websphere server environment, Web Logic Application server and Servlet Containers such as Apache/Jserv, Jakarta-TOMCAT and JRun. Installation of Certificate Servers and implementation of Secure Socket layers. Installation/configuration and administration of TIB/RV, TIB/Hawk and TIBCO/In-Concert. OptimizeIT and JProbe analyzer for Java Performance tuning.
  • Web Servers/App. Servers : Apache, Microsoft IIS, Web Logic 5.x/6.x, Websphere 3.5/4
  • Database Technologies : Oracle 7.x/8.0.4/8i and Lotus Notes
  • Platforms : Sun Enterprise II Server, Sun Ultra 10, Sun Ultra 5, SUN Ultra 60, Sun Enterprise220, Sun Enterprise 420R, HP-9000.
  • Operating Systems : Sun Solaris 2.6,2.7,2.8, Red Hat Linux 6.x, HP-Unix 9.x, Windows XP, NT 4.0 and other flavors.
  • Data Communication and Networking : TCP/IP, SNMP, POP3, SMTP, Sendmail, DNS

Work Experience

[1] AT&T Labs, Detroit, USA
August 2001 Present


Development of workflow manger for Network Inventory and Service Environment NISE and integration of NISE and Provisioning Management Environment PME as a Single work Flow with two In-Concert servers. NISE platform offers AT&T Local Network Services an inventory management system that integrates several Enterprise Applications in-order to facilitate a highly reliable inventory of equipments, facilities, and circuits. It also supports the provisioning, NCP&D, and maintenance processes.


  • As Jr. architect & Sr. server developer I was actively involved in architecting various Business Layer and Data Management components of this multi-tiered web based system over J2EE architecture, EAI and TIBCO.
  • Designed and developed the messaging framework for communication between workflow manager and other Enterprise Applications over XML and MQ-Series using JAXB 1.0
  • Responsible for developing and maintaining all the entity and session beans.
  • Developed various Customer and Network capacity flows. Developed various server side components using J2EE and TIBCO APIs.
  • Designed the Metrics module and developed all the components of that. Also developed Metric Event Listener engine based on TIBCO APIs to capture In-Concert based events.
  • Responsible for Web Logic administration, maintenance and performance tuning.
  • NISE-WFM interfaces with thirteen different systems. I actively participated in support for User and System test and lead the system performance improvement efforts.

Technical Environment:

Java, JDK1.3, EJB, RMI, Servlets, TIBCO RV 6.4, TIBCO In-Concert 5.1, MQ-Series, UML, Visual Caf 4.5, JAXB 1.0, XML, Apache Xerces, JDBC, Oracle 8.1, Web Logic 5.x and 6.0, Exceed 7.0, TOAD 6.3, Visual Source Safe 6.0, Windows NT, Sun Solaris 2.7

[2] Morgan Corporation, Santa Clara, USA
June 2000 August 2001


Development of product MorganXchange , which allows two-way communications, interaction and transactions between any application and any mobile device like WAP, palm, SMS, Voice Phones in real time. MorganXchange platform offers an open architecture for fast integration and a highly scalable carrier-class solution with guaranteed two-way delivery of data, voice and video. TIBCO/RV is used as messaging bus.

Product Development Responsibilities:

  • Actively participated in design and developed multi-threaded MorganXchange server based on J2EE architecture. I worked on Alert Processor and Scheduler components. Designed and developed an application to monitor alerts and messages generated by MorganXchange using TIBCO/Hawk.
  • Developed the MorganXchange SDK based on XML framework. SOAP wire protocol is used for the communication between the MorganXchange and the SDK.
  • I was also involved in designed and development of web interface using JSP, Servlets, JavaScript and JDBC for administering and managing users and clients.
  • Designed overall architecture of Rich Media Server RMS with pluggable caching logic using Strategy design pattern. RMS is one of the subsystems of MorganXchange, which does caching of Rich Media Components RMC on local file system.
  • Developed and deployed various Entity EJBs and session EJBs.
  • Developed the messaging adapters to be used with TIBCO/RV for communication between different components.
  • Have done various IVR and system integrations with MorganXchange platform.

System Administration Responsibilities:

  • Setting up NIS, NFS, DNS and also configured Mail server.
  • Installed and configured Web Logic application server and was responsible for various deployments over it and administration of Web Logic.
  • I wrote various shell scripts to automate day-to-day system administration and have also been actively involved in day-to-day system administration.

Technical Environment:

Java, C++, JDK1.3, EJB, Servlets, JSP, JDBC, JavaMail APIs, XML, SAX parsers, Oracle 8.0.4, WAP1.0, WML1.1, JRun Application server, Apache Web Server, Sun Solaris 2.7, TIBCO RV 6.2, TIBCO Hawk 3.0.1, UML, TogetherJ, Visual Caf , Web Logic, Apache-SOAP, Websphere 3.5

[3], USA
April 2000 till June 2000


Development of wireless product to provide services for browsing Internet through Mobile devices like Cell Phones and Palm Pilots.


  • I Developed an HTML parser and then build the DOM tree with that.
  • Using this DOM tree one can spit out the XML document.
  • Also we applied different set of XSL to generate various documents.
  • I was also involved in setting up the demo to be accessible over the Internet.

Technical Environment:

Java, JDK1.2.2, Servlets, JSP, XML, XSL, DOM, WML, VisualCafe Expert Edition 4.0, Redhat Linux release 6.2, Apache, Tomcat 3.1, Xalan

[4] eCommerce eService server for ODR, Inc., USA
Nov. 99 Till March 00


ODR s eCommerce server is an e-business solution for demand chain automation. The ODR eService rapidly brings the power of the web to all business-to-business distribution channels. Delivered as a service on a pay-as-you-use basis, eService is a high-value e-business application that enables, improves channel effectiveness, sales volume and customer loyalty.


  • I was involved in the development of AppBuilder tool, which is used to build the basic framework for applications for example order management, Quote etc.
  • This tool is like any other IDE, which provides GUI so that application developer can define the business object, steps and configuration.
  • Based on these definitions, the tool generates the XML file, which in turn is used to create Java code and HTML templates.
  • The GUI was designed on the base of MVC design-patterns and swing APIs are used extensively.

Technical Environment:

JDK 1.2, Java Swing APIs, XML, SAX parsers, JDBC, UML, Symantec Visual Cafe, and Windows NT, Oracle 7.3

[5] Search Engine Drivers for Creaton, Inc., USA
Sep 99 TO Nov. 99


This project is done to provide the capability to E-Portal A Product from Creaton to search documents using the InfoSeek/UltraSeek or Verity search engines using the search APIs exposed by these engines. Also capability to search Lotus Notes and Microsoft Exchange Server directly from E-Portal is provided. The search engine drivers essentially act as a bridge between the E-Portal and Search Engines. This is for enabling user to – “Search the document directly using the E-Portal, so that the user has at his disposal complex analysis capability provided by the E-Portal, and at the same time robust knowledge based search capabilities exposed by Verity and InfoSeek/UltraSeek , Lotus Notes and MS – Exchange”.

Technical Environment:

JDK 1.2, Servlet, HTML, Lotus Notes Java APIs, Lotus Notes, UltraSeek search APIs, Windows NT, Apache.

[6] Web Monitoring System for Silver Software, USA
May 99 TO Aug. 99


Web monitoring system is a product for monitoring the web sites. It provides the user with valuable data regarding the series of requests made at the website. The product also analyzes the data and identifies the bottlenecks involved in the request/response process of the monitored web sites. Web Monitor consists of a set of distributed components, which collaborates with each other, to monitor a web site.


  • I was involved in the requirement analysis, design, and development as well as in the testing of this product.
  • I was extensively involved in the development of the Agent module, which involved multi threading and GUI for this product, which was developed in Swing.
  • I also wrote all the CGI programs needed in the product.

Technical Environment:

JDK 1.2, Java Swing, CGI, VC++6.0, and MICROSOFT IIS web server, ISAPIs, Windows NT.

[7] Apex Technologies I Pvt. Ltd. Bangalore, India
July 98 TO April 99


Headquartered in Singapore, Apex is a leading company in software product development for the insurance sector with offices in multiple locations all over the Asia-pacific region. It deals with all types of product development viz. General, Life, Reinsurance and Group insurance.

[a] Enquiry module for the Life Insurance product XLIFE Oct. 98 TO April 99


  • This back office system supports customer queries and related to various investment and policy related issues.
  • I was involved in the Development and Analysis of this Enquiry module.

Technical Environment:

JDK1.1.6, JDBC, HTML, Oracle 7.3, HP-9000, and HP-Unix, Win 95.

[b] Client Data Bank for the Life Insurance product XLIFE. July 98 TO Sep. 98


  • Development and Analysis of the Client Data Bank module of the Life Insurance product.
  • Done the complete requirement/system specifications and test specifications.
  • This module is to store all the data pertaining to a client.
  • It deals in entering the client detail over Internet, maintenance/administration of client data and allows various queries.

Technical Environment:

JDK1.1.6, JDBC, HTML, Oracle 7.3, HP-9000, and HP-Unix, Win 95.

Details of M.Sc. Project May 97 TO April 98

Distributed Information System: The aim was to construct a Distributed Information System using Client Server approach and TCP/IP protocols. In particular, the aim was to construct a map of I.I.T. Bombay, which would be distributed on different servers and will be connected using HTTP protocol. It also supported various queries like finding the shortest route from one point to another.

Environment: Java, CGI, HTML, Oracle, Linux / X-Windows Also did several course projects at IIT, Bombay. All the course projects done at IIT were in C++ or Java.

References: Available upon request

Resume 2

Samples represent that of an actual working technical professional found on the WEB and modified to protect the privacy of these professionals. Human names, company names, colleges, software product names are intentionally made up.


Alexander Krasner

15 Jacksonville Road
Middleburg, FL 33486


  • Sun Certified Programmer for Java 2 Platform.
  • Over 6 Years of IT Experience.
  • Excellent Java development skills using J2EE, J2SE, Servlets, JSP, EJB, JDBC, Sockets, JFC/Swing, Java Beans, Applets.
  • Strong database connectivity skills IBM DB2, Oracle 8i, MS SQL Server, MySQL, Access.
  • Extensive Object Oriented Development OOP/OOD experience.
  • Experience encompasses software design, development and maintenance of custom application software.

Work Experience

SmartSoft Technologies – Florida, USA
December 2001 – May 2002

System Programmer/Analyst

  • Designed and developed a web site application using J2EE, XML, EJB, Servlets, JSP under the Apache Struts Framework. This system provides business side sales representatives report and access to crucial information to perform their jobs in selling services to business customers. The Administrator has control to manage member accounts and report sales status.
  • Created complex SQL and used JDBC connectivity to access the database.
  • Technologies used: J2EE, J2SE, EJB, Servlets, JSP, Weblogic 5.1, XML, Xerces Java Parser 1.4.4, Oracle 8i, JDBC, Apache Struts Framework 1.0, WebSphere Studio Application Developer 4.0.

IBM – Florida, USA
July 2000 – November 2001

System Programmer/Analyst

  • Implementation and maintenance of a Java GUI application using JFC/Swing. This application IBM Electronic Media Management System – EMMS is used by publishing companies, studios, or artists, enabling them to prepare music or other digital content for distribution over the Internet.
  • Developed Servlets and back-end java classes using WebSphere Application server.
  • Developed an API to write XML documents from a database. Utilized XML and XSL Transformation for dynamic web-content and database connectivity.
  • Analyzed the performance of system software code and wrote code to tune it.
  • Performed usability testing for the application using JUnit Test .
  • Technologies used: JDK 1.2.2, Servlets, WebSphere, IBM DB2 v7, IBM Visual Age for Java 4.0, Visual Caf 3.5, JNI, XML, XSLT, Xerces Java Parser 1.4.4, XML Spy, JUnit Test.

Parametric Software – Caracas, Venezuela
November 1998 – October 1999

Senior Programmer/Analyst

  • Participated in the development of online banking services in Java with Servlets Technology. Developed programs in Java using Microsoft Visual J++ and JDK 1.1. This included analysis, design, and development. Provision of technical requirements specifications, design of software module interfaces, and data models necessary for product customization and prototype.
  • Created database program in SQL Server 6.5 to manipulate data accumulated by Internet Transaction. Wrote a Servlets Class to generate dynamic HTML pages.
  • Wrote a multi-threaded daemon in Java, which receives requests via Sockets.
  • Developed Javascript behavior code for User Interaction.
  • Developed small programs in Visual Basic 5.0 and wrote reports with ActiveReports.
  • Technologies used: JDK 1.1, Servlets 1.0, Java Sockets, Threads, JDBC connections to SQL Server 6.5, HTML, XML, Visual J++, JavaScript, Microsoft Visual Basic 5.0, ActiveReports, Microsoft IIS Server, Kawa.

University Central of Venezuela. Caracas, Venezuela
November 1994 – October 1998

Associate Programmer/Professor

  • Designed, developed and implemented of scientific information access prototype. This client/server based prototype required the use of C++, Java, Sockets and Multithread. The Prototype software interacted with an Access database. In the beginning, the system was developed using C++, but I started developing in Java in 1996.
  • Designed and developed of an application in Java with CORBA, RMI and Java.
  • Worked with Booch, OMT, UML.
  • Taught programming languages to University students.
  • Technologies used: JDK, C++, Java Applets, CORBA, RMI, UML, Sun-Solaris and Windows NT.

Digital Solutions, Zulia, Venezuela

Junior Programmer

  • Responsible for all aspects of software development including requirements, design, coding, testing and maintenance on multiple platforms using C++ and Visual Basic.
  • Participated in the development of a C++ framework that allows rapid and reliable development of database-centric Windows applications.
  • Developed several computer-based training courses. Coded, tested, and provided technical support for several multimedia educational applications on Windows for petroleum workers.
  • Wrote user s manual. Established procedures for technical support and trained technical support staff.
  • Technologies used: C++, Visual Basic, FoxPro.


  • Programming Languages: Java J2SE, Sun Java JDK 1.1 , Visual C++ 4.0 MFC , Visual Basic 5.0.
  • Java Technologies: J2EE, J2SE, Servlets 2.2, JSP, EJB, JDBC, Sockets, JFC/Swing, Java Beans, Applets, JNI, JDBC, RMI, Java IDL, Threads.
  • Internet: XML, XSLT, HTML, Javascript, Xerces Java Parser 1.4.4, XML Spy.
  • Databases: Oracle 8i, IBM DB2 7, MS SQL Server 6.5, ODBC, Active Data Object ADO , MySQL, Microsoft Access.
  • WebServers: IBM WebSphere 3.5, Weblogic 5.1, Tomcat 4.0.2, Microsoft Internet Information Servers IIS , Servlets Exec, JavaWeb Server.
  • IDEs: WebSphere Studio Application Developer 4.0, Visual Caf 3.5, IBM Visual Age for Java 4.0, Borland JBuilder 5.0, Kawa, Microsoft Visual J++ 6.0, SlickEdit 5.0.
  • Operating Systems: Windows 2000/NT, Windows 95-98, Unix, Sun-Solaris.
  • Middleware: CORBA, RMI, OrbixWeb de IONA.
  • Object Technology: UML, Refactoring, Design Patterns.
  • Other: Apache Struts Framework, MVC Model-View-Controler design pattern, Multithreaded programming Threads , JUnit Test.


Sun Certified Programmer For The Java 2 Platform 2001
Java Servlets 1999
Communications with Java Sockets 1998
Distributed Database 1997
Visual C++


– Master s Degree in Computer Science
“Universidad Central de Venezuela”, Caracas, Venezuela.
October 1998
Thesis in Distributed Computing with Java.

-Bachelor s Degree in Computer Science
“Universidad del Zulia”. Maracaibo, Venezuela.
October 1993


English, Spanish

Resume 3

Samples represent that of an actual working technical professional found on the WEB and modified to protect the privacy of these professionals. Human names, company names, colleges, software product names are intentionally made up.


Kumar Deepesh


  • Lead Architect with 7 years of experience in the IT industry, designing, developing and implementing n tier architecture.
  • Experience in various web based applications using java, Java-Servlets, JDBC, EJB, XML, J2EE, Perl, RMI, Java Beans, JMS, SOAP, JNDI, and JINI etc.
  • Worked on ATG s Dynamo Application and Personalization server 4.5.1 & 5.0, weblogic Application Server 6.0, IBM Web sphere.
  • Leading a team and in charge of Interwoven TeamSite, templating, Opendeploy & datadeploy 4.5.1, 5.0, 5.0.1 & 5.5.1
  • Part of the team implementing J2EE Design Patterns in multi tier Architecture.
  • Extensive experience as a Project Lead, including study and analysis of project requirements through customer interaction, preparation of Functional Specifications, Data modeling, project design, design Patterns.
  • Possess good problem analysis skills with ability to follow project standards.
  • Sr developer/Project Lead with extensive experience in Financial environments
  • Worked and managed teams in varied work culture environments. Good International exposure, have Worked in different countries like USA, Germany, Brazil and India. Have excellent communication and inter personal skills.


PG Diploma in Computer Applications-Software Technology Group-India-1995
Bachelor in Technology–Osmania University-India-1995


  • Languages: C, Java, Perl
  • Software Tools: Ms-Office, Developer 2000 forms 4.5 and Reports 2.5, Visual Basics 5.0, SAP-SD/MM and EDI/ALE/BAPI, Lotus Domino.
  • Database: Oracle 7.x, 8i, 9i, SQL Server, DB2
  • Internet Programming: HTML, DHTML, J2EE, JavaScript, Java Servlets, JMS, JSP, JNDI, JINI, Socket programming, Beans, RMI, JNDI, EJB, Cryptography, XML, SOAP, ASP, MSMQ, MTS
  • Operating Systems: Ms-DOS, Windows NT. Windows 95, Unix, Sun Solaris OS/2.
  • Application Servers: Dynamo Application and Personalization Server. 4.5.1 & 5.0 , Weblogic Application Server 6.0, Portal 4.0, and IBM Web sphere.
  • Content Management Interwoven TeamSite, Interwoven Templating, Tool Data Deploy, Open Deploy 4.0, 4.2.1, 4.5.1, 5.0.1, 5.5.1 and Star Base.


Digital Experience, Jersey City, NJ
Jan 2002 to Present

Lead Architect


Digital Experience is one of the biggest financial conglomerates with interest in a wide range of brokerage, mutual fund, banking and consumer financial products and services on an integrated basis. The organisation leverages its business with prudent investments in cutting edge technologies.

The main objective of this project is to design and Implement an Enterprise level Content Management Architecture. The Architecture should incorporate the need to use Interwoven as the Content Management tool for all its worldwide websites. It should be open Ended so that later on an Application Server like websphere, weblogic could be integrated with the Content Management Software to bring personalised experience to the users.

Digital Experience Information Environment:

An organisation that has implemented Microsoft Technologies, is rapidly moving towards Sun Solaris Technology. There are different domains for development, QA, production and Office work Management.

Responsibilities included:

  • Designed and implemented the Content Management Architecture. This involved process reengineering and working with the Engineering group, QA & QC department, Security Department, development and the Business users Department.
  • The work involved design, implementation and coding in Perl, XML, Java, Java Servlets, J2EE, EJB, and JSP etc.
  • Architect the workflow of the whole project using various design patterns like MVC. J2EE Patterns were implemented in each tier.
  • The system was designed according to J2EE specifications. Servlets were used as a Front Controller gateway into the system. Helper classes were used to limit the business logic in the servlet. EJB s were used to talk to the database and JSP along with HTML, XML were used to control the client view.
  • Used Rational Rose development tool to design various Use Cases, Collaboration and Sequence diagrams in Unified Modelling Language UML .
  • Recommended the System Configurations in terms of Hardware and Software for the TeamSite Server.
  • Designed and Developed Replication Strategy for Digital Experience. Digital Experience Business procedures do not allow implementation of Microsoft Clustering for Replication.
  • Designed the branching and workarea structure. Branching structure was designed to separate the content generation with publication so that the content generation part could be utilised for different websites.
  • Each and every instance of TeamSite was in a different domain leading to domain related issues like, SID. Code was designed and developed so that it had domain independent features.
  • Gathered requirements and then developed complex workflows which involved Templates. Open Deploy.
  • Part of the team involved in the design and coding of the Data capture templates, presentation & component templates.
  • Developed perl modules for workflows, inline commands and callouts for DCT
  • Developed and configured Templating to capture and generate multi-lingual content. With this approach USChinese branch content is encoded in BIG5.
  • Installed and configured TeamSite, Templating, OpenDeploy. Created OpenDeploy configuration files and tested the deployments.
  • Organised meetings, did presentations for various design components, gathered requirements and part of knowledge transfer training.
  • Analysed the enhancement in Interwoven 5.5 with respect to 5.01.
  • Designed the Integration of TeamSite with websphere.


XML, Perl, CGI, JSP, object Oriented Perl, J2EE, Design patterns, MVC, EJB, InterwovenTeamSite 5.0.1, Team Site Templating, Workflow Builder, Data Deploy, Open Deploy, Visual Editor, CLT, SOAP,Weblogic 6.1,VSS, S QL Server & Oracle 8I, Windows 2000

AlphaBank, NYC & Philadelphia
March 2001 Jan 2002

Secured financial portal for AlphaBank Private Banking:


The Objective of new system is to enable AlphaBank private banking group PBG to Strengthen their existing client and attract new client. The PBG System will enable the AlphaBank Private Banker and Client to create a tailored website, which will reflect each client s unique relationship with PBG. The functional requirements of the PBG Internet site is to deliver account information, news, marketing information, AlphaBank research and information about AlphaBank products/Services.

Responsibilities included:

  • Upgraded the Content Management Server TeamSite server & component from 4.0.1 to 4.5.1
  • Developed application which involved making the content on various sections of the website dynamic. Worked involved working with the various components of TeamSite, Calico, web logic & oracle.
  • The work involved design, implementation and coding in Perl, XML, Java, Java Servlets, Xsl, J2EE, JMS, JNDI, EJB, JSP, and Shell Scripting etc.
  • Designed specifications for TeamSite complex workflows, workflow reporting and Templating enhancements.
  • Wrote and modified Build scripts shell scripts to automate release processes.
  • Developed new workflows in TeamSite and enhanced the old workflows to add in additional capabilities like notification, concurrent Reviewing etc.
  • Part of the team that designed, customised and implemented metadata search and Database Synchronisation.
  • TeamSite was integrated with Weblogic and Calico Personalisation server to make the website personalised and dynamic.
  • Was involved in three major releases of the website.


