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Resume 1

Samples represent that of an actual working technical professional found on the WEB and modified to protect the privacy of these professionals. Human names, company names, colleges, software product names are intentionally made up.


Harry Todd


18 years in the communications field with 14 in the computer field. Engineered, and implemented LAN/WAN networks using variety of Hardware/Software. Supported users, desktops, and networks requiring troubleshooting, and analytical skills. Has a full understanding in the use, and connection of the Internet/Intranet, LAN/WAN using ISDN, X.25, X400, X500, Microwave, Satellite, CSU/DSU s, Routers, Switches, and Access Servers with Ascend, Cabletron, 3COM, Cisco, using 56k, T1, T3, FDDI, Frame Relay, ATM, SONET, 10/100/1000 Ethernet, and Token Ring Topologies. Has an understanding of TCP/IP, NetBios, IPX/SPX, RIP, VLAN, IGRP, BGP, HSRP, OSPF, IGRP, RMON, EGRP, and BGP4. Testing and debugging skills includes various Protocol Analyzers, and SmartBits. Network monitoring using Tivoli, HP Openview, Cisco Works, and Cisco Works 2000 LAN Management Solution LMS , including, Management Server, Device Fault Manager, Cisco View, Campus Manager, Resource Manager Essentials, Netscout probes. Security and tools include Checkpoint, Gauntlet, and Cisco PIX firewalls, Nmap, Cisco Secure, CyberCop, and CyberCop Server.


EuroNetSoft Inc./ ACS
2-02 to 6-02

Sr. Network Administrator

  • Analyzed LAN to determine what were the major problems and improvements needed to be made to the network infrastructure.
  • Reengineered the LAN to provide more reliable service and to reduce the latency, analyzed the NT domain in the Austin office to determine all the problems. Engineered a plan for the deploying Windows 2000 Advance Server in an existing Windows NT 4 domain structure, Implemented these changes along with providing the day-to-day administration of the NT domain, and network services. Provide disaster recovery when CoreBuilder 3500 failed that was being used, as the sole backbone switch, causing no LAN/WAN access to local servers, workstations, and offsite servers.
  • Set up a new Cisco 1721 router with Firewall services that provides the Internet connectivity at AUS in Austin, for the purpose of securing the network from outside intrusions, and Denial of Service Attacks DOS .
  • Rebuilt 3 NT 4 servers adding more hard drive space and reloading. Loaded and installed 2 W2K advance servers, and installed 1 W2K server to run HP OpenView to manage the local LAN.

9-01 to 1-02

Sr. Network Engineer

  • Pre sales engineering of customers networks for the purpose of discovering and documenting problems that may arise in the engineering and implementation various Tivoli products at all of the customers locations though out the United States.
  • Engineered a comprehensive deployment plan for implementing the Tivoli software with nodes as noted in Additional Skills, for the Customers as well as corporate.
  • Engineered and implemented a backup strategy along with a disaster recovery plan in the event that the servers or critical network components should go down to prevent lost revenue. Implemented a dual server with RAID to mirror critical data between the two servers for the propose of a disaster recovery in the event of a server crash, fire, natural disaster.
  • Implemented HP OpenView 6.x and HP Node Manager on a Solaris platform, and Deployed CiscoWorks 2000 LMS, including CiscoView, Resource Manager Essentials, Campus Manager, SysEdge SNMP agent and install and configure Tavve Event Manager.

Terry Village Veterinary Clinic
3-01 to 8-01

Network Engineer

  • Analyzed LAN to determine what were the major problems and improvements needed to be made to the network infrastructure.
  • Engineered a dedicated server to move them from a peer-to-peer network to provide more reliable service and to reduce the latency.
  • Migrated their primary record keeping software AviMark to the server along with the time keeping software TimeWolf so it could be accessed from any workstation.
  • Engineered a Internet connectivity solution as a Dial on Demand, with security policies to protect sensitive data, and prevent user access to the Web, along with a RAS solution to provide after hours access to AviMark in the event of an emergency and for providing support.
  • Implemented a backup strategy along with a disaster recovery plan in the event that the server should go down to prevent lost revenue.

ABC Consulting/
9-00 to 01-01

Network Analyst/ Security Engineer

  • Analyzed corporate LAN and WAN to determine what were the major problems and improvements needed to be made to the network infrastructure, and network Security using Protocol Analyzers, security auditing software packages from Network Associates.
  • Documented the network equipment lay out at the co-location in Austin, along with the local Austin office using Cisco Works 200 package including CiscoView, and Resource Manager Essentials, Tivoli Netview, Visio and MS-Word.
  • Reengineered the LAN at the Austin office eliminating unneeded equipment to streamline the LAN for the propose of reducing latency.
  • Implemented HSRP on the Cisco 2948G Layer 3 switches, and EIGRP, OSPF on the 2 Cisco 7200 routers, 2 Cisco 2610 routers, the Layer 3 switch, 3 Cisco 3508XL Switches, 2 Cisco 3524XL switches for load balancing and fail over.
  • Implemented a network security policy regarding users on the LAN/WAN network and VPN using Cisco Secure, Network Associates Security Management Interface, CyberCop, and CyberCop Server, and Nmap.
  • Engineered a network SNMP solution and recommend the following software Tivoli, Tavve, Cisco Works 2000, CiscoView, Cisco Resource Manager Essentials, and started the installation. Origins, Austin, TX
1-00 to 8-00

HP Openview Engineer

  • Analyzed corporate LAN and worldwide WAN to determine what improvements need to be made, Before deploying HP Openview, CiscoWorks 2000, SysEdge SNMP agent, and Tavve.
  • Installed, and configured OpenView 6.1on a Solaris 2.6 platform for the propose of monitoring Cisco routers running HSRP, mission critical servers, APC UPS s and Servers providing Game Services for over 200,000 users throughout the world. Engineered it to communicate between the local net and the VPN network, including 4 sites in the US, Europe, Japan, Korea, Taiwan, Australia.
  • Deployed CiscoWorks 2000 LMS, including CiscoView, Resource Manager Essentials, Campus Manager, SysEdge SNMP agent and install and configure Tavve Event Manager in Austin so in California could pull reports and be a back to the Austin NOC.
  • Analyzed the NT domain in the Austin office to determine the problems. Engineered a plan for the rebuilding of the domain witch included the PDC, BDC, removing a BDC that had data corruption in the database, upgrading the NT Servers to the same level of code and software utilities. Implemented these changes along with providing the day-to-day administration of the NT domain.
  • Deployed Cisco routers and switches thought out the network provided the administration as needed.

Aflex IT Inc., Bloomindale, MN
8-99 to 12-99

Senior Network Engineer

  • Evaluated, and analyzed corporate LAN to determine what improvements need to be made. Reengineered the LAN for maximal performance by installing new Cisco 3524XL switch, and Compaq server. Documented the new network layout as needed.
  • Analysis of customers LAN/WAN s to determine network performance problems. Provided solutions, and documentation.
  • Migrated the data from the old server to the new server. Setup the old server to mirror critical data from the new server including all Exchange data, users home directories, databases for the propose of a disaster recovery in the event of a server crash.
  • Implemented in house DNS, Installed and configured Microsoft BackOffice 4.5 components including Exchange Server, SQL 7.0, & 6.5.
  • Supported users as needed.
  • Provided disaster recovery of the Compaq sever that resulted from a corrupt configuration file.

RDS Technical Services, Austin, TX
4-99 to 7-99

Tivoli Enterprise Manager

  • Authored an in-depth document to show the Tivoli components as to how they worked and integrated with one another for the propose of educating Client Server Systems Support personal about Tivoli.
  • Did analysis of the LAN and hardware to determine what problems need to be corrected before rolling out Tivoli.
  • Authored a document explaining what Tivoli TEC, and SNMP could manage to be able to know what the TDHS wanted to monitor for the purpose of developing a deployment plan for implementation.
  • Engineered a comprehensive deployment plan for implementing the Tivoli software for the Client Server Group at TDHS.
  • Implementation of a new NT Sever, and Win 98 workstation, Help in trouble shooting the IDF closets in a Token Ring to Ethernet conversion, determine performance problems and offer solutions

United Staffing/ Hewlett Packard Consulting Services, Rochester, GA
1-99 to 3-99

Network Architect

  • Engineer a switched LAN, and a Frame Relay WAN that encompass the major cities within Texas for a start-up Telecommunications Company using Cisco products.
  • Implementation and testing of LAN/WAN designs in a lab environment, and the creation of documentation necessary for deployment.

Alliance, Inc. / IBM Global Services, Plano, TX
8-98 to 1-99

Senior Network Management Engineer

  • Reengineer the current lab environment to separate out Service Delivery Technology Center LAN System test net work from the rest of the lab for the propose that while testing Hardware/Software I could get better results by not having out factors that where beyond my control influencing these test.
  • Sat on the IBM Global Services International Network Solutions committee for the development and implementation of network standards of Hardware and Software for IBM s Professional Services internal and external customers.
  • Engineered, Implemented, and Administrated network and network simulations in a lab environment for the purpose of debugging commercial Hardware/Software so that performance analysis could be done.
  • Administered the entire lab network using software packages by Tivoli Netveiw, Cisco Works, Cisco View, Tavve and 3com Transcend, Traffix, LAN Sentry, Nways Campus manager so as to be able to fully manage, troubleshoot, and resolve network problems using Protocol Analyzers Netscout probes and SmartBits.
  • Evaluated, recommend, and implemented new network technologies, software and third party software such as Cisco Works, Cisco View, Tavve and 3com Transcend, Traffix, LAN Sentry, Nways Campus manager for integration with Tivoli Netview and TME products on various hardware and software platforms.
  • Supported the other lab users providing solutions to problems, installing software packages, wrote Perl scripts for UNIX/NT, Managed and documented the lab network as needed.
  • Interface with Site IT, and NetOps as needed to solve problems, engineering request, and Lab to site network problems in moving the entire lab network from one building to another and provide minimal down time for 7×24 servers and other crital systems.

Advanced Management, Austin, TX
3-98 to 8-98

Senior Consulting Engineer

  • Pre sales engineering of customers networks for the purpose of discovering and documenting problems that may arise in the engineering and implementation various Tivoli products at all of the customers locations though out the United States.
  • Reengineered and documented a financial customers World Wide WAN so that it maybe brought in house to be able to better manage the critical network services, rather than continuing to out souring the WAN services where they had no control of the network.
  • Install, configured wrote scripts using Perl for management products including Tivoli TME 10 Netveiw, Frame Work, Enterprise Console, Inventory, Distributed Monitoring, Software Distribution, User Administration, Security Management, Exchange & SQL modules, Cisco Works and View, 3COM s Transcend, Nways, on UNIX and NT supported platforms at customers sites.
  • Authored documents outlining customers needs, networks problems, and provided solutions. Provided training as need.

