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Resume 1

Samples represent that of an actual working technical professional found on the WEB and modified to protect the privacy of these professionals. Human names, company names, colleges, software product names are intentionally made up.


Herbert Reno

St. Petersburg, FL
Senior Java Consultant


Seeking a management and/or technology consulting position within the South, Central, or Eastern United States that requires a Senior Java Technologist for managing, designing, developing, and supporting a Java project.


Target Job Title: Senior Java Consultant
Desired Job Type: Temporary/Contract/Project
Desired Status: Full-Time
Site Location: No Preference
Description of my perfect job: Prefer a company that requires a role managing and actively participating in Java software development. Build an information technology infrastructure and/or products utilizing Java technology.
Career Level: Management Manager/Director of Staff
Date of Availability: Immediately


Company Size: No Preference
Category: Computers, Software
Description of my ideal company: Looking for a progressive company that has a business initiative to deliver a software product and/or services requiring technology management and Java development skills.


Relocate: No
US-FL-Orlando US-FL-St. Petersburg US-FL-Tampa


I am authorized to work in this country for any employer.


10/2000 – 4/2002
Ruben, Inc. Tampa, Florida

Chief Technology Officer

Built, supported, and managed a team of 10 professionals within the product development area, including but not limited to: software requirements, analysis, engineering, design, product management, quality assurance, release management, deployment, and support. Informed the technical team members, senior managers, and executives the value of information technology architecture and implications of proposed changes or additions, thus maximizing engineering capital and resources, and minimizing costs. Implemented over 1.5 million in capital for product development, operations, and deployment. Mentored a development team and cultivated success from individual talent within the development organization. Provided an open format to discuss technical issues, designs, and open architecture strategies with the development team. Performed typical duties related to managing a successful development team. Supported the Sales team in formulation of an OEM sales channel and provided technical due diligence for potential partners. Attended numerous executive sales calls for many fortune 500 companies interested in the company s product. Provided the technical executive overview of the company s product offerings to various potential clients in the sales pipeline.

Planned, defined, developed, deployed, and supported an information technology architecture and product that maximized revenue, minimized costs, and kept product development aligned with business goals of the executive team and investors. Enforced standards and provided a firm foundation for product interoperability within product development. Ensured that all software releases and scheduled deployments were properly planned, managed, implemented, integrated, and supported, on-time and under budget. Became the corporate subject-matter expert on all business and information technology trends related to the Peer-to-Peer P2P market. Oversaw compliance of internal corporate information and development resources with relevant standards and appropriate best practices for distributed computing and Java technologies. Enforced a hybrid development methodology by combining the best of the Rational Unified Process RUP and other private methodologies, thus leveraging a streamlined approach in creating business requirements, technical requirements, architecture diagrams, use cases, sequence diagrams, and other UML artifacts.

Planned, designed, and created numerous software prototypes to determine viability of technology components related to the production code base. Recommended and selected various software components to integrate into the product based on an open systems approach. Worked with the development engineers to create a packaged and componentized source code repository. Automated the build and deploy process by utilizing Ant, Perl, CVS, and InstallAnywhere. Provided systems programming, systems administration, database administration, operations support, scripting, load testing, as required to support the development team.

Acted as the company s patent agent and was responsible for gathering and documenting detailed invention disclosures, preparing provisional and non-provisional patent applications, and registering trademarks and logos with the United States Patent and Trademark Office USPTO . Developed the company s intellectual property IP portfolio, strategy, and plan to protect IP. Coordinated with the executive team, technical team, and investors to record IP worthy of consideration for disclosure. Worked with patent attorneys to posture IP and inventions correctly during the application process to the USPTO. Held portfolio reviews with IP legal council and informed executive staff of the USPTO process for software invention disclosures. Created all necessary documentation, artwork, and disclosure items required by the USPTO application process. Utilized my prior drafting design skills to submit an organized and “easy to read” invention disclosure.

Technology utilized:

Development Environment

  • Java Developers Kit JDK 1.2 and 1.3
  • Visual Basic 6.0
  • Visual C++
  • HTML, Java Script, Struts
  • Java Libraries

Development Tools

  • Ant, Perl, CVS, InstallAnywhere, JBuilder, TogetherJ, Rational Rose, Visual Studio
  • Java Containers
  • JBoss 3.X JNI, EJB, J2EE
  • Weblogic 6.X EJB, J2EE
  • Tomcat 3.X, 4.X J2EE


  • Oracle 7.X, 8.X, 9.X
  • MS SQL Server 6.5, 7.0, 2000
  • DB2 7.X
  • MySQL
  • InstantDB

Platforms Supported

  • Windows 98, NT, ME, 2000, XP
  • Solaris 2.8
  • Linux Red Hat 6.X, 7.X

Windowing Environment

  • Windows, CDE, Gnome

Typical duties involved the following:

  • Complete Intellectual Property/Patent Filings
  • Formulate and enforce the Strategic Business and Technical Architecture
  • Develop Technical Partnerships
  • Provide the Strategic Vision with the Chief Executive Officer
  • Review and Recommend Product Requirements for the Technical Team
  • Facilitate Product Requirements meetings

Time Allocation was as follows:

  • 35 Management
  • 35 Engineering
  • 30 Intellectual Property

9/1999 – 10/2000
SourceRight, LLC, Tampa, Florida

Director of Infrastructure

Built, managed, and supported a team of 6 highly skilled information technologist and provided them leadership in obtaining strategic and tactical milestones in parallel efforts. Coordinated efforts with program managers and other executive staff to support the business and technical needs of their areas. Contributed and influenced business decisions based on sound facts related to my thorough understanding and dedication to learning new information technology as it evolves. Managed over a 2 million budget with the VP of Buyer Technology and the VP of Supplier Technology. Efficiently utilized this budget to support the information systems for the organization.

Planned, designed, and coordinated activities to setup corporate and Ariba Marketplace infrastructures for the company startup. Deployed numerous software systems and corporate servers utilizing the latest technology to support corporate activities. Planned, designed, deployed, and managed Internet/Intranet firewalls, UNIX servers, and E-Commerce infrastructure components to support the immediate and long-term needs of the business. Provided an infrastructure design for the portal to support customer facing services. Implemented a design that is flexible to change with fast changing business needs. Demonstrated the importance of reliable, scalable, and flexible information architectures that offer high performance and guaranteed service. Worked with the CEO and VP s to define a solid information architecture and technology strategy that will be utilized in a very competitive Business-to-Business E-Commerce market space. Supported the Chief methodologist in defining a solid business driven architecture methodology to support a detailed business plan. Provided corporate leadership related to “bet the business” technology decisions. Provided all solutions on-time and under budget.

Leveraged relationships with Tradex/Ariba to gain recognition in the Business-to-Business market space. Implemented numerous instances of the Ariba/Tradex Marketplace engine and E-Commerce solutions. Helped introduce strategic partnerships from previous relationships by conveying the importance of VAR opportunities.

Supported the executive team in developing a revenue model to support an Application Service Provider ASP effort. Analyzed the current ASP market space and broke down itemized costs to understand the pricing model related an ASP service offering. Designed and recommended a sound solution and approach to creating the ASP service offering. Provided infrastructure costing and technology comparisons to support the revenue model.

Tools and Technology utilized:

  • DOORS Requirements management
  • Mercury Interactive Test Tools Test Director, Load Runner, etc.
  • Java Virtual Machine
  • Ariba/Tradex Commerce Engine 6.03 through 7.0
  • Weblogic Application Server
  • Bluestone SapphireWeb and Application Server
  • iPlanet/Netscape Web Server and Directory Server
  • Oracle 8i RDBMS
  • SUN/Solaris 7.0
  • WindowsNT
  • Various IDE s for Java

Time Allocation was as follows:

  • 35 Management
  • 65 Engineering

3/1999 – 9/1999
Dixer Technologies, Inc.

Client: United Capital, Richmond, Viginia
Business Consultant/Business Manager

Provided financial, business, and technical consulting to three subsidiaries of United Capital. Developed and proposed executive Internet business plan, technical architecture, high level project plans, and infrastructure requirements to the CEO s, Vice President s, and CIO. Worked directly with the CIO to develop technology proposals for executive review. Documented and captured various “Problem Statements” from the business units and formulated an executive briefing that identified areas worthy of consideration to be included in the Internet initiative. Educated senior executives on the importance of development methodologies, Object Oriented Design OOD , distributed computing, and effective implementation techniques related to software business solutions. Worked with each project manager of the subsidiaries to schedule and coordinate resources for the Internet initiative. Facilitated and coordinated efforts with subordinates to execute and implement the business plan.

Provided a solution that is business and process driven. Justified the solution through ROI funding and potential capturing of new E-Commerce markets and new clients. Utilized the Rational Unified Process RUP , use case tools, round-trip engineering, and open systems standards to provide a complete and thoroughly thought out solution. Delivered UML diagrams, state diagrams, sequence diagram, and other artifacts to support this strategic initiative. Utilized open systems standards to promote a common enterprise architecture that is open and extensible.

Tools and Technology utilized:

  • Rational Rose
  • ClearCase
  • Java Virtual Machine
  • Java Web Server
  • DB2 Database
  • RS6000/AIX
  • SUN/Solaris
  • WindowsNT
  • MS Visual InterDev
  • Visual Age for Java

7/1998 – 2/1999
ABCWorks, Inc. Tampa, Florida

Sr. Technologist/Framework Architect – Consultant

Reviewed Consumer/Supplier business models within various vertical industries and developed E-Commerce/E-Business technical recommendations for Business Analysts that supported their efforts at client locations. Planned, designed, and developed agent based software for a client of digitally network devices. Worked with the CEO and other executives to create a e-commerce business solution that met the current and future needs for the client. Worked with the executive management create a strategic technical vision and plan for the organization.

Developed business solutions for client companies of ABCWorks. Acted as Project leader and technology recommender for enterprise business solutions which are E-Commerce and E-Business related. Developed a prototype framework to support agent technology related to the enterprise. Broke-down and analyzed business processes to support remote monitoring of these agent devices. Developed an “in-house” component methodology derived from OMG standards to provide an infrastructure leveraging component and distributed methodologies. Utilized “Rational Rose” and the “Objectory Process” to create well defined business solutions that are realistic in time-frame via UML, “Use Cases”, Sequence Diagrams, etc.

Helped to integrate ABCWorks and IMR Global work methodologies to capitalize on each other s core competencies. Developing and understanding new business processes that will leverage component technology by providing E-Commerce and E-Business solutions that are “fixed-priced” and “fixed-time” for clients. Worked with the executive management create a strategic technical vision and plan for the organization.

10/1996 – Present
Dixer Technologies, Inc., St. Petersburg, Florida

Internet/Intranet Systems Integration – Consultant

Provided Internet/Intranet business solutions to two Fortune 100 companies. Planned, developed, and implemented Software Designs to support Business functions required by Client companies listed below:

  • Client: AT & T Universal Card Services
    Location: Jacksonville, Florida

    Planned, designed, developed, and implemented Electronic Statement system for AT & T Universal MasterCard clients. This system provided electronic access to printed statements for over 200,000 accounts via the Internet. Also, this system provided access to transactional data for Personal Finance Management Software.

    Technology utilized:

    • SUN Solaris
    • Java Web Server
    • Oracle RDBMS
    • Java Virtual Machine
    • Java Language
    • Iona s Orbix Server CORBA
  • Client: IBM – Global Services
    Location: Atlanta, Georgia

    Planned, designed, configured, and installed Configuration Management Systems allowing for distributed development of Call Center Technology. Provided a development infrastructure supporting remote access to Configuration Management Systems and Version Control Systems. Developed Java/CORBA prototype Call Center Applications to support requests by new clients. Provided proposals to implement new technologies with existing information systems. Demonstrated the importance of new technologies evolving within the Java and CORBA horizontal markets.

    Setup a distributed workgroup computing environment that provided a common communication medium for Managers, Project Manager, System Architects, and Developers. Utilized the Internet/Intranet and new technologies demonstrating that Workgroup computing does work.

    Project advisor/technologist for CORBA, IIOP, and related new technologies. Advise on implementation details of a distributed World-wide Call Center application.

10/1994 – 10/1996
APCOT, Inc., St. Petersburg, Florida

Internet/Intranet Systems Integration – Consultant

Planned, developed, and implemented a development infrastructure to support Electronic Commerce over the Internet utilizing cutting edge technologies related to advanced information systems. Designed and constructed multiple Internet/Intranet servers that integrated with back-end/gateway transaction architectures leveraging the utilization of local and remote legacy data. Installed multiple development, test, and production Oracle databases and Web servers acting as both DBA and application developer. Wrote numerous PL/SQL i.e.. Stored Procedures , C, and CGI programs to support Electronic Commerce and Electronic Statements for a Fortune 100 company. Developed prototype applications for Intranet utilizing Java, Java script, PL/SQL, Oracle Web server, Oracle Web Request Broker, Orbix, CORBA, C++, and Oracle Developer 2000.

Recommended new evolving technologies, redesigns, and system upgrades to existing client/server environments for support of 3-tier client/server computing. Developed and installed Lotus Notes/Inter-Notes based Web servers running under WindowsNT. Installed various terminal servers utilizing PPP/SLIP, TCP/IP, IPX, RAS, NetBeui, NetBios, and other NOS software.

Setup multi-vendor Internet/Intranet software, including:

  • Open Market Transact, SecureLink, and Access
  • Oracle Server 7.X.X, Web server 1.0/2.0,
  • Developer/Designer2000, SQLNet
  • Netscape Commerce Server, Communications
  • Server, Browser, SSL
  • Microsoft SQL Server, Explorer, Frontpage
  • SUN Java, Java Web server, JDBC

Wrote numerous CGI programs utilizing PERL, C, C++, C-Shell, and PL/SQL for Internet/Intranet development. Installed, maintained, and operated multiple business Internet presence s in a 24×7 environment utilizing ISDN/Frame Relay technology. Developed multiple firewall/proxy servers and LAN s for client access to the Internet. Setup/installed routing, filtering, BIND, DNS, NIS+, NFS, News, Gopher, Archie, WAIS, Listserv, and other Internet software.

Strongly familiar UNIX, TCP/IP, and Internet technologies related to System Administration and Application Programming. Well seasoned in the Internet Web technologies. Developed Web sites that fully integrated with multiple gateways to other information systems. Designed, documented, and implemented these Web sites that adhered to the corporate strategies and standards of the client companies.

5/1994 – 10/1994
TRE Data Services, Tampa, Florida

Senior Systems Analyst/Integrator – Consultant

Planned, developed, integrated, and supported a Materials Management System for use of spare parts. This system made effective use of stock piled spare parts related to residential and commercial communications installations. Developed Informix databases, UNIX scripts, and other programs to support the system. Integrated the database with existing databases related to the project. Wrote documentation and procedures to install the system for use at seven regional sites.

11/1991 – 5/1994
State Power Corporation, St. Petersburg, Florida

Sr. Systems Analyst/Software Engineer – Consultant

Designed X-Window CAD System applications with Graphical User Interfaces for Fossil/Nuclear Engineering and Substation Design Engineering. Wrote “C”, UNIX, SQL, LISP, VMS, and DOS programs to support various engineering systems related to power engineering. Implemented and networked numerous SUN/SPARC CAE/CAD workstations for Fossil and Substation Engineering using TCP/IP, Beame-Whiteside, PC-NFS, and other RPC software. Administered and monitored several networked devices for inter-departmental use. Developed UNIX shells/scripts to support and maintain the implementation. Utilized and maintained a PPP connection to Florida Power and installed a proxy gateway for Mosaic and Netscape.

