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Resume 1

Samples represents that of an actual working technical professional found on the WEB and modified to protect the privacy of these professionals. Human names, company names, colleges, software product names are intentionally made up.


Russel Lorenzo

162 Pasific Drive
Santa Clara, CA


  • More than a dozen years in Call Center Manager/Director positions in Computer Hardware, Software and Services companies.
  • Successfully built integrated, expandable, self-maintaining, cost-effective support systems for four companies.
  • Responsible for annual budgets over 1,000,000. Anticipated expenditures and managed my team within budget every year.
  • Managed the RFP Request for Proposal process to define needs, identify likely solutions, evaluate, select, purchase and implement all third-party tools for my departments.
  • Negotiated purchase and support contracts for various third party products and services, and managed those relationships over time.
  • Developed appropriate metrics to measure performance and provide early indicators of areas to improve. Created processes and procedures aimed at constant improvement in all areas.
  • Built teams of greater than 40 employees in multiple locations and time zones.
  • Accurately forecasted support needs and proactively staffed and trained to meet future needs.
  • Consistently recognized for my outstanding Team Building and Employee Development skills.
  • Acted as Implementer and/or System Administrator for several CRM tools, including Seibel, Clarify Clear Support, Magic Solutions, Intellisystems VRU and Kana Email management products.
  • A team-player , I try to build consensus among my employees as well as my peers and superiors in my companies before committing to any large changes in tools, processes or procedures. I try to ensure that my solutions and improvements work well for me and do not cause any undue difficulties for my co-workers.
  • A hands-on Manager and Director, I keep my technical skills current. I recently attended Solaris System Administrator training, and am learning the basics of Java Programming. My PC skills are also current as both a power-user and as an administrator of most Windows OS es.


NetSystems, Inc., Sacramento, CA
4-2000 to Current

Cross Media Publishing startup

Director of Client Services

My role was to define and build a customer and technical support infrastructure. For NetSystems this included Customer Service, Technical Support, QA, Internal and Customer Training, Sales Engineering and Professional Services duties.

  • Wrote Service Level Agreements relevant to all anticipated products and services we intended to offer, including System Sales, A.S.P. and various Maintenance contracts.
  • Selected and installed/configured various tools to facilitate my job performance. These included a bug tracking system and a new phone system.
  • Hired and Trained employees to assist with my various responsibilities.
  • Acted as the Customer Advocate throughout the entire product development cycle to ensure all components were focused on the needs of our end-users.
  • Participated in all Engineering discussions on how to best implement our product goals.
  • Facilitated interdepartmental agreements on services to offer and ways to best serve our customers.
  • Fulfilled several roles, including System Administrator, Sales Engineer, Trainer and On-Site Installer in addition to my management duties.

EasyBuy Software, Inc., San Jose, CA
7-99 to 4-2000

eCommerce startup

Director of Customer Support

Joined the company to create a support system and team for EasyBuy s newest business group, sMessaging.

My role was to select all necessary tools and products, and build a team capable of meeting a service level that I defined based on corporate goals established in discussion with my superiors.

  • Performed a cost analysis of all possible support vectors, including Toll Free and Fee based phone support, email support, web-based customer self-service and Chat as well as service package based approaches. Delivered options based on cost/subscriber for variable contact volumes.
  • Selected appropriate tools based on cost and presumed value. Negotiated purchase contracts, purchased tools and spearheaded the implementation processes.
  • When we chose Seibel as our CRM tool, I participated on the Implementation Team.
  • Determined a multi-level support system and created job descriptions for each level. These included pre-sales, customer service, implementation support, post-sales tech support and Domain Master activities for our group.
  • Hired senior and junior level agents to meet anticipated contact volumes for our new business group.
  • Using the skills of my team, we created a full set of internal training documents, Policy and Procedure statements, Domain Registration and Transfer processes appropriate to our business, and created all content for the support section of our website FAQ s tutorials, help files, etc .
  • Performed as a customer advocate at all times and to all levels of the company.

Aqua.Net Internet Service Provider, San Mateo, CA
9-97 to 4-98

Manager of Technical Support

  • Re-built entire department. Examined all aspects of our service delivery systems in order to provide a consistent, cost-effective support system. Created an integrated framework for future department growth.
  • Implemented a consistent training program.
  • Began and maintained regular call center metrics reports.
  • Purchased and implemented a high end call tracking program Clarify s Clear Support .
  • Some of the quantifiable results of my efforts with Aqua.Net were:
    • Reduced headcount in my department by 15 while addressing 20 more customer contacts per week Actual productivity per tech rose over 40 .
    • Reduced turnover by 50 as a result of a more stable work environment and procedures.
    • Based on the results of a series of quarterly Customer Surveys, we improved our customer satisfaction rating from under 50 when I joined the company to where over 75 of our users said they had a “Better than expected” experience with my department and “would recommend Aqua.Net to others”.

Muller Microware, Ltd., San Francisco, CA
11-88 to 4-97

Manager of Technical Support Hardware and Software 11-94 to 4-97

  • In the course of 8-1/2 years with KML I was responsible for creating and implementing every aspect of our end-user support system.
  • Developed and managed a 1 million dollar plus annual budget.
  • As an advocate of using appropriate technology to deliver higher service levels I saved an estimated 200,000 per year by avoiding unnecessary headcount and repeat contacts by our customers.
  • Integrated support for all Day-Timer software products after KML formed a joint venture company with Day-Timer, Inc.
  • Managed a group of 40+ techs delivering phone, fax, online and email support for multiple product lines Muller, Silicon Sports and Statx hardware and Day-Timer and Chronologic software in multiple locations.
  • Helped establish end-of-life-cycle guidelines for Day-Timer software products.
  • Worked with Day-Timer product development and QA to ensure that user feedback was respected in future feature and design creation.
  • Performed detailed request-for-proposal project to determine a suitable call tracking system for Muller and Day-Timer s future tech support needs.
  • Purchased, implemented and customized Intellisystem s interactive voice response system to deal with frequently asked questions.
  • Aggressively championed various automated systems to allow us to reduce the cost per contact in all support areas.

Manager of Technical Support 11-89 to 11-94

  • Developed and managed a group of 15 techs delivering phone, fax, online forum and email support for multiple Muller hardware product lines.
  • Provided senior level tech support to our customers.
  • Created a cost effective hardware repair depot to refurbish damaged products.
  • Provided cost justification for a lifetime warranty on certain products.
  • Drove the creation of various online support forums AOL, CompuServe, Apple Link and eventually our own website .
  • Designed and delivered various training sessions to my techs.
  • Negotiated and maintained various Service Level Agreements.
  • Participated in the budgeting process and controlled expenditures in my department.

Returns Manager 11-88 to 11-89

  • Cleared backlog of end-user and dealer/distributor product return requests.
  • Created separate, consistent return procedures for end-users and dealer/distributor accounts.
  • Helped Muller gain an industry-wide reputation for top quality customer support.


