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Resume 1

Samples represents that of an actual working technical professional found on the WEB and modified to protect the privacy of these professionals. Human names, company names, colleges, software product names are intentionally made up.


Thomas Mann

152 Pond Lane
Shoreline, NY 11786




  • Lead Programmer for TADWorks, a technical recruiting application developed in Visual FoxPro 6. Recruiters use the application to track client and applicant/employee data for sales and recruiting/placement purposes. The recruiter has the ability to assign skills to applicants/employees for quick searching through the database. The application also interfaces with a Visual Basic application to search through resumes that are sent to the office via email or fax and assign the resume to an applicant. The application is distributed to approximately 90 offices throughout the US. .

  • Developed a Catalog Editor in Visual FoxPro 6. This application consolidates data from various tables in an Oracle 7.3 database and loads it into a FoxPro database. The users then make modifications to the FoxPro data. The application then generates a multi-sheet Excel 7 workbook from the modified data. This application reduced the time to create a Catalog from 4-5 days to 2-4 hours.

  • Developed a SQL Generator in Visual FoxPro 6. This application reads multiple sheets from the workbook created by the Catalog Editor and loads the data into approximately 8 tables in an Oracle 7.3 database. In addition to loading the data it also generates the necessary SQL scripts for loading the data into other Oracle databases. This application cut the time to load a catalog from the workbook from 2-3 hours to under a minute.

  • Provide support and maintenance for an in-house developed application written in Visual Basic 6 that is distributed to approximately 110 offices throughout the US. The application uses an Access 97 Database that is then replicated to a central Microsoft SQL Server database. The SQL Server database is then used for worldwide WEB based reporting.

  • Provide support and maintenance for an in-house developed WEB reporting system. Application provides customer reports based on data that is replicated from an Access 97 database. The application was developed with ASP and Crystal Reports 7.0.

  • Provide support and maintenance for a WEB based on-line requisition system. Requisitions are placed from customers and then emailed to assigned in-house recruiters for processing. Application was developed using Cold Fusion 4.5 running on IIS 4 and interfacing to a Microsoft SQL Server database.


  • Convert a MS Access database into Visual FoxPro 6. This application is used by art galleries to keep track of their artwork and generates HTML pages for display on the Internet.
  • Hardware support, troubleshooting & repair.
  • Software installation & maintenance.


  • Developed a Tracking Identification Number TIN generation system in Visual FoxPro. This application generates unique TIN numbers for a given customer. This application also interfaces with Label Matrix from StrandWare software to print the generated TIN labels. The TIN numbers are of varying length and format with both random and sequential numbering.
  • Designed and implemented an application that stores and retrieves inventory data to/from a Symbol SPT 1700 Palm Top computer and will load it into a Visual FoxPro database. Designed and developed the software that runs on the SPT 1700 using Satellite Forms.


  • Developed a bulk mail application in Visual FoxPro. The application imports text files and allows selection of records to be print on labels.
  • Maintain Web site.


4/00 10/00

Project Leader

  • Responsible for delivering Warehouse Management and Third Party Logistic software over the Internet in an Application Service Provider environment.
  • Develop an application generator that will generate all code necessary for the internet interface.
  • Reviewed current GUI system and recommended interface changes for consistency between functions.
  • Responsible for conversion of GUI procedures to function under AppServer.

4/95 4/00

Lead Programmer

  • Lead programmer responsible for the design and implementation of an XML interface to Robocoms inventory management system for use in e-commerce and host systems
  • Lead programmer responsible for converting Robocom s UNIX character based application to run on UNIX/Windows NT utilizing WebSpeed
  • Lead programmer responsible for the development of a code generator that generates display/add/update and find screens for both the character interface and the WEB interface. In addition it performs all necessary database updates, allowing the developers to concentrate on data validation/integrity as well as providing a consistent look and feel to the application
  • Assisted in the design and development of a screen configuration utility that allows the end user to design screen layout including field label, size, format, position , the removal/addition of fields as well as making fields read only
  • Developed the framework that enables WebSpeed and character interface programs to share the same validation and process code
  • Assisted in the design and development of an interface between QAD MFG/PRO and Robocom Systems Inventory Management System
  • Develop, test and implement modules and pseudo code according to specification
  • Assist other developers and analysts on an as needed basis

6/90 – 4/95


  • Lead programmer on conversion of a mission critical IBM mainframe application developed in ARTEMIS 9000 version 9.4 to a client/server application running on an HP 9000 series 800 machine with HP 725 workstations utilizing CA-Ingres and CA-Windows 4GL development tools, as well as SAS/Graph.
  • Contributed to the evaluation and recommendation to change from current mainframe application to HP 9000 utilizing Ingres and SAS software.
  • Assisted in developing system requirements and functionality.
  • Worked with users to determine usability of GUI and application ease of use.
  • Performed extensive evaluation of various software packages to facilitate an X Windows environment on the PC to the HP 9000.
  • Assisted in the creation of help desk procedures to resolve problems experienced by users.
  • Provided extensive user support on an as needed basis.
  • Provided training for new programmers in the design of the IBM application and the ARTEMIS 9000 language.
  • Designed, programmed, and tested both batch and on-line processes for the IBM application.
  • Rewrote ARTEMIS code, which resulted in a reduction of processing time of approximately an hour and a half. This resulted in overhead savings of approximately 30K.
  • Received an award from management for outstanding performance while developing the IBM version of the product.
  • Consistently rated top performer by management.


  • FoxPro version 2.6a DOS & Windows, Visual FoxPro versions 3 – 6
  • CodeMine Framework development tool for Visual FoxPro
  • MS SQL Server 7
  • Progress 4GL versions 6.3 9.1, WebSpeed
  • Progress Database tools
  • Microsoft Windows 95/NT/2000, DOS, X Windows, UNIX, Linux


    XML, XSL
    8.0 ACE, and WebSpeed
    Unix operating system
    Bachelor of Science, Management Information Systems, 1989
    System Design, Database Management, Programming
    Associate in Applied Science, Information Systems Management, 1987
    Programming, Management Courses

Resume 2

Samples represents that of an actual working technical professional found on the WEB and modified to protect the privacy of these professionals. Human names, company names, colleges, software product names are intentionally made up.


Mohamed Ali



Areas of emphasis:

  • Software engineering and business process analysis.
  • Design of user requirements and technical specifications in software application development.
  • Project management. Defining duration, cost effect, and benefits of projects.
  • Relational Database and Query Languages.
  • Artificial Intelligence and expert system.
  • Business administration.
  • Project development life cycle.


Areas of emphasis:

  • Management Principles and Applications.
  • Human Resource Management.
  • Small-Business Management.
  • Financial Management.
  • Consumer economics.
  • Statistical analysis.


  • Object Oriented Programming: Visual C++, Visual Basic, Visual MaxFrame Professional
  • Database Applications: Visual FoxPro, MS-Access 2000, SAS, DB2, AS/400, SQL Server
  • Web server applications: Active Server Pages, WebSphere, VisualAge for Java, HTML, XML, JavaScript
  • Report Software: Crystal Report, Visual FoxPro, MS-Access 2000
  • Operating System: Windows 95/98/2000/NT, Novell Network, DOS


1/00 – 4/02
Priority Systems, Los Gatos, CA

Visual FoxPro Consultant

  • Designed, developed, and implemented applications for the Merchandise Requisition, Account Payable and Marketing departments. Created and reused Objects in Classes and Forms using Visual MaxFrame Professional. Created Databases with Tables and Views. Built Relational Database and Data Referential Integrity. Imported reports from FoxPro to Crystal Report in a SQL Server Data Warehouse. Generated new reports in Crystal Report.
  • Designed and developed a Full Life Cycle -a four-tier Client/Server application and Product Item database for Priority Records. Application consists of a Component Object Model COM Component running on a Windows NT Server with IIS and MTS. The component communicates with a DB2 database. Client software utilizes Active Server Pages requesting services from the Visual Basic 6.0 Component that fetches the DB2 data and inserts it into dynamically built HTML pages that are returned to the clients.
  • Provided technical advise to the Information Technology Department. Documented dataflow process and created data dictionary for all the applications. Worked with SQL Server and Data Warehouse.

Blue Cross of California, Sacramento, CA

Visual FoxPro Consultant

  • Streamlined the existing FoxPro system for the Medical Grievance System and Adjudication departments. Normalized all Databases. Created data dictionary. Documented the Medical Grievance System. Enhanced existing reports and created new reports as needed.
  • Continually monitored the Medical Grievance System and provided monthly report to the management about the system performance and made recommendation as to possible improvement. Provided technical support to end-users both in Woodland Hills and Newbury Park.
  • Setup a test AS400 for sole purpose of testing FoxPro System for Y2K compliance. Implemented TCP/IP and RJE communication environment for Y2K testing.

Heinser Grocery Company, Hampton, CA

Visual FoxPro Programmer

  • Analyzed and redesigned systems developed in Visual Basic as front-end and Microsoft SQL server as the back-end. Making them more functional and user friendly.
  • Created Databases, Reports, Screens, and Tables in Visual FoxPro and Visual Basic. Designed, developed, and implemented the Ralphs Credit Card System using Visual Basic. Effectively tested and re-coded all the Visual FoxPro based systems to become Y2K compliant.

Modern Institute of Transplantation, Los Gatos, CA

Project Manager

  • Streamlined the existing FoxPro system for the Medical Grievance System and Adjudication departments. Normalized all Databases. Created data dictionary. Documented the Medical Grievance System. Enhanced existing reports and created new reports as needed.
  • Continually monitored the Medical Grievance System and provided monthly report to the management about the system performance and made recommendation as to possible improvement. Provided technical support to end-users both in Woodland Hills and Newbury Park.

Osaris Foundation, Betlehem, MD

Computer Software Coordinator

  • Developed application for the Field Management groups in Visual FoxPro. This application was used to oversee the fund raising activities for the entire foundation. Maintained and administered the Network.
  • Provided seminars and assistance to all the employees in the foundation for the proper use of the PCs and the Network.

The Lincoln University, Littleton, MD

Computer Systems Specialist

  • Designed, developed, and maintained the Bulletin Board System Network.
  • Maintained computer lab user s database in FoxPro.
  • Provided monthly report of system usage to the Dean of the School of Business and Public Management.
  • Assisted faculty and administrative staff for the usage of all the PC applications.


Visual FoxPro 6.0 Brainbench Certification:
Date: Tuesday, January 01, 2002
Result: passed at the Master s Level.
Score: 4.55 Scale of 1 – 5 .

Resume 3

Samples represents that of an actual working technical professional found on the WEB and modified to protect the privacy of these professionals. Human names, company names, colleges, software product names are intentionally made up.


Gregory Easton


Mission critical systems software development


  • History of successes building software systems ground up
  • Solid expertise designing software and relational databases
  • Extensive practical hands-on with full software life cycle
  • More than fifteen years of IS development experience
  • Strong ability to expand expertise in new technologies

Relevant Skills:

  • Languages:Visual FoxPro, VB, HTML, JavaScript, VBscript, SQL, Visual C++,C,Java,RPG, CL, Natural, JCL, PL1, Pascal, FORTRAN, Assembler, COBOL, Mumps
  • Systems & Tools: Visual Interdev, MS ACCESS, dBase, Adabase, DB2, Lotus Notes, AS/400, NetWare, Mainframe, TSO, UNIX, PDP/11, RUMBA

Work History:

06/01 Present

Software Developer

Camtel Corporation, Palo Alto, CA
06/00 06/01

Software Consultant

SOME.COM, Elvisburg, WV
02/00 06/00

Senior P/A

United States Postal Service, Springfield, PA
01/99 – 02/00

Senior P/A

Country Home Products, Inc., Randolph, NJ
07/98 – 12/98


Coburn Labs, Inc., Whitewater, PA
01/98 – 07/98


Dotcom, Inc., East Redwood, NJ
03/95 – 02/98

Project Leader

ABC Industries, Inc., Weston, PA
06/90 – 03/95


State Food Corporation, Moscow, Russia
06/84 – 11/89

IS Manager

Publishing Industry Institute, Moscow, Russia
08/79 – 11/84

Senior Researcher


SAG America NATURAL Programming 1998
Chubb Institute Advanced VB Programming 1996
BELLCORE Telecommunications course 1995
Hewlett Packard UNIX Operating System 1994
IBM Learning Center AS/400 SysAdmin, RPG, CL 1990, 1992
State School of Economics JCL, Assembler, PL/1, COBOL, OS/VS 1980
Assembler, PDP-11, FORTRAN
Moscow State University MS in Physics 1979

Clearance: USPS Sensitive Security Clearance
Foreign Languages: Fluent conversational Russian



  • Payroll applications.
  • SQL stored procedures.
  • Web Reporting.


  • Muzinich ASP, JavaScript, VBScript, SQL, HTML .

    WEB site for investment firm. Developing WEB pages using VBscript and JavaScript, upgrading existing software and SQL Database.

  • Roof Leak Journal e-Commerce, ASP, JavaScript, VBScript, SQL, HTML .

    WEB site advertising, selling and delivering Roof Leak Journal software package via Internet. Online sales orders entry. Credit cards information processing and online sales. Delivering software product to customer s workstation.

  • Tech Calendar ASP, JavaScript, VBScript, SQL, HTML .

    WEB site to maintain the calendar of workload, projects and assignments for technical stuff of the company. Developing WEB pages using VBscript and JavaScript, upgrading SQL database.

  • Xilinx ASP, JavaScript, VBScript, MS Access, HTML .

    WEB site to maintain the building administration information. Areas controlled by the system include building repair requests and schedules, conference rooms occupancy log, business lunches ordering pages etc.

  • Cosine VB, MS Access .

    Sales forecasting system. Data entry, processing and reporting. Development, maintenance, upgrading.

  • Implemented proprietary forecasting concept based on eighteen months rollover schema.


  • Evapco Visual FoxPro .

    Product pricing system, designed for sales representatives. Generates quotes based on the selected equipment order configuration. Upgrading, maintenance and troubleshooting.


  • Productivity Information Management System PIMS MS Visual C++ .

    Application for time and attendance as well as postal machinery data collection. Source code Y2K compliance analysis. Unit and system level testing, troubleshooting and Y2K bugs remediation process. Independent verification, validation and Configuration Management.

  • Remote Encoding Center Management System – RECMAN VB .

    Software package for managers and supervisors to maintain control over remote sites, to input data and to output reports. Source code Y2K compliance analysis. Unit and system level testing, troubleshooting and Y2K bugs remediation process. Independent verification and validation.


  • Corporate Benefits Technical Support Adabas, Natural, TSO, JCL .
  • Maintenance of existing Corporate Benefits System. Ad Hoc requests development.
  • Adding functionality and building documentation for the system in production.
  • Working on Year 2K project.