Analyzed and recommended numerous software products to management. Installed numerous application software packages to support application programmers and end users utilizing ARPD, BOOTP, TFTP, and NIS+. Produced “Top-Down” interactive engineering systems within an X-Terminal and TCP/IP environment. Ported these engineering systems across four platforms to accommodate new evolving technology associated with CAD, UNIX, and X-Terminals. Wrote RPC programs to support applications that utilized TCP/IP within a client/server environment. Supported the following platforms: SUN/UNIX, HP/UNIX, WindowsNT, VAX/VMS, and PC/DOS with AutoCAD.

Wrote system specifications and system design methodologies for many distributed engineering systems and support applications. Documented and recorded procedures to design, implement, and support these engineering systems on the various platforms. Standardized multiple engineering tasks within Fossil Plant Engineering and Substation Design Engineering. Developed “C”, “C++”, “X”, embedded SQL Oracle applications that automated BOM s, CAD drawings, and Design systems for new and existing Substation Engineering projects.

Reduced work load on Production engineering staff and expedited Substation development. Integrated Software Engineering and Power Engineering to create computer applications that produce accurate and efficient designs for the electrical power industry. Trained end users with all the newly developed software.

6/1991 – 11/1991
Parametric General Corporation, Albany, New York

Electro-Mechanical CAD Engineer – Consultant

Co-designed a prototype Magneto-Hydrodynamic drive and propulsion system for the U.S. NAVY. Produced working mechanical designs of the machine to utilize the propulsion system. Designed and proposed needed electrical systems, superconductors, and hardware for the unit. Setup CAD work stations on a NOVELL LAN network to centralize engineering information. Setup VAX/VMS emulation software for PC access to the VMS operating system. Processed BOM applications on VMS for purchase orders and inventory control. Tracked project activity for the project engineer with VMS applications. Converted ANVIL drawings files to AutoCAD platform by developing various batch processing techniques for the conversion process. Performed typical engineering duties to fulfill contract.

1/1990 – 5/1991
Eastinghouse – Power Generation Business Unit, Orlando, Florida

CAD Designer/Software Engineer – Plant Design

Designed and developed proprietary computer applications for the Electrical and Mechanical Systems departments. Wrote developmental CAD software for AutoCad on UNIX and DOS platforms for piping controls and instruments of combustion turbine power plants. Integrated database management, “C” programs, and CAD programs to expedite redundant work tasks. Produced proprietary LISP and database programs to organize engineering tasks. Wrote specifications of piping flow processes and schematics for various mechanical subsystems of combustion turbines. Utilized CAD piping packages, PipePLUS and AutoPIPE to analyze data from piping manifolds and fluid systems of power plants.

Integrated software engineering and numerical methods with existing engineering techniques to develop applications which expedited completion of contracts by reducing man-hours. Designed and programmed various databases for flow analysis, instrumentation, and piping systems. Applied, integrated, and utilized many software packages to better refine the quality of work to clients. Provided various proposals and P & ID s to clients of the power industry.

5/1984 – 1/1990
Various Consulting Assignments, Albany, New York

CAD/CAM Mechanical Designer/Programmer

Contract assignments were fulfilled with various manufacturers, both in house and on site. Designed, drafted, and proposed working mechanical and electrical CAD and/or manual drawings for various machines to clients. Installed and utilized numerous PC CAD workstations, databases, and other software. Wrote “C”, DBase, AutoLISP, Assembler, Fortran, Pascal, and Basic code to perform engineering calculations related to engineering. Projects developed and completed: hydraulic press machinery, injection molding equipment, pneumatic controllers, felt machinery, automatic conveyor machinery, pallatizers, A10-LASTE avionics tester, automatic loader, and a post water treatment system.


5/2004 University of South Florida US-Florida-Tampa
Master s Degree
Currently pursuing 30 complete the Executive Master s of Business Administration

5/1990 University of Central Florida US-Florida-Orlando
Bachelor s Degree
Computer Engineering with extra course work in Computer Science.

5/1987 Brevard Community College US-Florida-Melbourne
Associate Degree
Engineering Science

5/1984 Hudson Valley College US-New York-Troy
Associate Degree
Mechanical Design and Computer Aided Drafting

Resume 2

Samples represent that of an actual working technical professional found on the WEB and modified to protect the privacy of these professionals. Human names, company names, colleges, software product names are intentionally made up.


Bharat Aruti

Woodbridge, NJ


A career opportunity in the design and development of Software products or solutions.


Bachelor s degree in Science Physics from Bombay University , India.


  • Languages: C, C++,VC++, PERL, Shell Scripting, Java
  • RDBMS/DBMS: Sybase, Oracle 7.x/8.x, MS Access
  • OS: UNIX Sys 4, Sun Solaris 2.5.1, AIX 4.3, Compaq Tru64 Unix, HP-Unix, Win NT/95
  • Hardware: Sun Enterprise 3000, Sun Ultra II, IBM compatible PC
  • Software Configuration management Tools: Visual Source Safe, Object Manager.
  • Others: MFC, STL , Microsoft visual source safe, PVCS , Turbo Debugger.

Work Experience

Retech, Inc., Auburn, NJ
Oct 2001 – Current

Software Consultant

Client : Jackson Hewitt
Project Name : Electronic Filing
Environment: Shell scripts,C, C++ , Unix sys 5 rel 4.0 .
Description : The Project involved Developing , Enhancing and Testing of Software for electronic filing of Taxes .

Role :

  • Involved in identifying changes in the record layouts of the 2001 tax forms as compared to the previous years.
  • Involved in fixing the tax processing software to conform to the new specifications provided by the IRS.
  • Involved in testing of tax returns with the IRS and achieving 100 compatibility.

Retech, Inc., Auburn, NJ
Dec 2000 – July 2001

Software Consultant

Client : Frank Russell
Project Name : Research Database / Realisor /IMB Billing
Environment: Shell scripts,C, VC++ 6.0 MFC s , C++ STL , AIX 4.3 , Sybase 11x , Win NT 4.0
Description : The Projects involved Developing , Enhancing and Maintenance of Unix scripts for Research Database, Enhancing and Fixing C++ code for Realisor , Maintenance of IMB Billing.

Role :

  • Involved in developing Unix scripts for a higher level of Automation for the Data loading process of the research database.
  • Enhanced the existing Unix scripts to achieve better performance and throughput.
  • Involved in the Daily maintenance of Research database that involved monitoring the daily run of the scripts as well as troubleshooting in the event of any errors in the entire process.
  • Was Part of the Team responsible for configuring the Realisor Product for a Canadian Client
  • Realisor involved enhancing and fixing VC++ code.
  • Involved in the maintenance /troubleshooting of the Frank Russell customer billing operations IMB Billing .

Bertsen Consulting, Singapore
March 2000 – Nov 2000

Software Engineer

Client : Mobile One
Project Name : Customer Care Capability Delivery
Environment: C, C++, Shell scripts, Oracle 8.0, Sybase Open Client/ OpenServer, Compaq Tru64 Unix, NT
Description : The project involved developing, fixing and performance monitoring of the Customer Care Capability Delivery Project.

Role :

  • Involved in development and testing of several batch programs written in C and C++.
  • Implemented program fixes identified during the Product and integration test.
  • Responsible for monitoring the performance and stability of the software during performance test prior to going-live and after going-live continued to monitor as part of the post-production support.
  • Developed new monitoring and reporting scripts shell as well as enhanced existing ones.

Iridium India Telecom Ltd
Jul 98 – Mar 00

Executive, Billing Systems Team Lead

Project Name : Call Processing and Fraud Detection Software
Environment: C, C++, PERL scripts, Sun Solaris 2.5.1
Description : Project involved designing and developing the solutions for problems/ requirements in billing and fraud detection processes.

Role :

  • Lead a Team of 5 developers to successfully complete the following projects.
  • Developed Software for Call details Report Generator, CDR Browser Tool, Fraud analysis, Reconciliation Software & Data Interchange Tool.
  • Responsible for the design and development and complete automation of the CDR Browser Tool Developed Reconciliation & Call details Report CDR Generator software
  • Developed the Fraud Analyzer & Data Interchange Tool software.
  • Responsible for the Design and Development of Data Importing utility to import data into vendor software GOLDMINE from flat files.

Dice Enterprises Pvt. Ltd.
Aug 1997 – Jun 1998

Software Developer

Project Name : Data importing Tool & Compression utility
Environment: C/C++, WIN95
Description : Project involved Designing and developing software solutions.

Role :

  • Developed and maitained Data Import Software to transfer data from flat files to Dbase database.
  • Also incorporated compression utility for backup after data import.

Innomedia Technologies Pvt. Ltd.
Jan 97 – July 97

Software Developer

Project Name : Billing and Data Analysis Software
Environment: C, Win 95
Description : Involved in developing software solutions.

Role :

Developed software using C for reading text files and converting the data into daily/weekly reports for marketing analysis and using the same data for generating monthly bills for clients using the Interactive Television service which was provided by the company.

Department of Telecommunication MTNL , Bombay
June 1996- Dec 1996

Software Developer

Project Name : Interactive Voice Response Systems
Environment: C, RING55, DOS, WIN 95
Description : Involved in developing software solutions.

Role :

Designed test modules using a GUI based software called RING55 for Interactive voice response systems over telephone such as Morning alarm service, Fault booking etc. Also developed a software interface for a call distribution unit using C under DOS.

Resume 3

Samples represent that of an actual working technical professional found on the WEB and modified to protect the privacy of these professionals. Human names, company names, colleges, software product names are intentionally made up.


Adam Harley

Denver, CO
Software Developer, US Citizen


Skill Used Since Familiarity Level Freq. Use
C++ Late 1996 Very Strong Consistent
C Early 1996 Very Strong Consistent
UNIX Environ. Early 1996 Very Strong Consistent
UNIX Progr. Early 1997 Relatively Strong Occasional
UNIX Admin. Early 1997 Relatively Strong Occasional
Perl Late 1997 Relatively Strong Occasional
Shell Scripts Late 1997 Relatively Strong Occasional
80×86 Assembly Late 1996 Reasonable Rare
OOA/OOD/OOP Late 1996 Relatively Strong Consistent
Java Mid 1996 Reasonable Rare
Team Dev. Early 1997 Relatively Strong Consistent


  • Three years industry programming experience, 10 yrs as hobbyist
  • Strong problem-solving and reasoning skills
  • Intensive experience with both the C and C++ languages, with Unix commands, shells, tools, system programming, sys admin.
  • Ability to communicate technical ideas clearly and concisely
  • Experience with a variety of computing environments, and tools: numerous compilers, source control, windowing systems & apps
  • Understanding of many computing concepts: OOA/OOD/OOP, compilers, assembly languages, operating systems, real-time OS, multithreading, networking, databases, client-server arch.
  • Academic grounding in computer science, engineering, and math
  • Experience in the telecommunications industry


Design and implement system software, libraries or firmware


May 2000 – June 2002
Smart Communications, Buffalo, Colorado

Software Eng., Voice over IP-Enabled Routing VIPER SoftSwitch

  • Designed and implemented protocol and management features for SoftSwitch connects PSTN to IP network for voice & data calls
  • Protocols included SS7 ISUP, IPDC, and SIP.
  • Management features included billing and switch monitoring.
  • Switch had an object-oriented design, was implemented using C++
  • Identified and corrected incorrect locking for multi-threading
  • Provided support for revenue-generating 400M production sys.
  • Led, responsible for porting state engine from Solaris to Linux
  • Managed vendor employee who was “on loan” to Level 3

August 1999 – May 2000, Winter 1999
Red Wave Software, Stanford, Colorado

Software Developer, C++ Standard Library

  • Determined if test failures & OEM reports showed product flaws
  • Investigated and resolved product flaws and OEM product flaws, often complex: involved, eg, multithreading, assembly debugging
  • Learned advanced features of C++ language, corresponded with both compiler vendors and the ISO C++ language committee
  • Participated in complete software life cycle:
    • Helped test & validate product for several releases
    • Corrected defects in the product
    • Helped document product
    • Helped train technical support personnel on product
  • Interviewed job candidates

Summer 1998, Fall 1997
Terasat Canada; Gloucester, Ontario

Systems Programmer, Data Processing/Satellite Ground Systems

  • Researched the structure and processing of satellite telemetry
  • Designed, partially implemented object-oriented C++ class library for satellite telemetry processing
  • Designed and implemented C functions for parsing, socket-based messaging, time calculations, and optimized file I/O
  • Enhanced system messaging using sockets and shared memory, while avoiding process deadlock; fixed other system bugs
  • Performed installation and maintenance of Linux and HP-UX

Winter 1997
Vertel Technologies/Bell Northern Research; Verdun, Quebec

Programmer, Speech Services Dept. Voice Recognition

  • Designed and implemented dynamic debugging interface for Real-Time system, using Remote-Procedure Calls RPC
  • Implemented test scripts in a proprietary scripting language
  • Reviewed and suggested improvements to scripting language

Summer 1996
G2 Communications “G2 Com”; Longueuil, Quebec

Computer Programmer and Technical Advisor

  • Developed Java Applets and C language CGIs
  • Learned Java and details of UNIX programming
  • Devised workarounds for bugs in 3rd party software

1994 – 96
Various Private Individuals; Montreal, Quebec

Tutoring High School and Junior College level Math and Physics

  • Taught course material and expressed course concepts

Fall 1995
Marianopolis College; Montreal, Quebec

Assignment Corrector, Calculus


Candidate, B.A. Mathematics
University of Colorado at Boulder; Boulder, Colorado

1996 – 99
Bachelor of Applied Science coursework, Systems Design Engineering
University of Waterloo; Waterloo, Ontario

1994 – 96
Diploma of Collegial Studies, Pure & Applied Sciences
Marianopolis College; Montreal, Quebec

Resume 4

Samples represent that of an actual working technical professional found on the WEB and modified to protect the privacy of these professionals. Human names, company names, colleges, software product names are intentionally made up.


William Cramer

Holbrook, New York

General Background

I am a Computer Scientist with over thirty years experience in software engineering and systems management. I have worked on large-scale mainframe systems, small-scale embedded systems, and a majority of systems in-between. I have utilized most modern languages and tools and have a wide and continually expanding breadth of knowledge in computer technology.

Work Experience

1999 – 2002
Astonet Corp., a Reuters Company – New York City, New York

Lead Software Engineer, FIX Development

Equity trading customers wishing to trade on Astonet while using third party GUI applications for order entry will transmit orders in the industry standard FIX protocol. The Direct FIX application running at Astonet accepts these orders, stores them, and converts them into orders sent to the Astonet trading system. Our group maintained and enhanced the Direct FIX application.

I was involved with designing and implementing new features as well as analyzing error reports and determining problems and solutions debugging for existing and newly developed programs. Software used standard object oriented techniques in C and C++ as well as common design patterns. Configuration management ClearCase and fault tracking ClearQuest tools were also employed. Locally developed utilities were implemented using standard UNIX HP-UX/Solaris tools awk/sed/grep/shell as well as Perl and associated Perl modules e.g., Perl/Tk for rapid development of GUI applications . The application consisted of network communications TCP/IP technologies and utilized internal database methodologies. My responsibilities also included job screening of potential applicants for technical competence in UNIX and C/C++ as well as the training and mentoring of new and current employees.

1998 – 1999
DDX Systems – New York City, New York

Senior Software Engineer, Global Ticker Plant/Systems Development

Financial Market Data feed processing. In particular, the real-time processing of international exchange source data feeds over Ethernet channels, which proceed to local databases and then on to our real-time data feed to our customer sites. All development was done using C++ on Unix systems Solaris employing object-oriented development techniques. All documentation was done using HTML for display on our company intranet.