College of San Mateo, San Mateo, CA
Management and Computer Science 1993-1997

S.U.N.Y. at Stony Brook Stony Brook, NY
Economics Major 1984-1986

Various Trade Seminars on Management topics such as Contract Negotiations, Training Methods, Effective Telephone Communication, Handling Harassment Claims, Legal Issues involving Managers in California, Support Services Conference and Expo and others.

Resume 2

Samples represents that of an actual working technical professional found on the WEB and modified to protect the privacy of these professionals. Human names, company names, colleges, software product names are intentionally made up.


Mark T. Douglas

221 Ocean Circle
Fremont, California 93063


Seeking a full time support and or operations management position within a growth industry providing opportunity to contribute to company expansion, increased market share, customer satisfaction, performance and profitability.


A knowledgeable, success driven Customer Services Business Manager with versatile, proven leadership and management experience involving:

  • Interfacing with professionals, senior management and customer liaison.
  • Program and business development.
  • Proposal and contract negotiations.
  • Vendor Relationships.
  • Change Management & Team Building.
  • Staff supervision, recruiting, selection, evaluation, training and motivation.
  • Both centralized and decentralized field service, repair facilities, training, logistics, administration, marketing and telephone based technical assistance operations.
  • Creating and implementing policies and procedures.
  • Committee and team participation.
  • Budgeting combined with Business unit management.
  • Customer satisfaction and quality control improvements.
  • Conducting industry analysis and benchmarking for continuous competitive advantage.
  • Profitable P&L management.
  • Help Desk & Call Center operations with CRM.
  • Knowledgeable in service marketing and sales channels, direct, distribution, reseller.
  • Knowledgeable in Windows 95, 98 & NT, IBM 3270 environments, data communications and LAN/WAN topologies, Lucent and Aspect ACD, CMS & IVR, Internet, Knowledgebase Applications, Customer Relationship Management, Microsoft Office Suite and Workforce Management programs.


Repositioned and restructured a service organization from a “fix the equipment” to a “fix the customer” team approach resulting in increased product sales and top ratings by end users in major industry surveys on customer satisfaction.

Improved productivity, utilization and customer satisfaction levels resulting in significant overhead cost reductions combined with increased sales and expanded market share.

A creative, articulate professional with excellent organizational, analytical and interpersonal skills who uses proactive, strategic planning as the foundation of winning teams and generating new business to ensure company growth along with improved customer service and satisfaction, loyalty, retention and repeat business.


Ernest Computer, Oakwood, CA
2000 to 2001


  • Managed and directed multiple outsourced Help Desk operations for major pharmaceutical corporation client, supporting over 6000 campus and 800 remote users.
  • Established process and productivity improvements and assisted client with implementation of Knowledgebase applications.
  • Developed and implemented quantifiable departmental guidelines and procedures.
  • Improved recruitment efforts, employee retention and training.
  • Performed revisions and monitoring of service level agreements.
  • Instituted change management to enhance and improve customer satisfaction levels.
  • Resolved daily operational issues associated with help desk operations, people management along with introduction of new strategic client initiatives.
  • Developed client and vendor partnership relations.
  • Instituted best practices for continuous improvement.

Service Direct, Inc., Santa Clara, CA
1999 to 2000


Managed and directed product technical support involving inbound call center operations for direct marketing telecommunications company. Established quantifiable departmental guidelines, improved recruitment, revised service level agreements, performed change management, greatly improved customer satisfaction levels. Established process and productivity improvements, developed customer satisfaction, renewal and retention programs. Performed budgetary and strategic planning to help achieve corporate goals. Assisted in launching Primus Knowledgebase technology to supplement call center operations and allow for end user self help assistance.

Significant Accomplishments:

  • Streamlined and reengineered workflow and processes resulting in support cost reductions of 21 .
  • Instituted Customer Relationship Management concepts improving repeat business by 8 .
  • Implemented Best Practices philosophy within operations reducing repeat calls by 13 .
  • Reduced overall corporation product return rate by 12 .
  • Revised technical and operational manuals for end user clarification and ease of use.

Beverly Corporation, Pittsburgh, PA
1991 to 1999


Responsible for call center, telephone based, inbound / outbound help desk operations designed to provide 24×7 life cycle technical support and customer service involving applications, pre / post sale support functions for 7000 products and 250 vendors. Short and long term operations, scheduling, planning, project management, system integration, competitive analysis, staffing, budget and customer satisfaction improvements for worldwide direct marketing data communications and networking solutions provider.

Significant Accomplishments:

  • Reengineered departmental organization and operations to focus on core business objectives.
  • Maximized manpower planning reducing wait for live answer support time by 120 .
  • Developed new product launch strategies and support services for improved profit margins.
  • Elevated operation to World Class level industry leader in customer support.

Advanced Research, Concord, CA
1988 to 1991


Provided management and strategic direction to quality and customer service organizations. Responsibilities included: Profitable business unit operations, service marketing, receiving and final inspection, quality control and assurance, vendor quality and relationships, depot repair activities, field service operations, international service centers, metrology, technical assistance response centers, installation planning / coordination, systems integration, project scheduling and customer satisfaction improvement programs for leading light measurement instrumentation company.

Significant Accomplishments:

  • Improved service profit margin and dollar revenue by 48 .
  • Increased productivity and throughput by 65 .
  • Decreased backlog by 100 while improving response time by 375 .

REDO Systems, Inc., San Mateo, CA
1978 to 1988


Conceptualized, developed, staffed and directed a customer service division consisting of over 200 technical service professionals responsible for all US pre and post sales activity, short term operations and long term strategies including profitable P&L and finished goods inventory. Responsibilities included technical assistance centers, field service remote offices, depot repair, P&L, training and administration management for data communications / telecommunications manufacturer.

Significant Accomplishments:

  • Initiated innovative service strategies and offerings as competitive advantage for corporate growth.
  • Increased maintenance contract penetration by 23 along with a renewal rate of 95 .
  • Performed analysis and established criteria resulting in cost reductions of 27 per year.

TechnoMix Systems, San Diego, CA
1973 to 1978


Managed all aspects of regional field service post sales operations including budget, applications, installation scheduling, software and on-site service support functions.

Significant Accomplishments:

  • Improved productivity and customer satisfaction levels by 33 .
  • Repositioned and restructured a service organization to a customer versus equipment focus.
  • Achieved top ratings by users in industry surveys along with increased company sales and profitability.


California Coast University; Business Administration
Crosby Quality College; Senior Corporate Quality Education Program
University of Southern California USC ; Service Management Executive Program
University of California, Los Angeles UCLA ; Executive Management Development
Capitol Engineering Institute; Computer Engineering

Resume 3

Samples represents that of an actual working technical professional found on the WEB and modified to protect the privacy of these professionals. Human names, company names, colleges, software product names are intentionally made up.


Nancy Howard

452 Fremonts Ave
Sacramento, CA 94555


Seeking a Customer Service/Call Center/Tech Support type position which corresponds with my background experience.