Sun Solaris, Web logic application Server, Interwoven 4.0. &4.5.1 TeamSiteServer, Open Deploy, Data Deploy, Templating, workflow , JMS, Java Servlets, XSLT, JSP, Java Beans, Shell Scripting, Oracle, Netscape Enterprise Server, Perl, XML

Crypton for Pioneer Investments, Boston, MA
May 2000 Feb 2001

Secured Finance portal


Pioneer Investments is a secured finance portal where funds data, stock trends, news and scrip rates are fed real time to the portal. The site is a part of the Credito Bank Italy.

My responsibilities were:

  • Involved in the configuration: Connecting database with Dynamo servers with IIS as the web server.
  • The work involved design, implementation and coding in Perl, XML, Java, Java Servlets, Xsl, J2EE, EJB, JSP, Shell Scripting etc
  • Integrated Verity with ATG Dynamo and interwoven.
  • Worked with Interwoven and star base as the content management tools.
  • Developed data capture and presentation templates for generating HTML pages.
  • Involved in the debugging of the applications.
  • Configured the code with respect to firewall and proxy server for getting the news and stock rates from info feeders.
  • Developed components with respect to registration, profileFormHandler and maintaining session applications.
  • Dynamo server pages jhtml , which were part of the portal, were developed using the above components.


Dynamo Application server, Dynamo Personalisation Server, Interwoven, XML, J2EE, Star base, Verity, SQL Server, IIS web server, Jbuilder, JSP, JHTML, Java Beans etc

Effective Decisions for Abril, Sao Paulo, Brazil and Atlanta USA
Sept 1999 April 2000

E-Portal site and


This project was for two e-portal sites, on of which is a women s resource site and the other is a technology related products and services. Both the portals have umpteen numbers of channels with sub channels as applications. At the same time there were independent applications like Customer Service, Registration and Shopping etc.

My responsibilities were:

  • Design, analysis and application development using ATG Dynamo 4.5.1, Servlets, Beans, JDBC, JSP with Oracle 8/8i as database, Interwoven TeamSite as the Content Management Tool. Jbuilder as the IDE and TOAD.
  • Installation and configuration of ATG Dynamo.
  • Worked on Nucleus Framework in ATG Application Server.
  • Developed properties files in Dynamo Server Pages.
  • Wrote components, forms and used Java in Dynamo Server Pages.
  • Integrated Verity with ATG Dynamo and interwoven.
  • Created Relational views with JDBC.
  • Worked on ATG Developer workbench.
  • Establishing JDBC connection using database connection pool.
  • Created components using Dynamo foundation class.
  • Development of the Customer Service modules for each site. These modules assisted the employees of the portal sites in collecting customer service data/reviews of site/suggestions from the users of the site.
  • Almanac application was developed for user s to review historical events that occurred on a particular day.
  • Was involved in the integration of the applications with the portal where Interwoven TeamSite and Dynamo application server were used together.
  • Developed Templates for generating HTML pages.
  • I was also involved in the debugging of the previously developed applications.


Dynamo Application Server, Dynamo Personalization Server, Interwoven Team-site, Interwoven Templating, TOAD, Verity, Java, Servlets, Java Beans, Jbuilder, and Unix.

Parametric Software Ltd
May 1998 Aug1999

Senior Software Engineer


Esquire Informatics, India
Stock Exchange System–

Project # 1 Details:

The Portal is being developed to show the live quotes of the scripts traded on the stock exchange. The quotes coming from a content provider are stored and updated in the ORACLE Database periodically. The quotes with pull technology are then refreshed regularly. The additional features include accessing the quotes from mobile phones and installing alert system on the user s system.


  • Created Portfolio tracker there by user could keep track of his stocks.
  • Ticker was developed in which the quotes of the high tech scripts could be seen.
  • Created an arbitrage system where by the difference in the scrip values listed on Bombay and National stock Exchange could be analysed.
  • Working on Weblogic and Creating Enterprise Java Beans to incorporate online stock trading activity once Cyber laws are passed.


Servlets, HttpServlets, JavaScript, HTML, EJB

Project # 2 Details:

Esquire Informatics, India
Online Bill Payment System–


The client would manage the bills of its customers. The vendors Electricity provider, telephone, rentals and credit cards would send their bills to this organization electronically. Generated mail would be sent to the customers informing them about their bills being due. The Customer completes the forms indicating amount, percentage of the bill, from which account and when the bills are to be paid. HttpServlets would work on the data provided. The Server would manage the transaction charging monthly fees.


  • Program to send automatically generated mails, based on the due dates to the clients was developed.
  • Logic and code for the registration and validation of the enrolling customer was developed.
  • Demo indicating how the portal could be used was developed.


Java Servlets, HTML, and JavaScript

Project # 3 Details:

Esquire Informatics, India
Secure Web Client


This project involved file protection and access control management on the Intranet. This project also involved development of HttpServlets. A Webmaster can create an application and set up protection and security levels for files or directories that belong to the application. Based on the level, filename and the application, Servlets written would give permission or deny access to the file and the applications.


Java Servlets, JDK1.1, JavaScript, and HTML

SoftCom GmbH IBM Global Services Company , Germany
Oct 1997 April 1998

SAP Business Framework Solutions

Project Details:

  • I was a member of the SoftCom s SAP business Framework solutions team and involved in: SAP R/3, Domino and Java connectivity where by the workflow could be managed smoothly. Visual Age for java and Access builder for R/3 was just to connect to SAP R/3. There by alternative web enabled front-end could be used for making the business processes of R/3 web enabled.
  • I also co-authored the white paper comparing middleware technologies in SAP R/3. Analysed the present architecture and developed the web enabled SAP R/3 architecture for Honda Motors, which was implementing SAP R/3.
  • Gained working knowledge of EDI/ALE/BAPI and SAP business objects


Visual Age for Java and Access builder for R/3, SAP R/3, Lotus Domino, DB2

Brandernbergishe Technische Universitaet, Germany
Apr 1997 Sep 1997

Extended Student Exchange Program

Project Details:

  • Included analysing the automation of the business processes of Deutsche Bahn and Laubag Gmbh.
  • The project analysed the benefits these organisations would gain if there operations were web enabled.


SAP R/3 Software, JDK

Deena Infosys, India
Oct 1995 Mar 1997

Software Cycle

The work profile included developing entity relationship diagrams, design of specifications, design of the table spaces and tables. It also involved coding programs, testing the modules, installation and maintenance.

Project details:

  • Inventory & Purchase Order Application.
    • Maintaining the information about the materials used by the Production department.
    • Issuing of materials from inventory, checking stock and raising of quotations.
    • Raising Purchase Order after doing comparative study of Quotations received from different Vendors.
  • Sales & Purchase Information System
    • Automation of Sales & Purchase System with their Customers and Vendors.
    • Maintaining products related details and recording the transactions for invoices, customer payments and updating stock.

Environment: Developer/2000, Oracle.

Resume 4

Samples represent that of an actual working technical professional found on the WEB and modified to protect the privacy of these professionals. Human names, company names, colleges, software product names are intentionally made up.


James Mills

145 Mariott Drive
Centennial, CO 80016


StarSoft, Denver, Colorado, USA
1999 – Present

Chief Architect

As CTO & Chief Architect for StarSoft, James performed pre-sales activities, prepared proposals, and had P&L responsibility for the professional services arm of StarSoft. James was also responsible for defining and implementing StarSoft s core strategic direction, as well as managing StarSoft s information systems. In addition to these internal responsibilities, James has been instrumental in assisting StarSoft s clients in developing and implementing their own strategic vision.

Highlights of these include:

  • James was engaged by Avis-Europe to act as their Chief Architect to help Avis-Europe define a service-oriented architecture for a mainframe based legacy reservation system.
  • James worked closely with the CIO and CTO to develop an open architecture that allowed Avis-Europe to better access their mainframe data, as well as create a service layer that would allow third party applications to be decoupled from the mainframe.
  • With a budget of 12MM and team members in London, Amsterdam, New York, and Denver, James was instrumental in keeping the project on track.
  • Through the course of the project, James had responsibility of leading other senior architects and developers to bring the project to fruition.

To provide a service-oriented architecture, a web services approach was taken, and Weblogic 6.1 was used as the J2EE application server. All web services were registered in a UDDI registry, described using WSDL. Java based client applications utilized JAXR and JAXM to connect to the UDDI registry and to send the SOAP based messages to the service.

An Integration Broker was developed for communication with the mainframe and other external entities using Websphere MQ as the transport mechanism, along with Websphere MQ Integrator to handle message transformation and routing. The service layer utilized JMS for communicating to the Integration Broker. Also, another key feature was the ability for the Integration Broker to accept the Open Travel Alliance OTA XML messages for car reservation and translate them to format that was acceptable to the mainframe.

The project was developed using SUN servers for Weblogic, Websphere MQ, Websphere MQ Integrator, and Tivoli Policy Director. The development was done on W2K boxes using WebGain Studio, Rational Enterprise Suite, following the Rational Unified Process.

American Express engaged James as Lead Architect for the worldwide smart card issuance system they were about to develop. James worked with key AMEX employees and groups to develop a system that allows AMEX to issue new smart cards to any one around the world, as well as provide the capability to do post issuance management of the cards. James coordinated this 32MM iterative Method 1 / RUP development effort with a team of developers in Denver, London and India, as well as various business units in Salt Lake City, Phoenix, New York, and Australia.

The key features of this system include an Integration Broker to facilitate the exchange of data between various systems on different platforms, a system to manage all card applets and the card population, and the applet delivery system.

The Integration Broker was developed using MQ-Series and MQSI. The key role that Integration Broker played was to transform messages in one format such as an XML description of the card to another format that could be understood by other platforms in this case an AS/400 and a mainframe.

Another key feature was the applet management system. This was developed using J2EE with Websphere application server on Sun Solaris. This feature used Java Server Pages JSP to interact with the client to ask them questions about what they wanted on their card, and then communicated with other systems via JMS and the Integration Broker to fulfill the client s request. Also, the JavaCard API in conjunction with the Opencard Framework was utilized to communicate with the smart cards.

James was engaged to be a Chief Architect for a nationwide moving brokerage company. As Chief Architect James defined and implemented the strategy to integrate their current legacy systems with a new web based automated quote generation system. James worked with a team of developers to iteratively RUP develop and integrate existing systems with tracking and routing software to optimize the routing of cargo around the country. As part of this project, James had to oversee the development of a J2EE application that was deployed using Weblogic. This included Java Server Pages, Servlets, Enterprise Java Beans, and an Oracle database. Budget 1M

Sun Microsystems, Fort Collins, Colorado, USA
1997 – 1999

Senior Java Architect

As a Java Architect for the Sun Java Center, James was instrumental in helping the Sun Java Center grow from 20 consultants around the world, to an organization with more than 200 senior level consultants. He was instrumental in pre-sales activities as well as the development and execution of statements of work. His technical leadership resulted in several successful projects, some of which include:

  • Strong Funds Brokerage Project
    System Architect/Project Lead

    Helped Strong Funds design and implement an online brokerage system. Had responsibility for the overall system architecture, as well as the integration with several internal legacy systems.
  • FirstUSA Concierge Service
    System Architect/Team Lead

    Helped FirstUSA develop a web based concierge service for card members. Was responsible for leading and mentoring the developers as well as the overall system architecture.
  • Southwest Airlines Rapid Prototype
    Project Lead

    Responsible for creating a prototype which showed SW how it could use Java technology with their existing mainframe systems. A great deal of time was spent communicating with various business groups at SW to understand their needs and their concerns.
  • Transportation Management System
    Team Lead

    Help design and build a large transportation management system for a industry leading shipping company. Responsible for leading the team that was tasked with integrating the companies various AS/400, PBX, and other external systems with the new Java/CORBA based management system. Responsible for the design and architecture of team deliverables, as well as providing support to other various teams on the project.
  • Interactive Training System
    Project Lead

    Lead architect for an Interactive Training System for a large automobile manufacturer in the U.S. As the lead architect had the responsibility of cost and schedule estimates as well as the overall design and delivery of the product. Responsible for leading the other architects, as well as giving presentations to the customer.
  • Embedded Java Study
    Team Lead

    Provided guidance and mentoring to a large smart card provider in Belgium. The result of the three-week study was a paper outlining how this company could use Embedded Java in their card readers. Had to interact not only with the customer, but also with various internal Sun groups to find solutions to the various problems posed.
  • S.W.I.F.T.
    Architecture Review

    Asked to come to Belgium to review the CORBA architecture for a large project at S.W.I.F.T. Was able to provide valuable insight and support, which in turn led to a more robust CORBA infrastructure.

Jones Information Technology Systems, Boulder, Colorado, USA
1995 – 1999

Software Engineer

As a Software Engineer, James was responsible for developing distributed mission management software for use in controlling satellites from the control center. As a member of the technical staff, James was responsible for the overall design and deliverables of the data distribution subsystem.

New Technologies, Salt Lake City, UT, USA
July 1993 – May 1995

Software Engineer

As a Software Engineer for Infonational, James was responsible for developing automation software to validate data for electronic phone book directories. Primary technologies utilized were C++, Oracle, MFC, proprietary OCS software.

KBCT TV and Radio Station, Salt Lake City, UT, USA
July 1992 – July 1993

Software Engineer

As a software developer for KBCT TV & Radio James was responsible for developing inventory management software for the station. Technologies utilized were C++, Oracle, and MFC.

Summary of Qualifications Technical Skills

  • J2EE Sun Certified Java Programmer for Java 1 & Java 2 Platform
  • EJB
  • JSP
  • Servlets
  • JMS
  • JDBC
  • JNI
  • JINI
  • RMI
  • JNI
  • JINI
  • JavaCard
  • Websphere MQ
  • JAXM
  • JAXR
  • SOAP
  • UDDI
  • WSDL
  • Web Services
  • Rational Unified Process
  • OO Software Lifecycle Processes.
  • Unix Solaris Windows NT/2000
  • C++
  • Websphere & Visual Age
  • Inprise Application Server / Jbuilder
  • Weblogic

Business Skills

  • Able to create vision and direction that is both compelling and challenging to work towards
  • Able to inspire and motivate individuals with different personalities
  • Able to encourage people to seek out solutions to problems, not just identify them.
  • Able to set clear goals and responsibilities so that tasks can be completed with high quality and in a timely manner.
  • Able to make and carry out decisions that will server the long-term interests of the business.
  • Able to effectively manage budgets and allocations of funds at all levels of an organization.


Brigham Young University
B.S. C.S. Salt Lake City, Utah, US
University of Colorado – Denver
MS CS Denver, CO
In progress

Resume 5

Samples represent that of an actual working technical professional found on the WEB and modified to protect the privacy of these professionals. Human names, company names, colleges, software product names are intentionally made up.


Alexander A. Morales

Fort Lauderdale, FL 33317

Language Skills:

English, Spanish, French

Technical Skills Brief

  • Java-related:
    J2EE, EJB, JDBC, JSP, Servlets, Applets, Java Beans, JNDI, Java RMI, J2SDK, J2EESDK, Java3D
  • Programming Languages:
    Java, XML, C++, VC++, C, PL/SQL, Javascript, HTML, PHP, Perl, Tcl/Tk, shell scripting, Pascal, ADA, BASIC
  • Distributed / Web Enivronments:
    Websphere, Weblogic, Orion, Apache, Tomcat, JServ, Oracle App Server, XWindows, N-tier, distributed components, Business Logic, Server-side programming, client-server
  • Life-cycle skills/tools/technologies:
    OOAD, OOP, UML, RUP, Requisite Pro, Rational Rose, Rational Clearcase, Together Control Center, CVS, SCCS, MS Visual Sourcesafe, RCS
  • Development tools/environments:
    Visual Age, JDeveloper, Visual Studio, Websphere App Dev Studio, Ant, vi, emacs, slickedit
  • Operating Systems:
    Win XP, 2000, NT, 98, 95, 3.1 , Unix SVR4, Unixware, SCO, AIX, HP-UX, Dec True 64, SunOS, Solaris, Slackware Linux, Red Hat Linux, Caldera Linux, FreeBSD, Cygwin, MKS , MSDOS, Vax/VMS
  • Database:
    Oracle, SQL Server, Informix, DB2, mySQL, Sybase
  • Other APIs:
    Xlib, Xt, Motif
  • Communication Protocols/technologies/networking:
    TCP, UDP, IP, ICMP, IGMP, NFS, TFTP, FTP, SMTP, ARP, RARP, HTTP, RS232, MODBUS, IEEE488, sockets, datagrams, RPC, Unix IPC, Ethernet
  • Hardware related:
    x86 assembly, 68×0 assembly, 6502 assembly, logic analyzers, oscilloscopes, multi-meters, emulators, frequency analyzers, digital & analog circuit analysis,design, and troubleshooting
  • Other skills/experience:
    Automated test system development, telecommunications, workflow, insurance, inventory, distribution, labor dispatch, power utility

Employment Brief

  • Architect, Sr. Software Engineer, Java Expert, Almondo, Inc., Deltona, FL telecom
  • Java Expert, Fast Telecom, Gifford, FL
  • RUP Expert, Rose Expert, Farmatio, Groton, CT pharmaceuticals
  • Web Developer, ProProject & Johnson Community Hospital, Gifford, FL
  • RUP, Rose Expert, Architect, Milton & Sons, Inc., Deerfield, MA insurance, claims, automotive
  • OOAD Expert, C++ Expert, Architect, Sr. Softw Eng, Almondo, Inc., Deltona, FL telecomm
  • Architect, Software Engineer, ABC, Orlando, FL telecomm
  • Sr. Software Engineer, Softmedia Communications, Tampa, FL telecomm; VPN
  • Software Consultant, Unix expert, Perry Motors, Port Orange, FL inventory, distribution
  • Software Engineer, Daytona International, Daytona Beach, FL power distrib., Indust. motors
  • Programmer/Analyst, HDT Data Services, Tampa, FL telecomm
  • Software Engineer Many Projects , MegaTelecom, Inc., Port Orange, FL telecomm

Detailed Employment History

Jun 2002 current
Almondo, Inc., iDEN division, Deltona, FL telecomm

Software Consultant, OOAD Expert, Java Expert, Architect, Sr. Software Engineer

See further down for previous employment/description with this company .

  • I was originally hired to write automated test scripts in Java , using the automated test platform for which I was the architect during my previous employment here.
  • Since then, I have developed a distributed application that enables manual-test writers who are non-programmers to write automated Java test scripts in a very intuitive way, using a GUI.
  • This GUI-based application is built directly from a database, allowing an non-programmer administrator to modify it.
  • The application in effect turns English phrases into Java code.
  • There is no analysis, the translation mappings exist in the database.
  • The application takes an input source file template, user-selections, and other input, and outputs a complete Java automated test-script file.

Technologies: SDLC, OOAD, Test, Configuration Managment, Object Models, Rational Clearcase, Rational Rose, UML, OOA,OOD,OOP, round-trip engineering, Data Modeling, Java, JDBC, mySQL, Solaris, WinNT, shell scripting, Cygwin, GNU, gcc, RS232 serial comm., cross-platform development, client-server development, mentoring

Jan 2002 Mar 2002
Two clients: Fast Telecom , Spherion

Consultant, Java, J2EE

Company develops websites for its clients, from graphics and front-end to business logic middle tier. They were tasked with re-doing the client s existing corporate site, moving from Cold Fusion to J2EE. I was brought in due to their lack of in-house Java/J2EE knowledge.

  • Provided assistance/mentoring to their in-house architect on the project.
  • Also designed and implemented different portions of the website functionality.
  • Built the local office locator functionality. Included querying the datastore for the initial search criteria and caching it , and standard advance search and presentation techniques of the results summaries then hyperlinks to details. This included setting up a datasource for Websphere to use with data-connection pools. Built EJBs.
  • Built an SMTP Java Bean to used to send emails from a form filled out by the user.
  • Spherion decided to utilize another site s job search pages, but wished to retain the same look & feel, so I built an embedded browser function into the site. All requests/responses were routed through the embedded browsing function. Used session beans.
  • Built a Java Bean to handle real-time stock quotes from a URL which came in the form of an XML document.
  • Maintained an automated functional test suite to test the above functionality.
  • Built a site crawler Java Bean to test all links on a page and determine whether http, mailto, onsite, offsite, invalid, etc. This assisted in knowing bad, missing links.

Technologies: Java, JSP, J2EE, Servlets, EJB, IBM Websphere App Sever 4.0, Webshpere Developer Studio, JDBC, HTML, XML, Java Beans, C++, Unix., MS SQL Server, DB2 , SQL. Front-end and distributed component development of business-tier for website. Provided Java expertise and mentoring to in-house staff.

Nov-Dec 2001
Self Employed

Role: Architect, Business Modeler, Programmer, Admin

Description: Web-based video store. The purpose was build a demo for a proposal. The comprehensive albeit compressed process cycle, from requirements expressed in use-cases , analysis, design, and implementation, deployment. It was a standard J2EE architecture, with entity beans to represent business objects, and session beans implement cross-object interactions, such as a rental, and JSPs to implement the use-cases.

Technologies used: J2EE, EJB, Java, JSP, BEA Weblogic

Nov Dec 2001
Farmatio pharmaceuticals, Groton, CT

Software Consultant, RUP Expert, Rose Expert

Farmatio is pharmaceutical company, and part of their business is to research and formulate new drugs and treatments. They are constantly requiring new software / hardware to assist in these business activities. They also have to meet FDA regulations, which includes a well-established, documented, and verifiable software development life-cycle SDLC. Also, they regularly look to evaluate and incorporate commercial off-the-shelf s software COTS. A further complication is the need for the SDLC, the COTS, or any custom software to demonstrate compliance to 21 CFR 11, which refers to electronic signature/records.

  • Together with another two consultants, we were tasked with adapting / extending the Rational Unified Process RUP for all of Farmatio, and have it cover both COTS which it does not and 21 CFR 11.
  • Another of my responsibilities was to mentor in-house staff in Rational Rose.