1995 – 1998
Bridge Soft Systems, Inc. – New York City, New York

Senior Software Engineer, Data Feeds and Integration

Low-level systems engineering:

  • Device driver for serial SDLC communications device in Solaris.
  • High performance, robust, inter-process communications package using shared memory FIFO buffers rather than the slower UNIX IPC
  • messaging toolkit.
  • Dynamic remote communications toolkit using the UNIX curses API for the user interface.

High-level applications:

  • Query tools to access the Bridge data feed via our API to produce snapshot and end-of-day portfolio analysis data.
  • Full responsibility for maintenance problem determination and resolution of legacy products for broadcast only and broadcast/interactive digital data feeds.
  • Applications were written in ANSI C/C++ for use in SunOS, Solaris, HP-UX, AIX, VMS, and Windows NT environments.

1994 – 1995
Brook Networks, Inc. – New York City, New York

Senior Systems Administrator

UNIX SunOS and Solaris system and network administration. Tool construction for company-wide backup/recovery resource and remote system management and file distribution facility. Tools were written in C, sh, and perl utilizing UNIX tool sets such as awk and sed.

Medico Healthcare Systems – Rochester, New York

Systems Administrator

UNIX AIX system and network administration.

1985 – 1994
Digital Vision Systems, Inc. RVSI – Hauppauge, New York

Senior Software Engineer/Systems Administrator

Systems Administration:

  • Construction and management of engineering network of UNIX workstations and PC s.

Software Engineering:

  • Project consulting and training in UNIX, C, C++, and windowing GUI interfaces.
  • Development of a software configuration management environment CASE toolset
  • Conversion of strategic product software from SunOS/Sunview/K & R C to Solaris/X/ANSI C on PC hardware platform.

Communications Development:

  • Device driver implementation.
  • UNIX to embedded system control facility.

1976 – 1985
National Research Data Center – Upton, New York

Software Engineer/Manager of Systems and Operations

  • Management of time-shared computing system and research databases.
  • System software management and development.
  • Physics analysis code maintenance and development.
  • Graphics tools.

Network Analysis Corp. – Glen Cove, New York

Member of the Technical Staff

  • Development of simulation system for packet-switched communications network.
  • Data base design.
  • Analysis of hardware/software design for a digitized voice packet network in a military environment.

1972 – 1976
State University of New York at Bear Brook – Bear Brook, New York


  • Data base management system design and implementation.
  • Data base acquisition system.
  • Clinical data acquisition systems.
  • Clinical data analysis systems real-time data analysis .
  • Statistical research data applications.
  • Hospital information systems simulation.

Teaching Experience

1983 – 1988 Suffolk County Community College
1974 Polytechnic University of New York, Graduate Program
1971 – 1973 State University of New York at Bear Brook.
On-the-job Various employers, during my tenure there.


1976 State University of New York at Bear Brook
Master of Science in Computer Science
Thesis: The Design and Implementation of an On-line Data Collection, Correction, and Organization System for the DECsystem-10.

1971 State University of New York at Bear Brook
Bachelor of Science in Physics and Computer Science
Magna cum Laude.

My on-the-job training included work in financial services, academia, government research facilities, consulting, technology, and network services.

Resume 5

Samples represent that of an actual working technical professional found on the WEB and modified to protect the privacy of these professionals. Human names, company names, colleges, software product names are intentionally made up.


Dandu Atalatha

Aselin, NJ


  • More than four years of programming experience in C and C++ on UNIX platform.
  • Strong web programming skills, both on Server and Client side using C, C++, Java, JavaScript, PERL, XML and HTML.
  • More than three years of Client/Server programming experience on UNIX TCP/IP .
  • Excellent team work skills.
  • Flexible, highly organized individual with the proven ability to adapt and react quickly in a high pressure, fast-paced environment.
  • Sound knowledge of software engineering principles and the related processes.

Computer Skills:

  • Languages :C, C++, Java, JavaScript, XML, HTML, Perl and PL/SQL.
  • Networking : Client Server Programming TCP/IP, UDP on UNIX platform.
  • Platforms : UNIX Solaris, Linux , Windows NT.
  • Tools : RCS, CVS, Teamware, gdb, dbx, Make, Shells C, Z, Bourne , Sed and Awk.
  • Others : CGI, Java Servlets, Javabeans, Apache and Netscape Web Servers.

Education :

Bachelor of Engineering B.E. in Computer Science , Bombay University, Bombay, India. 1992 – 1996 . GPA Equivalent of 3.9/4.0
Advanced Diploma in Software Engineering , Aptech Computer Education, Bombay, India. 1995 – 1997 . GPA Equivalent of 4.0/4.0
Work Authorization: Greencard holder with authorization to work.

Work Experience:

Dec 1999 — Till Date
Reno Online Services, Inc., New York, NY

Software Engineer

Reno Online Services, Inc., an United Online Services company, is a leading provider of Internet access to millions of computer users throughout the United States. Founded in 1995, the company provides multiple levels of service, including free basic Internet access, billable premium dial-up service, and in certain markets high-speed broadband access. I worked on numerous projects here, some highlights are:

  • Design and Implementation of a Proxy Server:
  • HTTP, Apache Web Server, Solaris 2.x and C++.
  • Developed a proxy server which sits between the front-end server and a group of backend servers for the web-based free email service.

In the old set-up, with the increasing traffic, we had the flexibility of offsetting the load by increasing the number of back-end servers. However the scalability was bounded by the number of IP addresses available. With the proxy setup, the proxy server multiplexes the incoming requests to one of the back-end servers. And the back-end servers only had to run on different port numbers rather than on different IP addresses. The proxy server, in addition to load balancing the incoming requests, also takes care of monitoring the backend servers and restarting them if any of them goes down.

This project gave me a very good exposure at developing efficient, memory-leak proof, multi-threaded proxy server on Solaris platform. It gave me an opportunity to work with different groups, spread across multiple geographic locations, and understand complexities of code management and integration.

VAL Protocol and Services: C, Apache Web Server, UNIX.

Developed a protocol called Value Added Link VAL protocol to query Lycos email/phone search engine online yellow pages and receive the search results in universal ASCII format. Here, a user can come to our website and search for email addresses and phone numbers through a search form on the web site. This search program, hosted on Reno s servers, converts user s query into VAL format and submits the request to Lycos email/phone search engines. Lycos then performs the search and sends the results back again in VAL format. Reno s search function then interprets these results, reformats and presents them to the end users. Since this mechanism separates the HTML tags from the query results of Lycos search engines; it gives us complete flexibility in controlling the look and feel of the result pages displayed to our users. This mechanism also gives us the ability to display our own marketing material on the search result pages.

Internal Logs and Management Information System: Solaris, Apache and Netscape Enterprise Web Servers, Perl CGIs, and UNIX shell scripts.

Developed the log-management system for interpreting and for on-line presentation of server impression logs both for internal traffic monitoring and for usage by our sales team. The system generates reports and a lot of miscellaneous statistics for each one of our services separately, and is easily accessible, through password authentication mechanism, to any one of our employees through a set of cgi scripts.

Worked on several other C and C++ web site development projects. Worked with various web content and service providers like Snapfish, MyEvents, Evite etc. and integrated their services with Reno. During the development of these projects, participated in various aspects of Software Engineering such as design, analysis, implementation, testing, debugging, and maintenance of software systems. These applications were developed using C, C++, UNIX shell scripts, PERL, XML, Java, Java Servlets, JavaScript, HTML and Apache Web Servers.

Jan 1998 – Sep 1999
Rizvi Software Consultancy Pvt. Ltd., Bombay, India

Software Engineer

Rizvi Software Consultancy Pvt. Ltd. is part of a conglomerate called Rizvi Group of Companies, Bombay, India. It provides high-quality software development services and products on different platforms to a large number of worldwide clientele as well as to other divisions of the Rizvi Group.

Human Resource Management System: C, ORACLE, ORAPERL, CGI PERL and UNIX

This system was developed to effectively manage the human resource department of a multi-national software consultancy firm Global Infotech, USA . This is similar to the online job search service, but at a smaller level. This system maintains details of all the job-seeking candidates on one side, and details of various companies looking for the candidates and the positions they are looking for on the other side. Candidates details like their qualification, their past experience, previous company details etc. are then matched with various companies requirements and after matching the candidates with the companies, the candidate and the contact person of the company are notified and an interview date of their convenience is set up. The details of the interview and whether the candidate is selected or not and other corresponding details are updated in the appropriate tables of the database through a CGI interface. Various reports are then generated depending on the requirement on a weekly and monthly basis. I was solely responsible for the implementation of the complete project from the database design phase to the installation and testing phase on the client s machines.

A Spot TV System: C++, Java Servlets, JavaScript, ORACLE, SQL, Apache Web Server

This is an e-commerce application called New Millennium developed for a local media company. New Millennium serves agencies that buy spots for advertisements on local and network television. The web-based application provides media research, ability to place orders for advertisement time slots online and notify distributor/clients of scheduled spots. Designed and developed Java Servlet driven web interface to store user s profile and place orders online. Used Servlets to create web pages HTML, JavaScript and interface with Oracle. Wrote SQL stored procedures and triggers to extract data from the database. Configured to send notifications to distributors and clients via e-mail and fax. Integrated the system with the internal billing application to approve orders and track billing payment and commission information. The site is hosted as a secured web site over the HTTPS and secured login.

Worked on several other C, C++ and E-Commerce web site development projects for clients including Global Infotech, USA and, London, U.K Online matchmaking software , Lalqila Restaurant, London Online Ordering etc. These applications were developed using C, C++, SQL, PERL, XML, JavaScript, HTML and Apache Web Servers.

Mar 1996 – Jan 1998
Larsen & Toubro Information Technology Ltd., Bombay, India

Software Engineer

L & T Information Technology Ltd, a subsidiary of Larsen & Toubro Ltd, India, is a complete Information Technology Solutions Provider providing software solutions for a worldwide clientele.

Fixtrac Management System FMS : C, PERL, XML, Java Servlets, CGIs, JavaScript, Oracle.

This was developed for a client of Larsen & Toubro IT division, which markets and sells various software products. It is a sophisticated inventory and sales management system which keeps track of their software products Y2K Tools, Learning Series CDs etc . The system also maintains the information related to damaged or returned products. It was heavily used by the Marketing and Accounts departments. Marketing deals with enquiries, orders, pending orders, damaged & lost products. Production deals with development of products, availability, re-order level, danger-level of products. Accounts keep track of payments, pending payments etc. This was actually a web-based program used for internal purposes. CGIs written in C, PERL and Java Servlets were used for web database interface, HTML and JavaScript to create dynamic web pages and database stored procedures and triggers for checks and balances.

References: Available upon request.

Resume 6

Samples represent that of an actual working technical professional found on the WEB and modified to protect the privacy of these professionals. Human names, company names, colleges, software product names are intentionally made up.


Franklin Ashley

Senior Unix Systems Programmer


Leading a group of creative and motivated developers using C, C++ and Unix to develop both user level applications, server software and other programs; and taking full advantage of opensource software and technologies such as Linux, Apache, GNU/FSF software and others.

Career Level: 10 years
Availability: To Be Determined (currently working)


  • Languages: C (10 yrs), C++ (6 yrs), Shell/ksh/csh/sh (10 yrs), SQL (7 yrs), Perl (5 yrs), HTML, PHP, Javascript, Expect, Tcl, ASM/x86/MIPS
  • Environments: Unix/Solaris/AIX/Linux/HP-UX (10 years), Win3.1/95/98/2k, DoS, CPM, VMS
  • Vertical Markets: Telecommunications, Finance


11/2001 – Present
Andersen Servicing Company, St. Louis, MO

Sr. Software Engineer

Working with a software development/support team for Andersen’s Home Mortgage division. Currently responsible for migration and maintenance of a datawarehousing system that handles loan level evaluation statistics and history. The system is written in a combination of C, C++, Perl, Korn shell and a third party ETL (Extract Transform & Load) tool called “Orchestrate” developed by Torrent technologies. The system handles approximately 26 GB of data monthly which is processed and stored in a DB2 datawarehouse.

03/2001 – 11/2001
Harrison Consulting, St. Louis, MO

Sr. Software Engineer

Worked through Harrison as a contract developer. Most contract work was in telecom area utilizing C, C++, Unix and two RPC packages, Tuxedo and IBM’s MQSeries. Work was done developing server side of various telecom software packages for Sprint PCS.

10/1999 – 03/2001
Prospective Worldcom, Arlington, MS

Sr. Software Engineer & Tech Lead

I Work with a small group of 5 developers in designing and developing data marts, data warehouses and supporting applications to handle Worldcom’s heterogeneous billing systems and data. Coding involved mostly C/C++; but various support utilities were web based and included PHP, Perl, Shell, HTML, and JavaScript.

As of August 2000, I have additional responsibilities as lead designer and technical project lead for all software projects within my group. I am responsible for performing technical interviews and am an integral part of the hiring process. Also, I am responsible for providing training, on occassion, to interested groups within Worldcom concerning: Unix, C, C++ and Software Project Management Processes.

I continue to be heavily involved in the coding and development process of my group. We use C, C++, Shell and Perl; and develop for most Unix platforms, including SunOS, Solaris, and Linux as well as the IBM AS400.

I have recently re-worked/organized the software process within my organization. This entailed moving completely to a Linux development environment, cross-compiling to deploy on production Sun E10K platforms. I have two development workgroup servers setup that run the CVS version management system for code revision control (with a web interface), as well as a local installation of the Bugzilla Bug Tracking Software produced by to allow developers and users to submit, track and resolv bugs and RFEs for projects. I have even implemented a coding standard used within the organization.

7/1998 – 10/1999
US Army Corps of Engineers, Evergreen, TN

Software Developer

Planned, designed and deployed two intranet servers to provide a suite of services for the Corps of Engineers Finance Center. Some of the services written include an Overtime Request and Management System as well as phone/address/email lookup applications and an online system to handle trouble tickets and help desk problems.

The two servers were i686 PC platforms running Linux 2.1, a MySQL Database server and the Apache Web Server w/PHP module. Coding entailed the use of PHP, Perl, Shell and C/C++ as well as SQL. Both of the servers were hand built by myself because we had nobudget for hardware at the time. I was also responsible for system administration on both.

1/1997 – 7/1998
Federal Express, Ridge, TN

Software Developer

Worked with various internal groups to design, develop and deploy web/intranet based applications and other tools that interacted with FedEx’s Courier Route Planning System. This system is responsible for planning, tracking and storing routes for package transportation via databases of zip codes, scanned ids and other information. Designed and developed numerous CGI programs and backends using Perl and C for database and other transactions on various HP-UX 9/10 and Sun servers.

03/1996 – 1/1997
Atemus Hotel Corporation, Richardson, TN

Software Developer/Quality Assurance

Worked with developing and testing Promus’ Hotel Management System and Reservation System. The reservation system was developed in C on Sun Unix platforms. Worked with technologies such as C, Unix, Solaris, SunOS, Visual Source Safe, BugTrak and Sybase.

1993 ­ 1996
Various Clients, Richardson, TN

Independent Software Contractor

Contracted with various businesses in the Richardson area. Most of my work was in developing web based applications and sites using technologies such as, CGI, Perl, C, C++, HTML, Javascript and DBMS’s such as Unix’s DBM and Access. Also gave talks to high school computer science classes on C and C++ development, Software Engineering Practice and other topics such as Object Oriented Design (OOD) and Structured Analysis & Design (SAD).


12/2002 — Mississippi State University
Bachelor’s of Science, Computer Science

I Have attended University of Memphis, University of Tennessee, Mississippi State University. I also taught two undergraduate computer science labs at the University of Memphis, “Data Structures” and “Intro to C++”.