  • JDEdwards into SAP conversion MS ACCESS, VB, RPG, CL .
  • Software converting General Ledger and Accounts Receivable data. Legacy system is located on AS/400 platform in JD. Edwards. Data had to be uploaded into SAP over ORACLE.


  • KPI data base MS ACCESS, VB .

    The purpose of the database is to provide various levels of management with efficient controlling tool. Data Base designed to store and access information for Key Point Indicators KPIs are major performance characteristics of the corporation and it s departments . KPIs graphically implement the image of the dashboard instruments. The Data Base contains functionality for KPI parametrization.

  • Dashboard simulator MS ACCESS, VB .

    Allows generation, maintenance and viewing of Performance Dashboards. Dashboard is a configuration constructed and build from the set of KPI instruments.

  • Switch Command File Generator VB .

    Software analyzes current status of Communication Switches and generates switch command files. Command files then uploaded to the switch and run as a switch programs.

  • Issues data base system Microsoft Access and VB .

    Specialized Project Management System developed for needs of Revenue Assurance Department. Provides data entry, reporting and querying functionality to maintain a Data Base of requests, problems, and issues. This information supports corporation re-engineering process.

  • CDR Conversion System C .

    System designed to create and maintain data base of CDRs phone Call Detail Records . CDRs are generated and stamped by telecommunication switch. They represent traffic of phone calls on the telecommunication network. The Data base is populated in the process of converting original CDR records from switch into DB2 format.

  • Sales orders distribution program MS ACCESS, RUMBA 95 ARPEGGIO .

    Downloads, processes and distributes sales orders from the database into various queues. Each queue is the workload per worker of provisioning department. Information is filtered by employee duties and specialization. It creates sales orders processing conveyer , when orders dispatched from managerial levels to subordinate workers.

  • Calls Profile Package MS ACCESS, Visual FoxPro, RUMBA 95 ARPEGGIO .

    Extracts phone call records from the data base. Provides reports and screens with statistical information. Users of the package are workers of Number Administration department.

  • Co-Carrier Billing System FoxPro 2.6 .

    Designed for billing clerks and employees of Cost Management department. Provides data storage and functionality for maintenance of co-carrier invoices. This data base represents rented telecommunication facilities. It allows data entry, auditing, querying and reporting.

  • Provisioning system Visual FoxPro .

    Designed for Provisioning and related departments working with collocation facilities. Allows provisioning clerks to maintain inventory of telecommunication facilities and pool of phone lines. Provides tools for allocating and release of collocation facilities per sale orders. Generates Service Requests to Switch Administration and Field Engineering.

  • AS/400-DB2 mirroring utility Visual FoxPro , IBM PC SUPPORT, RUMBA 95 ARPEGGIO .

    Refresh mechanism responsible for the ad hoc creation of cross-platform replica and mirroring of the data base located in AS/400 environment. Synchronizes databases located on AS/400 and LAN.

  • Sales orders statistical system.

    Software package generating the set of Sales Analysis reports. Initiates ad hoc analysis of master and data files containing millions of records Visual FoxPro, IBM PC SUPPORT, RUMBA 95 ARPEGGIO .

  • MS Excel-FoxPro conversion system Visual FoxPro .

    Utility designed to import and merge Collocation facilities information from the library of MS EXCEL spreadsheets into the relational Data Base constructed in FoxPro environment.

  • Nynex Service Request generator Visual FoxPro .

    Program extracts information from sales order requested, compliments that with the related co-location facilities information and generates Nynex ASR Access Service Request in the proprietary format defined by the Nynex corporation.


  • Human Resources System FoxPro, dBASE, Clipper .

    Custom designed relational Data Base maintaining various aspects of employee information. Provides functionality, required by Human Resources management and clerks including data entry, reporting and querying.

  • Sales Orders Import/Export System FoxPro .

    Link between Order Entry System of IBM AS/400 MAPICS and EDI on the network . This batch software receives sales orders from EDI and converts them into MAPICS proprietary format. Generated orders then are being uploaded to AS/400. The system also downloads customer invoices from MAPICS onto network and converts them into EDI format to be sent out.

  • Netware 3.11 administration Netware 3.l1 .

    Installation and maintenance of Netware 3.11. Responsibilities included connectivity across LAN, installation and maintenance of IBM PC SUPPORT, RUMBA, FoxPro, LOTUS NOTES, MS Office and the like. Creating user profiles, maintaining security, server backups and performing various administrative functions.

  • LOTUS NOTES 3.1 installation and maintenance LOTUS NOTES 3.1 .

    Installing and administrating NOTES server and NOTES workstations. Importing and exporting information between FoxPro 2.6 and LOTUS NOTES 3.1 platforms. Programming forms and reports in LOTUS NOTES.

  • AS/400 download system FoxPro, IBM PC SUPPORT .

    Batch system designed for nightly downloads of MAPICS data base located on the AS/400. Extracted information is transferred onto file server and converted into relational data base on the LAN.

  • Interactive System for Customer Service and Sales FoxPro .

    Quick response system designed for users working with customers in real time. System generates customer and product sales profiles for ad hoc analysis.

  • Accounting Department Reporting and Inquiry System FoxPro .

    Software package creates reports, ad hoc queries, screens and MS EXCEL spreadsheets, requested by accounting clerks and management. Master files of MAPICS GL are used as a source of information.

  • Order entry system for customer service S/36, RPG .

    Designed to work as an interface with MAPICS Order Entry. It provides special pricing information and functionality for the operator and Order Entry users.

  • Commissions Processing System FoxPro .

    Package implements company commissions policies and maintains commissions information database. Algorithm calculates commissions per sales reps, generates commission reports and queries.

  • Profitability system FoxPro .

    Software system matches pricing and sales information with cost information based on the Bill Of Materials. Produces files, reports, queries and screens.


  • Research and Development of automated enterprise control software systems.
  • Designing and maintenance of interactive software systems for corporation CEO s.


Development and maintenance of software systems and specialized DBMS s storing information for farming equipment, machinery and spare parts inventory industry wide.


  • Development of hardware status control software.
  • Development of electronic photo-type setting system.


English-Russian translator of theoretical and applied science publications.

Resume 4

Samples represents that of an actual working technical professional found on the WEB and modified to protect the privacy of these professionals. Human names, company names, colleges, software product names are intentionally made up.


Luis Alberto

12 Dallas Trace
Houston, TX 77090


Universidad Autonoma Metropolitana UAM Azcapotzalco , Mexico City, Electronic Engineer 1989


  • Highly Technical knowledgeable worker with minimal supervision required
  • Problem-solver, always provide the best solution to requirements
  • Capable of handling multiple projects at same time
  • Complete projects in a timely manner and within given budget
  • Integrates easily in teamwork
  • Fast self study learner, welcomes new challenges
  • Highly skilled and very knowledgeable of business atmosphere in USA and Mexico


DAX IT Services
04/2002 – current

IT Professional Self employed

  • Consulting business start-up. I provide a wide range of solutions to small and medium businesses.
  • Microsoft Great Plains Business Solution Partner
  • Compaq Partner
  • Microsoft Partner

Sofisticated Network, Inc., Arlen, TX
1998 – 03/2002

IT manager Information and Technology Manager

  • Designed a financial room for trading options and stocks. The room has 1 Bloomberg station, 2 desktops, 2 52 inch. flat screens and 2 Translux boards. Developed a program to pull news and quotes in real-time from free web sites in the Internet to display on the boards, instead of using Reuters as originally requested.
  • Single handedly Migration of 6 companies using Great Plains Dynamics accounting program from ver. 5.0 to latest version 6.0, including Pervasive btrieve to Pervasive.SQL2000 database, FRX 6.0 financial reporting software and Mekorma 6.0 in a new Windows 2000 server.
  • Enhancement of the network security to correct several NT server and IIS security holes to stop hacker attacks. The company successfully handled four recent hacker attacks without loss of information.
  • Saved the corporation several hundred thousand dollars in the last three years by providing internal support and services that are normally performed by several specialists.
  • Reduced IT outsourcing to almost zero by handling all requests with company resources.
  • Designed an entire new network and corporate data center, set up of all servers, e-mail server MS Exchange , and web sites using MS IIS and MSSQL Server. This network was integrated to an existing WAN communications infrastructure. Installation and set up of corporate Antivirus software for local and remote users.
  • Established procedures to solve the Y2K problem for the following companies Universal Network: The Woodlands, TX and Laredo, TX , Universal International Services Nuevo Laredo Mexico & Contactos Universales Mexico City .
  • Designed and coordinated the development of two web sites one interactive and one static in order to establish a professional presence in the Internet.
  • Coordinated the accounting systems migration from Great Plains GPA vers. 9.2 DOS to Great Plains Dynamics vers. 5.0 Windows .
  • Provided support and solutions to 25 local users and 5 remote users for all applications installed, in addition to network and server s administration to minimized external support.
  • Developed reports and applications in Dynamics Report Writer, Visual FoxPro 6.0 and VC++ 6.0 to extend Great Plains Dynamics capabilities and to solve specific requirements.
  • Provided all tasks for Network administration and network maintenance installation of patches and service packs . Created policies and set network security.
  • Negotiation of rates with long distance carriers to reduce communication expenses in long distance and leased lines services for the entire corporation.

Digital Network, Inc., Tupelo, TX

General Manager distribution center

  • Supervised 15 people.
  • Achieved a new record number of shipments in February of 1998.
  • Reengineering of several procedures to improve results.
  • Decreased all costs as possible
  • Improved the company?s companionship.

Digital Network, Inc., Tupelo, TX

Systems Manager

  • Designed and developed an interactive Traffic control application including logistics, inventory, receivables and payables to fit company s specific administrative needs. These applications handle all operations in the Distribution Center. The applications were developed in Visual FoxPro 3 and 5.0
  • Coordinated an international inter company communications network voice & data using leased lines between Houston,TX, Laredo,TX, Nvo Laredo, Mexico and Mexico City.
  • Provided our customers with access to our information systems via Internet.
  • Coordinated the development of a web site for the Distribution Center.

Electronica, Inc., Mexico City

President & Owner

  • The company s main role was to provide customers complete solutions in Hardware, supplies and Software development. Custom software development was the core business of the company. Among our customers were prestigious companies as Sabritas, S.A. a Pepsico s Company and Jardines del Tiempo, S.A. Mexican countrywide funeral homes .

RTESS, Mexico City

Senior Consultant & Partner

  • Product Manager. Provided support and solutions development for customers having Inventory, Payables, Receivables and Manufacturing modules.

Special Skills

  • Operating Systems Setup, maintenance and administration: MS DOS all versions, Windows 95/98, Windows NT BackOffice Small Business Server 4.5, Windows NT 4.0 server and Workstation , Windows NT 4.0 terminal Services, Windows 2000 Server & Professional , Novell Netware 3.1X, Intranetware 4.X, Brief knowledge in OS2, SCO 5.0 and Linux RedHat 6.2.
  • Programming tools: Visual FoxPro 6.0, FrontPage 2000, Visual Basic for Office 97 and VC++ 6.0. Knowledge in C and C++, 80×86 Assembler and Cobol.
  • Databases: MS SQL Server 6.5, Btrieve 6.5 and pervasive.SQL2000. Brief knowledge on DB/2.
  • Internet/Intranet: MS IIS 4.0, MS Exchange Server 5.5, DNS, WINS, DHCP, tcpip, Ldap. General knowledge in HTML, DHTML and Java Script.
  • Routers: Configuration of Ascend pipeline routers, and Cisco routers to connect a network to Internet or to remote networks.
  • Wireless devices: Configuration of wireless equipment for network connections.
  • Communications: General knowledge in communication links such as ISDN, DSL, DS1, T1, OC3, point-point, frame relay, redundant systems, etc.
  • General knowledge in computer s hardware. Capable of upgrading systems, troubleshooting configuration problems and replacing failing devices.
  • Microprocessors knowledge for programming and interfacing EPROMS, PAL, etc

Special Activities

  • Participated in Microsoft preview programs for Windows 98, Windows 2000, Windows XP, MS Office XP.
  • Attended Windows 2000, SQL Server 2000 and Exchange Server 2000 Hands-on lab on Oct/2001.
  • Technical writer for since Nov/2001.
  • Microsoft Great Plains solution partner since March/2002.
  • Attended Microsoft Security Clinic 2604 on April/2002.


Windows 95, Windows 98, Visual FoxPro 6.0.
Microsoft Great Plains Small Business Manager certified.


Bicultural and bilingual in English and Spanish.

Work permit

US permanent resident status.


Contract 75.00/Hr.


Upon Request.

Resume 5

Samples represents that of an actual working technical professional found on the WEB and modified to protect the privacy of these professionals. Human names, company names, colleges, software product names are intentionally made up.


Clark A. Kennedy

Germantown, MD


To take your current business process and redesign and re-engineer it to work more effectively.


  • Information Systems professional with 25 progressively responsible years of experience in business process re-engineering
  • systems design and development,
  • database design and development,
  • object-oriented programming experience
  • demonstrated ability to effectively use excellent communications
  • skills


  • PLATFORMS: Windows 95/98/NT/2000/XP, Novell, Mac, MS-DOS, Unix/Xenix/Linux
  • PROGRAMMING: Java, Perl, JavaScript, HTML, Access, SQL, Visual Foxpro, Visual Basic, C, COM/COM+, ActiveX, SQL PL/SQL, T-SQL, Sybase
  • SOFTWARE: Rational Rose UML ; MS Project, MS Suite, Visio, Outlook, Quicken



Smart Software, Inc., Williamstown, MD

Sr. Consultant/Systems Analyst

  • Report directly to the president of the company.
  • Responsible for determining the direction of the development effort of the products created in Research & Development.
  • Lead all requirements gathering interviews with other departments in the company.
  • Create documentation to support Business Requirements and Technical Specifications, which include all interactions with the systems by all users and process.
  • Develop an execution plan for all projects derived from the Business Requirements, including Time Lines, Deliverable Schedules, Test Plans, and Integration Testing Plans.
  • Also oversee research and acquisition of COTS software for integration into the overall software product.

United InfoSystems, Inc., Arlington, VA

Sr. Systems Analyst

Greenborough Group Contract

  • Report to President of client company as department manager of MIS for Scarborough Systems, Inc.
  • Gather requirements, develop Design and Specification documents, and oversee development effort for the Scarborough Asset Manager System.
  • Make recommendations as to the Enterprise Software Suite, and work with LAN/Network administrators to determine the Network Hardware and Software configuration.
  • Plan out Time and Effort reports for the Company Manager and President to most efficiently utilize resources.

TDS Contract

  • Report directly to the President and department head of the client company TDS as a Sr. Consultant and Lead Analyst to perform a feasibility study solving a database design issue.
  • Determine how best to support a back-end database Oracle, SQL/Server from a Visual Foxpro front end.
  • Present them with a Software Recommendation Document and Implementation plan.

