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Resume 1

Samples represent that of an actual working technical professional found on the WEB and modified to protect the privacy of these professionals. Human names, company names, colleges, software product names are intentionally made up.


Anna Morgan

179 Hillcrest Drive
Pleasanton, California 94566

Individual Overview

Exceptional communication skills with broad array of personnel and management. Self-starter with strong initiative. Creative and analytical thinking abilities. Positive and enthusiastic. Dedicated work ethic.

Professional Experience

Benton and Associates, Berkeley California
January 2002 – Present

Certified Instructor for the Dale Carnegie Course: Human Relations
Course emphasis on 5 drivers of success: Self-Confidence, People Skills, Communication Skills, Leadership Skills, and Controlling Stress and Worry.

Advanced Group NYSE – MPS, Jacksonville, Florida
October 2001- July 2, 2002
position eliminated – laid-off
Western Regional Employee Relations Manager

  • Performed all functions necessary to successfully provide Human Resources consultation on issues dealing with company policies & procedures, and federal, state, and local labor law compliance.
  • Located in San Francisco, provided service to 35 offices 600 employees in California, Washington, Arizona, Colorado and Texas.
  • Wholly owned subsidiaries included: Idea Integration, Special Counsel, Inc., Modis IT, Accounting Principles, Inc., and Scientific Staffing.

New Idea Integration, a wholly owned subsidiary of MPS Group, Concord, California
March 2001- September 2001

Western Regional Human Resource Manager

  • Responsible for compliance of federal, state and local labor laws. Administered benefit programs, immigration processing, and independent contractor administration.
  • Served as liaison between field and corporate offices located in Jacksonville FL.
  • Provided service to 4 branches 150 employees in California, Colorado and Texas.

Open Source Management Software, Inc., Richmond, California
April 1998 – February 2001

Administration Manager

  • Successfully managed resources to support entire company operations.
  • Areas of responsibility and daily execution – Human Resource Administration, Accounting, and Legal.
  • 45 software engineers located in California.

PRONet Unlimited, Saratoga, California
September 1997 – April 1998

Client Services Coordinator

  • Administered third party Independent Contractor Compliance screening programs.
  • Screening applied to incorporated entities and sole proprietors.
  • Trained clients management on 1099 issue as it relates to IRS guidelines and reducing clients potential tax risk.
  • Also served as HR coordinator for 75 highly compensated contingent workers on third party payroll.
  • Duties included employee orientation, payroll, benefits, and employee relations.
  • Maintained all records and data in File Maker Pro.

Clinton Company, San Ramon California
February 1993 – September 1997

Human Resource Manager

  • Responsible for planning, recruiting, training, employee relations, compensation and benefits.
  • Brought Newark site, consisting of 50+ employees in manufacturing environment in compliance with Federal and State mandated regulations.
  • Purchasing and Administration
  • Coordinated Purchasing, Customer Service, and Employee Relations function.
  • Implemented national corporate strategies for pricing administration, accounts receivable, distribution requirements planning DRP, staff training, and corporate communications.
  • Researched and proposed ISO 9000 implementation plan.

AllStar Company, Corcoran, California
February 1991 – February 1993

Assistant Manager

  • Management Responsibilities and facility maintenance of a 1200-sow commercial hog unit.
  • Supervised and trained employees in breeding, farrowing, and grow-finish phases of production.


BS in Animal Science, California State University, Fresno 1990
Harvard University, Massachusetts, 1988 summer session
Dale Carnegie; Graduate from Leadership Training for Managers and High Impact Presentations

Key Skills & Qualifications

10+ years Human Resource Generalist Experience

  • Compliance
  • Well Versed In Local, State And Federal Labor Laws
  • American Disabilities Act
  • I-9 Audit & Forms
  • Title VII
  • EEOC
  • Fair Credit Reporting Act
  • 1099 Audit & Screening
  • Family Medical Leave Act
  • Immigration HI, TN, Permanent Residency
  • Unemployment Hearings
  • Employee Relations
  • Conduct Investigations & Hearings Of Alleged Discrimination, Harassment, Or Other Charges
  • Interview Witnesses, charging party and respondent
  • Mediate Employment Disputes
  • Prepare Charge Narratives
  • Performance Improvement Plans
  • Consult And Advise Policy & Procedure
  • Acquisition & Mergers
  • General Human Resources
  • Recruiting/Hiring/Interviewing
  • Salary Negotiations
  • New Hire Orientation
  • Custom Employee Database
  • Personnel Files audit & execution
  • Workers Compensation Claims and case management
  • Contingent Workforce Management
  • Design & Implement Employee Handbook
  • Training- OTJ, Harassment, I-9, Human Relations, Management, As Needed.
  • Benefit Analysis And Administration
  • 401k Administration
  • Section 125 Administration

4+ Years General Accounting Experience

  • Collections
  • Accounts Payable
  • Accounts Receivable
  • Banking Liaison

12+ Years General Administration Experience

  • Legal
  • Contract Review & Administration
  • Non Disclosure Review
  • Equipment Lease Review
  • Office Lease Review
  • Office Administration
  • Telephone & VM Administration
  • Office Equipment
  • Relocation
  • Personnel
  • General
  • Typing
  • Answering Phones
  • Copying
  • Light System Administration

Current Software / OS Skills

  • Office Software
  • Microsoft Word
  • Microsoft Excel
  • Microsoft PowerPoint
  • File Maker Pro
  • Explorer & Netscape
  • Lotus Notes
  • Microsoft Outlook
  • Specialized
  • Peoplesoft
  • Deltek CostPoint
  • Quick Books
  • Visio
  • Scanner & Photo modification
  • Operating Systems
  • Windows NT, 98, 2000
  • AS400
  • Mac OS-9

Resume 2

Samples represent that of an actual working technical professional found on the WEB and modified to protect the privacy of these professionals. Human names, company names, colleges, software product names are intentionally made up.


Mary Smith

26 Fairway Drive
Los Gatos, CA 94577


A Human Resources management position involving generalist responsibilities, as well as training and development; providing the tools for employees to be successful in a corporate environment.


Progressively increasing responsibility and solid experience in the areas of Employee Relations, Performance Management, and Career Coaching. Principle skills include:

  • Training
  • Leading
  • Creating
  • Organizing
  • Coordinating
  • Communicating
  • Overseeing
  • Researching


TRAINED office and frontline managers on corrective action process at rapid growth-transitioning organization.

  • Designed slide show and wrote narrative demonstrating each step of process, arranged class schedules to accommodate business flow, presented workshops and adapted role-play exercises for managers to appreciate process in action.
  • 98 of participants rated presentation excellent; feedback from upper management conveyed, We finally have a way to respectfully identify, deal with, and resolve problems, as well as terminate non-productive employees.

COORDINATED transition of 175 employees from one medical benefits carrier to 2 new carriers in less than 30 days while simultaneously conducting open enrollment for rapidly growing, private corporation.

  • Recruited new benefits broker, directed planning meeting with support team, planned strategies to get ahead of process, organized and supervised enrollment meeting to explain new benefits program to employees.
  • Achieved entire employee coverage within 2 weeks, medical cards in hands of employees within 3.5 weeks.
  • Completed two enrollment processes in 1/3 of time generally required.

IMPLEMENTED new Paid Time Off plan that tracked and printed balances on paychecks through ADP/HRIS software and communicated its ability to meet needs of software start-up.

  • Researched options, identified premier software, demonstrated abilities of choices to meet organization s needs, persuaded executive level management to approve purchases, and relayed key usages to managers and employees.
  • Implementation of new programs eliminated need for employees to solicit HR or Accounting for PTO balances and returned 4-6 man-hours/week 28,000.00/year.

TRAINED supervisory staff on correct ways to identify and process legitimate Worker s Compensation claims vs. simple first aid injuries for Bay Area construction company.

  • Designed “How To ” sheet, outlined step-by-step procedures, delegated assembly and distribution responsibilities, presented training, and conducted Q&A sessions.
  • Claims processing improved significantly, reduced potential for future insurance premium increases by decreasing number of Workers Compensation claims by 60 : trend analysis enabled safety committee to secure better safety equipment, further reducing overall number of first aid cases by 20+ .


Glenn Associates
Human Resources Manager 1 year

Exchange Service, Inc.
Human Resources Generalist 1 year

Independent Contractor
Human Resources Consultant 1 year

Jones Management Group
Region HR Specialist & Generalist 3 years

Fashion Bugg/Charming Shoppes
Assistant Manager 1 year

Mary Kay Cosmetics, Inc.
Consultant & Team Leader 8 years


BA American Studies/Psychology/Portuguese fluent , Indiana University, Bloomington, IN
Conversational Spanish, Chabot College, Hayward, CA
How to Conduct Workforce Investigations, Developments in Wage and Hour Law, Epstein Becker &
Green Law Firm
The Art of Responding to Administrative Charges, A Look at the New H-1B Laws, Epstein Becker &
Green Law Firm New OSHA Requirements for 2002, Employment Law Overview 2002 , Epstein Becker & Green Law Firm
Software/Databases: Microsoft Office Suite, Email/Internet, Visio, ACT!, ZipCrim2, ADP HR
Profile/ReportSmith, ABRA


Glenn Associates
2000 2002

Human Resources Manager

Policy & General Administration/Legal Compliance

  • Responsible for all day-to-day HR Operations;
  • Project Management and Internal Consulting.
  • Composed, rolled-out, and responded to inquiries regarding policies and procedures, such as Corrective Action, Paid Time Off, Relocation and Education Assistance.
  • Revised 19-year-old Employee Handbook.
  • Distribution of the handbook to employees returned 10 HR man-hours/week, saving 19,700.00/year and allowed company to get into compliance regarding employment law.
  • Ensured employee compliance with handbook and interpreted policies for Foremen, Superintendents, managers, and supervisors.
  • Created comprehensive Employee Census to house and track personnel information.
  • Coordinated all HR paperwork processing and interaction with Satellite Offices in St. Helena, CA and Kihei, Hawaii.
  • Turnover in Satellite offices decreased by 10 .
  • Processed Disability, Worker s Comp, and Unemployment Claims, as well as Leaves of Absence and Severance.
  • Brought the company into compliance regarding FLSA Exempt/Non-Exempt, as well as COBRA issues and eliminated liability.
  • Conducted Exit Interviews for Terminations.

Recruitment Created and implemented a complete Hiring Process/Recruiting Strategy:

  • Contracted for a compensation analysis report, created compensation packages from the report, generated salary ranges for each job family, produced job descriptions for each position, posted open position announcements on the Internet and internal transfer board, designed and delivered Interview Skills Training workshop, scheduled interviews for Hiring Managers, solicited feedback, and made offers.
  • Ensured timely completion of pre-employment screening practices. Designed and facilitated New Hire Orientation.
  • Integrated job descriptions into Career Pathing and Performance Management.
  • Composed and implemented Internal Posting/Promotion/Transfer Process.
  • Saved the company 85,000.00 by retaining Hiring Managers and cut interview time by 50 while increasing hire yield by 25 .
  • Grew the company from 110 to 152 employees by filling the following positions: Carpenters, Foremen, Superintendents, Project Managers, Estimators, Accounting and General Administrative.
  • Analyzed turnover and other HR statistics information. Created requisitions process and implemented system for tracking recruitment dollars.

Employee Relations & Training

  • Partnered with management by advising appropriate resolution of employee relations issues, created a Corrective Action Process – completed training rollout to all Field/Office management.
  • Developed true Performance Management program that identified developmental areas, which improved performance by 100 .
  • Initiated and administered Organizational Design plan for Career Pathing.
  • Trained office/frontline supervisors/managers on the Corrective Action Process, created and conducted New Hire Orientation.
  • Designed and orchestrated company s first formal training course for Project Engineers and Project Managers.
  • Coordinated, facilitated, and promoted a non-violent and harassment-free workplace through a Preventing Harassment eTraining – completed rollout of training to entire company within 3-month timeframe.

Benefits Coordinated 401 K Plan through vendor relations.

  • Administered benefits: interviewed and hired new Benefits Broker, communicated benefit information to employees, provided timely/accurate enrollment, and resolved claims issues.
  • Coordinated transition of 175 employees from one medical benefits carrier to 2 new carriers in less than 30 days while simultaneously conducting Open Enrollment.
  • Researched various new benefits: Vision, Dental, Short-term Disability, and Ride Share/Commuter Programs.
  • Processed timely withdrawal from benefits invoices at termination ensuring proper credit to accounts 1,100/month .

Risk Management Organized personnel files:

  • Conducted internal administrative audits of existing files, identified INS compliance issues with I-9 s, extracted paperwork that, by law, must be separated I-9 s, medical, Worker s Comp., disability, and life insurance .
  • Developed a format and delegated task of purchasing durable file folders with multiple panels.
  • Directed the organization of files so that were in compliance and also could be referenced when needed.
  • Saved the company an estimated 2,813,000.00 in penalties and fees, as well as eliminated the possibility of company-wide shut down as a result of an INS audit.
  • Researched and initiated vendor relationship to comply with COBRA laws.
  • Complying with COBRA laws saved approximately 500,000.00 in overall risk management/non-compliance expenses.
  • Researched and implemented Background Checks for all new employees; incorporated criminal, background pre-screening into Recruitment Process, saving approximately 5,000.00- 10,000.00+ in risk management/Negligent Hiring expenses.

Environmental Health and Safety Ensured compliance with OSHA requirements, Worker s Comp, and safety management.

  • Safety Committee Member: primarily responsible for injured workers, all regulatory compliance, and providing training to managers/supervisors pertaining to established safety program.
  • Trained office/frontline supervisors/managers on the correct way to identify true Worker s Comp. injuries vs. simple First Aid injuries and how to process them.

Software/Databases used:
Microsoft Office Suite, Visio, daily use of the Internet.

Independent Contractor
1999 2000

Xena Resource Group, Inc.
Human Resources Generalist

Policy & General Administration/Legal Compliance Interim HR Manager, functioned as principle contact, directed all day-to-day HR Operations.

  • True Generalist responsibilities that included the Employment Function, Benefits Administration, Employee Relations/Coaching, Training, Paperwork/Payroll Processing and Administration, as well as Stock Coordination.
  • Administered ADP HR Profile/ReportSmith HRIS Database – dbase population, data entry, maintenance and auditing.
  • Coordinated and executed all HR paperwork processing. Conducted Exit Interviews for Terminations.

Recruitment Created Recruiter s Guide that became integral part to new Recruiter Orientation and returned 40 HR man-hours, saving 7,500.00/new Recruiter.

  • Produced/Edited job descriptions, created and updated Open Requisitions Report.
  • Composed and implemented Employee Referral Bonus Program, posted job descriptions and sourced for resumes on the Internet, built Applicant Tracking Log database, phone screened candidates, scheduled interviews for Hiring Managers, solicited feedback, and made offers.
  • Recruited for Sales, Business Development, Product Management, and General Administration/Finance departments.

Employee Relations & Training Designed and delivered weekly New Hire Orientation.

  • Composed, rolled-out, and enforced company policies and procedures, such as Corrective Action Process, Security, PTO, Travel, Expense Reporting, Relocation and Education Assistance.
  • Liased with Satellite Offices located in multiple states. Investigated Sexual Harassment, Identity Theft, and other claims.

Benefits Composed 401 K Plan Summary and coordinated its administration through vendor.

  • Processed Disability, Worker s Comp, and Unemployment Claims; Leaves of Absence and Severance.
  • Researched and implemented various new benefits – Fitness/Gym Program, EAP, Vision Discount Supplement, Commuter Checks for Bay Area and New York Metro Area and Credit Union/Bank Affiliation.

Software/Databases used:
Microsoft Office Suite, ADP PC Payroll for Windows/ HR Profile/ReportSmith and extensive daily
use of the Internet.

Zena Resource Group @ Top 5 Data Services
Compensation Analyst

  • Senior Administrative position assisting the President: filed, typed, answered phones, processed mail.
  • Data input obtained from Securities Exchange Commission proxies.
  • Performed analysis, as well as, created charts and reports to give to clients and surveys participants.
  • Software/Databases used: Microsoft Office Suite and a customized database.

Jones International Protein Design Labs
Human Resources Assistant

  • Assisted Benefits Coordinator in administering medical and other benefits to employees.
  • Provided Reception relief and applicant tracking for Recruiters.
  • Software/Databases used: Microsoft Office Suite and ABRA.

BCD Limited, Inc.
Recruiting Consultant

  • Executive Search Recruiter for an international search firm.
  • Specialized in the Data Communications market.
  • Performed contingent and retained searches for top clients like Cisco, Nortel, and 3Com.
  • Software/Databases used: Microsoft Office Suite and PeopleSoft.

Smart Management Services
1996 1999

Region Human Resources Specialist & Generalist

  • Reduced expenses by 50 through timely processing of New Hires, Promotions/Increases, & Terminations; processed benefits, charge-backs, and turn-over rate issues.
  • Functioned as HR Manager/Generalist/Administrator for the division s Administrative Support Center & Atlanta HR Dept. Addressed employee concerns, resolved payroll issues, researched special projects for the Region Director, initiated recruiting strategies and interviewing.
  • Increased the quality of personnel action paperwork by reducing errors by 100 , by creating/publishing a how to reference tool and training HR personnel on how to produce error-free paperwork.
  • Created and implemented a tracking system for receipt and rejection of paperwork.
  • Coordinated background checks & supervised its internal check/balance processes.
  • Led efforts to plan and execute start-up operations for a Region HR Office , transitioned to full self-sustainment; follow-up, follow through, and maintenance.
  • Spearheaded Recognition Program & supervised Interns/Co-Ops.
  • Software/Databases used: Microsoft Office Suite and Millennium/PARS.

