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Resume 1

Samples represents that of an actual working technical professional found on the WEB and modified to protect the privacy of these professionals. Human names, company names, colleges, software product names are intentionally made up.


Andrew Harrington

23 Oaks Circle
Sacramento, CA 91360


10/2001 – Present
The SDDA Group, Chelmsford, CA

Information Systems Database and Business Analyst Consultant

  • Implementing, managing and customizing Goldmine SQL Server 2000 CRM database on a Microsoft Server 2000.
  • Also using Citrix terminal server to connect outside sales reps to databases.
  • Developing corporate sales and marketing processes through a customized coding procedure in order to create a unique corporate business language.
  • Creating management decision support models and reports that derive the coded information from Goldmine to help direct and quantify sales and marketing efforts.
  • The database application models and reports are programmed with MS Excel VBA or Visual Basic.Net and are connected to the server using MS Query or ADO.Net to extract corporate information in real time.
  • These models include, product information, shipping, payroll, pipeline management, completed and scheduled workday activities, potential sales, lead management, forecasting and more.
  • Consulting on developing a sales force, a customer service department and a wide variety of other business related issues.

4/2001 – 1/2002
Modern Bay Components, Sacramento, CA

Information Systems Database and Business Analyst Consultant

  • Implemented and customized Goldmine SQL Server 2000 CRM and QuickBooks Pro on a Windows 2000 Server.
  • Coding corporate business processes in order to create real time customized management decision support business models.
  • Models were programmed using MS Excel Visual Basic for Applications and are linked to databases using MS Query and ODBC database drivers.
  • These models include forecasting, pipeline management, product information, budgeting, completed and scheduled work day activities, lead management and more.

2/1999 – 4/2001
Keller Inc., Oakwood, CA

Marketing Manager

  • Analyzed, planned, implemented various aspects of the sales and marketing department.
  • Managed the West Coast marketing department, which included starting up a new division, qualifying and managing leads, product development, territory development, trade shows, evaluating sales performance and some advertising.
  • Coded and mapped business processes in order to track all corporate information through various data models.
  • Linked these decision support models to Goldmine and JD Edwards databases to give management instant access to information.
  • These quantitative and statistical business models use Excels data analysis program, solver function, statistical package and financial functions.
  • These models include forecasting, pipeline management, budgeting, completed and scheduled activities, customer buying frequency, potential sales, lead management, sales sheets and more.
  • Assisted in the management of a 40 member direct sales force.

3/1994 – 10/1998
Digital Microwave Inc., Oakwood, CA

Business Analyst

  • Analyzed and planned business projects.
  • Created quantitative and statistical business models by using MS Excels data analysis program, solver function, statistical and financial functions.
  • These models include budgeting, customer buying frequency, and scheduling.
  • Used Goldmine and other business application software.

12/1992 – 2/1994
Advanced Management Concepts Inc., Amarillo, CA

Logistics Analyst

  • Supported upper management in various business operations.
  • Involved heavily in creating a marketing strategy and conducting extensive research in order to find new contractual business ventures.


Pepperdine University 8/1998
MBA; Master of Business Administration

University of California at Los Angeles Matriculating 6/2002
Professional Certification in Database Programming and Business Management Systems

Resume 2

Samples represents that of an actual working technical professional found on the WEB and modified to protect the privacy of these professionals. Human names, company names, colleges, software product names are intentionally made up.


Robert F. Casey JR.

25 Westford Drive 27
Oakland, CA 94501


  • Senior Technology Specialist\Consultant effective in strategically enabling enterprise and eBusiness solutions, while working with multifunctional teams business and technical staff and management .

  • Successfully deployed business solutions in HR, Finance, Operations, Manufacturing, and Marketing/Sales while working with/for fortune 500 companies in Banking/Investment Banking, Insurance, Health Care and Manufacturing.

  • Strengths include big picture focus while developing strategic business solutions which can inlcude: mission statements, value propositions, critical success factors, statements of work, project management, ROI, gap and risk analysis, process re-engineering, facilitated functional design meeting and documenting requirements, use cases, change management, system resign/architecture, system and application development, QA, UAT, implementation and mentoring and coaching.


Solaris, HP, IBM Mini and Main Frame Hardware, IBM WebSphere, Dell & Compaq Servers, IBM and compatible PC s, Novell, Unix, Win 95 & 98, 2000, Netware, DOS, N-tier, Clipper 87 and 5.20, C++, COBOL, Visual Basic, Perl, TIBCO, Powerbuilder, Java, J2EE, Web Lobic, Infoseek, ASP, XML, EDI ,Entera, Informix SQL, Oracle, MS SQL, DB2, Sybase, MS Access, dBase III/IV, FoxBASE, FoxPro, Lotus Notes, R&R Report Writer 3 to 6 , WordPerfect, Windows 3.1, 95 & NT, 2000, Documentum, Nova Soft, MS Project 98 and 2000, Excel, Crystal Reports,Irwin, Various Test tracking tools and various case tools


07/01 to 11/01
Alameda, Inc.

Project Manager

  • Provided SDLC Methodology for developing ASP Web Site for Auto Financing Market Place;
  • Managing staff of 15 and developed staffing model to grow department staffing to 35 turn department into technology group for developing ASP site to handle 500,000 financial transactions, 2.5 billion monthly transactions;
  • Key player in client negotiations with a fortune 50 contract to provide ASP services.

11/00 to 06/01
Business Innovation Systems, Inc.

Senior Project Manager

  • Provided SDLC Methodology and project management and oversight for developing ASP Web Site for Health Care and Employer Market Place;
  • HIPAA Performed Gap analysis for both private and government plans, designed business rules and requirements for privacy issues, and managed development of technical specifications for data interfaces conforming to HIPAA requirements and data transaction sets for eBusiness ASP applications.
  • Managed Base product conversion to full modular/customizable Web Co-branded site with customizable ASP pages and content site developed by IBM- IBM Websphere ;
  • Worked with Senior Management to identify strategic goals, objectives, scope, budgets and process for internal and external development and managing out-sourcing of development on budgets of over 5 Million for 2001.
  • Managed site implementation with East Coast pilot project and with second phase rollout in May 01, total of 880,000 plan members for our base eligibility and coverage products
  • Project Manger for two Web Portal projects providing Work/Family solutions to Health Plan Members and Eligibility and Billing for providers. Project sizes 2.5 and 3.5 Million. Managed technical implementation and development with ASP and create EAI portals for real time connectivity and ensuring HIPAA Compliance. Reporting to senior management.

7/00 to 11/00
West Stock Exchange

Senior Business Analyst/Project Implementer

  • Provided project management methodology to PCX Decimalization Project for industry wide SEC mandate;
  • Quantified TCP/IP Infrastructure and capacity for high volume stock options trading and quoting transactions for both the trading floor and screen based trading in excess of 50,000,000 daily transactions ;
  • Designed External Quote Feed for quoting Stock Options at PCX;
  • Developed requirements for wireless handheld broker terminals;
  • Strategically analyzed SEC regulations and business impacts and recommend solutions process and technical to senior management for PCX options trades that were not traded at Best Bid Best Offer.

5/97 to 7/00
The Rendle Real Estate Company

Managing Principal

  • Managing Principal for Real Estate Development Company. Main project consisting of 170,000 sq. ft of retail space for premium outlet mall and 100,000 sq. ft for convention center, winery, restaurant, spa and resort.
  • Responsible for strategic company and project planning, budgeting, fund rasing and managing Consultants, Engineers, Architects, Real Estate Leasing Agents, Planners, Environmental and Legal personnel.
  • Project was halted and successfully litigated in superior court.

1/97 to 5/97
Workgroup Success Management, Oakland, CA

Senior Consultant

  • Client and Project Manager for Document Management System for major medical diagnostic manufacturer.
  • Project size 2 million.
  • The system was developed to track documents and manufacturing formulas as required by FDA for manufacturing of medical devices and drugs.
  • Developed Internet deployment for remote site use of system.
  • Other project included web based Internet and Intranet deployment of document management systems.

11/96 to 1/97
Fridman s Fund Insurance Company, Lowell, CA

Senior Business Analyst Contract Position

  • Key player and lead business analyst for 10 billion financial data warehouse project.
  • Lead group of 3 business analysts and programmer analyst on project documenting company business requirements.

1994 to 11/13/96
BOWEN S HEALTH, SOMMERVILLE, CA United Health Care subsidiary

Team Leader/Project Manager

  • Key player on client server migration project team. Company is planning to developing N-tier client server applications to replace current technology implementation was scheduled for late 97 or early 98 using RAD tools. Current tools select are Sybase for RDMS, Powerbuilder for GUI and Entera for middle tier.
  • Recruited and managed software development project teams;
  • Facilitated and conducted JAD Joint Application Design Sessions to determine business requirements and lead designer for developing multi-user LAN based software systems for new Claims Payment Processing System accounts payable . System tracks payment of 130 million in annual claims payment 1200 daily checks and 1800 explanation of Benefits Statements , electronic transfer of documents to ADP for printing;
  • Implementing software development methodology for designing and building multi-user software applications that administer Mental Health benefits for 3.75 million insured participants, researched EDI for use in Eligibility tracking for Pacific Bell;

1988 to 1993

Systems Consultant


  • National Product Manager for COBRA Administration System with an installed base of 650 clients, annual revenues of 450,000, software development budget of 250,000. Lead company in sales of new COBRA Administration Systems for two years.
  • Prepared and presented clients with written proposals addressing business requirements, re-engineering, software application integration, use of multi-media and interactive system solutions. Consulted on issues of benefit administration for COBRA, salary administration, pension plans and other benefits.
  • Developed and conducted training courses for clients in COBRA administration and use of various software applications.
  • Implemented 35 major system installations of multiple software applications for medium and large corporate clients.
  • Knowledge of technical issues and legal requirements of benefit issues to support software applications and benefit administration for clients.


  • Marketed/sold turnkey PC and LAN software applications and consulting services to Human Resource, Benefit Administration, Paroll and Risk Management departments, for Fortune 1000 clients. Team achieved annual sales revenues of 500,000.
  • Developed comprehensive local and national marketing campaigns for specific company products and services.
  • Provided technical software support during sales phase.

Information Engineer:

  • Provided major corporate clients with reports documenting the re-engineering process for identified administrative tasks and functions which included defined goals, objectives, critical success factors, cost analysis, administrative analysis and recommendations.
  • Re-engineered existing systems and administration processes and tasks resulting in succinct relational data structures, uncomplicated user interfaces, simplified administrative processes, tasks and functions, defined information requirements for reporting purposes while eliminating redundant steps and data elements for major clients.

Systems Designer/ Lead Programmer:

  • Experienced systems designer utilizing structured methodology , data modeler, business analyst, application integrator, process engineer, tester and lead programmer with stand alone and multi-user PC software applications for benefit plans for up to 15,000 employees.
  • Defined project, programmer and summary specifications, software test plans, data conversion process and implementation plans to clients and programmers.
  • Worked with clients to design specific software enhancements that were incorporated into turnkey software applications. Client software enhancements were modular and structured for easy maintainability.
  • Lead system development project team with budget of 100,000 and 3 team members for multi-user benefit administration system for Fortune 100 client.


B.A., Psychology – 1982
Antioch University, Yellow Springs, Ohio

Courses in :
System Analysis and Design, Powerbuilder, ANSI C, Informix SQL;
Data Modeling, Process Modeling and Re-engineering; Business Administration and Finance, Documentum
JFK University, Orinda, California
University of California, Berkeley, California

Resume 3

Samples represents that of an actual working technical professional found on the WEB and modified to protect the privacy of these professionals. Human names, company names, colleges, software product names are intentionally made up.


Scott A. Lathrop


1991 – Present
Frontman Marketing & Management, Inc., Oakridge, MI


Operate a management and IT consulting firm providing professional services to the following industries: telecommunications; manufacturing; information systems and services; and food & beverage. Frontman s consulting practice is devoted to helping companies plan and implement new management practices and information technology. Services include: program/project management, e-business strategy CRM, B2B, B2C , business process analysis and re-engineering, IT transformation, group facilitation.