DDI Corporation / IBM Network Computing Division, Plano, TX
9-96 to 1-98

Network Coordinator

  • Researched various third party software packages for solutions to provide functions in NT for developing a set of standards for the next generation of terminals running OS/9000 for NT 3.51 & 4.0 which would become know as Network Computers, or Thin Clients.
  • Engineered, and implemented a network from the ground up for the newly created Network Computing Division in a lab environment to simulate various real world networks for Hardware/Software testing, R&D, and debugging of Thin Client s.
  • Managed a network of NT 4.0, AS/400, and RS/6000 Servers running AIX, using SNMP, HP Openview for Windows, Microsoft s SMS network monitoring tools, Tivoli TME 10 NetView for Windows NT, and Network General s Sniffer.
  • Administered the lab network of Cisco Catalysts 5000 & 1900 switches, Cabletron switches & UTP Token Ring, a RISC based machine that I assembled and used as a router for bridging in site Token Ring into the lab, thus creating 2 100meg Ethernet, and one 16meg segments for R&D. Implemented MS SNA server for connecting to the AS/400. Implemented DFS on RS/6000, NT, and AS/400
  • Assembled, and implemented a NT 4.0 production server running MS BackOffice 4.0, Lotus Notes, DFS, WEB server, and local directories on server RAID in the invent of workstation problems or a crash critical data would not be lost.
  • Provided a Disaster Recovery plan, and implemented a second NT 4.0 server as a “Hot Stand-By mirroring technology so that if the primary server went down the second one was on line with no down time or loss of data or effect on users in Austin, and Rochester.

Compuland / Radiar International LLC, Austin, TX
1-96 to 9-96

Network Analyst

  • Troubleshooting and repairing cabling, and network problems site wide, used Network General Sniffer, formulated an accurate port to room map for troubleshooting. Implemented SNMP Hub Management using HP Openview.
  • Installed new Hub s and finial cabling from patch panels to hubs, brought newly installed FDDI backbone on-line using Cisco 7500 Router and Catalyst 5000 switch for interfacing it with the 10meg fiber supporting managed Hub s in each wiring closet.
  • Provided Desktop support hardware/software, troubleshooting, and repair as needed.
  • Co-Administrated the Novell and NT servers for over 1200 users with about 800 being at the main office in Austin.
  • Implemented network Software license compliance program, user disk space audits on servers, and a network security plan for monitoring and tracking security breaches.

Donald Rich & Associates, Austin, TX
5-95 to 11-95

Network / Hardware Specialist

  • Troubleshooting, installation, and support of Software/Hardware for desktop systems, and LAN for 250+ users nation wide.
  • Maintained new Shiva LAN Rover remote access for employee dial-up and gateways to remote offices
  • Supported OS/2 gateway in Austin and Dallas for Novell GroupWise E-mail, Supported nation wide GroupWise e-mail, and messaging system.
  • Research, and Authored report comparing Compaq and HP facts Pro and Con, to be reviewed by the CEO, and President for promoting a standard hardware platform though out the entire company nation wide.
  • When this standard was decided on, I then documented, engineered and implemented this standard to migrate 6 Novell 3.x servers into two main servers. This would later this would become the standard to be used nation wide.
  • Reengineered and implemented LAN systems for remote sites in the DFW area and the headquarters in Austin.
  • Successfully integrated a BBS for customer support, and to be able to move files to/from clients, decreasing the overall process over the conventional method more than 50 . This would now allow a secure method for In/Outbound e-mail, and files without security violations of sensitive data.
  • Administered the servers in Austin, Dallas, and providing phone support to the entire site nation wide. The Office s in the DFW area was to be upgraded from Novell 3.11 to 3.12 using the new standard to implement a 56K WAN.

Oakridge Hospital, Austin, TX
6-92 to 1-95

Assistant to the Director of Engineering

  • Maintained and administered an IBM PS/2 using Unity software with OS/2 for a front end to integrate Trane Tracer 100, Honeywell Excel, Delta 1000, & 2000 Building Automation/Management System for 1.2 million square footage building
  • Implemented comprehensive Inventory control and record keeping system for purchasing service related parts for the Maintenance Department to increase the quality of service by 40 in a 440-bed trauma Hospital.
  • Coordinated Activities, Operations, and Scheduling of Maintenance Personnel to motivate maximized effectiveness and morale of staff by assigning tasks related to their interest and promoting teamwork rather than competitiveness establish a higher level of productivity.
  • Served as project troubleshooter, interpreting blueprints, and making final decisions on last minute design details and changes with Building Automation and HVAC systems in a 1.2 million-footage building.
  • Tested newly written programs for any bugs, program weaknesses, strengths, and documented them for the programmer.
  • Procured the parts necessary to assemble computers and build an entire network from the ground up for supporting the entire engineering department and allow the other departments to interact with there inventory to cut duplication of parts.
  • Resolved hardware and software communication problems with newly installed Building Automation System for remote access, and local communications of the sub-panels.
  • Enforced contract compliance carefully monitoring quality of both labor and materials.


  • MS DOS, Windows 3.x, Windows 95/98 Windows NT Sever/Workstation 3.15/4.0 BackOffice 4.0/4.5, Windows 2000
  • NetWare 3.1x & 4.X, AS/400, AIX, HP-UX, Sun Solaris, Linux, Perl, HP
  • Tivoli TME Comprehensive Technical Training, TME 10 NetVeiw for UNIX for Implementers Training
  • Tivoli Business Partner Training including Software Distribution, Inventory, Security, Distributed Monitoring, Enterprise Console, Framework, Cisco Routers, Switches, and Access Servers As well as others, Protocol Analyzers, SmartBits
  • Sybase, MS SQL 6.0 & 7.0, MS SNA, MS Exchange Sever 5.x, 2000, Microsoft Office Suite 95, 97, & 2000, Exchange Clients
  • HP Openview, Tivoli Netview, SysEdge, Tavve, Cisco Works, Cisco Works 2000


Resume 2

Samples represent that of an actual working technical professional found on the WEB and modified to protect the privacy of these professionals. Human names, company names, colleges, software product names are intentionally made up.


Brad Richter

Denver, Colorado


available to travel or relocate to any location
Senior Network Engineer / Network Architect
Senior Network Security Administrator / Network Security Analyst


Senior Network Engineer and Network Security Administrator highly qualified to design, install, and manage enterprise networks and their requisite security infrastructure. Skilled at configuring and troubleshooting an extensive range of network and security equipment: routers and switches, firewalls, UNIX and Windows servers, network management applications, routing protocols, WAN and wireless technologies, IP telephony. Consistently seeking and implementing new and more efficient processes to improve the company LAN, WAN and security architecture. Team player and an innovator who is willing to go the extra mile to achieve company objectives. Self-motivated and a quick learner, constantly studying and training to keep abreast of new technologies. Bachelors degree in Computer Science, Cisco certified, Microsoft certified, Sun certified, security certified. Masters degree in Spanish. Fluent in Spanish with excellent communication skills. Have the flexibility and experience to travel or relocate as a company requires.


  • WAN: Frame Relay, ATM, ISDN, T1, DS3, DSL, SNA, DLSW+, CSU / DSU
  • SECURITY: PIX and Check Point firewall, intrusion detection, RADIUS, TACACS+, VPN, IPSec, SSL, RSA SecurID, digital certificates
  • SYSTEM ADMIN: Windows 2000, UNIX, IIS / Netscape Web server, DNS, Exchange server, UNIX shell scripting
  • NETWORKING: Voice Over IP, IP Telephony, Cisco AVVID, content delivery, wireless
  • NETWORK MANAGEMENT: CiscoWorks 2000, syslog, SNMP, packet analyzer, LDAP, Visio


Passed CCIE written exam Cisco Certified Internetworking Expert
preparing for CCIE lab exam
Cisco Certified Network Professional CCNP
Cisco Certified Design Professional CCDP
Certified Cisco Security Specialist CSS1
Check Point Certified Security Administrator CCSA
Sun Certified Network Administrator SCNA
Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer + Internet MCSE+I


CISCO CERTIFIED TRAINING: Completed the following 5-day courses with Global Knowledge

  • Advanced Network Expertise Workshop I and II
  • Advanced Cisco Router Configuration
  • Building Cisco Switched Networks
  • CiscoWorks 2000
  • Voice Over Frame Relay, ATM, IP
  • ATM Internetworking
  • Cisco IP Telephony
  • OSPF and BGP Routing

Western Oregon University – Monmouth, OR
Bachelor of Science, Computer Science 1999

University Of Northern Iowa Spanish Institute – Soria, Spain
Master of Arts, Spanish 1995

Western Oregon University – Monmouth, OR
Post Baccalaureate Program in Mathematics 1992

Baylor University – Waco, Texas / Sevilla, Spain
Bachelor of Arts, Spanish 1990


Blast Data Corp. – Redwood, Colorado
June 2001 – June 2002

NETWORK ENGINEER – consultant on assignment

Designed, built, and maintained the backbone network for the IRS Electronic Federal Tax Payment System EFTPS , which allows any business to pay taxes online. Responsible for the configuration and management of 15 Cisco routers, 12 Catalyst switches, 2 Content Services Switches, 4 VPN routers. Assisted in the management of 12 firewalls: PIX, Check Point, Netscreen. Provided 24×7 support, resulting in above 99 percent uptime for the tax payment system. Coordinated efforts with the Network Security Department to design and implement an ultra secure network in order to pass the IRS security audits. Played an active roll in projects to redesign network segments, increase Web server performance, create network and equipment redundancy, encrypt all traffic for site-to-site communication. Configured and supported WANs consisting of T1s, DS3s, frame relay, ISDN.


  • Participated in the creation of a backup disaster recovery site in Omaha, NE to provide redundancy for the IRS tax payment systems.
  • Per IRS requirements, created a VPN / IPSec Intranet between the central office and three branch offices in order to protect taxpayer data.
  • Enabled connectivity to IBM mainframes via SNA and DLSW+, which provided terminal access to operators at three branch offices.
  • Converted networks with multiple routing protocols RIP, IGRP, EIGRP into a single OSPF domain, thus providing for future network scalability.

Smart Communications, Inc. – Denver, Colorado
Jan 2001 to May 2001

NETWORK SECURITY ADMIN – consultant on assignment

Designed and implemented network and security solutions for new customers and successfully maintained existing customer accounts.

  • Implemented Virtual Private Networks VPNs using Cisco routers, PIX firewalls, Check Point firewalls, and Cisco VPN 3000 Concentrators. Enabled RSA SecurID with Cisco VPN 3000 Concentrator. Reduced customer costs 50 percent by replacing leased circuits with VPN solutions.
  • Analyzed and audited customer networks for security breaches. Implemented low-cost security upgrades for small networks by installing and configuring the Cisco firewall feature set on routers.
  • Installed UNIX DNS servers and firewalls to protect them.
  • Installed and configured routers for T1, ISDN, and frame relay connectivity. Worked with Qwest to install circuits and provide customers with the most cost-effective and appropriate bandwidth.

Internet Telephony Management, Inc. ITM – Beaverbrook, Oregon
Mar 2000 to Jan 2001


ITM operates the largest global network for Voice Over IP VOIP on the Internet, and is the leading provider of Internet telephony with points-of-presence in more than 65 countries.