Fashion Bugg/Charming Shoppes
1994 1995

Assistant Manager

  • Supervised 6 person staff.
  • Trained personnel, generated payroll computer reports, scheduled manpower, processed accounts receivable, and controlled inventory.
  • Hired as Sales Associate, promoted to management within 2 months.
  • Software/Databases used: Customized Payroll database.

Mary Kay Cosmetics, Inc.
1994 Present

Consultant & Team Leader

  • Entrepreneur: sell beauty products and teach skincare, maintain inventory to service client base of 100 located in 10 cities/6 states.
  • Trained Consultants on Time Management where manager feedback reported 98 increased efficiency/productivity yield;
  • Led team into car qualification for new Pontiac Grand Am: trained team in the areas of Recruitment and Sales, led by example as top producer in unit, and team produced 24,000.00 8,000.00/month for 3 months .
  • Taught team members how to lead their teams into car qualification.
  • Software/Databases used: Microsoft Office Suite.

Resume 3

Samples represent that of an actual working technical professional found on the WEB and modified to protect the privacy of these professionals. Human names, company names, colleges, software product names are intentionally made up.


Douglas Scott

123 Alta Vista Way
Fremont, CA 95127


High energy executive with extensive track record of broad based and progressively responsible
experience in management and human resources. Proven ability to work with all levels of
organization, including Board of Directors, to integrate the Human Resources function into the
overall business strategy. Diverse industry experience in large, multi-national
organizations as well as mid-size, stand-alone companies and start-ups from pre to post IPO.
Experience with mergers & acquisitions, high growth operations, restructuring, dept. start-ups
and downsizing. Extensive international experience.


  • Organizational Development
  • Strategic Planning
  • Training & Development
  • Total Quality Management
  • Employee Relations
  • Staffing
  • Team Building
  • Employment & Labor Law
  • M&A
  • Compensation & Benefits Design
  • H.R. Policy Design & Implementation
  • Safety Training


2000 – 12/2001

Senior Director Human Resources & Administration

Overall responsibility for Human Resources and senior business partner reporting to CEO in dynamic and multi-cultural DSL turnaround with operations in the U.S., Taiwan, Korea, China and Europe.

  • Organized and drove initiative for formalized Product Life Cycle process in entire company to decrease time to market, improve quality and lower product development cost while increasing greater customer satisfaction. Included Management training in Performance Management and Accountability.
  • Hired as company s first H.R. professional three months before going public. Built entire H.R. dept. with files, systems and legal requirements and added staff in three countries.
  • Led people side of company through IPO while increasing morale in down market.
  • Managed 60 headcount growth in six months.
  • Led entire corporate move to new building by selecting location, closing deal on lease and managing all relationships with contractors and vendors for furniture, equipment, etc. with employee team selected to design space for new company culture.
  • Re-engineered company with move to new building and turnover of CEO, COO and other sr. executives for new business direction.
  • Led organization through major restructuring & downsizing with no legal/regulatory compliance issues.
  • Implemented new HRIS with web-based Employee and Manager Self Source and conducted training for entire organization.

1998 – 2000

Director of Human Resources

Functional responsibility for Human Resources and senior business partner reporting to CEO in world s largest Automatic Test Equipment supplier to the semiconductor industry.

  • Successfully relocated U.S. headquarters from Chicago to Calif. with no business interruption and 45 under budget.
  • In process of reorganizing entire U.S. operation for new market focus and to enable complete culture change from Japanese parent to U.S. based organization.
  • Spearheaded company s first Strategic Planning process and facilitated re-engineering with employee “self-serve” for employee empowerment. Core team member of Oracle ERP with responsibility for implementation and communication of web-based HRMS.

SCHLIMANN INC. 1993 – 1998
Greenwood, SC/Atlanta, GA
1995 – 1998

Director of Human Resources;

Overall functional responsibility for two divisions and five primary locations in worldwide product applications for Automatic Meter Reading and flow measurement technology.

  • Reporting to Divisional General Managers, completely changed one culture from traditional manufacturing to employee empowered total quality with self directed work teams, 360 appraisals, empl. reward system and all salaried workforce.
  • Restructured organization with three international and two domestic locations, including consolidating manufacturing.
  • Other division reengineered for growth in new market technology through incentives and employee programs. Guided both divisions through Hay Compensation implementation with new pay for performance system.

Simi Valley, CA
1993 – 1995

Human Resources Manager;

Functionally responsible for all operations in Automatic Test Equipment division. Manufacturing operations included locations in Southern Calif., Ohio, Northern Calif., England and France.

  • Managed tremendous revenue growth of over 50 /year and implemented new temporary employment plan to double size of workforce in two years, while reducing cost and maintaining flexibility in manufacturing.
  • Developed programs for incredible headcount growth and corresponding training/development issues.
  • Reduced employee turnover from 42 to 12 through innovative recruitment and retention programs.
  • Instrumental in taking culture to “next level” in quality with active team environment through employee involvement.
  • Managed people side of due diligence in company s acquisition of robotic handling company. Included absorbing organization into new company with culture change, compensation, benefits and organization redesign.

1991 – 1993

Director of Human Resources

Head of H.R. and member of senior management staff with responsibility for long range planning
and development of acute-care medical center.

1989 – 1991

Independent Human Resources Consultant

Developed programs, policies, procedures and organizational development interventions for area businesses.

1979 – 1988

Human Resources Manager

Managed Human Resources function in large geographic area of two states in district with over 3,500 employees.


B.A., Metropolitan State College, Denver, CO
Speech Communications/Public Relations


SPHR Senior Professional in Human Resources
Human Resources Certification Institute


Professional courses included Positive Power & Influence, Contemporary Leadership, Finance,
International Compensation, Covey Leadership, Wage & Hour, Labor Law, Sexual Harassment, AIDS in
the Workplace, Diversity, Labor Relations and numerous H.R. and management related courses.


Society for Human Resources Management, World At Work American Compensation Association ,
American Society for Training & Development, Bay Area Human Resource Executives Council – Board
of Directors, American Heart Association – Board of Directors

Resume 4

Samples represent that of an actual working technical professional found on the WEB and modified to protect the privacy of these professionals. Human names, company names, colleges, software product names are intentionally made up.


Peter Pan, CHRP

Areas of Knowledge:

  • Human Resources Management
  • Strategic HRM
  • Virtual Human Resources e-HR
  • Organizational Design and Restructuring
  • Business Process Re-engineering for Human Resources Management
  • Change Management
  • Group Process Facilitation & Joint Application Design
  • Human Resources Planning
  • Staffing
  • Classification and Compensation
  • Labour Relations
  • Training and Development
  • Comprehensive Audits
  • Risk Assessment & Security


  • Peter Pan s career encompasses a broad range of significant consulting and management experiences, primarily in the realm of Human Resources Management.
  • His work assignments include all aspects of human resources management, organizational restructuring, quality-focused change management, and business process engineering as well as renewal and improvement of HR processes. His recent focus has been on the implementation of e-HR solutions.
  • His group process facilitation skills have supported needs analysis and planning activities, primarily in informatics-focused working environments. His experience in representing the interests of union members in the public sector provides an added perspective to his broad HRM consulting repertoire. He also has a strong track record in comprehensive value-for-money auditing in human resources management as well as corporate security and risk assessment.
  • In a wide variety of organizational environments, he has consistently demonstrated an ability to respond in an innovative manner to challenges relating to both wide-ranging issues as well as to specific problems requiring both detailed analysis and solid leadership skills.
  • Mr. Pan holds a Certified Human Resources Professional CHRP designation, is bilingual and possesses a current Secret-level Security Clearance Government of Canada .

Skills and Experience:

Virtual Human Resources e-HR Solutions:

  • On behalf of the Treasury Board Secretariat for the Government of Canada, he completed a comprehensive needs analysis and developed an implementation plan for specific requirements of the 3,800 members of the government-wide HR Professional community for a centralized, one-stop shopping web site .
  • Mr. Pan conducted an e-HR feasibility study at Transport Canada to assess departmental readiness for an HR self-service solution and prepare recommendations and associated action plans to ensure a smooth and successful transition. This study involved conducting several interviews with key stakeholders and a focus group session to assess the corporate vision and identify employee requirements for an HR self-service solution as well as some best practices research. Based on the study findings, developed several recommendations for a successful self-service solution including an HR service delivery approach, a Change Management strategy, definition of required resources, and self-service implementation guidelines. An overall project work plan, encompassing all action plans was also developed.
  • Peter also completed a Virtual HR feasibility study for Indian and Northern Affairs Canada INAC. This work was aimed at developing a viable implementation approach for e-HR — building on the existing infrastructure, supporting the concept of employee self-sufficiency, optimizing available enabling HR and business-focused information technologies, and aligning itself with departmental HR strategies.
  • Together with another consultant, he facilitated a high-level e-HR planning session with key personnel from the Department of Justice, regarding the feasibility of introducing and implementing a Virtual HR solution within the Department. The information gathered during the session was used to develop a high level implementation plan, which addressed a proposed plan of activities and estimated resource requirements and costs, taking into consideration their PeopleSoft HRMS development and upgrade schedule. The high-level implementation plan was based on the three levels of web enablement, broadcasting, point-casting, and interactive. Also addressed were critical success factors, cultural impacts, implementation considerations, and potential issues.
  • Mr. Pan served as the Team Lead for the development of an implementation plan and business case for re-engineering of human resource processes across the Government of British Columbia — an employee population in excess of 24,000. In addition to the concentration on creating plans for implementing re-engineered HR processes across all government ministries, the project focused on providing web-enabled solutions founded on enhancing employee and management access to human resource data. This three-month project culminated in acceptance of the general approach by a committee of Deputy Ministers.

Human Resources Management Consultant Services:

  • Mr. Pan recently provided specific Human Resources Management recruitment and selection services to Health Canada relating to the successful acquisition of management resources at the senior level in Information Technology, consistent with the business plans of the Information Management Services Directorate and Health Canada s human resources management policies and related processes.
  • Peter undertook a skills review and developed a reskilling plan for the Depository Services Program with Communications Canada. This effort focused on identifying current skills as well as new technical skills required in light of significant advancements in the use of web-based technology in delivering sources of information to the Canadian public, under the auspices of a broad-based Government-on-Line initiative.
  • Over a fifteen-month period, he provided Human Resources Management services to the emerging Secure Channel Project Office for the Government Telecommunications and Informatics Services Branch GTIS at Public Works and Government Services Canada PWGSC . His efforts focus on development of a viable organizational structure, initiation of related job classification activities, exploration and implementation of staffing and resource acquisition options, development of individualized training plans for all staff members, and creation of a high-level HR plan. Contributions of the Secure Channel Project team were critical to the implementation of Government On-line, a major Government of Canada initiative.
  • He developed a tactical plan for the Law Management Practice Directorate for the Department of Justice, based on a broadly based functional review of all activities. This effort entailed facilitated sessions with key stakeholders as well as individual interviews, a review of best practices in other similar legal environments, and development of functionally based organizational descriptors that served as the basis for the creation of a new organizational structure for the unit.
  • Peter provided a wide range of HRM-based management consulting services to the Information Technology Branch ITB of the Canada Customs and Revenue Agency CCRA . A two-day workshop that Mr. Pan led focused on initial needs determination for a comprehensive employee orientation approach for the newly established agency. There was a strong emphasis on building an integrated employee orientation program with strong support for the retention of critically scarce information technology professionals.
  • Additional activities undertaken in support of human resources management at ITB included: completion of a high-level organizational review for ITB; creation of a high-level HR Strategy which recognized the important role to be played by both technically-based and soft competencies in the organization s growth and continued good health; and creation of a skills and competencies-based inventory of all IT roles, coupled with the development of an ITB-specific career-pathing model for use of all technology professionals. As well, Mr. Pan served as the key external HRM resource for a complex omnibus selection process for senior-level Information Technology Project Managers at CCRA.
  • Mr. Pan developed a comprehensive Human Resources strategy for the Information Management and Technical Services Branch for Fisheries and Oceans Canada DFO . The efforts focused primarily on updating the HR Strategy that was initially formulated through an earlier project. This activity took into account the departmental results of the Government of Canada Employee Survey and benefited from considerable insight into employee concerns, suggested solutions, and their respective priorities through the conduct of representative focus group sessions. The final product, a comprehensive framework document, identifies initiatives that support enlightened HR and provide a clear direction for the staff of the CIO at DFO
  • Mr. Pan completed a high-level organizational design project for the Information Management and Technologies Branch IMTB of Citizenship and Immigration Canada CIC . This work focused on clarifying roles and defining areas of responsibilities so as to enhance the accountability and effectiveness of delivery of support provided by CIC s Implementation and Operations Directorate.
  • He facilitated an interdepartmental group of senior informatics staff in their pursuit of recommendations to enhance retention and mobility for members of the information management/technology community in the federal public service. This effort was sponsored by the Treasury Board Secretariat TBS through the government-wide Advisory Committee on Information Management ACIM .
  • Peter undertook the development of a comprehensive human resources strategy for the Year 2000 Y2K Project at DFO. The assignment focused on identifying the critical strategic issues facing DFO and presented detailed recommendations focused on staffing, identifying/managing team resources, developing training and development approaches, firming up resource deployment and utilization options, and identifying actions to deal with retention issues, including rewards and recognition.
  • For DFO, he had earlier developed a high-level Human Resources Strategy for Informatics along with a viable approach to its implementation. The strategy focused on alignment of the technical skills and job-related competencies of the limited Informatics resources with the needs of DFO client managers.
  • He played a lead role in the development of the comprehensive human resources strategy for the Year 2000 Y2K Project for the Government Telecommunications and Informatics Services Branch GTIS at the Department of Public Works and Government Services PWGSC . This particular project Y2K focused on ensuring that the more than 500 applications supported by GTIS will be Y2K-compliant and, necessarily, touched all operations of the department. The importance of such a project is amplified by the current competition for qualified informatics professionals. The strategy which was developed and is being implemented addresses in detail the main issues of requirements determination, retention of present and future resources , and acquisition. He provided significant support to the Y2K project in the implementation of the action plan.
  • He provided broad-ranging human resources management advice and guidance in support of the creation of the National Blood Authority — Canadian Blood Services for Health Canada. This work consisted of the development of a comprehensive strategic organizational approach to human resources management reflected in a master implementation plan and a strategic business plan, all in a highly charged, very politically-sensitive environment. He developed the broad HRM framework for this organization as well as a number of organizational design alternatives for consideration of the Federal/Provincial/Territorial Ministers of Health. This fundamental groundwork was well received. The implementation phase commenced after the final report of the Kriever Commission.
  • Mr. Pan supported the development and delivery of a comprehensive competency-based human resources plan for the Canadian Museum of Civilization CMCC — an organization undergoing unprecedented change fostered by its strategy of enhancing public access through optimal utilization of state of the art technology and fostering innovative partnerships with the private sector. Human resources management impact, particularly relating to those elements requiring a concentration on the management of change resulting from this visionary activity, is highly significant.
  • Following the above assignment, he completed an organizational design project focused on re-vamping the CMCC s Collections and Information Access Branch. His HR management consultant support involved the development of an innovative methodology designed to optimize the participation of all employees of the branch through the stewardship of a representative project team, as well as facilitated group sessions, and frequent and open communication. The approach led to a new structure which is better aligned with the corporate objectives and can be implemented without significant disruptive people impact .
  • Peter was also instrumental in the development of a human resources plan for the operational and programs support area Coordination and Management Services to the Industry Sector of Industry Canada IC . This assignment entailed defining the current and future human resources requirements and implications, developing viable options and associated action plans including training and development, developmental assignment, succession plan, and career management provisions . At IC, he also later developed work descriptions for two newly created, critical roles supporting the implementation of PeopleSoft across the department. Given potential universal applicability of these critical middle management positions across the public service in similar HRMS implementation situations, position descriptions were circulated to key departments across the public service for their comments and possible adoption. These now serve as benchmark positions in a number of departments.
  • Over an eighteen-month period, Mr. Pan provided continuing project advisory and consulting services in support of the major corporate initiative which focused on wide-ranging renewal of the management of human resources for the Department of National Defence/Canadian Forces DND/CF . He assisted in the development of a business process re-engineering methodology tailored to the needs of the client organization and provided significant HRM consulting support to the implementation teams. Efforts focused around business process re-engineering of a wide variety of HRM activities including career management, human resources planning and HR budgeting, over 20 specific compensation and benefits-related personnel support programs, as well as internal communications and change management strategies.
  • The work also entailed the evaluation of HRM best practices as well as benchmarking. He facilitated the development of a comprehensive organizational model designed to support the implementation of the proposed process redesigns in human resources management for the civilian component of HRM at National Defence. The project has demonstrated redesign results that translated into senior management acceptance and support for the identified “way ahead”. He undertook a process improvement-oriented consulting assignment aimed at enhancing the contribution of staffing and recruitment processes for the Communications Security Establishment. Recommendations for process renewal were implemented with resultant savings realized in terms of reduced elapsed time for segments of the process. Organizational restructuring initiatives were also involved.
  • He co-authored a value-for-money/performance management/change management-oriented review of the management of human resources for the City of Cornwall. This work focused on cultural change based on enhancements to management delegation of authority and employee empowerment. Best practices and benchmarking reviews were also a vital element of the analytical work undertaken. Reorganization opportunities were identified. The majority of our recommendations were implemented.
  • He conducted a training program evaluation mission for the United Nations International Drug Control Program UNDCP which dealt primarily with the effectiveness of training provided to lesser-developed West African countries. The training examined was designed to improve the detection of shipments of illicit drugs. Recommendations were accepted and implemented and are reflected in major adjustments to the training curriculum, general objectives, and evaluative procedures.
  • He also served as Project team member for a significant and wide-ranging comprehensive audit of all facets of the management of human resources at the Canada Post Corporation CPC .
  • He was a critical audit team resource for a comprehensive audit of CPC s Official Languages program management, both from a strict compliance with the tenets of the legislation and the related regulations as well as the management effectiveness and efficiency in administration of the total program. This analysis focused on the management strengths of the organization, its ability to respond to change as well as to safeguard the business interests of the corporation. As part of the assignment, he developed a flatter, more responsive, and less administratively burdensome organizational structure for the group. The prescribed changes were implemented by the clients and resulted in more effective management of the broad range of program activities under the mandate of the Official Languages legislation and regulations.
  • As project manager for a series of comprehensive HR management audits of both the Montreal and Quebec divisions of CPC, he headed an audit team which assessed human resources management, quality of service, internal communications, and management information. The recommendations were consistently accepted and largely implemented by audit clients.