Selected accomplishments to date:

  • Assisted leading enterprise planning consultant with its e-business services strategy, including authorship of a 28-page Ahow toA guide on Customer Relationship Management planning and implementation. 2000
  • Lead and facilitated a 17-person management team engaged in strategic planning workshops over three-month period. Adopted quality function deployment techniques and executive coaching skills to assist team in hearing the voice of the customer and defining new programs to increase business and penetrate new markets. 1999-2000
  • Led a team of 10 consultants to define business/testing requirements and new methods for the migration of 400,000 customers to a new billing system and service order processor for European telecommunication supplier. 1998-1999
  • Developed 5-year plan to train 11,000 skilled trades users in new automotive design/manufacturing applications. Plan included migration strategy, business requirements, best practices deployment and budget projections. 1998
  • Introduced Quality Function Deployment, Business Process Modeling and other best practices to Midwest and European telecommunication suppliers. 1997, 2000
  • Developed and implemented business/technology plans for three service-oriented clients resulting in venture financing/program approvals. 1993-4
  • Performed a market analysis of 17 system integrators for software supplier. Defined and implemented partnership strategy with four integrators. 1992
  • Developed large IT organizationAs business process and document management strategy. Also helped client develop project management best practices. 1997
  • Led team of 8 consultants to determine requirements for a sales/service system. 1996

1989 – 1991
Bowen Microsystems Computer Corp., Oakridge, MI

Business Development/Application Marketing Manager

Responsible for Central Area business development for Manufacturing and Mechanical Computer Aided Design markets, including market research, solution partner recruitment, sales support, strategic program management, and sales forecasting. Also served as server products sales development manager for the sales area.


  • Co-developed Bowen s corporate manufacturing/engineering marketing plans.
  • Conceived and developed corporate Big-6 Consulting Partners Program.
  • Increased manufacturing-related business for Central Area states 98 , FY90. Recruited and signed 28 software vendors, integrators and OEMs.
  • Project manager for ClintonAs Quality Ranking & Rating Process.
  • Program manager for:
    • Wright-Patterson AFB s Enterprise Integration Program;
    • Washington University s CIM Center;
    • Cleveland Advanced Manufacturing Program Center/Unified Technology Center.

1983 – 1989
Promotion Equipment Corporation, Oakridge, MI

Manufacturing Consultant/Principal Software Specialist

As a team leader of the Manufacturing Resource Center, responsible for manufacturing system integration consulting, including: requirements analysis, system design, management planning, and project management to companies implementing multi-year computer-integrated manufacturing CIM programs.


  • Co-authored automotive industry solutions marketing plan, 1987.
  • Directly contributed to 7.8M in hardware and 8.1M in service revenue in FY87-89.
  • Taught 7 customer and internal industry-oriented and technical courses.
  • Participated in 8 customer needs analysis and business planning engagements, five of which were adopted by the client and implemented to plan. Managed three systems integration projects; participated in four more.
  • Produced manufacturing consulting business plans three fiscal years for Upstate New York District. Co-wrote Application Center for Technology business plan. Developed for sales and support readiness plan for Baseway software family to be deployed worldwide.

Alpha Technology, Inc., Rochester, NY

Mechanical Engineer

Delivered robot application services to the General Electric robotics development group Charlotta, VA and Rochester, NY . Analyzed and specified integration needs for communication to host computers cell controllers for discrete assembly applications.


Union College, B.S., Mechanical Engineering, 1982;
post-graduate work, Computer and Electrical Engineering and Management, Union College, 1983;

numerous technical and marketing courses;
Digital Management Development Course, graduated 1988;
Goal/QPC Teamwork, Facilitation & Planning Workshop, 1997.

Society of Manufacturing Engineers PresidentAs Award, 1992;
Bowen Microsystems Business Incentive Bonus Award, 1989 & 1990;
Digital Equipment Corporation Software Services National Excellence Award, 1988.


Certified in Production and Inventory Management CPIM , American Production and Inventory Control Society APICS , 1988;
Certified Manufacturing Engineer CMfgE , Society of Manufacturing Engineers SME , 1986, 1989, 1992.
Past Chair, SME Oakridge/Windsor Chapter Alliance, 1993 14 chapters representing 4,000 members ;
Past Chair, SME Chapter 254, Greater Oakridge, 625 members, 1991;
Session Chair, Autofact 1991-1993 conferences; Assistant Session Chair, Autofact 1986 – 1989.
Authored six association articles covering various topics.



  • Articulation of complex issues in technology program planning to senior management, including technology impact, human factors, and cost analysis.
  • Strong program and project and team management skills. Have directly managed team of 12, including hiring and budget responsibility.
  • Applying proven planning skills to IT improvement and transformation projects, including value proposition, investment required, problems, pitfalls, and payback.
  • Understanding of the practices and methods of Business Process Re-engineering.
  • Experience with assessing and planning e-business strategy for manufacturing and service firms, including Customer Relationship Management CRM , Personalization, Business-to-Business solution framework, Business-to-Customer solution framework, and Supply Chain Management.
  • Proven research, writing and public speaking skills. Writing samples and references available.
  • Experience with facilitating and applying Quality Function Deployment and AVoice of the CustomerA techniques to product and service development, software requirements and customer experience.
  • Experience using several popular business process modeling tools.
  • Applying workstation technology to complex manufacturing problems, such as cell control, production scheduling and tool crib management.


  • Telecommunications: Billing Systems; Customer Care; Service Order Processors; Call Center Management; Call Center Back Office; Customer Relationship Management; Product Management; Pricing; Tariffs and Compliance; Calling Cards; Long Distance; Carriers; Cellular.
  • Automotive: Vehicle Development Lifecycle; Release Management System; Skilled Trades Training Development; CAD/CAM Technologies; Vehicle Assembly; Stamping Technologies.
  • Manufacturing: Discrete Manufacturing for Work-in-Process; MRP-II; Enterprise Resource Planning; Production Scheduling; Master Planning; Capacity Requirements Planning; Inventory Planning; Cell Control. Some Process exposure.
  • Defense Industry: Work Force Planning; Battle Planning; Combat Simulation; Facility Planning.
  • Demographics: Graphical Information Systems; Geomapping and Geocoding.


  • Project Management: MS Project 97/98, MS Excel, MS Access Issue Management .
  • Business Process Modeling: Action Workflow, CASEwise, Process Charter now Process 98 , Visio, MicroGrafx Flowcharter, LogicWorks BPwin moderate .
  • Software Lifecycle Management Methods: Quality Function Deployment QFD for Software Development, Joint Application Development, Rapid Prototyping; Traditional Waterfall.
  • Facilitation Techniques:QFD, Affinity Diagram, Cause and Effect Fishbone , Force Field, Radar, Tree Diagram, Customer Focus Groups.
  • Full Lifecycle Software Development Tools & Methods:RumbaughAs Object Modeling Technique, JacobsenAs Use Case Method, basic data modeling techniques LogicWorks ERwin . Exposure to Rational tool suite Rose et al , and EnsembleAs Streams.
  • Presentation and General Business Tools: MS Powerpoint 97/2000, Adobe Framemaker, MS Word, MS Excel, Word Perfect.
  • Technical Exposure in Past Work Assignments: BowenOS/Unix, Oracle, Client/Server Architecture, VMS, DECnet, OSI MAP/TOP, EDI X.12, Manufacturing Message Standard, X.11 Protocol, Real-Time Transaction Processing, OLTP.


Johnson Enterprise Consulting, Inc., Chicago, IL :

E-Business Strategy Development Management Consultant.
Researched and developed client As new service strategy for delivering E-Business Planning to its existing clients and new prospects, including B2B model, CRM planning and deployment, rapid portal implementation services, and trading partner business integration strategy. Deliverables included competitive analysis, market research, test development, cost and delivery strategy, integration of existing services; and included authorship of a 30-page Ahow toA white paper, Personalized Relationship Management: Hearing the Voice of Your Customer Throughout Your CRM Evolution.

Telecom Belgium :

Strategic Business Planning Using Quality Function Deployment QFD Techniques Management consultant.
Over three months, assisted 17-person management team in determining new partnership and revenue opportunities for the Payphones Calling Card Division. Adopted quality function deployment techniques for the following eight activities: hearing the Avoice of the customerA the management team themselves ; identifying the overall objectives for the brainstorming session; capturing diversity of management teamAs expertise and experiences; leveling the playing field for capturing new ideas i.e. strong vs. passive personalities, different management levels ; discussing existing efforts and past failures; prioritizing the ideas using affinities; identifying possible solutions; prioritizing the solutions then scoring the ideas against the possible solutions; and most importantly, gaining consensus and support from the diverse team. Used this technique to conduct one all-day session off-site, casual dress . Then used different tools to facilitate three follow-on meetings once two pilot projects were chosen from the high-scoring ideas. Projects are still in process as a result of properly capturing the ideas and gaining consensus from the team as a whole.

Telecom Belgium :

Management of Business Requirements and Migration Team Senior Project Manager.
Managed ISIS Migration Project for Special Businesses unit of the Belgian national telecommunications provider. Had direct hire/fire responsibility for 10 consultants business analysts and testers . Was also responsible for budget 54.5 million BF. Project involved developing detailed business requirements to migrate 600,000 calling card subscribers from a non-Y2K compliant service order processor SOP and billing engine to four corporate applications billing, new SOP, customer relational database and data warehouse .

Team activities included:
SWOT analysis of project plan; management of schedule; analysis of prototype design of SOP vs. business requirements; application of Quality Function Deployment techniques to prioritize business requirements and mitigate functional gaps; analysis and development of 61 business process workflows for SPB call center; development of user training plan, materials/documentation; monitoring of training; development of 38 methods & procedures including web deployment ; development of 41 user test scripts adopted from workflow definitions ; execution of test scripts and problem reporting; oversight of SOP Y2K compliance testing; development of data migration criteria and strategy; oversight of data quality clean-up activities; oversight of post-migration problem resolution and bug reporting process; coordination with 15 other user groups affected by the project.

Project was delivered on time 18 October and under budget by 1.4 million BEF. This project also resulted in additional consulting opportunities.

American Cellular Services, Littleton, IL :

Advisory Consulting to Customer Operations Division Management Consultant.
Served in an advisory role to the 18 member business requirements and project management teams in the Customer Operations division. Activities included introducing Quality Function Deployment QFD techniques and disciplines including facilitating 10 QFD workshops , developing standards for business requirements, business process modeling and improvement, documentation and project management. Coached several employees during business requirements stage of projects. Developed business process for modeling and analyzing business requirements to support client s 23 legacy applications and emerging business solutions. Trained 12 team members in use of Action Workflow, a business process modeling tool. Developed DivisionAs document management strategy. Recruited Goal/QPC training consultants to deliver team building training.

Transamerican Communications, Inc., Rosemont, IL :

Development of Business Requirements for Full Services Sales and Provisioning System Team Leader, Business Requirements Team.
Led 8-person Ameta teamA in capturing business requirements and supporting business processes for comprehensive new desktop sales/service system 105M budget . Developed detailed requirements for applicationAs customer service, customer acquisition and establish service segments. Assignment required knowledge of legacy systems, changing customer requirements, evolving application and hardware technology and coordination with other analysis teams as well as architecture and development groups.

Clinton Motor Company:

Development of Training Strategy for Skilled Trades Use of C3P Management Consultant.
Developed a five-year strategy to train 11,000 UAW skilled trades in the use of ClintonAs new 3-D solids modeling environment, C3P. Activities included assessing current application use through plant visits and extensive interviews, establishing a training program management office headcount: 4 , acting as liaison to UAW-Clinton National Programs Center, and petitioning key Clinton executive stakeholders to secure appropriate visibility throughout ClintonAs automotive operations. Deliverables included: Project Plan; Business Requirements and Migration Strategy; Program Management Office Plan; Training Requirements and Implementation Plan; Apprentice Training & Implementation Plan; Best Practices Identification and Deployment; Budget Worksheets; and End of Project Report. Second phase is now underway using Clinton employees. Clinton has expanded the program management office to determine global hourly training requirements. Project was fixed price and completed on time and within budget.

Sheldon Technology Corporation:

Analysis and Recruitment of System Integrators Business/Market Analyst.
Consulting engagement which entailed identifying and profiling seventeen system integrators in the manufacturing space which could potentially help clientAs Solaris division leverage hardware and software product sales. A subset of this field was subsequently identified and negotiations for working partnerships were initiated.

Clinton Motor Company:

Corporate Quality Audit Project manager.
Key participant in Clinton audit of BowenAs corporate quality programs as part of ClintonAs Q-1 Quality Ranking and Rating Process. Managed five persons in three locations at Bowen to research and report on the approximately 20 different quality programs established at Bowen in response to ClintonAs vendor quality initiative derived from ClintonAs Q-1 Supplier Program audit . Deliverable included submission of a Clinton Quality Ranking and Rating Evidence Report for Bowen Microsystems.

Buckley, Inc.:

Partnership For Integration Project manager.
Bowen Microsystems delegate in the multi-vendor Partnership For Integration demonstration at Autofact A89 tradeshow. Work involved integrating six Bowen platforms in the CAD and CAE departments as well as interfacing to the companyAs engineering database. Provided planning and coordination of BowenAs 3 software vendors participating in the exhibit.