Responsible for the installation, configuration and management of a broad range of network equipment: Cisco routers, Catalyst switches, Cisco access servers, Local Directors, PIX Firewalls, F5 BigIPs, terminal servers, CSU / DSUs, and Windows 2000 servers. Administered networks composed of Voice Over IP VOIP gateways, VLANs, VPNs, point-to-point T1s, Web and DNS servers. Initiated and analyzed ISDN traces to resolve T1 connectivity errors. Prepared documentation and Visio diagrams that described in detail the network infrastructure – used to enhance the productivity of the Network Operations Center NOC .


  • Designed and installed networks in Oregon, California, New Jersey, England, and Korea. These networks consisted of Cisco routers, Catalyst 6509 switches, PIX firewalls, terminal servers.
  • Created a site-to-site VPN Intranet locations listed above using PIX firewalls, thus greatly reducing the cost to administer remote data center sites. Implemented security features using RealSecure intrusion detection software, SSL on Web servers, Verisign digital certificates, access control lists.
  • Deployed networks with redundancy and fault tolerance using Hot Standby Router Protocol HSRP , failover devices, paired switches, and dual-port network cards.
  • Migrated UNIX DNS servers to Windows 2000 DNS.

State Department of Transportation – Groton, Oregon
May 1999 to Mar 2000

NETWORK ENGINEER – consultant on assignment

Participated in the management of various network segments for the State Department of Transportation. Monitored and troubleshot routing protocols: OSPF and BGP running over frame relay and ATM. Monitored servers with WhatsUp, Enterprise Monitor, and HP TopTools-created the network topology maps to use with these tools. Used Visio to design new network segments. Utilized Systems Management Server SMS to remotely manage servers, including registry changes, bug fixes, software upgrades, and patches. Maintained and configured the DHCP servers and scopes for 15 subnets.


  • Participated in the Oregon Department of Transportation year 2000 server upgrade project: completed year 2000 bug testing and performed hardware, software, and BIOS upgrades on 25 critical servers.
  • Configured and deployed Windows 2000 servers for the state upgrade project – server types: print, DHCP, RAS, Web, Exchange.
  • Migrated three Token Ring LANs to Ethernet using Catalyst 5500 switches with Route Switch Modules.

Eastern Oregon University – Routh, Oregon
Sept 1996 to May 1999


Helped maintain the Computer Science Department Sun Solaris servers: Web server, DNS server, file server, software archive server. Performed hardware, software, and server upgrades. Wrote shell scripts to automate regular system administration tasks. Set up and maintained student terminals and student accounts. Analyzed servers for security holes; instructed students on the “acceptable use policy”. Taught courses in computer business applications, hardware design, and beginning programming.


  • Wrote CGI and Java scripts for the campus directory Web server application.
  • Upgraded four UNIX servers to Solaris 7.0.
  • Acted as a Windows 2000 Beta Tester for all releases from 1998-2000.
  • Installed various types of Windows NT and Windows 2000 servers: Exchange 5.5, IIS 4.0, SQL 7.0, print servers, file servers.

Resume 3

Samples represent that of an actual working technical professional found on the WEB and modified to protect the privacy of these professionals. Human names, company names, colleges, software product names are intentionally made up.


Forrest Stone


To secure a position as a senior level project manager.


  • Specialist in facilities implementation including architecture, furniture, power, HVAC, telecom, data networking, engineering, etc.
  • Proficient in: NT 3.5x, 4.x , Win98, Win95, Win 3.x, Novell 3.12, 4.x, 5.x, OS/2, Exchange 4.0, 4.5, 5.0, 5.5, Lotus Notes 3.x, 4.x, Novell GroupWise, cc: Mail, MS Project, SMTP, Networking, Administration, IP, SPX, LAN/WAN/GAN, Routers, Bridges, Switches, Ethernet, Token-Ring, Topologies, SQL, PBX, Cisco, Bay Network and Northern Telecom hardware.
  • Extensive experience with VPN solutions.
  • Experienced with network design as it relates to e-Commerce, and business development.
  • Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer, C.N.E.
  • Owner Alpha Design Group, Chicago based systems architecture firm.


Decent Communications, Chicago, IL

Responsible for design and architecture of high-availability network systems for Fortune 50 customers. Specializing in Enterprise class hosted environments including but not limited to: Routing, access, servers, operating systems, backups systems, disaster recovery and security.

Grinberg, Inc., Chicago, IL

Project Manager-WAN Engineer

  • Responsible for the installation and management of and extensive frame-relay network including out-of-band management, dial back-up etc. Extensive work with Cisco routers including 3640, 7206 and 25/2600 series routers.
  • Responsible for the installation and co-ordination of leased lines throughout the Grinberg Corporation. Including but not limited to the port speed, CIR, etc. Manage vendor relationships including ATT, Indus River, Telenisus and Digex. First point of contact for ATT in the event of a frame outage or any network issues.
  • Responsible for design and implementation of an IP-IPX gateway for Novell server network. Extensive use of routing protocols such as EIGRP, RIP, BGP and OSPF.
  • Responsible for architecture, design and implementation of a migrated network including subnetting, backbone design and managing the migration. Redesigned and rewrote the corporate Intranet for network systems. Y2K analyst certified over 300 Cisco routers for Y2K compliance. Created custom Y2K databases in Access including IOS, Model, Type, Memory with custom queries and VB front-ends. Testing and deployment of Indus River VPN solutions to 1000+ users. Design of a multiple network installations including a new building, extensive work with Gigabit Ethernet, Cisco hardware and IOS, customer network architecture and implementation. Acting EBU Network Manager after 4/1/00.
  • Responsible for B2B e-commerce architecture, support and strategic implementation. Created RFP for services from several major ISP/ASP vendors. Design of revolutionary VPN solution to replace cost-heavy extranet solution. Project Manager for new building move including but not limited to: Network Architecture, power requirements, HVAC, management of vendors for furniture, power, hardware, and wiring, – complete facilities installation.
  • Manager for Grinberg Corporate network including design, installation, configuration and management including routers, circuits, firewalls Nokia/Checkpoint . Business Unit consulting as it relates to electronic commerce and external service connectivity. Design review and participation of external network designs, including, but not limited to Internet, Extranet, Remote Access and Global Access Network International initiatives.
  • Documentation of the North America external services internet-work i.e. diagrams, design documents, etc . Third Level support of all areas of network emphasis, participation with Change Management organizations, including engineering change management documentation generation. Project planning during the Design & Implementation process, largest project managed > 2 million.

Ricadier Aerospace, Chicago, IL

Project Manager, Facility Installation Engineer

Responsible for design of multiple facilities. Including PBX Nortel Meridian 1 option 11c , network TCP/IP over frame , WAN 256k frame cloud over a burstable T-1 , server Compaq 3000R and desktop images. Created, distributed and evaluated responses to multiple RFP s. Disaster Recovery Manager responsible for systems analysis, disaster recovery project plan, site analysis and recovery. Extensive work designing and documenting a disaster recovery system with companies such as IBM, Sun Guard, etc. Y2K site manager for West Virginia Air Center and the newly designed Indianapolis facility. This included a complete site analysis, budget creation/proofing, and project design for the Y2K initiative. Managed remote facility operations staff, outlining projects, duties and responsibilities.

AVANTO, Inc., Chicago, IL

Global Systems Architect Bank Officer

Department Head Designed and built manageable environment for global messaging system, implementing SMS across the North American offices of AVANTO and then throughout the AVANTO Global network. GAN/WAN/LAN Network and Messaging specialist responsible for messaging and backbone systems for offices in 72 countries including Lotus Notes and Lotus cc: Mail. Project Manger for messaging infrastructure group reporting directly to the Vice President in charge of global messaging. Created what was deemed single best system in the organization , the companies first fully functional manageable environment. This design saved AVANTO considerable labor costs by providing centralized control of dozens of remote facilities. Designed systems that saved AVANTO millions in project costs and expenditures. WAND Worldwide AVANTO Notes Domain System Architect. Responsible for continuing designs/upgrades to the Global Notes Domain systems including server designs and systems architecture. Department Head managing a staff of 5 before being promoted to the Global IT Staff. Designed and deployed Compaq 7000, 5000, 3000, 2500 servers.

Commonwealth Craft IBM Global, Chicago, IL

Messaging Infrastructure Specialist Project Leader/Manager

Responsible for creating and building a manageable environment for the Lotus cc:Mail messaging system. Increased message routing/delivery over 300 while reducing system outages and downtime over 500 in 6 months. Assisted in cc: Mail to MS Exchange migration. Designed and implemented FDDI based backbone for the messaging infrastructure providing a common high-speed backbone. Significant work with IBM servers, FDDI Concentrators and FDDI hubs.

Beley & Gardner, Milwaukee, WI

Senior Software Specialist Senior

Research and Development specialist reporting directly to the Director of R & G. MS Exchange systems architect and administrator. Windows 95 desktop design/rollout. Mail systems migration specialist responsible for migrating the 14th largest law firm in the country from cc:Mail to MS Exchange Installation of SMS 1.2 and package creation/distribution.

Freestar Bank, Milwaukee, WI

LAN Administrator, network troubleshooting on Novell network system.

Installed and configured Lattis-Ring switches with fiber uplinks. Desktop rollouts for 500+ users including design and configuration of desktop image.

REFERENCES – Available upon request

Resume 4

Samples represent that of an actual working technical professional found on the WEB and modified to protect the privacy of these professionals. Human names, company names, colleges, software product names are intentionally made up.


Ronald Eagleton


A senior level management or engineering position in the Information Systems Industry that will benefit from my strong communication and problem solving skills combined with my diverse technical background.

Summary of qualifications

Fourteen years experience in the Information Technology Industry. Currently involved in the strategic planning and design engineering for SmartStream Communications & Entertainment, a leading-edge technology company delivering next generation IP broadband services. Responsible for design and engineering of ISP services, IP multicast services, long haul DWDM systems and QoS offerings for residential and commercial customers.


Cornell University, Ithaca, NY
School of Electrical Engineering
Bachelor of Science Degree, May 1988

Work experience

2001 – Current
SmartStream C. & E., Euless, TX

Senior Network Engineer

  • Designed and implemented SmartStream’s ISP architecture that is currently offering collocation, web-hosting, voice over IP for SOHO and corporate accounts, and internet access services for commercial and residential customers. Implementation improved revenue by over $110K/year.
  • Responsible for designing SmartStream’s QoS offering in order to adhere to SLA agreements for bandwidth requirements with collocation customers. Class Based Weighted Fair Queueing (CBWFQ) was utilized to conform to SLA agreements.
  • Member of team responsible for designing SmartStream’s IP Multicast offering. Protocol Independent Multicast (PIM) – Sparse Mode with statically configured Rendezvous Points provide the environment that offers over 100 channels of MPEG-2 video streams plus audio and Near Video On Demand (NVOD) services.
  • Initiated and established processes for network documentation and change management. Initiatives significantly improved network uptime and provided a basis for conforming to SLA agreements with internal and external customers.
  • Provided pre and post-sales technical support for ISP account manager. Designed network solutions, prepared budgetary quotes and equipment requirements for ISP customers.

