Software QA Career Training

Software Testing/Quality Assurance Class: 40 one-hour sessions, 3 sessions per week, $1,000

  • Defining Software Quality
  • Software Development and Software Testing Life Cycles
  • Responsibilities of Software Testers at different stages of Software Development Life Cycle
  • Test Documentation – test plans, test designs, test cases, test matrices
  • Software testing classifications and types – regression, functionality, acceptance
  • Reporting Software Defects
  • Bug Tracking databases
  • Testing GUI (Graphic User Interface)
  • Transforming business and technical requirements into test documentation
  • Software testing types: regression, functionality, acceptance, validation, verification, GUI
  • Testing Browser Compatibility and Platform Compatibility of WEB-based applications
  • Testing Mobile applications
  • Web Testing project
  • Mobile Testing project
  • Job search and interview techniques