Milford Corp., Fluid Power Division:

CIM Program Bowen Proposal Proposal manager.
Developed proposal for a multi-year, multi-phase Eaton CIM program. Scope included responding to EatonAs needs in the following areas of the Fluid Power enterprise: Business Systems; Engineering Systems Product Engineering and Research, Process Engineering and Quality Engineering ; Factory Operations; Application Tools, Enablers and System Programs; General System Requirements; Integration of Existing Systems; Documentation and Help Facilities; Proposed Implementation Strategy; Estimate of Cost- and Time-based Cash Flow; Proposed Vendor Technical Support; and Hardware Maintenance. Response covered each of these topical areas in detail with regard to understanding EatonAs requirements and proposing a primary solution and alternative, if one existed.

Amherst Packaging:

ADAM project Lead business analyst and designer.
Developed business and technical requirements including high level design of concurrent engineering and manufacturing portion of a manufacturing execution system named ADAM: Automated Data Acquisition and Management, a four-plant CIM initiative by a subsidiary of Owens Illinois. Project was process engineering oriented.

Willshire Aluminum Rolled Products Division:

CIM Requirements Business analyst.
Performed a requirements analysis of design engineering and process engineering departments for subsequent integration with corporate systems cost and quality .

Albertson Glass:

Corporate CIM Program Business analyst.
Participated on a four person study team to analyze requirements for a multi-phase CIM program to include the following disciplines: product development engineering , research, testing labs, manufacturing and distribution.

Toner Supplies Manufacturing Operation:

CIM Pilot Project Business analyst.
Performed a requirements analysis of SMOAs quality systems initiative, which encompasses tracking product data through design, re-work and ECO, to process control of toner and drum production.

Federal Lighting Corporation:

Production and Planning System Replacement Project manager.
Developed a multi-phased project plan to replace outdated MRP-II system and Production monitoring system at two National Oil Seals Division plants. Project continued with system definition and implementation.

Electrical Supplies:

Process Engineering Business Analyst.
Researched and developed Technical Brief for A-B engineering discussing local area network design and its impact on data resource sharing between the process engineering department and each brewery.

Madigan, Inc.:

Greenfield Plant Requirements Project manager.
Specified complete art-to-part CIM requirements for new plant in Shelbyville, Indiana, including: engineering, manufacturing, shipping, quality, and MRP-II.

Simpson General Motors:

C4 Program Program liaison.
Key contact from Bowen for GMAs C4 program, specifically regarding GMAs Manufacturing Architecture Strategy. Also contributed to DigitalAs C4 strategy while at DEC.

Simpson General Motors Assembly Division:

Factory Monitoring and Programmable Device Support Team leader.
Responsible for the integration and testing of the Hamtramck plantAs 175 GMF and Cincinnati Milacron robots as well as 100+ Allen-Bradley PLCs into the plantAs VAX-based manufacturing system. Supervised four programmers.

ABC Baseway/Basestar:

Product Support Senior Software Specialist.
Supported the Digital Baseway and Basestar products worldwide. Baseway and Basestar provided a complete application development environment that allowed distributed applications running in a manufacturing enterprise to communicate with disparate shop floor devices such as programmable logic controllers PLCs , robots, computer-numerical controlled machine tools and bar code equipment, among others.

DigitalInfo Corporation, Addison, NY :

Development of Market Positioning Papers for Healthcare, Insurance, Government and Law Enforcement Industries Business/Market Analyst/Writer.
Engagement entailed extensive interviews with existing and prospective customers on how desktop mapping technology could improve ways of doing business in each respective industry. Deliverables included several white papers documenting application opportunities and recommendations on how the customers from those industries could leverage mapping solutions.

Extended Applications, Inc.:

Business and Marketing Requirements for Planning and Battle Simulation Tool Business/Market Analyst/Writer.
Developed business requirements and market packaging and delivery strategy for tactical force planning and battle simulation tool.

ABC Baseview:

Product Support Senior Software Specialist.
Supported the Digital Baseview product for the Upstate New York District. Baseview allowed designers to view complex 2- and 3-D wire-frame drawings on low-cost ASCII terminals and, further, allowed red-lining and comment/feedback capabilities.

Westman Kodak:

MAP Pilot Program Pilot program manager.
Managed pilot project at Kodak Apparatus Division to field trial and beta test Digital-Kodak Manufacturing Automation Protocol version 2.1 suite of hardware and software.

Sullivan Electric Company Gas Turbine Division:

Turbine Tracking System Associate Software Specialist.
Developed business requirements, code design and Fortran code for a comprehensive turbine development tracking system. Turbine development time is 2-4 years in duration, involving many engineering disciplines and often generating thousands of Engineering Change Orders ECOs and tests. This system was designed to keep track of design engineering progress with a turbine order, including ECO revisions, test sequencing, sign-off, and product release.

Client List:

  • Caterpillar Tractor Baseway application design ;
  • Donaldson Automation Flexible Manufacturing System functional specification ;
  • 3M Optical Storage Products Division Quality Monitoring System troubleshooting ;
  • Morton Thiokol Shuttle Rocket Motor Division conducted a seminar on CIM implementation ;
  • Siecor Fiber Products developed requirements for a quality monitoring system ;
  • Garrett Turbine product tracking WIP system review ;
  • Cummins Engine site review for CIM needs analysis study .

Resume 4

Samples represents that of an actual working technical professional found on the WEB and modified to protect the privacy of these professionals. Human names, company names, colleges, software product names are intentionally made up.


Russel Harvard

122 Groton Street; Apt. #412
Greenwood, CT 06340-4159



Contract available professional providing analytical and or management services within a project context. Particularly skilled in process re-engineering projects, providing both positive bottom line results and long-term IT solutions to persistent business problems.


Goal Oriented Project Management
Business Process Analysis and Modeling
Process Re-engineering & Analysis Oracle 11i: Sysadmin, Implementation, Workflow
Testing: Planning, Coordination, Execution
Fluent German and French


1995 – Present

Project management and business analysis services on a variety of projects for clients in several industries.

Workflow analyst and project management for R&D center of a major pharmaceutical company. Worked with several business lines.

  • Implementation of Expense Management system for reimbursing expenses.
  • Environmental Information Strategy project – a process analysis and re-engineering project Including task and data- flow analysis, 5-yr strategic plan and prioritizing of re-engineering sub-projects, project management duties.
  • Work and data flow analysis for Health & Safety Group, including Occupational Health. Used for management strategy and audit validation.
  • Performed work toward automated disability claims process.
  • Process modeling software pilot project.
  • Business and process analyst on global demographics system support and re-engineering project.
  • Most recently analyst on construction of company wide integration/screening database for Discovery. Windows NT, Office 97, Oracle 11i, RequisitePro, Use Cases, Casewise Corporate Modeler

Project manager for client insurance company. Intranet, messaging systems, fire insurance, health insurance, legislative mandate and Lotus Notes projects. ADA / Americans with Disabilities Act visually impaired Intranet and Internet. IBM dockable; WAN and Lan, Windows 95, Office 97, Summit project methodology, MSProject, Planview.

Business Analyst Year 2000 systems project for SAIC, client a national healthcare provider.
Inventory and discovery for IT supported and non-supported applications. Extensive travel.

Business Analyst – Year 2000 non-IT equipment project for state government on west coast. Identify, assess for impact and implement remediation process for all Y2K affected embedded chip equipment.

  • Developed processes, controls and record keeping for data collection and analysis.
  • Developed ranking process and analysis matrix for equipment, focusing efforts on areas of highest need and reducing total cost to achieve compliance.
  • Developed multiple strategies for implementation, further reducing total cost and providing shorter times to compliance.
  • Built project management model for project. HP hardware; LAN; Windows NT, Windows 97: Word, Excel, MsOutlook, ABT Project Workbench

Program Manager – Responsibility for tracking, scheduling and progress reporting on 150 construction sites in Richmond – Hampton Roads area.

  • Developed computer model for simultaneous tracking and scheduling of 150 construction sites.
  • Instituted use of GIS databases for expansion planning. Will reduce total acquisition / construction time by up to six months per site, saving acquisition and zoning time salaries and permitting earlier income stream.
  • Worked with consulting firm to Richmond regional office to develop new database and tracking model for Richmond. New system requires functional manager to input status data, eliminating unreliable status information.
  • Worked with corporate IT dept. to develop permanent corporate detailed database system for release in late 96. Performed beta testing.
  • Invented antenna mounting system for non-damaging mounting on municipal water tanks. Compaq hardware; LAN & WAN; Windows3.1 & 95: Word, Excel, MSProject, Visio, MapInfo, Arcview, Powerpoint, Lotus Notes, ccMail

EAST BEACH, INC.; Redwood, Virginia
1994 -1995

Senior Operations Analyst

Responsible for tracking inventory levels of active and inactive raw materials and WIP, other projects as assigned.

  • Unique part numbers and common part number identification by product line, by SKU; permitting avoidance of future excess inventories while streamlining engineering, purchasing and production to bring a more cost effective product to market faster with lower inventory costs.
  • Reduced inactive inventories by 278K in 4 months through alternative use programs. Additional 500K written off after proving it unusable.
  • Developed reporting for vendor / lead-time analysis. AS400 hardware; Compaq; Novell Lan; Wordperfect, Lotus 1,2,3, ccMail, Harvard Graphics, Query400, JDE, BPCS

PHILIP MORRIS – USA; Redwood, Virginia
1988 – 1994

Plant Management and Supervisor

1990 – 1994 – Responsible for production, quality, safety, labor relations, training, affirmative action, housekeeping, administration and special projects. EEO, OSHA, ADA, Harassment, Diversity

1988 – 1990 Quality Assurance Technician – Performed statistical sampling and record keeping.

  • Recognized for redesigning reporting methods reducing recording time by half.
  • Designed and implemented an automated labeling technique simplifying export order sampling and reduced labeling time by 75 .
  • Installed bar code scanners at receiving point. Eliminated lost tickets and inventory misplacements totally. DEC hardware w/ dumb workstations; IBM clone PC; Basic


1984 – 1987 Systems Analyst, Commercial Services – Project management on a wide variety of Commercial Bank needs.
Projects ranged from new product development, equipment selection and purchase to systems development or modifications, operations improvements, bank-wide contingency planning, and problem resolution for commercial DDA system. Trained and developed junior analysts. Focused on mixed life cycle, structured analysis and project management techniques.

1982 – 1984 Planning Analyst – Designed and developed financial forecasting models for management planning.
Emphasis on asset/liability repricing, new volumes and cash flow projection. Also, projects in financial analysis, peer analysis model, FAMIS project development, budget and operations performance.

  • Improved monthly statement deliveries by 2 days, reduced staff by 20 full time positions and saved 500 thousand annually in postal sorting expense.
  • Managed invisible project to introduce check truncation for small commercial accounts. Project done in four months, five meetings, ahead of schedule, without a budget, with no errors. Used immediately for other department s project where truncation feature was forgotten.
  • Recommended and purchased a slide production system for use in presentations. First result was a savings of over 50 thousand annually in vendor contracts; plus prepurchase levels of internal graphics usage for presentations and marketing quadrupled.
  • Wrote a financial reporting model to convert a manual input system. Reduced a 4-day task to 1/2 day.
  • Combined 40 application systems into one reporting model. Project completed in 2 weeks.
  • Improved unreliable management information streams through analysis and modifications of systems. Reporting for investments, mortgages, student loans and federal funds approached 100 accuracy.
  • Created a revenue forecast model; and expanded the automation of capital budgets in under 2 months.

1981 – 1982

Managing Director – Consulted in operations, production, research, design and special computer applications. Created and applied simulations and graphics for presentations. 5 reporting staff.

COLLEGE DAYS WORK EXPERIENCE included hands-on factory work in Urethane Foam Pouring machinery, Tire Manufacturing And Testing Equipment, Automotive, and Heavy Equipment industries.


Bachelor of Science, Applied and Labor Economics
Member by invitation to ODE National Economics Honorary Society
Taught freshman Economics as undergraduate senior

Credits toward a Master of Business Administration

Numerous continuing education courses in front-line management, management development, systems analysis and design, bank analysis and up-to-date software skills training.

Resume 5

Samples represents that of an actual working technical professional found on the WEB and modified to protect the privacy of these professionals. Human names, company names, colleges, software product names are intentionally made up.


Sara Scott

Jacksonville, FL


Over 15 years experience in the management and IS services industry. Determined and resourceful, quick to grasp new ideas and finds challenges stimulating. Enjoys analytical work, interaction with clients and is committed to delivering high quality and timely results.


  • Strong analytical skills used in business and requirements analysis for a variety of industries.
  • Extensive project and team management experience covering large and small projects.
  • Other experiences include: methodology development, process re-engineering, facilitated sessions, proposal development, functional testing and software metrics & other quality assurance techniques.
  • Keen problem solving skills allowing rapid assimilation and resolution of complex problems.
  • Excellent written and oral communication skills with the ability to communicate appropriately in business and technical situations at all levels.
  • Experience of both of client s and developer s viewpoints in outsourcing situations.
  • Extensive experience of working for ISO 9000 certified, or equivalent, organizations where the use of methodologies for project management and software development is the norm.