Available upon request.

Resume 7

Samples represent that of an actual working technical professional found on the WEB and modified to protect the privacy of these professionals. Human names, company names, colleges, software product names are intentionally made up.


Elvis Hewston


  • Strong background in project development gained during 16 years in software development including:specifications, design, coding, documentation and testing SDLC.
  • Work effectively with users, peers and upper management to define scopes and solve problems.
  • Strong academic and experience in CAD/CAM, AI, systems programming, RDBMS Oracle, MS Access , PL/SQL, VC 5.0, VB 5.0 DAO, SQL, ActiveX, SAP R/3 ABAP 4 Workbench, Reporting, Dialog programming, Data Interface BDC , SAPscript, Enhancements & Modifications , MS Office, Metaphase PDM system, Apache, Tomcat, DOM, Xerces, Xalan, XML/XSL/HTML/Javascripts, JDBC, JSP, Servlet, Makefile.

Systems experience:

  • Windows : Windows 3.11, Windows 95, Windows NT/2000
  • Languages : C, C++ , C shell, dBase, HTML, LISP, Korn shell, Perl, PROLOG, VB 5.0, VC 5.0 DAO, SQL, ActiveX , ABAP 4 MODeL, PL/SQL, JBuilder, Visual Cafe, Forte for Java.
  • Web : CGI, Apache, Tomcat, DOM, Xerces, Xalan, java, JDBC, XML/XSL/HTML/Javascripts, JSP, Servlet, EJB, Java Bean, Weblogic

Work experience:

05/04/2000 – Present
Avalanche Software, San Jose, CA

Sr. Software Engineer

  • Develop and integrate company s Interaction Server software. New modules are added to the current software.

    Environment :C/C++ , XML/XSLT/HTML, Javascripts, Apache, Tomcat, Korn Shell, Solaris, Window 2000, MS Visual C++

  • Configure Apache web server. Integrate Xerces DOM /Sablot XSLT for new development. Speed up the software development on Solaris.

    Environment :C/C++ , Apache, Tomcat, XML/XSLT/HTML, Javascripts, Korn Shell, Makefile

11/22/1999 – 05/04/2000
Zigtel Inc., Sacramento, CA

Specialist Application Systems

Integrate, customize Mattel s Product Data Management systems PDM. The system currently provides more functions. Environment : Metaphase, Oracle, C/C++, C shell, NT, Solaris.

5/04/1998 – 11/12/1999
Southern California Harrison, Covina, CA

Application Developer 3

  • Prepared and implemented Y2K test plan. The MDMA system is now Y2K certified.

    Environment :Embedded SQL, C /C++, Korn shell, Oracle, UNIX, CGI, HTML, Javascript.

  • Maintain, support, and develop the MDMA systems. The system is now in production.

    Environment :Embedded SQL, C /C++, Korn shell, Oracle, UNIX, NT, CGI, HTML, Javascript.

ABC Solutions, Cypress, CA

Software Engineer

  • Designed and implemented the Benchmark API Tools BAT. Developers now can monitor the performance of their codes with ease

    Environment :UNIX/NT/VMS/C/Perl

  • Designed and implemented IP resources table. Each member of IP group can now edit the table using the browser

    Environment :CGI/Perl.

  • Enhanced and revised scripts to test the built images. The images are shipped with no defects

    Environment :UNIX/NT/Korn shell/Perl.

  • Turn IP cycle every months. Turn around time is shorter to test submitted projects in the integration.
  • Designed, revised, enhanced and maintained the Drawing layout in the Drafting modules. Produce the world class Drafting package with user-friendly Drawing Layout

    Environment :UNIX/C/FORTRAN.

  • Maintained the Drafting modules for Unigraphics V9

    Environment :UNIX/C/FORTRAN.

Advanced Manufacturing and Consulting, Inc., Scottdale, AZ

CAD/CAM Scientist

  • Enhanced, maintained and implemented user-interface functions. System is now user-friendly with on-line tutorial

    Environment :UNIX/VMS/C.

  • Revised and enhanced data base for Geometry and Solid entities. These entities took 45 percent less space

    Environment :UNIX/VMS/C/FORTRAN.

  • Maintained and improved curves and surfaces evaluators. Performance is improved 35 percent in terms of speed

    Environment :UNIX/VMS/C/FOTRAN.

  • Developed external interface for IGES, PATRAN and VDA standard neutral format.Users can run the preprocessor and the post-processor externally

    Environment :UNIX/VMS/C.

  • Prepare user manual for each newly-developed module. An excellent set of manuals, including a compact Quick Reference Guide details ANVIL-5000 s menus.

Digital Experieence, Inc., San Diego, CA

Programmer Analyst/ARC supervisor

  • Managed in-house accounting and flight ticket management systems.
  • Assisted and trained users on word processing, spreadsheet.
  • Contact hardware vendor on renewing services and maintenance.
  • Performed system backup and generated reports.


MS, Computer Science, West Coast University, CA, 09/1989, GPA 3.8

BS, Computer Science, West Coast University, CA, 08/ 1984, GPA 3.6

Certificate and Awards

  • SAP R/3 ABAP Certificate Workbench, Reporting, Dialog programming, Data Interface BDC , SAPscript, Enhancements & Modifications , 03/1999
  • Java Programming Certificate JDBC, JSP, Servlet , Cal State Fullerton, 08/2001
  • J2EE Certificate J2EE: JSP, Servlet, EJB, JDBC, JMS. Cal State Fullerton, May 2002.
  • Recipient of SCE s Celebration Awards , 02/1999.
  • Recipient of West Coast University s Dotterer Scholarship 1983-1984.


Member of Youth Group in Diocese of Orange and Christian Life Community

Resume 8

Samples represent that of an actual working technical professional found on the WEB and modified to protect the privacy of these professionals. Human names, company names, colleges, software product names are intentionally made up.


Matt Brenton

Charlotte, North Carolina


A challenging, senior development position with a dynamic company involving computational science and advanced technology that will stimulate my technical, leadership and interpersonal skills.

Simulation & Mathematical Modeling, Algorithm Design, High Performance Computing, Cryptography, Graphics & Animation, Signal & Image Processing


  • Superior quality code
  • Exceptional analytical and problem solving skills
  • Proficient C++ developer, 10+ years
  • 18 years experience in computational programming, software engineering, design and development
  • Developed scientific, military, order entry, inventory, telecommunications, health and life insurance, and banking applications
  • Highly motivated, adaptable and dedicated
  • Consistent and continual learner
  • Experienced and successful technical leader
  • Excellent communication skills


  • C++, C, Fortran, Java, Pascal, Assembler; OOA/OOD ; STL, Visual C++
  • UNIX: IBM AIX, SUN Solaris, HP-UX, IRIX, Linux;
  • Windows NT, 98
  • ksh, bash, tcsh, Tcl/Tk, Latex, Expect, Perl, SQL, Rogue Wave Tools.h++, DBTools.h++
  • Oracle, Sybase, SQL Server;
  • Microsoft Access, Word and Excel IBM RS6000, IBM RS6000 SP2, Sun Enterprise 10000, Sun Workstations, Silicon Graphics Power Challenge R8000, HP 9000/825, Cray T3D,
  • Intel Paragon
  • IBM MQSeries, BEA Tuxedo, TCP/IP
  • Codefast code management system, Visual Source Safe, RCS/SCCS


4/2001 – 3/2002
Best Bank of America, Charlotte, North Carolina

Software Engineer

  • Developed Service Broker product and business services ( application integration middleware ), providing a focal point for client applications to access information, data/message translation and routing to target Systems of Record
  • C++ Standard Message Interface, Java Standard Message Interface
  • Open Application Group (OAG) data messaging format
  • Shepherded Enterprise Data Stream Infrastructure and corresponding metadata and SQL Server repository, enabling development team to complete Service Broker business services in a timely manner

12/1996 – 4/2001
NordCom, Arlington, Texas

Software Engineer – Object Developer

  • Software Engineer specializing in Object-Oriented Design and Development.
  • Technical Lead for multiple N-tier Client/Server, globally distributed, C++ applications.
  • Order entry, inventory, Frame Relay, ATM, Circuit and Equipment
  • 2000+ customer base
  • average 500+ concurrent users
  • 150,000+ transaction per day.
  • IBM RS6000, IBM RS6000 SP2, AIX, C++.
  • Multiple roles – Technical Lead and Manager, Information Systems
  • Directed development team, assigned individual tasks to team members
  • Shepherded product development – nightly build and regression testing, load testing, deployment and production support
  • Performed code inspections, suggested code improvements
  • Enforced overall code quality
  • Delivered application ahead of project schedule
  • Coordinated deliverables with Product and Project Leads
  • Mentored and directed development staff of 12-16 for multiple projects
  • Interviewed and screened development staff candidates
  • Wrote performance appraisals, administered performance reviews

10/1995 – 11/1996
Software Dinamics, Inc., Cincinnati, Ohio

Software Engineer – Consulting Analyst

  • Consultant Software Engineer. N-tier Client/Server, distributed, C++ health care management system for Anthem Blue Cross/Blue Shield.
  • Technical Lead for Physician portion of application
  • IBM AIX, C++, agents, semantic objects, Object-Oriented Design
  • Achieved outstanding performance and service quality review from customer
  • Received salary increase for performance per customer’s request

7/1994 – 9/1995
Baytlon E-Systems, Oakland, Texas

Software Engineer

  • Software Algorithms Group, High Performance Computing.
  • Implemented Image Processing algorithms for the Commercial Remote Sensing System (CRSS), JPEG, DPCM, Error Detection and Correction – BCH, Berlekamp-Massey, SEI/CMM
  • Optimized algorithms and code, Parallel Processing, Cray parallel-vector machines, MPP machines: IBM SP2, Cray T3D, Intel Paragon, SGI Power Challenge, C++, Fortran 77, UNIX, IBM AIX, MPI
  • SBI and Security clearance

8/1988 – 7/1994
Department of the Army, Maryland


Civilian mathematician for Combat Systems Test Activity (CSTA). Designed, developed and tested scientific software independently to assist mathematicians, statisticians, operation research analysts, engineers and test directors in the analysis and evaluation of military test data. UNIX, C++, C, Fortran, Pascal.

Concepts Implementation Team, Ballistics Division, 2/1994 – 7/1994

  • 5 member, exemplary team hand-picked by Division supervisor.
  • Collaborated with Team to design a comprehensive data repository plan for CSTA
  • Interviewed clients and generators of data at the Proving Ground, identified candidate processes for automation, modeled information, defined requirements and problem areas
  • Designed a common data format and network plan
  • Team presented findings to Commander

Analysis Branch, Ballistics Division, 4/1993 – 1/1994

  • Developed software for simulation, Fire Control Analysis, Vulcan Air Defense Compensation tables, fragmentation, interior and exterior ballistics, and the Muzzle Velocity System Test
  • Enabled Muzzle Velocity System Test to be completed in a timely and cost-effective manner by performing on-sight analysis of real-time data
  • Utilized spherical trigonometry, numerical analysis, statistical methods

System Analysis Branch, Performance Analysis Division, 11/1990 – 3/1993

  • Designed and developed software for statistical methods, numerical and ballistic analysis, test data analysis and evaluation
  • Independently initiated the and independently developed a digitizer program to calculate KD/Mach function for exterior ballistics routines
  • Utilized matrix algebra, differential equations, analysis of variance (ANOVA), cubic splines and numerous other algorithms

Reliability Engineering Branch, Performance Analysis Division, 8/1988-10/1990

  • Independently initiated and developed a database analysis program which significantly improved accuracy and delivery time of reliability analysis and reporting methods
  • Acted as a liaison between Reliability Engineering Branch and the System Analysis Branch


1986 Bachelor of Arts, Mathematics, University of Illinois at Springfield,
Major GPA: 3.5 / 4, Springfield, Illinois

1984 Associate Science, Mathematics, Lincoln Land Community College,
Springfield, Illinois


  • Large stock option award for technical leadership, Global Order Administration project, WorldCom, 1999
  • Memorandum of Appreciation from Division Chief, outstanding job performance – Muzzle Velocity System Test, Concepts Implementation Branch, 1994
  • Special Service Award as a Mathematician, Concepts Implementation Branch, 1994
  • Outstanding Performance Award as a Mathematician, Analysis Branch, 1994
  • Outstanding Performance Award as a Mathematician, Systems Analysis Branch, 1993
  • Special Service Award as a Mathematician, Reliability Engineering Branch, 1989
  • National Honor Society, 1979


  • Object Oriented Programming with Java, IBM, 2001
  • Database design, Montgomery Community College,1998
  • Effective C++ training from Scott Meyers, Ph.D., 1998
  • Visual C++, 1997
  • Intel Paragon Massively Parallel Processing Programming I & II, Intel, 1995
  • Standard C and Fortran 77 Features and Optimizations for Cray parallel-vector machines, Cray, 1994
  • Image Processing, Subtechnique, Inc., 1994
  • Object-Oriented Analysis and Design using the Booch Method, Rational, 1993
  • C++ Workshop, SIGS Publications, Inc., 1993
  • Interior Ballistics, Drexel University, 1993
  • System Management Skills for HP 3000/925, Hewlett-Packard, 1991
  • Pascal Programming, 1989


Excellent personal and professional references available upon request.

Resume 9

Samples represent that of an actual working technical professional found on the WEB and modified to protect the privacy of these professionals. Human names, company names, colleges, software product names are intentionally made up.


Jason Wright

New York City


A full-time or contract based development position using C or C++ on Unix or Win32 where quality and performance are critical.


C, C++, UNIX and NT operating systems internals, System programming, Internet (TCP/IP, UDP/IP) socket programming, TCP/IP stacks, Internet protocols/RFC’s including HTTP, NNTP, FTP, SMTP, DNS, practical application of OO principles and techniques, SSL and encryption, GNU tools. Multithreaded server development, HTTP server development. Perl programming and internals.


  • Languages: C/C++, Perl, Java, Shell, HTML, XML, FORTRAN, Assembler (ix86, Sparc, IRIX), Javascript, VB, VBScript, Lisp, prolog. Languages for DB access, SQL, PL/SQL
  • Platforms: Linux (RedHat, Slackware), SunOS, Sun Solaris, HP-UX, AIX, Windows and Windows NT
  • Middleware: CORBA, COM/DCOM/MTS, Various custom TCP/IP based communication layers.
  • Tools: CVS, PCVS, MS-SourceSafe, All GNU command line utilities. Borland C++, MS Devstudio (VC++, VB), ATL
  • API’s: Standard C runtime, Win32, UNIX (POSIX) system calls, STL, ODBC, ISAPI
  • Methodologies: OO language and design principles (inheritance, polymorphism, persistence etc.)
  • Security: Network architectures, honeypots, VPN’s. Conducted security reviews and reports. Intrusion detection and tracking, DEFCON attendee.
  • Databases: Oracle, Sybase, Informix, PostGreSQL, MySQL
  • System Architecture: 10 Years experience with multi-tiered architectures and distributed systems


August 2001 – Present
Vesta Software Corporation, Boston, MA

Consulting Product Architect and Developer

  • Hired by top management under fixed time and cost subcontract to replace solution delivered by third-party consultants which did not meet quality and performance requirements
  • Re-wrote the entire code-base using C++ and TCP/IP sockets. Delivered early and under cost estimate. Product shipped on time and allowed the company to tap a new market.
  • Code-base and architecture was reused to form the basis for their next generation of product.
  • Agent based resource (system health, disk space) monitoring application for large heterogeneous networks of computers, used in hosting facilities and larger corporations.
  • Tools: C++, TCP/IP sockets and 10 years of experience.
  • Keywords: C++, TCP/IP, UDP/IP, MSVC++, GNU tools, perl5, multithreading, Unix, AIX, HP-UX, Linux, Solaris, kstat, DLPI, daemon, agent, MS SQL Server, SSL, OpenSSL, zlib, VPN, pkgadd, rpm, smit, swpackage, Fast, Very Fast.