DSL SERVICES, Hayward, California

DSL Customer Service/Call Center-Provisioning

  • Customer Service/Call Center type position directed at answering incoming calls relative to troubleshooting DSL service issues as well as follow-up on technical install/activation dates.
  • Scheduling of Technicians for Business or Residential installations and/or repairs.
  • Lots of Data Entry pertaining to detailed descriptions of technical information relative to DSL/Internet/Modem types involving problem solving-troubleshooting skills.
  • Accuracy and documentation of facts and dates, confirmation of services-products ordered through the SBC-Pacific Bell Business Office.
  • Handled ISP s such as Earthlink and AOL for end-user related problems.
  • Escalation handling to 1st. and 2nd levels, issuance of trouble tickets using handoff methods to various departments within the Northern and Southern California regions.
  • Knowledge of Windows NT software.

ABC WIRELESS/VERIZON, Sacramento, California

Customer Service/Receptionist

  • Customer Service Representative for wireless cell phones.
  • Answered incoming calls, Troubleshooted cell phone related service and equipment problems, resolved and directed customers to Customer Care Assistance line.
  • Placed cell phone activation orders, determined product repair or exchange within warranty policies, coordinated scheduling of technicians for onsite repairs.
  • Handled receiving of cell phones and parts, consulted and educated customers on equipment and value-added features based on the customer s needs.

ST. JOHN HOSPITAL, Redwood, California

Radiology Dept. File Clerk Short Hour-Position

  • Radiology File Clerk on call status to short hour position.
  • Responsibilities included working in a fast paced environment by filing and creating X-ray jackets.
  • File retrieval according to information via the X-ray printer.
  • Computer scanning of medical records.
  • Accurate typing skills 35wpm.
  • Answered telephone-related requests from various departments within the hospital regarding patient files, processed incoming/outgoing mail on the weekend shift.


Bank Teller Temporary-Position

Temporarily performed Bank Teller duties handling transactions, posted checks and cash deposits to accounts, cross selling of credit union products, check encoding, check proofing, selling money orders, copying and faxing documents.


Bank PBX Receptionist

  • Central PBX Operator and Receptionist for the bank.
  • Responsible for screening and routing incoming telephone calls.
  • Accurate message taking, greeting and announcing clients.
  • Maintained records and the distribution of parking validations.
  • Processed incoming/outgoing mail.
  • Arranged conference room scheduling.
  • Organization of customer files.


General Clerk/Receptionist

  • Worked as a General Clerk and Receptionist in the office of the president.
  • Maintained records and files of customers in alphabetic and numerical arrangement.
  • Light clerical duties consisting of typing short letters, envelopes and labels, faxing messages, sorting and distributing mail.
  • Receptionist reliefs during breaks and lunch time.
  • Knowledge of AT&T Systems #100 and #25 switchboard console.


Mount San Antonio College Walnut,CA
North West Medical College Pomona,CA
Yuba City High School Yuba City,CA

Resume 4

Samples represents that of an actual working technical professional found on the WEB and modified to protect the privacy of these professionals. Human names, company names, colleges, software product names are intentionally made up.


Sharon Gray

413 Redwood Way
Chelmsford, MA 01960


GRECO Software, Inc., Arlington, MA
12/00 07/01

Vice President, Support Services 12/00 07/01

  • Responsible for services organization including Technical Support, Pre-Sales Support, Consulting & Training at a company that develops testing tools for the performance and scalability of web applications.
  • Negotiated & implemented training & consulting agreements with strategic partners and system integrators.
  • Established certification program for partners.
  • Executive management responsibility for large benchmarking projects with key vendors.

Mirantis Corporation, Devens, MA
04/00 10/00

Acting Vice President, Customer Service 04/00 10/00

  • Hired as a consultant to establish the customer service organization, which includes the technical support, implementation services, pre-sales support and operations groups, for this start-up ASP that develops, integrates and hosts PRM solutions.
  • Staffed the organization from two people to a team of nine people.
  • Implemented methodologies for ensuring our customers are successfully implemented, deployed and maintain system reliability.
  • Instituted infrastructure necessary to ensure ongoing high levels of customer satisfaction.

Advanced Software, Incorporated, Arlington, MA
10/98 04/00

Vice President, Customer Service 10/98 – 4/00

  • Instrumental in working with Concord management to help transition the Customer Service team into Concord s Customer Services team.
  • Established the customer service organization, which includes the technical support, consulting and training functions, for this dynamic start-up company that developed application measurement software.
  • Developed and implemented all policies and procedures for the services organizations.
  • Established methodologies for implementation and support of product offerings.
  • Increased staff from 1 person to 8 people to support the company s key customer satisfaction initiative.
  • Directed staff in development of training courses for the both implementation and on-going deployment of FirstSense products.
  • Responsible for direct interface with Sales Management to help close business and to generate services revenues.

ConcordSoft Systems, Incorporated, Arlington, MA
9/96 3/98

Vice President, Customer Service 9/96 – 3/98

  • Overall responsibility for customer service organization, including the successful maintenance and growth of the worldwide customer base for this developer of knowledge management/document management and workflow software.
  • Achieved 80 growth in service revenue during 1997.
  • Formalized all service departments, significantly improving customer satisfaction as measured independently while ensuring NSI employee adoption of/by-in to new policies and procedures.
  • Successfully implemented web based support services for technical support and training.
  • Implemented virtual consulting and innovative knowledge base support initiatives.
  • Instituted the Open Road Initiative , a first-of-its-type program pairing NSI senior executives with customers in specific high visibility accounts.
  • Success metrics include: increased customer satisfaction, improved feedback and development of customer advocates/spokespersons.

Parametric Software Corporation, Westford, MA
1/89 9/96

Vice President, Enterprise Support Services 6/95 – 9/96

  • Responsible for worldwide services organization with annual budget in excess of 25 million and revenues in excess of 60 million.
  • Managed an organization of 200+ people consisting of software support in the Americas and Europe, Middle East & Africa, nationwide Sales Administration, Pre-Sales Support, Consulting, Education and Corporate Services.
  • Reorganized technical support to improve service levels.
  • Established multiple levels of service offerings.
  • Implemented 24/7 service, utilizing the Follow the Sun model.
  • Established company-wide internal training function.
  • Established a College & University Program.
  • Established World Wide Web service initiatives.
  • Corporate responsibility for establishing Customer Oriented Culture .
  • Established an expertise exchange program.

Director, Sales Support Services 4/90 – 6/95

  • Managed Sales Support, Sales Administration and Corporate Sales Support. Increased customer satisfaction and responsiveness to the market.
  • Established the Corporate Sales Support function.
  • Built a sales training program consisting of technical and positioning information.
  • Regionalized sales support and sales administration functions to more effectively support field sales.
  • Developed and implemented a Corporate Visit Program.
  • Established the telephone hotline support for prospects.

Manager, Sales Support 1/89 – 4/90

  • Responsible for building the U.S. pre-sales support staff, as well as providing sales support assistance to the company s 11 international subsidiaries.
  • Developed and implemented company s first orientation program for sales organization.
  • Established a competitive compensation program for sales support.

Edwin International, LTD, Glouster, MA
5/88 1/89

Manager, Support Services 5/88 – 12/88

Managed the Education and Technical Support departments with P&L responsibility for annual revenues in excess of 2 million. Developed standards and programs for employees and the client base.