Mar 2002 to Present

Health Care

Business Analyst on a HIPAA assessment project for a State government. My specific assessment areas are the State s Department of Health and Office of Personnel. My responsibilities include:

  • Facilitated sessions with senior agency staff to identify the business flows and determine whether any current or proposed systems are impacted by the EDI X12 Transaction, Code set and Identifier aspects of HIPAA
  • Producing a report identifying impacts and providing recommendations and best practices for becoming HIPAA compliant
  • Developing a work plan detailing the tasks and effort required to achieve HIPAA compliance

Nov 2001 to March 2002

IT Consultant undertaking business analyst and management assignments for clients in various industries:

Health Care

Business Analyst on a HIPAA project for a local Blue Cross Blue Shield organization BCBS . My responsibilities include:

  • Assessment of the provider groups that interface with BCBS in terms of their business practices, IT systems used and external communications electronic and other and the identification of the remediation required for them to comply with the appropriate HIPAA EDI X12 transactions and code sets. This required a familiarity with the HIPAA transaction set.
  • Privacy assessment of various BCBS departments using the Xpediate tool.

Feb 1995 to Aug 2001

Principal Consultant undertaking business analyst and management assignments for clients in various industries:

Finance – Banking

  • Project Manager for a major functional and technical upgrade to a bank s package based trust reporting system. Duties included: managing the project, coordinating and giving guidance in problem resolution, liaising with vendor and coordinating business changes resulting from the upgrade.
  • Project Manager for the annual upgrade of a package based trust tax system and its support during the tax season.
  • Business Analyst in the development of a project plan for the implementation of a global relationship banking package for an international bank, using a package implementation methodology. Facilitated on-site sessions to gather input from the departments involved in implementing the plan. Determined the quality of the banking package by reviewing the methods used to develop it. The package was AS400 based.

Finance – Insurance

  • Systems Project Manager, liaising between client s business teams and outsourced IT teams in several companies. Successfully managed three high profile and complex projects in parallel. Duties included: monitoring progress, resolving problems and ensuring business requirements suitable for outsourcing.
  • Business Analyst and Team Lead in migration of client s customer communications from a legacy system to one using a documentation tool. Duties included: analyzing requirements for each communication, managing the team and assisting in functional testing. Also assisted in developing the analysis methodology and tools, and training users. Project was outsourced during my involvement
  • Mentor to Project Manager for a commissioning subsystem project. Duties included: developing project strategy, project planning and monitoring, and coordinating activities with related projects on other sites. Assisted in functional testing.
  • Facilitator for several process re-engineering initiatives at a senior management level.

Health Care

  • Project Manager for the creation of a methodology for developing blood collection procedures. Duties included: managing the project, defining the methodology structure and the process for developing it, analyzing current work practices, leading facilitated sessions and coordinating production of the deliverables.


  • Business Analyst for a hotel reordering system. Duties included: gathering business requirements, defining functional test scenarios and liaising between users and developers.


Principal Consultant undertaking in-house and client work for this off-shore company.


  • Proposal Developer for a variety of software projects. Duties included: analyzing client s requirements and developing project strategy and implementation plans. Was also responsible for developing the format of the company s proposals. Projects were undertaken on client s site and off-shore.


  • Analyst providing support to high level management in the creation of the overall strategy for developing an airline check-in system. Duties included: leading facilitated sessions and producing high level project plans.
  • Analyst and Functional Tester for a real time airport support system. Duties included: reviewing the usability, correctness and performance of the system, defining product enhancements, defining and undertaking functional system testing, producing user documentation and training users in the system.

Nov 1985 – Feb 1993

Principal Consultant undertaking a variety of business analyst and management roles:

Defense – Navy

Senior positions for two real time naval command and control systems. Roles included:

  • Manager and Lead Analyst for functional specification team, coordinating and agreeing business requirements, enhancing the requirement methodology and managing the team of 30;
  • Change Control Coordinator for system problems, managing the process and coordinating technical solutions;
  • Technical Analyst, assessing system performance from design specifications. Both systems were client server using ADA. Requirements were defined using Jackson System Development.
  • Development employed the target/host method. The final hardware and infrastructure software were custom built.

Software Metrics

Business Analyst in a multi national EEC funded initiative for developing software metrics training courses for European companies. Duties included:

  • determining metrics awareness of senior European managers,
  • gathering their course requirements
  • developing and giving software estimating metrics courses.

June 1979 – Oct 1985

Senior Consultant undertaking a variety of business analyst and management roles:

Defense – Army

  • Manager and Lead Analyst for the functional specification team for a real time artillery command, control and communication system. Duties included: developing the requirement methodology, negotiating detailed requirements with UK and USA military teams and reviewing specifications for correctness and consistency amongst themselves and with the system architecture.
  • Analyst for high level feasibility studies concerned with deployment and enhancement of different communication systems to meet total battlefield needs.

Jan 1976 June 1979

Systems Analyst in the computer center participating in the following projects:

  • Computerization of hospital medical records. Responsible for analyzing and documenting the controlling module for this distributed processing system and designing its replacement. System written in assembler on ICL 1500 mini computers.
  • Responsible for migrating a Radiotherapy Planning system from one computer system to another and providing user training. The migration included enhancements in terms of a sonic digitizer for data capture, improved MMI, and the distribution of the software between two machines for performance reasons. Programmed in FORTRAN, with time critical routines in assembler, on Data General Nova mini computers.


B.S. with honors in Mathematics from Liverpool University
M.S. in Operational Research and Management Science from Imperial College, London University.

Professional Training: Siebel 99 Certification CRM

Computer Skills:

  • Microsoft Word,
  • Excel,
  • PowerPoint,
  • Microsoft Project,
  • Project Workbench,
  • Visio

Resume 6

Samples represents that of an actual working technical professional found on the WEB and modified to protect the privacy of these professionals. Human names, company names, colleges, software product names are intentionally made up.


Dennis Bachman

133 MoonLight Ave.
Addison, CA 91784-8726


To make a contribution in a team environment utilizing my proven abilities as a Business Systems Analyst and solid experience in corporate information systems and business software.


Howard Enterprise
August, 2001 to June, 2002

Independent Business Consultant

Performed analysis of business practices and office procedures, developed, documented and implemented formal office procedures; installed small business accounting software, trained business owner and employees in use office procedures and automated systems.

Aspen Martin
April, 1986 to March, 2001

Project Leader / Lead Business Analyst

  • Directed and tracked the day-to-day activities of three Business Analysts responsible for new requirements and enhancements associated with the Corporate Payroll and Benefits Systems.
  • Acted as primary liaison between the client departments and the Information systems IT department; performed analysis, review, and estimation of client requests; prepared and reviewed system requirements, and client documentation; prepared and executed detailed test plans and test cases.
  • Project duties included multiple task project assignments, scheduling and tracking; facilitating meetings with all levels of the business community for requirements gathering, project development, design considerations, impact and risk analysis, and quality control of client acceptance testing.
  • Utilized corporation developed SDLC methodology. Used a Pentium PC and Microsoft Office software to perform required job functions.
  • Reported to Supervisor of P/R and Benefits Analysis and interfaced directly with all levels of the client community and department management.

Smart Savings of America
January, 1986 to April, 1988

Systems & Programming Supervisor

  • Supervised a staff of four Programmer Analysts responsible for the maintenance and production support of the following application areas: Automotive Fleet Accounting & Maintenance, Supply Inventory, Purchasing, and Branch Construction.
  • Duties included: analysis of all client job requests; design and preparation of system specifications for client projects; recommendations for computer hardware, software and operational procedures; preparation of job schedules and staff assignments; education and staff training; production support; and project control.
  • This position was also responsible for interviewing, hiring, counseling, and evaluating personnel. Reported directly to the Vice President & Manager of Systems and Programming and interfaced directly with the client community and all levels of the association s management.

Farex International, Ltd.
March, 1982 to January, 1986

Sr. Systems Analyst

  • Responsible for the accounting systems of the company which included Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payable, Payroll, and General Ledger.
  • Duties included: client liaison; systems analysis & design; preparation of program specifications; project control; preparation of system & client documentation; testing and quality control; and client training.
  • Successfully replaced previous antiquated financial software. Evaluated new packaged software, recommended, purchased, tested and implemented new, Mini Computer Business Accounting MCBA software and trained clients.
  • Also responsible for other custom systems pertaining to the precious metals commodities business of Monex.
  • Reported to the Director of Information Systems and interfaced with all levels of corporate management.

Common Rentals, Inc.
February, 1976 to February, 1982

Data Processing Manager

  • Responsible for all phases of corporate information systems for a major construction/home owner equipment rental company and the management and supervision of twelve employees in Programming, Operations, and Data Control.
  • Trained management and branch operations personnel in use of all computerized systems.
  • Responsible for annual department budget and the interviewing, hiring, and employee evaluations of personnel.
  • Coordinated data center processing, systems development and programming modifications to support all corporate information systems.
  • Reported directly to the Vice President of Finance.

References on request

Resume 7

Samples represents that of an actual working technical professional found on the WEB and modified to protect the privacy of these professionals. Human names, company names, colleges, software product names are intentionally made up.


Daniel Disalvo

63 Green Oak Drive
Orlando, Florida 33625


Experienced Senior Manager/Business Analyst who can lead and manage projects and system upgrades which improve and/or enhance service quality and/or operating efficiencies of field and corporate operations. I have led cross-functional project teams and managed other managers in the planning and implementation of projects and business initiatives by leading by example and setting achievable goals. Identified and defined the need for service and operations improvements along with suggesting new tools to enhance customer care. Developed project plans, business cases, and implementation plans by working closely with Developers and Customer Care. I am skilled in analyzing products, vendors and suppliers for new software and tools. Worked on obtaining consensus and approval for projects and initiatives. Able to provide alternative solutions and recommendations to enhance quality customer care. Tracked and monitored programs and project results. As a Senior Manager/Business Analyst, I have also assisted in the definition and development of CBMS enhancements and fixes. I served as a functional expert on project teams to define project requirements and served as liaison for the field to ensure requirements are met. Experienced in developing test plans and strategies and have conducted User Acceptance Testing of systems and systems fixes and enhancements. Developed and provided input to business process documentation, business workflow and systems training. I have managed the implementation of service improvement programs. Defined and developed communication plans and training requirements and materials. Coordinated and conducted training and on site support for new programs and software applications. Led and directed the involvement of other functional areas as required. Able to use methodologies and tools to track and monitor program or project progress and success. I was required to become a functional expert in all areas of operations which included, inbound call management, customer care, activations, collections, order entry etc. Responsible for identifying improvement opportunities for those areas by observing, benchmarking, researching and getting input from the operations team. Also responsible for identifying issues and facilitating resolution with Corporate and field management and staff concerning systems, service, process and quality. I established and maintained open communications between all functional groups. Led and participated in departmental and corporate quality improvement efforts by working with upper levels of management to determine business requirements and implementation methods.

Other areas of experience include, Call Center Operations, Management and Information Systems with the know-how in managing individuals to achieve results by expanding their leadership skills through development. Skilled in business analysis, business process analysis, ACD reporting, IVR, designing and delivering training, developing and implementing testing of various CRM/OSS/Billing applications. Also skilled in the development of startup and re-engineering of existing call center metrics. I have experience in the CRM, Telecommunications and Bankcard industries with a heavy focus on Management, Business Analysis, and Operations. I have worked with various clients on the gathering of requirements for new CRM/OSS applications such as Clarify, MasterScribe 3.2, and Portal/Infranet 6.0. I am a responsible leader and team player, who is straightforward and dedicated. Well versed in facilitating group meetings and team building exercises using TQM processes to achieve maximum results.


Platforms: Remedy, Knowledge of UNIX, HP-UNIX and some web based systems.

Software: Microsoft Windows 3.1 to 98, Windows NT 4.0, Visual Basic, Microsoft Office including Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access and Project, Harvard Graphics, HTML, FrontPage, VISIO, and Freelance Graphics. Knowledge of SQL, JAVA, EJB, Unix, Oracle, WebLogic, Tuxedo and VB.