Technologies:RUP, UML, Rose, RequisitePro

Sept 2001
ProProject, Gifford, FL consulting

Software Consultant

My responsibilities were to enhance the hospital s website by developing the front-end, as well as business logic and data layers for physicians public, searchable website database and profile pages. Activitities included regular communications and negotiations with stakeholders to pin down requirements, scope, etc.

Technologies: Requirements, Analysis, Design, Implementation, Test, Deployment, OOD, OOP, PHP, mySQL, Linux, Perl, shell, FreeBSD, SQL.

Nov 2000 Jun 2001
Milton & Sons, Inc. , Deerfield, MA insurance, claims, automotive

Software Consultant Rup Expert, Rose Expert, Object Modeler, Architect, Trainer, Programmer

J.M. provides automotive insurance products, such as GAP, extended warranties, and many others. As part of the Encore team of consultants, my responsibilities were to provide Milton & Sons, Inc. with a state-of-the-art enterprise-class, distributed software system. The system gives JMF the ability to handle other companies insurance product sales extended warranties, maintenance warranties, etc ; it also handles their claims-processing and call-center activities. Also, they required the system to assist them in developing new products.

Some Activity Descriptions:

  • Produce and conduct in-house training seminars on OOAD, RUP, and use-cases
  • Lead and facilitate JAD-type sessions
  • Insure conformance to RUP
  • Identify, elaborate use-cases and construct use-case models, including the use of business process flows and activity diagrams using UML
  • Prioritize use-cases, selecting the architecturally significant and high-risk ones
  • Perform analysis and design by postulating an architecture, object and package modeling, dynamic modeling with sequence diagrams, performing robustness-analysis, deployment and component diagrams, and generating java and SQL code from the UML and ERD models. Built initial prototypes using J2EE, EJB, JSP, servlets, mySQL, and Orion app server.
  • Became the master modeler, the one who integrated various teams models.
  • Employed the GoF design patterns on the class models
  • Other Technologies/activities: State Diagrams, Swimlanes, Business Modeling, Collaboration Diagrams, Interaction Diagrams, Architectural Analysis & Design, Logical & Physical Data Modeling, Mentoring, Architecture-level Patterns, Class-level Design Patterns, UML, OOA, OOD, OOP, Rational Rose, Erwin, Visio, Visual Sourcesafe, SQL, J2EE, EJB, JSP, Servlets, reverse engineering round-trip , User Interface prototyping, Inception, Elaboration, Construction Phases, Requirements, Analysis, Design, Implementation, Versioning, Application prototyping, Orion Application Server, JDBC, RMI, mySQL, Unix, Cygwin, GNU, gcc, shell scripts, Perl, n-tier Web, persistence mechanisms, mentoring

Oct 1999 Nov 2000
Almondo, Inc., iDEN division, Deltona, FL telecomm

Software Consultant, OOAD Expert, C++ Expert, Architect, Sr. Software Engineer

The company at this address designs and manufactures cellular phones that also have a 2-way radio function Nextel iDEN . Was brought in as a consultant to produce a automated test platform used for regression-testing of firmware releases.

Different versions were produced: one Unix-based using C++/C, then ported to WinNT and VC++, and one Java-based.

Technologies:SDLC, RUP, Use-Cases, Sequence Diagrams, Inception, Elaboration, Construction, Transition, Requirements, Analysis, Design, Implementation, Test, Configuration Managment, Object Models, Rational Clearcase, Rational Rose, UML, OOA,OOD,OOP, round-trip engineering, Data Modeling, Java, JDBC, mySQL, Solaris, WinNT, Visual C++, C++, Perl, shell scripting, Tcl/TK, Cygwin, GNU, gcc, IEE488 protocol, RS232 serial comm., cross-platform development, n-tier Web development, mentoring

Apr 1999 Oct 1999
Technology Control Services, Orlando, FL telecomm

Architect, Software Engineer

The company provides a global virtual office by giving their customers one global contact number which allows them to be reached from anywhere and in many forms. This includes email-to-voicemail conversion, voice-to-email, and all this is available from their phone or web account. The web account also provides them with a follow-me feature, which can be scheduled by time blocks on a weekly basis.

  • As a team lead, I mentored others in first-tier programming JSPs, serlvets, etc
  • I was the sole developer for the 2nd tier business logic, business object-to-relational database conversion , and also wrote PL/SQL store procedure and triggers for the database tier.
  • Also worked with the DBAs to modify the database.

Technologies: SDLC, True Dec 64 Unix, Linux, Apache, Jserv, Perl, shell scripting, GNU, gcc, Oracle 8i, PL/SQL, stored procedures, triggers, OOAD, OOP, Java, JDBC, JSPs, Servlets, Applets, HTML, WinNT, IBM Visual Age, SMTP, sockets, TCP/IP, FTP, cross-platform development, n-tier Web development, middle-tier, mentoring

Projects:Network node visual mapping tool, Chat server

Technologies: SDLC, OOA, OOD,OOP, C++, Cygwin/GNU tools, Java, Tcl/Tk, Perl, TCP/IP, sockets.

Apr 1998 Apr 1999
Softmedia Communications, Tampa, FL telecomm; end-to-end VPN provider

Sr. Software Engineer

The company provides end-to-end virtual private networks VPNs over many mediums, including the Internet. It has many enterprise-scale, proprietary business software systems that required integrating so as to serve their customers in a more efficient manner. I was brought in as part of a team to design and build the glue tha would handle the process flows and data-conversions from one system to another.

I performed business-processs analysis, integration design, implementation, and testing.

Technologies:SDLC, Oracle 8i, Oracle Application Server, PL/SQL, stored procedures, WinNT, Solaris, Oracle Forms, SQL*Plus, Oracle Designer, HTML, Cygwin , GNU, C++, gcc, Perl, Tcl/Tk, OOAD, OOP.

Project: Web-based action game
Technologies: Requirements, OOA, OOD, OOP, Implementation, Test, Deployment, Iterative & Incremental Development, SDLC, Life-cycle, Java, Linux, WinNT, HTML, Applets, threads

Oct Dec 1997
Perry Motors, Port Orange, FL trucking company

Software Consultant, Unix expert

Provided mentoring on Unix to the in-house staff. Also, object-oriented analysis, implementation, and testing of a shipment-tracking application.

Technologies used: SDLC, OOA, OOD, OOP, IBM DB2, AIX, C, C++, ESQL, Rational Rose, UML, Perl, shell scripting, gcc.

Feb Sept 1997
Daytona International, Daytona Beach, FL power distribution grid monitoring

Software Engineer

Sole developer: responsible for a PC based GUI administration application. This tool was used by field personnel to configure the company s main product, which was an embedded controller used on very large, industrial motors and power distribution grids. Full life-cycle development, tool research and evaluation, recommendation.

Technologies used: OOAD, OOP, VC++, Win32 SDK, RS232 serial comm., MODBUS protocol.

Sept Dec 1996
HDT Data Services , Tampa, FL telecomm


A member on a team of 20+ developers tasked with developing a labor-dispatching system. Developed the 2-tier presentation-business logic, database system, conducted requirements reviews, design, code, test, integration, code reviews.

Technologies/Skills used:C, AIX, Xlib/Xt/Motif, shell scripts, SQL, Informix.

Feb 1988 Aug 1996
MegaTelecom, Inc., Port Orange, FL telecomm

Software Engineer Many Projects

Lead, Software Engineer, Programmer/Analyst

Sole developer:

  • Added new functionality extended existing commercial product to a management system, converting very cryptic, encoded data into user-friendly information.
  • Used full-life cycle process, structured design, Pascal, DOS.

Sole developer:

  • Built an automated test platform to regression-test firmware releases. This was a combination of software and hardware.
  • Full life-cycle development. Employed analog, digital circuit-design and test jig construction, real-time, DOS, BIOS, x86 assembly, TASM, TLINK, C, C++, RS232 serial comm., parallel port programmed control, analog-to-digital signal processing, modular software construction, token-based flexible test script parsing construction and test engine.
  • Embedded programming, giving the Protel payphone bi-lingual capability English, Spanish.
  • Involved traveling to Puerto Rico to deploy, monitor phone usage and field acceptance.

Technologies: 6502 assembly, debugging techniques. Sole developer:

  • Distributed, client-server, enterprise-scale application development for Bell South.
  • Full software development life cycle, from analysis to delivery and customer acceptance, documentation and training.

Technologies: C, X/Motif/Xt/Xlib, Unix, SCO, SVR4, Linux, shell, SQL, Informix, IPC, TCP/IP, systems programming.

Sole developer:

  • Designed, implemented a parser, statistical analyzer, and reporting tool that looked at the communications logs produced by the above-mentioned central application.
  • This tool found many, many problems and greatly assisted in pin-pointing where to look for bugs.

Technologies: C, Unix. Sole developer:

  • Built a 60,000 remote terminal simulator test platform. This would automatically perform stress / load / parametric / error condition testing on the company s main commercial product to Bell South.
  • This platform employed the exclusive use of a 200 line PBX, 64 modems, an entire SCO Unix station, and involved many concurrent processes.
  • Full life-cycle development, OOAD, OOP, C, C++, Unix, X/Motif, shell scripts, systems programming, IPC, pipes, queues, auto-config file parsing.

Technologies/skills used at Protel: Digital/analog circuit design, breadboarding, scopes, meters, analyzers, DOS, BIOS x86 assembly programming, event loop programming, 6502 assembly embedded programming, parsers, AIX, HP-UX, Solaris, SUNOS, Unix SVR4, SCO, Unixware, Informix, SQL, C, Perl, Tcl/Tk, Xlib,Xt,Motif, C++, OOD, OOP, shell scripts, full-cycle software development process, IPC queues, shared mem, pipes, etc, multi-processing.

Apr 1979 Nov 1987
Comtel Corporation, Ottawa, Canada, and Johnson, FL telecomm

Many roles, tasks, projects

Comtel produces private, automatic branch exchanges PABXs ,central-office switching COs, digital desktop multi-function telephones, and integrated circuits ICs, ASICs .

  • Technical Trainer. Analyzed complex mpu-based, digital, and analog circuits in order to produce training materials such as manuals, videos, and tests. These were to train technicians on the circuit theory of new products. Conducted training sessions. Traveled to Canada to learn the new products; to Mexico to train personnel in troubleshooting techniques; to Puerto Rico for the same.
  • Technical Training Coordinator. Guide training efforts of team of 5 engineers. Schedule course material release dates, parcel out content responsibilities, track progress
  • Product Engineer. Developed testing methodology. Incorporated use of logic analyzers, which trapped certain machine code instructions / addresses. Involved reverse-engineering the firmware and knowing the possible execution paths.
  • Process Engineer. Developed test procedures for new products. Developed manufacturing procedures for new products.
  • Supervisor, Repair Department. A department of 8 personnel technicians, assemblers .
  • Lead Electronic technician. Mentor, guide efforts of a group of 5 technicians. Troubleshoot microprocessor-based, digital, and analog circuits, using 68×00 machine code with the unit under test to produce stable signals in order to narrow in on faulty circuit.

Technologies/skills used at Comtel: Basic, VAX/VMS, scopes, meters, logic analyzers, frequency counters, 68×00 machine instruction programming, video production, technical writing, training, mentoring, supervision.

Feb 1988 Sep 1989
MegaTelecom, Inc., Port Orange, FL telecomm

Technical Support, Application Engineer, Field Sales Support

  • Worked in the marketing department, helping clients with technical problems over the phone, sometimes traveling to client s site to troubleshoot, producing and delivering technical seminars, manning trade show booths, assisting sales personnel in pre-sales meetings with prospective clients.
  • Some clients were: Bell South, Ameritech, New England Bell, Michigan Bell, Southwestern Bell, US West, and others.
  • Also manually tested new firmware features on the payphone.
  • No software/hardware development during this time.

Education Brief:

University of South Florida, Computer Engineering, GPA 3.97

Course sampling:

  • Software Engineering Operating Systems Software Design Data Structures Programming Concepts
  • Intro Comp Science Logic Design Discrete Structures Intro Micro Computers Electrical Systems
  • Engr. Economy Thermodyamics Statics Dynamics Eng. Stats & Prob
  • Linear Systems Differ. Equations Eng Calc I, II, III

Tampa Technical Institute, Electronic Engineering Technology, GPA 3.56

Course sampling:

  • Computer Systems
  • Digital Circuits
  • Analog Circuits
  • Transceivers

Farmatio Seminar:21 CFR Part 11

Rational Seminars:

  • OOAD & UML
  • Rose

Oracle Seminar:Oracle Web Application Server & PL/SQL AT&T Seminars:

  • Unix Systems Programming
  • Advanced C Programming
  • Pointers & Structures

Brainbench Certifications: certificate images viewable at

  • Certified Master C Programmer
  • Certified Unix Programmer
  • Certified Java Programmer
  • Certified OO Developer

Brainbuzz SkillDrills:
Date: May 2, 2002, J2EE Development,
My score: 3.22, minimum required to certify: 3.5,
highest score to-date: 4.44, max possible: 5
number people with lower scores: 740, number with higher score: 89

Resume 6

Samples represent that of an actual working technical professional found on the WEB and modified to protect the privacy of these professionals. Human names, company names, colleges, software product names are intentionally made up.


Kaustuva Nasare


Over eleven years of experience including 4 years as a lead architect/developer in design, development, deployment and integration of enterprise scale information management applications for leading companies. Designed and developed multiple projects using J2EE technology.

Skill set:

  • Architecture:
    Designed complete project lifecycle applications using OOAD techniques, RUP, UML, Rational Clearcase, Rational Rose, Use Cases, Design Patterns on Unix and Windows NT platforms. Designed N-tier application frameworks.
  • Middleware technologies:
    BEA Weblogic 6.1 and 6.0, Administration, Performance tuning, clustering on Solaris 2.6 and HP Unix Ver 11i. IBM Websphere 3.5 with Visual Age, IBM MQ Series 5.2, Netscape iPlanet webserver, Plumtree Portal server and Epicentric Portal server.
  • Software technologies:
    Java, J2EE architecture EJB 2.0 & 1.1 , Swing, JDBC, JNDI, JMS, JSP & servlets JSP 1.2, 1.1, 1.0 , Taglibs, XML/XSLT/Xerces/Xalan/JAXP, Unix, SQL, PL/SQL, Stored Procedures, HTML/DHTML, Javascript, LDAP, SOAP, web services, Netegrity/Siteminder, WSDL, C++, Transaction, Security, Java Servlets, DOM, SAX, Applets, Oracle 8i, Oracle ifs, etc.


Sun Certified Java2 Programmer SCJP2 – 2000 Sun Microsystems, USA
VC++ , 1997 from Learnsoft Technologies, India


01/02 – present
Kelly’s Software Development & Research, NY

Lead Architect/Developer, System Integrator

Quest Diagnostics Order Entry System

  • Developed and customized n-tier J2EE application framework using RMI, EJB, servlets, JDBC, JMS etc.
  • Managed and mentored a group of application developers, assigned responsibilities, elaborated Use Cases using sequence diagrams, managed project schedule and module targets etc.
  • Developed Use Cases, UML diagrams such as Sequence Diagrams, Activity Diagrams and Class Diagrams, for application modules such as user login, Operator Management, Test Management, Batch Management etc
  • Performed Weblogic 6.1 application server administration, Build coordination inclDeveloped the application using Java Server Pages JSP 1.1 , Swing based client code, Enterprise Java Beans backend. Developed Stateless Session beans with Data Access Objects. User Authentication using LDAP. uding performance tuning, deployment, clusDeveloped JDBC coding using SQL, PL/SQL, Stored Procedures, etc. tering, connection pooling etc.
  • The application was developed using Visual Cafe on Windows NT 4.0.

Environment:Java2, J2EE, XSLT, JMS, XML, Swing, JSP 1.2, Servlets, EJB 1.1, JDBC, JNDI, RMI, VisualCafe, LDAP, Rational Rose, WebLogic 6.1, Oracle 8i, HP UX 9000 11i

09/01 12/01
CDS International Group, Wilmington, DE

Lead Architect

  • CDS web site development
  • Designed and developed n-tier J2EE application framework that consists of service brokers, messaging systems, JMS, EJB and Web Services components.
  • Developed Use Cases, UML diagrams such as Sequence Diagrams, Activity Diagrams and Class Diagrams, for application modules such as user login, registration, insurance quotes, survey report, content management etc using Rational Rose RUP methodology.
  • Developed the application using Plumtree portal server and Java Server Pages JSP 1.1 that invoke custom tags that interact with the Enterprise Java Beans backend. Stateless Session beans were developed with Data Access Objects. The data is persisted using an Oracle 8i.
  • JDBC coding using SQL , PL/SQL, Stored Procedures, etc.
  • The application was developed using Visual Age on Windows NT 4.0. Deployed the application on Websphere 3.5. on Sun Solaris 2.6.

Environment: Java2, J2EE, XSLT, XML, WAP wireless , JSP 1.1, Servlets, EJB 1.1, JDBC, JNDI, JMS, SOAP, UDDI, WSDL, LDAP, Netegrity/Siteminder, VisualAge, Rational Rose, Websphere App Server 3.5, Oracle 8i, Solaris 2.6

04/01 – 09/01
Georgian TechnoSoft, Inc., Atlanta

Lead Design/ Developer

  • Manufacturing MES system and Shop Floor Control Application for Electronic Assembly Lines Developed Use Cases, UML diagrams such as Sequence Diagrams and Class Diagrams, for application modules such as user maintenance, activity maintenance, resource setup, item yield report etc for an enterprise wide intranet/extranet application.
  • Lead a group of developers into module discussions, setting of task targets, use case elaboration etc.
  • Developed the application using Applets, Swing and Java Server Pages JSP 1.1 that invoke custom tags that interact with the Enterprise Java Beans backend. Stateless Session beans were developed with Data Access Objects. The data is persisted using an Oracle 8i.
  • Developed complex reports using Oracle 8i in the backend and substantial JDBC coding usinThe application was developed using Jrun Studio 3.0 on Windows NT 4.0. g SQL , PL/SQL, Stored Procedures, etc.
  • Deployed the application on Weblogic Application Server 6.1. on Sun Solaris 2.6.

Environment:Java2, J2EE, XSLT, XML, JSP 1.1, Servlets, Swing, Applets, EJB 1.1, JDBC, JNDI, JMS, VisualCafe 4, Rational Rose, Weblogic App Server 6.1, Oracle 8i, Solaris 2.6

01/01 – 04/01

Lead Architect/ Developer

  • Content Management, Document Repository Intranet/Extranet Application
  • Developed Use Cases, UML diagrams such as Sequence Diagrams and Class Diagrams, for an application that manages projects, client, people and documents for an enterprise wide intranet/extranet application across multiple sites. Administrative functions such as logging in, signing up, email setup, changing user information, etc is also provided.
  • The application was developed using VisualCafe 4 on Windows NT 4.0. Deployed the application on Weblogic Application Server 5.1.
  • Developed the application interface that the user interacts with the J2EE application using Epicentric portal server.
  • Developed components for portal front end. The front end consists of Applets, Swing, Java Server Pages JSP , which invoke custom tags that interact with the Enterprise Java BeanEntity Beans such as CustomerBean, AccountBean, etc were developed using CMP and BMP. s backend.
  • Stateless Session beans were also developed with Data Access Objects.
  • The data is persisted using an Oracle 8i and IFS database.

Environment: Java2, J2EE, XSLT, XML, SQL, PL/SQL, JSP 1.1, Servlets, Swing, Applets, EJB 1.1, JDBC, JNDI, VisualCafe 4, Rational Rose, Weblogic App Server 5.1, Oracle 8i and IFS, Solaris 2.6

02/00 – 01/01
Kelly’s Software Development & Research, NY

Project Lead/Lead Design/Application development / System Integration/Production deployment

  • Web Publishing and User Subscription Management for an e-Media publication group Developed Use Cases, UML diagrams such as Activity Diagrams, Sequence Diagrams and Class Diagrams, for an application that manages display of articles, charts, events etc for an e-media publication group across multiple sites.
  • Administrative functions such as logging in, signing up, changing user information, etc are also provided.
  • Implemented clustering of two Weblogic application servers, with in-memory state replication on Sun Solaris servers using Netscape Enterprise Server 4.1 as the proxy web servDeveloped the front end and server side using Java Server Pages JSP , Applets, Swing and J2EE components that invoke custom tags that interact with the Enterprise Java Beans with NSAPI plugin.
  • Developed XSLT stylesheets for transformation on XML objects.
  • The application uses the Orion framework architecture.
  • The data persisted using an Oracle 8i database.
  • The application was developed using JBuilder on Windows NT 4.0 and deployed on two clustered Sun Solaris 2.6 application servers.
  • The proxy server used was Netscape Enterprise Server 4.1 iPlanet with NSAPI plugin module.
  • Deployed the application on BEA Weblogic Application Server 5.1.

Environment: Java2, J2EE, XSLT, XML, WAP wireless ,HTML, SQL, PL/SQL, Xalan, Xerces, JSP 1.1, EJB1.1, JDBC, JNDI, DOM, Swing, Applets, Jbuilder 3.5, Rational Rose, Weblogic App Server 5.1, Oracle 8I, Windows NT 4.0 and Solaris 2.6

10/99 – 01/00

Project Lead/Application Design/ Development / Deployment

SOP Management System – Enterprise Javabeans Application System:

  • Developed the Use cases, UML diagrams, User Requirement Specification document URS , System Design Specification document SDS .
  • A test plan was developed and was used to validate the system in compliance with Federal Regulation Standard 21CFR Part 11.
  • Developed Java Server Pages JSP and Enterprise Java Beans EJB 1.1 backend using MVC Model-View-Controller architecture.
  • Developed PL/SQL store procedures for Oracle 8i database.
  • The application was developed using Visual Age3.5, Java2 and J2EE on Windows NT 4.0. All the EJBs were deployed on WebLogic 5.1

Environment: Java2, J2EE, SQL, PL/SQL, JSP 1.1, EJB1.1, JDBC, Visual Age 3.5, Rational Rose, WebLogic 5.1, Oracle 8i, Windows NT 4.0

01/99 – 09/99

Application Design/ Development / Design Documents

  • Replenishment 2000 – product , inventory control and shipping application
  • This system implements the control, coordination and data storage for shipment of products at Client s facility to the distribution centers and customers.
  • The system allows Manufacturing to control the items to be selected for shipping, their destination and the quantity to be shipped.
  • It also allows the Operations to ensure that the correct product and quantity reached their destination.