Henco Software, Inc. Waltham, MA
6/81 4/88

Customer Support Manager 10/85 – 4/88
Education Specialist/Supervisor 6/81 10/85

  • Managed a technical support department with an annual budget in excess of 1 million. Established support strategies; developed formal orientation program and implemented yearly business plans.
  • Managed a team that developed and taught training curriculum for internal and customer classes. Established a formal training and evaluation program.

Kimberly Corporation, Boston, MA
2/72 5/81

Worked in a variety of positions within the computer operations and programming and systems departments.

Personal Background:

Extensive management, teambuilding and leadership courses
Attended and coached numerous Solution Selling classes
Northeastern University

Resume 5

Samples represents that of an actual working technical professional found on the WEB and modified to protect the privacy of these professionals. Human names, company names, colleges, software product names are intentionally made up.


Armand Florio

413 Chacago Street
Westmont, IL 60559


Over twenty years experience in a technical and sales office environment. Performed a variety of assignments including technical and customer support, inside sales, providing quotations and order entry.


1995 – Present
Harold Sales, Inc., Deer Brook, IL

Inside Sales / Customer Support

  • Directly reported to the Regional Manager.
  • Responsible for providing inside sales support for outside sales, technical product support, quotations and order entry.
  • Responsible for providing first point of contact for customers supporting fourteen states and Canada.
  • Responsible for compiling sales forecast information for Regional Manager.
  • Responsible for managing daily operations of the office.

1978 to 1995
Amadeus/Modular Inc., Augusta, IL

Training Coordinator / Inside Sales / Customer Support 1989 1995

  • Responsible for providing customer training.
  • Responsible for providing formal electronics course design and development at the factory as well as offsite at the University of Oklahoma Technical Branch.
  • Participated in a variety of technical presentations for Amoco locations.
  • Responsible for providing inside sales support.
  • Responsible for providing technical customer support.
  • Assisted in maintaining the PC LAN/WAN serving 110 customers.

Head Technician 1978 1989

  • Reported to Production Supervisor.
  • Responsible for supervising technical staff.
  • Responsible for developing formal testing procedures.
  • Consistently worked with the Engineering Department to ensure reliable and quality products.


Thornton Community College South Holland, Illinois
Associates of Applied Science


Computer Professional

  • Windows 97
  • Microsoft Word
  • Microsoft Excel
  • Microsoft Access
  • Microsoft Mail
  • Organized
  • Efficient
  • Team Player
  • Self-starter
  • Quick Learner


Resume 6

Samples represents that of an actual working technical professional found on the WEB and modified to protect the privacy of these professionals. Human names, company names, colleges, software product names are intentionally made up.


Gerald Flynn

182 Ocean Ave.
San Jose, CA 92677


Manager: Customer Services and Operations


Senior executive with management background in technology and computer support services. Extensive experience in multiple business unit management, senior sales, marketing and operations positions, new business start-ups, turn-arounds, and mergers. Results focused with proven ability in P&L management, strategic planning, reversing negative business trends, maximizing productivity and delivering multi-million dollar profits.


  • Organizational Leadership
  • Customer Satisfaction
  • Product Support
  • Marketing Leadership
  • Strategic Planning
  • New Business Development
  • Profitability
  • Negotiation Skills
  • Service Architecture
  • Business Implementation
  • Team Selling
  • Conflict Management
  • Service Quality
  • Service Implementation
  • Service Level


Floria Corporation, Alberville, CA
2000 – 2002

Region Executive, Global Services

Led Customer Service Delivery organization to achieve revenue and profit targets. Directed merger activities between Sequent Customer Service and existing service delivery infrastructure.

  • Exceeded profit contributions with an additional 850,000 in profit.
  • Accelerated the integration activities between Sequent and Floria business units and completed effort 5 month ahead of schedule resulting in a savings of 610,000.
  • Provided organizational leadership to meet and achieve annual revenue growth goals of 5 .
  • Established business practices to re-skill workforce for new services while maintaining an attrition rate less that 2 .
  • Developed and implemented pro-active strategies to strengthened Floria s competitive edge with service renewal levels at 95 by streamlining business practices.

Lago, Inc., Irving, CA
1998 – 2000

Western Region Manager, Customer Service

Senior executive will full responsibility to achieve the financial targets and client satisfaction objectives of the Western Region. Focused primarily on new revenue growth in Value Add Services to complement traditional service offerings. Directed line managers and organization in the major areas of business of Customer Service, Professional Services, Products Sales, Service Delivery, and Network Services.

  • Delivered continuous revenue growth of 4 quarter to quarter with annual services of 55M and a profit of 27M.
  • Managed sales quotas in three new services areas. Grew revenue from 200K to 2.7M in 6 quarters.
  • Services included: Computer Environmental Services, Remote Management Services, and Business Continuity Services.
  • Transitioned business unit from traditional break and fix culture to a mindset on gaining a greater share of the customer s technology service investments. The
  • Western Region grew from 45 to over 70 of the US corporate services revenues.

United Systems Corporation, Arlington, PA
1994 – 1998

Director of Alliance Partners 1997 – 1998

Provided leadership to the Alliance Sales Organization and Service Delivery Operations to win Original Equipment Manufacture business. Business goals were focused on revenue growth by delivering desktop and network support to the reseller and OEM channel.

  • Achieved annual revenue growth of 52M.
  • Won new service agreements from Compaq, Dell, Cisco, Gateway, Toshiba, and Lexmark totaling 260M.
  • Proposed and implemented Program Management Offices dedicated to service contract management and increasing service revenues.

General Manager, Southern California Operations 1994-1997

Managed major business units of Customer Service, Network Solutions, PC Support Services, and tradition mainframe support. Organization consisted of 15 line managers and 215 people.

  • Generated annual services revenues of 60 million and 45 margin.
  • Acquired #1 ranking in overall client satisfaction and most improved among leading industry vendors in Western Region by the Gartner Group.


Organizational Behavior
Ottawa University Overland Park KS

Computer and Electronic Technology
North Dakota State School of Science
Wahpeton ND

Resume 7

Samples represents that of an actual working technical professional found on the WEB and modified to protect the privacy of these professionals. Human names, company names, colleges, software product names are intentionally made up.


Scott Macgregor

125 Oakridge Rd
Lincoln, Michigan 49058




A self-motivated, competitive, trustworthy, and customer-oriented executive with a passion for success and “can-do” attitude. Creator of an international support and services operation for a start-up company. Instrumental in developing essential business service offerings and building customer/partner relationships to accelerate growth. Provides critical strategic planning with significant focus on the areas of support operations, business development, service administration, and call center management. Highly proficient in navigating cross-functional teams, directing process improvement, creating empowered work environments, exceeding operational goals, removing barriers to achieve success, and providing the highest level of customer satisfaction.