Applications: Clarify 8.5, 9.0, 10.0, Samson/Amdocs, Portal/Infranet 6.0, BSCS, MasterScribe 3.2, Cygent, Lightbridge, DiverCTI, Rockwell, General Accounting, Inventory and Human Resources


2002 Present
SouthStream Wireless

Operations Manager, supervising 7 team managers, 8 team leads and 125 plus Financial Services Representatives. Currently acting as interim Site Director managing a 575-seat call center on a daily basis. Ensuring that AHT, productivity and Quality are met consistently. Develop processes to improve efficiency of call center representatives. Assist other Managers in meeting the day-to-day operations. Work with the Budget Analyst to utilize monies effectively and attend budget meetings to discuss future enhancements. Work with Learning and Development to identify training needs of the Managers, Team Mangers, Leads and Representatives. Assist HR in defining and implementing new HR policies and procedures into the call center. Manage various types of issues as they arise and to ensure a quick resolution. Work with systems to ensure that enhancements and upgrades are done consistently and that they meet all user requirements. Assist deployment on the integration of various products, marketing programs and changes to policies and procedures. Act as liaison between Quality, L&D, HR and IT. Identify deficiencies in processes and procedures that prohibit the call center from operating effectively.

2000 2001
Vertel Networks Clarify Division

Senior Executive Advisor working closely with Federal Express Executive team to ensure that the implementation of the Clarify Suite of products was implemented into the call center successfully. Managed executive level issues and followed through to resolution. Processed various strategic assessments to ensure that the application will be used in a strategic manner and will grow with the customer s business. Managed Executive communication between Federal Express and Clarify and provided feedback. Handled business process reviews and re-engineering to ensure the customer is utilizing the application effectively and efficiently. Made suggestions on how the customer can improve call handling times and automation of manual processes to expedite customer requests within the call center. Indirectly managed up to 16 third party integrators/developers and 4 call center managers by working with them to ensure they understood the processes and procedures for the new CRM application. Identified areas of improvement and worked with the IT department and call center operations to implement the new CRM processes and Quality Assurance procedures. Successfully worked with the Clarify Sales team and Federal Express Executives to renew a 5 million plus license agreement that would total 12 million over a 3-year period. Managed a budget of 1 million for technical resources for the implementation of the Clarify product.

1999 2000
Dillon & Glenn, Inc.

Below are the projects that were undertaken and accomplished with CGE&Y.

July 2000 August 2000 ZetaTech Technologies

Senior Process Specialist working closely with the client on choosing a CRM package for their Broadband Wireless business and call center. Compared CRM packages Clarify and Siebel to ensure functionality, cost and implementation time would meet the customer s expectations. Performed gap analysis on the CRM applications, gather requirements, schedule vender demos for the products and gave industry best practices to the customer. Worked with the customer to develop and implement Customer Care processes into the startup call center. Also compared eCare applications such as Cygent and Clarify s eBusiness to give the customer the functionality of a Fat Client but in a thin client/Web based customer care application. Validated that the eCare applications would integrate with the other CRM and Billing Portal applications by utilizing Vitria middleware. Worked with the CFO to ensure that budget requirements for the CRM applications were met. Managed new call center operations staff as they were employed to educate them on the call center processes and procedures.

April 2000 July 2000 Alpha Telecom

Senior Process Specialist working closely with the clients on the implementation of an OSS application Master.Scribe 3.2 . Performed gap analysis on existing and new applications, gathered requirements for Order Entry and application processing for new customers, demoed the product to the customer and gave industry best practices to ensure functionality and efficiency of the product. Managed and developed processes for their internal Helpdesk by working indirectly with 3 managers and 4 helpdesk personnel by utilizing the Master.Scribe application.

July 1999 April 2000 Geftia

Senior Process Specialist working closely with the clients on the implementation of an OSS application Master.Scribe 3.2 . Managed project teams that included up to 20 managers and supervisors. Executive liaison between Nextlink and Eftia to ensure open communication and resolution of issues. Performed gap analysis on existing processes and procedure and new gathered requirements, demoed the product to the customer and give practical industry based processes to the customer to ensure functionality and efficiency of the product. Worked with the customer to define and document new process flows that would enhance the level of customer care and to reduce the Average Handling time of the CSR.

May 1999 July 1999 Southpoint Communications

Senior Tester, who managed, developed and implemented the testing of new applications to the business. Applications consisted of Portal/Infranet Billing System and BOSS Eftia OSS application on a Remedy based platform . Worked side by side with existing management team to utilize the customer s requirements to develop the necessary test cases. Used a standardized test case format using Excel. Ensured that each test case was documented with expected results and actual results. Documented errors and bugs on an issue log. Worked with the developers to ensure that issues were understood and corrected in a timely manner. Once issues were resolved, processed test cases again to validate that the errors and bugs were fixed. Processed weekly status reports showing status of all test cases. Once implemented, assisted in the call center to ensure functionality.

March 1999 May 1999 High Speed Communications

Managed and trained up to 150 call center employees on the implementation of the Portal/Infranet Billing System application and Internet Based Order Entry. Provided training that was designed to give individuals a hands on approach to learning the applications. Created training manuals that utilized step-by-step processes and screen prints. Delivered the training using real life situations in which the class was able to relate too and handle as if dealing with live customers. Provided one on one training and development when necessary.

1996 1999
Brian Communications

Call Center Manager managing a new startup call center. Grew the call center from 26 CSRs to a total of 300 plus CSRs and from 4 supervisors to over 25 supervisors and from a 5-day workweek to a 24 by 7 operations facility. Assisted with the setup of the call center. Developed Call Center procedures, processes and metrics, created and implemented Warning processes along with all QA policies and procedures. Designed and implemented an online tracking record for employee performance. Worked closed with managers to ensure proper development and training of CSRs and worked on various projects to increase productivity and decrease handling time.

Senior Business Analyst working closely with Marketing to implement new programs. Trained and managed up to 300 plus employees on the programs. Handled issues and concerns along with developing solutions.

Business Analyst IT gathering customer requirements for GUI interfaces to improve productivity and effectiveness of the CSRs. Developed and implement test cases on the GUI interfaces to ensure requirements were met. Managed and worked closely with developers to translate any concerns or questions regarding the requirements. Implemented and trained users on the new GUIs once completed.

1989 1996
First Union Bankcard Services

Call Center Supervisor Managing 80 plus CSR representatives in a call center environment. Developed an online attendance record to automatically track and record CSR attendance and call metrics. Developed the interview process and questionnaire for the hiring of new employees. Created and implemented QA processes and procedures along with implementing structure to the warning process. Responsible for the Call Center Operations and safety from 7:00pm to 6:00am.


B.A. Business Administration and Computer Information Systems
University of Tampa, where I maintained a 3.2 GPA while working 40 + hours per week
A.A. Business Administration and Computer Information Systems
Hillsborough Community College


Clarify 8.5, 9.0, 10.0, & 10.1 Portal/Infranet 6.0
MS Access Visual Basic
TQM Conflict Management
Sexual Harassment HR Policies and Procedures
Advanced Interviewing Skills Basic SQL
360 Performance/Feedback Reviews 7 Habits of Highly Successful Leaders

Resume 8

Samples represents that of an actual working technical professional found on the WEB and modified to protect the privacy of these professionals. Human names, company names, colleges, software product names are intentionally made up.


Deborah Foster

Ashton, MO 64012


To attain a position within a progressive company to

  1. Utilize proven analytical, planning and leadership skills
  2. Enable the business to Think Beyond the Norm resulting in improvements/efficiencies within its product /service lines
  3. Improve both internal and external customer relationships.

Professional Summary

Creative, analytical and results-oriented professional with 16 years experience involving operations management, system conversions, software development, process re-engineering, requirement analysis, project leadership, project management and customer relations.

Significant Accomplishments

Business Analyst/Team Lead H&R Block

  • Successfully defined and integrated BA role within CRM Systems IT Department: created requirements documentation, completed workflow analysis, improved screen navigation, quality tested application, produced and presented training manuals. This included several Clarify applications, ClearSales, ClearSupport and the Clarify Beta release of i-Sales new Enterprise Java Architecture Product .
  • Defined requirements and collaborated on the design for several CRM Systems interface projects including backend brokerage system, tax preparation systems and a third party literature vendor.
  • Managed Support Desk ensuring prioritization and completion of incoming support requests.
  • Initiated project involving CRM definition for enterprise business solutions across multiple business lines and the incorporation of sales process into the lead management system.
  • Promoted to Team Lead for CRM Business Analyst Unit. Created and managed project plans, issue logs, scope management, resources management and scheduling.

Consultant & Project Manager / Project Lead Applied Reasoning

  • Responsible for the project management activities of a Java based consumer web application including web games, call center application, data warehousing, customer relationship management, account data management, and finance .
  • As cross-functional project manager was responsible for project planning, project management methodology implementation, issue/risk tracking, scope and resource management through iterative Object Oriented Software Development Lifecycle. Assisted the client through Beta and Soft Launch releases to the public.
  • Led several project teams whose efforts included integration with third party vendors providing call center, commerce and finance applications.
  • Enlisted as internal operational and project manager for Engineering projects, System Admin. Team, Support staff and Sales Staff including related business process improvements.
  • Business Analyst and Relationship Manager for a pilot recruitment/interview application.

Consultant & Business Analyst/Project Lead Midwest Consulting Group

  • Facilitated JAD sessions, introduced use cases into application development methodology and created client approval process for project methodology. Aligned requirement documentation with use of UML for object oriented software development.
  • Process innovations created in analysis phase projected to reduce operational costs by 11 million dollars the first year in a multi-vendor site telesales environment. Projected 75 reduction in support staff through elimination of redundant tasks, streamlined processes accompanied by designing smart GUI s with integration to multiple backend systems and various CTI platforms.
  • Established as client/vendor liaison throughout plan, analyze and design phase. Published documentation including: project charter, project plan, risk assessment, high level business requirement, use cases detailed requirements , workflow diagrams, output requirements, and project issue log.
  • Promoted to Team Lead. Responsibilities included interdivisional project planning, team development, resource allocation, user integration and implementation for a Java and Clarify thin-client.

Conversions Director Boston New Bank

  • Facilitated Joint Application Development JAD s sessions with internal and external clients , DST Systems development team SmallTalk and Cobol Mainframe Technical staff to support conversion effort both from data and process perspectives. Created ensuing use cases, report requirements/templates, scope documents, issue tracking and project plans.
  • Developed a multi-system conversion process that supported new conversion programs in concert with a multiphase application development project. Conducted conversion and usability testing. Managed staff of 12 across multiple business locations nationwide.
  • Initiated and managed the design and implementation of VB application which integrated issue/ tracking and resolution, JAD resource scheduling, use case acceptance, scope management, SCR requests, client profiling and conversion scheduling.
  • Project Manager for 3 concurrent teams representing application development for corporate reorganizations/mergers, employee stock purchase plans, and employee stock administration.
  • Collaborated with Marketing in the creation of RFP responses and presented system demonstrations to potential clients.

Project Coordinator Divisional Special Projects Boston New Bank

  • Successfully recovered Five- 5 million-dollars in a claim recovery initiative.
  • Directed a Client Retention Team resolving 93 of identified client issues within a six- 6 month period.
  • Retained 98 of departing clients with improvement plans.
  • Organized client seminars involving focus groups and documented resulting strategies.
  • Improved productivity by 65 via automated processes in stock distributions.
  • Responsible for stock transfer conversion projects for clients totaling 2+ million shareholder accounts.

Employment History

Richard H&R, Kansas City, MO
November 2001-Current

Business Analyst & Assigned to CRM IT ClearSales and iSales Team.

A & V Company, Berburry Park, KS
January 2001-September 2001

Principal Consultant & Project Manager.

Ashcroft Consulting Group, Kansas City, MO
March 2000-January 2001

Business Analyst to Project Lead – Assigned to ITAD Sprint PCS- Telesales GUI Design Team

Boston New Bank, Vernon, MA
1986-1990 & 1991-March 2000

  • Director of New System Conversions, February 1998 & March 2000
  • Business Analyst/New System Development, August 1997 to February 1998
  • Project Coordinator, May 1995 to October 1997
  • Report Scheduler and Conversion Coordinator, September 1991 to May 1995
  • Various Supervisory and Clerical positions 1986-1990

Superior Bank and Trust Company, Boston, MA
1990 – 1991

Supervisor of Daily Operations for Closed End Funds, 1990 to September 1991

Skill Sets Skills:

Operational Management, Project Management, Project/Team Lead, Business Analysis, Process Re-engineering, Troubleshooting , Facilitation, Use Cases, Scope Management, Project Methodology, Application Testing, Software Development, Client Management/Retention, Data Conversions, Data Mapping, Training, Support Desk


MS Project, MS Office, allCLEAR, StarTeam, ACT 2001, Clarify: ClearSales + iSales

Industry Experience:

Stock Transfer, Corporate Mergers, Employee Stock Purchase/Option Plans and Administration, IPO s, Proxy, Dividend Reinvestment, Mutual Funds, Reports Management, Sales Activities, Literature Fulfillment, Account Management, CRM, Telesales Call Center


Boston University 1999 Project Management Certificate 10 month Program University of Massachusetts, Boston 1987-1991
Concentration in Business Northeastern University, Boston 1986-1987,
Concentration in Business Boston College, Boston 1985-1986
Concentration in Management Continuing Education – Various Training Seminars for:

  • Microsoft Suite,
  • Effective Management,
  • Team Leadership,
  • Project Management,
  • Negotiations,
  • Conflict Resolution,
  • Presentations

Resume 9

Samples represents that of an actual working technical professional found on the WEB and modified to protect the privacy of these professionals. Human names, company names, colleges, software product names are intentionally made up.