Human Resources Management:

  • As leader of Resource Quality Management for CPC, he spearheaded a series of initiatives founded on a corporate-wide human resources management strategy to achieve substantial progress in cultural change-oriented and corporate values-based issues. This activity was the fundamental precursor to the corporate-wide implementation of continuous improvement activities, supported by program activities designed to enhance both employee involvement and empowerment. During this period, he directed the delivery of a management initiative throughout the corporation Leaders Forum , aimed at sensitizing all levels of management and supervision to the organization s human values.
  • In this senior management role CPC s functional authority for human resources planning, succession planning, training and development as well as employee recognition and incentive programs , he achieved success on a number of fronts through the launch of innovative change management-focused human resources management program initiatives. These efforts achieved some measure of success in an environment with a legacy of difficult labor-management relations.
  • As the Director of Personnel Services for the British Columbia Government Treasury department, he was responsible for all facets of human resources management for the department more than 1,000 personnel . During his tenure, he managed a comprehensive organizational redesign for the department, necessitated in response to the significant economic downturn experienced by British Columbia.
  • During his employment period as Manitoba Regional Representative for the Professional Institute of the Public Service of Canada PIPSC , he worked actively in support of the interests of his scientific and professional membership employed in federal government departments and agencies. In this role, he gained a profound understanding of and sensitivity towards human resources issues from an employee organization perspective.
  • For the Secretary of State Department for the Government of Canada, he filled a wide range of HRM positions, particularly in staffing and development and labour relations areas.

Group Process Facilitation:

Over the course of the past eight years, he has provided group process facilitation assistance,
including Joint Application Design JAD sessions to management/employee groups in a wide
variety of management contexts. Activities/clients include:

  • Facilitation of Consumers Forum on Blood for the Federal/Provincial/Territorial Initiative on Blood Health Canada ;
  • Change Management for the Canada Communications Group;
  • Steering Committee on AIDS for the Health Protection Branch of Health Canada;
  • Strategic Planning Session for the Personnel Support Agency National Defence ;
  • Process Restructuring Forum JAD sessions for GTIS — Public Works and Government Services Canada;
  • Strategic Planning Session for Agriculture/Agri-Food Canada;
  • Industrial Relations Strategy and Organizational Design for the National Capital Commission;
  • Business Planning Retreat for HRIS Team of the Human Resources Branch, Justice Canada 1998, 1999 and 2000 .

Value for Money Audits and Compliance Audits:

  • He evaluated the management of vehicle maintenance facilities at CPC. This major work led to dramatic reductions in costs through the development of alternative service delivery options across the country.
  • Peter also assessed the efficiency and effectiveness of a divisional Corporate Communications entity and resulted in a significant change in focus to better serve the objectives of CPC, especially from the perspective of customers. The value-for-money audit ultimately led to the significant re-orientation of the totality of communications across the corporation.
  • As well, he participated in a variety of compliance audit activities in postal facilities which focused on diverse compliance-related subjects ranging from analysis centered on the consistent application of fee structures for large volume mailings at CPC to conformity with established processes in the handling of undeliverable mail.

Risk Assessment/Analysis:

As head of all corporate security activity at CPC, Peter dealt on a daily basis with issues
relating to the assessment of risk and the determination of the most cost-effective means of
managing the corporate exposure to risk. This necessitated taking a strong advocacy role both
short and long-term in an environment where there was an evident requirement to shift the
focus on security and risk reduction from the functional authorities to a new approach which
fostered the broad acceptance of security principles and active participation in programs,
geographically and at all corporate levels.

Education and Designations:

B.A. Honors , Psychology 1973
McMaster University
Hamilton, Manitoba

Certified Human Resource Professional CHRP designation 1997
— Human Resources Professionals Association of Manitoba HRPAO


Peter Pan has held or continues to hold memberships in the following professional organizations:

  • International Human Resources Information Management Society — IHRIM Current Member and Member of the Workbooks Committee, responsible for the development of three series of Go-to Guides on HRIS. The first series has been published and the final two installments are soon to be published;
  • Ottawa Human Resources Professionals Association Current Member ;
  • Human Resources Professionals Association of Manitoba Current Member ;
  • The International Personnel Management Association, Ottawa-Hull Chapter Past Member of the Board of Directors ;
  • London and District Personnel Association Former Member ;
  • The Personnel Association of Edmonton Former Member/Past Board Member ;
  • The Canadian Association of Chiefs of Police Former Associate Member .

Career Chronology:

  • From February 1997 Principal and Senior Consultant
    Advanced Systems Consultants Inc., Ottawa
    Human Resources and Enterprise Solutions Management Consulting Practices
  • September 1993 to January 1997
    Principal Investments, Management Consultants
    Ottawa, Ontario
  • June 1992 to September 1993 Corporate Manager, Resource Quality Management,
    Human Resources Management
    Canada Post Corporation CPC
    Vancouver, British Columbia
  • June 1984 to June 1992 Executive Management positions in
    Corporate Security at CPC
    Montreal, Quebec and Ottawa, Ontario
  • March 1984 to June 1984 Senior HRM Business Consultant,
    Internal Audit, CPC Edmonton, Alberta
  • April 1982 to March 1984 Director, Personnel Services
    British Columbia Treasury
    Vancouver, British Columbia
  • September 1977 to March 1982 Manitoba Regional Representative
    The Professional Institute of the Public Service of Canada, Winnipeg, Manitoba
  • August 1973 to August 1977 HR Management: staffing, development, and staff relations
    Secretary of State Department,
    Ottawa, Ontario
  • Summer 1964 to December 1969 Police Officer
    Winnipeg Regional Police
    Winnipeg, Manitoba

Resume 5

Samples represent that of an actual working technical professional found on the WEB and modified to protect the privacy of these professionals. Human names, company names, colleges, software product names are intentionally made up.

My contract rate is 60 – 70 an hour or Annual salary of 60K – 90K+ depending on environment, site
and commute. I would consider any lesser offers from top corporations/management role or for
top commissions & bonuses!

Rao Suresh

70 Higate Dr.
Concord, CA 94015-4214


Aspiring to achieve a challenging, rewarding career, and opportunity with my 7 years of intense
corporate recruiting, staffing and contract headhunting experience and 11 years of
diversified HR, personnel, upper management, project management experience to being an integral
part of any successful staffing, HR, talent search or upper management strategic employment team.


  • Implemented solutions to managements problems in the areas of Recruitment, Staffing, Contract Staff Augmentation, Internet sourcing, passive recruiting, sales and marketing, Professional Services, contracts negotiations, compensations, benefits, reference and background checks, developing HRIS, HR, backend office electronic/paper paths and processes, workflow management, automation and efficiency. Including starting two staffing recruiting offices from ground zero!
  • Excellent organizational, interpersonal, multi-cultural, research and analytical skills. Detail oriented, follows latest trends and technologies; with the abilities to strategically matrix manage multiple, critical and problem recruiting, staffing and IT projects successfully, under tight budgets and deadlines.
  • 11 years of excellent working knowledge of HR, State/Federal employment laws including EEO, AA, OSHA, Workmen s Compensation, 401K, PR, Immigration, Labor laws. Business, Labor and H1-B visa programs, COBRA, ISO 9000 & ISO 9002 2 successful implementations and Department of Labor HR Audits.
  • Excellent hands on experience in employee orientations, training including composing handbooks and manuals team building, facilitation of employees, transfers and promotions, employee relations, retention, moral, grievances, ramp-up, reorganization, down-sizing, and ergonomics,. Developed and implemented employee moral booster and recognition program.
  • I have worn many hats, chaired many committees taken on and completed many problem projects and shared more loads than others on most of my jobs and projects. I am proficient in setting up and configuring LAN/WAN, NT security, users, domains, troubleshooting and maintaining web sites!


BayStone Solutions, Inc., Santa Cruz, CA
Oct. 2001 to Present

Sr. Technical Recruiter

  • Successfully recruited for SW, HW and serviced 3 departments full ownership of this premiere Project Management, SW Development and Staff augmentation corporation in Silicon Valley for local and National talents.
  • Successfully incorporated and implemented many efficient and effective solutions to problem areas in recruitment, staffing, sales and HR in operations, backend processes, paper and electronic data management, in a timely and efficient manor without least interruptions to the daily workings of the organization.
  • Laudable Achievement: Created Employee Handbook from scratch for sales, direct hires, consultants and staff. Successfully completed updates of company portal website and creation and implementation of a proprietary e-mail client contact management and resume database. Trained inside/outside sales rep, managers and recruiters.

ESS Technology, Inc. & Viola, Inc., Santa Cruz, CA
Jan. 2001 to July 2001

Sr. Corporate Recruiter-Consultant

Responsible for full-scope of direct recruitment, in Eng., HW, IT, SW, Marketing, Sales and
Finance for national and overseas talent full ownership after 2 others were fired for reqs. open
over 300 days! for the following: and corporate and satellite
Groups under direct mandate from ess CEO:

  • ASIC Design Group: Senior ASIC Design Engineers, Managers, Logic Design, and Hardware Engineers.
  • Modem & Fax Group: Director, Senior Hardware Engineers, Manager, DSP SWE, Hardware Technicians, HW System Engineers and HDW Verification and Board Layout Eng.
  • IC Design Group Sr./Jr. Analog, CMOS, Characterization Design Engineers/Manager, Hardware Kilowna BC Canada: Engineers, Sr. Test Engineers and Analog Board Layout Engineers.
  • IC Communication Group: Sr./Jr. Analog, Digital, Mixed Signal Design Engineers, HW Communication Sys Engineers Hardware Engineers and Manager.
  • DSP Group: Manager, Communication System Engineers, Sr. Digital Signal Processing SWEs.
  • Network Design Gr.: Sr. Manager, Hardware Eng./Technicians, SWE, Systems SWEs, Network Protocol Design Engineers and DSP Verification Engineers.
  • Device Driver Group: Sr. Hardware DD Engineers, C++ Windows and Linux SWEs.
  • Video DVD Group: Video Architect, Sr. Firmware SWE, Video DVD DSP Embedded SWE & HWE
  • IT Group: Sr. CRM & Oracle Manufacturing Business Analyst and Application Manager.
  • Finance Group: Controller/Assistant Controller, Cost Accountant, G/L Manager, Sr. Financial Analyst, AP Specialist, International Tax Manager, Accounting Manager, Revenue Fixed Asset Management, Sr. Financial Manager and Payroll Supervisors.
  • HR: HR Generalist, and Safety/Security Admins.
  • DSP Group Toronto Canada: Sr. DSP Software Engineers, HWE and SWEs.
  • Engineering Design: System SWE, Network Protocol Design Engineers, Sr. Hardware Eng, HWEs, Sr. Test
  • Irvine CA: Test Engineer, ASIC Design Engs. & Manager and SWEs. C++, Windows O/S, Linux .
  • SW Eng. Redmond WA: Audio Tester, Testing Lab Manager and Windows WDM Device Driver SWEs.
  • P.R. of China & Taiwan Group: SW Application Engs, FAE, Component Sales Managers and Sales Reps. Major Accomplishments: Helped the CFO fill his stringent reqs. as well as find hard to get talents for Analog, CMOS, Embedded Firmware and DSP engineers and fill overseas departments reqs from overseas talent pools and career websites. Besides these multi-tasking recruiting duties of HR, H1B Visas and Immigration/Green Card issues, I also consulted, did gap analysis, analyzed and researched many staffing/recruiting HRIS systems and tools for Recruiting, Resume Tracking Database implementation directly with top management, as well as helped with Employee Handbook, Dept of Labor Audit and trained Department Managers, Directors, VPs and marketing recruiters and HR staff in the art of successful recruiting.

Infotech, Inc., Santa Cruz, CA
Oct. 98 to Jan 2001

Sr. Technical Recruiter

  • Responsible for full-scope of recruitment process, including qualifying, screening prospects, negotiating wage and salary compensation for contractual temps and direct hires placements. Including making background and reference checks and chartered with bring in sales and successfully establishing this startup leading to IPO status in an incubator at the Santa Cruz Business Development Center. Made the local newspapers as the most successful startup in Santa Cruz generating revenues of 2M in the first fiscal year!
  • Successfully met all backend HR, staff, database, telecomm, network growth, work flow processes, efficiency req. including sales, placements, project management goals and HRMS implementation in-house as well as for clients.
  • Created a dynamic, seamless, scalable web interfacing proprietary in-house HR resume/candidate/managers tracking and HR info analysis database in MS Access and FileMaker Pro in my own time. Created HR workflow, Project Management analysis, schedule, documentation and stats to map objectives and owners in Excel, Visio, PowerPoint and MS Project. Major achievements: Effectively managed project management/implementation of Vantive, Siebel CRM, Peoplesoft HRMS, Oracle Apps Financial & Manufacturing, J D Edward, SAP R/4 and BASIS Security projects and staff augmentation on site at ITP clients; meeting with upper management such as CEOs, CIO s, VP/Director of Engineering, Program managers and senior HR, VPs, Directors and hiring authorities to successfully deliver and implement these projects on time within budget, without cost over runs and to the satisfaction of ITP clients.
  • Strategically targeted and developed several target accounts, with long term sales strategy and pursued placements of ERP, MRP, CRM, Java, EJB, Corba, CC++, UNIX, Vignette, VisiBroker, Weblogic, WebSphere, ColdFusion, VB, COM, DCOM, ClearCase, Configuration Management, OO Modeling, Web development, WAN network backbone, systems, CCIE, SAP, Peoplesoft, Oracle 8, 8i, 10.7, 11.x, Oracle CRM, HR, Siebel, Vantive, QA, SQA, Electro Mechanical Engineers/Designers, LIMS, scientific, Biomed, Genomics, Informatics, Broadcast Streaming Media, Robotic, Software Control, Game, network, software engineers, developers, programmers, admins and architects, including COO, CIO, CFO, CTO, VPs, Directors, middle managers, Legal Directors, Accounts/Sales Execs. Pre Sale System Engineers and technical recruiters.
  • Major accomplishments: Successfully managed over 50 to 60 multi-tasking high volume jobs reqs., at any given time and successfully pursued, strategic goal of signing of sub vendor, supplier, staff augmentation and employee compensation agreements with Neopost, Sybase, Compaq, AltaVista, iBeam, Manpower, Kelly Scientific and Technical , Incyte Genomics, HP, IBM, Adaptec, Franklin Templeton, Oracle Corp, Sun Microsystems, Litton PRC, Personic, Lockheed Martin, EDS, Allied Signal,, NetformX, Acta, Global English, Visa International, Neopost, Sega, Dryers Ice Cream, EFI, Micromatic, Micro Gears,, PureCarbon, Prescolite, Trading, Resonate, Sutter Health, CyberSource, Thru Point, BMC, Web Telecomm, iDini, Pioneer Systems, ENS, INS, MCI System House, CSAA, RiverStone Networks, Street Fusion, County of Alameda, City of San Jose and Palo Alto etc., creating and building relationships and assisting in clarifying, fulfilling clients needs and requirements.