Career Qualifications Include…

  • Customer Service Strategy Development
  • Team Leadership and Collaboration
  • Alliance and Partner Relationships
  • Coaching and Personnel Management
  • Budgeting and P&L Accountability
  • Quality, ISO, and Process Improvement Leadership
  • Support System Innovations
  • Professional Services Development
  • Revenue Generation and Cost Control
  • Call Center and Help Desk Management
  • Training and Course Development
  • Project and Program Management
  • International Business Development and Sales
  • Customer Relations and Solutions
  • Contract and Proposal Development
  • Facility and Office Management
  • Customer and Employee Survey Programs
  • Data and Telecomm Technical Support
  • Internet Site Development and Business Utilization


1999 – 2001


  • Leader of multiple call center operations with 160 people and 8 direct managers.
  • Established service strategy plan with quarterly operational performance objectives. Displayed and communicated ongoing results with updates posted weekly.
  • Improved customer satisfaction index gap 51 …from 3.5 to 1.7.
  • Reduced problem resolution times from 28 days to 15…a 46 improvement.
  • Reduced case backlogs from 1840 to 768…a 58 improvement.
  • Succeeded in meeting revenue and expense control targets for 6 of 7 quarters.
  • Coordinated termination of outsourcing support contract and the merge of 220 customers, providing a 10-month ROI of 1.4 million…and still growing.
  • Directed global Enhanced Services program that netted 1.25 million in 1.5 years.
  • Developed quality assurance team that evaluated and modified business processes, established best practices, maintained ISO-9001 certification, implemented LEAN program that eliminated waste, and empowered personnel to generate improvement activity using Kaizen approach.
  • Established agreements with training alliances, indirect channels, and resellers to enhance support capabilities. Worked in partnership with these same groups to resolve customer issues.
  • Negotiated win-win billing and contract solutions with customers and finance team.
  • Developed employee satisfaction survey. Utilized quarterly and instantaneous customer survey metrics.
  • Assisted in successful implementation of ACD system enabling delivery of 7×24 global support.
  • Assisted in development of professional service offerings including go-live support, data archiving, system performance evaluations, customizations, data rebuild, standby support, and migrations.
  • Worked with Support Innovations team to incorporate network enhancements, system modifications, and support operations infrastructure.
  • Implemented quality program of visual management where teams posted charts and graphics in work areas displaying operational metrics, team achievements and progress towards strategic goals.
  • Assisted in development of global service marketing collateral i.e. – brochures, presentations, etc .
  • Leader of local Training and Human Capital Development team. Assisted in implementing technical and soft skills training, employee skills database, career development program, and leadership training.
  • Created lead generation and rewards program to stimulate opportunities for revenue.
  • Directed all facility changes and strategically planned for resource utilization and business growth. Negotiated vendor contracts and resolved all facility-based issues including security, lighting, cleaning, equipment, snack and beverage vendors, and supplies.

1998 – 1999


  • Contracted to project manage implementation of OS/2-to-NT conversion for the IVR system.
  • Negotiated and finalized Service Level Agreements, monitored order process and scheduling of equipment, customized and coordinated training program, and directed all activity relating to development, testing, installation, production, and support phases of IVR implementation.
  • Successfully completed conversion project “ON TIME” and 369,780 “UNDER” budget.

1993 – 1998


  • Created and directed global support operations for start-up telecommunications equipment company.
  • Established global support teams consisting of 24 contracted support entities, 2 subsidiary companies, and 6 direct managers based in the US, UK, Canada, Latin America, Mexico, and Asia Pacific.
  • Negotiated and developed Service Level Agreements, technology transfer agreements, and business relationship contracts with global repair facilities, OEM s, Distributors, and 3rd party support vendors.
  • Defined vision, mission, and goals for global service, training, quality, and export management teams.
  • Directed technical personnel to provide day-to-day telecom support in pre-sales activity, network design, application development, customer launch support, on-site product installs and de-installs, resolution of product design issues, remote diagnostics, on-site system troubleshooting, inventory control, and training as required.
  • Developed and implemented organizational policies, maintenance processes, product warranties, strategic operational objectives and goals, and personnel assignments and evaluations.
  • Directed call center and help desk management operations for domestic support and inside sales.
  • Developed customer satisfaction surveys to discover team strengths and weaknesses.
  • Assessed and responded to business proposals, product tenders, and pricing requests RFP s, RFQ s .
  • Constructed first “live” ADSL presentation system for trade shows and training seminars. Negotiated with Hollywood film companies for rights to show movie trailers.
  • Established global export management team responsible for sales order processing, inventory control, timely shipments, billing, logistics, resolution of sales order problems, and order status communications via the Internet. Developed all working policies and procedures in adherence to federal regulations.
  • Successfully project-managed LAN implementation, design and construction of interactive product demo and training room, selection and installation of CTI system with ACD and IVR structures, software downloads, web-site design with interactive solutions, and on-line incident tracking system.
  • Established revenue-producing training organization including seminars, train-the-trainer program, course development, product presentations, and Distributor, sales, end-user, and customer training.
  • Established quality programs including process improvement management with Key Performance Indicators KPI , ISO 9001 certification, and TQM initiatives.
  • Maintained global budget for Customer Service, Technical Support, Quality Improvement, Inside and Direct Sales, Export Management, Logistics, and Training with P&L accountability over 3 million.
  • Successful business and market development of advanced local access transmission systems and technologies DSL and Telco Access Products in Asia Pacific, Mexico, Central/Latin/South America.
  • Achieved major contract win of 7.2 million for the first exclusive fiber-loop backup system in Korea.
  • Achieved highest quarterly product sales revenue in the Asia Pacific region.
  • Member of SouthEast Officer and Leadership team.

1987 – 1993


  • Directed 7×24 call center operations in a union environment with a revenue base of over 4 million.
  • Managed support operations of troubleshooting digital data products, customer site preparation, system planning and design, installation coordination, account management, proactive networks monitoring, remote diagnostics, personnel assignments, coaching, and performance planning.
  • Developed and implemented organizational policies and maintenance processes relating to training requirements, operational objectives and goals, and manpower utilization models.
  • Developed maintenance philosophy on company support products and provided direction on support requirements. Advised company on technical decisions needed to bring new products to market.
  • Established quality programs including process improvement management, TQM initiatives, customer satisfaction metrics, ISO 9000 documentation and audit training. Developed quality and technical escalation programs to resolve support and product design issues.
  • Reviewed completeness and quality of material released to Field organizations such as Field Service Bulletins, Technical Tips, Engineering Change Orders, and Technical Modifications.
  • Assisted in ACD selection, installation and options programming. Certified in Northern Telecom ACD AC-2 Management.
  • Directed technical development and product support release plan for the first T1 multiplexer product line released from Parametric. Established cost factors for supporting all products affecting P&L.
  • Project-managed staging and installation of turnkey systems, multiple field retrofit programs, and Technical Support Lab implementation.
  • Developed employee satisfaction survey to discover managerial and operational strengths and weaknesses.
  • Three time winner of AT&T Parametric Customer Service Excellence award.
  • Received Service Sales award for contributions towards customer satisfaction, quality management results, and departmental revenue growth.