July 2001 – January2002
Smart Consulting, Boston MA

Architect and Developer

  • Hired under sub-contract for research and development of a product for network based installation of operating systems (NT, Linux, Solaris) and remote reallocation of hardware.
  • This is a startup company which requests confidentiality, further information available on request.
  • Keywords: C++, DHCP protocol and tools, network routing, unicast, multicast, perl5, Linux OS internals, programming computer BIOS, MySQL, system programming, device drivers, X-Windows, Motif

October 1998 – January 2001
Advanced Vision Limited, Dublin, Ireland

Founder and Chief Technology Officer

  • Grew company from 3 employees to 20 in 18 months
  • Developed relationships with potential clients and closed sales based on merit with no company track record
  • Personally oversaw financial management of company that was profitable despite lack of external investment
  • Successfully defended Advanced Vision’s technology in due diligence sessions with investors of clients
  • Negotiated exclusive sale of Advanced Vision technology and all rights to New York based Internet auction startup company

October 1998 – January 2001
Advanced Vision Limited, Dublin, Ireland

Lead Architect

  • Developed ASP (Application service provider) server software for clusters of application and database servers on Linux platforms
  • Developed memory resident Perl environment for rapid development of high performance multithreaded server software and easy integration with external systems.
  • Led team of senior software engineers to develop flagship suite of auction software using custom components and Linux (RedHat), Postgres, MySQL, Oracle, Informix, Sun/Solaris, Perl5, GNU G++
  • Keywords: C++, TCP/IP sockets, UNIX, Linux, MS Windoww NT, Win32, Cisco routers, NAT, VPN, Database Oracle, Informix, PostGreSQL, MySQL

December 1997 – September 1998
Cordey Travel International, Sun Beach, FL

Lead Architect (Subcontract)

  • Led design, development and rollout of architecture and systems for web based domestic and international airline fares and reservation system
  • Custom interfaces to Amadeus, Sabre and Apollo backend CRS systems (airline reservation systems)
  • Keywords: Technical lead, TCP/IP sockets, MSVC++, VB, MS source-safe, COM, DCOM, MTS, ASP, HTML, XML, Javascript, Java, ASP, Oracle, Sun Solaris.

August 1996 – December 1997
Cambridge Technology Company, Cambridge, MA

Lead Technologist, NE New Media Group

  • Technical oversight of Internet based projects in Northeast US, Canada and Puerto Rico
  • Proactively reviewed and corrected architecture and design of new IT projects with team leadership
  • Troubleshot and resolved serious problems in development and rollout stages of IT projects

January 1993 – July 1996
Cambridge Technology Company, Cambridge, MA

Senior Software Developer

  • Led design and development of service website for large Telco. C++, Javascript, Orbix (IONA CORBA), Oracle, HP-UX, SQL, PL/SQL.
  • Designed and developed C++ GUI for client in health insurance application – Visual C++ on Windows 3.1 platform, Unix server software in C on IBM AIX platform and custom TCP/IP middle-ware
  • Design of databases with installation and maintenance of Oracle and Sybase RDBMS software

Independent, Educational and Venture Projects

  • 2001 – 2002 Next generation travel technologies: C++, IE Plugins, Internet data mining
  • 1999 – 2000 Intelligent routing software, high performance webserver, Perl as server modules
  • 1996 – 1998 Pi3Web, freely available high quality multithreaded web server software for UNIX and Microsoft OS’s
  • 1996 – 1998 User context multithreading library using assembler on Linux, Windows 3.1, Windows 98, Sun Solaris, HP-UX and SGI IRIX
  • 1994 – 1995 ANSI compliant C++ compiler to full specification of 1995, 1996 working papers
  • 1989 – 1991 Development of commercial GUI in FORTRAN for thermodynamic modeling application. Porting implementation of mathematical models from FORTRAN/UNIX to concurrent implementation in C on multiple CPU workstation – Darmstadt Germany (Note: This was a commercial product not an intern project)


Trinity College Dublin, Ireland and Technische Hochschule Darmstadt, Germany

Masters in Computer Science with honors


Fluent in English, German, French, Vietnamese. Strong grasp of US and European intellectual property, patent and copyright law. US Citizen. Irish citizen. Enjoy travel.

Resume 10

Samples represent that of an actual working technical professional found on the WEB and modified to protect the privacy of these professionals. Human names, company names, colleges, software product names are intentionally made up.


Jack Wartel

Sr. Software Engineer


I want to work at a good company and to use/improve my skills and to make them succeed.


BS Computer Science Engineering, University of Texas in Arlington 12/93
GPA 3.67 – Cum Laude


  • C++ Expert 10 years
  • Java Expert 3 years
  • OOA, OOD, OOP Expert 8 years
  • Unix Shell Scripts Expert 8 years
  • Perl Good 8 years
  • Multi-Threaded Apps Expert 5 years
  • Test Equipment Control Good 4 years
  • Client/Server TCP/IP Expert 5 years
  • Software Testing Expert 9 years
  • Clearcase Expert 7 years
  • CGI Good 2 years
  • XML/DOM Expert 2 years
  • COM Beginner .5 years
  • Visual Basic Intermediate .5 years
  • Visual C++ Intermediate .5 years
  • JSP Java Servlets Beginner .1 years


  • OO Analysis, Design, Programming 8 years experience
  • OO Concepts Polymorphism, Inheritance, Abstraction, Data Hiding, Encapsulation
  • C++ and Java Low-level-Java, Swing, Multi-threading, Communication Streams for Linux and Win95/98/2000
  • Extensive Multi-threading experience
  • Sockets/Messaging/Communication via TCP/IP, extensive Client/Server experience
  • Very proficient in Sh, Bash, Korn Shell, Perl, and Awk
  • Unix/Linux/Windows environment programming
  • Programming low-level interfaces and routines
  • Programming GUI interfaces
  • Test equipment control via GPIB interfaces
  • Protocol/Message parsing/creation
  • I learn quickly and can easily come up to speed on any environment/system


IntroStep – Ft Worth, TX
10/2000 – Present

Sr. Software Engineer, Lead C++/QT Programmer

  • I wrote a GUI application in C++ for Linux and Win95/98/2000 to interface to Anritsu-8801 CDMA test equipment to monitor cellular over-the-air traffic. This application connected to tester via TCP-IP and issued commands to begin receiving data containing CDMA messages. I then formatted this data to feed into the protocol decoder software engine/GUI, which I also wrote.
  • I enhanced a GUI tool, written in C++ for Linux and Win95/98/2000, which was used to test CDMA handsets. I organized the tests and wrote a GUI wrapper to ease the end-user s ability to select and run tests. I had to overhaul the C++ code to make this possible.
  • I wrote GUI application in C++ for Linux and Win95/98/2000 to edit the proprietary XML implementation that defines protocols.
  • I worked with COM, Visual C++, and Visual Basic to create a COM interface to our messaging engine.
  • I wrote an engine to parse protocols, working extensively with XML to define protocols. This engine allowed one to not only parse messages from a protocol but to create messages as well.
  • I became very intimate with IS95 and CDMA-2000 Layer 3 messaging.
  • I worked extensively with a DOM to parse/create XML.
  • I wrote XML to define all IS95 and CDMA-2000 messages as given by C.S0005-A v5.0 Upper Layer Layer 3 Signaling Specification for CDMA-2000 Spread Spectrum Systems at
  • I used the XML protocol parser to parse CDMA-2000/1X-RTT messages sent between cellular phones and base-stations.
  • All of the above applications work cross-platform on Windows-x86 and Linux-x86. This was accomplished using the QT SDK
  • I used CVS for configuration management.
  • You may go to to see the software that I wrote.

Motorola – Plano, TX
1/1994 – 10/2000

Lead Software Engineer – CDMA Digital Cellular group

I tested CDMA digital cellular base stations BTSs which encompassed:

  • Writing a C++ visual application to interface to an RF cellular radio
  • Writing a large GUI application in Java for Win3.1 to test cellular base stations
  • Operating, both manually and via automated tests scripts, various RF test equipment including the HP8921A CDMA Analyzer, the HP8935 CDMA Analyzer, the HP 437B Power Meter, the Gigatronix Power Meter, the HP83236 PCS Adapter, and Motorola s own Cybertest CDMA Analyzer. The test equipment was accessed via a National Instruments serial to GPIB converter.
  • Writing software to send/receive messages to/from the BTS and test equipment. This software was used to download, configure, and analyze the BTS and was used to control test equipment in order to perform in-field customer certification testing on forward and reverse path RF signals. The test equipment was accessed to make measurements of RF signals as well as to generate signals, which were then measured at the BTS. The primitive commands of this application were written in C++ and the tests were Korn Shell/Perl wrappers around the primitives to perform the tests and make/store measurement results. I later rewrote this entire architecture in Java.

    The Java implementation was a multi-threaded application, the low-level code of which was designed almost in its entirety by myself. I also had a big hand in the design of the GUI front end. In this implementation I used Java 1.0, 1.1, and 1.2, including Swing, TCP/IP sockets, and serial port access. I used java to create a BTS simulator against which we did unit-level testing of our test application code. Ask me about the “Java Post Office” and the “Java Job Scheduler” which I designed and wrote.

  • Being in charge of the Java prototype/feasibility study for rewriting the BTS test software.
  • Directing all operations of Motorola s first CDMA digital cellular Hand-Off. This included controlling the Motorola transcoder frame and remotely configuring the BTSs used in the Hand-Off testing.
  • Using Perl to write a web based CGI search engine and numerous helpful scripts used by our department.
  • Using Korn-Shell, Awk, Perl, and various standard Unix executables to write numerous helpful scripts used by our department.
  • Representing Motorola for business trips to Japan, Hong Kong, Singapore, and various locations in the U.S.
  • Writing a web-based search engine using JSP Java Servlets.
  • Using clearcase as our configuration management system and did much of the clearcase management for our projects.

Cybertech – Euless, TX
1/1994 – 3/1994

Software Engineer – Visual C++ Programming

  • Used Visual C++ in Win3.1 to create applications for in-house use in restaurants.
  • These were GUI applications than handled table seating selection and automatic schedule creators.

Darrel Northern Research – Dallas, TX
1/1991 – 12/1993

Computer Software Intern

TDMA Digital Cellular group 3 terms

  • I wrote advanced multi-processing Pascal programs.
  • I wrote a C++ application to analyze spread-sheet data.
  • Rewrote a program to reduce downloading time of a hardware device by 50+ , this included an embedded application to receive the data on a DNS100 switch written in 68020 assembly and a GUI X-Windows application to send the data to be loaded written in C++ .

Unix System Administration 2 terms

  • I performed in a Unix support capacity for the entire BNR complex 3000+ people which entailed installing file servers and assisting BNR employees with Unix related issues.
  • I wrote numerous helpful scripts to do various tasks using Korn Shell and later, Perl.

Resume 11

Samples represent that of an actual working technical professional found on the WEB and modified to protect the privacy of these professionals. Human names, company names, colleges, software product names are intentionally made up.


Joe Grant

Chelmsford, MA


  • UNIX and Windows software development, porting, maintenance, and QA
  • Windows, Linux, Solaris, AIX, True64, and others
  • Hardware diagnostics and test development
  • C/C++, PERL, shell scripting
  • Make, Tcl/Tk, HTML, some SQL and Java
  • Business management and strategic planning
  • Hands-on people and project management
  • Strong legal background, including software contract negotiation, licensing, and intellectual property
  • Functional in Italian and Spanish, some French


Ideal Software, Inc., North Chelmsford, MA

Consulting Engineer/Vice President

Principal, Vice President, Corporation Clerk, and Corporate Counsel in a small software company specializing in UNIX and Windows software porting, quick response consulting, and productization of freeware.

Technical accomplishments

  • Estimated and undertook porting Linux to Win2K and Solaris of high-end text-to-speech system. Teamed with another person to complete project on time and within budget. Performed extensive evaluation and tuning.
  • With 6 person team, ported an Internet wallet product WinNT to Linux and Solaris. Developed Unix emulation of the Windows registry, and made major contributions to the build system. Mentored junior engineers.
  • Performed major upgrades and maintenance of a UNIX utilities toolkit for Win98/NT/2K.
  • Ported and maintained the Microsoft FrontPage Web server extensions on numerous platforms.
  • Developed Perl ASP and SQL based Web pages to handle database maintenance and user administration tasks on a client s education oriented Web site.
  • Enhanced and maintained the company s software development infrastructure, including compilers, libraries, communications software, and other tools for UNIX and Windows.
  • Crafted extensive enhancements to a Tcl/Tk based system monitoring and alarm tool for Windows and Solaris.

Business accomplishments

  • Conceived and developed the “Porting Center” concept, allowing customers to use an extensive heterogeneous network to remotely develop and port applications. Turned an idle resource into a 5K/month revenue stream.
  • Established strategic business relationships eg. Microsoft, 3M, IBM, SCO, Exxon and negotiated contracts.
  • Prepared project estimate and proposals, leading to numerous contracts.
  • Led engineers in a variety of porting, test, and consulting projects.
  • Managed benefits, NDAs, stock plans, and the personnel manual.
  • Protected intellectual property. Performed extensive analysis and review of copyrights and software licenses..

2000, Inc., Boston, MA

Vice President

Vice President of Engineering for 30-person dotcom specializing in providing legal products on the Internet.

  • Managed 7 member team responsible for developing a large 2500 page Win2K based eCommerce site.
  • Developed and directed implementation of a very successful QA plan to address shortcomings in site testing.
  • Redistributed tasks and responsibilities within the engineering group to minimize dependencies on individuals.

1990 to 1993
Greenvich Co., Apollo Systems Division, Chelmsford, MA

Systems Program Manager

  • Coordinated program to port and test the OSF/1 kernel and commands in a cooperative venture with OSF, DEC, and IBM. Negotiated and executed software licensing agreements.
  • Managed East Coast half of a multimillion dollar workstation development program, including resource management, scheduling, lifecycle, and vendor interfaces. Coordinated work at 4 sites to bring this product in on schedule.
  • Overcame budget and manpower constraints, quality problems with key chip vendor, and manufacturing test issues.
  • Assisted in program management of a major operating system release. This was accomplished with highest overall quality, as measured by open bugs, of any HP/Apollo OS release in the previous 5 years.

1987 to 1990
Hardware Diagnostics, Billerica, MA


  • Prepared and implemented strategy for improving the quality of the division s diagnostic products.
  • Handled program management and infrastructure for a 60-person engineering support organization.
  • Led 10 person team. Expanded an online hardware diagnostic system, enhanced a stand-alone diagnostic executive, and developed tests for a wide range of hardware.

1986 to 1987
Honeybell Information Systems, Inc., Billerica, MA

Senior Staff Engineer, Systems Engineering

  • Advised organizations in the U.S and Europe on issues related to maintainability, diagnosis, and hardware testing.
  • Led 4 person team developing bootload and initial system environment tools for a new OS.
  • Participated in development of an advanced memory queued I/O protocol. Helped plan the development of the first peripheral controller to utilize this protocol, and of the lab test software.
  • Launched project to create a suite of design and functional verification tools for a major CPU development.