SunRise Information Systems, Inc., Napa, CA
July 98 to Sept 98

Accounts Manager-Western Region

  • Chartered with the responsibility of in-house recruitment, staffing, recruiting and placing local consultants as well as overseas consultants and direct candidates for this mega international cartel, overseas development and H1-B Consulting House in the realm of CRM Siebel, Vantive and Clarify , ERP, CTI, Telephony, Telecomm, clustered networks and Web development for major accounts Qualcomm, Cisco, Siebel, Clarify, Vantive, McKesson, Koret International, Galo Wines and PSA .
  • Successfully marketed and placed H-1B candidates and second to third party consultants locally and nationally.
  • Pro actively trained HR in-house staff, consultants and recruiters in the art of Internet sourcing, and recruitment; subscribing to and sourcing scores of free career websites and user group for placing job ads, search and resume posting, recruiting, qualifying and placing top notch IT and hi-tech professionals as well as training them to successfully interview hiring managers, HR, hiring authorities in the art of successful negotiation, compensation and closing sales as well as placements.
  • Major Achievements: Created successful marketing, presentation, training manuals, CD-ROMs, gap analysis and project schedule to map objectives and owners for Siebel and Vantive Customer Relationship Management CRM implementation and CRM course development projects.

Advanced Technical Staffing, Inc., Mountain View, CA
June 98 to July 98

Senior Staffing Specialist

  • Successfully established new sales accounts and successfully recruited and placed contract and direct hires candidates like Game, System, UNIX Programmers, J D Edwards Developers, Configuration Management, Release Engineers, LAN/WAN/Internet Security Admins, Web Masters and VB, COM, DCOM, C++ Unix Corba UML Developers, Oracle Apps DBAs, Cobol and Y2K Database/System Architects, SW Engineers, Programmers, Analysts and Management Executives VP Engineering, QA Directors, CFO, COO, CTO to mid level executives. Counseled management on H1B issues.
  • Proactively created and built successful relationships with clients, hiring managers and candidates; assisting in clarifying job needs, job description and writing JOs for posting. Set up interviews, coordinated interview schedules, prepping candidates in the art of successful interview technique as well as recruiting, screening, qualifying and interviewing candidates, checking references, helping negotiate compensation, benefits and closing placements.
  • Successfully marketed and placed benched in-house candidates and counseled them on further training, market trend analysis and prepping them on successful interviewing technique.

ComTech, Inc., San Jose, CA
Feb. 98 to June 98

Staffing Specialist

  • Established new accounts with Fortune 500 companies locally and managed major established internal accounts as well as large complex accounts, recruitments and placements of SW, HW, IT, IS, and MIS contract and direct hires.
  • Proactively and successfully prospected new clients and top-notch technical candidates using user groups, advance Internet sourcing, prospecting and passive techniques for technical contractors and direct candidates to service clients needs finding the most difficult sought after ERP, SAP, Oracle, BAAN, Peoplesoft, JD Edwards, Manugistic, Functional as well as technical professionals, DVD producers, DBAs and Apps DBAs, Network, Systems, CCIE, WAN Backbone engineers, architects and network security experts, UNIX, mainframe, LAN/WAN operators and admins, database, systems engineers, programmers and architects, Y2K, Cobol, RPG, MVS, DB2, Lotus Notes, Unix, Oracle, Web, Internet and Windows developers. CC++, VB, systems, network, Device Driver, Unix internals, socket, firmware, embedded, SW Engineers, developers and programmers; legacy, QA, SQA, and Client Server computer professionals.
  • Other duties included penetrating and building relationships with IPOs, contingency contract agencies, managing the candidate flow, partnering with seniors and peers to develop and implement recruiting staffing solutions, mentoring, training, pursuing lead generation and new accounts, prospecting including cold calls , successfully tech interviewing hiring managers, consultants, candidates and negotiating salary, contracts and agreements.

ABCFN, Inc. IT/IS division of STAMPO, INC., Palo Alto, CA
Feb 97 to Jan 98

Recruiting Manager

  • Recruited as Accounts Executive for this largest recruiting corporation worldwide. I was a consistent top branch performer and anchor for successfully establishing this newly opened branch, achieving profitability within three months; six 6 months ahead of projected break even.
  • Successfully met and doubled monthly branch recruiting objectives for HW, SW, IT and Engineering candidates.
  • Successfully penetrated into new Fortune 1000 accounts using existing sales training as well as formulating unique sales, cross-selling technique.
  • Designed a highly effective candidate s behavioral interviewing technique for recruitment and retention.
  • Proactively participated, recruited and managed booths at K-Fog, Lendman and Westech Career Fairs, etc.
  • Initiated a Recruiter s Roundtable within regional branches to initiate and share best consulting practices.
  • On site coordinator at MacAfee Network Associates, Inc as the central point of contact and coordinator for all client contractors and hiring managers.
  • Successfully developed new strategic business alliances with twenty-two secondary suppliers third parties and incorporated them into the existing new branch business model.
  • Developed candidate s profile, interview form, electronic, paper path and backend processes thereby streamlining the recruiting process leading to office automation and efficiency. Major achievement: Provided OnPoint Technologies with the majority of their Desktop Support, LAN/WAN admins and Project Managers for their successful 11,000 Desktops and Common Operating Environment rollout at Siemens Inc, in Napa CA.

Pronto Careers Staffing, Inc., Sacramento, CA
Jan 94 to Jan 97

Recruiting & Accounts Manager

  • Responsible for all aspects of recruitment, staffing, HR and managing and implementing employee benefits programs in the areas of staff augmentation, prospecting, headhunting, acquisition, prepping staff, consultants and temp hires; for interviews, salary/contracts negotiations, offers, background and reference checks and start packs signing and documentations as well as clients accounts development.
  • Successfully exceeded all staff recruiting, sales, marketing and placement quotas and MBOs month after month!.
  • Successfully placed contractors and direct hires locally and nation wide for Oracle, DBAs, developers, Application DBAs, VB, Crystal Report, Cobol, MVS, DB2, Rational Rose OLAP, C, C++, UNIX, UML, Game, Robotic/SW Control, embedded, firmware, real-time, SWEs programmers/analysts, IC analog, logic, component, board, circuit designers, and engineers and LAN/WAN UNIX system architects, admins, operators, developers and programmers.
  • Successfully trained in house as well as client s administrative staff, recruiters, sales and marketing staff and hiring managers; preparing innovative video and CBT training materials from scratch.
  • Successfully networked, prospected, cold called and acquired new sales accounts leading to peer recognition and being recognized and awarded Top Company Performer time after time.
  • Major achievement: Implemented paperless electronic environment from a files and faxes administrative process by creating all backend processes and electronic paths in Windows, Access and Act, leading to automation, process efficiencies and major savings and reduction in man-hours so my staff could concentrate on the branch s main objectives. Implemented ISO 9000 and trained management and staff in ISO 9000 compliance certification.

Employment history for the following is available on request:


MBA undergrad San Francisco State University, SF CA 1999-Present
BA Business Management UNIVERSITY OF CALCUTTA, Calcutta


SALES EXECUTIVE. S-100 & S-200 Advanced , TAD Training Center Torrance CA April, 97
RECRUITER S R-100 & R-200 Advanced TAD Training Center Torrance CA May, 97
RECRUITING MANAGER S & OASIS Ajilon Training Center. York PA Dec, 97
RECRUITER S & NACCB RULES TRAINING Cotelligent, San Mateo Feb-June, 98
OZ Enterprises Inc s Sales and Recruiter Training, Cotelligent. SF Mar, 98
INTELLIGENT NAVIGATORS TM Sourcing for Technical Candidates on the Internet Dec, 98
Strategic Selling and Conceptual Selling Miller-Heimen
Consultative Selling and Professional Selling Skills
Seven Habits of Highly Effective People – Dr. Stephen Covey
Professional Telephone Selling Skills – Learning International
Decker Communications Program and Telephone prospecting – Pac Bell
Strategies for Successful Sales Presentation and Versatile Salesperson
Partnering with your customer & TQC-Total Quality Control – Dr. Deming
Franklin Time Management & Understanding Channel Business


MS-Win 3.11, 95, 98, ME, 2000, NT, MS-Office 97, 2000, MS Access, FileMaker Pro, Lotus 123,
cc:Mail, Act, MS Project, Meeting Maker, EZ Access, ZyFind, OASIS, Goldmine, Resumex, HRIS,
Personic, RecruitMAX, Gopher, LAN, and WAN.


SAMA – American Management Association,
Employment Management Association
Society for Human Resource Management SHRM ,
Northern California Human Resources Management,
Silicon Valley Indian Professionals
Association, American Red Cross
Toastmaster s International

US Citizen Previously held Secret Security Clearances.

Subscribing to various magazines and publications:

Electronic Recruiting News, Contract Professional, Internet Developing Trends, Information Week,
Intranet News, Electronic Commerce World, Database Web Advisor, Web Master, DB2, Data
Storage, NT, Selling NT Solutions, Windows NT Systems, LANTimes, Network, Network Strategies and
Solutions, Unix Review, VB Programmers Journal, Computer Technology Review, Business Week,
PC World, MAC, Storage Inc., Chief Executive, Sales and Marketing Management, Selling Power,
Red Herring, CEO, Teleprofessionals, Wireless, Computer Reseller News, VAR Business, The Russian etc.

Resume 6

Samples represent that of an actual working technical professional found on the WEB and modified to protect the privacy of these professionals. Human names, company names, colleges, software product names are intentionally made up.


Clint Jones

24 Newport blvd
Sacramento, CA 95820


Senior staffing position with an emphasis in technical recruiting for a strong, progressive
company, where my experience and skills can contribute to the growth and success of the


  • Extensive experience in all phases of technical recruiting including utilizing multiple channels such as Internet, networking, research, job fairs, employee referrals for sourcing and pre-qualifying candidates.
  • Proficient at successful sourcing of qualified candidates via Internet resources and online resume databases including DICE, Monster, Headhunter, JobWarehouse, CareerExchange, Passport, etc.
  • Experienced with RecruitMax, Kwikfind and Task Generator search and resume retrieval systems.
  • Proficient with Microsoft Office Suite: Windows 98/ME, Excel and Outlook, as well as TypeReader Professional scanning software.
  • Created, implemented and maintained feedback tracking for resume and candidate status.
  • Adept in job offer negotiation.
  • Familiar with current labor law, compensation and immigration regulations regarding employment.
  • Attended Information Technology and Advanced Technologies seminars.
  • Previously held concurrent DOD secret and top secret clearances.
  • Excellent verbal, written and interpersonal communication skills.
  • Ability to work in a fast-paced/multi-tasked environment.


WEST Staffing, Inc., San Jose, CA
10/00 to 2/02

Sr. Technical Recruiter

  • Responsible for sourcing, interviewing, screening and placing senior level IT professionals, S/W Engineers, SQA Engineers, System Administrators, MIS Support and Web Designers into contract and direct hire positions.
  • Initial and on-going interface with client company representatives including technical managers, department supervisors, Human Resource departments as well as vendor on premise coordinators.
  • Oversaw training and development program for junior recruiters.
  • Supported sales and marketing efforts with initial on- site client contact.
  • Represented company at monthly Chamber of Commerce meetings.

ABC Technical Services, Fresno, CA
1/00 to 9/00

Sr. Technical Recruiter

  • Sourced, screened, interviewed and placed senior level IT Professionals, Programmers, S/W Engineers, SQA Engineers, Technical Support and Web Designers into contract positions.
  • Heavy interface with client company representatives including technical managers, department supervisors as well as vendor on-site representatives and Human Resources departments.

Modern Services Group, Cupertino, CA
8/98 to 11/99

Sr. Technical Recruiter

  • Recruited and placed senior level Programmers, S/W Engineers, and Technical Support professionals into contract assignments.
  • Supported recruitment efforts at two major high tech on- site programs.
  • Heavy interface with client company representatives, technical and department managers, Human Resources and Purchasing departments.

Certified Research Group, Campbell, CA
2/97 to 8/98

Sr. Technical Recruiter

  • Implemented technical recruitment efforts in placing Engineers, Designers/Drafters, Technicians, Technical Writers and Buyers/Planners in technical contract assignments.
  • Initiated procedures for technical division resume scanning and retrieval database.
  • Assisted the Account Manager in the development of new technical contract business.

Digital Technical Services, Palo Alto, CA
3/94 to 2/97

Sr. Technical Recruiter

  • Recruitment and placement of Programmers, Engineers, Designers, Technicians, Technical Writers and Buyers/Planners for contract assignments.
  • Assisted in sales and marketing efforts for the company.

Stepple, Inc., Sunnyvale, CA
10/83 to 2/94

Branch Manager

  • Managed technical contract personnel branch office with annual sales in excess of 10 million for a minority owned national organization.
  • Supervised staff of twelve, including five recruiters and two account managers.
  • Developed and prepared bid solicitations for several major contracts, including commercial electronics and defense related contracts.
  • Served as branch security officer monitoring employee clearances for classified projects.
  • Successfully relocated branch office.


San Jose State University, San Jose, CA
BA Degree, Political Science

Resume 7

Samples represent that of an actual working technical professional found on the WEB and modified to protect the privacy of these professionals. Human names, company names, colleges, software product names are intentionally made up.


Leo Chen

221B Baker street
Pleasanton, CA 94566-8621


Human Resources Executive with an established track record of working with emerging, dynamic
companies in the areas of Staffing, Compensation, Benefits, Employee Relations, Mergers &
Acquisitions, Organizational Development, Labor Relations, and Employment Law.


Human Resources Consultant
03/02 to present

Responsible for providing HR consulting services and project management support in the areas of benefits, compensation, staffing, change management, employee retention, HR Operations, and labor certification.

  • AT & T Broadband Cable
  • EMPATH Consulting Healthcare
  • Nextel Communications Wireless

Vice President, Human Resources Services, Inc.
03/00 to 10/01

E-business Software.

  • Responsible for managing staffing, organizational development, employee relations, compensation, benefits, and facilities functions; providing strategic HR vision and leadership, change management, ESOP administration, handling immigration issues, and budgeting.
  • Completed organization change from a portal strategy to a software application and services company.
  • Developed new compensation structures and benefits programs.
  • Changed payroll system and brought employee stock option plan administration in-house.

Vice President, Human Resources STELLA, Inc.
03/98 to 03/00


  • Responsible for managing staffing, employee relations, compensation, and benefits functions; developing the HR vision and implementing related programs and policies, serving on Compensation Committee of the Board, managing company culture, ESOP/ESPP administration, handling immigration issues, and budgeting.
  • Hired the new executive management team and grew company headcount from 30 to 185 employees while completing a successful IPO.
  • Established a formal management and employee incentive bonus plan.
  • Implemented enhanced benefits programs to attract and retain employees.

Human Resources Director, Quantrum, Inc.
04/96 to 02/98

Enterprise Customer Management Software Solutions.

  • Responsible for managing Human Resources, Facilities, and Administrative support staff, responding to Corporate HR and integration initiatives, 401 k plan administration, designing domestic and international merit, sales, and incentive compensation programs, managing flex benefits and stock options programs, coordinating with HR consultants and vendors, writing personnel policies and procedures, handling employee relations issues, developing staffing and recruiting strategies, providing strategic HR vision and leadership, and budgeting.
  • Completed the transition of a pre-public, software technology company valued at 35M to a merger with a call center, computer telephony company for a combined run rate of 125M.
  • Successfully integrated benefits programs, compensation structures, HR policies, and incentive plans between two merging companies.

Human Resources Director, VECTOR Technologies
03/95 to 04/96

Nuclear Engineering Consulting Services.

  • Responsible for managing compensation, benefits, employment, MIS, and facilities staff, responding to Corporate HR initiatives, designing alternative reward programs, 401 k plan administration, managing flex benefits and stock options programs, coordinating with HR consultants and vendors, writing personnel policies and procedures, handling employee relations issues, overseeing multi-state locations, and budgeting.
  • Led the effort to consolidate Corporate HR functions, programs and personnel.
  • Established cost containment strategies and initiatives for flexible benefits.
  • Successfully directed HR due diligence activities for divestitures totaling 46.5M.

Human Resources Manager, Physics International Company
01/94 to 02/95

  • Promoted to, and responsible for, managing compensation, benefits, employment, training, and MIS staff, preparing analyses for senior management on HR initiatives and strategic planning, providing management development training, designing individual and team incentive programs, writing personnel policies and procedures, handling employee relations issues, and budgeting.
  • Re-engineered and re-vitalized the recruitment and staffing process.
  • Implemented quality improvement processes and management development programs.

Senior Personnel Administrator, Physics International Company
07/90 to 12/93

  • Responsible for designing and implementing compensation and benefits programs for multiple locations, developing alternative reward strategies, HRI systems administration, managing the performance appraisal process, handling employee relations issues, conducting salary surveys for non-exempt, exempt and technical professional staff; serving as TQM facilitator, and directing the staffing process.
  • Instituted a new gainsharing plan and re-engineered the employee recognition program.

Senior Compensation Analyst, Ocean Bank of San Francisco
06/88 to 07/90

Financial Services : Responsible for developing salary structures and programs for 5 branch
locations, conducting salary surveys for non-exempt, exempt and executive staff, maintaining job
evaluation systems, directing HR consultants, implementing merit pay and incentive programs,
performing complex analyses and modeling concerning salary administration issues, and directing
lower level compensation analysts.

Employment Supervisor, San Francisco Housing Authority – Public Housing
07/86 to 06/88

Responsible for managing employment staff, coordinating the recruitment and selection process,
administering the compensation and benefits programs, directing HR consultants, serving as
Affirmative Action Officer, and providing management training.