  • Managed Installation Coordination team ensuring sales order accuracy, technical compliance, timely product shipments, error-free installations, and expeditious repairs. Directed all aspects of installation planning such as site inspections, pre- and post-sale meetings, site inventories, and training.
  • Developed and implemented organizational policies and maintenance processes relating to operations, established strategic objectives and goals, and defined manpower utilization models. Created and improved working documentation, daily communication logs, and operational processes to increase installation coordination productivity and efficiency.
  • Project-managed all aspects of LINK/1 product retrofit program for entire customer base. Activity included communications, documentation, customer relations, training, logistics, project planning, scheduling, personnel assignments, installation, testing, and management updates.
  • Provided expertise level training on all aspects of T1 data/voice communication equipment, data concentrators, voice multiplexers, statistical multiplexers, and network management systems NMS . Created customized courses, flowcharts, diagrams, and lab exercises for internal and external training.
  • Created Customer Site Preparation manual and Site Survey document that was primarily designed to ensure proper site preparation and error-free Telecom product installations.


  • BS degree in Business Management
    Nova Southeastern University, Ft. Lauderdale, FL
    Graduated Magna cum Laude – April, 1994 GPA = 3.8
  • Customer Satisfaction Seminars
  • Cross-Functional Teaming Seminar
  • Northern Telecom ACD AC-2 Management
  • Continuous Improvement Management Certification
  • ABCIT Course in Continuous Improvement
  • Customer Service Strategies Conferences
  • Dale Carnegie Course in Human Relations
  • Covey Leadership Training
  • ISO Manager and Documentation Training
  • Statistical Quality Control Troubleshooter




  • Managed electronics maintenance crew for an anti-submarine helicopter squadron.
  • Ensured maximum utilization of personnel and facilities in accomplishment of all assigned work.
  • Achieved role of Quality Insurance Inspector ensuring aircraft was safe and flight-worthy.
  • Ensured Maintenance Department training program was properly supported within work center.
  • Maintained Secret security clearance handling cryptographic equipment and messages.


Environments: CLEC, ILEC, LAN/WAN, TCP/IP, DSL, Ethernet, ATM, Frame Relay, SNA, X.25, 10BaseT, ACD, PBX, IVR, CTI, Call Centers, Internet utilization, Voice and T1/E1 Networks.

Hardware: Disk and Tape Drives, Concentrators, Multiplexors, Routers, Encryptors, Desktop/Laptop PC s, Modems, and CSU s.

Software: MS-Office suite, MS-Project, Visio, Lotus Notes, MS-Outlook, and Outlook Express.

Operating Systems: DOS, Windows NT, Windows 3.1, Windows 95, and UNIX.

— Willing to Relocate —
— References Available upon Request —

Resume 8

Samples represents that of an actual working technical professional found on the WEB and modified to protect the privacy of these professionals. Human names, company names, colleges, software product names are intentionally made up.


Clara Murphy

51 Robins Road
Sacramento, CA 95111


Extensive experience in customer service for sales, technical support, and customer care functions in a large, complex call center environment. Certified in Implementation of Aspect ACD System, Release 7.0 from ground up. Also worked with Remedy, RCAM, ACSR I, ASCR II, Commsoft, CSG, Zenith, RAMP, Aspect Release 6.0 ACD Systems. Coordinated with REM, managers, and Q.A. department in scheduling, training, coaching, and evaluating operational personnel. Concentrated on implementing ways to bring the customer service level to 100 . Skilled in productivity measurement analysis. Effective in developing processes, systems, and policies which increase productivity, minimize errors, and reduce costs. Clear and concise written and spoken communications in English, Punjabi and Hindi. Background reflects leadership, judgment, analytical, and organizational skills. Oriented in maximum productivity and superior customer service.


  • Over 9 years customer service experience
  • Detailed oriented with strong analytical aptitude
  • Computer Literate Windows98-ME, Excel, Word, Outlook, PowerPoint
  • Ability to develop, coordinate & implement policies and procedures
  • Extremely organized with good ability to prioritize
  • Strong supervisory and personnel training abilities with excellent interpersonal and communication skills
  • Understanding of DNS,LAN/WAN, ping, treaceroutes, routers, hubs, DSU/CSU switches, T!, T3, OC3, cabling, networking.


EffectiveNet Communications, Santa Clara, CA

Client Service Advocate

  • Responsible for screening, referring, and diagnosing customer inquiries and problems.
  • Perform troubleshooting to clearly understand the problem and ascertain if the problem is known or duplicate.
  • Resolve complex problems and assign more complex to second level support.
  • Responsible for professionally answering phone calls, support email, fax and web requests, initiating trouble tickets for all customer inquiries.
  • Effectively communicate ticket status with customer, coordinate timeframes for callback or resolution, and the assignment of priority and severity levels.
  • Focal point for customer inquiries, issues, concerns, and escalations.

Kenneth Internet Services, San Mateo, CA
12/97 – 12/00

Customer Sales &Service Rep II

  • Played major role in successfully launching and marketing out local phone service through cable lines in the Bay Area and Tri-Valley.
  • Key role in converting billing systems from Commsoft to ACSR.
  • Reported to project manager and marketing department with responsibility for process and procedures on how to make new launch successful.
  • Extensive knowledge of all products Cable, wireless, Internet, video, local and long distance communications and Systems Aspect, RCAM, Ramp, Acsr, Commsoft, Remedy, Outlook, Office.
  • Coordinated with the QA in training and coaching new hires.
  • Maintained high customer service levels.
  • Use of remedy to enter trouble tickets and send to NOC while troubleshooting with customer.
  • Used strong technical skills to walk customer through technical and care issues.

Specific Children s Society, San Jose, CA
08/95 -12/95

Accounts Payable & Receivable Coordinator

  • Duties included bi-monthly billing for children with speech, hearing & learning disabilities.
  • Handling and posting payments form patients and providing purchase orders for accounts payable.
  • Printing invoices for billing and checks for employees.

11/93 – 08/96

Customer Service Sales and Service Rep I/Lead

  • Maintained statistics for representative to insure low abandonment rate, calls being answered 90 of the time within 30 seconds.
  • Coordinated methods on how to improve customer service levels through extensive monitoring.
  • Responsible for customizing and marketing long distance and domestic plans according to the customer s requirements.
  • Fluent in four different languages including English.
  • Responsible for providing excellent customer service for both outbound and inbound customer calls.
  • Solving billing issues.

Joseph Micro Systems, Palo Alto, CA
08/93 – 08/95

Accounts Payable/Payroll Coordinator

  • General clerical duties; including filing, check auditing and matching of pay packages for both employees and vendors.
  • Responsible for collecting information for 1099 vendors including calling 1099 vendors and verifying remit to addresses.
  • Maintained updated revision of tax booklets and employment verification.
  • Various projects as assigned including researching contracts, timecards and W2 information for accuracy.