Electrical Fast Contract

  • Provide liaison support for users/testers and developers for Y2K testing of various billing systems for three major Electrical Utilities, which comprise A/R, A/P, and most other accounting functions.
  • Design, participate in requirements sessions and information gathering
  • Develop system Business Requirements Documents, Systems Specification, and End-User Documentation for this effort.

Arlen Systems, Inc., Kenville, MD

Sr. Systems Analyst

  • Task Leader for the State Highway Administration
  • Report to the Program Manager.
  • Interface between client and two programmers in the development of system in Access for State Highway Administration.
  • Expedite requirements gathering meetings, which generate Business Requirements Documentation and Systems Technical Specifications
  • Create Data flow, Process flow, and Entity Relationship diagrams.
  • Develop End User Documentation on the use of the final product.
  • Report progress of other programmers to the Program Manager, on an informal basis every day, and in written form every week


Airlines Control Systems, Arlington, TX

Programmer Analyst

  • Provide analysis, requirements gathering, design specifications, Test Plans, and implementation of various systems at ARC.
  • Develop and maintain Computer Automated Agency Accreditation System CARES/A.P.S. and other related systems.
  • Maintain and address Quality Assurance testing issues, while developing code in Clipper 5.2.
  • Worked on Bank Account Changed system in Visual Basic 3.0 that updates a mainframe-based system via DDE.


Digital Data Systems, Newport, VA

Systems Engineer

Implement system design and analysis on NASA contract, MCI contract, and a COTS Supply Contract

Computer Data Systems, Inc., Kenville, MD

Programmer Analyst

Provide programming support to various contracts, including Agency for International Development, Department of Energy, and Federal Energy Regulatory Commission

Informix Systems, White Falls, VA


Provide programming support for Department of Justice, NAVSEA.


PA Fox, Virtual Foxpro User s Group


  • Java – WestLake Internet Training
  • PERL – WestLake Internet Training
  • PHP – WestLake Internet Training
  • JavaScript – WestLake Internet Training
  • HTML and CSS – WestLake Internet Training
  • ColdFusion – WestLake Internet Training
  • Advanced SQL – WestLake Internet Training
  • Dreamweaver – WestLake Internet Training

Resume 6

Samples represents that of an actual working technical professional found on the WEB and modified to protect the privacy of these professionals. Human names, company names, colleges, software product names are intentionally made up.


John T. Hamilton

Brooklyn, NY


I have 14 years in the computer field. I have been programming and developing for 10 years. I am experienced in every phase of the development cycle. I have developed inventory, survey, financial, direct mailing, billing, job scheduling, client-server, user defined reporting systems, and some web development. I have written specifications for most of my projects and created user and technical manuals for each one. I have provided customer support and training for all projects. Performed maintenance and normalization of databases for each project.


  • Operating Systems:
    Window 2000, Window 9x, Window 3.x, Novell, NT, SUN, Centrix, Lantastic

  • Software / Databases:
    Visual Foxpro all versions , FoxPro, Visual Basic, SQL Server, C, C++, Visual C++, Oracle, Unix, Crystal Reports for Visual Basic, Report Writer, Java, JavaScript, VBScript, Visual InterDev, Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, PowerPoint, Microsoft Access, Active Server Pages, HTML, DHTML, Clipper, dBase, Harvard Graphics, Microsoft HTML Help Workshop, IIS, Microsoft Outlook, Lotus Notes.

  • Methodologies / Tools:
    ADO, RDO, Active-X, COM, DCOM, ODBC, Transact-SQL, Normalization, Data Manipulation, Object-Oriented Programming, X-base, GUI, Client / Server, Code-Book, Visual MaxFrame, Stored Procedure, Triggers, MAPI, Automation Server, Windows API, scanner software, VBA


Swanson Insurance in New York, NY
Jan 2002 May 2002

VBA Developer

  • Developed database system for pre-hire unit.
  • System used to evaluate potential or existing employees credit and criminal histories, by using a point system.
  • Created several reports for system.
  • Trained users on system.
  • Used DAO for database connection.
  • Originally developed in Access 97, upgraded to Access 2000.
  • Provided windows support for personnel.

Bergman Fund in Vero Beach, FL
May 2001 Nov 2001

Database Analyst and Windows 2000 Admin

  • Enhanced an existing client server application with data downloaded from Web Server.
  • Application used by law enforcement to track items sold and bought at pawnshops.
  • Developed several statistical reports.
  • Created on-line help using HTML Help Workshop.
  • Provided customer support.
  • Established client / server connection between Visual FoxPro 6 and SQL Server 2000.
  • Created ActiveX controls in Visual Basic 6.
  • Provided administration for Windows 2000.

Vitasoft & Associates in Orlando, FL
Feb 1999 – Mar 2001

Database Analyst

  • Developed a survey reporting system for American Express, utilizing Visual FoxPro 6.
  • System had over one hundred reports querying responded from American Express employees.
  • Employees would fill out formatted questionnaire sheet.
  • Form would then be read through OCR and create an ASCII file.
  • File is then read into Visual FoxPro databases.
  • Created graphs in Excel from databases.
  • Created Incentive award funding system for American Express.
  • System awarded employees for special duties or efforts.
  • Used Visual Basic 6 as front-end and SQL Server 7 and Access 2000 as backends.
  • Created stored procedures and triggers in SQL Server 7.
  • Designed system in Access 2000 for users to track project process.
  • Created interface in ASP to produce same results.
  • System had total of 17 users.
  • Created specifications, all user guides and technical manuals for each project.
  • Trained all personnel on each system.
  • Provided NT administration support.

Discovery Start in Orlando, FL
Oct 1997 – Nov 1998

Database Analyst and Novell Administrator

  • Developed inventory system with FoxPro 2.6.
  • System tracked purchase, pricing, consumption, transfer and elimination of products.
  • Developed reconciliation system with FoxPro 2.6.
  • Linked to inventory system. Over 200 stores used systems.
  • Developed prototypes for inventory system in both Access and Visual Basic 5.
  • Created specifications, all user guides and technical manuals for systems.
  • Tested, debugged, and trouble-shooted all systems.
  • Trained all personnel on use of systems.
  • Created data process system with SQL Server 6.5 and Visual Basic.
  • Created job scheduler in Visual FoxPro.
  • Provided support for LAN and all window operations.
  • Supervised two FoxPro programmers while working as system analyst / programmer.
  • Given the position of Manager after nine months.
  • Position included hiring and firing, overseeing programmers, Novell administration and tech support for personnel.

Home Telnet in Orlando, FL
May 1996 – Sep 1997

Programmer Analyst

  • Converted a collection system developed in FoxPro 2.6 to Visual FoxPro 5.
  • MS Word used to print letters from collection system.
  • Designed a system to track customer credit card debt in Visual Basic.
  • Designed accounting reporting system in Visual FoxPro 5.
  • Trained individuals on use of systems.

Vacation Country in Ft. Bigdale, FL
Apr 1996 – May 1996

FoxPro Programmer

  • Converted customized accounting system in FoxPro 2.6 to Visual FoxPro 3.

Discovery Start in Ft. Bigdale, FL
Jun 1995 – Feb 1996

FoxPro Programmer

  • Created stand-alone data conversion programs in FoxPro 2.6.
  • Enhanced and maintained various reservation modules in FoxPro 2.6.

Step Management Systems in Marietta, VA
Jul 1994 – May 1995

FoxPro Programmer

  • Enhanced a financial management system in FoxPro 2.5.
  • Maintained ad hoc reporting system for financial management program in FoxPro 2.5.
  • Enhanced direct mailing system in FoxPro 2.5.

Martin Scorcese in Washington, DC
Sep 1991 – Oct 1993

Database Manager

  • Maintained data and manuals for FAA.
  • Designed department inventory system in FoxPro.
  • Combined data form dBase III, Lotus, and Excel.


Served twelve years in Air Force. Eight of those years served with the White House Communications Agency. Trained as Telecommunication supervisor. Supervised from four to 10 personnel.


Top Secret / SBI


Three years of college combined at New York Technical / Baruch College. 96 credits accumulated.

Resume 7

Samples represents that of an actual working technical professional found on the WEB and modified to protect the privacy of these professionals. Human names, company names, colleges, software product names are intentionally made up.


Edward James


Lead, design, analyze, and develop database applications. Of particular interest are systems that provide solutions to clinical trials.


Phase One Inc.
12/1999 to 7/2002

Principal Application Engineer 3/2002 7/2002
Senior Application Engineer 12/99 3/2002

As technical lead, oversaw, facilitated and performed application configuration, installation, integration testing, submission and GCP adherence of clinical trial EDC web based databases developed in Phase Forward s flagship product InForm for multiple large pharmaceutical corporations. Delivery of InForm applications requires skills in Windows NT 4.0 platform including IIS, Oracle 7 8, VBScript, SAS, HTML, Phase Forward s XML specification MedML, et al. As technical lead and in conjunction with project managers, developed and executed against timeline estimates of technical components of projects. Lead more junior personal as well as team members in technical delivery of applications. As application engineer working in InForm designed, analyzed, developed, optimized and critiqued InForm EDC forms MedML InForm , middleware rules MedML VB Script , custom reports Crystal Reports , custom defined outbound databases MedML Oracle SQL, SAS . Through strong technical leadership and clinical understanding, helped established the culture for high performance teamwork characteristic of the Ann Arbor branch of Phase Forward Incorporated. Served as InForm technical resource to application engineers, clinical trial designers, project managers, business development, product development, product engineering and tech transfer customers via structured and unstructured means by trouble shooting, issuing technical reviews, solution exploration, inventing viable workarounds, impromptu training, bug reporting, tracking submission, and hands-on resource assistance. Identified and sought to address various product process improvements by creating and/or participating in the creation of shared utilities developed in VB for Applications client specification spreadsheet add-in, customer database code harvesting engineering add-in, installation log inspector add-in , Oracle SQL InForm to Oracle Clinical post processor, function library , SAS provided vision leadership for InForm to SAS re-use module , and multiple work instructions. Participated in and contributed to client meetings for requirements gathering, specification, product presentation, and user acceptance reviews.

St. Peter Children s Research Hospital
9/1990 to 12/99

Senior Client/Server Developer, Information Technology Services from 6/97

Within 3 weeks, designed, analyzed and implemented a toxicity decision report system enabling very rapid review of the “health” of institutionally crucial patient treatment protocols. Application summarized data from 2 platforms utilizing Visual FoxPro with OLE Automation to MS Excel. End-user targets are senior hospital executives including Director and Chief Medical Officer. Assigned Project Lead for mid-phase development of large-scale client/server initiative HNAM Clinical Trials . Documented assigned change requests and future phase functional requirements. Served as senior on team as well as developed Protocol Document Manager component of HNAM Clinical Trials product. Filled interim duties of project manager for large-scale client/server initiative HNAM Clinical Trials . Coordinated work of development team through establishment of milestones, planning and coordination of functional specifications, and authoring of Phase I development document via Paradigm Plus OOP CAD tool. This effort supported and maintained this institutional initiative until all 9 FTE positions were recruited and filled. Project technology includes VB 5.0, Oracle on VMS and a proprietary business layer Cerner CCL . Through enhancements and maintenance, continue to provide support for all applications developed under my jurisdiction over the past 7 years MS FoxPro 2.6 DOS, MS Visual FoxPro 3.0 SIR SAS . Recruited and supervised contract employee for this effort. The result allowed applications and services to be maintained while significant efforts were leveraged toward the CPDM initiative. Salvaged a delayed VB 5.0 project under development by a junior. Stepped through a “post-mortem” review process with the developer creating a learning experience. Participated and contributed to an informal book review of Grady Booch s “Object Oriented World” with co-workers and motivated application of those skills in development.

Senior Database Analyst, Department of Biostatistics 11/93 6/97

Team leader of a group of three that designed and implemented an OO protocol database framework VGS using Visual FoxPro 3.0. VGS enables rapid distribution of protocol data collection projects that meet certain business process axioms. Implemented full round trip database system for support of Bone Marrow Transplant group using aforementioned VGS frame. VBMT pulls institutional laboratory data from an Oracle 7.2 database using ODBC connections, provides a separate query instance to facilitate clean, ad-hoc queries, and includes a Quality Control module generic to the VGS framework. Currently, all institutional transplant records are maintained in VBMT. Perceived a need for and single handedly developed a generic form manager database tool in FoxPro 2.6 DOS for use with complex questionnaire oriented projects. This metadata driven, highly normalized database significantly decreases project role-out time from weeks to hours. Developer of a comprehensive, metadata driven, distributive data-entry research protocol database PROGEDD in FoxPro 2.6 DOS. PROGEDD attempts to generalize clinical trial needs thereby providing rapid support for Phase I, II and III SJRCH trials. Currently, this project tracks 18 protocols over 3 principal tumor types. Contributed to development of comprehensive database application shell GS written in FoxPro 2.6 Windows. Project objectives include object oriented metadata theory as solutions for data dictionaires, security modules and rapid system development. The underlying approach evolved into the Visual GS VGS mentioned above using Visual FoxPro 3.0. Developed the curriculum and instructed a SQL training seminar using SAS as language setting. Used FoxPro 2.6 for Windows, SQL, Oracle and ODBC to develop several small, turn-key solutions to access institutional data for statisticians. Assisted in recruitment, hire evaluation of database/software team.

Biostatistician, Department of Biostatistics 2/91 11/93

Wholly responsible for maintenance and upgrades of several institutionally strategic protocol databases on VAX platform using SIR as DBMS and SAS, DEC DCL and Fortran for add on utilities. Developed a randomization menu system on VAX using DEC DCL which significantly simplified randomization needs of hospital pharmacy. Developed a tissue inventory database in FoxPro 2.0 for Pediatric Oncology Group grant-based tissue bank. The project replaced an older, obsolete VAX based system and consequently increased input and querying time from tens of minutes to instantaneous.

Statistical Assistant, Department of Biostatistics 9/90 2/91

Part time, intern based position designed as a training ground for students. Heavy programming in SAS and SIR as well as limited programming in Fortran as requested for projects by statisticians.