Division Manager and Planning & Development Manager, Saratoga Chinese Community Council
09/83 to 05/86

Responsible for managing Employment and Training staff, implementing recruitment programs, developing employer advisory councils, directing training instructors, developing marketing and funding strategies, strategic planning, and budgeting.

Site Manager and Referral Specialist, EDEM I & R – Employment & Training
07/79 to 09/83

Responsible for managing office operations and staff for county-wide intake, vocational
assessment and referral functions; conducting recruitment, providing management and staff
training, and developing personnel policies.

Youth Director, Saratoga Chinese Community Council
04/78 to 06/79

Responsible for supervising staff, attending community meetings, coordinating and administering
youth employment training programs, and overseeing youth drop-in programs.


B.A. in Social Welfare, University of California at Berkeley.

Board Advisor, Oloop, Inc. Member, Society for Human Resource Management
Speaker, Northern California Human Resources Association
Member, HRExecNet


PeopleSoft, ADP, Ceridian, Equity Edge, Restrac, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access,
and FileMaker Pro.

Resume 8

Samples represent that of an actual working technical professional found on the WEB and modified to protect the privacy of these professionals. Human names, company names, colleges, software product names are intentionally made up.


Kate Adams

120 Arlington Road
Milpitas, CA 95035

Hello !

My name is Kate Adams. I am a professional recruiter and I have over 10 years of expert level experience. I recently worked with Murphy Communication Systems, which provides broadband systems and solutions for the development for advanced voice, data and video services over cable, telco and satellite networks. I also worked for a pre-IPO in Silicon Valley, which was involved in the internet infrastructure space. The company s focus was in developing multiple service packages targeted at CDN, caching, Traffic Management and web hosting markets. The packages included a next generation Content Distribution service offering as part of their total solution, called a Universal Delivery Network.

While working for Murphy Communication Systems, I hired over 30 professionals in 6 months time, including Director of Business Development, Director of Product Management, Sales Account Executives, Hardware and Software Engineers and Sr. PCB Designers. I was heavily involved in the development of the recruiting process, offer negotiations and benefit review with the candidates.

While working for Fast Networks, I hired over 55 professionals in one years time, including VP and Director level executives, Sales Account Executives, Business Development Managers, Sales Engineers, Marketing professionals including product managers, streaming product managers and marketing communications director. I also hired engineering professionals including web software engineers as well as Network Operations engineers.

As a key player in the setup and process development of the recruiting department during the infant stages of the company, I was involved in all of the high level decision making processes with the CEO. This included all strategic and tactical hiring methods and approaches.

I have worked in the semiconductor industry as well as the internet infrastructure markets, and have hired manufacturing, materials, purchasing, accounting, finance and other professionals

My expert knowledge and understanding of the complete recruiting process and all of the business requirements relative to it, as well as the necessary elements within the scope of recruiting to include the candidate selection, interviewing and package negotiation phases are exceptional. I have worked for Fast Networks, Search Tech Incorporated, AcccuStaff Incorporated, Coast Personnel, and Manpower. During my career with these companies I developed a record of outstanding success, and a track record of performance excellence.

My dedication, professionalism, expertise and talent will definitely bring your organization a sharper edge.

Enclosed is my resume, which summarizes my qualifications and experience. Let s discuss working together- – I look forward to hearing from you soon! Thank you very much for your attention to my inquiry.


Kate Adams

Professional Career Objective

With 10 years professional recruiting experience, staffing Engineering, Marketing, Sales,
Business Development Managers and Operations professionals I bring solid knowledge and expertise
of staffing to Fortune 500 companies as well as the most cutting edge start-ups. I am looking for
a challenging and rewarding career in Contract Recruiting, which will utilize my proven
expertise, talents and performance excellence, and one, which will offer new challenges, career
growth and opportunity for advancement. My expertise and experience will bring your company a
sharper edge.

Qualifications and Work History

Fast Networks, Inc., Santa Clara, CA
January 2002-May 2002

Corporate Contract Recruiter for a Pre-IPO internet infrastructure start up company. Responsible
for recruiting Sales Executives. I have extensive expertise in networking, streaming media,
content delivery, traffic management, TCP/IP, and web-hosting.

  • Key player in building the entire recruiting process.
  • Designed and built the Requisition Forms, interview feedback forms and corporate interview questionnaire.
  • Work closely with the CEO and hiring managers on the recruiting strategy for future openings to be filled.
  • Work closely with Accounting and Hiring Manager to budget and approve requisitions.
  • Post all job openings to intranet and to other job boards.
  • Evaluate and qualify candidates for current openings.
  • Coordinate and follow candidates through the entire interview process.
  • Provide weekly status report to CEO and Executive Level Management.
  • Manage and select top level back-up vendors to assist with hiring needs.
  • Negotiate salary, stock and sign on bonus requirements between candidate and the company.
  • Provide completed offer letter and new hire packet to candidate.
  • Responsible for closing the candidate and negotiate the start date.

Murphy Communication Systems, Fremont, CA
March 2001-September 2001

Corporate Contract Recruiter for the Telco Business Unit. Responsible for recruiting Director of
Business Development, Director of Product Marketing, Sr. Account Mangers, Sales Engineers,
Systems Engineers, Hardware and Software Engineers, PCB Designers, Technical Writers and Director
of Hardware Management.

  • Work closely with the Human Resources, General Manager and hiring managers on the recruiting strategy for future openings to be filled.
  • Work closely with Accounting and Hiring Manager to budget and approve requisitions.
  • Post all job openings to intranet and to other job boards.
  • Evaluate and qualify candidates for current openings.
  • Coordinate and follow candidates through the entire interview process.
  • Provide weekly status report to Executive Level Management.
  • Cut recruiting costs by discontinuing use of back-up agencies.
  • Negotiate salary, stock and sign on bonus requirements between candidate and the company.
  • Provide completed offer letter and new hire packet to candidate.
  • Responsible for closing the candidate and negotiate the start date.
  • Attend all Brassring career fairs and other recruiting events.

Lenora Networks, San Jose, CA
January 2001-March 2001

Contract Recruiter for a Pre-IPO optical networking start up. Recruited ASIC/FPGA Design
Engineers, Firmware Engineers, Protocol Firmware Engineers,
Hardware Board Design Engineers, High Speed Analog Engineers, PC Board Layout Engineers,
Engineering Lab Technicians and Marketing positions.

  • Work closely with Accounting and Hiring Manager to budget and approve requisitions.
  • Key player in building the entire recruiting process.
  • Post all job openings to intranet and to other job boards.
  • Evaluate and qualify candidates for current openings.
  • Coordinate and follow candidates through the entire interview process.
  • Provide weekly status report to Executive Level Management.
  • Negotiate salary, stock and sign on bonus requirements between candidate and the company.
  • Provide completed offer letter and new hire packet to candidate.

Fast Networks, Santa Clara, CA
January 2000 to January 2001

Corporate Contract Recruiter for a Pre-IPO internet infrastructure start up company. Responsible
for recruiting VP and Director level executives, Marketing, Sales, Sales Engineers, Business
Development Managers, Operations and Engineering candidates. I have extensive expertise in
networking, streaming media, content delivery, traffic management, TCP/IP, and web-hosting.

  • Key player in building the entire recruiting process.
  • Designed and built the Requisition Forms, interview feedback forms and corporate interview questionnaire.
  • Work closely with the CEO and hiring managers on the recruiting strategy for future openings to be filled.
  • Work closely with Accounting and Hiring Manager to budget and approve requisitions.
  • Post all job openings to intranet and to other job boards.
  • Evaluate and qualify candidates for current openings.
  • Coordinate and follow candidates through the entire interview process.
  • Provide weekly status report to CEO and Executive Level Management.
  • Manage and select top level back-up vendors to assist with hiring needs.
  • Negotiate salary, stock and sign on bonus requirements between candidate and the company.
  • Provide completed offer letter and new hire packet to candidate.
  • Responsible for closing the candidate and negotiate the start date.
  • Attend all Westech and other recruiting events.
  • Hired over 50 technical, VP and Director Level Executives.

Search Design, Incorporated, Campbell, CA
February 1999-January 2000


  • Interviewed and profiled qualified candidates.
  • Posted current openings to various job boards.
  • Cold called into various targeted companies per the client s request.
  • Researched targeted companies to get interest from passive candidates.
  • Recruited Sales Managers, Marketing Managers, Systems Engineers, and Account Managers for Cisco Systems and other fortune 500 companies.
  • Provided qualified candidates information, salary requirements, resume and current compensation package to Cisco Systems and other client companies.

LookingStaff Incorporated, Santa Clara, CA
June 1997-January 1999

On-Site Recruiter, ARCO Prestige Stations, Inc.

  • Responsible for the implementation of client on-site programs.
  • Created on-site functional processes, and procedure documentation.
  • Liaison between client managers, local AccuStaff office and back up vendors.
  • Met weekly with managers and temporary associates to maintain efficient work operations.
  • Handled all employee relation issues.
  • Responsible for Quarterly Business Reviews, employee reviews and employee increases.
  • Provided weekly headcount report
  • Managed 25 recruiters located in Washington, California and Arizona.
  • Scheduled weekly conference calls with recruiters to discuss strategies for hiring personnel for clients.
  • Travel to meet clients as required.
  • Provided client with weekly headcount reports, presentations and reviews for each recruiter.

Area On-Site Manager @ Seagate Recording Media, Cypress Semiconductor and Hitachi Computer Products

  • Responsible for creating and setting up the On-Site Program
  • Liaison for temporary hiring in Washington, Texas, Minnesota, Mississippi, New Hampshire and New Jersey.
  • Created the On-Site Documentation Manual.
  • Responsible for creating and maintaining a report for headcount control.
  • Reduced back up vendor count from thirty-nine vendors, to five, greatly reducing operation costs, creating cost savings.
  • Review all resumes prior to submitting to managers.
  • Personally screen each employee before interviewing with manager.
  • Responsible for terminating employees and conducting exit interviews.
  • Handle daily employee relation issues.

New Coast Personnel Services, San Carlos, CA
February 1995-June 1997

On-Site Manager, Lam Research Corporation
Responsible for the implementation of client on-site programs. Create on-site functional
processes, and procedure documentation. Liaison between client managers, local AccuStaff office
and back up vendors. Meet weekly with managers and temporary associates to maintain efficient
work operations. Handle all employee relation issues.

  • Responsible for the implementation of client on-site programs.
  • Create on-site functional processes, and procedure documentation.
  • Liaison between client managers, local AccuStaff office and back up vendors.
  • Meet weekly with managers and temporary associates to maintain efficient work operations.
  • Handle all employee relation issues.
  • Track all temporary employees in excess of six hundred.
  • Maintain People Soft database assessing weekly audit reports facilitated between Coast and Lam Research.

Manpower, San Carlos, CA
May 1994-Jan. 1995

Customer Service Representative/Recruiter

  • Participation in outside sales promotions and marketing support.
  • Supervisor of all modified workers compensation employees.
  • Responsible for management of all workers compensation files and reports.
  • Off-site recruitment for Cisco Systems, Applied Materials and United Defense.

Western Temporary Services, Palo Alto, CA
Feb. 1991-May 1994

Customer Service Representative/Recruiter

  • Responsible for recruiting, interviewing and reference checking.
  • Responsible for testing each candidate on Mac and IBM computers, and QWIZ software.
  • Responsible for payroll processing, verification and payroll issue resolution.
  • Sales support at Chamber of Commerce functions and tradeshows.

Computer Skills

  • Microsoft Windows 95,97,98
  • People Soft
  • Microsoft Excel
  • Lotus Notes
  • Microsoft PowerPoint
  • Netscape
  • Microsoft Word
  • Internet Explorer
  • Microsoft Outlook
  • Computerized Payroll
  • WordPerfect 6.0
  • DICE
  • Kwik-Find
  • QWIZ Software Testing
  • AS/400
  • Maestro Database
  • Monster Board
  • FileMaker Pro
  • areer Mosaic
  • AIM Database
  • Easy Access
  • Hot Jobs
  • Type 60 words per minute


1988-1990 Vincennes University, Vincennes, IN, Major: Psychology
1998 Human Resources Training, AccuStaff Inc., Newark, CA
1999-Present University of Phoenix, San Jose, CA, Major: Bachelors of Human Services

Resume 9

Samples represent that of an actual working technical professional found on the WEB and modified to protect the privacy of these professionals. Human names, company names, colleges, software product names are intentionally made up.


Barbara M. Hopkins

Professional Summary

  • Senior Human Resource Consultant/Generalist/Strategist with more than 10+ years of experience and demonstrated skills in the areas of recruitment, employment law, performance management, employee relations, benefits consulting and implementation, safety administration, compensation and job classification analysis, training and development, and effective facilitating.
  • Excellent interpersonal and applicant assessment skills.
  • Knowledge and ability of principle and practices of employment law including applicable provisions relating to EEOC guidelines and ADA guidelines.
  • Strong ability to reason logically and creatively using a variety of analytical techniques to examine and resolve complex employee relation issues.
  • Solid knowledge of legal compliance.
  • Experience in managing COBRA and eligibility administration for group health plans.
  • Recognized for being a team leader, motivator, and respected professional when interacting with management, consulting clients, staff and employees. Strong verbal and written communication and organizational skills.
  • Functional PeopleSoft HRMS and Financial Consultant/Trainer experience. Human Resource Management Trainer.

Professional Profile/Skills/Experience

Staffing Manager Profile

  • Managed and mentor a recruiting team of recruiters and support staff.
  • Ability to develop, propose and implement staffing strategies and plans, which support business objectives. Involves implementing electronic applicant tracking/flow systems, creating standards and metrics to measure employment function and communicating findings and recommendations to team members. Additionally, managed the on-site temp program and enhance the college/intern recruitment programs.
  • Develop and implement strategies for recruitment, compensation, training and participates in the development of business strategies and determines HR implications for these plans.
  • Use the latest Internet and recruitment events and methods that involve acquiring top talent.
  • Demonstrate a sustained sense of urgency for achieving corporate objectives through effective recruiting.
  • Ability to develop and implement annual goals for the recruiting function.
  • Build, direct and retain a highly effective team of recruiting professionals to include coaching recruiters and other support staff.
  • Collaborate effectively across HR, other business functions and other recruiting teams.
  • Flexibility to meet varying customer needs and to juggle multiple priorities daily.
  • Manage relocation and immigration programs, streamlining the requisition, offer authorization and new hire processes.
  • Manage budgetary responsibilities and develop measurements to assess the effectiveness of the recruitment function.
  • Work with hiring managers and college alumni in representing an organization at all major college recruiting events.
  • Maintain and promote company and HR initiatives on campus. Develop and implement creative on and off campus events. Manage campus recruiting activities such as career fairs, campus interviews, presentations and any other activities.
  • Work with key managers to set targets and ensure the company meets the targets in terms of college hiring. Work with senior executive management to create and submit annual recruiting plan as well as preparing and updating recruiting materials.
  • Ensure that faculty relations at assigned academic institutions are maintained. Review unsolicited campus level resumes.

Recruiter Profile General and Technical

  • Industry experience: wireless, semi-conductor, retail, software, hardware, consulting, financial. higher education., B2B, B2C.
  • Make first contact with candidate, prescreen. Conducting interviews as well as evaluating employees, including weekly consultations with hiring managers regarding open requisitions.
  • Work closely with hiring managers to create job descriptions, review resumes and facilitate interview.
  • Track applicants, attend job fairs and ensure open requisitions are filled in a timely manner.
  • Use the latest Internet and recruitment events and methods that involve acquiring top talent.
  • Work closely with the hiring managers to interview, negotiate and close candidates.
  • Provide weekly recruiting status reports to Staffing Manager. Create and maintain appropriate reports for tracking and analysis of the recruitment function.
  • Establish and maintain effective, cost efficient and productive employment practices that assist in achieving organization goals in all non-exempt, exempt, and executive staffing.
  • Manage internal job posting program including the web site and job hotline.
  • Source qualified candidates in the most efficient manner possible.
  • Prepare and extend offers of employment, including salary determination and negotiation.
  • Prepare new hire paperwork, including background checks and offer letters.
  • Establish and maintain cooperative relationships with all vendors and negotiate contracts as needed.
  • Conduct professional and personal reference checks.
  • Serve as communication liaison for everyone involved in hiring process

Human Resource Generalist Profile

  • Address all employee relation issues such as conflict resolution, sexual harassment and termination.
  • Administer and monitor performance management policies and procedures.
  • Conduct salary administration by monitoring market data to ensure competitiveness of compensation with specific industries.
  • Partner with Staffing during the recruiting process to develop standard operating procedures.
  • Conduct training need analysis and implement key training programs. Provide counseling in performance management situations.
  • Communicate HR policies, systems and procedures to ensure operational effectiveness.
  • Administer benefits and compliance to all mandated regulatory policies.
  • Synthesize external data surveys, etc. in all areas to make sure that office is meeting or exceeding all industrial best practices in HR.
  • Manage and counsel on employee relation issues.
  • Assist with performance management, training in all HR areas and orientation of new employees.
  • Assist management with retention planning.
  • Coordinate workplace needs.
  • Familiarity with organizational development and design concepts.
  • Participate in the new hire orientation program.
  • Troubleshoots and recommend solutions to executive management in order to resolve HR issues.
  • Developed and produce management reports and systems for analysis of HR data, trends, and statistics.
  • Assisted with the coordination and testing of PeopleSoft v6.1 Human Resource and Payroll upgrade installation project.
  • Panel design for customization of PeopleSoft application.
  • PeopleSoft assessment, fit gap analysis, and modification.