Environment: Java 1.1, SQL, PL/SQL, JSP 1.0, Servlets, JDBC, JBuilder 3.0, Rational Rose, WebLogic 5.1, Oracle 8I, Windows NT 4.0


6hi Cold Rolling Mill- real time process control application:

  • This project was implemented to automate a 6 Hi Cold Rolling plant machinery to produce export quality Stainless Steel Flat Rolled Coils using a real time automation system. The Control Program was developed in C++ under UNIX environment.
  • The automation architecture consisted of VME based CPU Ansaldo Micro Controller AMS integrated with AB PLC 5/40 2000 I/O .
  • The operating system was PSOS+ with VMExec kernel based on RTEID Real Time Executive Interface definition .
  • The SCADA System was developed using Ansaldo MMI OIS system.

1995 to 1997

Aluminium Supercaster real time process control application-Genova, Italy

  • The automation architecture consisted of VME based CPU Ansaldo Micro Controller AMS integrated with Siemens PLC 135U with 928B CPU connected via serial link to FactoryLink SCADA.
  • The PLC interface consisted of 1500 I/O for controlling strip casting of aluminum.
  • The PLC also included special intelligent speed control and counter cards WF706C for controlling the AC motors.
  • Factory link was utilized to develop MMI and Scheduler System.

1993 to 1995

Wire Rod Mill real time process control application:

  • This project consisted of Westinghouse WDPF DCS System as the central process computer with IRMX Operating System and Intel processors.
  • The programming was developed using C programming language in WestingHouse Multi Application Control MAC user environment.
  • The system also interfaced with a batch schedule loader through an Ethernet connection.

1991 to 1993

Hot Strip Mill real time process control application:

  • This project consisted of Westinghouse WDPF DCS System as the central process computer with IRMX Operating System and Intel processors.
  • The programming was developed using C programming language in WestingHouse Multi Application Control MAC user environment.
  • The system also interfaced with a batch schedule loader through an Ethernet connection.


Bachelor of Engineering Electronics & Communication

Resume 7

Samples represent that of an actual working technical professional found on the WEB and modified to protect the privacy of these professionals. Human names, company names, colleges, software product names are intentionally made up.


Joe McGregor

1326 Jacksonville Ave.
Lafayette, CO 80026


To obtain a position evangelizing, architecting and implementing cutting edge technology solutions.


11/2000 – Present

Director of Architecture

  • Technologies Used: Java, J2SE, J2EE, EJB, RMI, JSP, JMS, Servlets, Applet, JavaBeans, AWT, JDBC, XML, Make, PL/SQL, HTML, Oracle, BEA Weblogic, Solaris 8, Clustering
  • Designed and implemented an internal customer management solution using the following technologies: J2SE JDK1.3.1 , J2EE 1.2 , XML, BEA Weblogic 5.1, and Oracle 8
  • The web-based solution employs object oriented design patterns such as MVC, Adapter, Factory, Singleton, and Command
  • Provide the technical direction and vision for the architecture, design, and implemetation of eCarCredit s applications
  • Mentor developers in Java, XML, and software engineering practices
  • Work with external companies and partners to continually grow ecarcredit s B2B application and service offerings
  • Work with the CEO, and CFO to influence the technical direction of the company
  • Developed cross-team software engineering process used in the creation of our products based on a combination of RUP and XP
  • Assist DBA and SAs in the design and implementation of our production environment
  • Manage and maintain the production environment, including software release strategies
  • Oversee the entire development process of two teams and a contracting company
  • Provide recommendations on software and hardware used for the development and production environments

1999 – 9/2000
MoonLight Microsystems, Inc.

Sr. Software Engineer / Team Lead

  • Technologies Used: Java, J2SE, Jiro, Jini, JavaSpaces, RMI, Java Security JAAS , Swing JFC , AWT, OO Design Patterns
  • Team / Tech lead on development of a distributed Java infrastructure for the management of distributed resources
  • Provided technical leadership on the implementation and architecture of Jiro and its use of Jini
  • Managed the Prototyping and Consulting team in charge of creating prototypes, demos, and tools for internal and external clients
  • Worked with internal and external customers as an architect for solutions built using Jiro
  • Mentored co-workers in Java, RMI/Jini, and distributed computing
  • Responsible for interfacing with the Storage experts from the industry to develop practical prototypes and proof-of-concepts
  • Lead / drove formalization of described Java functionality for resources to be managed using Jiro
  • Performed interviews / made recommendations for hiring
  • Provided cross-divisional communications within Sun to align other Sun offerings with Jiro
  • Influenced Sun Enterprise Services to provide educational and consulting support for Jiro
  • Designed and Implemented an on-line tutorial offering for Jiro
  • Presented full-day Jiro seminar at JavaUniversity @ JavaOne
  • Presented technical session on Jiro @ JavaOne

6/1998 – 7/1999
MoonLight Microsystems, Inc.

Sr. Java Instructor

  • Technologies Used: Java, J2SE, J2EE, EJB, JSP, Servlet, JFC, Swing, AWT, Threads, I/O, Sockets, HTTP, RMI, Jini, JavaSpaces, JavaBeans, Applets, InfoBus, JDBC, SQL, Transacations, J2ME PersonalJava , iPlanet, JavaWebServer, Apache
  • Taught classes on J2EE including EJB, Servlets, RMI, CORBA, and enterprise architectures
  • Taught domestic and international IT Professionals Java from basic level to advanced topicProvided architecture and consulting guidance to IT Professionals in their implementation of enterprise level Java solutions, including e-commerce solutionss such as: Jini, RMI, CORBA, EJB, Servlets, JDBC, Swing, JFC, JSP, Software Engineering Process, Object Oriented Analysis and Design
  • Researched and developed courses covering new, leading edge Java technologies such as: Jini; PersonalJava J2ME ; and JavaSpaces
  • Presented seminars and lectures at international industry trade shows to promote leading edge technologies
  • Co-presented a full-day seminar with Bill Joy at JavaUniversity @ JavaOne
  • Developed internal Java solutions dealing with the business processes of Sun Educational Services
  • Conducted interviews, provide hiring recommendations for new Java instructors
  • Implemented a development test used in the hiring process and certification processes
  • Developed courseware including labs for PersonalJava, Servlets, and JFC Swing
  • Oversaw training and certification process of Java instructors
  • Mentored instructors on Java and training

6/1997 – 6/1998
MoonLight Microsystems, Inc.

Java Instructor

  • Technologies Used: Java, J2SE, JFC, Swing, AWT, Threads, I/O, Sockets, HTTP, RMI, Jini, JavaSpaces, JavaBeans, Applets, InfoBus, JDBC, SQL, Transacations, Apache
  • Taught IT Professionals Java from basic level to advanced topics such as architecture and distributed computing
  • Provided architecture and consulting guidance to IT Professionals in their implementation of enterprise level Java solutions
  • Provided maintenance updates and labs for Java courseware
  • Oversaw training and testing of new Java instructors


5/1996 Michigan State University Bachelor of Science in Computer Science

  • Focus on artificial intelligence, software engineering, and network programming including parallel distributed computing
  • Minor in Mechanical Engineering
  • Implemented Java “helper” application for web browsers using AI methodologies for smart searching functionality


  • Java 6 years
  • J2EE 3 years
  • RMI including Jini 5 years
  • Software Engineering Process5 years
  • Web Development 5 years
  • User Interface Design 3 years
  • User Interface Development 5 years
  • Technology Evangelism 5 years
  • Technical Author 3 years
  • XML Intermediate 1 year
  • BEA Weblogic 2 years



  • Java One
  • JavaUniversity
  • IEEE Distributed Computing Conference
  • Colorado Software Summit
  • Java Business Expo


  • Sun Certified Java Programmer
  • Sun Certified Java Developer
  • Sun Certified Java Architect

Resume 8

Samples represent that of an actual working technical professional found on the WEB and modified to protect the privacy of these professionals. Human names, company names, colleges, software product names are intentionally made up.


Jack Flint

641 Summer Drive
Arlen, TX 75067


To use my software architect / development and process optimization skills in an object-oriented environment Java / J2EE preferred to implement solutions with reduced product-cycle times. If required, I will work up to 60-70 hrs/wk to meet compressed calendar deadlines.


  • Architectures:
    DEC-3100; FDDI; Harris 9200; HP-9000; IBM AS-400; IBM RS-6000; IEEE 802.2 through 802.6 LAN protocols; ISO seven-layer Open Systems Interconnection model; Mips-R3000; PC-PCI/EISA/ISA; Sun-SPARC; Xerox 6085, 8085, 820, 860; Tandem NS.
  • Operating Systems:
    3Com 3+Share NOS; IBM AS400; MS Windows-95/98/NT 3.5/XP; Novell Netware 2.xx, 3.xx; PC/MS DOS 3.31-6.2; IBM OS-2; Tandem Guardian OS; Unix BSD 4.3, DEC Ultrix, HPUX 10.0-11.0, AIX 3.x,4.x; Linux, SCO, Solaris, SunOS, System V.3-V.4, Xenix 386GT ; XNS Xerox Network Systems .
  • Languages/Protocols:
    Ada; APL; Assembler IBM-370; Intel 8085/86/88, Z-80 ; Bi-Synchronous Protocol; Microsoft 5x-7.x C, C++; Borland C++; Glockenspeil C++ Preprocessor; Cobol; CORBA Iona Orbix 2.0; Document Object Model DOM ; Document Type Definition DTD ; Fortran; HAL Houston Automated Language ; HTML / DHTML; Informix 4-GL; Internet protocols TCP,UDP, IP, PPP, and SLIP; J2EE 1.2/1.3; JSP; JavaScript; Java 1.2; Java IDL, JCA, JDBC, JMS, JNDI, JTA, RMI; NetBIOS; Pascal; Perl, PL/1; PLM/86; Postscript; SAS; SDLC; SOAP 1.1; SNA; SQL; Smalltalk-80; Snobol; Struts 1.0; Unified Modeling Language UML ; WAP 1.1; WML; WML Script; XML; XML Schema; XNS protocols: SPP, PEX, IDP, and RIP; CCITT X.25 including LAP-B .
  • User Interface Toolkits / IDE Environments:
    Borland JBulder Enterprise 3.0, Borland ObjectWindows Library OWL & Delphi; CScape 4.0; Builder Xcessory; Apache Web Server, Informix Hyperscript Tools; J2EE, Java WorkShop 2.0; MS Windows 3.1 SDK; Motif, Motif UIL; OpenWindows; Oracle JDEV 9i; Oracle SQL-Forms; PowerBuilder 3.0; RogueWave C++ Toolset; SunView; UIMX / AIC; UltraEdit-32; Visual Age 4.0; Visual Basic 3.0; Visual C++ 2.0; Vitamin-C 4.0; WebSphere v3.5 Application Server; X11R3, X11R4; X Toolkit Intrinsics; XVT class library.
  • Databases:
    AS400; Ashton-Tate dBase IV; Borland Paradox 3.5; Codebase 4.50; Clipper 5.01; Informix 6.x–9x all tools ; JDBC, Oracle 6.x, 7.x, 8i SQL-Plus, SQL-DBA, SQL-Forms, Pro-C ; Sybase v4.91 ISQL, TSQL, APT & Data Workbench, SQR Report Writer .
  • Specialized Tools:
    Atherton Backplane; Cadre Teamwork; Continuus Source Code Management System 4.5; Framemaker; IDE Software Through Pictures; Interleaf Technical Publishing Software; Peer Network SNMP library; Rational Rose 4.0; Sage PVCS; Software Research Institute SRI tool suite; Sniffer Ethernet Protocol Analyzer 3.0; System Architect; Unipress EMACS, QCalc, and MasterPlan; Verilog tool suite; Visix Galaxy.
  • Knowledge Areas / Areas of Interest:
    CASE tools; ISO seven-layer Open Systems Interconnection model; Local Area Network Design & Installation; Open System Interoperability Analysis; Object-Oriented Technologies; Real-time software design; Software Engineering Methodologies; Statistical Analysis Multi-Variate Analysis of Variance, Regression Analysis, Factor Analysis ; User Interface design; Unix IPC sockets, shared memory, semaphores, message queues, named pipes ; Unix Networking NFS, TCP/IP, RPC.


  • Atherton Backplane 1991;
  • Cadre Teamwork 1991;
  • Continuus 4.5 Source Code Management–1999;
  • IDE Software Through Pictures–1991;
  • Informix System Administration–1998;
  • Informix Performance Tuning–1997;
  • Interleaf TPS-1991;
  • Sage PVCS version-control software 1991;
  • Sybase Performance/Tuning Application Development–1993;


04/90 – Present

Provided Process Re-Engineering Analysis, CASE-Tool Analysis, Software Development, and Training Support for large information systems corporations / computer manufacturers on various Unix platforms.


  • Communications
  • Client-Server Architecture
  • Enterprise Application Integration EAI and Enterprise Web Services EWS cross-application to application service oriented architecture integration
  • Object-Oriented Design and Analysis
  • Software Process Optimization

Simpson & Kelly Group

  • Worked in a team of four to implement a custom Tax Web Application similar to Turbo Tax that contained approximately 60 web pages.
  • The page logic complexity was moderate.
  • The system was written in Java, JavaScript, JSPs, and session stateless and stateful EJBs.
  • It utilized the Apache Struts 1.0 architecture.
  • The IDE used was Visual Age 4.0, the database was AS400 and PVCS was the source code control system.
  • Wrote 22 Java classes and 15 JSPs.

Simpson & Kelly Group

  • Worked in a team of eight to implement a web application that tracked financial plans and sales authorizations.
  • It contained 35 web pages of high complexity.
  • The system was written in Java, JavaScript, JSPs, and session stateless and stateful EJBs.
  • It utilized the Apache Struts 1.0 architecture.
  • The IDE used was Visual Age 4.0, the database was AS400 and PVCS was the source code control system.
  • Wrote 23 Java classes and 13 JSPs in nine weeks including a PDF parser that determined if signature fields were present in a PDF document and whether they were signed or not.

Simpson & Kelly Group

  • Developed a process-optimization methodology based on information from the Software Engineering Institute SEI and the Software Engineering Information Repository SEIR web sites.
  • The process-optimization consisted of identifying missing and partially defined processes between the various IT subgroups Development, Page Designers, Business Analysts, Quality Assurance, and all Operations subgroups as well as within each subgroup.
  • This was done by developing a series of questionnaires to solicit information from workers in subgroups to gather the required data concerning missing processes and documentation.
  • Complete processes were installed along with their associated required documentation.< /li>
  • An intranet document server was established to place all IT documentation in one well-known location.
  • Designed the document directory structure on this server.


  • Worked in a team of four to integrate multiple software systems server functionality into a distributed software system that managed telephony inventory, trouble ticketing, and automated switch and trunk testing using the Java J2EE platform.
  • System was modeled with an MVC architecture.
  • The Client tier supports both application clients and applets/HTML.
  • The Web tier was served by IBM s version of the Apache Web Server and extended with JSP pages and servlets while the Business tier was implemented with Enterprise Java Beans both session and entity beans in conjunction with the IBM Websphere Application Server v3.5.
  • The EIS tier software supported both Informix and Oracle database systems.
  • Additional J2EE APIs that were used were JDBC, RMI to access remote objects written in Java to dispatch field-personnel to correct outages , IDL to access remote objects in the trunk testing server software – written in C++ , JMS to message both specific client machines and servers when certain critical alarms occurred , JNDI, JCA, JTA, and XML.
  • Public-Key Cryptography services were provided by implementing a custom RSA-based Security Provider Interface that supports signature creation / verification, encryption / decryption, MD5 message digest, and digital envelopes for key exchange.
  • J2EE Security was implemented with a combination of Form-Based Security at the Web Tier and Method-Level Security by mapping User Roles Guest, User, Advanced-User, and Admin-User to security Groups at the EJB Tier.
  • Application security was provided by a customized Security Manager dictating access based on Policy Files.
  • The EIS Tier also consisted of Corba Server objects that were supported by an Object Request Broker ORB from Iona.

Sterling Phone Company
01/1999 04/2000

  • Rewrote a Motif / AIX 4.2 / Informix Primary-Target Replication client-server telephony inventory / trouble-ticket system Motif Clients were re-written by a team of three in Java 1.2 using Borland JBuilder Enterprise 3.0 and type-4 JDBC driver to an Informix 9.x database using Informix Continuous Data replication CDR – Many to Many Replication .
  • Continuus 4.5 was used as the source-code management system.
  • Generic Sterling Phone Company classes built from JFC / Swing were implemented to build classes that provided security management, a cache mechanism, and database table to GUI field mapping.
  • Individual applications inherited these attributes and consisted of a Program panel GUI components mapping to database columns and a Notes panel which was a free-form text area whose individual lines were addressable for add / change / delete by user-id and create / modify date stamp.
  • Additionally, utility interfaces populated subsets of fields based on either single-table queries or multi-table joins and validation interfaces enforced business rules on individual fields or combinations of fields when these fields were entered / exited.

Sterling Phone Company
04/1996 01/1999

  • Developed / Maintained Client-Server system that tracked and maintained telephone outage data in an ISO-9001 certified development environment.
  • 90 clients written in C, C++, Cscape and Motif.
  • The back end consisted of seven servers written in C /embedded SQL and an Informix 7.2 database running on an RS-6000 AIX 4.2 .
  • API s were provided for several other software systems to insert, change, and re-select their own data.
  • The system had an external RPC interface to other systems to coordinate the dispAdditional features included a security server to limit insert / change access based on a combination of application type and user-group privileges and a help server to define customized widget-based help.atching of field-personnel to correct hardware outages.
  • System supported 13,000 total users, 300-500 concurrent users at peak system usage.

Sterling Phone Company
08/1995 04/1996

  • Developed/Maintained Client-Server MS Windows 3.1 AIX 3.2 Report-Generator Application that yielded telephone repair and provisioning data from an Informix 7.1 database 200 users residing on an RS-6000.
  • GUI User-Interface done in Informix Hyperscript Tool and runs under MS Windows 3.1 and Windows NT.
  • Server implemented with E-SQL and C. System contains an internal SQL-generator that allows easy development of new reports, Stored Procedures to maximize performance, and Triggers to enforce referential integrity of database.
  • Extensive experience as Informix DBA was required.

04/1995 08/1995

  • Ported BSD FTP Client to nine different platforms including Windows-NT 3.5, AIX, DEC Alpha, OS-2, and HP-UX using Galaxy cross-platform generation tool.
  • Rewrote communication-specific FTP code.

TBS Electronic

  • Developed SCO-Unix multi-threaded On-Line-Transaction-Processing OLTP network interface for a large Point-of-Sale financial-transaction software development company.
  • The system interfaced to Amoco Oil Company s ISO-8583 X.25 ARSTA network and supported EFT Electronic Funds Transfer transaction authorizations for credit and debit bank-card and bank-check applications.
  • The system interfaced to POS terminals, pump devices, car wash device, back-office inventory system, and host authorization system.
  • The system was implemented in C using EDS s System Life Cycle SLC software development methodology.


  • Developed real-time fault-tolerant client-server communication system utilizing the HP-UX socket interface to TCP/IP, PPP, SLIP, and X.25, as well as a Tape interface in a CCITT SS7 Common Channel Signaling System telecommunications network.
  • This software was intended to monitor cellular traffic for several large telephone vendors.
  • The core communication subsystem was implemented in C++ and abstracted the communication-specific detail sockaddr and related data structure manipulation, error handling, and fault-tolerance switching between protocols when the current protocol became unreliable for the users of these classes.
  • Protocol-specific X25, TCP, PPP, SLIP, and Tape Comm classes inherited the characteristics of the abstract communication object and implemented communications specific to each protocol.
  • Clients of these classes would provide an IP address / Host Name, a port number, and a reference to the data to transmit or receive.
  • The X25SvcComm class further extended the functionality of the X25Comm class by providing for management of up 32 Switched Virtual Connections over a single X25 connection.
  • From a high level, the system provided:
    • Transparent data movement between the following hardware platforms: SS7 probes attached to digital exchange switches, HP-9000 workstations, IBM and Tandem mainframes, and Intel-based PC machines.
    • Support for the CCITT X.25 packet switching protocol as well as the following Internet protocols: PPP Point-to-Point Protocol , TCP, UDP User Datagram Protocol , and SLIP Serial-Line Internet Protocol .
  • Fault tolerance by implementing sequencing, flow control, and error control constructs as well as the ability to sense a failure on the primary remote connection running X.25, TCP, or UDP and automatically route traffic to an alternate serial-line path running PPP or SLIP.
  • The primary preferred connection was automatically reselected when it subsequently became available.
  • An interface to Peer Network s SNMP agent software for network management alarm processing.

Medical Systems

  • Designed client-server Hospital Archive system which transparently moved data between Tandem and Unix database clients to a Unix server with a Sybase backend.
  • Implemented a multi-compression engine which selected a specific algorithm optimized for the type of data to be compressed.
  • Project Management responsibilities included schedule development / maintenance and resource allocation.

Medical Systems

  • Maintained compiler subsystem of multi-platform DOS, MAC, UNIX MS Windows GUI builder for hospital applications.
  • Software written in MS 7.0 C++. Used XVT and PCL C++ class libraries.

Sterling Phone Company.

  • Provided interoperability, portability, and integration consulting for a telecommunications firm during a process re-engineering period.
  • Primary areas of involvement included ISDN, Distributed Systems, OSI architecture, X/Open Tool platform, Application Support Platform ASP , and IEEE P1003.1 POSIX.

Sterling Phone Company.

  • Developed Software Monitor to measure 3Com Mail System WAN/LAN mail-delivery response times and mail-volume throughput for Telcom firm.
  • Developed algorithms/software using 3COM API to generate time statistics.
  • C++, MS Windows 3.1, and Clipper 5.01.