1978 to 1986
Hardware Diagnostics

Section Head and Principal Engineer

  • Conceived and created highly successful system exerciser diagnostic to detect and isolate system bus failures and device/controller interaction problems.
  • Coordinated diagnostic development activities in England, France, Italy, and the U.S. Delivered seminars to support engineers worldwide. Presented diagnostic plans and strategy to corporate management.
  • Architected and managed online and offline diagnostic and utility development projects in C, assembly, and firmware.
  • Designed diagnostic executive package and led the implementation team. Introduced C to an assembly language oriented diagnostic group.


  • U. Mass., MS Engineering Management
  • Suffolk U. Law School, JD cum laude
  • Northeastern U., BS Electrical Engineering
  • MCP Microsoft Certified Professional
  • Commercial Radio Operators License GROL
  • Member U.S. Patent bar, Mass. bar and Federal bar


Experienced with civil law practice including small business startup, software licensing, intellectual property, and consumer protection. Helped prepare and present a Continuing Legal Education course on, “Land Use Regulation of Federally Regulated Communications Facilities and the Doctrine of Federal Preemption”

  • Director and Treasurer, Murdoch Charter School, a public school with 250 students
  • President, Chelmsford Alliance for Education, Inc.
  • Past Director, Ideal Software, Inc.
  • Vice Director, ARRL, a radio amateur organization with over 160,000 members
  • Active amateur radio operator, K1TWF
  • Avid amateur linguist

Resume 12

Samples represent that of an actual working technical professional found on the WEB and modified to protect the privacy of these professionals. Human names, company names, colleges, software product names are intentionally made up.


Jerry Howard

Manchester, New Hampshire
Last salary: 70/hr


To find a challenging, senior-level software consulting position.


  • SGI Indigo R3000-R4000, Indy: Unix O/S AT&T System 5.x, X Motif, OPENGL
  • HP 700, 715, 720, 380:Unix O/S HPUX 9.x : X Motif
  • Apollo DN100-DN5000: Domain O/S : Domain Dialog, X Motif
  • SUN Sparc 1 – 10, X86PC : Unix O/S Solaris 1.x-5.x : Open Look, X Motif
  • DEC Vax, Risc/Ultrix, Alpha : VMS, Ultrix Berkley , OSF : DecWindows, X , IXI Motif
  • SCO Unix PC : A weird variation of AT&T Unix System V : X Motif
  • DG Workstations : Strange mix of Berkley and AT&T UNIX: X Motif
  • Tektronics 68000 Emulator : Chip-Emulator environment for C programs.
  • Linux: Red Hat O/S: X Motif
  • FreeBSD: FreeBSD 4.2: Perl, RRDTOOL, HTML, CGI
  • NOTE: C used as primary programming language for all platforms above, with a little Pascal, FORTRAN and various types of assembler thrown in for luck. In addition, I have a working knowledge of C++ and Microsoft Windows MFC via Visual C++.


Feb. 2001 – Present
United Technologies, Inc., Nashua, New Hampshire

Position held: Software Consultant.

Worked in technology group. My duties were to create a network management package to support a wireless ISP network. The system included:

  • Software to collect system information via SNMP and store it it into RRDTOOL databases.
  • Software to generate graphed images of the stored data.
  • HTML and CGI scripts to display the graphs via the web.

All work was done in Perl, RRDTOOL, and HTML on FreeBSD systems running Apache servers.

May. 1999 – Jan. 2001
Merrimack Investments, Andover, Massachusetts

Position held: Software Consultant.

Worked in IS development group. All work was done in C on Sparc stations, using Oracle SQL, Motif and DBUIMX GUI builder. My duties included:

  • Designing and coding new financial interface components for Putnam traders
  • Modifying and maintaining old interface code.

Nov. 1998 – May 1999
International Digilat Systems, South Windsor, Connecticut

Position held: Software Consultant.

Worked in IS group. All work was done in Perl and FORTRN. My duties included:

  • Porting large scientific FORTRAN source base and supporting shell scripts from Apollo platform to NT.

Nov. 1996 – Jun. 98
Digital World Corporation, Nashua, New Hampshire

Position held: Software Consultant.

Worked in the Digital debugger group. All work was done in C++. My duties included:

  • Debugging problems in the old Digital Ladebug debugger.
  • Providing input in design meetings for a new debugger interface.
  • Evaluating Java as a possible front-end for a new debugger interface.
  • Writing functional, and design specifications, in HTML, for a new debugger.
  • Coding initial prototype classes and methods for new client-server debugger interface for the DEC-ALPHA platform.

Oct. 1987 – Oct. 96
Skytech Corporation, Nashua, New Hampshire

Positions held: Manager of UNIX Development, Principle Software Engineer.

I was the sole designer and coder of the first commercial version of the software package known today as IconAuthor for UNIX platforms. IconAuthor is an extensive Motif/X-Windows GUI which enables non-programmers to create interactive, multimedia computer presentations, computer-based training and slide shows. In addition, IconAuthor leads the industry in cross-platform and internationalized portability. Initially, my responsibilities included everything from coding to customer and sales support to trade shows. Some technical highlights include:

  • An object-oriented graphics editor, which required various image processing algorithms for scaling, cropping and color-remapping graphics ect…
  • A PC Windows GUI emulator Windows MDI for all Motif platforms.
  • Designed and coded multiple X host support for IconAuthor runtime engines and all the implied “special” event processors and Xvisual code to make that happen.
  • Developed specialized X-color library which allows users to run their color- intensive Motif applications in separate X colormap that won t interfere with the colors of their desktop windows. It also allows them to effectively “lock” the X colors that are allocated by their application so that they do not suffer a color palette “shift” when displaying multiple graphic images, simultaneously, on machines that support only a single hardware colormap.
  • Designed and wrote a Smart Object Editor which allows users to create customized Motif front-ends for their IconAuthor applications.
  • Designed and coded all original editors and device drivers for “live” and digitized video as well as audio play-back and recording.
  • Wrote UNIX “pipe” and “socket” bsd code to allow the runtime-delivery engine and various other multimedia pieces to run in a ?Client/Server? model.
  • Wrote X-Window recorder and play-back applications.
  • Ported IconAuthor package to the majority of the ten different hardware platforms and fifteen separate operating systems that it now runs on.
  • Currently, I am listed as one of the key engineers involved in the US government-funded project TRP Technical Reinvestment Project . The primary scope of TRP is to develop a technology that will deliver, high- quality, low-cost, multimedia-based tools, applications and training materials over the internet and World Wide Web WWW network servers for the educational and business communities.
  • Responsible for all aspects of team up to 6 members , product and project management.

Oct. 1985 – Oct 1987
Parametrix Incorporated, Newton, Massachusetts

Positions held: Software Engineer.

  • Wrote and maintained firmware for a 68000 chip which performed binary data transfers of code segments from host computers to program memory within an array processor.
  • Modified the code to allow multiple AP applications to run simultaneously through a time-sliced / resident memory swapper process.
  • Wrote and maintained various other DMA transfer engines and utilities.

May 1983 – Oct 1985
Turtle Computer Corporation, Chelmsford, Massachusetts

Positions held: Programmer Analyst.

  • Wrote network server and database demeon that was used to track the complete history of all computer boards and related components made by Turtle.
  • Wrote communication software that batched all database data “up” from the Turtle Domain network to the main HP3000 and then automatically updated the primary Ask-Manman manufacturing database.
  • Wrote graphics code to generate barcodes for all packaging in warehouses.
  • Wrote all device drivers for all bar-code devices used at Turtle.
  • Designed and setup the complete bar-code tracking system used in Turtle warehouses, board assembly plants and repair facilities.


May, 1983 : Bachelor Of Science in Computer Systems, Bentley College, Waltham Massachusetts.

May, 1979 : Associates Of Science in Business Administration, Middlesex College, Bedford Massachusetts.

Resume 13

Samples represent that of an actual working technical professional found on the WEB and modified to protect the privacy of these professionals. Human names, company names, colleges, software product names are intentionally made up.


Michael Willow


A Software Engineer with ten years experience in applications, system, network, and embedded software development, my unique combination of experience and expertise is an asset to any development effort. I am looking for a position that will utilize my skills and offer growth.


  • object oriented methods
  • embedded software development
  • real time operating systems RTOS
  • saftey-critical software development
  • network protocols
  • industrial applications programming
  • internet/intranet application development
  • serial communications programming
  • system administration
  • mentoring
  • database development
  • device driver development
  • operating systems kernel code

Tools and Technologies:

  • C, C++, Assembler, Perl5
  • Linux, LynxOS, MacOS, Solaris
  • Microsoft Windows 3x/9x/NT
  • PowerPC, Intel x86, embedded
  • Diab tools, GNU Tools
  • Rational Rose, Visual Studio
  • debuggers, emulators, simulators
  • emacs, ftp, telnet, ssh, vi
  • ARINC, DO178b, RFC, W3C
  • ClearCase, SourceSafe, CVS
  • TCP/IP, NetBeui, OLE, ActiveX
  • HTML, HTTP, CGI, Javascript, PHP
  • DB2, MySQL, Foxbase, ODBC


Columbus State University, Math/CompSci, 1990-1993
Columbus Technical Institute, Electronics Engineerng, 1989-1990


February 2001 thru October 2001
Power Soft Inc., Phoenix, Arizona

Senior Software Engineer

  • Ported embedded command interpretter software from 80186 platform to PowerPC 755 platform Hamilton-Sundstrand Electronics Test Group, Rockford, Illinois .
  • Ported device drivers from HA Linux to LynxOS RTOS to support hot-swapping and fail-over capabilities for cPCI systems Motorola Computing Group, Phoenix, Arizona .

October 2000 thru January 2001
Innotech Corp., Cedar Rapids, Iowa

Software Engineering Consultant

  • Performed requirements specification and compliance analysis ARINC and DO178B for Ethernet and serial communications component software Rockwell Collins Avionics Air Transport Division .
  • Designed and implemented C++ class library for processor-to-processor PCI bridge message passing protocol.

April 1997 thru September 2000
Crystal Source, Inc., Cedar Rapids, Iowa

Software Engineering Consultant

  • Developed enhancements to the LynxOS embedded RTOS kernel Rockwell Collins Avionics Business and Regional Systems .
  • Developed automated test scripts for the CTS2000 system test rig.
  • Assisted in the transition of target source code and build tools from Unisys host to Windows NT host systems.
  • Created software to perform graphics format translation for the Proline 21 Advanced Flight Deck project.
  • Designed TCP/IP application software for avionics LAN.
  • Provided software support for the TPR-901 Mode S Transponder DO178B verification effort Rockwell Collins Avionics Air Transport Division . Developed simulation software for testing of flight controls software Rockwell Collins Avionics General Aviation Flight Controls Division .
  • Designed and developed sub-systems test rig automation software.

May 1996 thru April 1997
Iridion Lighting Central Distribution Center, Concord, Georgia

Senior Software Developer

  • Maintained and enhanced Computer Assisted Warehousing CAW application for wireless Mobile Data Terminal MDT target platform.
  • Designed and prototyped warehouse inventory control application Graphical User Interface GUI for touch-screen and UPC scanner-driven device.

August 1995 thru May 1996
Fun-Tek Consultants, Orlando, Florida

Staff Software Consultant

  • Design, coding, testing, and documentation of the AT&T Network
  • Services Division NSD mobile data application suite ATT
  • Network Services Division, Conyers, Georgia .

October 1993 thru August 1995
Data Measurement Systems, Columbus, Georgia

Senior Programmer

  • Developed integrated machine control, data acquisition, analysis, and presentation software for precision measurement equipment.
  • Provided onsite and offsite hardware and software support to client quality control engineering personnel at manufacturing facilities locationed in the US and Canada.
  • Defined and implemented internal software development process standards including coding standards, software toolset, and configuration management tools and procedures.
  • Installed, maintained, and performed system administration company Local Area Network LAN and remote access facilities VPN .

1991 thru 1993
Self-employed, Arlington, Alabama

Contract Programmer

  • Participated in the development of quality control software for Uniroyal-Goodrich and Michelin International Bytewise Measurement Systems .
  • Developed enhancements to credit card Merchant Profitability Analysis software for Columbus Bank & Trust Company. Bytewise Developement Corporation .
  • Created utility to archive daily report files downloaded from Automatic Teller Machines Bytewise Developement Corporation .
  • Upgraded existing telecommunications software Desktop Development Corp, Nashua, New Hampshire .

prior to 1991
Employer names available upon request

Industrial Controls Technician

  • Performed wiring, installation, and trouble-shooting of sensors, motors, motor controllers, Programmable Logic Controllers PLCs , and robotic devices.
  • Read and understood blueprints, wire schedules, and equipment manuals.
  • Built industrial control panels.
  • Gave direction to and laid out work for a three-man crew.
  • Interacted successfully with engineers, technicians, and workers from the US, Canada, Europe, and Japan in the performance of a wide variety of industrial construction and maintenance tasks.

Resume 14

Samples represent that of an actual working technical professional found on the WEB and modified to protect the privacy of these professionals. Human names, company names, colleges, software product names are intentionally made up.


Paul Marshall

System Architect – Lead Software Engineer – System Administrator


  • Ten years of experience in software development, system administration, system design, and project managementspecializing in UNIX platforms.
  • Hands on management of the full project lifecycle, including requirement interviewing and collection, projectproposal and specification drafting, project architecture, design, staffing, integration, implementation, archiving, documentation, rollout, and maintenance.
  • Ability to multitask in demanding, high pressure environments and still deliver creative, simple, robust, andreusable solutions.
  • Well-versed in hiring, team building, and providing an enjoyable and challenging work environment.


  • Java
  • Perl
  • HTML
  • C
  • C++
  • Objective-C
  • Shell
  • Sed
  • Awk
  • PL/SQL
  • Yacc
  • Lex


  • TCP/IP
  • Telnet
  • FTP
  • SSH
  • DNS
  • DHCP
  • CGI
  • Apache
  • Oracle
  • Sybase
  • MySQL
  • OpenBase
  • X Windows
  • GNU
  • Make


  • Solaris
  • AT & T System V
  • Redhat Linux
  • Xenix
  • BSD
  • CMU Mach BSD
  • FreeBSD
  • IRIX
  • MacOS X
  • MacOS 9
  • NeXT
  • Windows 2000
  • Windows NT
  • Windows 98
  • Windows 95
  • Windows 3.1


  • Sun
  • SGI
  • Cisco
  • AT & T
  • Macintosh
  • NeXT
  • Motorola
  • Intel
  • AMD
  • Compaq
  • Dell
  • Hewlett-Packard


  • Development lifecycle process standards.
  • Multiple project source code layout.
  • Multiple project automated build and release process.
  • Multiple project revision control systems.
  • Object heirarchy, middleware, and API layer libraries for database access or general reuse.
  • Development platform integration of hardware, language, project source code layout, automated build process, and revision control.
  • Physical and logical database schemae.
  • LAN/WAN network hardware and protocols.


  • Supervision of multiple simultaneous projects with concentration on prioritization, delegation, modular reuse, and architecture integration.
  • Direction of projects through the development lifecycle of requirement collection, specification definition, project design, code development, alpha test, beta test, release, and maintenance.
  • Personnel management focusing on team building through stringent interview techniques.