AA in Business Admin from Evergreen Valley College, San Jose CA 1990
BA in Business Admin/Management and Marketing

Projected Graduation 12/01


  • AA in Product Knowledge from PKU University, San Jose CA 2000
  • Certificate of Completion in Customer Service Excellence from AT&T Broadband, San Jose CA 2000
  • Certificate in Product, Systems, and Process for Telephony from AT&T/TCI, San Jose CA 1999
  • Certificate in Customer Communication Skills PIP from AT&T, San Jose ca 1998
  • Certificate of Achievement in New Hire Core Training from TCI, San Jose CA 1997
  • Certificate in Intelligent Work Stations ARD & ITS from AT&T IMLC, San Jose CA 1995
  • Certificate in Outbound Retention Language Associate from AT&T IMLC, San Jose CA 1993
  • Introduction to Data Communications San Jose State 2001
  • Bridges, Routers, and Gateways San Jose State 2001

Resume 9

Samples represents that of an actual working technical professional found on the WEB and modified to protect the privacy of these professionals. Human names, company names, colleges, software product names are intentionally made up.


Peter A. Oliven

342 Birch Street
Harvard, PA 15126


Results driven Services executive with over seventeen years experience in high technology. Proven background in staff leadership, revenue achievement, professional services, sales force support and training, budget control, competitive market positioning, and customer training/support for product and service offerings. Experienced in executive level strategic and operational decision making with established and start-up organizations.


  • Business Plan Development
  • Professional Services Infrastructure Development
  • Customer Services Infrastructure Development
  • Staff Leadership
  • Sales/Business Development
  • Consulting and Training Services
  • Budget Development and Administration
  • Revenue Forecasting/ Attainment
  • Customer and Sales Training
  • ISO9001 Certification/Quality Assurance
  • Distributor/VAR Management
  • Customer Service on International Level

Employment History and Accomplishments

RuthMedia, Inc., Crawford, Pennsylvania
2000 – 2002

A developer of wearable, wireless computer technology and Internet based services for the consumer and research market. A startup company with 30 employees .

Vice President Customer Services

Responsible for development and management of a customer services business unit, execution and management of corporate infrastructure, sales and marketing, corporate funding initiatives and customer satisfaction and retention. Report to President and CEO of RuthMedia, Inc.

  • Established product and service pricing for consumer and research markets.
  • Established product warranty and corporate quality polices and procedures.
  • Designed web based customer support infrastructure.
  • Assisted in corporate funding initiatives.
  • Designed, implemented and manage marketing, sales and service business plans.
  • Signed first co-marketing agreement with Cisco Systems.
  • Signed first marketing/sales channel with Highmark Blue Cross/Shield.

OBERMANN, Inc., Petersburg, Pennsylvania
1995 – 2000

An 85 million engineering software development company. Over 10,000 customers worldwide, with a direct and indirect international sales force.

Vice President Customer and Professional Services

Responsible for development and management of a services P&L business unit, consisting of 26M in revenue and 4M in budget management. Key areas of responsibility include service revenue attainment, budget management, pre-sales support, technical support, consulting services, and customer training/retention. Report to President of OBERMANN, Inc.

  • Converted internal customer service organization into a successful P&L business unit.
  • Increased service revenue over 400 in 5 years
  • Exceeded annual revenue quota each year.
  • Implemented 6 new service offerings.
  • Created sales incentive programs for direct and distributor sales force.
  • Developed marketing programs and re-branding of service offerings.
  • Maintained over 80 customer retention rate.
  • Achieved Above Average customer service ratings for 5 consecutive years by identifying and implementing new processes and software.
  • Reduced technical support response time by implementing a worldwide call tracking system.

AMIX Corporation, Crawford, Pennsylvania
1990 – 1995

A software development company for mainframe, client server, and PC based applications. Annual sales of 700 million with 2400 employees .

Regional Manager of Professional Services

Responsible for an 8 million consulting and training business unit which also includes business development, revenue forecasting, budget control, remote management of four direct and eighteen indirect reports throughout North America, and direct sales to over 20,000 customers. Report to Vice President Professional Services.

  • Designed annual business plans for training and consulting services.
  • Improved pre-sales initiatives by developing program for utilization of professional service resources.
  • Developed market positioning and collateral for professional services.
  • Managed course development and instructional design
  • Increased annual revenue 800 in three years by development of a services infrastructure, new service offerings and obtaining sales force commitment.
  • Managed proposal, contract and negotiation for 100,000 – 2 Million engagements.
  • Designed 4 training facilities in NA.

FOREX Corporation, Crawford, Pennsylvania
1983 – 1990

A 100 million computer outsourcing, facilities management company. Presently known as Affiliated Computer Services.

Operations System Coordinator

Responsible for pre-sales support, customer migrations and implementation of automated data center operations. Reported to Director of Operations.

Key Accomplishments:

  • Provided pre-sales assistance on ten customer migrations.
  • Designed and developed automated operations project utilizing AutoMate MVS and CA7.
  • Designed and implemented plan for automation of corporate help desk functions.
  • Developed and implemented internal services department, which led to the expansion of fee based, customer-training services.

Electronic Data Services, Dallas, Texas
1980 – 1983

A 1 billion computer outsourcing, facilities management company.

Senior Computer Operator/Shift Supervisor

Responsible for daily operational activities, mainframe systems, production schedules and problem determination for hardware and tele-communications.
Reported to Manager Computer Operations.

Key Accomplishments:

  • Selected out of 400 employees to join the Operations Development program.
  • Promoted to shift supervisor in 6 months.
  • Made recommendations of process changes that resulted in departmental cost savings.

Education and Training

Customer Service, Sales and Marketing Seminars
Electronic Data Systems ODP program, Dallas Texas
School of Computer Technology, Crawford, Pennsylvania
Kent State University, Kent, Ohio

Resume 10

Samples represents that of an actual working technical professional found on the WEB and modified to protect the privacy of these professionals. Human names, company names, colleges, software product names are intentionally made up.


Ralph Rakowski

227 Cherry Street
Hayward, CA 94544


Strong leadership in customer service, employee training, and communication. Primary focus includes technical procedures, research/operations analysis, and quality methods. Appreciated for solving difficult problems efficiently and quickly. Cool-under-fire approach to achieving the work. Professional, easy-going team player committed to goals of the organization.


  • Windows 95/98/NT
  • Client Service Management
  • Exchange, Outlook, Netscape
  • MS Office Word, Excel
  • DEC VAX/VMS, OSS 2000
  • Security Clearances : NATO TS , COMSEC TS
  • Familiar with SORD and BOSS Siebel/Remedy Databases


2001 2002

Client Account Representative

Educated customers on various SDP payroll services and human resource information processing procedures.

  • Established positive business relationships with clients and other departments by consistently providing courteous, prompt, and effective service.
  • Handled customer escalations in a professional and courteous manner.


1999 2001

Provisioning Specialist, Service Delivery

Analyzed and interpreted a continuous stream of 250 – 300 Digital Subscriber Line DSL orders from initial order entry to loop/circuit completion in various proprietary order systems.

  • Monitored, troubleshooted, and resolved escalated orders to ensure critical dates were met.
  • Worked closely with testers and installation groups to ensure timely, successful outcomes.


1996 1999

Senior Computer Operator

Information Technology customer service support for VMS and IBM/SAP operation systems for live worldwide databases.

  • Directly trained five new employees for customer service, database and computer operations, which increased communication and improved customer satisfaction by 15 .
  • Identified operation system problems, performed backups, startups and shutdowns.

