Portnov Computer School 12-Point Guarantee

Our commitment to helping you achieve YOUR PERSONAL career change goals and attain employment in the field of Software Quality Assurance.

  • We measure our successes by the career change successes of our students. Your success is our success – Your failure is our failure!
  • The only way to fail is to quit. We never give up on anybody.

That we will deal with you sincerely, honestly and fairly.

  • We will never maintain any hidden agenda.
  • We will give no preferential treatment to any student or group of students.
  • We will, to the best of our ability and as is reasonable; accommodate your training associated needs, listen to your concerns and suggestions and implement changes as necessary.

That each student in good standing (academically and financially) and who successfully completes their program; will receive an internship (either paid or unpaid) in the field of Software Quality Assurance with a local San Francisco Bay Area company.

  • A successful internship is crucial to building your future marketability and for many of our graduates; their internship company becomes their first long-term employer.
  • No guarantee of job placement or employment after your completion of training is permitted under the law and we make no such promise.

That every student, past or current, who is in good Standing (academically and financially) may audit or repeat any class they had previously taken at no additional charge on a course and space availability basis.

  • You may audit the classes you have previously paid for an unlimited number of times on a course and space availability basis.
  • If the class you took in the past has been discontinued or is no longer available, we will substitute it for another with a similar or comparable syllabus.

We will, at any time in the future, assist any past student develop or update their professional resume at no additional charge.

  • Until you feel confident in maintaining a strong professional resume on your own, and in time you will, we will assist and guide you in updates at no additional charge.

To include real-life hands-on QA projects into the curriculum.

  • As a part of our curriculum, every student participates in testing of real applications entrusted to us by companies interested in extending their QA team.
  • The experience you will gain working on these real world projects greatly increases your marketability.

That our instructors are industry professionals with high level of expertise.

  • We select instructors carefully making certain that they are skilled in delivering high quality training.
  • Our instructors have many years of real industry work experience.
  • Our instructors provide an individualized approach to teaching.

Our students access to all necessary training materials, resources, software, and lab time.

  • The school provides every student with all of the books, downloads, and training materials for each course taken.
  • On-campus lab time is available to every interested student.

The School operates under the guidelines established and enforced by the State of California Bureau for Postsecondary and Vocational Education.

  • The school is approved by California’s Bureau for Private Postsecondary Education and identified as Portnov Computer School (School Code Number: 4306131).
  • Abiding by the Rules of Operation for an approved school assures high standards of education and business conduct.

Flexibility in attendance allowing you to recover missed class sessions and switch between day and evening classes.

  • We will accommodate your individual schedule demands so to accommodate your personal needs including gaps, drop outs, or breaks due to any reason.

Ease of communication with the school staff, counselors, teachers, and administration.

  • Our staff and teachers are available 40 hours a week to discuss any needs or requests you might have.
  • We are also available electronically via email, Skype, School Forum, and other media.

We provide high-quality unparalleled Interviewing and Job Search preparation assistance.

  • We use well developed mock interview techniques to hone and perfect your interviewing skills.
  • We share insider knowledge about how Job Search sites operate so you achieve the best resume positioning results.

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