University of Springfield
Fall 88 to Spr 90

Teaching Assistant Department of Mathematics

Springfield City Schools
Fall 86 to Spr 88

High School Mathematics Teacher


  • OS Win95/NT 4.0, VMS, Unix
  • Languages FoxPro 2.x DOS/Windows, Visual 3.0 , SQL, VB5, VB Script, VBA, HTML, C, Java
  • DBMS Foxpro, Oracle 7.2/8i SQL/Plus, MS Access
  • Packages InForm Phase Forward , SAS, Microsoft products, Paradigm Plus, ER/Win, BP/Win, ODBC, Visio, FrontPage 98


  • Softskills Training: Communications; Priority Management; Conflict Management; Change Management
  • 7 Habits of Effective People September 1999
  • Leadership Skills Workshop June 1999
  • 16th, 17th, 18th Annual Meeting of Society for Clinical Trials
  • VBITS 97 Visual Basic Jump Start Orlando, FL
  • MS Windows NT 4.0 Core Technologies Seminar
  • ACM PODS/SIGMOD Annual Meeting Principles of Database Systems/Special Interest Group on Management of Data
  • 95 FoxPro User Conference, 92 93 MS FoxPro Developer s Conference, MicroEndeavors Advanced FoxPro 2.0 Training


MS in Computer Science University of Springfield Dec 1997
Oral Comprehensive Project: “Supporting Multiple View Maintenance Policies: Strategies for Data Warehousing”
BS in Mathematics Lambuth University Spring 1986 with hono rs

Resume 8

Samples represents that of an actual working technical professional found on the WEB and modified to protect the privacy of these professionals. Human names, company names, colleges, software product names are intentionally made up.


Herbert Cooper

Dear Human Resources Director:

I am pleased to submit myself as a candidate for an Information Technology management or development position with your company. The attached r sum outlines the breadth of business areas in which I have experience. These include the following:

  • Accounting AR/AP/GL
  • Order Processing
  • Help Desk / Tech Support
  • Banking/Check Processing
  • Inventory Control
  • Customer Service
  • E-Commerce
  • Loan Processing
  • Retail POS
  • Payroll
  • Human Resources
  • Healthcare

In these arenas I have successfully implemented systems using the latest in technology including:

  • 3-tier Architecture
  • Novell NetWare
  • Informix
  • Client/Server Architecture
  • Unix
  • MS Visual Languages
  • Windows NT
  • SQL Server
  • Internet Technologies

The bulk of these projects have been for Fortune 500 companies including:

  • EDS
  • MCI WorldCom
  • Tupperware
  • Sears

I am available immediately and am able to travel. Thank you for your consideration. I look forward to talking with you regarding opportunities with your company.

Sincerely, Hebert Cooper


Securing an IS management or development position.


  • Participation in all aspects of the system lifecycle
  • Hands-on experience with all aspects of system implementation
  • In-depth experience working with relational databases
  • Demonstrated ability as a team manager
  • Able to work successfully with pre-defined methodologies

Skills Inventory

Operating Systems Programming Languages Business Areas
Novell NetWare MS Visual Basic Accounting AR/AP/GL
Windows NT/2000 MS Visual J++ Banking Check Processing
Windows 95/98 Delphi E-Commerce
DOS Pascal Order Processing
UNIX C Inventory Control
UNIX C Loan Processing
Databases Web Technologies Customer Service
MS SQL Server HTML Retail POS
Informix ASP Human Resources
MS Visual FoxPro VBScript Payroll
MS Access Java Script Help Desk / Support


Johnson and Co.
Feb 2000 to Feb 2002

Pest Control Division Payroll Analyst
Senior Programmer/Analyst

  • Coordinated support and development of HR/payroll system for Fortune 500 company division
  • Successfully converted payroll system to multi-frequency and 4-4-5 calendar
  • Managed project aspects of migration and interfaces to outside payroll provider
  • Provided design and development support to contact management development team
  • Developed Web-based reports for field and finance

Digital Data Systems DDS
Apr 1996 to Nov 1999

Senior Systems Analyst

HighTouch Technologies, E-Commerce application for Internet based order entry contract position

  • Developed complete project plan for implementation
  • Coordinated with client to clarify and document requirements

MCI, Sales Commission project contract position

  • Project Team lead
  • Managed Interface Implementation
  • Developed requirements for consolidating twenty system interfaces
  • Designed foundation to interface Gemstone and Informix using Korn shell scripts

Tupperware Y2K Project Manager for order processing system

  • Converted existing DOS-based order processing system to Microsoft Visual languages
  • Implemented Y2K compliance

Managed order processing system development of and migration to a new POS system

  • Manager responsible for implementation
  • Developed requirements and implemented program change
  • Successfully converted from existing COBOL system to new system

Managed application development and implementation of Image/OCR project

  • Managed development and interface team

Managed development team for check processing and payment system

  • Managed development of check processing/posting system
  • Managed creation of interface from NCR check encoders to legacy system

System stabilization

  • Managed triage team to stabilize systems for order processing/management
  • In three months reduced run time errors by 98
  • Implemented QA procedures reducing quality issues by 90

Ommaris Computer Systems
Oct 1994 to Apr 1996

Systems Analyst

  • Project manager for commercial business loan application
  • Successfully managed migration from legacy system to client/server using SQL server
  • Developed and implemented problem tracking/resolution procedures

Restler Industries, Ltd
Apr 1992 to Oct 1994

Senior Programmer /Analyst

  • Technical specialist for J.D. Edwards billing team
  • Responsible for design, testing, maintenance, and support of multiple business systems
  • Supported company WAN of over 1,000 workstations

Tupperware Corporation
Oct 1988 to Mar 1992

Senior Programmer

  • Team lead for development of retail sales statistical analysis system
  • Managed design, development, and implementation of multi-user point of sale system
  • Managed development of installation process for 350 locations nationwide
  • Designed network solution for individual nationwide locations
  • Created application development standards and implemented version control

ADS Center for Energy Studies Computer
Aug 1987 to Jun 1988

Analyst II

  • Developed multi-user database application to track publications and managed their Novell network

Chiao Associates, Inc.
Sept 1984 to Jul 1987

Computer Analyst I

  • Worked with Dr. Peter Chiao to develop early high end CASE software ER Designer
  • Provided consulting services to clients


Louisiana State University
Master of Science Studies, Computer Science

Louisiana State University
Bachelor of Science Pre-med
Awards and Honors

Currently pursuing Master Certified Internet Webmaster certification

Resume 9

Samples represents that of an actual working technical professional found on the WEB and modified to protect the privacy of these professionals. Human names, company names, colleges, software product names are intentionally made up.


Harry Scott

Danville, CA

Summary of Experience

Since 1980 Mr. Scott has been designing and implementing complex custom application software as the Principal Consultant for Advanced Systems, Inc. In the late 1980s Mr. Scott started using FoxPro as a development environment and has continued to use it and its successors, currently Visual FoxPro 7.0, as the cornerstone of all of his application development. He is experienced in Object Oriented development and has developed in Client/Server and MultiUser environments using ODBC, OLE and COM and on the Web using Web Connection.

Mr. Scott is the author of several articles on FoxPro programming and has successfully competed in International Programming Competitions using FoxPro. He is very experienced in all phases of system development and has the ability to develop a complete system from scratch on his own or as the leader of a small group of developers.


Visual FoxPro, FoxPro, Access, Fortran, Visual Basic, C++, Excel, Word, Outlook, Crystal Reports, SBT, Web Connections, SQL Server, OOP


BS Electrical Engineering University of Arkansas
MS Operations Management University of Southern California

Work experience:

Advanced Systems, Inc.
1986 – Present

Advanced Systems, Inc., was started by Mr. Scott, to provide consulting and software development services to medium size businesses whose needs could best be served by custom software. As the lead software engineer for ESI Mr. Scott has participated in the development of a number of systems, several of which are being turned into commercial software products. Examples of this type of development are the Warehouse Manager developed with Compact Merchandising Corporation, Full House property management developed with DeBourne Properties and the Physicians Desktop developed with Zaur OB/GYN.

Mr. Scott participates in all phases of software development from design to implementation. He is qualified to do a complete development on his own or to manage larger groups of programmers in a larger scale environment.

Recent Projects with Advanced Systems, Inc.

Golden Rain Foundation – Terra
04/99 – 10/01

Terra is a retirement community located in Walnut Creek, CA., consisting of some 8,000 homes and condominiums. The maintenance of these homes and the financial administration of the individual units and the home owners associations is handled by the Mutual Operations Division MOD . Historically MOD has utilized FoxPro based programs to accomplish all of these administrative tasks. In 1999 it was determined that the existing, SBT DOS based, programs were non-Y2K compliant. A decision was made to replace all of the exisiting programs with more modern Visual Fox Pro based systems that would convert the existing data and offer advanced capabilities. Mr. Scott was retained to do this system development. The work accomplished so far consists of Work Order, Unit Status, Accounts Receivable, Property Tax, Banking Interfaces and Water Meter management systems. MOD has decided to hire an on-staff programmer to support and enhance these programs. Mr. Scott is currently in the process of training this staff person.

Ercel Corporation
07/97 – 04/99

Ercel is a multi-million dollar international company whose primary product is called Honeycomb. There are currently over 300 different versions of the Honeycomb product each of which has its own complex set of pricing parameters. Mr. Scott has developed the Honeycomb Pricing Program for Ercel using VFP 5.0. The system is to be used by its 60 plus Customer Service Representatives to provide on-line, accurate pricing to its customers. The program has the ability to provide “what if” pricing logic in order to provide the best order for the customer s money.

When a quotation has been input it can be automatically output, using OLE, into an MS Word formatted document that can be eMailed directly to the manufacturing facility in Phoenix for immediate lead-time and availability information.

Zaur OB/GYN Group
06/97 – Present

The Zaur OB/GYN Group is a multi-doctor medical office that has decided to automate most of its internal procedures. Mr. Scott has developed the Physicians Desktop in Visual FoxPro for them. This system provides Patient Record information, Patient Encounter information, Appointment Scheduling, On Call Scheduling, Out of Office Scheduling, Internal Messaging, Individual To Do processing, Phone Book with auto dialing, and Prescription Writing for the office.

A recent enhancement, using MS Outlook as an automation server, allows the firm to automatically email the results of medical tests such as a PAP Smear to their patients.

The system is currently in use by Zaur OB/GYN and long term plans call for it to be marketed on a commercial basis.

National Training Associates NTA
11/97 – Present

NTA provides Advanced Training Seminars for the education community. Mr. Scott converted and enhanced parts of a legacy system written in FoxPro for Windows 2.6 into VFP 5.0. The system provides for registration and management of multi-day, multi-track educational seminars.

Rislen Information Systems
3/1/98 – 9/1/98

Rislen provides vertical market software to the Health and Athletic Club industry. They are currently in the process of a complete re-write of their system from FPW 2.6 into VFP 5.0 using Client/Server technology. Mr. Scott designed and wrote a full functioned Inventory Module for this new system that provides matrixed information i.e., Large, Small, Medium / Red, Yellow Brown and is fully integrated into a Point of Sale System.

The system is based around Client\Server technology and uses VFP s latest capabilities for ODBC, SQL, SQL Pass Through, and Parameterized Views to provide its functionality.

All of the reporting capabilities of this module were implemented using Crystal Reports.

DeBourne Properties
5/1/96 – 07/97

DeBourne Properties provides Property Management service for 48 large apartment complexes in Northern California. Mr. Scott wrote the Full House Property Management system for them in VFP 3.0.

The system provides Credit Checking, Move In, Move Out, Work Order, Rent Roll, Cash Receipts, Accounts Payable, General Ledger and Management Reporting for each property.

Using DLLs Mr. Scott implemented an integrated communication facility that allows the Main Office to automatically query each of the properties each night and maintain a centralized database of current information from each property.

International Sports Events
6/1/94 – 8/1/96

ISE provides on-site hospitality to corporations at major sporting events. Mr. Scott wrote a lead tracking and ticket and lodging management system for ISE to use at the 1996 Olympic Games in Atlanta, GA. The system provided automated synchronization of all data between the main office in Pleasanton, CA and a satellite office in Atlanta. The system also provided for on-line credit card processing.

Compact Merchandising
2/1/91 – 7/1/94

Compact is a wholesale distributor of consumer electronics. In the spring of 1991 they decided to automate their operations. Mr. Scott was retained to become a pioneer in the utilization of database products and local area networking. The original system, developed in FoxBase, consisted of Order Entry, Inventory Control, Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, General Ledger, Purchase Orders, Receiving, Warehouse Management, UPS Interfacing, Bar Code scanning and printing, Cycle Counting and Physical Inventory, Picking, Packing, and the integration of Electronic Scales.

This system is still in use at Compact and controls the daily operation of the entire company. It is has since been enhanced to provide for the use of hand-held computers Telzon by its sales force and Radio Frequency transmission for inventory control.

Harry Scott Associates
1976 – 1986

In 1976 Mr. Scott resigned from Comstar Research to start up his own systems company, Jerry K. Scott Associates JKOA . JKOA developed software for the automation of large law offices. Modules included Time and Expense Billing, Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, General Ledger, Litigation Support, Docket Control and Word Processing. This software was sold and installed into over 50 major firms around the country and is still operating in many of these firms. Before the company was sold in 1986 it had grown to include over 20 programmers and customer support staff.

Comstar Research, Inc.
1970 – 1976

After his tour in the Air Force Mr. Scott joined Comstar Research, Inc., in Buffalo, New York, as a Project Manager for the development of Real Time Command and Control software for the U.S. Navy. In 1972 he moved to California and setup and managed a West Coach Branch of Comstar. This Branch had responsibility for the development of the Sensor Interface Data System SIDS modules for the Navy s Naval Tactical Data System NTDS . This Branch consisted of approximately 30 programmers and analysts who were managed by Mr. Scott.

U.S. Air Force
1965 – 1970

As a Flying Officer in the Air Force Captain Scott logged over 2,000 hours of flying time. He was awarded the Distinguished Flying Cross and 12 Air Medals. He served tours of duty in Thailand during the Vietnam War and in Germany.


  • Local Area Networking MultiUser Remote Communication
  • Client-Server Remote Views Parameterized Views
  • SQL SQL Pass Through ODBC
  • Automation Servers DLL COM
  • Object Orientation Data Compression Serial Device Interfacing
  • Project Manager Class Libraries Low Level File Functions
  • Designers Crystal Reports Internet Web Programming


  • Property Management Distribution Warehousing
  • Medical Office Legal Office Dental Office
  • Aerospace Manufacturing Telemarketing Cable Television
  • Health Clubs Service Bureaus Golf Clubs


  • Order Entry Accounts Payable General Ledger
  • Inventory Banking Purchasing
  • Receiving Accounts Receivable Contact Management
  • Point of Sale Caller ID Predictive Dialing
  • Laser Check Printing Automated Check Reading Financial Reporting
  • Litigation Support Docket Control Calendaring
  • Bar Coding Electronic Scales Bill of Materials
  • Physical Inventory Cycle Counting Dispatching
  • Data Exchange Scheduling UPS Interfacing
  • Credit Card Processing Picking Packing
  • Proposal Preparation Reservations Move In/Move Out
  • Work Order Control Water Meter Tracking SBT

References available upon request

Resume 10

Samples represents that of an actual working technical professional found on the WEB and modified to protect the privacy of these professionals. Human names, company names, colleges, software product names are intentionally made up.