United Airlines

  • Involved in the port of a Yield-Management Transportation Model on an MVS Mainframe to RS-6000 AIX platform.
  • Participated in all phases of software lifecycle including: user-requirement analysis, high / low-level software design, and development of a Motif-based UI with interface to an Oracle database.
  • Worked directly with customer Ryder Inc. to refine user-requirements / high-level system design documented in System Architect .
  • Wrote embedded-SQL transactions with Pro-C / Oracle interface tool. rote UserWrote database extract / update batch programs and ported Cobol / Fortran / SAS programs to RS-6000. -Interface in C, Motif, and UIMX with X-Toolkit and X-Lib.


  • Developed and taught a one-week course on CASE methodology to IBM System Engineers.
  • Course modules included Structured Analysis, Structured Design, Object-Oriented Analysis, Front-End vs. Back-End CASE tools, User-Interface CASE tools, CASE Marketing Strategies, and the future of CASE code-generation tools .


  • Provided software development process-analysis to prospective CASE customers using Carnegie Mellon Software Engineering Institute s SEI five-level Model of Software Process Maturity.
  • Analysis included in-house software process ranking and a customized corrective action requirements procedure necessary to progress to the next SEI software process level.


  • Researched / evaluated Commercial Computer-Aided Software Engineering CASE tools available under AIX 3.0 on RS-6000 system for IBM.
  • Tools included UIMX Motif/X-Windows generator, Cadre Teamwork, Atherton Backplane, IDE Software Through Pictures, Sage PVCS version-control software , Interleaf TPS, Unipress EMACS, QCalc, and MasterPlan.
  • Limited experience with Verilog and Software Research Institute SRI testing tools.
  • Developed software to visually and functionally integrate various CASE tools on top of the Xdt application on RS-6000 in C++, MOTIF, and AIX shell scripts.
  • Developed Front-End to Retail Market Planning / AI software with C++ and Motif UIL.

TRS Corporation, United States Marketing Group
03/88 – 04/90

  • Network Support Engineer : Provided hardware, software, training, and administrative support for the Ventura Publisher Desktop software product.
  • Interfaced with the Product Quality Assurance Department and Ventura Corporation to provide timely solutions to customer problems.
  • Served as main focal point of technical support for the application product and it s operating environment.
  • Involved in marketplace assessment, product launch, and alpha, beta, and field tests on all Ventura platforms.
  • Administrative / Supervisory tasks: assigned work to technical support analysts, evaluated analysts performance, developed network criterion test to evaluate network analysts, and provided input to the Ventura technical bulletin as well as public relations firms and the media.
  • Performed training of the ISO seven-layer Open Systems Interconnection model as well as other standards and protocols such as IEEE 802.2 through 802.6 LAN protocols, Fiber Distributed Data Interface FDDI , Transmission Control Protocol / Internet Protocol TCP/IP , and physical interfaces RS-232, RS-422-A, RS-423-A, and RS-449.
  • Developed a training manual and trained several groups of support engineers in Australia and the US in all aspects of Local Area Network design and installation.
  • Areas included cabling, access mechanisms, standards, hardware, network operating systems, and troubleshooting.
  • Provided hardware maintenance on PC-based 8088, 8086, 80286, and 80386 machines and various peripherals.
  • Researched / implemented the acquisition of hardware for Token Ring, Ethernet, and 3Com LANs which were used as test beds for desktop publishing software.
  • Performed the role of backup database administrator on a 50-node Novell network that provided information to Ventura s technical support analysts.

TRS Corporation, Network Systems Division
11/84 – 03/88

  • Senior Software Engineer: Designed, developed, and maintained real-time software/firmware communication systems within Xerox s Wide Area Network XNS and Ethernet LANs in CPM, DOS, and UNIX development environments.
  • Added electronic mail forwarding to Xerox Ethernet-based 8085/8086 personal computers. Redesigned system to implement an overlay mechanism. Modified user manuals to accommodate software additions. Wrote test specification document for the Product Quality Assurance Department. Designed and coded user interface utility functions for an interactive presentation manager.
  • Implemented several Netbios General and Session-Support commands in a Local Area Network project. Developed a Xerox emulation of the IBM-PC NET 2A/2F/Print Screen NetBios interface. Developed a remote dump service which displayed the memory of remote NetBios machines. Interfaced directly with customers to support a 3270 communication system executing on an 8085 Xerox PC.
  • Modified PC-based Shared-Interface-Unit Eproms to include diagnostics which traced bottleneck packet problems. Developed software solutions to allow Xerox International subsidiaries England/Japan to enable various laser printer configuration options through a series of TSR programs written in C and shell scripts.
  • Developed / Implemented / Coordinated the test plan for XNS 10.0 Print, File, and Mail Internet software.

Eastwood Corporation, Interactive Products Division

  • Systems Programmer: Developed and maintained software systems in an IBM 3270 SNA / Bi-Sync environment.
  • Maintained Bi-Synchronous and SNA remote and local communication subsystems, device-processor subsystem, and test-trace subsystem. Made modifications to finite state machines to correct design errors and ascii drivers to correct parity problems. Coordinated a major release of the 9200 software system all host and device-processor software . Produced an in-house technical document of the 9200 software development process and a documentation subsystem to facilitate the software development process.
  • Developed changes to control-unit software to support the IBM-PC as a self-loading device. Developed changes to the test-trace subsystem to support a response-time monitor which measured machine reaction times bi-directionally from terminal to control-unit and control-unit to mainframe. Developed changes to 9116 control-unit SNA Configuration program to support the response-time monitor feature and the 9116 control-unit BSC program to support asynchronous communication options.
  • Designed an implementation of the Constructive Cost Model COCOMO software sizing application which estimated software schedules given inputs of human resources and human constraints. Generated all design specifications external, internal, and user requirement manuals .

Texas A & M University, Data Processing Center

  • Research Programmer : Developed software systems in team and individual environments. Instructed University staff members in the use of personal computers; Business Analysis Department – Undergraduate Instructor.
  • Member of the NASA Space Shuttle Software Analysis team. Studied how the characteristics of source code affect the cost, reliability, and requirements of the software development process. Wrote a lexical analyzer that tokenized the Houston Automated Language HAL .
  • Member of the WYLTERM team which implemented a system to transfer data from six different types of micro computers to a Wylbur application running on an Amdahl-470.
  • Developed/implemented an accounting system for the Industrial Engineering department and a tutorial/demonstration package for the AED-512 Color Graphics Imaging terminal.
  • Taught Business Analysis Statistics BANA-303 to approximately 150 students three classes per semester and five six-week short courses on How to study for the Graduate Record Exam

Virginia Polytechnic Inst. & State Univ. / Texas A & M University.

  • Research Assistant : Designed and performed psychological experiments related to persistence and effort conditioning with animal and human subjects.
  • Responsible for performing experiments, collecting data, and maintaining laboratory.
  • Drafted graphs and analyzed data with Statistical Analysis System SAS , Statistical Package for the Social Sciences SPSS , and Fortran programs.
  • Co-authored published articles and papers.


  • 1988 MEd—North Texas State Univ. MAJOR: Education MINOR: Counselor Ed.
  • 1983 MCS—Texas A & M University MAJOR: Computer Science MINOR: EE
  • 1980 MS—Texas A & M University MAJOR: Clinical Psychology MINOR: Statistics
  • 1976 BS—Virginia Polytechnic Inst. MAJOR: Behavioral Psychology MINOR: Statistics


Flint, J.G. & Johnson, J.J. Effects of predictable and non-predictable reward and non-reward on the partial reinforcement effect in extinction . Paper presented at the meeting of the Southeastern Psychological Association, New Orleans, La.; March, 1976.

Johnson, J.J. & Flint, J.G. Effects of predictable and non-predictable reward magnitude performance following the shift in magnitude of reward. Paper presented at the meeting of the Southeastern Psychological Association, Hollywood, Fla.; April, 1977.


Flint, J.G. The Comprehensive Verbal Graduate Record Exam. Studyguide New York, N.Y., Vantage Press 1980.

Flint, J.G. & Perry, J.R. The effects of force training and reinforcement schedules on human performance. American Journal of Psychology, 1981, 94, 619-632.

Perry, J.R. & Flint, J.G. The effects of continuous reinforcement prior to partial reinforcement on persistence training and resistance to extinction in humans. American Journal of Psychology, 1980, 93,697-710.

Perry, J.R. & Flint, J.G. Treatment length as a determinant of immunization against learned helplessness in humans. Bulletin of the Psychonomic Society,1981, 17 1 , 19-23.

Perry, J.R. & Flint, J.G. Appetitive performance following exposure to inescapable shocks of short or long duration. American Journal of Psychology,1981, 94, 605-617.

Resume 9

Samples represent that of an actual working technical professional found on the WEB and modified to protect the privacy of these professionals. Human names, company names, colleges, software product names are intentionally made up.


James A. Powell

1452 Brunswick Road
Elizabeth, NJ 07020


  • Five years of professional software development experience, consulting for major financial and business institutions in the U.S. and Europe.
  • Sun Certified Web Component Developer for the J2EE Platform, Sun Certified Programmer for the Java 2 Platform, and Sybase Certified PowerBuilder Associate.
  • Significant work through the different phases of software development life cycle and knowledge of systems analysis and design methodologies and data modelling.
  • Worked with several application configurations including distributed, web, and client-server applications most of the time in a cross-platform environment.
  • Used a variety of languages, development tools, frameworks, and relational database management systems.
  • Expert in the conversion of legacy information systems to distributed and web-based architectures.
  • Always worked closely with system users and management personnel and gained reputation of loyalty, quick problem solving, and excellent teamwork and communication skills.


May 2000 – Present
Swanson Inc., New York, NY

Senior Analyst/Programmer

Client Projects

Senior Technical Consultant
Swanson, Inc., New York, NY

  • Developing a dynamic online form builder engine: FormWizard.
  • FormWizard allows users to create customized forms and store their definition in a database.
  • The created forms can then be made available to the public via email notifications and the data filled by people into the forms will be stored and later can be accessed by the form owner.
  • I was responsible for the whole analysis, design, and development effort of this application.
  • Technologies and tools that I used to develop FormWizard include JDK 1.4, EJBs, JSPs, Servlets, Tag Libraries, XML, Apache, JBoss, MS SQL Server 2000, and JBuilder.

Senior Technical Consultant
ARD Financial Services, New York, NY

  • Converting a very sophisticated proprietary suite of trading applications into a commercial, distributed open system financial product.
  • The first phase of this practice addresses the security master sub-system that consists of three applications: Product Master, Firm Price Management, and Product Classification System.
  • The source applications are written in PowerBuilder, HPS, Cobol, C and PL/I on a DB2 database while the target environment is primarily based on the J2EE platform technologies.
  • Extensive analysis and re-engineering have been done to shift the current proprietary, tightly-coupled applications to more generic, customizable, component-based systems that can fit the neABC of financial institutions in today s market.
  • Additional work has been done to enable the system for the T+1 processing.

Senior Technician
RSST Mutuals Of New York , New York, NY

  • Technical architect and lead programmer for Alchemist FI, a new e-commerce initiative powered by RSST.
  • Alchemist FI developed a new set of proprietary financial products that better serve a client s fincncial goals by collaterizing existing accounts.
  • Our goal was to work as a service provider for other financial services firms by providing them with a set of APIs that will communicate with Alchemist FI s proprietary analytics engine running on our servers. The APIs would allow our clients to build their own GUI on top of them. The APIs were also built in a way that allowed adding new products and services to the clients without having to do deploy frequent updates to the clients servers.
  • Designed and implemented the core server-side modules in addition to the client APIs. Achieved a flexible design that would allow adding different types of connections and protocols between the client and the analytics engine.
  • Tools and technologies: JDK 1.3, Weblogic 6.0, SSL, JSSE, XML, Servlets, and JSPs.Provided primary implementation for XML over HTTP and SSL using JSSE.

Senior Technician
Abbey, Inc., Weehawken, NJ

  • Converted several of Abbey s financial applications, written in HPS, to web-based Java applications.
  • Knowledge of both source and target environments and technologies helped me play a key role in the development, testing, and deployment phases of the converted applications and participated in preparing the design and functional specifications documents.
  • The presentation layer in the target architecture was developed using JSPs and servlets. These web components then communicated with the business logic stored on WebSphere application server as EJBs and JavaBeans. The middle-tier also communicates with other CICS Cobol business modules running on a mainframe environment via IBM s ECI Extended Call Interface middleware.
  • Tools and technologies used included JDK 1.1.8, JDK 1.3, JSP, Servlet, JavaBeans, EJBs, JDBC, Swing, J2EE Server, IBM WebSphere 3.02, Visual Age for Java, DB2, HPS 5.3, and HTML.

Feb 99 – May 2000
Effective Client Server Solutions Inc., Edison, NJ

Senior Analyst/Programmer

Client Projects

Senior Technical Consultant
Digital Dynamics, New York, NY

  • Conversion of The Hollywood Reporter s existing FoxPro systems to a new web-based system.
  • The project involved re-engineering and migrating the FoxPro database to MS SQL Server 7.0.
  • The process involved extensive data modeling and design for the new database that was significantly expanded to introduce a lot more features and capabilities to THR applications.
  • Demonstrated and prototyped a web-based dynamic reporting utility using SWING and the Java Datawindow technologies.
  • Tools used: MS SQL Server 7.0, Stored Procedures, PowerBuilder 7.0, and JDK 1.2.

Senior Technical Consultant
Albertson Life Insurance, New York, NY

  • Helped design and develop the web view of Investment Database, Albertson s investment department main application.
  • We used PowerBuilder s Web.PB to create an HTML-based web interface to the system that allowed easier and more flexible navigation through the application modules.
  • The new interface was used to wrap all the existing contents and we also added more content and functionality.
  • Tools used: PowerBuilder 6.5 and MS SQL Server 7.0.

Senior Technical Consultant
Abbey, Inc., Weehawken, NJ

  • Worked on maintaining and enhancing Abbey s new Corporate Actions system that addresses all after trade processing such as Dividends Processing, Bond Redemption, Rights Exercise, Warrants Exercise, etc.
  • Corporate Actions was released to Production early 98 but it was backed out due to many technical problems. During the assignment at Abbey, I helped fix the problems that failed the system on its first go-live, add new required and important functionality and enhancements, and bring the system back alive in its new shape.
  • The responsibilities included gathering, analyzing, and verifying users requirements, and communicating them to the rest of the team.
  • Corporate Actions was developed in HPS 5.2/5.3 on a mainframe-hosted DB2 with Windows 3.x/Windows NT front-end.

In-house Projects

  • PowerScan: A fully automated PowerBuilder applications scanning tool that was used to check PowerBuilder applications for Y2K compliance. PowerScan was flexible enough to allow customizing the scan criteria per application and provided an easy and intuitive interface for examining and filtering results. Tools used: PowerBuilder 6.5, PFC, SQL Adaptive Server Anywhere 6.0, Web.PB, Perl/CGI, and HTML 4.0.
  • Broker Message Search Facility: Developed for Guardian Life Insurance to load broker messages received via e-mail into their investment database and then allow the system users to search through these messages for a certain ticker or company.Tools used: PowerBuilder 6.5, PFC, MS SQL Server 6.5.
  • Task-based Application Security Module:A generic, easy-to-use task-based application security module for PowerBuilder applications. The module was easy to plug into any number of existing enterprise applications and comes with a friendly security maintenance module to create the security profiles for the system users based on their authorization level.Tools used: PowerBuilder 6.5/7.0, PFC, Adaptive Server Anywhere, and MS SQL Server 6.5.

Aug 96 – Jan 99
ABC Egypt, Cairo, Egypt.


Client Projects

Technical Consultant
Credit Suisse First Boston, New York, NY, London, UK

  • For almost two years, worked as a technical consultant for CSFB Credit Suisse First Boston – ISD.
  • During this period, I was developing new sub-systems and supporting the existing NTPA New Trade Processing Architecture , the main Trading System at CSFB. NTPA were built on a mainframe-based background using a variety of tools and languages like PowerBuilder, HPS, COBOL, C, PL/I, Assembler, and CICS on DB2 and Sybase database engines.
  • Spend most of my assignment working on settlement systems but had some exposure to other systems like OTP Order Trade Processing and CAMS CAsh ManagStarted and delivered a completely new NTPA application: Online PreMatch, a utility that helped traders match internal and external trade instructions. Delivered and tuned the system at several CSFB locations in New York and London. ement System.

Technical Consultant
Credit Suisse Financial Products, Zurich, Switzerland

  • Worked as an offshore consultant for CSFP Credit Suisse Financial Products.
  • Participated in the production support and maintenance of the Credit System of CSFP that was developed in C and System Procedures on a UNIX environment.

In-house Projects

Participated in the analysis, design and implementation of three internal client/server applications for ABC Egypt, as a part of its plan to integrate its own corporate systems:

  • Employees Leaves Management System ELS : A client/server vacation request and authorization processing application.
  • Employee Skills Registry System ESRS : Allows the company to maintain a repository of the skills available by its personnel.
  • Time Control System TCS : A computerized timesheet entry system.

Tools: PowerBuilder 4.0, PowerBuilder 5.0 on MS SQLServer Server 6.0.

Jul 97 – Nov 97
International Business Solutions, Cairo, Egypt

Analyst Programmer

  • As a part time resource, I worked on the application Design and development of Asfour Crystal Manufacturing System.
  • Participated in the deployment and tuning of the application on-site and in customization and tuning of the application for other major industrial organizations in Egypt.
  • The application makes use of the client server and distributed technologies, OOP, and Stored Procedures to provide the company with a way to process its day to day activities including sales, stock, production, accounting, and plant ABC analysis.
  • Tools used: PowerBuilder 5.0 and PFC on Sybase System 11 database.


Diploma in Software Development, Information Technology Institute ITI , Cairo, Egypt.

  • A 10 months program that covered advanced topics in software development including Operating Systems, Database Design, Computer Networking, in addition to focused courses on several programming tools and languages and also several database management systems.
  • Graduation Project: School Management Information System. A very flexible and customizable Information Management System that fits any under-college educational institution. New ideas were implemented in that project like remote administration and parental tracking through an Internet gateway. The tools used were PowerBuilder 4.0, Oracle Server 7.1, JDBC 1.0, CGI, LiveWire, and Netscape FastTrack Web Server.

Bachelor of Science, Electrical Engineering, Electronics and Communications Department, Ain Shams University, Cairo, Egypt.

Graduation Project : Computer-Aided Design of Microwave Microstrip Circuits.

Sun Certified Programmer for the Java 2 Platform.
Sybase Certified PowerBuilder Associate.


  • Programming Languages:
    Java, C, C++, Perl/CGI, COBOL., PL/I
  • Operating Systems:
    WINDOWS NT, MVS, UNIX, DOS, Red Hat Linux, Windows 2000.
  • Databases:
    DB2, Sybase SQL Server System 11, Sybase SQL Anywhere, MS SQL Server 7.0. Adaptive Server Anywhere.
  • Development Tools:
    • Java 2 Platform technologies: Servlets, JavaBeans, JSPs, XML, JSSE and EJBs.
    • PowerBuilder 5.0/6.0/7.0 CPD 6.0 Associate , Jaguar CTS 3.0, PFC, HPS 2.6/5.X
  • Analysis & Design:
    Structured and Object Oriented Analysis and Design.
  • Other:

Resume 10

Samples represent that of an actual working technical professional found on the WEB and modified to protect the privacy of these professionals. Human names, company names, colleges, software product names are intentionally made up.


Michael A. Connor

3215 Mills Court
Newark, NJ 08872


Senior Software Developer / Web Services Developer

  • Server-Side Programming
  • HTML / XML Rendering
  • JBDC Access v Distributed Objects
  • Senior software/systems/Web services solutions developer offering cross-platform expertise, first-rate technical skills, fluency in 11 programming languages, and a 20-plus-year-history of leading-edge application design driving new revenue streams well into the seven figures annually.
  • Expert understanding of banking, investment, and financial services industry needs and transactions, with proven success architecting state-of-the-art technology solutions for NASDAQ, the Osaka Exchange, Kerry Smith, Credit Suisse First Rochester, and Home Manhattan Bank.
  • Respected team leader, able to scope/translate/incorporate complex business needs into highly praised, user-centered designs on-time, on-spec, and on-budget.
  • Self-motivated, reliable, and flexible, with reputation for cost-effective problem solving, articulate communication, and tireless work ethic.

Areas of Expertise

  • Turnkey Web Services
  • Distributed Objects
  • Thin Client Software
  • Client/Server Architecture Testing
  • Scripting & Documentation
  • End-User Training & Support
  • OOA/OOAD Business
  • Requirements Definition
  • Technical Infrastructure
  • Large-Scale Project Management
  • Code Generation
  • Troubleshooting & Solution Design

Technology Summary

  • Languages & Tools:
    Java J2EE , Servlets, JSPs, EJB, CMP, HTML, XML, C, C++, JavaScript, COBOL, BASIC, TAL, Pascal
  • Systems:
    Windows, Sun Solaris, Linux, POSIX
  • Networking:
    LAN/WAN/MAN/VPN Technologies, Gigabit Ethernet, Layer-Three Switching, Routing, Frame Relay, ATM, TCP/IP
  • Databases:
    Sybase, SQL Server, Oracle, SQL/MP

Professional Experience

May 1999 to Present
STARMARK, INC., Jersey City, NJ

Senior Software Developer

System software development firm building state-of-the-art financial exchange technology, product, and businesses.

  • Accountable for customized, total-solution software development furthering client goals and resolving business/ technical challenges.
  • Utilize JAVA 2, HTML, and XML to architect turnkey solutions and prototype new technologies.
  • Manage full lifecycle application development, from concept to design to test to launch.
  • Interface extensively with senior management to scope business needs and ensure customer acceptance/support.

Key Accomplishments:

  • Innovated risk monitoring tools measuring/tracking cash performance, alerts, and thresholds that enabled STARMARK the ability accurately and comprehensively gather and analyze competitive intelligence on products, services, and pricing. Successful project outcome led to new current assignment developing similar system for Ashton Technologies Trading Group, with five applications presently in development.