1998 – 2001
WiseGroup, Irving, TX

Director, International Communications

  • Management of a $1.8MM budget and maintenance of business relationships with International IT officers and Directors.
  • Provided System Engineers with leadership and direction. Also conducted new hire interviews and annual reviews.
  • Responsible for engineering the design and implementation of a Wide Area Network Service and Telephony system for International Business affiliates in Canada, Hawaii, Puerto Rico and U.K.
  • Managed and facilitated negotiations with outsourcing vendors and international suppliers for SNMP network management, Wide Area network design and Project integration. This included analyzing proposed offers to make cost, performance and SLA comparisons and making a recommendation.
  • Successfully managed the implementation of The United first call center in Puerto Rico. The resulting call center technology of a Cisco 7206 router, Catalyst 5500 switch, ISL trunking and virtual LANs significantly improved collections, lowered delinquency, and improved revenue.
  • Led networking team that designed and implemented the rollout of 200+ consumer branches in Canada on time and within budget. Reliable, robust and modular infrastructure consisted of Cisco 7513 routers and Catalyst 5500 switches at the hub with Cisco 2600 routers and Catalyst 1900 switches at remote branches.
  • Effectively managed the integration of corporate networks of three major international acquisitions with those of The United on time and within budget. Successfully integrated equipment from different vendors in Puerto Rico, Canada, the United Kingdom and Hawaii into a single integrated IP network environment.
  • Successfully managed the network design and implementation of The United Credit Card facility in Toronto, Canada. Cisco 7206VXR routers and Catalyst 6509 switches provide the reliable backbone required to improve collections and lower delinquency.

1996 – 1998
United First Capital Corp., Plano, TX

Senior Information Engineer

  • Designed, implemented and managed the roll out of the first International Regional hub for The United in Toronto, Canada. Connectivity and access to corporate network was provided to 120 branches utilizing a router-based Frame Relay Infrastructure consisting of Cisco 7513 routers and Catalyst 5500 switches at the hub with Cisco 2500 routers at remote locations. The resulting network infrastructure realized savings of over $1.0MM.
  • Coordinated and led the design and implementation of the first international InterCorporate Gateway providing secure and reliable IP and SNA network access to outside vendors and business partners. Network technology consisted of Cisco 2500 routers configured with access control lists, network address translations and filters.
  • Provided leadership for group responsible for establishing network standards in voice and data services impacting 14 countries
  • Coordinated and managed the rollout of satellite (VSAT) technology for 40-consumer finance branches in Puerto Rico. New environment provided 99.8% availability, improved response times and reduced annual network costs by $70K/year.

1988 – 1996
MobilCom Corporation, Dallas, TX

Telecommunications Analyst

  • Facilitated access to SNA backbone connectivity for international affiliates in South America and the Middle East via packet switched networks such as X.25 and Frame Relay.
  • Conducted on-site consulting services for Latin American affiliates during the evaluation of premise distribution systems, PBX vendor selection and Wide Area Network Access.
  • Managed and developed customer and vendor relationships with domestic and international affiliates.
  • Negotiated proposals with international vendors and customers and was highly successful in assuring cost effective telecommunication solutions.


Available upon request.


Fluent Spanish speaker and writer.


Currently pursuing CCNA, CCNP and CCDP networking certifications.

Resume 5

Samples represent that of an actual working technical professional found on the WEB and modified to protect the privacy of these professionals. Human names, company names, colleges, software product names are intentionally made up.


Jack Denzel


Consulting support for Network Planning, Design and Optimization of cellular mobile telephone networks and to contribute my technical and organizational skills towards a reliable and high quality cellular network.


  • Extensive experience in actual operation, project planning, design, and implementation of network systems
  • Detailed knowledge of SONET network configuration, DS-3 and DS-1 transport protocols.
  • Technical Training in GDC TDM systems GDC TMS3000/OCM2000 TDM Network Multiplexer General Datacom Corporation GDC product supported
  • Over 6+ years of extensive experience in telecommunications – network planning and technical design, implementation, testing and operations of voice and data systems
  • Experienced in testing, commissioning and operations of transmission systems such as PDH/SDH, VSAT/ DAMA, fiber optic and copper cable
  • Highly experienced in designing networks and to end for voice and data facilities planning
  • Versant in developing customer requirements utilizing and integrating various systems such as Frame Relay, SDH/PDH, VSAT, TDM/DACCS and LAN/WAN technologies
  • Hands-on experience in the network management of circuits using TDM and Frame Relay network, performing configuration and provisioning management, fault management and performance monitoring
  • Network / Telecom Engineer with around five 5 years of experience, primarily in operations and maintenance, testing, integration and commissioning of Data and Telecommunications systems. Providing voice/data and telecom technology solutions and applications, LAN/WAN technology such as Frame Relay, X.25, Routers, TDM, Digital Access Cross-connect System DACS , E1/T1 interconnection and VSAT operation.

Areas of expertise

  • General Datacom TMS 3000 Product Line
  • Nuera CS8000 Clarity Series Voice/Data Multiplexer
  • Digital Microwave Corporation Radio Modems
  • Tellabs Network Terminal Interface Modules
  • Nokia Baseband Modem
  • Newbridge Digital Access Cross-connect System DACS
  • Cisco Access Routers / Server
  • Experience in Network Management Systems Traffic Analysis , BW Management , Network Performance


Design Engineer Wireless Systems Inc., Restown, Virginia

Fixed Network Engineering

  • Work on Cingular-GSM/Genesis project transport design
  • Detailed knowledge of SONET network configuration, DS-3 and DS-1 transport protocols for Kentucky market.
  • Acknowledge of Design Engineering packages for transport circuit requirements in the engineering database system.
  • Place orders with vendor partners for network facilities and trunks required supporting network growth.
  • Interact with Transport Engineering database for circuit provisioning and order status. Escalate as necessary to ensure delivery of required transport capacity.
  • Primary contract with facility providers supporting carrier management and order status
  • Supports maintenance of accurate circuit record database. Support to market Engineering on cell site and PSTN design packages. Facility utilization and cost tracking in the effort to identify cost saving efforts
  • Verify sites for E911
  • Design of circuits through mapinfo.

United Network Engineering
10/15/01 – 03/01/02

Network Integration Engineer

Work on E911 Phase I Implementation , such as;

  • Maintain NPA/NXX database
  • Verify NPA/NXX PSAP requirement
  • Assign NPA/NXX to site specific sectors
  • Prepare Network Routing Slide
  • Order Phase I trunks/circuits
  • Verify Phase I trunks installed
  • Prepare and Maintain site inventory sheet
  • Prepare Phase 1 Exhibits for LEC/PM review
  • Place orders with vendor partners for network facilities and trunks required to support network growth
  • Issues and tracks Firm Order Confirmation
  • Issuance of interconnection trunks/circuits , such as Type 2A , 2B and etc.

Telework Consulting, Vienna, VA
July, 2000 to September 19,2001

Network Integration Engineer

  • Site, connection, and tariff data collection as input to the tool
  • Data verification with AWS Transport Engineers
  • Network design optimization using JaX Tool based on guidelines agreed upon
  • Cost analysis of different designs and scenarios cost effective design compared to reliability and redundant network design
  • Provides lay-out/diagrams and reports of existing and optimized network
  • Provides hands-on evaluation of JaX Tool to AWS Engineers

Vitas Wireless Services, Los Angeles , CA
August 2000-May 2001

Transport Engineering Department

  • Responsible for the documentation and maintenance of Transport network circuit, backbone, facility diagrams, site templates, topology, and other Transport Services data
  • Responsible for the audits and analysis of circuit topologies and capacities for normal and alternate routing scenarios to ensure network optimization and capacity
  • Responsible for the design, assumptions, forecast and utilization criteria for SONET Ring requirement.
  • Create detailed circuit designs and maintains switch and DCS port inventory in transport database. Maintain circuit record database.
  • Responsible for the design of AWS new build site through map-info
  • Year-End Capacity and Utilization rings exceeding 85 utilization and provide a relief planning underway
  • Responsible for the DS1/DS3 Hubbing Arrangement
  • Set Tabular records of current capacity and utilization including all nodes with quantity and type of drops/transmission network planning of backhaul equipment
  • Identify DS3 and DS1 requirement for year 2001 and 2002 break down by month
  • Create plan every quarter
  • Responsible for the Provisioning and Assigning of CFA for DS1/DS3.
  • Responsible for the Switch Port Assignment & Termination , DAC & Cross-connect assignment
  • Responsible for the Provisioning Requests for IMT Augments in different switches.
  • Responsible for the issuance/ordering, tracking and provisioning of facility orders for 2G and 3G requirement T1 growth , move , new build , rehome and DS3 additions to the hub
  • Manage and coordinate with the implementation of the DTRM Span moves and project tracking.
  • Constant coordination with RF Engineering for the microwave sites and suggest option for rehome
  • Responsible for the traffic routes on their VM and suggest augments of trunks
  • Work closely and interact with Provisioning to ensure effective handoff of transport services design and order activity.
  • Detailed knowledge of SONET network configuration, DS-3 and DS-1 transport protocols.

June 1996-June 2000

Senior Engineer

  • Responsible for the operation/maintenance, provisioning and development of BAYANTEL s Data Services providing dedicated, on-line and private communication links for voice/fax, data and video transmission to corporate users.
  • Team member for the software upgrading of General Datacom Corp. GDC Multiplexer from MSO 3.0.1 to GTS 2.2 as a present software version. Evaluated the disruption time by simulating the software switch over. Provided activity procedure to 75 nodal stations.
  • Responsible for circuit design for all VPN requirements VPN-RAS
  • Conduct detailed planning on all feasible PTS either via Physical Line PL , radio or vsat options and convert it to Service
  • Work Order as reference of Leased Lines Implementation Department for project implementation.
  • Manages the issuance of PTS Preliminary Technical Study and SWO Service Work Order for Domestic Leased Lines DLL , Direct Connect Lines DCL and International Private Line IPL utilizing Nortel Passport Frame Relay and GDC Multiplexer Transport Management Sysytem TMS via SDH , PDH , Fiber Optic and VSAT network of BAYANTEL.
  • Conducts isolation and analysis for the problem raised/escalated by clients and remote stations. Coordinates with customer , field maintenance personnel and concerned groups as necessary for immediate trouble restoration.
  • Manages and supervises recommendation for upgrade, re-grooming and expansion of network facilities required to cater Private Network requirement.
  • Assists Corporate Sales on clients consultation based on existing and proposed network configuration they wanted and suggest network that fits their demand with reasonable cost.
  • Experienced in testing, commissioning and operations of transmission systems such as PDH/SDH, VSAT/DAMA, fiber optic and copper cable
  • Highly experienced in designing networks and to end for voice and data facilities planning Versant in developing customer requirements utilizing and integrating various systems such as Frame Relay, SDH/PDH, VSAT, TDM/DACCS and LAN/WAN technologies
  • Hands-on experience in the network management of circuits using TDM and Frame Relay network, performing configuration and provisioning management, fault management and performance monitoring
  • Responsible for generation of requirement documentation, technical planning, design and detailed systems engineering of voice and data networks as well as the required network infrastructure of various requirements of clients
  • Gather data for detailed planning of installation and activation of satellite-base stations, microwave radio systems and landline-based circuits
  • Responsible for creating implementation plans for the provisioning of T1/E1 circuits for internal and external customer requirements for data and voice networks
  • Prepared detailed documentation plans for voice and data Frame Relay services intended for clients such as banking and manufacturing firms, Internet Service Provider, schools and other government institutions via existing TDM and Frame Relay network
  • Provided post sales technical support to sales and marketing personnel during meetings and discussions regarding network configurations, bid proposals.
  • Responsible for the configuration management, fault management, and performance monitoring of customer s leased line circuits using GDC TDM Networking Multiplexer and Frame Relay system
  • Responsible for the software activation/deactivation, upgrade/downgrade and other activities required in delivering a service with the aid of system controlled and Network Management System of GDC Networking Multiplexer and Nortel Frame Relay System
  • Responsible for monitoring of circuit performance and generation of statistical reports which were used in the assessment of service being provided to the customers and makes recommendation for possible service improvement
  • Responsible for the establishment of the company s Nodal Satellite Stations
  • Planned and commissioned a number of satellite earth stations in major cities and municipalities around the Philippines comprising Bayantel s Nodal Distribution Centers which serves as an access point of it s clientele s provincial branches to it s head office in Metro Manila
  • Various antenna systems were used such as 1.8-m, 2.4-m, 3.8-m and 4-m Prodelin Antenna Dish, 2.4-m Andrew and Comtech Antenna Dish
  • Various RF equipment were used such as Scientific Atlanta, SSE, Agilis, Skydata and MTI C-Band Transceivers at 5, 10 and 20 watts power rating
  • Fairchild satellite modems were used and interface with GDC TMS TDM Networking Multiplexer via an RS422 interface
  • Simulated, documented and implemented various circuit configuration involving data communications networking equipment for consumption by clientele of our company
  • This includes applications on broad networks of radio modems RAN, Cylink , baseband modems Nokia BB3610, BB160, BB512, BB2M , HDSL modems Nokia, Capspan , TDM Multiplexers GDC, PCSI, MICOM , DMC and Sungmi PCM30 Multiplexers, Tellabs 6132A/6132B signaling equipment and others
  • These data transmission systems use a combination of satellite, radiolink, leased line and switching facilities