Trainer/Consultant Profile: PeopleSoft and Management Training

  • PeopleSoft Trainer/Consultant: 4+ years total PeopleSoft training experience
  • Clients: Southern California Edison trained 600 users, HRMS v6.0 interface with Financials v6.0 , PeopleSoft, Inc., trained 50 users, HRMS v7.0 , KPMG Peat Marwick trained 100 users, HRMS and Financials v7.0, v7.5 , Paramount Pictures trained 150 users, HRMS v7.0 and Financials v7.0 , Universal Studios trained 200 users, HRMS and Financials v7.5 ; various clients of HR Solutions trained 300 users in total, HRMS and Financials v7.0, v7.5 , Waste Management, Inc. trained users at field and corporate level on HRMS v7.5 and Financial v7.5 , DMC Stratex Networks test database, prepare curriculum guides and facilitate end-user training to all levels on HRMS v8.3, HR, Base Benefits and Stock Administration
  • Facilitated and delivered PeopleSoft training to end-users at client sites. Conducted classes with sizes ranging from 12 to 20 participants in class-room style setting.
  • Hands on functional experience as well as training experience using the following packages/modules:
    • HRMS v8.3 modules: HR, Base Benefits, Stock Administration, E-Recruit
    • HRMS v.6.0, v7.0, v7.5 modules: Time & Labor, Payroll, Benefits Administration, HR Basics Financials v6.0, v7.0, v7.5 modules: Asset Management, Accounts Payable, Account Receivable, Expenses, General Ledger, Purchase Order
    • Familiar with Distribution/ Manufacturing modules: Purchasing, Inventory Control, Manufacturing, Planning and Master Scheduling
  • Delivered PeopleSoft v6.1, v7.0, v7.5, v8.3 training to field end users and Corporate Executive staff members using HRMS and Financials modules. Taught end-users to navigate panel to panel, input data, run query reports, and data analysis.
  • Prepared company specific training modules, training databases and written materials for delivery of training to end-users.
  • Created PeopleSoft HRMS and Financials v6.0, v7.0, v7.5, v8.3 training curriculums.
  • Provided on-site support to implementation/technical team from a functional point of view; fit gap analysis, assisted in conducting needs assessment and developing business processes.
  • Conduct on-site process reviews.
  • Work with internal system support and field personal to identify key customer request and process improvement.
  • Provide solutions that improve productivity and assist personnel in better utilizing HRMS and Financial systems in all areas of business.

Human Resource Management Trainer: 4 years total training experience

  • Facilitated management training to executive staff in the areas of conflict resolution, sexual harassment, recruitment, diversity, affirmative action and termination process.
  • Counsel management and employees regarding transfers, promotions, and demotions.
  • Facilitated and delivered new-hire orientation training to HR professional. *Developed Human Resource training materials as necessary to deliver training to participants.
  • Facilitated organization development training to create company goals and vision statements by coordinating company focus groups.
  • Counsel supervisors on writing reviews
  • Provide policy support by revising policy manual and employee handbook and assisting policy interpretation.

Contract Clients

Modern Solutions Group, Reverside, CA 06/2002 Present
Guess, Inc., Los Angeles, CA
PeopleSoft Consultant/Trainer, HRMS and Time & Labor v 8.3

ABC Strategic Networks, San Jose, CA 03/2002 06/2002
PeopleSoft HRMS v8.3 Consultant/Trainer

Waste Management, Inc., San Antonio, TX 07/2001 2/2002
PeopleSoft HRMS and Financial v7.5 Consultant/Trainer

Teledyne Smart Wireless, Apple Valley, CA 2/2001 04/2001
Hardware Technical Recruiter responsible for recruiting 6 MMIC Engineers

New Extensity, Inc., Murrietta, CA 4/2000 1/2001
Sr. Technical Recruiter/Interim Staffing Manager

PeopleSoft, Inc., Pleasanton, CA 10/99 3/2000
Sr. Technical Recruiter/Trainer, PeopleSoft Consulting Practice, Western Region

Steven Half International, Inc. Lancaster, CA corporate offices 02/99 10/99
In-House Corporate Technical Recruiter contractor on-site at the corporate offices, not the
agency divisions/branches

CNNG Deat Marwell LLP, Oakland, CA 07/98 – 01/99
Sr. Recruiter/Trainer/Interim Staffing Manager, PeopleSoft Consulting Practice

Southern California Edison, Human Resources Service Center, San Diego, CA
Contract through Information Management Systems Consulting, Inc., Irvine, CA – 4/98 – 7/98
Human Resources Information Systems Consultant/PeopleSoft Trainer/Instructor

Pacific Bell Mobile Systems, Staffing Dept., Pleasanton, CA
Contracted through Skyler Network, LLC, Santa Clara, CA – 11/97 – 4/98
Staffing Recruiter/Consultant/General and Technical Recruitment

HR Solutions, San Francisco, CA – 01/97- Present – registered
Human Resources Consultant/Analyst/Generalist/Trainer

Profectionals Human Resources Consultants, San Leandro, CA — Founded 1990
We strive to be perfect professionals = “Profectionals!!”
Sr. Human Resources Consultant/Generalist/Trainer/Strategist Founder

Zinco Corporation, Pleasanton, CA — 06/95 – 01/96
Contract through HR Central Corporation, Seattle, Washington
Corporate Recruiter/Trainer/Developer/Generalist

PeopleSoft, Walnut Creek, CA — 1/95 – 06/95
Human Resources Coordinator – Employment Services

Winterland Advanced Productions, Santa Clara, CA — 12/93 – 12/94
Human Resources Generalist – Recruitment and Benefits

Emperial Midwells, San Diego, CA — 03/90 – 12/93
Human Resource Generalist

San Francisco Convention Facilities, San Francisco, CA — 10/87 – 03/90
Human Resources and Payroll Assistant

Computer Profile

  • MacIntosh and IBM compatibles
  • Proficient using Microsoft applications: Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Win Word, Microsoft PowerPoint, Ami Pro, Lotus Notes, WordPerfect, PRI Affirmative Action Software, ABRA Cadabra
  • Lotus 1-2-3, ADP, WordPerfect, Q & A, PeopleSoft HRMS and Financials v6.1, v7.0, v7.5, v8.3, Word Star, Restrac Scanning System, RESUMIX Tracking System v5.3, Micro J Tracking System, Icarian Tracking System


Northern California Human Resource Association San Francisco Chapter and Solano Chapter
Human Resource Consultant Association
Tri-Valley Human Resource Association
Society of Human Resource Management
Women Inc.
Professional Association of Contract Employees
Professional Coaches Alliance
Professional Business Women of California
American Association of University Women of California
American Business Women s Association
National Bureau of Certified Consultants
National Association of Women Business Owners
National Association of Female Executives
National Women Business Owners
Mentoring Circles Mentor
Women in Consulting


California State University, Hayward University of Phoenix, Pleasanton
Bachelor of Science Degree, 1994 Masters of Science in process
Business Administration Business Management
Human Resource Management Organizational Behavior Communications

Professional References Available Upon Request

Resume 10

Samples represent that of an actual working technical professional found on the WEB and modified to protect the privacy of these professionals. Human names, company names, colleges, software product names are intentionally made up.


Mihesh Gnasekaran


Nine Years of Technical Recruiting experience / Nine Years of HR Generalist experience /
Peoplesoft HRIS Analyst & Implementation experience. International Experience.

Senior Recruitment consultant with hands on experience in handling diverse recruiting assignments
ranging from IT Technical Recruitment Legacy, ERP, Web Technologies, etc. , Campus Recruitment
Engineering & B-Schools , / and Recruitment Sales. Have recruited over 500 experienced
professionals and hundreds of graduates from over 30 top engineering and management schools.
Fluent in English with some knowledge of French.


Kognizant Technology Solutions, Montgomery, NJ
04/1999 Till Date

Asst. Manager

KTS is a leading IT Enabled Services provider to several Fortune 500 organizations. Over 4000 employees.

As the Resources Management team lead, have successfully executed multiple recruiting assignments that include:

  • Interaction with Project Managers to understand their current & future resource requirements Hiring qualified senior project managers, systems architects, technical leads, and programmers based on pipeline and project requirements HI to HI, Green Card holders and Citizens.
  • Follow up with consultants to review project status and also to identify new requirements. Building relationships with large staffing companies e.g. Metro IS, Prounlimited, and Hallkinion etc.
  • Building relationships with more than 100 vendors to source technical consultants.

Previously, handled the following activities in India as the
Head of GRMG Global Resources Management Group :

  • Deputation of Software consultants to US, UK, Canada, Australia, Germany and Netherlands.
  • Hiring IT consultants through road shows, head hunting, Placement agencies, Walk-Ins, Referrals etc.
  • Recruited close to 300 freshers and experienced consultants of diverse skills areas.

Safoi Management Consultants, Chennai, India
4/1997 4/1999

Senior Consultant

Safoi is a leading HR consulting firm in India providing services to Organizations in the area of Search, Selection, On-site Resourcing, Remote Processing, and HR Processes Consulting.

As an integral member of one of the fastest growing HR Consulting firms, worked on several Recruitment consulting assignments for diverse clients including Citibank, Ubest, Satyam Computers, Grundig, Pilkington Glass, Monsanto Chemicals, Saint Gobain, etc. Key tasks include:

  • Setting monthly Recruitment Targets
  • New business generation and service existing clients.
  • Invoicing and collection
  • Client presentation
  • Co-ordination of Client-Candidate interface

Tatard Consultancy Services, Bangalore, India
12/1994 4/1997

Senior Executive

TCS is a global IT consulting firm providing software development and maintenance services to several of the Fortune 500 companies. 15,000 employees globally. Turnover: 1 Billion.

As a HR specialist worked on several Recruiting assignments including hiring Experienced Senior technical resources, Campus Recruitment, and managing hundreds of technical resources in multiple projects across countries. Key contribution include:

  • Growing the technical resources pool from 175 to 500+ within 15 months
  • Hired over 500 resources Experienced and Campus, including
  • Ensuring the non-billable time of resources is maintained below 10
  • Achieved over 80 utilization of resources across billable projects.
  • Evolved a Revolving Project Rotation plan for Software Consultants
  • Ensured smooth Client-Consultant Co-Ordination Technical Interview, Technical Training, Visa Processing, Documentation, Travel and Relocation, Onsite Compensation fitment
  • Developed high performing teams through Coaching and by building trusting & strong professional relationships.

Sanmart Electronics Corporation, Chennai, India
5/1993 12/1994

HR Executive

Sanmart Electronics is an industrial electronics conglomerate manufacturing medical, telecom and industrial automation equipments. 1900 employees.

As a HR Generalist the key responsibility areas included:

  • Recruitment and selection of electronics engineers and technicians
  • Manpower Planning
  • Staffing Augmentation
  • Compensation Design and structuring
  • Performance Management
  • Payroll Administration


MS Office Suite Word, Excel, ACT, Peoplesoft HRIS ver 8.0, Project Management Tool e.g. MS Project. Certified Assessor Assessment Centres .


Information Technology, Industrial Electronics, Consumer Goods, Financial Services and Healthcare.


University of Madras, Chennai, India – Masters in Personnel Management 1993 Outstanding student Award
University of Madras, Chennai, India – Bachelors Degree in Sociology 1991

Resume 11

Samples represent that of an actual working technical professional found on the WEB and modified to protect the privacy of these professionals. Human names, company names, colleges, software product names are intentionally made up.


Kendall Hill

217 Murray Avenue
West Point, NY 11050


  • Demonstrated leader in the Recruitment / Staffing / Human Resources profession.
  • Hands-on collaborative manager with a focus on delivering highly skilled, strategic personnel in support of corporate objectives while emphasizing a high degree of customer service.
  • Possess a unique perspective as a technologist with 8 years recruiting experience encompassing corporate and agency settings with industry experience spanning consulting, internet start-ups, consumer and industrial markets, pharmaceuticals, manufacturing, distribution, telecommunications and financial services.
  • A professional that is able to service small entrepreneurial firms as well as global, billion dollar corporations.
  • Focused, high energy self-starter with effective communication skills and a true commitment to excellence.


Somett Systems, New York, NY
March 2000 Present

Director of Recruiting

Somett Systems is a software engineering innovator and creator of the Somett Cursor, regularly featured in Nielson s top 25 global websites with over 100 million downloads of its cursor changing technology. Launch the Recruiting function for this high technology, new media internet start-up. Set and implement a corporate-wide recruiting strategy in collaboration with the executive leadership team to achieve high volume growth. Ensure that the strategic growth plan is in alignment with corporate goals and evolving business needs.

  • Report to CEO with full responsibility for all Recruiting initiatives. Create and execute the recruiting operating plan, ensuring that this plan is consistent with every other department plan, and that the Recruiting Department s overall plan is in alignment with all other corporate goals, plans, and budgets. Work with Director of Finance to manage impact of proposed hiring plan on burn-rate, and various facilities/ infrastructure issues.
  • Set up a recruiting process, infrastructure and metrics to support very aggressive growth objectives, with emphasis on a variety of low-cost sourcing strategies. Analyze staffing projections and priorities; hire and manage appropriate recruiting staff to meet needs. Full life cycle recruiting for all phases of the recruitment process including job description creation, posting, sourcing, screening, interviewing, salary negotiation, offer letters. Hands-on tactical recruitment; trained in various internet / passive sourcing strategies including AIRS.
  • Initial point-person for employee relations, performance management, compensation and benefits, policy and procedures, succession planning. Handle non-disclosure agreements, visa / immigration processing, reference / background checking, EEO, internally. Educate department heads regarding basic employment law, appropriate interview questions. Counsel managers on retention issues, employee relations matters.
  • Implement an employee referral program and campus recruiting initiatives. Revamp the internal job-posting site on the corporate website, working with marketing department to create uniform look and feel for job postings across the internet.
  • Select and manage all vendor relationships; negotiate all agency fee agreements, job board contracts and postings, career / campus/ virtual job fairs.
  • Support every operational area of the company including Application and Web development, QA, Data, Server, Sales, Customer Support, Product Management, Business Development, Marketing, Finance and Administration. Staff Director level openings as well as entry level. Work with department heads to create individualized recruitment strategy. High level of customer service orientation with emphasis on results.

STVN Consulting Inc. New York, NY
October 1995 Feb 2000

Senior Technical Recruiter, World Class Human Resources May 1999 Feb 2000
Pharmaceuticals, STVN-Cisco Alliance, CRM / Call Center, Telecomm, Financial Services Employee
Self-Service, ERP, HR, Organizational Design & Development

Senior Recruiter, Consumer and Industrial Markets
July 1997 May 1999
Pharmaceuticals, Manufacturing, Retail & Distribution, Supply Chain, Warehousing, Healthcare,
Media, Entertainment, I2, Manugistics, Documentum, LIMS, Clinical Trials, ERP

Recruiter, Strategic Services Consulting Oct 1995 July 1997
Telecommunications, Pharmaceuticals, Financial Services, e-Commerce, Sales and Marketing

Partner with the Managing Directors of this Big 5 Global Management Consultancy to set, implement and refine the recruiting strategy to grow various industry verticals, incubators and technology solution offerings.

  • Project manage the entire recruitment process and drive it to a close. Maintain constant communication with the managing directors to support their individual business needs with just-in-time hiring, best practices and on-going fine-tuning of recruitment processes.
  • Utilize various internet based tools and techniques as well as leverage other low cost sources such as the internal employee referral program, to source top talent with an emphasis on making quality hires. Recruit for all levels within the organization; consultant level through senior manager, and practice leader.
  • Target versatile candidates with a combination of business acumen, industry knowledge, functional expertise and the latest technologies who can leverage technology to solve a business problem.
  • Set up and direct volume recruiting days, manage agency relationships in compliance with national policy, and most importantly manage expectations on both sides of the hiring equation.
  • Make hiring, level and salary recommendations to the leadership team. Interface with International HR to facilitate sponsorship and permanent residency for non-US citizens.
  • Particular area of strength in closing candidates and imparting STVN s cultural environment.
  • Act as a resource for new recruiters. Formally trained in Behavioral Interviewing, Peopleclick s Tracy Claybrook , Internet Recruiting , Resumix and STVN s Internet 101 a corporate-wide 40 hour course, developed with Cisco.
  • Represent the Recruiting function on the Onboarding task force, an initiative to better integrate new hires into the STVN environment.

SMVB Systems, New York, NY
6/1993 – 10/1995

Technical Recruiter/Account Manager

Permanent and Consulting placement for this Wall Street based, multi-million-dollar IT Search firm servicing NY s premiere financial and investment banking giants. Partial client list included JP Morgan Chase, DLJ, Bear Stearns, Lehman Brothers, Salomon Smith Barney, Deutsche Bank, Bankers Trust, Merrill Lynch, Citicorp, etc.

Citigroup Smith Carney , New York, NY
12/1983 – 9/1990

Database Administration

DBA for multiple brokerage applications. Responsible for logical and physical design and implementation, restructures, reorganizations, performance monitoring and tuning.