Eugene Hartnett

Orange Village, CA


Seeking Position as a Business Analyst or Project Manager. Will relocate upon completion of job selection process. Open to extensive travel.

Qualifications Summary

  • Industry experience includes Utility Deregulation, Utility EDI, Utility Service Order, Utility Billing, Utility CIS, Utility AM/FM/GIS, Telecommunication and Pharmaceutical Systems.
  • Business Process Re-engineering tasks for 10 years experience doing Workflow and Manual to Automated Process Analysis.
  • Business Analyst for 6 years experience doing Analysis and Design using JAR, JAD, Work Break Down, Entity Relationship, Data Flow, Structure Chart and Flow Chart documentation.
  • Project Management for 3 years experience doing Y2K conversion and replacement projects valued over 2 million and a mobile computing project valued over 10 million.
  • All projects met time and budget guidelines using MS Project and other Project Management tools.
  • Total Customer Care for 10 years experience doing On-Site, Call Center and End User Support.
  • Sr. Programmer Analyst for 10 years experience doing Legacy, Server and PC systems development and maintenance support.
  • Database Programmer Analyst for 10 years experience doing the development of custom database management systems.

Professional Experiences

Position: Utility Deregulation Business Analyst From 04/2002 to 05/2002.
Employer: Advanced Computer Resources, Addison, UT
System: Central Hudson Energy Utility Deregulation EDI System.
Experience: Duties included Analysis, Design, Development and Support of CHE Utility Deregulation EDI System Transactions for New York State Deregulation Project.
Hardware: Microsoft Windows NT, UNIX and IBM 390.
Languages: Mercator, X.12, EDI and Adabas Natural.
Databases: Mercator, IMS and DB2.
Travel: Traveled 0 percent to customer sites.
Reason for leaving: Limited Contract.

Position: Client Support Services Analyst From 07/2001 to 12/2001.
Employer: David Consulting Services, Sacramento, CA on contract with Digital Distribution, Santa Clara, CA.
System: Cardinal Pharmaceutical Warehousing and Distribution System.
Experience: Duties included Level 1 and 2 Call Center Support for Cardinal Pharmaceutical Warehousing and Distribution System. Duties included Analysis and Design Client Support Services Documentation Standards. Duties included acquiring working knowledge of Pharmaceutical Warehousing and Distribution.
Hardware: HP 9000, HP 3000, IBM AS400, Microsoft Windows NT, UNIX and Sterling.
Languages: C, C++, Java, HTML, X.12, EDI and RPG.
Databases: Informix, Oracle, Sybase, HP DBS, AS400 DBS and MS SQL.
Travel: Traveled 0 percent to customer sites.
Reason for leaving: Limited Contract.

Position: Consulting Business Analyst From 02/2000 to 08/2000.
Employer: Resolving Systems, Inc., Maplewood, CO.
System: Telephone Switching and Routing System.
Experience: Duties included Analysis and Design of Telephone ISDN Switching and Routing Software. Duties included Design and Development of Telephone Local Number Portability Documentation Standards. Duties included acquiring working knowledge of Telephone Switching and Routing Engineering.
Hardware: Microsoft Windows NT and UNIX.
Languages: C, C++, Java, HTML, CORBA and Visual Modeling with UML Rational Rose .
Databases: Oracle, Sybase and SQL.
Travel: Traveled 20 percent to customer sites.
Reason for leaving: Lack of Contracts.

Position: Product Business Analyst From 05/1998 to 09/1999.
Employer: ZetaCom Solutions, Inc., Arden, OR and Denver, CO.
System: Utility E-CIS Billing and Service Order System.
Experience: Duties included Analysis, Design, Development, Installation and Support of Utility E-CIS Billing and Service Order System Software and End-User Custom Software components. Duties included acquiring working knowledge of Utility Energy Distribution Engineering, CIS, Billing, Call-Center and Deregulation.
Hardware: IBM AS400, Microsoft Windows NT, UNIX, IBM MQ Series and Graphic Workstations.
Languages: RPG, RPGLE, C, C++, Java, HTML, X.12, EDI and Visual Modeling with UML Rational Rose .
Databases: AS400 Relational DBMS and SQL.
Travel: Traveled 25 to 50 percent to customer sites.
Reason for leaving: Layoff due to Lack of Contracts.

Position: Project Manager & Business Analyst From 02/1995 to 05/1998.
Employer: ABC Global Services at Midwest Service Company of Colorado, Denver, CO.
System: Utility Computer Aided Engineering, Automated Mapping, Facility Management, Graphical Information, Service Order and Mobile Computing System.
Experience: Duties included Y2K Readiness Training of staff and Certification of Public Service Company System Components. Duties included Project Management of Modification of AM/FM/GIS Service Order System Components and Replacement of Mobile Computing System Components. All projects were delivered within time and budgetary constraints using MS Project and other Project Management tools and techniques. Duties included acquiring working knowledge of Utility Energy Distribution Engineering, CIS, Billing, Call-Center and Deregulation.
Hardware: IBM 3090, IBM AS400, MS Win NT, UNIX and Graphic Workstations.
Languages: PLI, COBOL, FORTRAN, GPG, Graphics, C, C++, Java and HTML.
Databases: GeoManager.DB2, AS400 Relational DBMS, SQL, QMF, IMS, VSAM and CICS.
Travel: Traveled 15 to 25 percent to customer sites.
Reason for leaving: Career, unable to transfer to other IBM projects.

Position: Sr. Software Programmer Analyst From 10/1987 to 02/1995.
Employer: Midwest Service Company of Colorado, Denver, CO.
System: Utility Computer Aided Engineering, Automated Mapping, Facility Management, Graphical Information, Service Order and Mobile Computing System.
Experience: Duties included Analysis, Design, Development, Maintenance and Support of AM/FM/GIS Service Order and Mobile Computing System Components. Duties included acquiring working knowledge of Utility Energy Distribution Engineering, CIS, Billing, Call-Center and Deregulation.
Hardware: IBM 3090, IBM AS400, MS Win NT, UNIX and Graphic Workstations.
Languages: PLI, COBOL, FORTRAN, Graphical Programming, C, C++, Java and HTML.
Databases: GeoManager.DB2, AS400 Relational DBMS, SQL, QMF, IMS, VSAM and CICS.
Travel: Traveled 15 to 25 percent to customer sites.
Reason for leaving: Computer Department outsourced to IBM Global Services, took job with IBM GS.

Position: Sr. Software Programmer Analyst From 07/1986 to 10/1987.
Employer: McDonnell Douglas Consulting, Denver, CO.
System: Telecommunications Computer Aided Engineering, Automated Mapping, Facility Management, Graphical Information and Service Order System.
Experience: Duties included Analysis, Design, Development, Maintenance and Support of Telecommunications AM/FM/GIS System Components. Duties included acquiring working knowledge of Telephone In-side Plant Engineering.
Hardware: VAX 8200, VAX 8300 and Graphic Workstations.
Languages: Fortran, Graphics and Assembler.
Databases: GDS HLAI and FOCUS HLI.
Travel: Traveled 5 to 15 percent to customer sites.
Reason for leaving: Lack of Contracts.

Extended Professional Experiences

Sr. Software Engineering Computer Consultant for 5 years.
DBMS Programmer Analyst for 10 years.
Software Engineering Programmer Analyst for 5 years.
Computer Operations for 5 years.

Presentations, Awards and Education

Attended extended business skill development education classes over the years.
Reference to below presentation in Joint Application Design/Development by Mei C. Yatco, 1999 .
Performed IBM Y2K Software Engineering Readiness Training from 1997 to 1998 .
Achieved IBM Y2K Software Engineering Readiness Certification 1997 .
Completed IBM Project Management Boot Camp 1995 .
Presentation of Customer Involved Participation as Part of the Application Development Process at the AM/FM/GIS Conference, Denver, CO 1994 .
Presented Award Texas Jaycees Health and Safety Project of the Year 1982 .
Presented US Army and US Air Force Meritorious Service Medal 1979 .
Graduated Phoenix College Associates in Computer Science and Math 1979 .

Resume 10

Samples represents that of an actual working technical professional found on the WEB and modified to protect the privacy of these professionals. Human names, company names, colleges, software product names are intentionally made up.


Janet Charles

65 Stone Ave., Apt. B
Irving, NY 11238

Career Profile

Project Leader/Senior Business Analyst with extensive and diversified experience in the financial industry. Areas of expertise include brokerage and exchange systems, especially equities, listed options and futures product lines. Particularly effective at moving project from conception through implementation, insuring completion on or ahead of budget and schedule. Well developed organizational, managerial, and interpersonal skills, with the ability to motivate and empower staff.


  • Developed and implemented NYSE Market Data Inquiry System.
  • Organized development and expansion of the Specialist Principal Reporting System SPRS and off floor areas of specialists firms.
  • Designed and implemented all operations and surveillance systems and reports for both the North Adams Futures Exchange and the North Adams Options Exchange.
  • Oversaw the daily operations of the SIAC/NSCC branches.
  • Actively involved as a member of industry and in-house advisory and operating committees.

Professional Experience

Irving Stock Exchange, Inc., Irving, NY

Director, Equity Systems 1995-2000

  • Acted as part of team that supervised the trading floor retrofit, including new hardware and software specifically designed for digital systems.
  • Designed new formats and order types to facilitate entry of decimal and fractional equity orders.
  • Participated in task forces charged with Year 2000 and Billion Share Day readiness.

Director, Options Development 1986-1995, 1981-1984

  • Directed the design and development of all trading, settlement, and surveillance systems and reports required for trading on the North Adams Options Exchange.
  • Coordinated the automated formats, inter-exchange usage and physical space required for the trading of equities and options side-by-side.

Director, Trading Floor Systems 1984-1986

  • Guided the development and expansion of Display Book technology for the trading floor.
  • Coordinated the efforts of the DOT Service Desk and Odd Lot Input areas in their support of the expansion of SuperDOT, the Broker Booth System, Display Books and Option trading.

Securities Clifford Automation Corporation, Brooklyn, NY

Manager, Branch Services

  • As part of task force, designed and developed the North Adams Futures Exchange, specifically the trading, settlement, and surveillance systems formats and reports.
  • Actively involved in industry and in-house operating and operating committees.

Plaine Webster, North Adams, NY

Assistant Vice President, New Products and Procedures

  • Developed and implemented the first real-time, option order match system in a brokerage firm. System was developed in conjunction with IBM. Reduced option staff by 60 .
  • Improved the process that developed and implemented all trading and settlement reports relating to enhancements and/or new systems.
  • Oversaw the installation and expansion of the first microfiche system for long-term storage of settlement information. Paper savings in initial year paid for equipment and training.

George Fergan, Inc., North Adams, NY

Co-Ordinator, Branch Liaison

  • Organized, scheduled and facilitated operations training workshops for over 150 branch offices.
  • Initiated the development and implementation of systems and procedures related to branch operations.
  • Participated, as part of task force, in the implementation of a real-time, equity order match system, resulting in 30 reduction of order room staff.


Polytechnic University, Brooklyn, NY 1996
MS, Organizational Behavior

North Adams University, North Adams, NY 1988
BA, Organizational Communications

American Management Association, North Adams, NY 1992
Certified Strategic Planner

Resume 11

Samples represents that of an actual working technical professional found on the WEB and modified to protect the privacy of these professionals. Human names, company names, colleges, software product names are intentionally made up.


Edward Kulpinski

123 North Drive
London, Ontario, CANADA


To use analysis expertise and excellent communication skills, both written user manuals, business process/requirements docs., contingency plans and oral facilitated JAD sessions, conducted hiring interviews, conducted hundreds of presentations , gained over 16 years professional experience to develop and/or manage the development of projects.


January 2001 to April 2002
Morren, Inc. I.T. Consultant, State Farm Insurance, USA

Project Leader / Business Analyst

  • Analyzed, defined, documented and communicated business requirements and solutions to meet business partners needs for a new Financial Data Mart FDM developed using Cognos Tool Suite
  • Coordinated/Participated in the testing of the business requirements.
  • Coordinated/Participated in the validation of the data within the FDM.
  • Responsible for planning, staffing and mentoring of new Business Analyst.
  • Conducted weekly team meetings and prepared weekly Status Reports.
  • Coordinated communications to and from the Sponsorship Team as they related to the Business Analyst BA Team.
  • Coordinated/Participated in the development and deployment of training on the FDM to team members and Business Partners.
  • Responsible for coordinating, tracking and updating project issues, risks and change controls that impacted the BA Team.