    Techniques / Tools: Servlet Containers Resin & TOMCAT , Servlets, JSPs, HTML, XML, Applets, Serializable Objects, JDBC Access Oracle, SQL Server, Sybase , Swing, Applications, ClearCase, MS FrontPage, Java Mail

  • Served as senior software developer and part of a five-member team in development of Application Monitoring and Event Notification solution, praised by NASDAQ for its customizable features, ease of use, and multi-tiered structure. Formally recognized by senior executives for superior effort through substantial, five-figure award.

    Techniques / Tools: Servlet Container TOMCAT / iTP Webserver , Servlets, JSPs, HTML, XML, Applets, Serializable Objects, Reflection, JDBC Access SQL Server, SQL/MP, Sybase , SOAP, Swing, MS SourceSafe, MS FrontPage

  • Single-handedly developed Electronic Exchange Administration/Helpdesk product for Osaka Exchange, incorporating online help documentation in both English and Japanese. Completed all front-end architecture, installed Web server to implement deployment scripts, set up virtual hosts, and trained end-users on system features/functioning. Won high accolades from client for delivery of intuitive, cutting-edge system and formal award for project success.

    Techniques / Tools: Servlet Containers JRun / iTP Webserver , Servlets, HTML, Applets, Reflection, Internationalization, JDBC Access SQL/MP Sybase , Swing, MS SourceSafe, MS FrontPage

  • Architected Listed Trading Help Desk system for listed exchange market activities, convincing client developers of benefits to new technology. Outcomes included dramatic improvements to portability, system scalability, functionality, services distribution, feature enhancements e.g. links/online help , and maintenance costs.

    Techniques / Tools: Servlet Containers JRun / iTP Webserver , OSS POSIX , Webserver, Java Installations, Servlets, HTML, Reflection, JDBC Access SQL/MP Sybase , Sockets, MS SourceSafe, MS FrontPage

  • Introduced Web-based technology/Java OO solution to improve flexibility of multiple products, resolving previous design limitations preventing cross-platform functionality and incurring significant annual cost savings.

    Techniques / Tools: Servlet Containers JRun / iTP Webserver , OSS POSIX , Servlets, HTML, Reflection, RMI, CORBA, JDBC Access SQL/MP Sybase , Sockets, MS SourceSafe, MS FrontPage

March 1990 to May 1999

Vice President of Corporate Technologies

Acquired by Credit Suisse First Rochester, a leading global investment bank with 2001 annual revenues of 13.9B.

Supervised peak staff of ten software developers and network engineers, with full fiscal and operational accountability for strategic planning, software development utilizing JAVA, C++, C, TAL , product evaluation, project management, and internal/external customer relationship management.

Key Accomplishments:

  • Commended for Web-based product design meeting the specific needs of in-house business units Fixed Income, Investment Banking, Financial Groups .

    Techniques / Tools: Servlet Container JRun , Servlets, HTML, JDBC Access Sybase

  • Initiated Single User Logon Web-based design that enabled access to multiple in-house web sites supported by business unit s IT departments. Provided improve navigation for outside customers

    Techniques / Tools: Servlet Container JRun , Servlets, RMI, CORBA, HTML, JDBC Access Sybase

  • Provided simple but effective paperless solutions through imaging software and workflow innovations.

  • Researched, evaluated, and presented resilient technology solutions custom-designed to meet divergent client needs. Enjoyed repeated success lowering costs while simultaneously boosting throughput and reliability.

  • Launched a number of high-profile technology initiatives to enable full-scale corporate service support. Provided first-ever Internet access services, oversaw transition from fractional T-1 to T-3 operation, augmented security by building multiple firewalls, and accelerated user access through VPN design/launch.

  • Oversaw all aspects of technology-related functions during firm s relocation, large network deployment, and explosive growth from 2,000 employees to over 10,000 . Designed 8M LAN/MAN system, praised for enabling trading floor ease of movement, an annual maintenance cost reduction, and a more resilient network. Cutting-edge market-data-services solution eliminated patchwork network for a true trading-floor environment and enabled the business to expand with zero service interrupts to 12 satellite offices and several thousand customers.

  • Linked eight back-office and trading-floor remote systems, which led to per-transaction cost reduction and fail-safe communications between New York and London offices.

  • Oversaw all network engineering services for trading floor/back office LAN , remote data center MAN , and domestic and international satellite offices WAN .

  • Captured 400K vendor discount as a result of design/implementation of legacy systems client/server product solution presented at SIA Securities Industry Association exhibition.

    Techniques / Tools: Tandem TAL, C, Communication Protocols: TCP/IP , Client Side: Visual Basic, PowerBuilder, DLLs

Early Career

May 1984 to January 1990
Kerry Smith, New York, NY

Assistant Vice-President, Capital Markets

  • Designed and launched Mortgage-Backed Securities trading system still in use today. Implementation enabled firm to capture dominant position in this financial market space.

    Techniques / Tools: Tandem TAL, C, Cobol 74, 85, Database Enscribe, SQL/MP

  • Executed software communication links across multiple systems, clearing houses, and financial services, facilitating optimum service quality and annual clearings settlement cost savings of as much as 100K+ per bank.

    Techniques / Tools: Tandem TAL, C, Communication Protocols: SNA LU2, LU6.2, BYSYNC 3270, TCP/IP

1980 to 1984

Software Developer, Electronic Funds Transfer Service EFTS

Professional Development

NEW YORK UNIVERISTY New York, NY Certificate in Object Oriented Programming, 2000 C
Programming, 1984 PACE UNIVERSITY New York, NY Pascal Programming, 1985 BASIC
Programming, 1985

Available for Relocation

Resume 11

Samples represent that of an actual working technical professional found on the WEB and modified to protect the privacy of these professionals. Human names, company names, colleges, software product names are intentionally made up.


Anil Shrinvas

378 Princeton Avenue
North Brunswick, NJ 08816


With about five years of experience in the Design, Development, Testing and Implementation of various web based applications for different business organizations. Seeking a challenging position with ample opportunities for professional growth and advancement.


  • Five years of experience in Analysis, Design, Coding, Testing and Implementation of various Web based applications.
  • Developed Internet/Intranet and Client/Server Applications
  • Worked extensively in J2EE, Java, EJB, JSP, Servlets, Swing, JDBC and JavaScript.
  • Knowledge of Design Patterns.
  • Sun Certified Java 2 Programmer Secured 90 in certification
  • Brain Bench Certified Java Programmer.

Computing Skills

  • Languages Known:
    Java 2.0, XML, XSL, CSS, JavaScript, CGI/Perl, UML, SQL, PL/SQL, HTML, DHTML, C++, C
  • Web Technologies: J2EE 1.3, EJB 2.0, JSP, Servlets, JDBC, Swing, JavaBeans, RMI, JMS, MQSeries, JNDI, LDAP, CORBA, JavaMail, JAXP, DOM, SAX, SOAP
  • Databases:
    RDBMS Oracle 8.1.6, DB2 Universal Database 7.2, Sybase, MS-Access
  • Environment:
    Sun Solaris 5.6, HP-UX 10.20, Windows 95/98, Windows NT 4.0
  • Tools/Others:
    WebLogic Application Server 4.5.1/6.1, IBM WebSphere Application Server 3.5/4.0, IBM HTTP Server 1.3.19, iPlanet
  • Servers:
    Web Server 4.1/6.0, Java Web Server 2.0, Apache/Tomcat Web Server, IBM VisualAge 3.5/4.0, IBM WebSphere Studio Application Developer 4.0.3, Rational Rose.

Professional Experience

Apr 2002 – Till Date
Extrasonic, NJ

Programmer – Business Link

Business Link is a web-based application that allows Extrasonic s customers, such as The Wiz to create orders, query orders, inventory, contacts, or business information. Business Link tables are populated when information is altered or added by an administrator using the Maintenance System.


  • Developed Session and Entity Beans for Order Simulation, Order Creation and Order Status.
  • Developed front end pages using JSP.
  • Developed Servlets that translates interactions with the JSP pages into actions to be performed by the EJBs.
  • Developed JavaBeans that are used by various modules of the application.
  • Developed a module using SAX that parses xml file.
  • Assisted in the administration of WebSphere.
  • Used JavaScript for client side validations.

J2EE, EJB2.0, Java, JSP, JDBC, JavaBeans, JavaScript, SAX, IBM DB2 Universal Database 7.2, IBM WebSphere Application Server 4.0.1, IBM Visual Age 4.0, IBM WebSphere Studio Application Develeoper 4.0.3, IBM HTTP Server 1.3.19, Windows NT 4.0.

Mar 2001 – Mar 2002
IBM-Dytech, NJ

Lead Developer – Electronic Payment

Electronic Payment E-Pay provides web-based electronic bill payment for Dytech Business Market customers. E-Pay allows customers to register for electronic payment services, view their current charges, billed amount, payment history, and pay their bills online.


  • Developed Session and Entity Beans that represents enterprise data and the business rules.
  • Developed front end pages using JSP.
  • Developed Servlets that translates interactions with the JSP pages into actions to be performed by the EJBs.
  • Developed JavaBeans that are used by various modules of the application.
  • Involved in the high-level architecture design, project planning, work allotment.
  • Developed a module using JAXP that parses xml file.
  • Developed a module using JavaMail that sends mail to the customers whose payments are rejected
  • Developed a Perl script that reads data from the database and writes it to a file.
  • Used JavaScript for client side validations.
  • Used Rational Rose for developing the Design Documents.

J2EE, EJB2.0, Java, Servlets, JSP, JDBC, JavaBeans, JavaScript, JavaMail, JAXP, Oracle 8.1.6, Perl, WebLogic Application Server 6.1, iPlanet Web Server 6.0, Sun Solaris 5.6, HP-UX 10.20.

June 2000 – Feb 2001
IBM-Dytech, NJ

Lead Developer – Universal Electronic Bill

Universal Electronic Bill UeBill is a web-based application that allows Dytech Growth customers to view their billing information. Universal Biller UB will provide the billing data required by UeBill. The services provided by this application includes telephone services like International Dialing, Local Services, Toll-Free Usage.


  • Developed Enterprise Java Beans that do database lookups.
  • Developed front end pages using JSP.
  • Developed servlets for activating business processes.
  • Developed JavaBeans that are used by various modules of the application.
  • Involved in detailed design and writing core classes.
  • Developed a Perl script that reads data from the file and writes it into the database.
  • Used Rational Rose for developing the Design Documents.

J2EE, EJB2.0, Java, Servlets, JSP, JDBC, JavaBeans, JavaScript, Oracle 8.1.6, Perl, WebSphere Application Server 3.5, Visual Age 3.5, iPlanet Web Server 4.1, Sun Solaris 5.6, HP-UX 10.20.

Sep 1999 – May 2000
Innovative Digital Technologies, NJ

Senior Developer – E-Commerce Website

E-Commerce Website application enables its customers to do bidding and buying online and facilitates reverse bidding where the customer chooses the item and various vendors bid the product for the customer.


  • Developed the front-end pages using JSP that facilitates the online bidding, like Users Mypage, Merchants Mypage, SalesReps Mypage, Request History, Bid History etc.
  • Performed client side validations using JavaScript.
  • Developed intranet tool using Java Swing that facilitates the internal user to key in all the categories, items and also the user can edit or delete them respectively.
  • Developed various JavaBeans that are used by different modules in the application.

Java, Swing, JSP, Servlets, JDBC, JavaBeans, JavaScript, Oracle, WebLogic Application Server 4.5.1, Solaris 5.6, HP-UX 10.20.

Mar 1999 – Aug 1999
Innovative Digital Technologies, NJ

Programmer Analyst – Visual Monitoring System

Visual Monitoring System keeps track of the visitors to the site that included the number of hits, time spent on the site, feedback etc.


  • Designed and developed the entire system.
  • Used JavaScript for client side validations.

Java, Servlets, HTML, JDBC, JavaBeans, JavaScript, Oracle, Java Web Server 1.1.3, Solaris 5.6, HP-UX 10.20.

June 1998 – Feb 1999
Avir Software Services Ltd, India

Programmer – Project Tracker

Project Tracker was developed to keep track of the ongoing projects, their status, client requirements and groups information. Different levels of authorization have been assigned to each user depending on his designation. This system enables the management at different levels to monitor the progress of tasks.


  • Developed Corba servant classes that represents business logic.
  • Developed servlets that are used for presentation.
  • Developed admin tool using Java Swing.
  • Used JavaScript for client-side validations.

Java, Servlets, Corba, Visibroker, Swing, JDBC, HTML, JavaScript, Oracle, Java Web Server 1.1.3, Windows NT.

Nov 1997 – May 1998
Weekly TimeSheet System

Weekly TimeSheet System is an intranet application that captures accurate billable hours of the employees and provides visibility into project costs.

Designed and developed the entire system

Java, Servlets, Applets, RMI, AWT, JDBC, JavaScript, Oracle, Java Web Server 1.1.3, Windows NT

Mar 1997 – Oct 1997
Ratna Super Market, India

Programmer – Cash Register

Cash Register is a billing system that is used in Super Markets for processing all the item transactions made by a Customer.

Designed and developed the entire system.

C++, Windows NT


M.S. in Computer Science, New York Institute of Technology, New York

Resume 12

Samples represent that of an actual working technical professional found on the WEB and modified to protect the privacy of these professionals. Human names, company names, colleges, software product names are intentionally made up.


Michael Henry


  • Over Six years of experience in Internet Technologies & Distributed Computing and in the areas of Software Design, Analysis, Coding, Testing, and Installation.
  • Experience in Developing and Implementing client side programming using HTML, DHTML, JavaScript, VB Script, Applets and JFC/Swing & in server side programming using Servlets, JSP, JDBC-ODBC and Oracle 9i/7.3 & Sybase.
  • Comfortable in technology areas such as three tier architecture using EJB, JRUN, CGI, Servlets, JSP, XML, XSLT, JAVA-Networking, JAVA Socket programming, RMI and also latest Swing programming plus JBuilder, VisualAge for Java.
  • Very strong in MQ Series & OracleAQ.
  • Good experience in Application Servers like IBM Websphere 4.0/3.5, BEA Weblogic 5.1/4.5 and worked in the areas of Deployment, Enterprise Bean Provider and Application assemble.
  • Strong application development experience on Windows, Unix, Linux, Solaris platforms.
  • Excellent communications skills, creative problem solver, proactive listener, and the ability to work in a team or individually


B.S. in Engineering, N.Y. University.
Post Graduate Diploma in Computer Applications.


  • Languages: J2EE, Java2.0, Servlets, JMS, XML 1.0, AWT, JDBC, C++, C, SQL, PL/SQL, RPG IV, RPG ILE, CLP
  • Operating System:Red Hat Linux 7.1, Sun Solaris 7.0, UNIX, Windows95/98/2000, WindowsNT 4.0, OS/400, MS-DOS
  • Databases:Oracle 9i/8.x/7.3, Sybase 6.0, MS-Access 97, SQL Server 6.5, Lotus Notes5.0, DB2/400.
  • CTM & ORB s: Enterprise Java Beans 2.0/1.x, CORBA ,and RMI.
  • ApplicationServers: IBM Websphere 4.0/3.5, BEA Weblogic 5.1/4.5, Netscape Server, JWS and Domino 5.0
  • GUI & IDE s: JBuilder 6.0, Visual Age3.0, Rational Rose, JFC/Swing, VB6.0 and Developer 2000
  • Message Queing: IBM MQ Series 5.1, OracleAQ
  • Web Design Tools:Visual Interdev, FrontPage 98, HTML, DHTML,VB Script, Java Script, JSP, ASP
  • Other tools:ILOG JRules 4.0, Livelink SDK Activator for Lotus Notes, Explorer, Desktop module, Rational RequisitePro, Ant build tool 4.0
  • Protocols: SMTP, FTP, Telnet, HTTP, XML-RPC.
  • Testing Tools: Win Runner, Load runner, and SQASuite.
  • Bug Reporting Tools: Test Director, PVCS, and CIRRUS.


Apr 2002 Till date
TransTransAmerica s Job Bank, Syracuse, NY

Programmer Analyst

TransAmerica s Job Bank is the biggest and busiest job market in cyberspace. Job seekers can post their resume where thousands of employers search every day, Employers can post job listings in the nation s largest online labor exchange, create customized job orders, and search resumes automatically to find the right people fast.

TAJB 5.0 is a web based application built on J2EE using JSP s , Servlets, EJB with Websphere application server 4.0 on Linux. Framework used for application development is a proprietory framework built by Applied Theory Corporation. This framework is similar to Struts Framework with more extensions like EJB tier, Database tier. This Framework supports MVC Model-View-Controller pattern.


  • Currently I m working on Employer section which has about 10 modules like Profile, Registration, Update registration, Job builder, Common elements.
  • I m developing the Request Handlers which are Java servlet classes with several methods calling EJB delegate class methods which in turn calls Session bean class methods.
  • Developing session beans ,entity beans, VO s and DAO s classes. Developed JSP s for all these module screens of this section.
  • Configuring the Framework XML files, Application specific XML files screen, application, action to handle all the applications in AJB, all the screens flow and the actions has to be performed.
  • Confirmation Registration Email processing is done using JMS with MQ Series provider.
  • Business rules have been integrated in the application.
  • Several java rule classes have been developed with Rules builder to validate specifications in the modules.
  • I wrote the Rule handlers which are java classes to make action on each screen of each module to validate the fields.
  • Configured the framework XML files with Rule handler and Flow handlers.
  • Developed the JAR files ,WAR files and EAR files using Ant build tool.
  • I m responsible for the deploying developed Enterprise Application file in the Websphere Application server.
  • Wrote sql queries to get the data, update the data from the database and to connect database in the DAO implementation classes.
  • I m responsible to test the application integrating front end tier with EJB tier connecting Database tier.

Environment: J2EE, Jdk 1.3, JSP s ,EJB 2.0, Servlets, XML 1.0, JavaMail Session, JMS, IBM MQ Series 5.1, IBM Websphere server 4.0, IBM HTTP Server, Red Hat Linux 7.1, CVS, Framework, Log4J, JBuilder 6.0, Apache Ant 1.4, ILOG JRules 4.0, Oracle 9i

Aug 2000 March 2002
CreativeCardInternational, Arlington, NY

Sales and Marketing Automation SMA

The Sales and Marketing Automation project at CreativeCardwas based around a CRM package customization and implementation. The software packages YouCentric and Intertrac were implemented. Intertrac implemented with Lotus Notes, Oracle and Business Objects reporting.


  • Developed forms using HTML and performing client side validations using Java Script.
  • Developed server side Servlets for jsp web pages running on web logic server.
  • Implemented Oracle database access through JDBC-ODBC Bridge at server end.
  • Java business rules were written in EJB.
  • Also installed and configured Websphere server 3.5.
  • Involved in system design using UML Usecase diagrams,Class diagrams,Activity diagrams,Component diagrams using Rational Rose modeling tool.
  • Rational RequisitePro tool was used to make the requirements available to all team members.
  • Requirements are accessed,modified and created using Rational Requisite web interface.
  • Developed Publisher, Subscriber model to send reminders about customer balances using JMS with MQ Series provider.
  • Wrote Java components for parsing the XML documents using DOM API.
  • XML,CSS and XSL was used in creating intermediate data files between the database application and data presentation.
  • Entire system was developed using Visual Age 3.0.
  • YouCentric was installed and evaluated and business rules were written to support the package.

Environment: WindowsNT, Jdk1.3, J2EE, JDBC, Weblogic Server, Webshere Server3.5, Servlets, JSP, EJBs, JMS, IBM MQ Series 5.1, UML Rational Rose , Rational RequisitePro, XML, XSL, CSS, Visual Age3.0, Lotus Notes, Domino, Oracle 7.3

Feb 2000-July 2000 Inc., Texas

Customer/Product Interactive CIP System

This web based application involves establishing the connectivity of Sybase database from a java client. This web-enabled client provides product code as the input and gets characteristics type and characteristics value as the results. The server side modules JSP pages gets the data from database by the use of JDBC API and construct XML data dynamically and send to requesting client; the client module would reconstruct original data by using SAX Parser My role was to carry out the complete design and development.


  • Developed the servlets for each JSP web page.
  • Entire system was developed using Visual Age 3.0.
  • Get the data from JSP, validate the inputs, store the data in to database by using Java bean business objects.
  • Involved in system design using UML Usecase diagrams,Class diagrams,Activity diagrams,Component diagrams using Rational Rose modeling tool.
  • Rational Purify was used to overcome reliability issues. Involved in the installation and configuration of weblogic server.

Environment: WindowsNT, JDK1.2, JDBC, Weblogic server, Java Servlets, java beans, JSP, XML, UML Rational Rose , Rational Purify, Visual Age 3.0, Sybase 5.0

Sep 1999-Feb 2000

Intranet Mailing

This is an Intranet-based system that enables employees within a corporate network to send mails by using login and usernames. Also developed a Prompt-Server, is an Intranet Site. Which maintains the personals of employees, Project details, and Branch details.


  • Involved in developing forms using HTML and performing client side validations using Java Script.
  • Developed server side Servlets using JSDK 1.2.2.
  • Developed Java Servlets at server side for handling requests and responses from the WebPages.
  • Implemented Oracle Database access through JDBC-ODBC Bridge at server end.
  • Implemented Entity Bean components for Personal Details.
  • Implemented Entity Bean and Session Bean components.

Environment: Java, JDK1.2, Servlets, JDBC, JavaScript, HTML, EJB, Weblogic server and Oracle 7.3.

Mar 1996 July 1999
Wide Angle Informix

I was involved in analyzing,designing and developing various applications below under different environments.

FRN School
On line Examination

An On Line Examination in which typically the Database being on a server different Clients can access it whenever they desire.

Role: Design and implementation of different frames to display Login, Instructions, Paper selection, Exam sheet, Review, Result and Administrator options. Implemented connectivity to the Database.

Environment: Java JDK1.1 , JDBC, Servlets,and Oracle7.x

Parental Care Center
Web Designing

The objective of the web page is to provide online information about the medical facilities and medical products and their usage s.


Involved in the design and development of server side components and front end GUI. Graphics art direction and design . Customer consulting on media and interaction subjects

Environment: Front page 98, Java 1.1, Swings, JDBC, Servlets, Java Script, HTML, ActiveX, Oracle7.3

Sweet Home Ventures
Payroll Accounting System

This application handles all the transactions and details of the employees in an organization.