1978 1996

Research Analyst 1990-1996

Geoscience and Engineering Center s Advance Development Division

  • Provided problem escalation support for world-wide NEXRAD weather radar stations.
  • Implemented an error reporting/resolution process that improved project communication and error reduction by 30 .
  • Documented procedures and plans for military and civilian operations, resulting in reducing research time and streamlining data processing time.

Senior Computer Operator 1985-1989

  • Assisted in resolving hardware and software production problems that reduced service calls by 35 .
  • Organized and maintained classified data and computer tape library allowing clients to receive expedient and precise information and service.
  • Interfaced with network Engineering groups to ensure all maintenance issues within the region were handled appropriately.

Computer Operator 1981-1984

  • Maintained Engineering backlog report structure Database, including additions, changes and deletions, improving accuracy and timeliness for all departments; reducing overhead charges by 32 .
  • Successfully completed several departmental assignments either on or before the due dates.
  • Updated system procedure manuals to insure standardization of methods.

Data Aid 1978-1980

  • Resolved client research project issues in an effective and efficient manner.
  • Performed multiple engineering project tasks under varying and often adverse conditions.
  • Organized and maintained classified data and computer tape library allowing clients to receive expedient and precise information and service; minimizing overhead costs by 20 .


A.A., English/Journalism, City College of San Francisco, San Francisco, CA
Coursework, Journalism, San Jose State University, San Jose, CA
VAX/VMS Concepts and Systems Management, Digital Equipment
Education University Workshops, the Summit Organization, Inc.
Strategic Interaction Skills Training, Automatic Data Processing, Inc.


Tennis Tournaments
Public Relations and Marketing for Mountain View and Palo Alto Tennis Clubs

Resume 11

Samples represents that of an actual working technical professional found on the WEB and modified to protect the privacy of these professionals. Human names, company names, colleges, software product names are intentionally made up.


Kao Pang

104 Cristopher Avenue
Sunnyvale, CA 94087


Customer Service/Support Director role that applies customer satisfaction and service-marketing experience to enhance customer loyalty, satisfaction, and competitive advantage.


Customer service professional with 18+ years of progressive customer service experience particularly managing support departments for consumer and business-level client relationships. A-to-Z customer satisfaction expertise with strong, results-oriented functional experience, supported by a solid combination of technical and business background. Effective team builder with excellent customer/ employee/interdepartmental rapport and performance/project management skills. Strong record of exceeding expectations, improving customer satisfaction/product quality, managing cost-effective service/support operations, and increasing service revenues. Experienced with multi-tier support models, e-commerce, ACD phone systems, customer relationship management CRM systems, and contact-center management tools. Simultaneously started a computer consulting company and completed two degrees while growing a full-time career.


DVD Conversion, Sacramento, CA
2002 to Present


  • Started a video-tape-to-DVD video conversion/preservation service company from the ground up.
  • Created a complete business plan, secured the necessary funding, and executing the marketing plan.
  • Streamlined all operations of the service production process, enabling the company to properly position itself and become highly competetive in the market place.
  • Created all policies and procedures for pre- and post-sale services.
  • Created a niche and orchestrated all advertising and marketing efforts into an emerging market.
  • Reduced operational costs to help reach profitability faster.

Video Recording, Santa Clara, CA

Senior Director, Customer Care

  • Chartered to implement high-level objectives of increasing efficiency and reducing support costs for the market leader of personal video recording PVR service.
  • Streamlined operations of high-profile customer service, training, knowledge management, technical support, and program/partner management teams.
  • Successfully implemented strategic initiatives to reduced support costs by increasing front-line capability. This increased scalability and customer satisfaction while decreasing level-1 to level-2 call transfer rates by more than 55 .
  • Built strong rapport with own team and with other cross-functional groups, establishing credibility and enhancing performance.
  • Successfully leveraged a multi-tier call center while reducing support costs by more than 50 .
  • Strengthened the team s reputation by dramatically improving the recruitment/training process for new agents and increasing the accuracy of KDB content.
  • Helped “raise the bar” for service levels in an emerging industry., Birch Park, CA
1999 to 2000

Senior Director, Customer Services

  • Created a highly effective inbound/outbound customer service team for one of the top 150 busiest 5 million hits/month e-commerce web sites.
  • Increased team s efficiency 75 by successfully implementing the Kana Response e-mail system.
  • Boosted sales 30 by providing instant service capability using real-time text chat.
  • Created an automated FAQ system for “virtual 24×7” self-help option and implemented proactive-service programs to outreach and assist customers before they needed help.
  • Created a career-pathing program that synchronized employees and company s goals.

ABC Technology/Design, Pleasanton, CA
1996 to 1999

Director, Customer Service & Support

  • Recruited to define the strategic direction for the customer service/support department.
  • Increased customer satisfaction ratings by 32 , while reducing costs and generating revenue.
  • Reduced customer wait times and RA turnaround times by 70 and 55 respectively.
  • Initiated 24×7 self-service diagnostic support system via web and phone.
  • Created a profitable priority-access service program highest GM in the dept. within 2 months .
  • Increased department accessibility to customers and changed a bad reputation to a positive one.

Radigan, San Mateo, CA
1992 to 1996

Director, Customer Response

  • Promoted to define the strategic direction for the customer response team.
  • Designed and implemented a successful fee-based support program.
  • Created multi-tiered call-centers that increased service levels while reducing costs.
  • Initiated an automated IVR system to assist customers 24×7.
  • Reorganized the daily operations of the technical support group and reduced phone wait times by more than 80 .
  • Increased solutions accuracy by implementing a support knowledgebase and a CRM system Clarify .
  • Launched a comprehensive fax-blast/retrieval system.

Advanced Vision, Sacramento, CA

Manager of Technical & Customer Services

  • Recruited to manage the customer support and product management departments.
  • Positioned service programs for competitive differentiation.
  • Established, launched, and implemented AVR s first Authorized Field Service program and trained technicians throughout Europe.

Ramelli Services, Santa Clara, CA
1989 to 1991

Manager of Customer Service and Technical Support

  • Recruited to rebuild the customer service and technical support functions for a peripherals manufacturer Macintosh, PC, and SPARCstation .
  • Designed and implemented service policies, procedures, and support plans.
  • Initiated and designed RMA policy and customer feedback programs.
  • Created and implemented the use of TSBs and databases for front-line staff.

Parametric Designs, Concord, CA
1984 to 1989

Product Support Manager

  • Promoted to plan and organize all aspects of product support/repair activities, including administrative/technical procedures, technical product training, and managing the QA group after being a technical support representative for 3 years.


  • Recognized twice for “above and beyond” performance,
  • Received MacUser Magazine s Award twice for Best Technical Support Dept., Radius.
  • Cash award and company-wide recognition for a new priority-access call process, Radius.
  • Twice recognized as the Employee of the Month, RasterOps.


Golden Gate University, MBA
San Jose State University, BS in Business Administration – Marketing


International Customer Service Institute, American Management Association, Software Support Professionals Association, and the Technical Support Alliance Network TSANet .