Ken Decature

Fremont, CA


A challenging position with Visual Foxpro that I can grow with and expand my skills and knowledge.


8/2001 – 2/2002
SoftTechno Inc., Sommerville, TN

Senior Programmer/Developer

Hired as a contractor to work as a Senior Programmer/Developer. Worked on Client Server Applications for the Juvenile Justice System designed in Microsoft Visual Foxpro 6.0 in a 3 tier applications with backend data in SQL Server 7.0, SQL Server 2000 and Oracle 8 in a Windows 2000 environment. Worked with the Alaska project to convert data from the current system to the new system designed by the SoftTec team in SQL Server 7.0 and 2000 databases using Visual Foxpro views and ODBC connections and some Stored Procedures in SQL Server. Use Terminal Server and FTP utilities to transfer data applications and testing on customer servers.

8/1998 – 6/2001
Topram Book Company, Addison, TN

Senior Programmer/Devloper

Project Lead Programmer for redesign of a FOXPRO 2.6W system using Visual FOXPRO 6.0 from Visual Studio 6.0 in a Windows NT environment. Project Lead position required extensive working knowledge of business requirements of the proposed system for the Publisher Advertising Department. Total responsibility for Publisher Advertising support. Project included a team of 6-7 programmers. Meetings with users to insure proper requirements for redesign were included. Data model design and conversion of data from 3 current systems to system redesigning. Conversion used for reporting from the redesigned data model to replace reporting from current system prior to design of interface. Design of interface and reporting gradually replaced 3 current systems with conversion of data. Once all testing of the redesigned system was completed, conversion was removed, replacing the 3 old systems. Attended an instructor-lead/self study Microsoft class for SQL Server 7.0 Database Implementation. MCSE Exam 70-029 Acted as Operations Analyst to cover for Senior Operations Analyst in absence. Performed program maintenance for system in ACCESS 97. Maintained 5 systems for user support. Systems include 4 in FOXPRO 2.6W and 1 in FileMaker Pro 5.0. Design tools of Visual SourceSafe 4.0, Viso 5.0, and Xcase 4.0 used and Enterprise Manager for Microsoft SQL Server 6.5. Attended a group self motivated class for Transact-SQL. User support count is 60 directly with Foxpro and as many as 30 to FileMaker Pro with an additional 100 indirect support with redesign. Worked very well with many team members of both user and Programmers. Worked with team members of different programming departments.

6/1987 – 8/1998
Advanced Engineering, Gestville, TN

Performed many functions in different capacities. Designed a resume database of applicants using Visual FOXPRO 5.0 for Techni-Core Professionals as a Consultant using telecommuting. Design included searches for applicants by specialties to match applicants with orders for required skills needed by customers. Responsible for setting up EDI software for Techni-Core Engineering. Designed and developed ACCESS 2.0 application for service contract which allowed invoicing and interface with EDI by exporting and importing data from text files. Worked as a temporary systems analyst while attending college. Created and designed a menu driven system in dBASE III+ for the Human Resources and Training Departments at Boeing Computer Support Services. Responsibilities included the design, coding, testing, implementation, evaluation and documentation. Provided programming support with ARTEMIS to create and maintain networks, generate reports, and update GANTT charts for schedules at McDonnell Douglas and Boeing Defense and Space Group. Further duties included defining user requirements and testing software applications with LOTUS 1-2-3, dBASE III+, FOXBASE, CICS and BASIC for database analysis, design and development. Started as a Recruiter/Office Manager with a branch located closer to the customer s site. Currently can work on an As needed basis.

5/1995 – 4/1998
Kentel Corporation / Computer Data Systems Inc., Gestsville, TN

Assigned to perform systems analysis and programming for the task of Theater Construction Management System TCMS for the Army Facilities Components System AFCS of the Corps of Engineers in Huntsville, AL. TCMS is a project planning and scheduling tool used by the Corps of Engineers and National Guard. Assigned to task by CDSI and task transferred to Dyntel on 9/1/95. Assisted in converting TCMS from FOXPRO 2.5 to FOXPRO 2.6 for Windows. Created, designed and implemented several small data entry systems in FOXPRO 2.6 for Windows. Created and designed Windows based Help system for TCMS. Wrote and maintained 300 page TCMS User s Manual. Wrote and maintained 1500 page Maintenance Manual. Redesigned processes that involved interface between FOXPRO 2.6, ACCESS 2.0, and Microsoft Project 4.0. Replaced Microsoft Access 2.0 with ODBC. Creationed, designed and implemented a data entry system for description and maintenance of TCMS design drawings in Visual FOXPRO 3.0. Assisted in redesign of TCMS to move from 16bit platform to 32bit platform in Visual FOXPRO 5.0. Supported 16bit platforms for Windows 3.1x, and Windows NT 3.51 and 32bit for Windows 95, and Windows NT 4.0. Acted as Assistant Task Leader in a Navy project to fully develop an application in ACCESS 7.0 with documentation. On this side task, the Navy came back for further development to this secured project.

4/1990 – 11/1994
Boeing Group, Gestsville, TN

Designed and created a Finance Reporting System using Management Reporting Facility MRF , JCL, and CLIST in an IBM TSO mainframe environment. Responsibilities included the design and maintenance of all software for Cost and Schedules, Program Finance Control, and government reporting requirements for the Space Stations, military, and New Business contracts in Huntsville, Seattle and Houston. Systems Administrator RACF security controls officer for all user accounts. Provided analysis, design and programming support for DbII table maintenance and reporting using SQL by QMF. Other software development and/or maintenance tasks performed included providing Database Management for all finance data in Huntsville and Houston, and converting download processes to ACCESS and Visual Basic from the mainframe.

1972 – 1974
United States Air Force

Honorable Discharge


11/2001 Middle Tennessee State University Murfreesboro, TN

Courses completed:

  • Basic and Advanced HTML
  • JAVAScript
  • Web Usability
  • Web Graphics
  • Hosting and Promoting

12/1989 University of Alabama Berville, AL
Bachelor s Degree
BSBA, Management Information Systems
MINOR: Accounting

12/1984 Calhoun Community College, Addison, AL
Associate Degree
ASCIS 1984
ASBA 1981

Resume 11

Samples represents that of an actual working technical professional found on the WEB and modified to protect the privacy of these professionals. Human names, company names, colleges, software product names are intentionally made up.


Arthur Kinsey

Orlando, FL
Certified Public Accountant


Permanent or long-term contract position using Personal Computer and accounting skills to enhance and/or automate routine office operations. Will consider short term contracts.


Fourteen years hands-on experience with IBM and Compatible and Apple Macintosh Personal Computer applications. Ability to analyze client needs and/or problem at hand and to determine immediate solutions in almost any work environment. Able to train client personnel in PC applications. Two years experience as Teacher/Consultant holding training seminars nationwide and designing mission-critical applications for clients. Fifteen years experience with two major banks in customer service, credit, collections, operations and information systems, three years as a supervisor. Two years experience as part-time instructor at two community colleges. Two years experience in Public Accounting with a small local firm.


Construction Management, Chemical, Public Utilities, Nuclear, Aircraft, Health Care, Banking, Refining, Accounting, Software Publishing, Management Consulting, Legal Records, Telemarketing and Insurance.


Visual Foxpro, MS Access, Visual Basic, VBA, VBScript, Visual Interdev , PC Front Page, MS Office Suite, Visual J++ , Crystal Reports, Monarch SQL Server and Oracle.


Windows 95, 98, NT, 2000, XP Macintosh.


All models of IBM-PC and most popular compatibles. Apple Macintosh. Able to configure, troubleshoot, upgrade, and perform major repairs to most systems, subsystems and peripherals. Experience training users in either group or individual sessions as well as user support.


Novell and NT. Experience in Configuration, Installation, Troubleshooting and User Support.


B.S. in Accounting, Certificates in Computer Technology

Personal Computers for Business, Lotus 1-2-3,SPF/PC

MS-DOS,Lotus 1-2-3,dBase

Programming in C++ for Windows


Developed with Visual InterDev

  • Rewrite of Active Server pages and HTML documents generated by MS Access – See below

Developed with Microsoft Access

  • Bug fixes to inventory reporting and tracking system for national food processor.
  • Conversion of forms and reports to HTML documents and Active Server Pages For international conglomerate.
  • Enhancements and bug fixes to state reporting systems for regional behavioral health care management organization.
  • Enhancements to help desk reporting systems for large computer services organization.
  • Enhancements and bug fixes for data mining and reporting system for major hospital. Accessed SQL Server And Btrieve databases. Developed Some reports with Crystal Reports. Created multiple Excel Pivot Tables from MS Access Database tables Enhancements and bug fixes for telephone directory system of local Bank. Expense reporting system for a major Incontinence Products and Wound Care products manufacturer. Complex automated query systems to provide mail merge files and rebate calculations using a combination of data files extracted from a company-designed mainframe system and an AS400 system for a major Incontinence Products and Wound Care products manufacturer.Created Excel Pivot Tables for user analysis.

Developed with Visual Basic

  • Enhancements and bug fixes for credit reporting system of major credit card bank.
  • Interface for correction of erroneous data in Oracle and Interbase Databases for national Eldercare Service Provider. Developed Visual Basic Pass-through queries.
  • Enhancements and bug fixes for data mining and reporting system for major hospital.
  • Bug fixes in data collection system which interacted with bar code scanners and SQL Server databases.
  • Tool inventory system for automotive technicians for retail sale. Contact database for office cleaning service.
  • Browse utility for Paradox and Access Files for major Incontinence and Wound Care products manufacturer.

Developed with Clipper 5.2

  • Enhancements and bug fixes to application for handheld bar scanning devices for major client of a data collection service.
  • Enhancements to Inventory, Invoicing and Delivery Ticket systems for local building materials distributor
  • Enhancements to Reporting and Data Entry systems for regional Financial Services company.
  • Enhancements to Reporting and Data Entry systems for regional Home Health Care and Medical Equipment Provider. Used various third-party libraries and outlined specifications for ultimate conversion to Clipper 5.3.
  • Rate Quoting, Automatic Renewal, and Rate Maintenance systems for underwriting department of large regional HMO.

Developed with Clipper Summer 87

  • Enhancements to nurse scheduling system for local hospital.

Developed with ALPHA IV 3.0

  • Rate quoting application for large international insurance company for use in overseas offices. Tested, debugged and placed into production. Outlined specifications for conversion to FoxPro 2.5.

Developed with Microsoft Excel:

  • Pivot Tables and Consolidation worksheets for a major hospital, an incontinence products manufacturer, a major health care insurer, and a national computer services consulting organization.
  • Automated Data Consolidation and Graphics application for engineering department of large chemical corporation. Used Excel Software Development kit for both Windows and Macintosh Platforms together with C compilers.

Developed with Microsoft Visual FoxPro

  • Enhancements for custom telemarketing application for national DSL provider.
  • Enhancements and bug fixes for data scanning, E-mail and reporting systems system for regional data collection company.
  • Developed new applications for local telemarketing firm. Enhanced and fixed bugs in several existing applications converted from earlier versions of FoxPro. Developed custom reports and file transfer methods for customers.
  • Analyzed Data Load process for media reporting firm. Reported coding,structure and flow problems to management. Developed debuggging utility. Reccommended changes to management.
  • Enhancements and bug fixes to state reporting systems for regional behavioral health care management organization. Developed SQL Pass-through queries against SQL Server databases.
  • Inquiry Tracking and Reporting system for private school assisting troubled children.
  • Sales Lead Tracking and Reporting System for major Incontinence Products and Wound Care Products manufacturer.

Developed with Microsoft FoxPro 2.5/6:

  • Year 2000 compliance and enhancements for accounting, utility collection and rental collection systems for local campground and Recreation facility.
  • Rent collection and tracking system with remote access for local mobile home park.
  • Lead Tracking and Reporting system for major Incontinence and Wound Care products manufacturer. Macintosh and VFP
  • Quality Analysis System for Telemarketing Group.
  • Invoicing System enhancements for Legal/Medical Records depository.
  • Remote Order Entry System for Legal/Medical Records depository.
  • Enhancements and error corrections to Reporting System for regional Psychiatric Care Provider. Windows Version
  • Licensing, Inspection and Reporting systems for municipal Electrical Board.
  • Enhancements to Payroll System for local Trucking company.
  • Enhancements to Reporting and Data Entry System for local Trucking company.
  • Rewrite of error-prone Payroll System for local Food Distributor
  • Timekeeping and reporting system for large pharmaceuticals company.
  • Electronic Funds Transfer ACH system for local processor. Converted from Clipper Summer of 87 .
  • Automated statistical reporting system for loan group of large regional bank.
  • Customer and equipment tracking system for local computer hardware/software/support retailer.
  • Menu-driven client tracking system for major software publisher.
  • User-friendly system to track subjects in a random drug screening program for newly-formed testing contractor.
  • Menu-driven tracking systems for spare parts inventory, consultant time tracking, and laboratory scheduling for a major refinery.
  • Automated configuration and testing system for a major software testing laboratory.

Developed with dBase IV :

  • Utility programs for mainframe file transfer and enhancements for regional telecommunications company.
  • Project cost tracking system for major refinery.
  • Inventory tracking and marketing analysis system for manufacturer of waste water treatment equipment.
  • Customized marketing analysis and reporting package for major communications carrier.

Developed with dBase III Plus :

  • Refund Check tracking system for major Health Care carrier.
  • Project Cost tracking system for major construction company.
  • Personnel Tracking system for major public utility.

Developed with Paradox :

  • Job Training Partnership Client tracking system for a state government.
  • Patient tracking and billing system for a physical therapist.
  • File download utility for major chemical company.
  • Other custom applications created with FoxPro, Clipper, Microsoft Office, and Visual Basic for a variety of business situations.

Employment history and professional references furnished on request. As of July 1, 2002

Resume 12

Samples represents that of an actual working technical professional found on the WEB and modified to protect the privacy of these professionals. Human names, company names, colleges, software product names are intentionally made up.


Nick Wartel


Senior Business Requirements/Systems Analyst with 20+ years experience in business systems analysis, design, development and integration, financial reporting, contract development and administration, procurement system design and coding. Demonstrated effective management and analytical skills within various industries, including city/state government, healthcare and energy. Proven leadership skills to develop and mentor new team members, deliver work on time and within budget. Extensive involvement managing client relationships at all levels. Proactive, goal oriented team player.