STVN LLP, New York, NY
12/1980 – 8/1983


Coded various programs for salary review system.


BS SUNY Oswego, Major: Psychology, Minor: Computer Science 1980


Board Member,
NYTechnical Recruiters Association NYTRA ,
Society for Human Resources SHRM


Internet, e-Commerce, New Media, Silicon Alley, Start-up, Big 5, Human Resources, ERP, CRM, SAP, Consumer Products, Supply Chain, Architecture, Networking, Manufacturing, Transportation, Automotive, Retail, Financial Services, Business Development, Sales and Marketing, Telecommunications, Healthcare, Aerospace


HTML, DHTML, Javascript, C, ASP, Win32, Visual C++, ActiveX, XML, MFC, ATL, NT, Solaris, BSD, TCP/IP, Apache, Oracle, Perl, Scripting, Quality Assurance, Source/Build Management, Product Management, Sales, Marketing, Communications, Technical Support, Customer Support, Technical Writing, Project Management, Peoplesoft, CRM, SAP, i2, Manugistics, Documentum, NetDynamics

Resume 12

Samples represent that of an actual working technical professional found on the WEB and modified to protect the privacy of these professionals. Human names, company names, colleges, software product names are intentionally made up.


Alice Williams

Fremont, CA


Contract Recruiter or Full Time Recruiter/Generalist


  • 15 + years staffing experience.
  • Provided high quality recruiting services from ground up and managed the entire hiring process for all aspects of employment.
  • Conducted searches for senior management as well as individual contributors.
  • Sourced and recruited for all areas of Engineering, Marketing and Sales.
  • Worked closely with Presidents, CEO s of start-up companies and Sr. Management to fulfill staffing needs.
  • As Lead Recruiter managed and built very successful staffing teams of sourcers and recruiters to accomplish the hiring of top-notch individuals in the most efficient and cost effective manner.
  • Organized employee referral programs, job fair activities, open house recruitment programs, online job postings and college recruiting.
  • Worked with Immigration and Relocation teams to ensure timely visa processing.
  • Recruited for multiple locations, including international development centers.
  • Selected relocation vendors, employment and advertising agencies.



Currently at a Networking Startup. The Company is a Networking Infrastructure Startup building high performance data communications equipment.

Previous clients include:

  • Lucent Technologies
  • National Semiconductor
  • Netscape Communications
  • Integrated Device Technology, Inc.
  • Cirrus Logic, Inc.
  • SONY Corporation of America
  • The Learning Company
  • Electronics for Imaging, Inc.
  • CISCO Systems Kalpana


Jones Search Agency-Specialized in Engineers in the computer industry. Secured numerous new accounts and won several awards.


Pacific Systems Search Agency, Inc.-Specialized in recruitment of Software, Hardware and Marketing professionals.


Advanced Line, Inc.

Functional areas of responsibilities included Compensation and Employee Relations.

  • Compensation: job classification, salary and benefits administration; evaluation and approval of performance appraisals.
  • Employee Relations: investigated, monitored and approved corrective actions.


Carol Executive Search-Recruitment of Engineers, Programmers, Accountants and Administrative personnel.


Miami-Dade Community College-A.S. 1981

Recruited for the following positions: Sr. Management to individual contributors.


Architects, Embedded Systems, Network Security, Applications, Windows, Networking/Communications, Video/Graphics, Database, Operating Systems, Compression, MPEG, Network Management, IP, Networking Protocols, Ethernet, Q/A and Test , Release Management , BIOS, Producers, etc.


Analog, Mixed-Signal, ASIC, Chip design, Verification, Systems/Board Design, Logic Design, Test, Mechanical Design, System Validation, Processor Design, Multi-Media Chip, Telecom Communications Chips, CPU, System on a Chip, Digital Design etc.

Marketing/Sales/Business Development/Operations/Purchasing Senior Management to individual contributors etc.

Resume 13

Samples represent that of an actual working technical professional found on the WEB and modified to protect the privacy of these professionals. Human names, company names, colleges, software product names are intentionally made up.


Mark Gribbleton

Passport for Int l. work.
Natural U.S. Citizen.
Contract or Perm.

Computer/Software Experience:

  • Windows: 3.x, 95, 98, 2000, NT, Novell, Siebel E-Bus. 2000, OS/2, DOS, Driver installation, Networking Adapters, Protocols TCP/IP, etc. , FTP, Telnet, Hyperterminal, HTML, Front Page98, Visio, ACT!, FilePro, Adobe Acrobat/Reader/PDFs, Paintshop Pro, Photoshop, MS Apps: Office/Excel/Access, etc.
  • Browsers: Opera 5.0, I-E, Netscape /6.
  • Mail: Outlook, Eudora, Lotus Notes.
  • Tools: Netstat, Netscan, Network Flight Recorder, HackerTracer – Firewall , Cyberscrub, Evidence Eliminator, Trojan Detection Apps., Port-scanning Detection Apps. and search tools to mine the internet for resumes.
  • Multi-media applications, Video-conf. Applics. *Modems, Software installation/config. Hardware installation/config. PC & Laptop upgrades, troubleshooting & repair, config. and setup.
  • Utilities: Norton, Solomon, McAfee, Thunderbyte, “Spyware” detection/removal.
  • Contact Database Mgmnt.

Functional Title:

Sr. Technical Recruiter


  • 6+ years experience in Recruiting/Business Development/Account Mgmnt. Providing I.T. Professionals in ANY desired discipline to Clients, specializing in ERP, MRP, CRM, EDI & Financial Software areas. SAP, Oracle, Peoplesoft, Glovia, Lawson, JDE, Walker, BAAN, & i2, Manugistics, SAS, Siebel, Mercator, etc. Also specialize in locating those “rare, hard-to-find” candidates!
  • Client-industries such as: Chemical, Pharmaceutical, Furniture, Banking, E-Commerce, Automotive, Software, Financial Services, Market Data, Healthcare, Telecom, Consulting, Wireless Info. Provider, etc. and have been both domestic and international.
  • I utilize a variety of skills/tools, in locating professionals for an exact match of a client s needs and have a strong background in internet recruiting.
  • Developed a global network of varied resources, which helps facilitate being able to fill a client s [qualified] immediate needs of contractual professionals in an average of 48 hours! Full Life-cycle marketing of I.T. services to clients, cold-calling/business development then filling the client s requirements, interviewing, screening and reference-checking candidates to ensure they are a “fit” for the given need, and selection of those who would be a compliment to a client s project.
  • Customer relation management throughout the length of the contracts, and post-contract invoicing, timesheet-tracking and payment to consultants, rate negotiations, contract writing and negotiations.
  • Developed a rapport with various levels of management: Presidents, V.P.s, CFOs, CTOs, CIOs, COOs, M.I.S. Directors, Project Managers, and H.R. Directors of clients.
  • Sample of the kinds of professionals recruited are: DBAs, Business Analysts, Network Integrators, Software Developers, Software Implementation Specialists, Programmer/Analysts, Cisco Router Config. Specialists, NT/Novell/Unix/Solaris Administrators, Technical Writers, QA Testers, Web Designers-Developers, Help-desk suppt., Project Managers, Data Architects, OLAP/DSS Specialists etc.
  • Provided non-technical permanent-hire resources to clients, such as: Dir. of Professional Services, Dir. of Business Development, Regional Mgr. of Professional Services, Sr. Consultant, Product Marketing Mgr., Customer Support Mgr., Sr. Content Mgr., Controller, etc. The methods I use allow to provide technical and non-technical exempt and non-exempt candidates to clients.
  • 7 yrs management experience and a solid background in sales and CS, CRM.

Employment: Technology Related

Self-Employed – Danbury, Ct.
Feb./01 to: Present

  • Currently doing freelance Technical Recruiting for a few Firms with contract and permanent requisitions.
  • Also recently: Customer Service Support, Marketing/Sales for s website hosting/design services.

FastMobile Inc. – Stamford, Ct.
Sept./00 to: Jan./01

Contr. Tech. Recruiting assignment

  • Recruiting for a very wide-range of Technical and non-Technical candidates for in-house permanent positions.
  • Java, Versata, Oracle, Essbase, Brio, etc.

Kesselman International Inc.- Montvale, N.J.
July 2000 to: Sept. 2000.

Contr. Tech. Recruiting Assignment -Temporary

  • Recruiting a wide-range of technical I.S. professionals for clients who are in varied industries.
  • DBAs, Software Engineers, Programmers, Web Developers, Business Systems Analysts, etc.

Redwood Software Inc. – Manhattan, NYC.
Feb. 2000 to: May 2000

Contr. Tech. Recruiting Assignment

  • Contracted to assist them in filling permanent in-house needs due to rapid growth.
  • The Client developed and markets an: OLAP-based software for Financial Planning, Budgeting, Forecasting and Analysis.
  • Some of the positions they needed to fill were: Dir. of Professional Services, Regional Mgr. of Professional Services, Sr. Consultant, Consultant, Customer Support Mgr., Product Marketing Mgr., JAVA Developer.

Modern Services Inc. – Ridgefield, Ct.
Sept. 98 to: Nov. 99

Responsibilities included:

  • Marketing I.T. services to clients business development , and filling the client s requirements, both permanent and contract, recruiting from database and from the internet, interviewing, screening and reference-checking candidates prior to being submitted to the end-client.
  • Varied disciplines such as software developers for real-time embedded applications, Oracle DBAs, SMS Engineer, Network Specialists, MQ Series Specialist, Helpdesk, JDE, ERP/MRP people, Glovia,etc.

American Information Systems – Danbury Ct
Nov. 97 to: Sept. 98.


  • Marketing I.T. services to clients, business development then filling the client s requirements, recruiting from database and from the internet interviewing, screening and reference-checking candidates for contract and perm positions.
  • Developed rapport with various levels of management, including Presidents, V.P.s, CFOs, CTOs, CIOs, M.I.S. Directors, Project Managers, and H.R. Directors of clients.
  • Peoplesoft, SAP, BAAN, Oracle and a variety of other disciplines

Monroe Digital Technology – Monroe, Ct.
Mar. 96 to: Nov. 97


  • Marketing I.T. services to clients, business development as well as filling the client s requirements, recruiting from database and from internet interviewing, screening and reference-checking candidates for contract and permanent positions.
  • Some of the disciplines are mentioned above in the overview.
  • Developed rapport with various levels of management, including Presidents, V.P.s, CFOs, CTOs, CIOs, M.I.S. Directors, Project Managers, and H.R. Directors of clients.

Newlett/Norman Consulting – Bethel, Ct.
Sept. 95 to: Mar. 96

Employee Acct./Project Manager

  • Marketing I.T. services to clients, cold-calling as well as filling the client s requirements, recruiting from database and from internet, interviewing, screening and reference-checking candidates to ensure they not only are a “fit” for the given need, but to select those who would be a compliment to a client s needs.
  • Contacted the various Presidents, V.P. s, CFOs, CTOs, CIOs, M.I.S. Directors, Project Managers, and H.R.Directors of clients.


General Motors Corp. Hinsdale, Ill. & Tarrytown, N.Y.
2 yrs. Equiv. Study in Sociology and Psychology
Bluebird Aviation, Danbury, Conn.
I.T. Marketing-Recruiting, N/M. Cons. Bethel, Conn.

Rate/Salary Information/References on request.

Resume 14

Samples represent that of an actual working technical professional found on the WEB and modified to protect the privacy of these professionals. Human names, company names, colleges, software product names are intentionally made up.


Michelle T. Monroe

66 Copper Drive
Baltimore, MD 21209


Experience in Human Resources Management – recruitment, employee relations, performance management systems, compensation, benefits, immigration, organization change and retention. Excellent computer skills, communication, facilitation and negotiating skills. Well-versed in state and federal statutes including FMLA, EEOC, ADA and Title VII.


The Simpson College of Baltimore County, Baltimore, MD
2002 – to date

Working part-time with the Director, International Education and Experiential Learning at the Simpson College of Baltimore County, on a program aimed at spreading international awareness among Baltimore Public Schools.

2000 – 2001

Manager, Human Resources

  • Established and managed the Human Resource department of the firm. Brought in to implement change over a one-year period.
  • Set up new and streamlined existing human resource policies, procedures and systems
  • Proposed and implemented compensation raises to meet competitive industry standards
  • Managed performance reviews and career planning
  • Facilitated conflict resolution and counseled employees
  • Evaluated and implemented benefits including medical, retirement planning
  • Handled legal compliance of state and federal laws
  • Handled vendor relations
  • Doubled the size of the firm to approximately 40 people to meet growing business needs
  • Part of the core management team with several general responsibilities
  • Supervised accounting and administration departments
  • Guided attorneys on handling employee and client related issues
  • Strategized with President and COO on growth opportunities for the business


Manager, Human Resources

  • Developed, implemented and managed the HR department for a firm of 150 software professionals.
  • Formulated human resource policies and strategies for hiring
  • Ensured organization s effectiveness by overseeing complaint and performance processes
  • Managed recruitment, induction, compensation, benefits and immigration process
  • Handled legal compliance

1997 – 1999

Manager, Human Resources

  • Provided HR generalist support to approximately 250 employees in an assigned business unit by supporting HR policies and practices.
  • Handled induction, relocation, immigration, benefits and training
  • Facilitated performance management, career development and training
  • Direct line of communication with employees
  • Interacted with clients, sales, legal, and technical staff to optimize employee resources
  • Managed employee data on the PEOPLE SOFT Human Resource Information System
  • Negotiated salary raises with employees based on their performance ratings
  • Part of core team working on competitive compensation structures to attract high level talent in an extremely competitive market
  • Managed conflict resolution and promoted employee retention policies

VERIFONE, Bangalore, India
1997 – 1997

Subsidiary of Hewlett Packard

HR Executive

  • Headed the training division for the entire company
  • Managed the performance management system
  • Recruited experienced professionals and fresh graduates
  • Responsible for the induction of all new recruits into the company
  • Conducted climate surveys to monitor the pulse of the organization

IT arm of Citicorp

Assistant Manager, Human Resources for organization of approximately 250 employees.

  • Handled recruitment, induction and resource allocation
  • Managed performance reviews, compensation, benefits and employee relations
  • Conducted climate surveys, analyzed attrition and recommended organization changes.
  • Extensive training on various aspects of HR including
  • Participated in a 5-day intensive workshop understanding and managing group conflicts
  • Worked closely with an expert in Organizational Development and change

1992 – 1995

HR Officer for a large multi-national IT consulting company

  • Part of the HR team that managed 1500 software professionals
  • Handled recruitment and induction of college and experienced candidates
  • Managed appraisals, raises, benefits, employee relations and legal compliance
  • Facilitated technical and managerial training and conducted training for employees being sent on overseas projects


Masters in Human Resource Management, MSSW, India, 1992
Thesis on Managerial Training Needs Assessment
HR projects in manufacturing and international banking sector
Project work in various literacy programs, communities, orphanages etc.

Bachelor of Arts in Economics, Stella Maris College, India, 1989

Refresher courses in compensation from New York University, 1999 and
Federal and state employment laws and contemporary marketing from The Community College of
Baltimore County, 2002


Active participant in school / college athletics and hockey teams
Currently volunteer in the outreach program at the local Church
LEGAL STATUS -US Permanent Resident
References available on request

Resume 15

Samples represent that of an actual working technical professional found on the WEB and modified to protect the privacy of these professionals. Human names, company names, colleges, software product names are intentionally made up.


Gajeeva B.

37 Pond Terrace Apt#23
Fremont, CA 94536
Authorized to work for any employer in USA


Seven years of experience as Senior Human Resources professional in various industries. Outstanding interviewing, negotiating, training & development skills and Employee counseling that add strong consultative value. Hands on experience in the areas of compensation, employee relations, customer Service, employee retention, orientation, immigration, and other general human resources disciplines.


