JavaScript – online training course for software testers

Our self-paced JavaScript online course is designed for individuals interested in learning how to use JavaScript in software testing profession. Along with learning the basics of JavaScript the students will be able to test web pages containing JavaScript and will answer correctly JavaScript/QA interview questions.

The course is created with utilization of the materials used in our corresponding on-campus class.

The course covers:

  • Where JavaScript is used
  • OOP syntax
  • Understanding of variables
  • Manipulation with variables
  • JavaScript keywords
  • Assignment operation
  • JavaScript in HTML Documents
  • External JavaScript file
  • JavaScript Operators
  • Logical operations
  • Randomness
  • Repeating operation
  • Loops
  • Alert Box
  • Operations with Strings
  • Working with Arrays
  • Events
  • How Select statement works
  • DateTime
  • Field Validation
  • Regular Expressions
  • Quantifiers and options
  • Hanging document properties
  • Confirmation message box
  • Prompt
  • Interaction in JavaScript
  • JavaScript – Detecting Browser
  • Exception Handling
  • JavaScript Interview Questions

The instruction includes written materials, quizzes, tests and home work assignments in the areas listed above. Student’s performance and progress will be evaluated based on scores earned on online tests. Certificate of completion will be issued online to successful test takers.

online at campus.educadium.com/portnov
The course materials are available for 6 months after course registration date
no refund for online classes if taken