Role: Involved in creating of files, coding with proper documentation and developed programs to generate pay slips.

Features include:

  • Automatic generation of Employee id using Data Areas.
  • Validity checking for data entry and display predefined error messages.
  • Using message files.
  • Use of sub files for data retrieval and display.
  • Use of embedded SQL statements for accessing the Employee Master and Transaction Master for query result.

Environment: IBM AS/400,RPG/400,SQL/400,DB2/400,OS/400

Resume 13

Samples represent that of an actual working technical professional found on the WEB and modified to protect the privacy of these professionals. Human names, company names, colleges, software product names are intentionally made up.


Rao Srinvas


I have around 7 years of software development experience in the field of Information Technology. I have been primarily involved in the design and development of Web Applications using IDEs such as WebSphere Studio Application Developer, WebSphere Studio, VisualAge for Java, Jbuilder. And Client Server Applications using IDE s such as Visual Basic and Power Builder. I have good knowledge and experience in Java Servlets, Java Server Pages,JavaScript and HTML. Hard work, technical soundness, diverse skills, and easy adaptation with changing technology are my professional traits. My work also involved extensive interfacing with RDBMS such as Oracle, DB2, Interbase and MS-Access. Over a period of time, participated in other activities like Database support, Network Administration and Testing.


  • Sun Certified Java Programmer
  • IBM Certified Specialist for IBM WebSphere Studio Application Developer WSAD V4.0.3
  • IBM Certified Solutions Expert for IBM WebSphere Studio, V3.5 / V4.0
  • IBM Certified Specialist for IBM VisualAge for Java
  • IBM Certified Specialist for IBM DB2 UDB V7.1 Family Fundamentals


Member in WebSphere Users Group, Atlanta
Member in Java Users Group, Atlanta


  • E-Commerce related Skills

    J2EE, Java, Java Servlets, Enterprise Java Beans EJB , Java Beans, Java Server Pages JSP , JDBC, Swing, JavaScript, HTML, WML, IBM WebSphere Studio Application Developer WSAD V4.0.3, IBM Websphere Studio 3.0/3.5, IBM Visual Age for Java 3.0/3.5, IBM WebSphere Commerce Suite V5.1, IBM Host Publisher Studio V2.2/3.5, JBuilder 1.0 C/S, IBM Websphere Application Server WAS 4.0/3.x, IBM HTTP Server, IBM DB2 Stored Procedure Builder 6.0.

  • Other Skills

    Databases: DB2 UDB V6.0/7.0, Oracle V6.0, MS SQL Server, MS Access 1.0, Interbase 4.0, Watcom Database.
    IDEs: Visual Basic V3.0/4.0, Power Builder V3.0/4.0.
    Languages: C, PL/SQL, Basic, PowerScript, SQL.
    Operating System: Windows 2000, Windows NT 3.5/4.0, Windows 95, HP-Unix


E-Book Web Services
Apr 02 Present

SUMMARY : The local book store and the online book store are using a Web Service in which the local book store is allowed to electronically inquire on the inventory levels of the online book store. The local book store acts as a service requestor and the online book store acts as a service provider. The online book store implements and deploys the approved web service.

Prior to this, completed a case-study Automobile Inquiry System using the IBM s Web Services Wizardry Redbook. The case-study includes the local web application, static web services , dynamic web services and composed web services.

Development Environment: J2EE, Java, Java Beans, Java Server Pages, EJB, SOAP, UDDI, WSDL, UML, XML, XSL, IBM WebSphere Studio Application Developer V4.0.2, DB2 UDB V7.1, JavaScript, HTML, Websphere Application Server V4.0 Single Server for MultiPlatform Edition, IBM HTTP server, Windows 2000.


  • Learning and using the IDE IBM WebSphere Studio Application Developer V4.0.3 .< /li>
  • Understanding and learning the technology called Web Services .
  • Designed and created the database and tables on DB2 UDB
  • Used Rational Rose for creating the Use-Case diagrams, Sequence Diagrams and Class Diagrams.
  • Implemented the MVC architecture.
  • Deployed the application on the WAS Single Server for MultiPlatform Edition. Client-side Validation were done using JavaScript.
  • Involved in the system testing.

American Sales Report ASR, Arkansas
Feb 02 Mar 02

SUMMARY : Created American Sales Report ASR based on the sales in various regions of US. Sales categories such as Lab Pack, Enpak, Special Handling, Incineration, Fuel Blending, Transportation Revenue, Rhodia Revenue and Non-Incineration Revenue are displayed on monthly basis, and quarterly basis.

The Sales Report shown are comparative study with current year compared with one of the selected previous year. And the variance calculation is also shown on the same page for monthly and quarterly basis. And also the previous 5 years of history data are compared with the current year s data and shown in a Excel Spread Sheet, which are downloadable on user s workstation.

Development Environment: J2EE, Java, Java Beans, Java Server Pages, IBM VisualAge for Java 4.0, IBM WebSphere Studio V3.5, JavaScript, HTML, Websphere Application Server 3.5.4, IBM HTTP server, AS/400 DB2 Windows 2000.

Responsibilities :

  • Understanding and Studying the Clients architecture called Rogue Runner .
  • Created the utility classes JavaBeans for the grouping of categories using IBM VisualAge for Java.
  • Created a separate program for storing the data in a Excel Spread Sheet in csv format.
  • Used DHTML for the NSR Input screen for the use of Layer technique.
  • Used Dream Viewer for Screen creation.
  • Client-side Validation were done using JavaScript.
  • Deployed the application on the WAS using the WebSphere Studio.
  • Involved in the entire system testing.

ACV Application – Georgia State Bureau, Macon, GA
Oct 01 Jan 02

SUMMARY : Created the ACV Automobile Commercial Vehicle application on Host PublisherV2.2. The actual CICS application runs on OS/390 box. And using the Host Publisher emulator 3270 connected to the GFB s system through dial-in from Windows 2000 box. The ACV application has policy information in various CICS screen such as Policy History, Loss Payee/Mortgage, Vehicle Details, Policy Premium and the Policy Comments screen.

Development Environment:Java, Java Beans, Java Server Pages, IBM Host Publisher Studio V2.2, Websphere Application Server 3.5.4, IBM Host Publisher Server V2.2, IBM HTTP server, OS/390, Windows 2000.

Responsibilities :

  • Self-Studied and learned the architecture of Host Publisher Tool.
  • Mentored and shared the architecture of the Host Publisher with the team.
  • Configured the modem dial-in connection to the GFB.
  • Installed the Host Publisher Studio, Server and Server administration.
  • Developed a chain of Integration Objects Java Beans for the ACV application.
  • Created a Connection Pooling using the Host Publisher Studio.
  • Recorded the connect, data and disconnect macros for the Integration Objects.
  • Recorded Macro looping for the Loss Payee/ Mortgage and Vehicle details screen.
  • Validation of individual fields in various Jsps were done using Java.
  • Deployed the application on the Host Publisher Server.
  • Involved in the unit and the system testing.

WCS Customization – Huron Corporation, GA
Aug 01 Sep 01

SUMMARY : As a Software Engineer, involved in a need to alter the normal procurement procedure used by an e-commerce application, delegating the calculation of tax and shipping information based on the region to a legacy system rather than handling it internally.

Development Environment: Java, Java Beans, Java Server Pages, IBM VisualAge for Java 3.5.3, IBM Websphere Commerce Suite V5.1, Websphere Application Server 3.x, IBM HTTP server. DB2 V7.0, HTML, Windows 2000.


  • Self-Studied and learned the architecture of WebSphere Commerce Suite
  • Installed the DB2 UDB, VisualAge for Java V4.0 and WebSphere Commerce Studio on the workstation.
  • Created the Controller command by overriding the OrderPrepare command for passing the billing, shipping and the product information for the customer into a task command.
  • Customized the shipping jsp in order to pull the billing, shipping and the product information for the customer.
  • Registered the Controller, Task and View commands on the DB2 database.
  • Deployed the jar file on the Websphere Commerce Suite.
  • Involved in the system testing.
Sep 98 Jul 01

SUMMARY :As a Programmer Analyst, involved in the design and development of various modules for an e-commerce B2B portal – an IT Staff Augmentation Services Supply Chain Automation and Management solution. It is a web based product for automating and managing IT Services Procurement, Deployment and Management Processes that involves activities like Requirements processing, Response processing, Project assignments, Automated draft purchase order creation, Time and expense entry, time card approval, Automated consolidated invoice generation and Supplier Performance Metrics. The comprehensive solution automates all activities in the IT Staff Augmentation Services Supply Chain, right from partner management to invoicing/payment. User specific functionality is implemented through the usage of user profiles that are defined by functions and processes. Workflow management is implemented in the form of internal messaging and external e-mails. Limited functionality for wireless access is also catered to. The design uses the MVC architecture wherein the client request from the web browser is received by the Web server IBM HTTP Server and is transferred to the Application server Websphere Application Server . Based on the request, the suitable servlet with appropriate business logic Java Beans is executed on the Database server UDB6.0/7.0 . The response is then transferred back to the user client from the servlet to compiled Java Server Pages. User interaction related validation uses JavaScript.

Development Environment: J2EE, Java, Java Servlets, Java Beans, Java Server Pages, IBM Websphere Studio 3.5, Websphere Application Server 3.x., IBM Visual Age for Java, IBM HTTP Server, UDB 6.0/7.0, Visual Source Safe for version control, Windows NT


  • Designed and developed an efficient Skill Search Engine, which has the ability to search multiple skills with logical AND and OR operators, for finding specific skills of the client and vendor employees with matched percentage.
  • Designed and developed a Resume Management module, that encompasses adding, modifying and deleting the employee resume, which provides an external file attachment with the provision of modifying it online and can also be downloaded to the user s local hard drive.
  • Designed and developed an Internal Messaging System IMS between the Clients and the Vendors that involves listing of messages in the Inbox, Sent and trash boxes and also viewing these messages. Additionally it has the facility of creating the customized folders.
  • Developed few PLUG-INs for parsing the attached files, candidates skills, and the requirement skills from the client managers using IBM DB2 Java Stored Procedures.
  • Designed and Developed Dynamic Reports for Purchase Order and Requirements.
  • Designed and Developed the Control Tables for Survey Forms and Survey Ratings for the vendors and the Company configuration.
  • Monitored the performance of servlets using JProbe.
  • Involved in the unit and system testing.

SystemSoft, Inc.
Mar 98 Aug 98

Summary: As a Programmer Analyst, was involved in Online Credit Card Payment System. The System developed by using Java s JDBC API. It also explores Java s Object Serialization feature. This applet is helpful for updating the credit card payment on the net. The applet was developed using Borland s JBuilder1.01 Client/Server with DB2 as backend and Java Web Server 1.1.

Development Environment: JBuilder Client Server Suite 1.01 for Java, JDBC, UDB, Windows NT 4.0


  • Designed and developed the complete payment system.
  • Used Borland DataGateway connectivity, which provides a multi-tier, fast and reliable database connectivity solution adhering to industry standard JDBC.
  • Involved in the system testing.

Summary: As a Programmer Analyst, was involved in Scheduler System for Physician s Clinic Management. The system shows the detailed information of the scheduling of the various Categories like Physician, Equipment etc. Each category has got number of Resources. Based on the type of request, that is, daily or weekly schedule, the system populates the corresponding information. The system will work as both applet and application. The System developed by using Java s JDBC API. It also explores Java s object Serialization feature. Later the same system was developed by using Java s Servlet feature to attain faster accessing.

Development Environment: JBuilder C/S 1.01 for Java, Java Servlets, JDBC, Interbase 4.2, Windows NT workstation 4.0.


  • Designed and developed the entire system.
  • Actively involved in designing and creating the tables in Interbase.
  • Used Borland DataGateway connectivity, which provides a multi-tier, fast and reliable database connectivity solution adhering to industry standard JDBC.
  • Involved in the system testing.

Summary: As a Programmer Analyst, was involved in the development of a Time Sheet Management Application. The system integrates various projects, resources and, the effort estimation and actuals by maintaining a detailed Time Sheet. The application was developed using Java Beans Component Library. It is a full-featured API for Java application development, developed by Borland.

Development Environment: JBuilder C/S 1.01 for Java, JDBC, UDB, Windows NT workstation 4.0.


  • Designed and developed the entire system.
  • Involved in designing and creating the tables in DB2 UDB.
  • Involved in the system testing.

RSD SystemSoft
Sep 97 Feb 98

Summary: Undergone training in Java for a certain period. And as a part of my case study, involved in the Customer Bank Account Maintenance system. This application involves maintaining customer information and his account details, processing withdrawal and deposit transaction details, providing customers and account related queries. This application was developed using JDK 1.1.4 with Interbase 4.2 as local database.

Development Environment: Java, JDK 1.1.4, Interbase, Windows 95/NT.

Jackson Transportation Company, Arkansas
May 96 Aug 97

Summary:As a System Analyst, was involved with a re-engineering project for a major Transportation company. It involves in Shipment of goods, Order related items, Site management, delivery of goods, Item entry, Purchase Order, Customer related information, etc.

Development Environment: Object Pascal, Delphi 3.0 C/S, UDB, Windows 95/NT.


  • Designed and Created over 120 tables in DB2 for NT.
  • Involved in tuning the database using Runstat, Reorg utilities to improve the performance.
  • Used utilities for importing and exporting the data.
  • Solely responsible for Maintaining and Configuring the network at off site and solved various network related problems.
  • Involved in system testing of over 70 online programs as a lead member.

RSD SystemSoft
Nov 95 Apr 96

Summary: As a Programmer Analyst, was involved in the Vendor Management System. This product is a tool that helps an organization in selecting suitable vendors and contractors to execute various projects. The VMS maintains information related to the contracts signed between the company and the vendors. It allows new contracts and allows amendments to the existing contracts. The VMS is a comprehensive system that helps in identifying the potential vendors with specific skills for a specific project. The system keeps track of the history of the vendors and their contractors.

Development Environment: PC-80586 using Visual Basic3.0/4.0, Oracle Database


  • Designed and Developed the application.
  • Designed and created the tables and strictly followed the standard normalization principles.
  • Implemented the GUI screens, which includes Data Entry, Manipulation of Screens and Data Retrieval Forms.
  • Developed and Implemented Dynamic SQL queries to retrieve information from the database apart from using the standard static SQL queries provided by the Visual Basic.

RSD SystemSoft
Aug 95 Oct 95

Summary:Involved in Resume Management System project to consolidate the concepts of Power Builder 4.0 , developed. The product helps in managing a large database of the candidate s resume and help take fast decisions regarding interviewing, Scheduling, and generating call letters, making appointments, and posting the suitable candidates who meet the specifications of a particular requirement from the existing database and finding the potential candidates for interviewing based on their relative Figure of Merit awarded by the system during the data entry of a candidate s resume and providing the information at the recruiter s finger tips – the system can retrieve a handful of candidates satisfying some given criterion within a few seconds – searching among thousands of resumes in the database.

Development Environment: PC-80486 using Power Builder 4.0, Watcom Database.


  • Designed and Developed the application.
  • Designed and created the tables and strictly followed the standard normalization principles.
  • Implemented the GUI screens, which includes Data Entry, Manipulation of Screens and Data Retrieval Forms.
  • Developed and Implemented Dynamic SQL queries to retrieve information from the database apart from using the standard static SQL queries provided by the Power Builder.


B.S. in Engineering, Madras University, India, Jun 1987 Jun 1991

Resume 14

Samples represent that of an actual working technical professional found on the WEB and modified to protect the privacy of these professionals. Human names, company names, colleges, software product names are intentionally made up.


Clint T. Samuel


A position in Information Systems where I can best contribute to the goals and objectives of the company through my extensive work experience and educational background.


  • Os: UNIX AIX 4.2, Solaris 8.0, HP-UX ; DEC/VAX VMS; MS Windows NT, 2000; OS390 TSO/ISPF

  • TOOLS: BEA WebLogic Server 6.1, BEA WLI 2.0, BEA Commerce Server/Personalization Server 3.5; Netscape iPlanet Server 4.1; WebGain 4.0; DreamWeaver 4.0; IBM Visual Age for Java 3.0, IBM MQSeries 5.1, IBM WebSphere 4.0, 3.0 & HTTP Server, IBM Net.Commerce Suite 3.1.2; JDK 1.3; J2EE 1.3 JSPs, Servlets, EJBs, JCA, JMS, JTS, JNDI, JDBC ; Rational Enterprise Suite – Rose 2001, ClearCase, ClearQuest, RequisitePro; DB2/UDB 6.0; Oracle 8; Sybase 11; RUP; XP; Agile; RoadView WebLoad 3.5; Allaire HomeSite 4.5; PVCS 6.5; Apache Xerces XML Parser, Apache Xalan XSLT Transformer; MS Project

  • LANGUAGES:Java, J2EE, HTML, XML, XSLT, SOAP, WSDL, UDDI, BTP, ebXML, UML, C, C++, SQL, CICS Command Language, Visual Basic, COBOL


9/2001 to Present

E-Commerce Services Director Of Consulting/Senior Principal Architect and Consultant Responsible for eCommerce Consulting Services defining, strategizing, developing, implementing, and supporting software applications solutions.

  • Plan, manage and forecast the eCommerce Services business as a global P+L center including setting plans and driving the business to achieve order, revenue, and expense growth targets to meet the agreed upon margin goals of the business each quarter.
  • For large Midwest electrical and gas utility company, implement an enterprise-level, multi-function n- tier b2b and b2c portal for internal users, vendors, customers and partners. The system is a high performance, largely scalable and extendable web enabled platform utilizing heavy presentation tier based on Jsp, Servlet, HTML and JavaScript, business and data tiers comprising of more then a thousand Session, Entity and Message-Driven EJBs. Implement data and document exchange for multiple vendors, customers and clients utilizing Apache Xerces Java XML Parser and Xalan Java XSLT transformer. Follow XP and Agile project development strategy.
  • Help identify and create opportunities that tie technology to solving significant customer issues that can save customer significant amounts of money or enhance or create new revenue generation opportunities for the customer. One such project involved assisting a Big Five Consulting organization to evaluate existing E-Business frameworks, make recommendations and streamline eCommerce project development methodology and best practices. Implement lightweight RUP based project implementation methodology.
  • Provide technical leadership to a major banking organization with upgrade and conversion of the in- house web-enabled systems to IBM WebSphere environment and J2EE compliant three-tier architecture. IBM WebSphere Server 4.0 & 3.5, Java JDK 1.2, J2EE – JSPs, Servlets, Session and Entity EJBs, DB2 .

Environment: IBM WebSphere Server 4.0 & 3.5, BEA WebLogic Server WLS 6.1, AIX, Solaris, Java JDK 1.3, J2EE 1.3, RUP, Rational Rose 2001 & UML, XP, Agile, Apache Xerces XML Parser, Apache Xalan XSLT Transformer, DB2, Oracle 8

6/2000 to 9/2001

Professional Services Managing Principal & Delivery Manager

Responsible for eCommerce Division Central Region Professional Services business development, sales support, technical architecture, management and delivery of consulting engagements.

  • Develop, maintain and maximize key relationships with customers, system integrators and global partners to identify market opportunities, establish technical requirements, position the value proposition and win business. Related activities include Statement Of Work proposals, RFP/RFQs, Technical Architecture validation and assessments, engagement proposals, solution delivery planning and logistics, client presentations, revenue tracking and budgetary activities.
  • Plan, manage and forecast the Professional Services business including setting plans and driving the business to achieve order, revenue, and expense growth targets to meet the agreed upon margin goals of the business each quarter. Help meet and exceed eCommerce Division revenue quotas for each of the fiscal quarters average of 24M .
  • Implement Professional Services eCommerce and Web based projects. Projects include full lifecycle development such as online credit card processing system mentoring, hands-on architect and technical lead WebLogic Server 6.0, WLCS 3.5, Java JDK 1.2, J2EE – JSPs, Servlets, Session and Entity EJBs, JNDI, JMS; RUP, Rational Rose, WebGain, DreamWeaver 3.0, Oracle , warehouse distribution system hands-on architect WebLogic Server 5.1, WLI, XML, J2EE JSPs, Servlets, JDBC, JNDI; Oracle, RUP, Rational Rose and others.
  • Implement Professional Services GAP and shorter-term engagements such as web environment installation hands-on architect Web and Application Servers, RDBMS and EIS connectivity, development and deployment environment , performance configuration and tuning field architect, environment sizing and capacity planning field architect, clustering for load-balancing and fail-over field architect, J2EE and Java development best practices application architect, project management and architecture mentoring.
  • Architect and implement Global Enterprise eCommerce solutions including Strategic Planning, Product Placement, Strategy and Market Analysis for a various clients within Financial, Healthcare, Manufacturing, Consumer Services and other industries.
  • Interview, hire and staff consultants on the projects. Manage project plan and track progress. Implement performance reviews. Deliver continuous status and project reporting to executive and steering committees.

Environment: BEA WebLogic Server WLS 6.0 & 6.1, BEA WLI 2.0, BEA Commerce & Personalization Server WLCS/PS 3.5, Solaris 8, WebGain 4.0, Java JDK 1.2, J2EE, XML, Apache Xerces XML Parser, Apache Xalan XSLT Transformer, RUP, Rational Rose 2000 & UML, Oracle 8

Enterprise E-Commerce Architect

Responsible for eCommerce Division Professional Services consulting engagements technical architecture and leadership, customer mentoring, project management and delivery.