10/2001 – 4/2002
Protometrix Inc., Stanford, CT

Lead Software Engineer / System Administrator

  • Employed as the initial IT person in a new biotech startup with aggressive growth plans to provide a complete ITsolution until corporate officers and full IT staff were in place and also as lead developer once team buildingwas completed.
  • Daily responsibilities included general network and system administration, architecture design and implementation, requirement collection and interviewing of the research staff, software quality assurance process control, CVS archive maintenance, and continuous design enhancements toward future software releases.
  • Consistent platforms of Perl 5.6, Oracle 8i, Korn Shell, Solaris 8, FreeBSD 4.4, XFree86, Windows 2000, CVS, and RCS
  • Maintained and reconfigured the corporate LAN integrating Cisco and Intel Switches, a Cisco Firewall, UNIX servers and Windows 2000/NT/XP PCs.
  • Installed FreeBSD 4.4 UNIX and the XFree86 X Windows package over Windows 2000 on a Dell PC maintaining and mountingthe existing Windows partition as a separate file system with executables accessible through the WINE Windowsemulator for UNIX.
  • Configured the corporate intranet domain name services and dynamic IP pooling by installing and configuringDDNS ISC Bind 8.2.3 and DHCP ISC DHCP 3.0 servers on the Solaris 8 UNIX servers and a Samba 2.2.2 serveron a FreeBSD 4.4 UNIX server.
  • Secured all UNIX servers by installing, configuring, and enabling OpenSSH and restricting all other remote accessprotocols.
  • Installed and configured the CVS 1.11.1 revision control system with the server on a Solaris 8 server and clientson all of the UNIX servers, designed the archive layout, committed the entire code base to the archive, and automatedremote access authentication to the archive using OpenSSH.
  • Designed, developed, and released a build suite which traversed, maintained, auto-installed, and built projectscontained in checked out CVS archive project nodes.
  • Designed and implemented the initial corporate intranet web presence using static HTML and dynamic Perl CGI web pages.
  • Installed and configured Perl 5.6 and relevant perl packages such as BioPerl on all UNIX servers.
  • Designed, developed, and released a demo version of a CGI DNA sequence analyzer which could detect and reportsequencing errors in high quality regions of a sequence.
  • Presented the initial software, intranet architecture, and the demo DNA sequence analyzer to the ProtometrixBoard of Directors.
  • Designed and presented a dynamic database architecture for laboratory workflow which was initially under considerationfor patent.
  • Designed, developed and presented a dynamic CGI application which displayed the location of a laboratory samplein multiple plate mappings through a portion of the laboratory workflow.
  • General software design and implementation of one-off data analysis scripts for the research and developmentportion of the laboratory workflow.
  • General system administration of all UNIX servers and Windows PCs including installation of third party genomicanalysis software.
  • General network administration including the initial setup and configuration of all new printers, switches, andWindows PCs.
  • Presented weekly as the IT department representative at the company-wide status meeting.
  • Recruited and interviewed IT candidates to fill out remaining positions in the department.

4/2001 – 6/2001, New Haven, CT

Senior Software Engineer

  • Employed to contribute to s inhouse software support team and to lead the designand development of custom extensions to their third party circuit allocation software.
  • Daily responsibilities included software quality assurance process control, CVS archive maintenance, and continuous design enhancements toward future software releases.
  • Consistent platforms of Perl 5.4, Korn Shell, FreeBSD 4.3, XFree86, Windows 98, CVS, and RCS
  • Designed, developed, and released an automated order status notification suite which processedand delivered reconfigurable email templates defined for specific order status levels and tailoredto a customer s current order information.
  • Implemented a project based revision control extension to CVS which allowed developers to definetheir own development tree layout independent of CVS default archive heirarchy.

6/2000 – 3/2001
Seagen Corporation, New Haven, CT

Department Lead Software Engineer

  • Employed to lead the design and development of Seagen s Drug Development BioInformaticsinfrastructure.
  • Daily responsibilities included software quality assurance process control, CVS archive maintenance, and continuous design enhancements toward future software releases.
  • Consistent platforms of Perl 5.4, HTML, PL/SQL, Oracle 8i, Korn Shell, Solaris, Windows 98, CVS, and RCS.
  • Member of the Seagen IT Architecture Board.
  • Designed, developed, and presented a binary data format with an accompanying code library suitewhich could encode genomic data represented as either nucleotide or amino acid in a non-redundantfashion and with no data loss in the decoding process to either nucleotide or amino acidrepresentations.
  • Designed, implemented, and performed the upkeep of the Drug Development departmental databaseschema.
  • Designed, developed, implemented, and field tested a database schema administration and datamigration program which allowed the incremental design of the Drug Development departmental databasesto be handled with ease through multiple revisions.
  • Designed and developed the perl API layer to the Drug Development database.
  • Designed and developed a perl extension to the perl Oracle:DBD module which repaired the abilityto handle large object datatypes as advertised.
  • Designed and developed the suite to parse and upload the Drug Development flat file data to the newOracle database and performed the actual upload.
  • Designed and developed the initial Drug Development web page design establishing corporate-widedepartmental web presence.

8/1999 – 6/2000
AT & T, Dincroft, NJ

Independent Consultant

  • Contracted to assist in the development of AT & T s Small Business Hosting platform.
  • Daily responsibilities included software quality assurance process control, ClearCase archive maintenance, and continuous design enhancements toward future software releases.
  • Consistent platforms of Perl 5.4, HTML, Oracle 8i, Korn Shell, Solaris 8, Windows 98, ClearCase, Lint, and Make.
  • Designed and developed user configured multi-lingual web pages for various small business clients.
  • Designed and developed a software suite which automated the updating, rebuilding and reinstalling of internalperl package libraries.
  • Designed and developed a perl extension to the perl Oracle:DBD module which repaired the abilityto handle large object datatypes as advertised.

8/1998 – 5/1999
Smart Technologies, Cranbury, CT

Senior Developer

  • Employed to assist in the design, implementation, and maintenance of Smartworld s ISP product, Freewwweb.
  • Daily responsibilities included application suite development, software quality assurance processcontrol, SCCS archive maintenance, and continuous design enhancements toward future software releases.
  • Consistent platforms of Perl 5.4, C, HTML, MySQL, Korn Shell, Solaris 8, BSDI 4.0, BSDI 3.1, IRIX 6.5, IRIX 6.3, System V, BSD 4.3, RCS, Lint, and Make.
  • Updated the source to the Radius Authentication Server to incorporate the LDAP protocol RFC s 1777, 1778, and 1779 .
  • Designed, developed, and released a network status notification suite that tracked network outages and scheduledmaintenance and presented the dates and locations of the outages to the customer base through a dynamicallyupdated CGI script.
  • Designed, developed, and released a complete redesign of the internal sales department CGI POS application forordering and fulfillment of Freewwweb account sales.

8/1996 – 8/1998
Trak Systems, Steamford, CT

Manager of Software Development

  • Employed to maintain and redesign Trak System s Record Trak record/book/video store P.O.S. software suite.
  • Daily responsibilities included numerous coding corrections to the application suite, software quality assuranceprocess control, SCCS archive maintenance, and continuous design enhancements toward future software releases.
  • Consistent platforms of C++, C, Perl, Korn Shell, Sed, Awk, UNIX 4.3 BSD, Xenix, GNU / Objective-C Compiler andDebugger, SCCS, Lint, and Make.
  • Streamlined software debugging and maintenance by porting the entire code base of exclusively C source from Xenixand the native Xenix compiler with core debugger to UNIX 4.3 BSD and the GNU compiler with GDB.
  • Defined and implemented a software development lifecycle process which included project prioritization, enhancementrequests, bug reporting, quality control, and regulated update releases.
  • Designed the SCCS revision control archive layout and submitted the entire code base to the archive.
  • Designed, developed, and released a complete rewrite of the inhouse flatfile database access routines normalizing outcommon code into a generic access API.
  • Designed, developed, and released a complete rewrite of a suite of error prone ISAM indexing routines used for accessto the inhouse flatfile database.
  • Designed, developed, and released an extension to the RecordTrak suite which provided product database searchesbased on song titles where data was provided in a weekly data update feed in varying formats and stored in a 900, 000+record inhouse flatfile database format and where existing records were converted on the fly to newer formats.
  • Designed, developed, and released a complete rewrite of a suite of access routines for various modem types.
  • Designed, developed, and released a generic report layout engine.

5/1995 – 8/1996
E.R.S. International, Dilton, CT

Senior Developer

  • Employed to contribute to the development and repair of E.R.S. s Electronic Price Management Application suite.
  • Daily responsibilities included numerous coding corrections to the application suite, PVCS archive maintenance, and continuous design enhancements toward future software releases.
  • Consistent platforms of C++, C, Perl, Korn Shell, Sed, Awk, DOS, Windows 3.1, Windows 95, Windows NT, OS/2, PVCS, Lint, and Make.
  • Designed, developed, and released a system wide redesign of the pricing integrity object layer which compensatedfor error prone BCD calculations by defining a proprietary floating point format using long integer calculations andwhich provided floating point accuracy to fourteen places beyond the decimal point.

4/1994 – 2/1995
OpenBase International, Sandwich, NH

Senior Developer

  • Contracted to develop NeXTSTEP GUI toolkits used to connect to and access an OpenBase SQL server.
  • Consistent platforms of NeXTSTEP, OpenBase, Sybase, Objective-C, C++, C, Interface Builder, Postscript, Korn Shell, RCS, Lint, and Make.
  • Designed, developed, and released a NeXTSTEP toolkit which provided an OpenBase schema building and database binding.
  • Designed, developed, and released a NeXTSTEP toolkit which provided an OpenBase multi-client database updatenotification.
  • Subcontracted to Indianapolis lawfirm, Martin, Wade, Hartley, & Hollingsworth: finished a NeXT/OpenBase billablehours application.
  • Subcontracted to San Francisco software company, Sirius Solutions: designed an transaction entry GUI for aNeXT/OpenBase home accounting package.

8/1992 – 8/1993
Innovative Services & Solutions, Meriden, CT

Software Developer

  • Employed to develop generic NeXTSTEP GUI toolkits and to be contracted out to NeXTSTEP development sites.
  • Consistent platforms of NeXTSTEP, OpenBase, Sybase, Objective-C, C++, C, Interface Builder, Postscript, Korn Shell, RCS, Lint, and Make.
  • Designed, developed, and released a NeXTSTEP toolkit which provided management of multiple content windowinginterfaces.
  • Designed, developed, and released a NeXTSTEP toolkit which provided realtime dynamic graphing.
  • Designed, developed, and released a NeXTSTEP toolkit which provided text field entry validation against configurableformats including predefined lists and database contents.
  • Contracted to Westport oil brokering wing of Salomon Brothers, Phibro Energy: repaired an orphaned NeXT/Sybasecontact management application and developed a NeXT/Sybase credit verification application.


Available upon a request.

Resume 15

Samples represent that of an actual working technical professional found on the WEB and modified to protect the privacy of these professionals. Human names, company names, colleges, software product names are intentionally made up.


John Simpson

Greenwood Lake, NY


Programmer/Analyst; corp. to corp. contract work only.

Technical Background:

  • Development: C++, C, Perl, Java Swing, JDBC, RMI
  • Operating Systems: Unix/Linux
  • Applications: Sybase, Informix, TCP/IP, E-Mail, MQSeries, CGI/Web development.
  • Other: Red Hat Linux beta-tester.


Project: Stanley & Sons, Inc., New York, NY
Jan. 1997-Feb. 2002

Programmer-analyst/project leader.

Worked as a consultant on several different projects for different managers.

Duties: analysis, project planning, design, and hands-on development.


  • Web development – created and installed web/CGI applications which generate risk management reports for portfolio managers. Created a web-based reporting infrastructure for the GEAC SSR application, used by portfolio managers to reconcile GIM2 s ledger against custodian SWIFT statements.
    Technologies: SYBASE, C/C++, PERL, INFORMIX, HTML, CGI, JAVA.
  • Data warehousing/database architect – designed a database used to archive historical accounting records. Converted and loaded mainframe data extracts. Developed a user interface to implement historical inquiries.
    Technologies: C++, C, SYBASE, VISUAL BASIC.
  • Emergency upgrade/project rebuild – redesigned and re-implemented from scratch a web-based reporting and production support application originally created by a subcontractor, but found to be non-compliant with internal firm-wide application standards.
    Technologies: C++, C, SYBASE, PERL, INFORMIX, HTML, CGI, JAVA, MQSeries.
  • EMU/Y2K conversion – participated in multiple consecutive cycles of acceptance-testing of new releases of the GIM2 application. The scope of new releases included: SunOS/Solaris upgrades, EMU/Y2K upgrades. Worked closely with the business unit to develop GIM2 acceptance/regression testing tools in order to verify and validate the accuracy of the new portfolio management system release. Ported company-specific GIM2 enhancements to the new releases.
    Technologies: C++, C, UNIX, PERL, INFORMIX, MQSeries.
  • Y2K effort – extensively participated in producing the necessary documentation for the firm s auditors to certify GIM2 as Y2K compliant. Scope of work involved development of regression testing tools; development of tools to reconcile and certify the simulated post-Y2K environment.
    Technologies: C++, C, INFORMIX, UNIX, PERL.
  • Subcontractor oversight – reviewed, corrected, and enhanced a web application developed by a subcontractor.
    Technologies: C++, C, SYBASE, UNIX, PERL, JAVA SWING, JDBC .
  • Regression testing – developed tools and programs used to implement regression-testing of new versions of the INFORMIX-based portfolio management system GIM2 .
    Technologies: C++, C, UNIX, PERL, INFORMIX.
  • Database conversion – integrating an external asset management database into the company s internal portfolio-management system: Global Investment Manager II GIM2 . Acquisition of an asset management firm required their client asset management database to be converted into the company s own portfolio management system. Developed a timeline, and a project plan, then proceeded to implement the pilot project.
    Technologies: C++, C, PERL, INFORMIX.
  • Data research – worked closely with the business unit to extract and reconcile historical portfolio data from both the previous decommissioned portfolio management system, and the current production system, to prepare custodian filings for recent settlement of a NASDAQ lawsuit.
    Technologies: C++, C, SYBASE, UNIX, PERL, INFORMIX.

Project: Sharovsky, Meeds, & Trevor, New York, NY
Jul. 1996 – Jan. 1997

Project: Olympic National Bank, New York, NY
Mar. 1995 – Jul. 1996

Project: Kramer Brothers, Jersey City, NJ
Aug. 1994 – Mar. 1995

Programmer-Analyst/Project leader.

Miscellaneous consulting projects for different banking/Wall Street firms. Full project life-cycle.


Design, analysis, development, and support: trading systems, billing systems, accounting, reporting, documentation.

Automated Technologies, Hackensack, NJ
1993 – 1994

Programmer-Analyst, staff position.

Analysis, design, development, and documentation: C++, C, UNIX AIX , JAM, C-ISAM, TCP/IP development environment.

ABC Councel, Parsippany, NJ
1990 – 1993

Design, development, and support of UNIX and MS-DOS projects for clients. C, UNIX, SYBASE, TCP/IP, JAM, C++, MS DOS, Oracle, 3270, X.25.


College Of Engineering And Applied Sciences, SUNY Stony Brook, NY. 1986 – 1990

Diploma received: B.S. in Computer Science, Applied Mathematics and Statistics. Dean s list.

Resume 16

Samples represent that of an actual working technical professional found on the WEB and modified to protect the privacy of these professionals. Human names, company names, colleges, software product names are intentionally made up.


Shriva Apuru

Santa Clara, CA


Senior software engineer with nine years of experience in analysis, design and development of system and application software.


  • OS: SOLARIS, IRIX, SCO UNIX, Linux, Windows
  • Languages: C, C++, JAVA, SQL, HTML
  • Scripting: Unix Shell, Perl, Tcl/Tk, CGI
  • Hardware: SGI, SUN Workstations, IBM PCs.
  • Database : Oracle, Informix, Sybase
  • Tools: Rational Rose, Purify , Quantify, ILOG, UIM/X, Roguewave, HP Openview, Clearcase, Workshop, dbx


BS in Computer Science, S.V.U. College of Engineering

Work Status:

Green Card Holder


  • Strong skills in object oriented analysis and design. In depth knowledge of UML methodology.
  • Three years of experience as a lead developer.
  • Nine years of development experience on UNIX/ C and C++.
  • Proficient in UNIX IPC and socket programming..
  • Strong skills in UNIX shells sh, csh and CGI/Perl
  • Good development experience in client/server development.
  • Strong development experience in CORBA.
  • Good experience in performance and memory utilization analysis.
  • Strong skills in problem analysis and debugging.
  • Good experience in Customer support.
  • Good experience in SQL.