June 1999 to August 2000
Morren, Inc. I.T. Consultant, Manulife Century, Tokyo, Japan

Project Manager / Business Analyst

  • Coordinated and conducted meetings with the business areas and, through that process gained an understanding of how each department functioned. From those meetings reporting standards/processes, templates and reporting spreadsheets for Project Managers were developed.
  • Working with line-area representatives, coordinated the collection and analysis of bi-weekly statistics for core projects and presented them in a report to Senior Management
  • Created Reporting Templates and schedules for work areas to use to report statistics. Assigned roles to work area representatives for reporting.
  • Collected, analyzed and presented statistics for work areas in a weekly and monthly report to Senior Management
  • Scheduled and conducted several meetings with all levels of staff to develop and implement the Budget Management Process for managing company-wide budgets. This project was scheduled over three phases.
  • Created process documents, reporting specs and templates, training material and slideshow presentations for the Budget Management Project for the monthly, quarterly and annual budget processes

May 1998 to June 1999
Morren, Inc. – I.T. Consultant, Manulife Financial, London, Ontario

Business Analyst

  • Working within a team of Analysts, developed the full cycle process for assessing Year 2000 compliance readiness both from a technical perspectives as well as a process/disaster recovery plan perspective of major business partners – all internal communication was via Lotus Notes.
  • Working with internal work areas, developed and implemented project plans to mitigate operational expenses
  • Through the use of questionnaires and meetings, assessed the Y2K risk of external business partners in partnership with senior internal management
  • Evaluated project plans and test strategies of internal business units
  • Created test strategies and plans to evaluate Y2K readiness of external systems.
  • Created contingency plans in the event that Y2K efforts failed for external business partners. The results of these plans allowed for a continuation of business for the internal work areas of Manulife Financial.

October 1995 to May 1998
Ministry of Community and Social Services, London, Ontario

Project Analyst/Manager

  • Gathered user requirements from field staff, wrote the user manual and created the training material for the Welfare Fraud Control Database.
  • Managed the Welfare Fraud Hotline and ran ad hoc reports from the Welfare Fraud Control Database. Developed the back-up process for data entered into the Database application, as well as a recovery plan in case of an application disaster. Additional duties included hiring of administrative and technical staff and coordinating their roles to produce a smooth transition during implementation.
  • Conducted presentations using MS PowerPoint of the Welfare Fraud Control program to Senior Management and staff across the province of Ontario.
  • Prepared statistical and management reports for the Welfare Fraud Control Database. Those reports were used for media releases and provided the Ontario Government with regular status updates.
  • Developed, implemented and managed the Child Support Tracking System. Some of the responsibilities included gathering user requirements, writing the user manual and setting and managing the project budget, as well as creating a process for data recovery and business continuity in the event of an application disaster. Several meetings were scheduled and conducted with field staff to gain an understanding of the business user requirements.
  • Prepared Briefing Notes and correspondence for the Minister of Community and Social Services

April 1993 to October 1995
Ministry of Community and Social Services, London, Ontario

Business Analyst

  • Participated in the business requirements gathering, design, testing and implementation phases of the Caseworker Technology CWT Project. This system has been implemented in 150 offices for over 8,000 users. Additional duties included coordinating assignments for new Business Analysts hired for the project and, working with the PM, scheduling the testing of new versions of the application and ensuring availability of staff for the testing.
  • Developed decision trees for the CWT application to automate the decision making process in the field for Users
  • Participated in the communication process by preparing and delivering in excess of one hundred presentations about the product
  • Prepared documentation/training material and coordinated and conducted training sessions for Caseworker Technology pilot site

September 1986 to April 1993
Ministry of Community and Social Services, Arlington, Ontario

Income Maintenance Officer/Parental Support Worker

  • Managed a caseload of Social Assistance clients
  • Prepared and facilitated staff training and presentations
  • Responsible for caseload management on vacant caseloads
  • Represented the Minister of Community and Social Services in Provincial Court Family Division and Unified Family Court
  • Initiated action to recover support arrears owing to the Treasurer of Ontario
  • Acted as a resource specialist, on family law and related matters, to Ministry and Municipal staff

Additional Projects:

1999 – Created the presentation delivered to the Board of Governors of Canada Post for the new Electronic Post Office Project


1982 – 1986
McMaster University
Hamilton, Ontario
Hons. B.A., Political Science

Level One – Microsoft Access 95 Training
State Farm Project Methodology Training

Resume 12

Samples represents that of an actual working technical professional found on the WEB and modified to protect the privacy of these professionals. Human names, company names, colleges, software product names are intentionally made up.


Vincent Labarge

175 Michael Road
Kurkland, PA 18058




IT Business professional known for a natural entrepreneurial spirit and ability to develop and implement processes that control and positively impact financial results. Leader who offers in-depth experience in project management, financial management, business administration, information technology applications, customer service, planning, purchasing, and asset control. Hands-on management experience developed and established through a variety of cross-functional businesses team assignments. Strong communication and excellent problem solving skills. Fellow of the Life Management Institute FLMI


1998 – 2002

Systems Project Manager, Enterprise Solutions

Responsible for programming service charges and equipment and software purchases. Directed the activity of five professionals.

1988 – 1998

Director, Individual Business, Personal Insurance, Electronic Installations

Responsible for field laptop programs and IT systems expenses, contract evaluations, equipment selection, purchasing, distribution, inventory control, data base specifications, programming support, profit and loss, and accounting.


  • Created and led 100 million point-of-sale laptop program that allowed a sales force of 8,000 to electronically illustrate, sell and issue policies in a single visit.
  • Managed and modified a system that both billed customers 38 million per year for services and assisted them in controlling and prioritizing spending.
  • Designed and implemented a 24-hour replacement/repair program for the sales force virtually eliminating any productivity loss.
  • Process reengineered all remaining tab operations that resulted in significant savings by releasing all tab equipment and the elimination of the entire tab operations staff.
  • Managed an internal programming consultants group that resulted in a cost efficient alternative to hiring and training outside consultants.
  • Cost reduction review of on-line applications at three computer centers that resulted in overall saving to the customer of 10 . This project also delivered an improved availability and reliability level as a value added component.

Financial Management

  • Established and maintained a system that levelized and depreciated PC equipment, telecommunications and maintenance charges to 1,000 sales offices saving 5-10 million per year.
  • Managed the IT and sales office technology budgets of 72-95 million per year and saved 3-5 million per year through a structured invoice review process.
  • Developed a charitable PC equipment contribution program that provided tax credits for the company and offered computer equipment to education facilities.
  • Established and maintained procedures to deposit money, review vendor invoicing and payments, and process all accounting for the sales office laptop programs.

Purchasing & Negotiating

  • Purchased over 100 million of laptops, saving 36 million in purchase and maintenance costs, providing the sales force with point-of-sale technology.
  • Secured Master Card, Visa and American Express services for sales office programs.
  • Analyzed and made recommendations regarding sales office and IT equipment purchases and alternatives.


Business Administration, St. John s University

Resume 13

Samples represents that of an actual working technical professional found on the WEB and modified to protect the privacy of these professionals. Human names, company names, colleges, software product names are intentionally made up.


Larry Moller

612 Edwards Lane
Brooklyn, NY 11803


A highly effective professional in the design and implementation of business strategies to improve market position. Proven successes in strategic planning, project management, and improving efficiency of operations. Diverse business experience enabling creation and maintenance of strong corporate team. Project manager for all new projects. Highest level of computer literacy.


Moniz Programming and Consulting
1989 – 2001

President 11/01 to present

Project management, operation consulting, custom database programming.

OPERATIONS / Project Manager 1989 to 10/01
American Organics, Inc., Albany, NY 11747
International manufacturer / distributor: consumer goods


  • Cross-functional experience in purchasing, IT, material management, forecasting, demand management, warehousing, distribution, MRP, and customer service.
  • Experienced in operational restructuring of departmental and corporate design to met business growth, and market demands.
  • Functional analyst and project manager for all IT projects: both legacy and SAP systems.
  • Develop detailed documentation for training and testing. Train end users in job specific tasks / new business processes.
  • Restructure organization yielding improved profitability and better service through process improvement.
  • Excellent investigative / listening skills; able to drill down to actual user requirements.
  • Instill highest level of motivation throughout entire organization. Build strong team- spirited environment with proactive leadership style.
  • Instilled strong inter department communication in all companies.
  • Superior ability to identify and document user / process requirements; bridge gap between IT and user communities.
  • Strong financial knowledge enabling review and improvements in all areas effecting P/L.
  • Extremely strong IT background, allowing for seamless integration of new IT initiatives and resources.
  • Excellent communicator, able to effectively interact with all levels of personnel.


  • Project Manager for SAP Implementation: 9 month on time / on budget implementation for 4 corporate companies.
  • Responsible for all pre and post go live business requirements and proper documentation. Managed project list of IT department to prioritize deliverables. Set up and reviewed testing, training and documentation on all modifications and enhancements.
  • Team lead for MM module; new initiatives, configuration, reporting, business system redesign to utilize SAP potential.
  • Installed and administered initial corporate network. Help desk: hands on resolution.
  • Designed / implemented company policies for logistic operations in multi-company environment. Responsible for IT implementation to support policies.
  • Orchestrated the internal growth of company 25M to 80M/yr evolving to an efficient corporate design while maintaining quick response to market demands.
  • Intimate, hands-on knowledge of all logistic departments: have assumed roles of acting Purchasing manager, IT director, and directed finance departments AP/AR as required.
  • Designed and built database applications FilePro to handle raw material procurement: from requisitions to RFQ request for quote to PO; with vendor certification. Module reported on cost changes, and projected effect of raw material cost changes on finished product profit margins.
  • Reorganized manufacturing company after major restructuring. Designed and built FilePro applications for receiving module that tied into purchasing module and warehousing; allowing for complete visibility from requisition to receiving.
  • Built FilePro warehouse location module for the placement and retrieving of materials as well as blind monthly physical inventories. Individual modules for raw materials, finished goods, and labels.
  • Monitored and maintained profit levels and pricing via FilePro database programs.
  • Responsible for UK division startup. Including order processing, distribution, communications, and IT support of the new business unit.
  • Coordinate operations in all companies, plants, and departments to maintained 100 compliance with same day shipments with no backorders or short shipments for 600+ orders / day volume.
  • Built data exchange programs to link FilePro database with legacy order entry and A/R programs.

Beach Packaging Services, Orlando, FL
1976 – 1989

Operations Manager

Contract manufacturers of OTC drugs, cosmetics.


  • Automated production lines: increased output and efficiencies: with investment payback in three years.
  • Monitored company needs during growth from start-up to 5 million dollars/year sales.
  • Developed all department procedures and trained all department managers as company grew from 5 employees to 100+ employees.
  • Computerized operations in many departments: order tracing / status, material inventories.
  • Planned and implemented company and building changes due to growth.


  • Oversee entire company operations for each owner.
  • Key player in establishing good business practices, while maintaining lean overhead.
  • Implement changes in schedules, equipment and procedures to improve profitability.
  • Company liaison for new / existing accounts. Responsible for profitability for all contracts.
  • Oversee all department operations; accounting, inventory, personnel, warehousing, manufacturing, production, and maintenance.
  • Responsible for entire production schedule. Coordinated multi-building operations.
  • Projected and obtained monthly billing requirements.
  • Insure compliance with FDA GMP and OTC drug manufacturing regulations.


New York Institute of Technology 1976

Resume 14

Samples represents that of an actual working technical professional found on the WEB and modified to protect the privacy of these professionals. Human names, company names, colleges, software product names are intentionally made up.


Michael Platts


Boston Fleet – Private Client Services; New York, NY
February 2002- June 2002

Consulting Project Analyst – Advent Integration

  • Manage data translation process between Pershing and Axys accounting platforms.
  • Identify and resolve accounting breaks via reconciliation of taxlot cost basis and realized gain/loss.
  • Define enhancements and perform testing of taxlot reconciliation reports.

Pirro Asset Management; Chicago, IL
October 2001 – January 2002

Project Analyst- Portia Conversion from GIM II

  • Support data import and reconciliation process: data mapping, scrub, accrual and book value reconciliation
  • Manage import process and reconciliation of historical performance data; Assist in report testing.
  • Implement 2a7 compliance application SMART for short-term maturity and variable rate investments.

Deutsche Bank; Albany, NY
October 2000 – March 2001

Consulting Sr. Business Analyst – Global Plus Integration

Managed group of 12, responsible for pre-conversion testing of global custody accounting system. Subject matter expert on investment operations, accounting and reporting.