  • System development, business requirement definition, data modeling, workflow analysis, data base design, project management, project vision and scope development, budgeting, financial reporting and projections.
  • Certification: Certified Network Administrator – Novell NetWare 3.12
  • Languages: COBOL, JCL, FoxPro v2.5/2.6/5.0/6.0
  • Software: ERWin, DBExaminer, Visio 5.0, Primavera P3 MS Project and MS Office Professional
  • Strong SQL skills
  • Working knowledge of RUP and UML


Cleveland State University – Cleveland. Ohio
Marketing/Bachelor of Business Administration

Consulting Engagements

Department of Social Services
February 2002 to Present

Senior Business Analyst

  • Performed direct end-user analysis that included understanding actual tasks, objectives and business rules associated with welfare benefit calculation and tracking system.
  • Developed test plan, scope and scripts to perform functional and unit testing.
  • Developed Software Requirement Specifications documentation including work, data flow and entity relation diagrams using Visio 5.0.
  • Managed Business analysis/Testing Team resources.

Softstar, Cleveland, Ohio
July 2001 to September 2001

Senior Programmer/Analyst

  • Performed direct end-user analysis that included understanding actual tasks, objectives and business rules on a daily basis in order to enhance existing trade show marketing applications in Visual FoxPro.
  • Generated coding for major modifications to existing applications and databases.

Lone Star Education Agency, Austin, Texas
September 2000 to July 2001

Database Analyst/Developer

  • Assisted in business, user, functional and non-functional requirements gathering and analysis in support of a 1.5 million WEB project. Developed work, data flow and entity relation diagrams using Visio 5.0; USE cases to define roles and business rules, functions, interfaces, and groupings of business processes and components; logical and physical MS SQL v7.0 data models using ERWin and DBExaminer; test cases and test scripts.
  • Developed Software Requirement Specifications and risk management documents.
  • Participated as a subject matter expert in determining functional and business requirements.
  • Developed and maintained metadata, data dictionary, data mapping and DTS scripts for data conversion and external software interfaces.
  • Facilitated mini JAD sessions to assess and refine business, functional and system requirements.

St. John Hospital, Cleveland, Ohio
March 2000 to September 2000

Senior Analyst/Project Lead

  • Identified expected users, tasks, objectives and business rules associated with existing Visual FoxPro v6.0 financial, payroll and accounting systems, developed project vision and scope documents, developed enhancements to existing applications and the development of new financial, payroll and accounting systems.
  • Participated as a subject matter expert in determining functional and business requirements.
  • Performed a basic code review, identified functional and non-functional requirements, developed program specifications, and generated coding for new applications to meet these requirements.
  • Provided basic training and developed procedural manuals for future training.

Texas Department of Health, San Antonio, TX
June 1999 to February 2000

Analyst/Project Lead

  • Reviewed existing project goals for accuracy, revised project scope and phases to match changes requested by client. Established schedule and program priorities for the completion of the project.
  • Developed business flow diagrams to determine what features and programs were needed. Determined project milestones and time estimates for completion of the program features.
  • Identified expected users, tasks, objectives and business rules associated with the existing systems.
  • Participated as a subject matter expert in determining functional and business requirements.
  • Facilitated mini JAD sessions to assess and refine business, functional and system requirements.
  • Performed a review of existing procedures, developed functional and non-functional requirements, program specifications, generated coding for new applications to meet these requirements.
  • Provided basic application training to end-users. Developed User Manual for future training and System Manual for future enhancements.

City of Cleveland, Cleveland, Ohio
April 1995 to June 1999

Senior Programmer/Analyst:

  • Analyzed existing dBASE III systems for Y2K compliancy, which included a functional review of the existing programs and system requirements. Converted the systems from dBASE III to Visual FoxPro v6.0 and tested the system to be Y2K compliant.

System Analyst:

  • Developed system requirements for a 25-user Windows NT network based upon program requirements, documentation storage requirements and e-mail requirements. Coordinated the startup and implementation phase of Windows NT network. Established schedule for equipment delivery, network installation including cabling, hardware and software and installation of workstations.
  • Developed, issued and analyzed RFP s for the software, hardware and peripheral purchase.

Project Coordinator:

  • In charge of the design, development, and administration of a RDBMS database to track production through design, construction, and inspection stages of a 10 million utility renovation project.
  • Coordinated work and production schedule for ten two-man teams to audit existing equipment, created ad hoc reports to meet both internal and external reporting requirements on the status and cost of the project, established schedules for the remedial design and construction phases to meet the clients requirements and project completion.
  • Provided assistance to City of Cleveland s Legal Department in lawsuit preparation.

Other Experience

CompUSA Purchasing Manager, Austin, TX
December 1993 to April 1995

  • Established new vendors that broadened source of supply. Successfully worked with vendors to maintain best and most current pricing.
  • Purchased Apple Mac, Compaq, HP, Acer desktop and laptop computers, as well as software and peripherals. Increased in-stock reliability and improved competitive price structure, reduced on-hand inventory by 5 .

Gringo Energy Corporation, Cleveland, Ohio
June 1968 to August 1993


  • Developed, implemented and documented new computer systems to supplement the manual operations of engineering department.
  • Project team leader in the development, implementation and training of a PC based tracking and scheduling system.
  • Supervised three employees in the data entry area during conversion to an automated CICS purchasing system.
  • Composed two training manuals, Introduction to Personal Computing and Excel, and conducted training sessions for 250 employees.
  • Developed a travel cost discrepancy system to track and analyze corporate expenses. Established service agreement with local travel agency and negotiated rates and discounts with major airline carriers and hotels that resulted in a 12 annual reduction in travel expenses.
  • Contract administrator for a multi-million dollar fossil fuel contract. Designed and implemented a coal analysis program to calculate contract premium or penalty for purchased coal. Designed a relational database to generate bid request letters; track and analyze coal vendor s bids and performance.


Business Analyst, Business Systems Analyst, Requirement Definition, Use Case, JAD Sessions, Functional Requirements, Non-functional Requirements, RUP and UML

Resume 13

Samples represents that of an actual working technical professional found on the WEB and modified to protect the privacy of these professionals. Human names, company names, colleges, software product names are intentionally made up.


Fred Tremont, MCSD, MCP

Oak Ridge, CO


Microsoft Certified Solution Developer MCSD

Microsoft Certified Professional MCP in these areas:

  • 2001 – Analyzing Requirements and Defining Solution Architectures
  • 2000 – Designing and Implementing Databases with Microsoft SQL Server 7.0
  • 2000 – Designing and Implementing Desktop Applications with Microsoft Visual FoxPro 6.0
  • 2000 – Designing and Implementing Distributed Applications with Microsoft Visual FoxPro 6.0
  • 1998 – Programming in Microsoft Visual FoxPro 3.0 for Windows


Visual FoxPro 3/5/6/7, FoxPro 2.x for Windows Visual Maxframe Professional, Stonefield Data Dictionary, Foxfire Query/Report Writer, Client/Server, SQL Server 7.0, SQL, Win32 API, Visual Basic 6.0, Access 97, Crystal Reports 7.0, Visual Modeler, FTP, HTML Help, HTML, XML, IIS, ASP, VBScript, JavaScript, FrontPage 2000, MTS, COM/DCOM/COM+, ODBC, DDE, OLE, ActiveX, MS Graph, Windows 2000, MS Office, MS Visual SourceSafe, MS Visual Studio, MS Visual Studio.NET


Accounting, Order Entry, Quality Control, Environmental Business Services, Produce Distribution, Inventory tracking, Manufacturing and Transportation


01/2002 Present
Recco Council, Garrison, PA


  • Finish the update of a Peach Tree DOS based accounting application to Visual FoxPro 6.0. Add a General Ledger, Balance sheet and Income Statement Reports
  • Create reports to show the distribution of dues within all levels of the union hierarchy
  • Complete the documentation for the system

07/2001 01/2002
Anderson Coatings, Inc., Alvage, MN


  • Update and enhance Job Cost Application with Visual FoxPro 7.0 and Visual Maxframe Professional 5.0 for distribution within the painting industry

01/2000 – 02/2001
RS Robinson, Inc., West Prairie, MN


  • Upgraded invoice application from FoxPro 2.6 to a Client/Server application using Visual FoxPro 6.0 and SQL Server 7.0
  • Created COM/COM+ objects with Visual FoxPro for transferring data
  • Created a COM object to use CDO to automate the sending of email
  • Used OLE Automation to display and format data in Excel Spreadsheets
  • Used FTP to transfer large report files
  • Assisted in design of new database in SQL Server 7.0 and created stored procedures
  • Used DTS to transfer data from FoxPro tables to SQL Server 7.0
  • Used Visual SourceSafe for source control
  • Created Active Server Pages to serve as a link between Cold Fusion and the COM objects

03/1999 01/2000
Abbotwell, Inc., Tetley, MN

Lead Programmer/Analyst

  • Added enhancements to an application I had previously developed and updated it from Visual FoxPro 5.0 to 6.0
  • Developed an application using the Visual Maxframe Professional 4.0 frameworks to carry out maintenance and system related procedures

11/1998 – 03/1999
Minnesota Department of Revenue, St. Paul, MN


  • Implemented Y2k solutions in legacy applications
  • Used Visual FoxPro 5.0 as front end for Client/Server application to execute stored procedures on a Sybase database for a data collection process
  • Converted legacy applications to Visual FoxPro 5.0

03/1998 – 12/1998
Best Performance Group, Portland, MN


  • Developer on team to convert FoxPro 2.6 order entry and billing system to Visual FoxPro 5.0

06/1996 06/1998
Stanton, Inc., Fridley, MN

Lead Programmer/Analyst

  • Principal developer in the design/implementation of a manufacturing data collection and reporting system created in Visual FoxPro 3.0, 5.0 on Windows NT and UNIX
  • The application was used as a case study on n-tier development in the July 1998 issue of the FoxPro Advisor magazine
  • Used Visual Maxframe Professional as framework for a project to access remote data

09/1995 06/1996
Nash Bridge, Inc., Medina, MN

Senior Programmer/Analyst

  • Primary developer on 7 person team to design and implement a produce distribution system written in FoxPro 2.6a for Windows 3.1

12/1994 07/1995
Target Stores, Minneapolis, MN


  • Designed and updated accounting, business and environmental applications in dBase IV
  • Started the conversion of these applications from dBase IV to Visual dBase
  • Was instrumental in initiating the setting up of OOP development standards in Visual dBase

10/1994 12/1994
Bell Atlantic, Springfield, MN

Support Engineer

  • Software technical support for Compaq Computers

04/1994 09/1994
Gateway 2000, Rochester, NY

Lead Programmer/Analyst

  • Primary developer on team that designed a supplier quality control system written in FoxPro2.5b for Windows on a Novell network
  • Application included the use of DLL s, embedded OLE objects, multiple reports using the FoxPro report writer with MS graph

12/1993 03/1994
First Lake Decorators, Inc. Cavage, MN


  • Designed and computerized a complete business application system that included a general ledger, payroll, monthly billing, invoicing, job costs and memo writing capabilities

04/1993 12/1993
Marcon, Inc., Cavage, MN


  • Debugged a dBase III System and corrected problems that had persisted for several years

11/1992 04/1993
Feldman Associates, Fresno, CA


  • Converted transportation software from Clipper Summer 87 to FoxPro 2.5 for the Burlington Northern Railroad


2001 Microsoft Visual Studio.Net Beta 1 and Beta 2
2000 – 2001 Keystone Learning Systems – Crystal Reports 7.0
2000 – 2001 Keystone Learning Systems – Visual Basic 6.0
1999 Keystone Learning Systems – SQL Server 7.0

1991 National Education Center, Brown Institute Minneapolis, MN
Computer Programming Certificate with High Honors, GPA 4.0

1974 University of Minnesota Minneapolis, MN
Bachelor of Science in Business

Resume 14

Samples represents that of an actual working technical professional found on the WEB and modified to protect the privacy of these professionals. Human names, company names, colleges, software product names are intentionally made up.


Andrew Tyler

Tremont, Pennsylvania


A detail oriented FoxPro Programmer with an Accounting Background and the willingness to learn new languages, pursuing a career with a company that is growing and improving with todays technologies. Skilled at providing excellent customer service as well as being a strong team player.


1/2001 to present
Terry Industries, Inc. – Greenville, Pa

Visual FoxPro Programmer

  • A team member helping to rewrite their existing DOS accounting software in Visual FoxPro. Their current software, SourceMate, was written in FoxPro v2.5 for DOS. They purchased the source code when they originally purchased the accounting software.

9/1999 – 1/2001
Digital Health Corporation; Westgrove, PA

Visual FoxPro Programmer / Technical Analyst

  • Write and support a variety of accounting, state and local government, as well as other custom in-house applications. Work with the VFox team from our parent office.
  • Handle support calls from our customers concerning technical network related questions about workstation setup, printer problems, and other software setup issues.
  • Serve as network administrator for our Novell network.
  • Setup Oracle instances and databases at the client s site and install our Long Term Healthcare Software.

12/1998 – 6/1999
Central Intermediate Unit; Oktandon, PA

Visual FoxPro Programmer

  • Worked with Visual FoxPro applications written for school districts.

11/1995 – 12/1998
Digital Services, Inc.; Westgrove, PA

FoxPro Programmer

  • Wrote applications in FoxPro 2.6 for DOS and Windows. Also supported other FoxPro applications that were written previously.
  • Worked with a variety of different applications from License Tracking software for county government agencies to Accounting Software.
  • Installed and supported Novell networks and time clock hardware.

3/1993 – 11/1995
Empire Country Poultry, Inc.; Waterown, PA

FoxPro Programmer

  • Used FoxPro to write accounting, time and attendance, and a variety of other programs.
  • Served as the Novell Network Supervisor of both networks.
  • Supported all end users, company wide, regarding problems they may have encounter with such applications as Excel, Word, and a variety of other Windows as well as DOS based software running on the networks.

4/1991 – 3/1993
Cooper s F.R.P.; East Columbia, PA

FoxPro Programmer / Technician

  • Used FoxPro to customize and maintain a network based accounting software package called SBT.
  • Served as the Novell Network Supervisor.
  • Was in charge of all computer-related maintenance and operations for the main office and four other satellite locations.
  • Prepared company price lists, mailers, and advertisements using Ventura Publisher, Word Perfect, and several scanner related software packages.

6/1989 – 10/1990
New Age Electronic Publishing Co.; Elizabeth, PA

Computer Programmer / Technician

  • Wrote dBase III plus programs and also utilized a variety of other PC based packages to alter for publication large amounts of text.
  • Installed and served as sysop for a six line electronic Bulletin Board.


5/1989 Elizabethtown College; Elizabethtown, Pennsylvania
Bachelor s Degree in Computer Science


Name Skill Level Last Used Experience
Visual FoxPro Intermediate Currently 4 years
FoxPro Expert Currently 12 years
Novell Net Admin Intermediate Currently 10 years
Oracle Beginner 2001 1 years

Resume 15

Samples represents that of an actual working technical professional found on the WEB and modified to protect the privacy of these professionals. Human names, company names, colleges, software product names are intentionally made up.


Trenton Sallivan


Project Management, Analysis & Design, Development, Technical/Business Documentation, Quality Assurance & Testing.