  • Behavior-based interviewing
  • Project Management
  • Employment strategic planning Organizational skills
  • Benefits Administration
  • Team Building
  • Organization Study
  • Functional Consultant
  • Change Management
  • Competency Modeling
  • Quality Management System
  • Training and Instruction Manuals
  • Product Demonstrations
  • Presentation Skills
  • Pre Sales Specialist for ISO 9000 Quality Management


MS Office MS Word, MS Excel, MS Access, MS PowerPoint


Peoplesoft Human Resources Software v7.x, SQL, Oracle v7.x, EmpPet Immigration software


Adobe Photoshop v5.5

Professional Experience

1999 – 2002
InfoDesign Inc., Fremont, CA

Human Resources Department


  • Responsible for HR policy, practice and plan for the Multi Division Company in the US and Off Shore Locations
  • Responsible for Recruiting Technical and Non-Technical Engineers and Office Staff in USA and Internationally
  • Responsible for Training Internal and external
  • Managed, supervised and trained HR and Administrative staff
  • Responsible for Resource of Key Technical employees in projects
  • Involved in negotiating with clients on projects and allocating Resources
  • Designed Recruitment Policy
  • Involved in Screening and interviewing candidates for open positions
  • Solely responsible for Web and Print advertising for Recruitment
  • Responsible for working with attorneys to establish Permanent Residency Green card Programs and H1B visa for international employees Immigration
  • Planned and Prepared HR Budgets Recruiting and Training
  • New Hire Orientation program and Induction Manual
  • Developed Employee Handbook
  • Completed cost/benefit analysis of various benefit programs as needed
  • In house Training of Employees Planned, set-up and carried out Behavioral Training soft skills of Employees
  • Responsible for Training needs analysis, Budgeting, Designing Annual Training Calendar
  • Designed, developed and implemented Corporate Compensation and Performance Review Structure
  • Participated in the Company-Wide Leadership Program
  • Conducted HR Audits for INS compliance
  • Coordinated 401 K Savings Plan, Safe Harbor Plan and Cafeteria Plan
  • Processed Payroll entries for all Employees through Paychex Software
  • Involved in Reduction of workforce as a part of cost cutting measures
  • Prepared documents for Workers compensation Audits
  • Worked in a Key HR functional Life cycle of Recruiting, Training, Employee Relations, Benefits, In-house organizational related surveys, separation and exit Interviews

InfoSurge Technologies Bangalore, India

Human Resources

  • Managed, supervised and trained Recruiting team
  • Responsible for Recruitment and Training
  • Responsible for functions Analysis and Design of the HRIS System
  • Compensation Survey External
  • Designing and conducting in-house training programs
  • Statutory Compliance
  • Peoplesoft HRMS Functional Consultant
  • Fit/Gap analysis
  • Designing and customization of Panels/formats with technical team
  • Coordination and follow up with the technical team

1995 1998
BPL, Bangalore, India

Corporate Human Resources

BPL is a consumer Electronics conglomerate in India with 14,000 employees

  • Managed and Supervised Recruiting team
  • Responsible for Sourcing, Selection, coordinating with consultants, Campus Interviews, Employment exchange and In-house Planning, Organizing and co-ordination of Interviews, Study and other related activities.
  • Managed and trained training coordinating staff and a training resource center.
  • Training needs analysis, Budgeting, Designing Annual Training Calendar, Induction Manual, Co-coordinating with In-house and external management consultants and Co- coordinated Performance Appraisal and Managing of In-house Training Center.
  • Performed Restructuring study & Process of the BPL Group and was involved in a major study of the BPL Group in the area of Sales and Strategic Marketing
  • Worked with Professors of Indian Institute of Management, Bangalore for Training related Activities
  • Involved in Design & implementation of an exclusive In-house Human Resource Information Software Package Human Resource Information Systems- HURIS .


B.S. in Electronics
Post Graduation in Personnel Management and Industrial Relations HRM

References Available on request

Resume 16

Samples represent that of an actual working technical professional found on the WEB and modified to protect the privacy of these professionals. Human names, company names, colleges, software product names are intentionally made up.


Norman Braverman

48 Summer Drive
Fremont, CA 94536


Senior level position in human resources, strategic management, recruiting, counseling and employee development.

Summary of Qualifications:

  • An accomplished, dedicated, high-energy, seasoned staffing specialist with more than ten years of experience in human resources.
  • Solid functional background and real world business experience in all aspects of Human Resources: Benefits, Compensation, Recruiting and Staffing, Training and Development, and Employee Relations.
  • Solid foundation in general employment law State, Federal, and Local Strong analytical and complex problem solving skills
  • Skill in decision making and resolving conflict in a fast-paced, demanding professional services environment.
  • Demonstrated ability to develop partnerships, negotiate with and influence senior executives in a matrixed organization
  • Strong leadership and team building skills
  • Knowledge and understanding of business units and departments strategic goals and objectives
  • Knowledge of the customer s business including knowledge of general business principles and financials
  • Relationship development and management at all levels in organization, including coaching and mentoring
  • High skill in developing, mentoring, empowering and managing staff
  • High level of skill in oral presentation, facilitation, listening, and written communications
  • Knowledge of HR trends and practices within industry and geographical location
  • High level skill in handling confidential information and sensitive data
  • PC/Computer Skills: Windows 2000, MS Office, MS Word, Publisher, Excel and Outlook, Internet Explorer, Eudora Pro, Netscape Navigator/Communicator, and various Internet/Web Technology. A member of several private Resume Banks and posting sites.


B.A. Social Sciences – University of Manchester, England


AltaShop, Inc./ESS Technology, Fremont, CA
July 2000 to August 2001

Staffing Manager

  • Corporate Staffing Manager responsible for managing all aspects of the staffing team including recruiting, benefits, compensations, administering the H-1B sponsorship programs.
  • Coordinating recruiting events and conducting all new hire orientations and exit interviews plus generalist functions.
  • Other duties include implementing a recruiting plan internal and external openings, developing an employee referral program.
  • Developed and managed the delivery of training to hiring managers to improve the quality of hiring and partnered with HR business to develop annual strategic budget Planning.
  • Managed employee relations program.
  • AltaShop Inc. is a subsidiary of ESS Technology, Inc. developing multimedia appliances, applications and content for the Internet, to enable users to experience new levels of entertainment and e-Commerce.


  • Exceeded annual hiring target for newly formed company
  • Managed the area of EEOC compliance, employee initiatives and communications.
  • Represented company at client briefings, industry conference ensuring corporate Visibility and maximum exposure.
  • Management of the entire recruiting/hiring process, including company stock options.

Digital Telecom Systems, Fremont, CA
February 1999 to July 2000

Human Resource Manager

  • Responsible for a variety of activities in Human resources including HR programs and services within the division s including Employee Relations, Performance Management and Appraisal, Compensation, Benefits, administering H1-B sponsorship program, Training and Development, of employee programs and policies.
  • Managed and trained a staff of employee and contract recruiters to meet company growth, review and approve all terminations and disciplinary actions, Spectrum Telecom Systems is a telecommunications company specializing in voice and data communications.
  • CISCO Systems outsourced their PBX, Voice and Data project to Spectrum Telecom Systems contract value at 12M per year.


  • Implemented staffing policies and guidelines for the whole company
  • Responsible for developing effective counseling support program for employee resulting in 75 employee retention.
  • Generated exposure for the company through job fairs and relationships with educational establishments
  • Developed compensation and benefits package, Established relationships with search firms and agencies.

DHLM Software Inc., Newark, CA
April 1996 to January 1999

Staffing Specialist

  • Responsible for recruiting software and hardware technical professionals.
  • Screened and interviewed qualified applicants.
  • Created standardized interview questions.
  • Organized and delivered all new hire orientations and training programs.
  • Updated job listings from databases on a daily basis.
  • Negotiated with qualified candidates compensation and benefits package.
  • Assisted in evaluation and merit process.
  • Familiar with state and federal labor laws with regards to hiring practices.
  • DHLM Software Inc. provides professional consulting services to the high technology industry nationwide.


  • Established recruiting and selection guidelines based on client requirements.
  • Searched and placed difficult to find high tech professionals.
  • Successfully helped build APN a nationwide IT consulting company.
  • Developed strategic alliances with other business partners worldwide.

Carrier Computer Corp., Fremont, CA
April 1994 to April 1996

HR Manager/Recruiter

  • Worked closely with department managers in identifying their specific requirements.
  • Qualified and screened potential applicants.
  • Emphasized companies image strengths and benefit to attract topnotch candidates.
  • Developed recruiting strategies for identifying, assessing and attracting candidates including developing and managing search firm relationships and utilizing internal referral programs.


  • Created exposure for the company through job fairs and establishing on-line information system
  • Successfully delivered negotiated compensation and benefit packages
  • Successfully established relationships with search firms.

National Scouting Report. , Sunnyvale, CA
Feb. 1992 to Mar. 1994

Sports Recruiter

  • Identified and recruited top caliber high school athletes for college scholarship.
  • Marketed highly successful exposure programs for talented high school athletes to colleges and universities at a National level.
  • Monitored progress of student athletes with college sports directors, coaches and through media coverage.


  • Successfully introduced the company in given territory.
  • Provided deserving student athletes scholarship opportunity.
  • Successfully placed High school athletes to top schools in the country.
  • Credited and acknowledge for the effort by the Teachers, local authority and parents.

Ferguson Rehabilitation Center, Manchester, England
Oct. 1986 to Jan. 1992

Social Counselor/Program Coordinator

  • Supervised a variety of recreational activities for clients.
  • Assisted in planning, publicizing, and implementation of educational and life skill programs.
  • Monitored sociological behavior of residents and maintained individual log and file.
  • Coordinated residents activities with various community agencies.
  • Provided social counseling and therapy.
  • Ferguson Rehabilitation Center is a facility for young criminal offenders.


  • Successfully developed and implemented programs to keep youth off the street
  • Accredited by social groups and institution authority in contributing to the reduction of repeat offenders
  • Found employment and lodging for delinquent youths.
  • Successfully changed troubled youth to pursue education in lieu of drugs and gangs

Professional Soccer Player, Nottingham Forest, England
Aug. 1982- Sept. 1986

A member of Britain s premier club playing in first division and European competitions.


  • A scored goal in 1 min. and 24 sec. fastest in the club s history
  • Scored hat tricks in European competition
  • Voted Sportsmanlike Player of the year
  • Club captain at 20 years old, the youngest in franchise history
  • Runner-up Rookie of the Year


Fremont Youth Soccer Association, Member
Fremont Tennis Association, Member
Tennis, baseball, ice hockey, soccer, football, and basketball

Resume 17

Samples represent that of an actual working technical professional found on the WEB and modified to protect the privacy of these professionals. Human names, company names, colleges, software product names are intentionally made up.


David A. Wayne, SPHR

805 Simmer Circle
Gainesville, GA

Executive Summary

  • A strategic senior level executive who has directed entrepreneurial business units, developed new product/service offerings, and developed and led international HR teams.
  • An HR executive with Board-level experience with billion international organizations.
  • Solid grounding in staffing, compensation, benefits, HRIS, OD, and employee relations.
  • Successful senior business partner in hi-tech, fast-paced growth environments who has taken new products to market and achieved revenue goals.
  • A rare balance of corporate executive leadership and HR consulting success with international operations, merger/acquisition implementations, and global workforce development.
  • Results achieved in both executive leadership roles and line operations with revenue targets.


2001 to Present


  • Bypass-HR is a full service human resources consulting and outsourcing practice providing HR consultation and leadership to emerging companies.
  • HR consulting firm provides a full range of HR strategic services to the emerging marketplace;
  • including compensation, benefits, outsourcing, performance management, and change management strategic consulting.

Technomix Software, Inc.
1999 – 2000


  • Member of Operating Committee reported to CEO responsible for strategic leadership of worldwide human resources professional staff of 50+ .
  • Achieved results through Directors of Compensation, Benefits, Staffing, Learning & Development, HRIS, Business Group Operations, and International Operations.

Significant accomplishments included:

  • development of international HR professionals;
  • lead role in merger/acquisition efforts and integration of acquired companies into Informix environment and culture;
  • increased stock overhang by 67 ;
  • introduction of web-based tools for staffing and employee referrals, stock administration, annual benefits enrollment, and 401k administration;
  • decentralization of recruiting and reduction of recruiting expenses by 50 ;
  • reduction of worldwide HR budget by 30 through process reengineering, operating efficiencies and use of web-based tools.

The BayGroup
1997 – 1999


  • Attained practice management and revenue goals through delivery of HR consulting services to global corporations.
  • Marketed and delivered compensation, benefits, and organizational change consulting services at the Board and Executive Committee levels.
  • Developed The Bay Group s Strategic Sourcing service offering and wrote the diagnostic consultant guides and workplans.

Aon Consulting Group Alexander & Barnes
1996 – 1997


  • Client/account manager for larger clients ranging in size from 50,000 to 250,000 employees and 250,000 to 1,000,000 in annual consulting revenue.
  • Provided project management and technical support for health & welfare, HR, compensation, and flex benefits issues.
  • Led the effort to adapt U.S. flex benefits approach for international companies in Mexico.

KPMG Peak Malwick LLP
1991 – 1996

Southeast Region Compensation and Benefits Practice

  • Marketed and delivered HR outsource services, HR reengineering, managed care, flexible benefits implementations, due diligence for merger/acquisition implementations, insurance company/TPA administrative claim reviews, and human resources strategic planning.
  • Also consulted on compensation programs including base pay, salary administration, and executive incentive compensation programs.

Ernst & Young
1989 – 1991

Southeast Region Actuarial, Benefits & Compensation Practice

Similar to KPMG position and responsibilities. Heavy focus on flexible benefits and merger/acquisition due diligence support.

AcrossAmerica Corporation
1977 – 1988

AcrossAmerica Life Companies 1986 – 1988

VICE PRESIDENT – AcrossAmerica Human Resource Management Services, Inc.

  • An entrepreneurial, start-up venture within AcrossAmerica Corporation to provide HR outsourcing services to major clients.
  • One of the first four leaders for this skunk works venture.
  • Developed and marketed flex compensation consulting and HR outsourcing admin services.
  • Conducted product R&D, marketing, project management, and development of Total R systems.
  • Defined client benefit management requirements for the development of multi-client flexResponsible for the development and launch of the business groups first revenue producing client service. administration software.
  • Served as lead project manager for client full cafeteria plan implementations.

AcrossAmerica Insurance Group
1977 – 1985


  • Provided executive leadership to align HR strategies with business unit objectives and directed global HR function through managers of Benefits, Compensation, Employment, Employee Relations, Training, and local HR Managers.
  • Also supervised Public Relations, Communications, and Marketing Services Departments.
  • Launched a college relations program coordinating the presence of 30 branch offices on over 50 campuses nationwide.
  • Guided organizational change activities to reorganize and consolidate field operations.
  • Chaired Corporate Flexible Benefits Task Force. Chaired the Joint Industry Salary Survey Committee.
  • Chaired merger and acquisition teams.

ASSISTANT VICE PRESIDENT – Home Office 1979 – 1981
PERSONNEL MANAGER – Philadelphia 1977 – 1979

Central Insurance Companies
1971 – 1977

PERSONNEL ASSISTANT V Full range of generalist HR responsibilities.

Education and Leadership

Ohio State University BS 1970 Ohio State University College of Law Attended 1971
Professional Designations: SPHR, CPCU, CLU Distinguished Graduate V USAF OCS
Founder V Portola Valley ICAN Interactive Career Advancement Network
Co-chair Stewardship Committee – Dunwoody United Methodist Church
Chair Administrative Board – Sandy Springs United Methodist Church
Chair Council on Ministries and Major Needs Fund Drive – Church of the Good Shepherd
Member – Van Wert City Council Vice President – Van Wert Area Jaycees
Chair V Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra Summer Pops Festival Van Wert, OH

Selected Results Amplification

  • Chaired merger and acquisition evaluation teams; managed due diligence reviews.
  • Developed executive incentive compensation and pay-for-performance programs.
  • Developed and managed point-factor and market pricing job evaluation systems. Developed new performance management system to align planning process with goal achievement and the training of managers in use of new system. Chaired industry salary survey committee.
  • Chaired corporate flexible benefits task force and served as implementation project manager. Installed event-based benefits management system.
  • X Managed vendor and consultant relationships and established performance guarantees with major service providers. Negotiated plan design and cost/rate issues with carriers.
  • Revised employment testing program and introduced new, validated tests. Introduced company-wide job posting. Tripled employee referrals through use of web-based tools.
  • Developed college recruiting program that trained and mentored branch managers to solidify relationships with more than 50 colleges and universities.
  • Implemented union prevention seminar and directed the training of 800 managers. Successfully managed major OFCCP AA audits. Wrote AA plans. Directed disposition of all EEO cases nationwide; attended hearings and trials as necessary.
  • Assessed the performance levels of the leading HR/benefits outsourcing vendor and developed market benchmarks for outsource fees and performance standards from the top six outsource vendors for a 50,000 employee global client. Managed two client evaluations of the feasibility of outsourcing their human resources, benefits management, and admin tasks.
  • Conducted HR best practices reviews utilizing methodologies including 360o reviews, executive interviews, process flow analysis, employee surveys, and employee focus groups. Utilized results to streamline applicant flow and staffing controls and HR administration.
  • Identified the requirements definition for a new payroll/HRIS platform and assisted with the reengineering of HR and Payroll departments; resulting in the creation of a shared services unit for an 8,000 employee client. Identified critical organizational change issues regarding employee empowerment to self-serve their administrative HR needs.
  • Wrote The HayGroup s strategic sourcing workplans that support consultants efforts in evaluating the appropriate mix of insourcing and outsourcing HR services including staffing, benefits, and compensation admin services.
  • Designed compensation and executive incentive arrangements for clients in banking, marketing management, pharmaceutical, manufacturing, and healthcare sectors. Assisted large financial institution develop an executive nonqualified retirement strategy based on a low retirement income replacement ratio analysis.
  • Evaluated the impact of postretirement medical programs and developed strategies to better manage retiree medical costs. Conducted over 30 medical claim reviews of the claims payment services provided by national insurance carriers and TPAs. Evaluated health and welfare benefit programs for market competitiveness and cost efficiency.
  • Directed numerous flexible benefits implementations including plan design, pricing, employee communications, and evaluation of payroll and recordkeeping requirements. Developed effective healthcare cost containment strategies in an environment of rapid health reform.
  • Conducted SHRM workshop training sessions for HR professionals seeking the SPHR professional designation; frequent speaker/leader on human resources strategic issues.