Bachelor of Science in Electronics and Communications Engineering with distinction



  • ATM/Frame Relay Network Nortel Passport
  • Newbridge 3600 series DACS
  • Knowledge on Basic SS7
  • Dial-up/Leased-line modem
  • General DataComm Multiplexers
  • Data Switch & Line Drivers
  • SDH Nortel TN-1X/16X
  • PDH DMC & MTI Microwave
  • Cisco Routers Systems

Test Equipment:

HP Spectrum Analyzer

Operating Systems:

Windows 95/98

Office Automation:

  • MS Office 95/97/2000
  • VISIO Professional
  • MAPINFO Professional

Remote Control:

  • Laplink
  • ProComm Plus
  • Telnet



AT&T Wireless Services


This training provided a more comprehensive knowledge on the installation , configuration and troubleshooting of Bay Networks remote access products RAS for the Network of Bayantel intended for planning engineers.


This orientation provided a more comprehensive knowledge of the Frame Relay NORTEL-Magellan Passport Network of Bayantel intended for planning engineers.


This course features a basic introduction to Transport Management System TMS 3000 Multiplexer, TMS Transport Processor TPP and Office Communications Manager TMS OCM*TMS installation, troubleshooting, configuration and administration.


Overview on GDC TMS Technology such as Time Division Multiplexing TDM , Switched Multi-Megabit Data Services SMDS , Frame Relay FR and Asynchronous Transfer Mode ATM .

Resume 6

Samples represent that of an actual working technical professional found on the WEB and modified to protect the privacy of these professionals. Human names, company names, colleges, software product names are intentionally made up.


Abo Cavashi





Telecommunications professional with significant experience in network design, test plan development and test execution. Expertise with large scale Cisco Voice over IP solutions and PSTN SS7 technology for next generation telecommunications networks. Proficiency with Cisco Routers/Switches. Easily adapts to work projects focused on new and different technologies. Ability to understand customer business needs and translate them into technical objectives that demonstrate customer value.


2001- Present

Senior Design IP Engineer/Senior Network Architecture

Design IP networks, implement IP architecture in creating a scalable IP network infrastructure. Author various IP network designs for regional markets and backbone networks. Configure, troubleshoot thousands of IP network nodes on Cisco routers/switches. Manage total effort to launch and maintain new market designs. Conduct testing and implement configurations on Cisco routers and switches 26xx, 35xx, 49xx, 65xx, 76xx .

  • Worked with the design and deployment of the Comcast Regional and National TCP/IP network.
  • Participated in the review of network catastrophic failures and provided feedback to prevent future occurrences.
  • Authored various IP network design documents for Comcast IP Services on Cisco routers and switches.
  • Involved on the design, testing and implementation of Comcast s IP network and ISP backbone.
  • Designed a reliable and fully redundant network implementing various routing protocols RIP, OSPF, BGP, EIGRP .
  • Provided managerial as well as leadership role in implementing tier four ISP technical operation team.

CISCO SYSTEMS, Concord, New York
2000 2001

Project Engineer/Senior Design Network Engineer
IP Packet Telephony

  • Perform design deployability risk assessment and create mitigation strategies for complex, high profile, big-ticket Voice over IP VoIP customer engagements. Analysis includes: software level interoperability; anticipated network performance levels; engineering deployment risks. Verify design implementation in a lab environment and interact directly with the customer in identifying design issues and required design changes. Define the scope of Cisco s engagement for the customer network design.
  • As Technical Lead directed a team of 5 engineers in performing a comprehensive design analysis for a large Brazilian and Mexican carrier. Proposed the architecture and design of Cisco s wholesale dial and wholesale voice solution VoIP . Provided technical expertise in implementing and deploying Cisco VoIP solution at Telmex and, Telemar networks.
  • Co-authored various customer network design guidelines for Cisco Systems customized network solutions. The Design and Engineering Guide provides account managers and sales engineers with generic guidelines for designing VoIP based customer networks.
  • Improved Cisco s ThunderDial and ThunderVoice solutions by identifying performance and interoperability issues in the lab and proposing corrective action.
  • Provided managerial as well as technical leadership in implementing Cisco s VoIP solutions in customer s network.
  • Coordinated pre-sales technical implementations and marketing support demonstrations, field-trials and, deployments for Cisco s VoIP solutions.

1997 2000

Network Systems Engineer

Conducted integration testing on ET-CORDEC s Next Generation Network products with Cisco voice gateways i.e. a VoIP virtual switch . Testing for Videotron Canadian cable company VoIP project included:

  • Interoperability testing of the virtual switch against the Lucent 5ESS and Nortel DMS-100 PSTN . Verified that the virtual switch performs, externally, like an existing PSTN switch implementation.
  • Fault insertion testing on the virtual switch, verifying that it can recover from specific failure modes.
  • Voice quality testing on the virtual switch.
  • Configured and created new call control scripts using the Ameritec telephony load box.
  • Coordinated SS7 network integrity testing for the Alliance for Telecommunications Industry Solutions ATIS , an industry-working group. This testing involved the creation of large industry testbeds where SS7 failure scenarios could be created and studied. Developed hands on experience troubleshooting problems in MTP, SCCP, ISUP, and TCAP layers. Clients included: AT&T, BellSouth, Verizon, CTIA, Sprint, MCI.
  • Developed LNP/AIN 0.1 Test Plans. Analyzed data collected during testing of LNP/AIN overload/congestion tests.
  • Performed interoperability testing of a Signaling Transfer Point STP quad configuration using High Speed Links for an RBOC client.
  • Executed and analyzed AIN interoperability test cases between the 5ESS and DMS100 switches for toll and local services.
  • Troubleshooting SGCP VoIP solution using SGCP message traces.

GENLABS, Listown, Illinois
1994 1996

Systems Test Engineer

Perform testing on software and hardware products. Develop test plans.



Worked with a large telecommunications carrier in Mexico and Brazil implementing a VoIP solution. Provided VoIP network integration testing for Videotron in Canada.




MS, Telecommunication Management, Stevens Institute of Technology, Hoboken, NJ, 2001

BS, Electrical Engineering, University of Illinois at Chicago, Chicago, IL, 1996


SS7 Cisco s Adagio VoIP Wireless
LNP Project Management CCNP
Cisco s ThunderDial OSPF LAN/WAN
Cisco s ThunderVoice BGP


IEEE – The Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers


US Citizen

Resume 7

Samples represent that of an actual working technical professional found on the WEB and modified to protect the privacy of these professionals. Human names, company names, colleges, software product names are intentionally made up.


Adam Bergen

Network Management NMS Engineer


  • 10 + years NOC experience
  • 5 + years as Senior Network Management Engineer Designing, testing, implementing, integrating, and documenting NMS solutions
  • 5 + years Performance Management
  • 5 + years Unix Administration experience
  • 2 + years Project manager/Remedy administrator

Management Platforms:

  • Micromuse Netcool, Netcool ISM, Netcool Reporter, Wave, Netcool probes, WebTop, Jel,
  • HP Openview Node Manager for Unix and Windows
  • Concord Nethealth eHealth
  • Open NerveCenter
  • Empire Sysedge agents, Dirige Agents
  • Cisco Works 2000
  • Remedy Ticketing System, Remedy Flashboards
  • Crystal Reports Professional
  • Ipswitch WhatsUp Gold, NetSaint

Network Components:

  • Sun Sparcservers, Sun Netra, Sun Ultra 5/10
  • HPUX Servers K/L class, HP9000, HP3000
  • Cisco Routers – 26xx to 75xx series, Cisco VCO/4K and Juniper JunOS 4.x
  • Cisco Switches – 3000 to 6000 series
  • IBM AS400, S390, 370/258, ES9000, 4381, SYS 36/38
  • WAN technologies T1, /DS1, T3/DS3, ISDN
  • Intranet/Internet technologies VOIP, DNS, SMTP, POP3, HTTP, DHCP
  • Apache web servers

Operating Systems:

  • Sun Solaris 2.x
  • HP-UX 10.x, 11.x
  • Linux Redhat
  • Windows XP, 2000, NT, ME, 98, MS-DOS

Scripting Tools:

  • Perl
  • SQL
  • Unix shell scripting csh, ksh
  • HTML

Professional Experience:

SIM-S – Fort East, NJ
06/2002 – 06/2002

Senior Network Management Engineer
Contacted for U.S.Army

  • Installed and configured HP Openview Node Manager Win 2000
  • Configured basic performance and trend reports
  • Configured alarms, thresholds and correlation
  • Designed, automated performance reporting via Crystal reports
  • Trained engineers on new NMS system
  • Made assessment and recommendations for appropriate tools due to needs

ABC International – Setdon, VA
11/2001 03/2002

Senior Network Management Engineer

  • Installed, configured, and integrated, and maintained HP Openview Node Manager, Netcool, Netcool ISM, and Syslog probe.
  • Configured correlation/thresholds for all alarms
  • Installed, configured and administrated SNMP and Dirig agents on all devices in the network.
  • Defined, configured network performance thresholds using SNMP and Dirig agents
  • Completed documentation for Netcool users/admins and as-built documentation.
  • Trained ISH employee s on all new systems.