Work Experience

InTechSoft Resources Inc., Fremont, CA
June 97 present

Sr. Software Consultant

Executed projects at following client sites

  • Cisco Systems, CA
  • Silicon Graphics Inc, CA
  • Next Level Communications, CA
  • Avistar Systems, CA
  • IBS, CA

Larsen and Toubro Ltd, India
Jul 93 – May 97

Software Engineer

Executed projects at following sites

  • Edward Jones, MO
  • Ascom Timeplex, NJ

Project Details

Jan 01 to Present
Network Management Group, Cisco Systems, San Jose, CA

Sr. Software Consultant

Cisco WAN Manager CWM is a network and element management system that enables operations, administration, maintenance of WAN multi-service networks. CWM has a robust, scalable architecture that meets the demands of end-to-end configuration, fault, and performance management control and operation in very large networks.

Databroker Subsytem

Databroker sub-system consists of two new DMD & sDbroker processes and a legacy dbroker process. Dbroker mananges PVC connections and sDbroker manages SPVC/hybrid connections. Databroker Message Dispatcher DMD reads Equipment manager shared memory messages and dispatch them to legacy DBroker if PVC or new sDbroker if SPVC & hybrid connections . DMD and sDbroker are multi-threaded.

DMD and sDbroker

  • Worked on analysis and design of new modules DMD and sdbroker.
  • Developed class diagrams and sequence diagrams based on UML methodology.
  • Coded DMD and databroker common frame work library
  • Implemented communication with Java GUI client is through CORBA.
  • Implemented communication with other processes like topology, watchdog is through ILOG.


  • Made enhancements to databroker module, which joins and manages multiple pvc segments, to make an end to end connections.
  • Worked on performance analysis of databroker, to reduce amount of time taken for sync up , when there are large number of nodes and connections in the network.
  • Fixed several critical bugs.
  • Provided technical guidance to sustaining team in taking over older versions and mentored new members of the team.

Environment: Sun Enterprise, Ultra workstations, Solaris2.7, C++, Multi-threading, PERL, Java, Rational Rose, Purify, Quantify, Sun Workshop, ILOG, CORBA, UML, Roguewave, ATM, SNMP, HP OpenView, Clearcase, Informix

Nov 99 to Dec 00
Co-op / Metrics Team, Silicon Graphics Inc., Mountain View, CA

Sr. Software Consultant

Co-op team develops and supports various tools extensively used by the SGI engineers. I have worked on the following projects:

  • BugWorks is a web based database management application that keeps track of SGI s engineering incidents. The database management system is Sybase/SQL. BugWorks queries, updates and submits incidents and BugWorks administration information.
    • Worked on the enhancement of mail/news processor module of bugworks system.
    • Designed and developed command line support bwx commands for querying, submitting Incidents.
    • Fine tuned common bugworks library to reduce memory utilization. and add new interfaces.
    • Made enhancements to PeopleSync which keeps track of employee information.
  • Customer Service Tool is web based application to ensure SGI s commitments to customers were met and customer bug fix process was followed. Implemented using Zope application server, Python, C, and Sybase Server
    • Worked on converting customer states and changing process flow.
    • Fixed critical bugs and maintained the tool.
  • Patch Works helps release patches for SGI products include IRIX and Linux OS Patches and also enforces patch process is followed. I have made several enhancements and provided maintenance for the tool.

Environment: SGI Workstations, IRIX, C, C++, PERL, CGI, Sybase, csh shell, Python, Zope, Insure++.

Aug 98 to Nov 99
Element Management System, Next Level Communications, CA


EMS Element Management System manages the network using SNMP. EMS has two views one each for Broadband Video and Narrowband Telephony . EMS comprises of Equipment, Telephony, Broadband, Alarm and Event Manager communicating with a SNMP Agent.

  • Worked on the SNMP Manager for the Narrowband Telephony network to implement several features in the EMS including provisioning the new BNU-1636 card and several line cards USAM ADSL, HDSL, SM3D1 etc . The BNU-1636 is a new type of ONU Optical network unit that connects subscriber lines to the BDT. Designed and implemented the EMS GUI for Equipment Provisioning, Line Terminations and Performance Data and integrating with the SNMP Agent.
  • Designed and developed screens for Event Manager to,
    • Display events received from event server process. Event server gets the events from the SNMP agent.
    • Provide Filters by event groups, event names, BDTs and BDT groups.
    • Provide sorting functionality by Event time, BDT name.
  • Designed and developed screens for enhancing alarm manager with filtering capabilities.

Environment: Solaris 2.5.1, C++, C, Tcl/Tk, ILOG Views, Scotty Network Manager, Clearcase.

Feb 98 to July 98
Avistar Locator, Avistar Systems, CA


Avistar locator is directory service system to view, modify contact information. Locator is used with the Avistar suite of video conferencing software products. Public directories are stored on directory servers and accessed through LDAP Light weight directory access protocol . Private directories are C-INDEX II file based.

Designed and developed X/Motif user interface to

  • Add/edit/remove directories. Directories are hierarchical, shown in tree fashion.
  • Create/modify/collapse/expand folders within directory.
  • Create/modify contact information of the people in the folders
  • Drag and drop contacts and folders.
  • Menu bar, Tool bar buttons for all the operations on directories/ folders and contacts
  • Designed and developed Interface object class to communicate with LDAP class libraries and c-index libraries.

Environment: SOLARIS 2.5, LDAP, C-INDEX II, X/Motif, C++, csh shell, TCP/IP, Source Safe.

July 97 to Feb 98
IBS Pre-processor for Lucent Technologies International Billing Services, CA


The software system developed for Lucent Technologies project consists of Lucent Pre-Processor. The Lucent Technologies invoice or dunning data is in line-mode ASCII format transmitted over the 128kpbs frame relay circuit. IBS Pre-Processor system will validate and process the input data stream and produce the fully composed AFP data stream to be processed by TC2 and eventually by the IBS factory. The statements will be produced in the IBS factory. Average number of statements processed is 50,000 per month.

  • Designed and developed input module to validate and process input data.
  • Designed and developed format module, to format the statement, applying, business rules, field formatting rules, section and page breaking rules. And to output AFP tokens and AFP factory NOP records.
  • Communication between Pre-processor and TC2 software is implemented
  • Developed shell script which is launched by NDM CONNECT:Direct, whenever data appears from Lucent Technologies over the 128kpbs frame relay circuit. This shell script will perform initial validation and start the statement processing.
  • Developed Pro*C module to cache the message and insert information stored in the Oracle database.
  • Tuned the processor to achieve the processing speed of 60k statements per hour.
  • System support and maintenance.

Environment: SGI , IRIX 6.2, Oracle 7.1, SQL, C, C++, Perl, tcsh shell, ClearCase

Jun 96 – Jun 97
AutoDial Communication System, Edward Jones, Missouri

Software Engineer

AutoDial package consists of an AutoDialer and AutoDial Setup. AutoDialer dials any telephone number through Monitor Control Subsystem MCS hardware. Dialing is done through the modems which reside in MCS. Autodialer runs as a daemon process and communicates with applications using Tool Talk messaging. AutoDialer Setup provides X/MOTIF GUI to set/modify information about local telephone system like dialing rules, toll free calls information. Responsibilities included;

  • Analysis, design and development of AutoDial Server and AutoDial API using Tooltalk, C++ and Shell Scripts.
  • Screen design and development of GUI using X/MOTIF, UIM/X and C++.
  • Involved in the system integration and testing which includes test analysis and testing.
  • Responsible for documentation such as user manuals.

Environment: Sun Sparc, Tektronix X-Terminals, Solaris, X/MOTIF, UIM/X, Tooltalk, C++

Dec 95 – Jun 96
TIME/VIEW 2000 TNDS Diagnostic Support, Ascom Timeplex, New Jersey

Software Engineer

TIME/VIEW 2000 is a network management software for time division multiplex hardware equipment LINK, TX3. This project involved enhancement of diagnostics module of TIME/VIEW to support third party hardware called TNDS T1 Network Diagnostic System equipment. User interfaces are developed on X Window System. Commands to Hardware are processed though proprietary protocol. SNMP proxy agent was also available for commands processing.

  • Responsible for the analysis, design and coding to support TNDS diagnostics.
  • Designed and developed Screens in X Window System.
  • Developed C-Shell scripts for installing and configuring Client/Server TIME/VIEW 2000.
  • Involved in unit and integration testing.

Environment: SunOS, C, LINK/TNDS Networking Equipment, X/MOTIF, SNMP

Feb 1995 – Nov 1995
Shop Floor Control System SFCS, Larsen & Toubro Ltd. , Chennai

Software Engineer

SFCS is part of MRP II implementation that controls the shop floor activities of all the manufacturing/assembly processes in all the focus factories of the customer in USA. The system is developed in a distributed client/server environment.

Responsible for analysis, design, documentation and implementation of Electronic Process Manager module.

Environment: Solaris, MS-Windows 3.1, ORACLE 7.1, SQL, ORACLE objects for OLE, Visual C++ 1.5, Visual Basic 3.0, Sun Sparc Workstation in Ethernet, 486 and Pentium based Digital PC

Jun 1993 – Jan 1995
AppBuilder, Larsen & Toubro Ltd., Chennai

Analyst Programmer

AppBuilder is a tool developed to ease the development of Client/Server system with X/MOTIF based GUI at the front end and connectivity to database like SYBASE. This tool aids the user in developing applications by providing painters for User Interface development and powerful 4GL to associate functionality to the application.

  • Responsible for the design and development of screens and documentation.
  • Involved in the coding of Form Painter and Main Painter which facilitate development of screens with user interface objects like buttons, text, label, scroll bars, menus.
  • Responsible for the design, coding and testing Demo Kit for X/MOTIF applications.
  • Developed Image Editor for X. This can be used to create/edit Color Pixmaps.
  • Developed New Widget Combo Box, using MOTIF widget classes.

Environment: SCO UNIX, SUN OS, X/MOTIF, C, C++

Resume 17

Samples represent that of an actual working technical professional found on the WEB and modified to protect the privacy of these professionals. Human names, company names, colleges, software product names are intentionally made up.


Carl Stone

Qualifications Summary

  • Operation Systems
    Linux, Sun unix, Berkeley unix, NT4, Win32
  • Computer Languages
    c++, c, msvc++, gcc, g++, java, perl, bourne-shell,emacs-lisp, sql, jam, make, gmake and pmake
  • Programming experience
    multi-threaded applications, database applications, apache modules, kernel hacking, embedded systems, building compilers and mobile devices
  • Compiler tools kits
    Purdue compiler toolkit, Bison and Flex, Yacc and Lex

Employment History

Aug 2000 to Oct 2001, Brisbane, CA.

Software Engineer

Skill Used: gcc, c, linux, unix, perl, sql, xml, gmake, bourne-shell, cvs

  • Designed and programmed components for the project management and hosting system
  • Developed and maintained the cvs to SourceCast bridge to verify access control to the projects managed by SourceCast, a project management and hosting system
  • Helped in the design of Subversion s access control model for use in SourceCast Subversion is a new source code control system
  • Researched and tested Spread, a messaging service, for use in the next generation of SourceCast

May 1999 to July 2000, San Francisco, CA. – Ad Server Group Office Closed

Software Engineer

Skill Used: g++, c++, freebsd, unix, perl, sql, gmake, bourne-shell, cvs, apache modules, database application

  • Designed and programmed components for the LinkExchange ad serving and click tracking systems
  • Designed and implemented a new architecture for the Ad and Site description vector caches using a c++ class structure
  • Upgraded the Ad Sever to a dynamical loaded stand alone Apache module
  • Developed enhancements to a PERL module which checks the health of the Ad Serving System
  • Developed enhancements to the encryption code used by the Cookie Monster module
  • Created a plan for finding all potential Y2K problems and drove the execution of the plan

Apr 1996 to Feb 1999
Geosoftworks, Berkeley, CA. – Portable OS Group Office Closed

Software Engineer

Skill Used: java, g++, msvc++, c++, gmake, make, jam, bourne-shell, cvs, perforce, bison, yacc, flex, lex, Purdue compiler toolkit, Sun unix, unix, NT4, Win32, multi-threaded applications, embedded systems, mobile devices, kernel hacking, building compilers

  • Designed and programmed components for the Geoworks s embedded operating system, GEOS-SC, using c++ cross and native compilers on UNIX and NT
  • Lead designer and programmer for the Legos to Java translation tool using PCCTS, Sorcerer and c++
  • Port engineer for the Sun Java Development Kit JDK for the GEOS-SC operating system
  • Lead designer and programmer for the GEOS-SC components
    • the font rendering driver and font conversion tool
    • the standard applications jotter and memopad
    • module builder addin for Microsoft Developer Studio
    • Microsoft Developer Studio to Jam multi-target build system bridge
    • dynamic module constructing/loading system

Apr 1995 to Apr 1996
Best Time Solutions, Berkeley, CA.

Software Engineer

Skill Used: g++, c++, gcc, c, gmake, bourne-shell, sql, database applications

  • Carried out extensive testing of INFORMIX and tuned c/c++ code
  • Implemented database performance code in c/c++ to a INFORMIX database on HP-UX platform
  • Designed and implemented a new software build environment using gmake

Jul 1993 to Apr 1995
Avaron Customer Information Solutions Inc., Berkeley, CA.

Software Engineer

Skill Used: g++, c++, Sun unix, unix, gmake, make, Purdue compiler toolkit, multi-threaded application, building compilers

Lead designer and programmer for the Assertion Language compiler for FormsPro, a document processing system, using PCCTS, a compiler construction system, and c++

Aug 1991 to Jul 1993
Capital Digital Technology Inc., Berkeley CA.

Software Engineer

Skill Used: gcc, c, Sun unix, unix, pmake, make, cvs

  • Lead programmer for the postscript interface library to X11 windowing system
  • Build Manager of the Trader Support System TSS , a program used in the real time trading of gold commodities
  • Extended and maintained the cvs and pmake systems used in the building of TSS

Feb 1991 to Jun 1991
Software Warehouse of the Alpha Project, UC Berkeley

Applications Programmer

Oct 1989 to Feb 8 1991
Environmental Systems Research Institute, Redlands, CA.

Applications Programmer

Skill Used: gcc, c, make, unix, sql, yacc, lex, database applications, building compilers

  • Lead programmer on the DMA Digital Chart of the World project in charge of the conversion programs from Arc/Info database to the DCW database
  • Associate programmer for the Display and Query program for the DCW database
  • Advising programmer for the Hong Kong Land Information System
  • Advising programmer to the Boston Edison for the X window to Arc/Info user interface
  • Lead researcher for the feasibility study on an Arc Macro language compiler using Yacc, Lex, and C

Personal Projects

  • I own and use a linux box, a Win2000 box, and an iMac
  • Emacs to Microsoft Developer Studio bridge addin allow emacs to be the main editor for MS-DevStudio
  • Smalltalk scripting language a shell that uses smalltalk as it scripting language
  • Object-Oriented language toolkit a lexer generator and a parser generator that output a set of c++ classes for a recursive descent parser


Oregon State University, Corvallis Oregon

  • BS Mathematics
  • Senior level courses in compiler design


Available upon request