My expertise is obviously in Visual Foxpro but I also have a wide exposure to other languages/platforms with varying degrees of experience. I m especially interested in web development opportunities, particularly if they involved Java. I m very organized and enjoy motivating/inspiring others around me toward excellence; I m equally comfortable working with technical people or with business people and I possess excellent organizational & communication skills.


  • Vis Foxpro v3,5,6,7
  • .NET
  • Vis Basic v1,3,6
  • Foxpro v2x, DOS/Win
  • Foxbase+
  • dBase III+
  • MS-Win NT/98/95/3x
  • MS-DOS v3,5,6
  • Linux Red Hat, SuSE, Mandrake, Slackware
  • HTML v3,4
  • CSS v1,2
  • JavaScript v1.3
  • Java v1.2,2
  • MS-SQL 7,2000
  • ODBC/ADO 1.5-1.7
  • Quick Basic v4
  • GW-Basic

Work History

Residential Warranty Corporation, Garrisburg, PA
Mar. 01 – present


  • VFP7, SQL-Server2000, VFP6, VFP5, FoxWeb, FP2.6/Win, Windows 2000, Red Hat Linux 7.2 Home-Builder s Warranty Administration
  • Refactoring various Visual Foxpro v3,5,6 and Foxpro DOS/Win application for integration into an enterprise-level appliciation architecture using VFP7 and SQL-Server 2000 with an eye to ultimately implementing in .NET .

Dakota Systems, Inc., Springfield, PA
Dec. 00 – Mar. 01

Senior Developer

  • VFP6, Visual ProMatrix, OCR technology
  • Pharmeceutical Sampling
  • Enhance/maintain data-capture & reporting application using Visual Foxpro 6 and the Visual ProMatrix application framework.

Vitro Solutions, Inc., Berlin, NJ
Jul. 00 – Oct. 00

Analyst/Technical Writer

  • VFP6, technical writing
  • Pharmeceutical Manufacturing
  • Documented source code for a pharmaceutical documentation system; Created customized utilities to automate cross-referencing between source files.

UltraMed Corporation, Wertune, NJ
Jan. 99 – Oct. 99

Senior Developer / Technical Writer

  • VFP6, ADO, VB6, SQL-Server7, OLTP, HTML, CSS
  • Hospital Billing
  • Gathered requirements to upgrade legacy VFP application to use SQL-Server on the back-end, to re-engineer the functionality within a COM/DCOM paradigm, and to eventually web-enable the application; Prototyped COM components in VFP6 and VB6; learned DHTML essentials including CSS & JavaScript ; Analyzed VFP data structures for conversion to SQL-Server; Familiarized myself with OLAP/Data Warehousing paradigm in order to seamlessly interface/integrate our product as one component in a suite-based solution.

Strategic Systems & Solutions, Blacktown, NJ
Sep. 98 – Nov. 98

Design Specialist

  • Foxpro/DOS, VB5, Oracle, data design
  • Telecommunication-Traffic Analysis
  • Analyzed the United States Senate s legacy functionality & data structures in Foxpro/DOS for conversion to Oracle back-end; Consulted as a Foxpro/VFP expert to ensure that the VB development staff understood precisely what the Foxpro code was doing, so that they could mirror those behaviors in VB.

First Creative Management, Inc., Hackelbery, NJ
Sep. 97 – Sep. 98

Senior Developer

  • VFP5, Codebook, UML, user & technical writing
  • After-Market Consumer Auto-Lease Tracking
  • Nursing Home Administration
  • Seagoing Barge Logistical Planning
  • Travelled to out-of-state clients as a Sr. Consultant to lead the analysis & design efforts among our VFP development clients; Implemented solutions in an in-house object-oriented application framework Codebook designed exclusively in Visual Foxpro; Participated in weekly in-house seminars, presenting topics relevant to our field & industry; Authored both technical and user documentation as necessary.

Logical Design Solutions, Inc., Morrisville, NJ
Feb. 96 – Sep. 97

Object Design Specialist

  • VFP3, OOA&D, SQL, Codebook
  • Telecommunications Traffic Analysis
  • Suggested enhancement to Codebook application framework Flash product; see above that enabled us to more personally customize our products using that framework; Converted 4 individual telecom-analysis applications to object-oriented paradigm; Integrated these 4 applications into a single application suite; Conducted in-house training in object-oriented development topics; Created both user and technical documentation throughtout project.

MidWest Bank Home Mortgage Div., Walltown, NJ
Nov. 94 – Feb. 96

Sr. Programmer/Analyst

  • Foxpro2/DOS & Windows, Mortgageware, RPG III, Netware
  • Mortgage Application Processing
  • Designed an ad-hoc application Goliath using Foxpro/Windows 2.6 that was significantly faster and more flexible than the in-house legacy application Mortgageware ; Goliath was enthusiastically praised by staff & management alike for being able to deliver information in minutes vs. the hours that Mortgageware required to deliver the same content; Prototyped an object-oriented version of Goliath using the then-emerging Visual Foxpro 3; Maintained and enhanced Mortgageware application as necessary; Created a report-delivery database that identified all recipients of any reports, then used that database to enable Goliath to deliver each recipient s reports to the printer that was physically the closest to their desk/office 3rd party utility running under Netware .

Logical Design Solutions, Inc., Morrisville, NJ
Jan. 94 – Nov. 94

Programmer/Analyst, QA Tester

  • Foxpro2/DOS, VB1 & 3
  • Telecommunications Traffic Analysis
  • Performed Quality Assurance testing on applications under development; Maintained 3 existing traffic-analysis applications; Authored a graphics utility in VB that translated the pixel states in a 2-color map, into a text file representation of that map “on” pixels were represented by “X”, off pixels by “.” for use in our Foxpro applications by a 3rd party mapping tool.

Soft Systems, Inc., Ocean Branch, NJ
Oct. 92 – Jan. 94

Sr. Programmer

  • dBase III+, Foxbase+, Foxpro1 & Foxpro2/DOS
  • Primary-School Personnel Management, Administrative Budgeting, and Payroll
  • Maintained & enahnced existing Foxbase+ & Foxpro1 applications payroll, budget, and personnel management as required; Created technical documentation; Performed remote & client-site troubleshooting using PCAnywhere as necessary; Trained development staff on data-driven & black-box design techniques; Migrated several code modules from FP1 to FP2, taking advantage of newer capabilities in FP2; Introduced IT department to the advantages of using the then-emerging WYSIWYG & SQL capabilities in FP2.

Jersey Loan Association, White River, NJ
Mar. 89 – Aug. 92


  • LMIS, Easytrieve Plus, dBase III+
  • Mortgage Application Processing
  • JCL programming in EasytrievePlus language; report-writing on Nixdorf mini-computer using Loan Management Information System LMIS development environment; created an ad-hoc reporting application in dBaseIII+ that used data exported from LMIS — ad hoc query capabilities produced results in minutes vs. the hours it took to realize similar results from the LMIS application; Performed new-user training & created mini-curriculum to guide the training classes.

Synergetic, Inc., Ocean Branch, NJ
Feb. 88 – Dec. 88

Jr. Programmer, QA Tester

  • GW-Basic, QuickBASIC, DOS Batch file programming
  • QA Personal Computer Manufacturing
  • Created utilities to automate & verify hardware & software configuration information on a PC manufacturing line; these were formally adopted by the company, saving them a great deal of time hence, money previously associated with the QA process.

Resume 16

Samples represents that of an actual working technical professional found on the WEB and modified to protect the privacy of these professionals. Human names, company names, colleges, software product names are intentionally made up.


Brendan Shell

Experience Summary

Brendan has a total of 14 years of experience in IT. This includes over 12 years of extensive experience in Visual Foxpro and its preceding versions and the XBase languages. Brendan is a Microsoft Certified Visual Foxpro Consultant. His areas are business analysis, requirements gathering, applications design, implementation, database modeling, trouble-shooting and support of various database applications. Brendan is also knowledgeable in Visual Basic 6.0, ASP 2.0, Visual Interdev 6.0, MS Access, MS SQL Server 7.0, Crystal Reports, Office xp Automation and IIS 5.0. Brendan also has a good understanding of ERP systems including SAP and Siebel and knowledge of mobile enabling ERP or legacy systems on hand-held wireless devices. He has a working knowledge of Document Managements Systems, including online implementations of DMS s. Brendan has an excellent understanding of application development and its related activities, including hardware selection, technology selection, knowledge domain analysis and interpersonal relationship building.

Educational Qualification

Bachelor of Electrical Power Engineering from MIT, Manipal, India in 1986
Master of Science in Industrial Engineering from University of Houston in 1990
Entered IT industry with 2 year Master s Thesis Project in which he developed an Expert System to schedule a Batch Petrochemical Plant; Master s Thesis GPA was 4.0

Knowledge Domain Experience:
Developed software applications in the following subjects:

  • Gas Accounting and Trading
  • Fuel Tax
  • Plant Turnaround Quality Assurance Inspection
  • Oil Well Materials Management
  • Land Leases
  • Property Taxes
  • Oil Terminal Automation
  • Hazardous Waste Management
  • Seismic and Well Logging Information Tracking
  • Batch Processing Plant Scheduling
  • Electrical Power Generation, Transmission, Trading

IT Skills:

  • Languages: Visual Foxpro 7.0 and preceding versions, Dbase, Clipper, Visual Basic 6.0, ASP 2.0, Visual Interdev 6.0, MS FrontPage Express, COM, Java, HTML, DHTML, XML
  • RDBMS: Visual FoxPro, DB2, SQL Server 6.5 & 7.0, Access
  • O / S: Unix, Windows NT, and Windows 2000, Windows xp, Macintosh.
  • Reporting Tools: Crystal Reports 7, R&R
  • Wireless Technologies: Catamaran , WAP
  • ERP: SAP MM, FI, CO modules , ABAP/4, Siebel CRM Call Center Module
  • Document Management Systems: Worldox, Documentum
  • E-Commerce Tools: Versata, VBExpress, CodeCharge

Major Assignments

August 2000 April 2002
Software Company, Houston, TX

Senior Visual FoxPro Architect

A software company needed to develop an Office Automation System to automate the contact management, marketing, project management, invoicing and accounting functions of IT consultants operating as small to medium-sized firms. Brendan played the roles of the lead functional consultant, lead architect and lead developer of this Office Automation system OAS . The entire OAS was written in Visual FoxPro 6.0 using the Application Development Framework Visual Promatrix 7.0.

Brendan performed the following activities:

  • Elaborate study of new features of Visual Foxpro 6.0, 7.0
  • Got training in Visual Promatrix 7.0
  • Study of existing data model, development of ERD, performed database design and database modeling; wrote stored procedures, triggers;
  • Developed several functionally helpful reports using the Foxpro report writer as well as many reports using Crystal Reports 8.0
  • Developed several forms with lookup grids with sort and incremental search capabilities
  • Implemented Audit Trail, Activity Tracking and Error Tracking Features in the OAS
  • Implemented excellent group and user level security in the OAS
  • Added new features to the OAS based on user feedback
  • Performed detailed coding, trouble-shooting and Alpha and Beta testing
  • The OAS is currently in use very successfully at the software company

Environment: Visual Foxpro 6.0, Visual Promatrix 7.0, Windows xp, Crystal Reports, Office xp, VBA, ActiveX

July 1996 July 2000
Some Petrolium Company, Houston, TX

Senior Visual Foxpro Developer

A mainframe based Materials Management System MMS was in use at the company, but it was not Y2K compliant. The manager of the mainframe based system, Mr. Bob Simons, was directed to create an enhanced, PC based, Y2K ready MMS. Whereas Bob was familiar with the business domain, he hired Brendan as the primary software engineer and VFP developer to develop the new MMS. The scope of MMS was vast. It covered the entire Procurement RFQ, PO , Inventory Management, Materials Movement, Inspection, and Retirement of piping, wellheads, valves, instrumentation and supplies for the oil and gas wells in the Gulf of Mexico. Bob and Brendan worked as a team, to successfully develop the enhanced MMS, which is still in use at company today.

Some of the tasks to develop MMS were:

  • Numerous meetings of the team to discuss the business logic and analyze the requirements
  • Performed careful data conversion from the mainframe system; incorporated historical data from previous five years; included an archiving feature for older data
  • Built several intermediate prototypes which were used as building blocks for the final system
  • Performed a normalized, non-redundant database design; created the database using Visual FoxPro
  • Had 9 fields for a fully qualified piping description. These fields were sort-able and incrementally searchable. This feature and several other features made this system unique over an SAP or other ERP implementation.
  • Several thousand lines of VFP code were written by Brendan in various snippets to incorporate the business logic; VFP controls and GUI environment was used to create user interface
  • Many reports were designed and developed by Brendan using the VFP report writer as well as Crystal Reports; Some reports were very complex, with multiple report parameters, and sub-reports in the detail band
  • Enhanced the system with OCX controls and API libraries for certain added functionality
  • Elaborate security features were implemented; audit trail, activity tracking and error tracking features were implemented
  • Conducted detailed Alpha and Beta testing; distributed test system to power users before the system went live
  • Developed detailed user manual with attractive graphics and user-friendly diagrams; distributed user manual to every user
  • Packaged installation of system using the Wyse packaging tool
  • Conducted formal training sessions of several batches of end-users before the system went live
  • Addressed a long list of support requests from various power users after system went live; occasionally scheduled new releases of software; always packaged installation using Wyse scripting
  • Administered system for several months; added users; assigned security rights; provided ongoing training
  • Provided on-site support with extended hours at the pipe-yard during crucial first two months of Y2K
  • MMS is still in use at the company; It is robust enough to require very little support

Environment: Visual Foxpro, Windows, C++, OCX, API Libraries, Access, Excel, Crystal Reports, Wyse Packaging Tool, Visual Promatrix

Dec 1992 June 1996
Murray Chemicals, Houston, TX

Lead Foxpro Developer

Turnarounds are periodically performed on the petrochemical plants at Murray Chemicals. Sections of each plant are shut down for scheduled maintenance. Piping, instrumentation, electrical and mechanical components of the plants are tested, and based on the test results, maintenance is carried out. A turnaround costs the plant millions of dollars in potential revenue, so they are performed efficiently and effectively. Brendan was the primary analyst and developer of the Turnaround Quality Assurance Inspection System TQI at Murray Chemicals. He worked with the TQI coordinator and chief engineer as his domain experts and several about 40 inspectors as end-users. This was a ground-up development project. Brendan went through the entire software life-cycle with this project from inception to implementation and support.