Tengnal – Cambridge, MA
06/2001 07/2001

Senior Network Management Engineer contract

  • Installed and configure HP Openview and Nerve Center.
  • Integrated Nerve Center with Node Manager.
  • Setup monitoring via SNMP for Cisco, Excel and GDC devices on the network.
  • Configured correlation for all alarms.
  • Automated remote notification and escalation.
  • Configured downstream suppression.
  • Set up maintenance and backups.
  • Trained NMS operators on the new system.
  • Wrote new documentation and operating procedures.

NetDial – Newton, MA
11/2000 05/2001

Senior Network Management Systems Engineer

  • Designed, Tested, Implemented, and documented Network Management Solution
  • Responsible for Systems Administration on all UNIX servers related to NMS project.
  • Installed, configured and administrated Netcool, Netcool ISM s, HP Openview Network Node Manager, Concord Sysedge
  • Optimized the utilization of resources through capacity planning and trending
  • Configured alarms to proactively identify potential problems on the network
  • Installed and configured SNMP and Sysedge agents
  • Trained NOC and NMS users
  • Wrote documentation and operating procedures.

SmartBasis – Burlington, MA
01/97 – 11/2000

Senior Network Engineer/Netcool-Openview Administrator/Remedy Project Manager

  • Built and setup NOC, Built racks, configured Cisco routers.
  • Provide Help desk support to client community – Troubleshoot network problems
  • Developed monitoring system for large network over 30,000 nodes
  • Installed, configured and administrated the following systems:
  • Remedy, Netcool, Netcool Probes, Concord Nethealth, HP Openview Network Node Manager
  • Configured real time and historical reporting
  • Configured alarms/reports to proactively identify potential problems on the network
  • Identified problems through performance analysis and made recommendations for solutions
  • Long and short term analysis for capacity planning demand on network
  • Developed, configured VOIP monitoring tools used by NOC
  • Identified opportunities to improve processes Eliminate time and resource intensive practices via shell scripting
  • Developed Quality testing of new pops threshold monitoring
  • Administrator of Quality testing of new pops.
  • Systems Administrator on all NMS HP and Solaris servers.
  • Project Manager for Remedy ticketing system
  • Created documentation for Remedy and all NMS systems.

Unisys – Somerville, NH
01/93 – 10/97

Network Operations Engineer / Help Desk

  • Monitored data communications network.
  • Assisted subordinates and supervisors in identifying and resolving problems.
  • Provided Help desk support

St.Peter General Hospital – Nashua, NH
01/86 – 08/93

Computer Operator

  • Ran IBM MVS/JCL and Unix Systems to produce reports and job streams
  • Worked with systems programming to run special reports/jobs.
  • Ran backups and distributed output
  • Monitored systems and reported system issues


02/79 – 01/83

Medical Technician

Continuing Education:

  • Advanced Unix administration
  • Netcool/Omnibus on UNIX -User
  • Netcool/Omnibus on UNIX System Administrator
  • HP OpenView Fundamentals
  • HPOpenView Network Node Manager Advanced Topics
  • Administrating AR Systems 4.X from Windows
  • Introduction to Cisco Router Configuration
  • Cisco Internetwork Troubleshooting
  • Cisco VCO/4K installation and configuration
  • Install and Administrating Gateways Vienna systems VOIP
  • One year Computer Operations CPI

Willing to relocate

References available upon request

Resume 8

Samples represent that of an actual working technical professional found on the WEB and modified to protect the privacy of these professionals. Human names, company names, colleges, software product names are intentionally made up.


James Sandler

Marlborough, MA


Senior Network Engineer and IT Manager. Expert with Microsoft, Novell and Apple Operating Systems. 15+ years experience designing, implementing and maintaining multi protocol LAN/WAN network infrastructures. Comprehensive project planing and scheduling, for maintaining normal production levels, during deployment or upgrading of Servers, Workstations or other related Network equipment. Implementation of business Network configurations with Microsoft Windows 2000, 2000 Advanced, Data Center Servers, Windows NT, all Novel NetWare and Apple Macintosh Operating Systems. Including directory services and Tree design for Microsoft s ADS and Novel s NDS directory services. Additional administrated and maintained Servers include MS Exchange, SQL, SNA, SMS, IIS, BackOffice, Proxy and Terminal Server. Novel NetWare, NetWare Connect, NetWare for SAA, GroupWise, ManageWise, Border Manager and ZEN Works. Workstation deployments were implemented using production-imaging technology, such as Norton Ghost. Workstation Operating System deployments of Windows XP, ME, 98, 95, 3.x, MS-DOS 3.x-6.x and all Novel NetWare and Apple Macintosh Operating Systems. Network hardware configurations include Routers, Switches, Hubs, Bridges, and Gateways. Data Storage equipment and Software, SCSI Devices, Hard Drives, Video and Multimedia hardware. Fame Relay, T1 s, T3 s and ATM, FDDI, Fiber Channel, Gigabyte Ethernet, Fast Ethernet, Ether-Talk, Token Ring, 3270, 5250 Terminal Emulation and Microsoft Terminal Server. Protocols include TCP/IP, DLC, IPX/SPX and NetBEUI. Network operation system enhancement services include DHCP, DNS, WINS, ADS, NDS, SNA, SQL and SMS.

Education/Professional Training

1981-1985 BS Computer Science, Florida Community College.
Expert in Microsoft and Novell NetWare Operating Systems.
15+ Years of Networking Technical Experience.


  • 2000 Microsoft 2000 Server MCP
  • 1999 Microsoft SNA Server 4.0 MCP
  • 1998 Microsoft BackOffice Server MCP
  • 1997 Compaq Server Certified ASE
  • 1997 Hewlett Packard Server Certified STAR
  • 1997 Windows NT 3.x and 4.x Certified MCSE 3x, 4x
  • 1996 Master Certified Novell Engineer MCNE 2x, 3x, 4x 1995 Enterprise Certified Novell Engineer ECNE 2x, 3x, 4x
  • 1995 Certified Novell Engineer CNE 2x, 3x, 4x 1993 Certified Novell Administrator CNA 2x, 3x


04-2001 to date
Independent Contractor

Network Consultant

Senior Network Consultant, planing and implementing Migrations of Novell NetWare to Windows 2000. Install, configure, MSDSS Microsoft Directory Synchronization Services . Synchronize Windows 2000 Servers, ADS Active Directory Services and Novell NDS NetWare Directory Services . Synchronization was implemented to simplify Network Administration during an extended migration process. Migrations were completed during regular scheduled intervals of Network maintenance. Designed and implemented Microsoft ADS directory services.

01-2000 04-2001
ABC Computer Systems, Peabody, MA

Senior Network Engineer

Implementation, integration and migration of Microsoft Windows 2000, 2000 Advanced, Data Center Servers, Windows NT, and Novell NetWare. Design and implement Windows ADS and NetWare NDS directory services. Workstation integration of Windows XP, ME, 98, 95, 3x, MS-DOS 3x-6x and all Apple Operating Systems. VPN and Terminal Server solutions. Software rollouts with SMS 2.0, WinInstall, and image production software for Servers and Workstations. Veritas Backup Software for Storage solutions.

07-1999 12-1999
Sofisticated Information Systems, Boston, MA

Senior Systems Engineer

Integration and migration of Microsoft SNA Server 3.0 to 4.0, Microsoft NT 4.0 and Novell NetWare 4.11. Integration of SMS 2.0 for Network management and software distribution. Configured connections to mainframes using DLC, TCP/IP and IPX protocols. Rebuild and upgrade Novell NetWare 3.2 Servers to 4.2. Redesigning of NetWare NDS Tree and Implementation of NDS for Windows NT 4.0. Reconfigured Network infrastructure using Fiber optics, Gigabyte Ethernet with Cisco routers and switches.

06-1998 06-1999
Independent Contractor

Network Consultant

Design, consulting, migrations, installing and troubleshooting of Windows NT 4.0 and Novell NetWare 4.x. Designing of NDS Trees, TCP/IP networks, servers, workstations, routers, switches, hubs and storage solutions for WAN/LAN installation and integration. Configuration and Administration of Exchange, SQL, SNA, SMS, BackOffice, Proxy and Microsoft Terminal Server. Migrations, Network upgrades both Hardware and Software.

01-1997 06-1998
ModernAge Computer Center, Burlington, MA

Senior Network Design Engineer and IT Manager.

Onsite installations, migrations or integration of Novell NetWare and Microsoft Windows NT, MS Exchange and Workstation configurations. Design and Plan network hardware for LAN/WAN TCP/IP infrastructures. Complete documentation of projects from beginning to end along with image production processors of Servers and Workstations. Seagate s Management Suite and Microsoft s SMS for network management and software distribution. Setup and Support of Compaq, Hewlett Packard and IBM Rack Mount Servers. Network consultant for the regional sales team. Managed and maintained in-house Frame Relay Network.

03-1995 01-1997
State Fleet Bank, Quincy, MA

Senior Network Administrator and Project Leader

Working with a team of engineers on various day-to-day Network projects. Including network management with SMS 1.0 and Seagate s Management Suite for software distribution. Installing and troubleshooting of Novell NetWare, Windows NT, TCP/IP, IPX/SPX, DHCP, DNS, WINS, SNA, SQL, SAA and NDS. Project planning of Servers, workstations and hubs, for WAN/LAN design and integration. Directly responsible for Supporting 750 Users, Network Upgrades, integration and repair of all Servers, SCSI Devices, Raid 5 controllers, Compaq backup storage devices. I personally designed an automated upgrade of Windows 3.1 to Windows 95 for 9000+ Workstations and 600+ Servers.

06-1993 02-1995
United Business Systems, Boston, MA

Senior Network Engineer and Project Planner.

Support and repair of all Novell NetWare and Microsoft Windows NT Network Servers and Workstations. Managed projects for migration or integration of Novell NetWare, Microsoft Windows NT, MS Exchange. Consulting, designing, installing and troubleshooting for Novell NetWare IPX/SPX and Windows NT TCP/IP protocols. Capacity planning of Server hardware, SCSI Devices, and Hard Drives, Raid Controllers and Network cards for WAN/LAN design and integration. Network Servers included Microsoft NT, BackOffice, Exchange, SMS, SQL, SNA and Novell NetWare Servers.

06-1985 – 02-1993
Technology Links, Dedlem, MA

Senior Network Design Engineer, President, IT Manager, Sales Manager, Network Consult, Senior Technician and Store Manager.

Consulting, installing and troubleshooting for Novell NetWare and Windows NT Servers. Project planing and image production for Servers and Workstations. Technical Support for Novell and Microsoft as a Reseller. Authorized Repair and Service Center. Installation and setup of all Servers and Workstations. Sales, support and training for network hardware and software including Microsoft, Novell, Apple, Hewlett Packard, IBM, Dell, Acer, 3Com, Bay Networks, Compaq, etc.

* References Available upon Request *

Resume 9

Samples represent that of an actual working technical professional found on the WEB and modified to protect the privacy of these professionals. Human names, company names, colleges, software product names are intentionally made up.