  • Conduct user interviews to define accounting system business requirements. Determine gaps between functional spec documents and vendor software. Provide recommended changes to workflow process.
  • Translate requirements/objectives, data import procedures and mapping to developers.
  • Develop test cases, scenarios, scripts and expected results to QA accounting functionality, operational reporting and client statement generation. Recommend and define system enhancements.

Oppenheimer Capital; Jersey City, NJ
April 1999 – August 2000

Consulting Business Analyst- Advent Conversion from Portia
Consulting Business Analyst- Portia Conversion from FMC and NIDS
Subject matter expert on portfolio management, trading and accounting applications.

  • Identify data and reporting requirements needed to support business units, answer key questions from end users, recommend customizations or enhancements, review vendor feeds and interfaces.
  • Manage Axys and Portia report writing/testing for trading and operations business units. Manage import and reconciliation of historical performance data. Establish tax reclaim module. Assist in development of custodial trade notification Autofax , reconciliation STaARS interfaces. Automate account termination.
  • Catalog existing or facilitate new business processes, procedures and functions. Develop and document standard departmental operating practices. Conduct user training.
  • Support post-import parallel reconciliation. Review functionality and data integrity of transactions, trade orders and corporate announcements processed through trade management/accounting modules.

ABC Brinson, Inc-Asset Management.; New York, NY
June 1996 – April 1999

Associate Director- Global Operations – Administration and client services
Consulting Business Analyst – Portia Conversion from FMC/SHAW. Subject expert in portfolio administration

  • Conduct user interviews and provide translation to development team. Perform user-acceptance testing,
  • Provide functional specs/mapping for report development, QA reports, automate custodial reconciliation.
  • Create efficiencies in work flow process, document procedures, ad-hoc accounting assignments.

Planchet Investments; Brooklyn, NY
June 1993 – June 1996

Senior Portfolio Administrator

  • Provide accounting and client services for domestic institutional and high net worth clients: Cash flow management, performance measurement, custodial reconciliation, investment advisory fees, Client reporting, distributions, gifting, consultant reporting

Altman Capital Management; New York, NY
November 1992 – June 1993

Contractor-Administration; Marketing

  • Reviewed asset allocations, computed daily ROR s, developed automated billing system
  • Prepared RFP s, supported ad hoc requests for marketing literature, provide client services

Reily Advertising; New York, NY
June 1985 – September 1992

Senior Manager – Advertising Statistics & Budgets/Sales Promotion and Marketing Coordinator


Penn State University and Rutgers University 1983-1988 Architectural Engineering/Marketing


PORTIA, Axys, GlobalPlus, SMART, StaArs, NIDS, MS Office, Bloomberg

Resume 15

Samples represents that of an actual working technical professional found on the WEB and modified to protect the privacy of these professionals. Human names, company names, colleges, software product names are intentionally made up.


Satya Shanari


  • Business Analyst for over 8 years–for a internet Wired & Wireless web portal development project and for a client server development project;
  • Project Coordinator for two years in a project office;
  • Support Engineer for two years in client support environments
  • Business Analysis & Design and documentation; Project Liaison, Tracking & Reporting and Documentation
  • Release Management, Product Development
    • Hands on Oracle / Excel VBA skills / SQL development skills
    • MBA – Information Systems


Welch & Company
Apr 02-July 02

Business Analyst / Project Lead

Project: Track, reconcile the transfer of a small group of Customers and Accounts from Middle Market systems to Small Business Financial Services due to the recent Business Realignment of 3-10MM Middle Market MM customers to Small Business Financial Services SBFS and facilitate information thereof to departmental needs. Reported to VP / Project Manager, Customer Value Management.

Business Analysis:

  • Analyze and facilitate retrieval of MM-to-SBFS customers information from CAPRS / CMIP / IDB
  • Report on pertinent information from the above systems for Sales & Marketing and Customer Management requirements throughout the project and for the cut over to SBFS production systems.

Welch & Company
Feb 00-Aug 01

Business Analyst / Project Coordinator

Project Executive View-EV : Secured Internet portal design, development & implementation for top-tier investment banking clientele. Liaison between business, development and content provider teams. Reported to VP / Relationship Manager, Client Coverage / M & A Technology.

Wired-Site Requirements / Functional Specifications Management:

  • Brainstorm new content requirements with the product development business team–Reuter s Market Data Stock / Fund / Indices / FX Spots & Cross Rates / LIBOR / Treasury , Tradeline Historical Charts Stock / Index / Fund , Dow Jones News Factiva Industry News / DJ Web Plus – Newswire / AFX news , Global Investor News, Fixed Income Economic & Other Research, Equity Research, Fixed Income High-Yield and High-Grade Bond Data, Commercial Paper, Money Market Funds, JP Morgan Multi-media and others–and integrate into requirements gathering.
  • Assist in prototype development requiring consistency in pre-established GUI design and navigation rules
  • Evaluate technical interface requirements XML / SQL / HTML with content providers
  • Conduct data analysis for functional variances, exceptions and processing rules
  • Responsible for Functional Specifications Document and signoff for all scheduled requirement deliverables

Wireless PDA Palm / RIM Requirements Management:

  • Brainstorm content requirements and conduct data / chart requirement analysis with the business team for the wireless delivery of wired-site contents palatable for Palm / RIM platforms.
  • Draft display page design and navigation rules for Palm / RIM delivery based on PDA / Browser characteristics and constraints
  • Assist vendors in Information Architecture Diagram / Design Specifications requiring consistency in pre-established GUI design and navigation rules
  • Assist in preparation of Statement of Work SOW for the wireless program
  • Assist EV development team to draft rules for XML schemas for interfacing with Mobile Web Server

Development Interface / Testing:

  • Conduct Technical Reviews with the development team
  • Review and assist in development of Use Cases
  • Provide clarifications to the development team throughout the development process
  • Conduct unit testing at the desktop environment, log results and sign-off
  • Conduct integration and regression testing in the development environment, log results and sign-off
  • Coordinate UAT user acceptance / QA testing and Production Verification sign-off

Release Coordination / Management:

  • Managed development for two critical releases end-to-end from requirements to production deployment
  • Provided daily reporting on development desktop & integrated status
  • Provide daily reporting on testing desktop, integrated, UAT, QA statuses and sign-off for the entire period of these two releases
  • Check spec sufficiency and approve on defects, enhancements prior to packaging for each of the releases

First American Bank
Jun 98-Feb 00

Business Analyst / Project Coordinator

Project: Project office coordination for tracking compliance, certification and independent validation & verification statuses for the entire ESS suite of applications, Y2K coordination. Reported to VP / Project Office Manager, Enterprise System Solutions Project Office.

  • Responsible for a team of 3 staff members throughout the project for monthly activity reporting.
  • Responsible for coordinating the project plans, development, maintenance, documentation and implementation of an MS-Access based Interface Tracking System ITS . Developed an automated process for Enterprise Project Office EPO reporting needs using feeds from other project offices. Responsible for enhancements and periodic / ad hoc reporting. Developed ITS-Web prototype for the use of future corporate initiatives. Coordinated communication efforts for the project office. Tracked various project milestones. Developed reports to track signoff requirements & statuses from 3rd qtr of 98 to 2nd qtr of 99 for senior management.
  • Responsible for liaison with vendors / department coordinators for status tracking, vendor findings and cost reporting throughout the Independent Validation & Verification IV&V process from 2nd qtr to 3rd qtr of 99.
  • Helped in the conversion and trouble-shooting five different MS-Access 2.0 HR/Payroll applications into MS-Access 97. Helped in the re-design and enhancements to Leave of Absence and Retiree Billing Systems.
  • Facilitated closure of the ESS project office with document retention, archiving procedures and activities.

Ronald Varney, Inc., Business Financial Planning
Jan 94-Jan 98

Business Systems Analyst / Project Lead

Project: Process redesign, prototype and full life cycle development of a document automation system from initiation to implementation for “Business Financial Planner” BFP product–using VB and MS-Office suite with NT client GUI and Sun / Oracle server. Reported to Director, Product Development-BFP.

Project Leader role:

  • Responsible for a team of 3 developers throughout the project for activity reporting.
  • Coordinated the project–requirements gathering from product development group, scheduling quarterly releases, development efforts with other consultants, implementation efforts and user training–in a project lead position.

Requirements Planning / Systems Analyst role:

  • Brainstormed financial planner requirements, workflow and business decision rules involving various financial planning product recommendations for Cash Management, Financing, Asset Allocation, Insurance Planning, Retirement Planning, Succession Planning, Deferred Compensation, and Estate Planning.
  • Brainstormed workflow processes for efficiency and map data dependencies from data entry to production output.
  • Analyzed requirements of historical review and five years projections of the clients financials using contemporary, flexible financial forecasting methods and business valuation practices.
  • Systems analysis and design involve normalizing client profile data and templating various line items of client financials–Income Statement, Balance Sheet and Cash Flow Statement–into appropriate table spaces / schema.
  • Translated financial forecast / business rules to detailed specifications and maintenance of such documents.
  • Established structure and conventions for varied application architectural components–production Excel .XLS, Word .DOT, .INI files and stored procedures for business rules.
  • Developed a prototype design for a client / server model, data modeling for Oracle database and document automation system using Excel/Word. Evaluated client/server architectural components.
  • Documented BFP-wide functional, operational workflow and financial forecasting design specifications.
  • Developed an Intranet Web Server for User Support and System-wide documentation. Hands-on Development Oracle DBA & VBA Programming role:
  • Performed the role of Oracle DBA in the development environment throughout the project. Upgraded Oracle, designed table spaces, administered and periodically reviewed BFP database. Wrote stored procedures for business rules of financial products and recommendations.
  • Designed and developed the backend modules using MS-Excel / VBA / MS-Word / WordBasic for document automation.
  • Developed operational / business results reporting and implemented FTP for data warehousing needs. Prepared sample plans and participated in Unit Testing major releases.

Production Support role:

  • Supported–full time–production environment in a lead position to over 40 users and trouble log coordination.
  • Configured Client PC / NT setups and actively worked on upgrades of various PC components.
  • Provided for DBA support for a period of three years until production systems took over.
  • Supported User Acceptance Testing for major releases. Liaison with other systems personnel for interface and reporting needs.

The University of Mississippi
Aug 90 – Aug 93

Graduate Assistant

  • Requirement analysis, budgeting, procurement and implementation for local area networking of the Computer Center – Fall 90, the School of Education – Spring 91 and the School of Business – Spring 93.


United Systems, Auroville, India
May 87 – Aug 90

Project Coordinator

  • Requirements analysis and development of SFT III on Novell NetWare and Fault Control System for Dept. of Communications-a transaction processing system to facilitate MIS reports.
  • Undertook feasibility studies and coordinated development for Customer Service and Excise applications.
  • Undertook feasibility studies for JIPMER Hospital, various departments of the Government of Pondicherry and a publication company.

Digital Microprocess Controls Ltd, India
May 86 – May 87

Customer Support Engineer

  • Implemented PC-Banking Software–checking account, savings account–at various State Bank of India and State Bank of Travancore branch offices on behalf of the company. Undertook training.

Asian Development Ltd, India
Aug 85 – Feb 86

System Supervisor

  • Developed Payroll application using Cobol on a mini-computer. Maintained Inventory, Warehouse and Production Control & Product Costing applications as a member of the EDP team.

COMPUTER SKILLS Also, please refer to technical section at the bottom

  • Oracle, ODBC, SQL
  • Net, Report Writer, GQL, DbArtisan ERWIN-like , DbStudio
  • MS-Access, Excel-VBA/WordBasic, HTML, SQL, PL/SQL, MF-COBOL, MS-Access/VBA Basic
  • MS-Project, MS-Word/Excel/PowerPoint, MS-Publisher, Lotus Notes, VISIO
  • FrontPage 98, HTML, XML
  • Windows / NT, Sun Solaris, Novell NetWare

Technical Environment

Hand-on skills

Welch Project:

Windows / VB / MS-Word VBA / MS-Excel VBA / MS-Access / Oracle ODBC – client; Sun OS / Oracle 7.3.2 – server Oracle – Development DBA / Stored procedures / Install / Upgrade / Cron jobs / backup / restore etc, Oracle administration tools used: dbArtisan / Oracle Enterprise Manager, MS-Word / MS-Excel VBA – based application development using Word / Excel templates, Windows tools – PC-NFS, ODBC manager, SQL*Net, SQL*Plus

First American Bank Project:

MS-Access 97 based development and upgrading older applications to MS-Access 97, Lotus Notes MS – Access – based application development using Word / Excel templates

Ronald Varney Project:

Websphere 3.4, Netscape Application Server, Sun Servers, IE / Netscape client browser, Oracle databases, XML interfaces to external data-providers, Java, JSP, Servlets / Beans, HTML, and XML, Oracle SQL, HTML, XML data types, formatting, data modeling, data mapping