  • Serve as a hands-on Enterprise Architect/Delivery Manager on a number of consulting engagements such as US Commercial Airline Website, On-line Trading System for the major US Investment Bank and others.
  • Implement development, deployment and change control environments for Java JDK 1.2, WebLogic Server 5.1, iPlanet 4.1, Visual Caf 3.1, Allaire HomeSite 4.5, PVCS 6.5, Sybase 11 and WebLoad 3.5.
  • Create naming, coding and design standards and guidelines for Java and J2EE development.
  • Perform iterative OO analysis and design tasks such as Use Case Analysis, Domain and Data Modeling, Class and Activity Diagrams, Design Patterns utilizing Rational Rose 2000, UML and RUP-like templates.
  • Implement multi-tier MVC-like architecture utilizing J2EE components such as JSPs, Servlets, stateless Session EJBs, JMS, JDBC, JNDI, Connection Pools, IBM MQSeries and Sybase RDBMS.
  • Use WebLoad tool to perform GUI, performance, fail-over and load testing.
  • Estimate, plan, manage and track project s activities using lightweight RUP methodologies and templates.
  • Custom-tailor the “J2EE Center Of Excellence” program that combines real project deliverables with class instructions and mentoring. Thus combining just-in-time training with project tasks in order to reduce time to market, cut costs and improve learning process.
  • Mentor architect-in-training and developers on topics such as BEA WebLogic Server best practices, J2EE technologies JSPs, Servlets, EJBs, JCA, JMS, JTS and OO methodologies.
  • Interview, hire and staff consultants. Manage project plan and track progress. Implement performance reviews. Deliver continuous status and project reporting to project business owners and stakeholders.

Environment: BEA WebLogic Server 5.1& 6.1, Netscape iPlanet 4.0, Solaris 8, Sybase 11, Visual Caf 4.0, DreamWeaver 3.0, Java JDK 1.2, JavaScript, J2EE 1.2, XML, RUP, Rational Rose 2000 & UML, OOAD, IBM MQSeries 5.0, RoadView WebLoad 3.5, Allaire HomeSite 4.5, PVCS 6.5

8/1998 to 4/2000

Chief Enterprise Architect Architecture/Infrastructure Group

Responsible for providing technical leadership and managing the Java Architecture Group tasked up with developing company-wide Java and J2EE infrastructure and frameworks.

  • Lead a group of eight architects, analysts and outside consultants responsible for implementation of Java based Infrastructure Framework Capital project with budget of 2.6M . The framework includes externalization, security, reference data, exception and logging, persistence and communication components.
  • Hands-on Full lifecycle development activities include technical architecture, requirements analysis with use cases, design object domain, GUI and data modeling utilizing Rational Rose, UML and RUP, Java coding with code inspections, functional and performance test and reviews, code deployment, implementation and production roll out logistics.
  • Serve as a liaison to the application teams and users to review and facilitate web and eCommerce based projects requirements, scope, architecture and application interfaces.
  • Responsible for evaluating, selecting and implementing web technologies such as IBM RS/6000 servers, MQSeries, WebSphere Server, Visual Age for Java and UDB/DB2 RDBMS.
  • Lead an effort to develop all company s standards for Java, J2EE, HTML and Web. Spearhead a large- scale effort to develop and implement the Java and Middle-Tier Project Development Methodologies, Templates and Processes.
  • Screen resumes, interview candidates, assemble team, conduct initial training and orientation. Direct reporting of project status to senior directors and CIO.

Environment: IBM RS/6000, IBM WebSphere 3.0, IBM HTTP Server, IBM Net. Commerce Suite 3.1. NT 4.0 Server & Workstations, AIX 4.2, MQSeries 5.1, IBM Visual Age for Java 3.0, Java JDK 1.1.7, J2EE, Rational Rose 98 & UML, IBM DB2/UDB 6.0

11/1992 to 8/1998

Project/Technical Leader – TriStar Pharmacy Automation Project

Responsible for delivery of the Java based TriStar Pharmacy Automation/Replacement project.

  • Lead a group of fifteen staff programmers, analysts and outside consultants responsible for implementation of new Pharmacy Automation systems Capital project with budget of 6.5M and interfaces with IBM Legacy systems, Shipping and Manifesting system, Credit Card system and STONEHEAD Optifill Order Fulfillment system.
  • Prepare Capital Project RFP, complete cost/benefit analysis and implementation plan. Facilitate project approval. Track project costs and compliance with plan objectives.
  • Serve as a hands-on technical and project lead responsible for overseeing all middle-tier based Java and C development tasks such as technical architecture based on IBM RS/6000, AIX, WebSphere Server, IBM HTTP Server, UDB/DB2, MQSeries, and J2EE JSPs, Servlets, JDBC , requirements analysis using Use Cases, high and detail level design and modeling using UML, OO Design Patterns and Rational Rose, construction utilizing tools such as IBM Visual Age for Java, functional and performance testing and roll out.
  • The architecture is based on cross-platform Legacy & AIX and real-time inter-process communications of Java processes based on a set of queues utilizing IBM MQSeries implementation of JMS. Java socket programming and UDP based protocols are used for communicating to the Order Fulfillment system s NT controller.
  • Screen resumes, interview candidates, assemble team, conduct initial training and orientation. Direct reporting of project status to senior directors and business stakeholders.
  • Implement HR related activities such as employees PMOs, skill appraisals and annual reviews. Devise and implement various career and personal development programs such as just-in-time technical training, pharmacy tours, cross-team skills sharing and consultant/employee mentoring.

Environment: IBM MQSeries 5.0, IBM Visual Age for Java 2.0, Java JDK 1.1.6,J2EE, IBM WebSphere 2.0, IBM HTTP Server, Rational Rose 98 & UML, IBM DB2/UDB 6.0, UNIX C , TCP/IP, UDP, OO Methodologies IBM RS/6000, NT 4.0 Servers & Workstations, Sun Enterprise Servers and UltraSPARC Workstations, AIX 4.1.

Project Leader – Automation Systems

Responsible for technical leadership and project management activities for all Pharmacy Automation systems.

  • Lead a team of seventeen staff analysts, programmers and outside consultants responsible for Shop Floor Automation, Voice Response and Mail Order systems.
  • Serve as a hands-on technical consultant and project leader responsible for overseeing all new projects development and implementation such as credit card processing system, warehouse conveyor controller replacement, new label print system and others. All development is done on IBM RS/6000 and NT workstations utilizing IBM Visual Age for Java, WebSphere, Rational Rose, C and MQSeries.
  • Oversee and provide technical leadership supporting and maintaining existing enterprise systems.
  • Screen, hire and staff projects with appropriate resources. Direct reporting to Mail Services Directors and IS VP.
  • Implement group budgets and capital projects forecasts. Perform annual reviews. Devise and implement various career and personal development programs.

Environment: IBM RS/6000, NT 4.0 Servers & Workstations, AIX 4.1, IBM MQSeries 3.0, IBM Visual Age for Java 2.0, Java JDK 1.1.4, IBM WebSphere 2.0, IBM HTTP Server, Rational Rose & UML, UNIX C , TCP/IP, UDP, OO Methodologies.

Systems Analyst

  • Implement Quantum Leap project Mail Order Automation interfaces. This is a large-scale capital project with budget of 60M+ and duration of over three years.
  • The project involved implementing various online and batch systems such as fully integrated Automated Conveyor and Mail Order Prescription Drug Dispensing and Routing system utilizing DEC/VAX DCL and C , Sybase, IBM Mainframe, DB2 and Client/Server technologies such as VB and REXX.
  • Hands-on Full System Development Life Cycle including User Requirements gathering, Analysis, Design, Coding, Unit and System testing, Documentation and System Implementation and Roll Out.

Senior Programmer Analyst

  • Design and implement Prescription and Bar Code Label Print system involving multiple online and batch programs utilizing DEC/VAX DCL and C , VB and Sybase.
  • Perform maintenance of business related tasks such as system enhancements, bug fixes, user support and training, documentation and system upgrades.


9/1990 to 11/1992

Programmer Analyst

Responsible for analysis, design and implementation of application modules for Professional and Trade Associations Database Management system.

  • Design, Code and Implement Professional and Trade Associations Database Management system utilizing C , DEC/VAX and SQL.
  • Typical applications include online and batch modules such as membership records and billing, order entry, accounting and financial reports.

Environment: DEC/VAX VMS/DCL, C, SQL, INGRES RDBMS Environment.

8/1987 to 9/1990

Terminals & Workstations Engineer

Responsible for providing support to customers and sales force.

  • Perform Hardware and Software development and support of UNIX based Graphic Workstations.
  • Support of applications on DEC/VAX, ESV and SUN workstations.

Environment:Sun & SGI workstations, UNIX, DEC/VAX, C


DePaul University, Chicago Illinois
M.S. in Computer Science. Graduated with Distinction in March 1993.

University of Illinois, Chicago Illinois
B.S. in Electrical Engineering. Graduated in March 1986.

IBM Learning Services:
Advanced Java Development. Certificate 1999.
IBM WebSphere Application and Studio. Certificate 1999.
IBM Visual Age for Java Server and Visual Development. Certificate 1999.
IBM E-Commerce Implementation. Certificate 2000.

References available upon request.

Resume 15

Samples represent that of an actual working technical professional found on the WEB and modified to protect the privacy of these professionals. Human names, company names, colleges, software product names are intentionally made up.


Ravinder Bhojad

341 Old Mission Road, Apt 32
Palo Alto, CA 94002


  • A resourceful, creative and team-oriented individual with more than seven years of experience in project management and system development using Internet and Client/Server based technologies. Recognized for the ability in rapid design, development, and integration of critical systems.
  • Expertise in developing web based GUIs? using Java Applet, Servlets, JSP, and Swing.
  • Experience in Architecture, Design and Development of Object Oriented Software Systems and building complex, high performance, scaleable and easily maintainable solutions for N-tier, Web, and Distributed applications.
  • Extensive experience in J2EE, C++, C, Java Servlets, Java Swing, AWT, JSPs, XML/XSL, DHTML, Oracle, JDBC, UNIX and MS-Windows NT/98/2k.
  • Experience in OOD, OOA, UML, Enterprise Java Beans EJB , RMI, Perl.
  • Experience in developing components using Enterprise Java Beans over Application servers and platforms such as JBuilder, WebLogic.
  • Expertise in Database design: entity relationship, logical/physical, process modeling, Case tools
  • Extensive experience using PL/SQL stored procedures, triggers , SQL, Pro*C
  • Expertise in IBM Visual Age Java, Visual Caf , JDeveloper, AppBuilder, Developer 2000, Designer 2000, Visual Basic, Visual C++, and JBuilder.
  • Extensive experience in Java Web Server, WebLogic, Apache/JavaServ, IIS, Tomcat
  • Expertise in relational database analysis/programming and administration against Oracle, SQL Server
  • Expertise in JDBC Connection Pooling, Persistence, Caching, EJB Server, HTTP, HTTP Tunneling.
  • Knowledge in data synchronization techniques, MIDP OTA specifications.
  • Experience as a Technical Lead.
  • Well versed with entire Project life-cycle involvement in architecture, design, and development.
  • Expertise in PVCS Version Manager
  • Expertise in Quality control and assurance


  • Identified and analyzed market requirements to develop highly customized data-centric web application based on ASP model.

    Result: Fully secured environment used virtually with any database for any business process without generating any code using Meta data.

  • Developed a fully functional Reporting Tool to design and generate custom reports in a fraction of time.

    Result: Developed Standard Reports Module. Generate reports in 60-80 percent less time and 60 to 80 percent reductions in costs associated with traditional development solutions.

  • Controlled all development activities, managed technical dependencies and communicated development progress on an ongoing basis.

    Result: Delivered quality projects on time.

  • Identified conflicts, dependencies and risks in the schedules. Gathered detailed tasks list from project participants and integrated them into a single project plan.

    Result: Increase productivity and reduced development time.

  • Worked directly with customers to gather detailed task list and provided solutions.


  • Java , J2EE, RMI, Servlets, EJB, JDBC, JavaMail, JSP, XML,C/C++, CGI, Perl
  • Oracle , SQL Server, SQL, PL/SQL, Pro*C
  • Developer/2000, Designer/2000, UML, Discoverer/2000, JBuilder, JDeveloper, Visual C++, MFC, MS Office, VBA, Crystal Reports.
  • BEA WebLogic, IBM Web Sphere, Apache .
  • Win32 Windows 3.x, 95, NT 4.0/2000 , MSDOS, UNIX and LINUX
  • Familiarity SOAP, WSDL, UDDI, and CORBA.


BBD Technologies, Redwood City, CA

Senior Development Team Leader


  • Designed and developed a Standard Report Designer and Report Preview Tool which allows user to create, modify reports on-line and eliminates the need for off-line report design. Generated report output forEconomics include XML, PDF, JPEG, HTML and Excel.
  • Involved in designed and development of multi-tier Java-technology based web application using Oracle 8i, Java Servlets, and JSP.
  • Designed and developed Report module built-in JDBC, XML and EJB connectivity, along with our User-Defined Data Source API which allows easy access to virtually any data source.
  • Designed Graph Charting Tool to generate different graphs based on the database generated by the reporting tool.
  • Designed and developed a Query Editor. This tool allows user to create and modify database queries, views, PL/SQL Functions and Procedures.
  • Developed Expression parsing tool using JavaCC, which allows users to parse the regular expressions, based on the business rules.
  • Developed GUI standards for Vertical Suite Application.
  • Coordinated with end-users and teams involved with a specific project to assure a positive outcome. Effective at guiding and motivating team members.

Environment: EJB, J2EE, Java Servlets, Applets, WebLogic, MVC design UML, JSP, XML/XSLT, JDBC, Oracle8i, JBuilder, Designer/2000, and Windows NT/2000.

BBD Technologies, Redwood City, CA



  • Designed and developed an Environment, Health and Safety web based application system, which complies with Federal and state EHS Regulations.
  • Created algorithms using PL/SQL stored procedures and functions using ER Diagrammer, Module Structure Diagrammer, Application Logic Navigator Designer/2000 .
  • Developed complex modules like Autofill, Formula Builder, Alert Messaging , Item property sheet and Datalink Modules using Java and Oracle database.

Environment: EJB, Java2, Java Servlets, AppBuilder, BEA Web Logic, JSP, JDBC, Oracle, and UNIX.

Economic Systems, Sunnyvale, CA

Application Engineer

  • Developed client side programming using Java Applet for an Environmental Application.
  • Constructed embedded SQL statements to dynamically prepare and execute SQL statements; to establish connections to Oracle database and to terminate transactions that are implicitly started when a connection is made; to grant and revoke user authorizations and privileges; to create and destroy database objects; alter an existing database object; retrieve data from, add data to, modify data stored in, and /or remove data from a database table or view; to create and use user-defined data types, user-defined functions, stored procedures and triggers to enforce business rules.
  • Responsible for management of various phases of client projects, including identification of requirements, creation of functional specifications, design documents, and project plans.

Environment: Java 1.1, Applets, Servlets, JDeveloper, JDBC, Oracle, PL/SQL, and UNIX.

RNR Data Systems, AP, India

Sr. Software Engineer

Purchasing System

  • Developed Billing, Dispatching, and Purchasing system for the internal use of the purchasing department, in order to produce all reports, keep track of data and archive the database for future use, thereby improving the efficiency.
  • Involved in developing various individual modules like BDI system for factory, purchasing system for purchase department etc. using Oracle Developer/2000.
  • Designed the project conforming to ISO standards.

Environment: Developer/2000, Designer/2000, Pro*C, PL/SQL, Oracle7.3, Windows95, and UNIX.

04/95 – 08/96
RAM Informix, AP, India

Software Developer

MIS Application

  • Designed and developed a MIS Application for Road Transport Corporation management to improve overall productivity of massive transportation using Designer and Developer/2000.
  • AutoEconomiced a performance report module for a banking system. Involved in database design and generated forms and reports using Oracle Developer/2000.

Environment: SQL*Forms3.0, SQL*Reportwriter1.1, and PL/SQL , and UNIX.


05/95 Osmania University, India
Masters of Science, Computers Applications

05/92 Osmania University, India
Bachelor of Science, Electronics


06/2002 Molecular Biology and Experimental Methods
PatternSoft, Inc., USA

06/97 RNR Data Systems, India
Quality – ISO9000, System Design Overview, Quality Management System

05/94 Indotronix, India
Post Graduate Diploma in Computer Applications


US Permanent Resident


Willing to relocate and open to business travel.

Resume 16

Samples represent that of an actual working technical professional found on the WEB and modified to protect the privacy of these professionals. Human names, company names, colleges, software product names are intentionally made up.


Kim Chang

171 Beltline Road
Euless, TX 75063


US Permanent Resident


Enterprise Application/System Software Development Expertise

  • E-Commerce web applications Internet/Intranet design and development using component architecture and j2ee design patterns
  • Middleware Application server design and development, Multithreaded applications
  • Distributed system design and development using N-tier architectures
  • Object-Oriented analysis, design, development and implementation
  • Full life-cycle software development and interactive front-end applications using MVC paradigm

Operating Systems/Languages/Packages/Tools/Methodologies

  • Java, C, C++, HTML, XML/XSL, Java Script, SQL, Jbuilder3.0, JDK1.1.x/1.2.x/1.3
  • Java AWT/Swing, Applets, Java Servlet, Java Server Pages JSP , Java Beans
  • Enterprise Java Beans1.0/1.1/2.0 EJB , RMI, Corba, Strut
  • BEA WebLogic server 4.x/5.1/6.1, J2EE, VisiBroker 3.1, Java Web Server
  • UML and Rational Rose 98/2000, Together J 4.5, Together Control Center 5.0
  • SQL Server 6.5/7.0/2000, Oracle 7.3/8.x, Erwin3.0/4.0
  • Windows 2000/NT/98/95, UNIX Sun Solaris 2.6/7


Sun Certified Enterprise Architect for J2EE.


GregSoft Corporation, Dallas, Texas

System Architect

A Web-Based K-12 Education System

  • Responsible for architecture, design and development of a secure, scalable, high volume transaction J2EE based K-12 Education application used by school districts. The system facilitates school administrators to manage schools, build curriculums and generate reports, help teachers to prepare course syllabus and learning activities, and enable students to take assignments and study online. Unified Process Methodology is adopted in the project. Rational Rose is used to generate and maintain UML diagrams and documentation in OOA/OOD.
  • Participate in full-life cycle development. A key developer from version 1 through version 4 version 1 was Java Swing based client-server type instead of web-based .
  • The system is currently deployed on Sun Solaris 7 using BEA WebLogic 6.1 server as Application Server and Web Server and SQL Server 2000 RDMS. It was initially deployed on Window NT usingWeblogic 4.5.1 and implemented with JSP, servlets and EJB.
  • Business logic and data layer components are developed using EJBs and deployed in the Application Server.
  • XML is used to exchange data between web browser and web server, and between web server and application server.
  • Some strut features are utilized in the system. A single Java servlet is used as the single point entry controller, XML/XSLT is used to generate HTML code in which JavaScript is embedded.
  • Java Applets, Servlets, JSP, JNDI and other J2EE technology were or are used in the system.
  • The system has more than 15,000 users currently.

A Web-Based Benchmark Test System for K-12

  • Responsible for architect, design, development of the J2EE based benchmark test system, which is a light version of the K-12 Education System.
  • With the system teachers can create questions and tests online and release them to students online, and students can take standard tests online, school districts and generate reports online.
  • The system is currently deployed on Sun Solaris 7 platform using BEA WebLogic 6.1 server as Application Server and Web Server and SQL Server 7.0 RDMS. It was initially deployed on Weblogic 5.1.
  • The configuration feature of Strut is used in the system. XML/XSLT technology is used to generate HTML code.

A Web-Based Universal Learning System for Nixon Learning Company, Dallas

  • Responsible for partial architecture, design and development of the system, which facilitates teachers to keep track and monitor students performance.
  • The system is developed with Java, EJB, XML/XSL, Java servlets and other J2EE technologies and deployed on Weblogic 5.1 and SQL Server 7.0.
  • Responsible for design and develop School Class Module and Report Module. In OOA/OOD, Together J is used to generate and maintain UML diagrams.
  • In report module, reports of student benchmark testing will be generated at levels of district, campus, school class and student .
  • Bar chart and predictor chart are generated on the fly.
  • Participated in the full-life cycle development.
  • The system is being used by more than 20,000 teachers and administrators.

A Client-Server Type K-12 Education System

  • Designed and developed the enhancements of the system which uses RMI as middleware and Java Swing for GUI.
  • Java/RMI, JFC/Swing, JDBC and SQL/Server based Curriculum and Teacher System, which is a 3-tier client-server standalone application implemented on Windows NT 4.0.
  • Participated in full life cycle.
  • Heavily programmed in both server side and client side.
  • Java Swing and Java Beans technology is utilized in client side, Java and JDBC and multithread programming for server side.

Security & Safe Co., Dallas, Texas
7/97 – 9/99

Software Engineer

Software design and development for metal cutting manufacturing applications. The major projects are as follows:

  • Designed and developed a manufacturing tooling management system from initial concept up through delivery to end users. Responsible for the architecture, design, development and implementation of the multithreaded CORBA based application on Windows NT 4.0 platform. The project is a Java/Corba based 3-tier standalone application. The client side is implemented with Java/Swing, Java Beans. The frame work on server side is developed from scratch. SQL Server 6.5 is used as RDMS and JDBC-ODBC is used between database and server program.
  • Designed and developed a SPC for quality control data entry and data processing intranet based system. The system is implemented with HTML , Java Servlets and large Java applets, JDBC.
  • A database program for heat treat. The project is a 2-tier client-server application in which Java Swing/AWT is used to construct GUI and SQL Server in used in the back end.
  • Retro-fit Intergraph-EMS 3D CAD/CAM software for Security & Safe applications. All programming is done in C code on UNIX platform.
  • Write master program for robot and CNC machining programming, coding in C and C++ on UNIX Sun Solaris platform.

Sinopsys Supply, Plano, Texas
6/96 – 6/97

Software Engineer, Contract Job

  • Responsible for the design and development of an Order and Supply Management System of computer parts.
  • System architecture is a two-tier client-server.
  • Front end uses Visual C++ and data store uses SQL Server 6.0.
  • The system records order entry, manage inventory and suppliers, and tracks purchase history of each purchase item.

Creative Metal Industries, Fort Worth, Texas
8/93 – 6/96

Programmer and Industrial Engineer

  • Project management.
  • Control manufacturing projects to be carried out on schedule and under the budget.
  • Write master programs for CNC programming.

China Geo-Equipment Corp., Beijing, China
1985 – 1990

Mechanical Engineer

  • New product design of exploration drill rigs and mud pump.
  • Stress analysis and documentation of machine design.


MS in Computer Science, University of Texas at Arlington
MS in Industrial Engineering, Lamar University
BS in Mechanical Engineering, China University of Geo-Sciences

Available upon request