Dennis Cray

Andover, NJ


Highly experienced computer networking, systems engineering and technical support professional. CCNA certified. Over 20 years experience in IT industry.

  • Expert level abilities in router/hub/switch configuration, network implementation and troubleshooting.
  • Excellent communication and documentation skills.
  • Able to quickly learn and apply new technologies and adapt to new environments.
  • Effective teamworker experienced in leading technical teams, equally comfortable working alone without supervision.

Technical Skills

  • Networking equipment and technology including:

    • Routers/hubs/switches: Cisco CCNA certified , Nortel/Bay Networks, Proteon, Ascend
    • LAN Network architectures:Ethernet, Token Ring
    • WAN Network technologies: Frame Relay, X.25, PPP, ISDN, T1/E1, POTS
    • Protocols: TCP/IP suite, IPX, Appletalk, transparent and source route bridging
    • Network General Sniffer, router packet capture and similar troubleshooting tools
  • Network Management: HP Openview Network Node Manager for SUNOS/Solaris, IBM Netview for AIX, Nortel Site Manager for SUNOS/Solaris/Windows.

  • Unix systems administration, C programming, shell scripting: SUNOS, Solaris, AIX, Linux

  • Desktop Operating systems: Windows 95/98/NT/2000

  • Applications: Microsoft Office suite Word, Excel , Microsoft Visio

  • Internet applications including DNS Bind , sendmail, firewalls, proxies, HTTP server, etc.

Professional experience:

1998 Present
ADS International, New York, NY.

Networking Consultant, NCR/Bear Stearns project.

Technical lead for Network Architecture Consultant group, based at Whippany, New Jersey, implementing the roll-out of Bear Stearns Clearnet network -a nationwide & international private access network for Bear Stearns Correspondent Clients, using TCP/IP over Frame Relay with ISDN backup, for stock market trading applications.

  • Technical lead, reporting to the Program Manager, for a team of up to 30 consultants deploying the remote site network equipment and Windows-based applications for end user access to trading and account management systems.
  • Responsible for ordering frame relay, ISDN and POTS services to remote sites from Telco and WAN service providers, and working with provider technical staff to resolve installation problems.
  • Grew network to over 250 remote sites throughout the USA.
  • Monitored overall network capacity and individual remote site utilization using Openview tools, implemented bandwidth upgrades as required.
  • Developed, tested and implemented new router configurations to:
    • support fractional-T1 frame relay WAN access, used by most client sites;
    • support a fully redundant dual-router/dual-T1 configuration for high end clients requiring a high availability solution.
  • Oversaw 2 complete network router software and hardware upgrade projects.
  • Advised client technical staff of routing, access list and firewall/proxy requirements for their networks and end-user desktops to be connected to the Bear Stearns network.
  • Developed and maintained the documentation for the remote sites, using Excel for configuration records and Visio 2000 for network drawings.
  • Assisted installation technicians and client staff with application software installation, configuration and troubleshooting on end-user desktops running Windows 98, NT and 2000. Resolved many problems related to connectivity and/or conflicts with existing applications.
  • Provided on-call 3rd-line support for the network to the Network Operations and Helpcenter groups.
  • Extensive travel throughout the USA was required for installation and support of client sites.

1995 1998
IBM Global Network, England.

Network Engineering, AIX & Solaris technical consultant.

  • Technical support for the network management systems running the Global Network of some 10,000 routers. Implemented the conversion of the management system to the latest version of IBM NetView on very large multiprocessor RS/6000 platforms.
  • Implemented the management system for IBM s then new Frame Relay service. This was offered on Cascade now Ascend Frame Relay Switches, which required Sun Enterprise servers for management running Solaris 2.5, HP OpenView and Cascade s CascadeView product.

1986 1995
Nowcal-Datacom Ltd, Hampshire, England

Principal Systems Engineering consultant for the Corporate Networks and Customer Support division of Nowcal-Datacom.

Responsibilities included system integration, technical support, consultancy, system test & documentation.

Principal technical specialist leading a team of 5 engineers implementing large scale corporate networking projects, including:

  • Autoglass nationwide network, OSPF-routed, 300+ Bay AN routers using PPP over leased lines to central site ASN routers. IP and IPX protocols, 10B2/10BT ethernet LANS.
  • Sun Life branch network, 25+ Bay AN and BCN nodes, routed IP & IPX, source route bridged token ring LANS.
  • NatWest Life head office network, BCN routers with Bytex token ring hubs. IP/IPX/SRB.
  • National Westminster Bank nationwide X.25 network, 100+ BBN X.25 packet switch nodes supporting over 2500 endpoints at bank branches and ATM sites.

Designed and developed several programs used in the test lab for testing networking systems, using C programming tools. These included a very large network simulator which was used to validate network management software which was then being developed in-house, and an X.25 load generator which was used while testing new versions of the X.25 switch software.

Other equipment I was required to support for RDL included Proteon routers and Nowcal s own products modems & modem management systems, ISDN adapters, multiplexers and terminal servers .

Also implemented Nowcal Datacom s first Internet service in 1995, using a dedicated 64K PPP link to EUNET. Deployed Internet email, FTP & web browsing services using Sun servers and publicly available firewall/proxy tools Apache Web server, TIS firewall toolkit built with GNU C . Configured the SMTP mail system sendmail to exchange mail with the CCmail internal mail system.

Prior to 1986:

Various positions in field service and technical support, in UK and Middle East Saudi Arabia . Details can be provided on request.


Churston Ferrers Grammar School, Brixham, Devon, England.

Cambridge University Examinations Board, General Certificate of Secondary Education GCSE : 3 Advanced Level passes Maths, Physics, Chemistry . 8 Ordinary Level passes.

Resume 10

Samples represent that of an actual working technical professional found on the WEB and modified to protect the privacy of these professionals. Human names, company names, colleges, software product names are intentionally made up.


Oliver Clover

Euless, IL


Experienced, results-oriented Data Processing professional, seeking a challenging position as a Senior Technical Architect and Information Security Analyst.


Senior Technical Architect and Network Security Specialist proficient in needs assessment, research, and design of industry standard compliant Internet, Intranet, and Extranet security, encryption, and user authentication networking technologies required to support the Corporate Cryptographic infrastructure. Fifteen years total experience in design, analysis, security, and warfare of Information Technology. Eight years experience in the US Navy Submarine Service as Automated Data Processing Systems Security Officer. Seven years professional experience in the analysis, design, integration and delivery of Enterprise Solutions.


Profound and diverse expertise in Public Key Infrastructure design, integration, and deployment, Certification Authority design and development, creation of Certificate Practice Statement & Certificate Policy Statement, vendor PKI solutions including Microsoft Certificate Services, Netscape Certificate Server, and Verisign Managed PKI Services, VPN technologies including IPSEC, L2TP, PPTP, VPN hardware including Nortel, VPNet, Cisco, Microsoft embedded VPN technologies such as PPTP and L2TP/IPSEC, VPRN capabilities such as Pass Through Tunneling and Fully Meshed Site-to-Site, Encryption technologies including Symmetric & Asymmetric, Elliptical Curve, and Atomic Proxy, Application encryption technologies such as SSL and SSH, User Authentication technologies such as RSA Secure ID, KERBEROS, and RADIUS, Intrusion / Vulnerability Scanning and Penetration Testing, Directory Services such as X.509, LDAP, DNS, Microsoft Active Directory, and Novell NDS, Network Security Programming required to design and deploy control products such as anti-virus and Internet content screening.



Ferguson Watson Garzan E&I, Chicago, IL

eCommerce Architect
Sun iPlanet Support Specialist

Responsibilities include design and rapid deployment of Sun iPlanet Intranet and Extranet LDAP Directory, Messaging, and Time Management technologies and user services across the enterprise. The combination six location hardware / software upgrade generated zero user “Help-Desk” calls and resulted in zero down time. Responsibilities also included creation of Migration of Electronic Messaging and Collaborative Services Document and necessary Diagrams to permit Lotus Notes integration and migration.

Duties included:

  • Design, architect and oversee the upgrade of Netscape 3.x Services to Sun iPlanet 4.x Services in six locations.
  • Analyze and Architect Migration paths to Windows 2000 and Lotus Notes from Windows NT and Sun iPlanet messaging services and directory services.
  • Perform Cost Budget Analysis, Vendor Analysis, and Feasibility Study.
  • Procure hardware; perform hardware install, OS install, and burn-in. These servers were designed and deployed to be highly redundant and withstand component level failure.
  • Install and deploy Compaq Insight Manager client and SNMP MIBs as required for remote management and remote operability.
  • Perform Server OS Hardening as required for Corporate Security Policies and Industry Best Practice.
  • Perform hardware and software support and analysis for Compaq, Sun iPlanet / Netscape, and Lotus Notes.
  • Envision, document, create, and deliver Technical Architecture, Technical Diagrams, and Migration Analysis.

Johnson Plastics Packaging, Chicago, IL
Jan 2001-Apr 2001

Project Manager
Technical Project Specialist

Technical Project Manager and Rapid Deployment Specialist for this International large scale Manufacturing Institution. Responsibilities include Project Management and architectural control for this fast-track Netware 5.1 Server / Windows 2000 Professional Desktop deployment including NDS / SLP, DDNS / DHCP, integration with global legacy Unix and SMTP DNS systems.

Duties included:

  • Rapid deployment of thirty Netware 5.1 servers utilizing Automated Netware Server build.
  • Rapid deployment of thirteen hundred Windows 2000 Professional desktops utilizing automated Windows 2000 build.
  • Design, deployment, and integration of NDS, SLP, DDNS, DHCP.
  • Highly complex legacy DNS integration and migration.
  • Deployment across thirty sites nationally and internationally.
  • Design and management of 8000 sq. ft. one-hundred workstation design and test lab including seven Servers, two Cisco routers, two Cisco switches, two 3-Com Hubs.

Weller Financial, Inc., Chicago, IL
May 2000-Dec 2000

Senior Technical Architect
VPN Specialist

Senior Security Analyst, VPN Architect and Project Lead for this Fortune 500 Commercial Lending Institution. Responsibilities include envision, architect, create, and deliver complete Systems, Management, and Security Architectures to support the Corporate Cryptographic Infrastructure and facilitate the integration of a hybrid VPN solution to provide secure User Remote Access Services in both North America and Europe.