Performed the following tasks:

  • Gained a thorough understanding of the activities and workflow for a plant turnaround
  • Learnt about various inspection tests which were performed on the pipes, valves, vessels, instruments, motors and electrical components; learnt about the data elements associated with each of these tests
  • Participated in the turnaround as a engineer and an inspector to get a firm perspective of the process
  • Prepared detailed design documents which had the database design and business rules
  • Built the relational database with all the relationships, indexes and queries using Foxpro
  • Built the system using an application framework called Promatrix; wrote API s in C for advanced functionality; used third party tool FoxSpell to perform spell-checking in the Memo fields;
  • The system was designed to have multiple data sets; a test data set, a live data set and a training data set; provision was made for the users to toggle data sets on demand.
  • Elaborate security features were built into the system; menu level, module level and button level security was implemented
  • Brendan wrote, tested and debugged several thousand lines of FoxPro code to apply the business rules and functionality of the application
  • Performed the role of a business analyst as well as of software designer and developer; designed and developed the user interface; and designed and developed the logic and layout of various reports
  • Included a support module to log support tickets of the users, which were routinely addressed by Brendan;
  • Provide real-time support with extended hours during the actual turnaround process
  • Developed a user-friendly training manual, and conducted a three day training seminar for the users before every turnaround
  • Administered a Novell network in the makeshift turnaround offices
  • Started conversion of system to Visual Basic with an SQL backend to keep with corporate standards; wrote stored procedures, triggers
  • Performed remote and on-site support of the system
  • Change of management ended project

Environment: Windows, Visual Foxpro, Promatrix, C, Novell, Visual Basic, SQL, FoxSpell; PC Anywhere

July 1990 Nov 1992
ADS, Houston, TX

Foxpro Software Engineer

ADS was a software consulting branch of Blue Lance Software. ADS implemented software applications for major Energy companies. As a software engineer with ADS, Brendan worked with multiple clients both individually and in teams. In this position he collaborated with other engineers to perform system design and optimize the software application framework developed by ADS. He collaborated with the documentation department to develop proposals, specifications and user manuals for the systems that he worked on. He had notable exposure to various knowledge domains in the Energy industry because of the software applications that he developed or supported.

Some of the work performed was:

  • ADS was primarily a FoxPro applications development company, working with Oil & Gas clients
  • Worked on the enhancements to a Seismic and Well-logging system; Simulated outerjoin while merging two or more databases using SQL; Enhancements to ad hoc report generator
  • Designed and implemented simulation capabilities for the Lease Management System; Print current status and amortization schedules of company s leases based on user-defined fiscal year and date
  • Developed solution for automated modem communication with remote site using batch file programming
  • Enhancements to the Gas Accounting and Tracking System; used multiple windowing coordination; enhancements to user security, user interface, data validation, heuristics additions and several other changes per specifications
  • Testing and trouble-shooting of an Accident Analysis and Safety application for Pipeline and Marine contractors; developed several reports being queried from the main database used as record-keeping, statistical analysis and decision-making tool by management
  • Researched on requirements gathering and documented requirements into proposals and time and cost estimates for management and clients
  • Software applications were multi-user; explicit coding was done for record locking functionality
  • Visited client site to perform support tasks, installations, optimizations and user interviews
  • Provided remote support to end-users using PC Anywhere
  • Performed project management as technical team lead on 2 projects

Environment: Foxpro, COBOL, DOS, Carbon Copy, Batch File Programming, Novell

July 1988 May 1990
Wexon, Houston, TX

Knowledge Engineer

The scope of this project was to develop an Expert System using Artificial Intelligence AI techniques. The project was a collaborative arrangement between Wexon and University of Houston. Brendan was the lead developer, and one of two knowledge engineers working on this project. The domain expert in this AI project was a plant scheduling engineer from Wexon. The objective of the Expert System was to schedule the processing activities of a Batch Petro-chemical plant.

Some of the work performed was:

  • Interviewed the domain expert extensively to develop the knowledge base
  • Classified the knowledge base into the decision tree and heuristics
  • Populated EXSYS, the expert system, with the decision tree and heuristics in the relevant firing sequence
  • Compared the schedules of the Expert System with the schedules of the domain expert which were generated by the same initial data
  • Iteratively modified the expert system so that software generated schedule was similar to the domain expert generated schedule
  • Created a software model called BASH Batch Activity Scheduling Heuristic of the processing activities of the petrochemical plant using the Foxbase+ DBMS
  • Represented the tank inventory levels, processing capacities of processing units, and desired product inventory levels in a data model
  • Coded the heuristics and work flow with XBase code
  • Integrated the output data with the FoxGraph tool to generate the graphical schedule Gantt charts
  • Performed extensive coding, trouble-shooting, testing of BASH
  • Wrote the technical specifications and user manual.

Environment: Foxbase+, Excel, DOS, FoxGraph, Batch files, EXSYS Expert System Shell

Consulting/Training Projects

He also took training, or consulted on a project basis, in the following areas:

  • Mobile enabling SAP and Siebel applications on wireless hand-held devices such as Compaq iPaq and Palm VII with Catamaran , Feb 2002 – Present
  • Developing web applications using the VB/ASP based frameworks VBExpress and CodeCharge, Jan 2002 April 2002
  • Creating a web-based document management system using the SDK packaged with Worldox, July 2001 – Nov 2001
  • MS Office xp automation with VBA to create Excel, Outlook and Word applications, July 2001 Feb 2002
  • Creating B2B e-business applications using the Versata e-business tool on the CORBA and EJB platforms, July 2000 – Jan 2001
  • Using Java applets to create visual effects on web sites, July 2000
  • ABAP/4 programming for SAP, Functional in MM, FI, CO modules, July 1998 – Dec 1998
  • MS Certified VB Course, Spring 1996

Resume 17

Samples represents that of an actual working technical professional found on the WEB and modified to protect the privacy of these professionals. Human names, company names, colleges, software product names are intentionally made up.


Jay Hilton

Cincinnatus, NY


Broad experience in a wide variety of computing environments and businesses. Extensive academic and practical hands on experience. Professional, dedicated, competent.


  • Hardware
    PC Compatible

  • Operating Systems
    Win 2000, WinNT 3.51/4.0, Win95/98, Windows for Workgroups v3.11

  • Programming Environments
    Visual Interdev 6.0, HTML, XML, VBScript, Javascript
    Visual FoxPro v3/v5/v6, FoxPro for Windows v2.6, FoxPro for DOS v2.6, Clipper v5.2
    [ Also: JAVA, Oracle, Access, VBA ]

  • Related Tools and Apps
    Crystal Reports Professional v5.0/6.0
    Blinker v4.1, FiveWin v1.9.2, COMIX v3, dClip v3.5


Vental & Co., L.L.C., New York, NY

Senior Programmer/analyst

  • Maintain online survey system for annual Compliance Questionnaire: Visual Interdev 6.0, HTML, VBScript, JavaScript, XML, SQL Server, ODBC
  • Design and develop systems to facilitate several annual marketing contests: VFP, Access, SQL Server, Sybase, ODBC.
  • Create specifications using the Rational Rose Suite. Primarily created Vision Document and System Requirements Specification
  • Adhoc queries of data using SQL against combinations VFP, SQL Server, Access and Sybase databases.
  • Maintain, operate and enhance the company s main reporting system. Design and create a interface to facilitate report creation. VFP
  • Data transformation between various databases and output file formats. Primarily this involved creating spreadsheets, fixed length test files, or comma delimited files that could be read by others. Examples of this are the Bluesheet system, PAM Fees, SELECT Fees, Money Manager Fees. VFP
  • Create reports against existing VFP datasets. VFP 6.0.
  • Query Sybase dataset and format results for users or for import into VFP tables.
  • Program using Gruntal corporate standards and consistently with the standard framework.
  • All programs must integrate with the existing in-house systems.

Internetwork, Inc., New York, NY


Assignment: Consultant to Vental & Co., L.L.C. New York, NY

  • Web Development using Visual Interdev 6.0, HTML, VBScript, JavaScript, XML
  • Numerous VFP Reports created/enhanced.
  • Numerous VFP interfaces against VFP/SQL Server/Sybase databases.
  • Data manipulation using SQL directly against VFP/SQL Server databases.
  • Transfer an existing Access database to Outlook 2000. Create a custom screen in Outlook 2000. Manipulate the Outlook data to change formatting. Add custom fields as needed by a user. VB/VBA.
  • Write the system that creates Quicken QIF files for importing into Quicken. These QIF s contain a client s transaction history. This system is initially for only one client but is the prototype for all Gruntal clients.
  • Create reports against existing VFP datasets. VFP 6.0.
  • Query Sybase dataset and format results for users or for import into VFP tables.
  • Program using Gruntal corporate standards and consistently with the standard framework.
  • All programs must integrate with the existing in-house systems.

Hanks, Inc., Austin, TX


  • Maintenance and enhancement of existing FoxPro 2.6 Windows and Dos apps.
  • Database design, detailed design, and programming on the Quantum Loyalty Project. Coordinate efforts with the web developer. FoxPro 2.6 and Visual FoxPro 5.
  • Develop a VFP app to process incoming text files from a supplier Petco .
  • Participate in a training QAT to evaluate in-house training and make recommendations for improvement.
  • Respond to urgent requests for resolution of emergent problems.
  • Participate in company sponsored training in the Unified Modeling Language.
  • Participate in company sponsored training in JAVA several classes .
  • Participate in company sponsored training in the Total Quality Advantage.
  • Ensure year 2000 compliance in apps.

Project United, Inc., New York, NY


Assignment: Consultant to Dresdner Bank New York, NY

  • Migration of an existing app from Visual FoxPro 3 to Visual FoxPro 6.
  • Ensure year 2000 compliance
  • Ensure the app will properly handle the European Monetary Unit

Advanced Communication Systems, New York, NY


Assignment: Consultant to Vental & Co., L. L. C. New York, NY

  • Port an existing Stratus mainframe system written in PL1 to Visual FoxPro 5. This system exports securities trades information, as requested by the SEC, and formats the required text file for electronic transmission and upload by the SEC. This is commonly called “producing Blue Sheets”.
  • Write a querying utility to query data in Sybase and VFP tables using a common front end.
  • Create the statusing and tracking system to monitor progress in a sales
  • Promotional contest in-house. This involves querying data from incompatible systems.
  • Setup and troubleshoot the electronic communications between Gruntal and SIAC. Uploads of the Blue Sheet files and downloads of security information travel through these communications channels.
  • Operate the production downloads on an as-needed basis. These downloads are the heart of the compliance system and are mission-critical information.
  • Program using Gruntal corporate standards and consistently with the standard framework.
  • All programs must integrate with the existing in-house systems.

Datasoft Technology Group, New York, NY


Assignment: Consultant to Donaldson, Lufkin and Jenrette New York, NY

  • Write data conversion programs Visual FoxPro 5 to import and process information from external market information sources. These data feeds drive the internal compliance monitoring system at DLJ.
  • Program using DLJ corporate standards.
  • All programs must integrate with the existing compliance system.
  • Contribute suggestions to the ongoing system design process as part of a team effort.

First Health Networks of America, Albany, NY


  • Continue refining the system developed as a consultant.
  • Simplify the operation and enhance maintainability of code written by others. Use modular programming to eliminate re-stated code.
  • Increase fault tolerance of the system by adding code to recover gracefully from common problems encountered.
  • Participate in the capacity planning process to upgrade the company s computing infrastructure.
  • Support of other FoxPro programmers on an as-needed basis for programming questions.
  • Monthly processing for eleven clients with as-needed program enhancements while under tight time constraints.

Rutwind Associates, Rochester, NY
1996 1997

Sr. Programmer/Analyst

Assignment: Consultant to First Health Networks of America Albany, NY

  • Translate a flat file into a relational Access database. Create a FoxPro system that automates this task. Wrote approximately 6400 lines of code in one week.
  • Translate Oracle PL/SQL scripts to optimized Clipper v5.2 code that runs in a windows environment using the FiveWin v1.9.1 library. Resulting code was compiled into an existing system and needed to “understand” the system philosophy.
  • Create new Clipper programs based on COBOL programs and incomplete specifications by applying my experience and helping the customer clarify their objectives.
  • Operate and test the monthly processing portion of the next release of the NCMS system and suggest improvements. This system has multi-gigabyte tables and requires a substantial run time.
  • Use FoxPro v2.6a during the testing and debugging develop supporting reports/test programs.
  • Develop custom reports to be compiled into the HEDIS 3.0 application using Crystal Reports v4.5 and v5.0.
  • Project management and project enhancement suggestions.

Rutwind Associates, Rochester, NY


Assignment: Consultant to Sun Vision Software East Palm Beach, FL

  • Continue Phase II of the development of a commercial loan management software package for Windows.
  • Write a financial calculator program that calculates interest and amortizes loans. Calculator supports many different compounding periods and calculation methods.
  • Program tracks payments, charges, current balance and customer information.
  • Written in FoxPro for Windows v2.6a using Stonefield AppMaker/Reports/Data Dictionary v2.6 as a base.

ARCO Staffing Services, Amsterdam, NY


Assignment: Consultant to Sun Vision Software East Palm Beach, FL

Begin Phase II of the development of a loan management software package for Windows. Phase I was completed by another consultant and the client wanted someone different to complete the project.

ARCO Staffing Services, Amsterdam, NY


Assignment: Application Engineer for GE FANUC Automation Albany, NY

  • Assemble and configure hardware for HP 9000, HP X-Terminal and PC compatible systems. Prepare system documentation, packing lists and assembly instructions.
  • Load and configure HP-UX and Interactive UNIX OS and UNIX application software.
  • Field service assignment in Houston, TX.
  • Phone support for shipped systems.
  • Application transfer from UNIX to NT.

Richardson Polytechnic Institute, Siracuse, NY

Teaching Assistant

  • TA ed course in Manufacturing Systems Management for 4 semesters.
  • This course covers PERT/CPM, scheduling, planning, Manufacturing Resource Planning, job shops, Statistical Quality Control, and other manufacturing issues.
  • Maintain grade lists, grade tests, interact with students.

General Dynamics, Electric Boat Division, Troy, NY


  • Hands-on field and design engineering to support commercial, Nuclear and Non-Nuclear electrical systems.
  • Multiple responsibilities included management support, field engineering, design engineering, database design and development, PC administration.
  • Designed and developed over 200 database systems dBase III/III+ to monitor and control work flow. These systems were for accounting, document control, dosimetry, project management, issue tracking, and personnel.
  • Developed a highly successful database system used to save time and increase accuracy when tracking thousands of work items for a pre-overhaul inspection of a nuclear reactor.
  • End user computer support and “Help Desk” supporting al PC desktop applications on the site.
  • Pushed for and conducted computer software training in the use of the common PC applications available to users. DisplayWrite, dBase III+, Lotus 1-2-3.


Degree Concentration Date School
MS IME Manufacturing Systems December 1995 Richardson Polytechnic Institute
MBA Information Systems May 1993 Richardson Polytechnic Institute
BSEE Digital Logic Design, Math May 1985 University of Maryland