Duties included:

  • Senior Technical Architect and VPN Specialist
  • Envision, create, design, and deliver VPN Architecture for the Heller Financial “Remote Computing Access Technology” Project.
  • Envision, create, design, and deliver Public Key Infrastructure Concept Architecture to support the deployment of Certificate Services across the Enterprise.
  • Architect new Remote Access Service / Virtual Private Network / Virtual Private Dial Network solution utilizing unique hybrid approach, to provide Universal Remote Access Service connectivity for all Heller clients from any dial-up, broadband, commercial, or home Internet connection.
  • Perform extensive Cost / Benefit analysis, evaluation and cross-evaluation of multiple industry leading VPN Managed Service Providers, evaluating and rating these Providers in areas including Suitability-to-Task, Industry Standard Compliance, User Compatibility, Security Integration, Manageability / Remote Manageability, Application Integration, and Environmental / Network Infrastructure Integration, while utilizing weighted scoring and soft scoring.
  • Ensure IETF RFC compliance, and compliance with other applicable Internet Open Standards.
  • Ensure documents such as Current Environment Evaluation, Systems Architecture, Security Architecture, Architecture Modifications, Vendor Evaluation Matrix, and some twenty additional Deliverables are delivered on time and under budget, to support core Corporate Business requirements, Project goals and timelines, and technical requirements.
  • Ensure compliance with existing corporate Security Policies and Architectural standards, including RSA Secure ID technology, SMS client management, and McAfee anti-virus.
  • Increase performance for Remote Access Service / Virtual Private Network / Virtual Private Dial Network users, while introducing strong encryption, strong authentication, centralized management and a simplified user experience.
  • Design a solution which utilizes outsourced services to reduce management & overhead costs, and re-utilizes existing hardware to reduce expenditure.

Garzant Engineering Company, Chicago, IL

eCommerce Architect and Manager of Internet Technologies

Was offered and accepted a position as an employee of the firm to permit completion of Architectural Projects in progress. Responsibilities include deployment of Intranet, Extranet, and Internet technologies for all corporate, client, and user services across the enterprise. eCommerce Architecture duties include infrastructure design, secure three tier web application design and deployment, high performance SMTP messaging system design and deployment, integrated Oracle database and LDAP directory application foundation.

Duties included:

  • Design and implementation of a secure eCommerce infrastructure, utilizing Netscape Enterprise Server, Netscape Directory Server / LDAP, tunneling and encryption technology and Server O/S hardening.
  • Design a secure DMZ / Firewall to permit high-speed web access, VPN/DUN access, and secure eCommerce infrastructure.
  • Designed and implemented a secure, reliable native SMTP messaging infrastructure.
  • Enterprise Knowledge Management System designer and manager.
  • Designed and implemented an Intellectual Capital Repository, Information Management Engine, and User Interface.
  • Developed and technically supported company Intranet using latest Internet technologies.
  • Designed and recommended Enterprise Web-based Document Management System.
  • Recommended and implemented Web enabled Automated Library Software.
  • Overall responsibility for programming development for Corporate Services automation solutions.
  • Implement and support Netscape SuiteSpot Internet technology.
  • Implement and support Microsoft Internet networking technology.

Garzan Engineering Company, Chicago, IL


Design Engineer and Data Center Manager for this large scale Engineering Data Center.

Responsible for all aspects of Data Center implementation including functional and technical design, prototyping and configuration, system testing, rollout, and migration support. Environment includes 1000 workstations and 30 servers across eight locations in a switched Ethernet environment. Design included LAN / WAN topology, Internet service points-of-presence, secure remote access via PPTP/VPN, Firewall / DMZ design and configuration, Proxy Server design and configuration, Internet site screening, bandwidth management, and redundant SMTP routing paths.

Duties included:

  • Enterprise level Data Center server complex designer, creator, and manager
  • Design of new Data Center and Operations rooms including lighting, heating, air conditioning, air flow, electrical power requirements, fire suppression HALON system, and physical security.
  • Design, selection, installation and configuration of server complex 30 x Compaq 7000 and 2500 Rack Mounted components .
  • Selection and configuration of server complex fault tolerant systems. These services were designed to minimize the total cost of ownership, and included: Multiple RAID Arrays, Compaq Advanced Server Recovery, Compaq Recovery Server Option, server failover, and automated backup / restore.
  • Selection, installation and configuration of Microsoft Windows NT Server Enterprise software.
  • Planning, design, and installation of Windows NT Master Domain Model.
  • Evaluation, design and execution of the Network Security Architecture.
  • Planning and configuration of server naming, network naming, network directory services, and network synchronization tools including: DNS, WINS, Netscape Directory LDAP , Windows NT Domain.
  • Determination and implementation of systems performance tuning for specialized engineering applications including: CADD, Fluid Analysis, Hydroelectric Power Conversion, Environmental Forecast, Waste Water.
  • Planning and design of SNA architecture and security.
  • Planning, design, installation and integration of Web-enabled SNMP based management services including: Compaq Insight Manager, Microsoft Systems Management Server, and HP Open View Network Node Manager in a multi-tiered management scheme.
  • Management and operation of the server complex including supervising a staff of four Systems Engineers and two technicians, coordinating LAN / WAN maintenance, testing, evaluating and procuring new technologies for Intranet / Internet applications.
  • Design, creation, and implementation of RAS Remote Access Services and VPN Virtual Private Networking based on PPTP, providing high speed encrypted access to Intranet services utilizing redundant data channels for both Dial-Up Networking and Internet based VPN access.

Demper Insurance, Ice Grove, IL

Design Engineer

Technical Team Leader and Design Engineer for this GE Capital IT Solutions Life Cycle Management client. Environment included 600 workstations and 50 servers in a switched Ethernet/FDDI infrastructure. Duties include migration of 13 resource Domains to Windows NT Master Domain model, migration of all TCP/IP services including DHCP, DNS, and WINS to Windows NT Server 4.0, implementation and support of Enterprise Client/Server applications including Data-Warehouse. Advanced troubleshooting includes HP9000 TCP/IP configuration, Client/Server Application performance tuning across the Enterprise, and Network Security management.

GE Capital Information Technology Solutions, Greenville, IL

Advanced Systems Engineer

Advanced Systems Engineer and Technical Team Leader for this Microsoft Enterprise 2000 Business partner. Duties include Windows NT Domain design, Windows NT migration Risk Assessment and implementation, Life-Cycle Enterprise Reengineering, Microsoft TCP/IP design/implementation, Network Security and Survivability analysis, and Information Technology Policy Management.

Zurich American Insurance Group, Peterburg, IL

Design Engineer

Duties included: Design Engineer/Implementation Troubleshooter of the Windows NT based “Claims Workstation Project” with Zurich American Insurance Group / North America. Designed and implemented an automated installation process to facilitate the expeditious deployment of one thousand Microsoft Windows NT workstations in a complex multi-protocol LAN/WAN environment. This process was implemented into the “Claims Workstation Project” production cycle and directly produced a net savings of over 2000 man-hours.

United States Navy, Submarine Service
1988 – 1995

Submarine Group – Groton, CT

Systems Engineer, Automated Data Processing Systems Security Officer.

Assigned to the USS Someship, which is the US Navy s R&D platform for submarine warfare. Integrated data processing systems for weapons control and navigation into a single unified Data and Control System. Designed and implemented a secure Windows NT LAN for processing of classified military message traffic. Both of these projects were completed ahead of schedule and under budget. Net savings: Nine Million Dollars.

Naval Training Center

Local Area Network Manager, Automated Data Processing Systems Security Officer, Network Security Officer.

Designed and installed a Secure LAN for the Department of Defense s largest and most complex supply system. This 100-workstation network included Windows NT Server 3.51, Novell NetWare 3.12, dedicated application servers for database, anti-virus, and data-backup procedures. The reliability of this ultra critical network was augmented by the implementation of redundant Server cluster technology. Implemented a verycomplex cross platform integration combining Windows NT Server 3.51, a BBS, the Novell LAN, and a legacy Tandem minicomputer, providing secure dial-in access to the Department of Defense s largest supply database.

USS Redfish

Automated Data Processing Security Officer on this Fleet Fast Attack Submarine.

Accomplishments include: Converted this standalone PC environment utilizing WordPerfect 5.1/Lotus 1-2-3 for DOS to a fully networked environment utilizing Novell NetWare 3.12 and Microsoft Office 4.3 for Windows. Completed one Mediterranean Deployment.

USS Henry Gray

Submarine Warfare, Basic SONAR Operator

Completed two Strategic Deterrent Patrols on this Fleet Ballistic Missile Submarine.


DeVry Institute of Technology
Curriculum: Telecommunications Management July 94-Mar 95
Completed 30 credits; GPA: 4.0
Dean s List for Academic Excellence

College of Lake County
Curriculum: Advanced Mathematics, Computer Programming Jan 94-Jun 94
Completed 10 credits; GPA: 4.0

Chapman University
Curriculum: General Education
Jun 93-Dec 93
Completed 12 credits; GPA: 4.0


Expert Technical Project Leader: As an Enterprise 2000 Business Partner, Microsoft routinely provides training for the staff of GE Capital IT Solutions in Microsoft corporate offices and training facilities. This training utilizes the curriculum normally reserved for the training of Microsoft Consulting Services senior staff. Specific emphasis is placed on the Microsoft Solution Development Discipline, including the Microsoft Solution Framework, a milestone based project management template proven effective and efficient.

Adept network security specialist: Proficient in risk assessment, proactive network security techniques, disaster planning and recovery, and enterprise-wide data integrity. Responsible for the security and integrity of several Department of Defense local area networks. Experience includes Information Warfare and Network Security Audits.

Comprehensive Local Area Network troubleshooting skills:Have restored critical network services to downed networks on many occasions for Department of Defense installations. Was detailed to a “Tiger Team” fast response action unit while stationed at NTC Great Lakes, traveling to various sites and performing emergency restoration of mission critical network services on very short notice.

Experienced Local Area Network manager: Responsible for the design, installation, maintenance and upgrade of several extremely sensitive Department of Defense local area networks, including the largest and most complex LAN at Naval Training Center Great Lakes. This mixed environment included Ethernet, TCP/IP, IPX/SPX, Mini/Mainframe, and a series of remote login dial-up connections.


Microsoft Certified Professional
Certification achieved November 1996

Novell Certified NetWare Engineer
Recertification awarded January 1997

Automated Data Processing Systems Security Officer
Department of Defense Certified May 1995

Resume 11

Samples represent that of an actual working technical professional found on the WEB and modified to protect the privacy of these professionals. Human names, company names, colleges, software product names are intentionally made up.


Kendall Stanza

Petropolis, PA

Technical Support Engineer/Manager
Data & Voice Communications / WAN & LAN


Seeking a challenging position in the Information Systems industry that can utilize quality leadership, business/account management skills, network and computer technical knowledge, outstanding organizational skills, analytical and problem solving ability, polished oral and written communications skills for our mutual growth and betterment

Executive Profile

Results-driven professional with experience leading people and project teams, implementing, overseeing, and maintaining networks. Recipient of the Navy/Marine Corps Achievement Medal for exceptional work building and maintaining the network aboard the U.S.S. Birch-Hill. Possess an understanding of emerging TCP/IP technologies. Four years of planning, directing and providing innovative information technology, telecommunications, and service solutions.

Highlights of Qualifications

  • Over 4 years experience in network administration and management
  • Proficient in TCP/IP configuration, addressing scheme and management
  • Possess strong technical, interpersonal, and organizational skills
  • Provides technical support that is easily understood by the user, practical and responsive to customer needs
  • Proven leader with a record of excellence, resourcefulness, and dependability
  • A team player processing strong business and technical skills as well as extensive project management, process implementation, and operations abilities

Area of Expertise

  • Well versed in the TCP/IP protocol
  • Knowledgeable in Ethernet, Fast Ethernet, T-1, & T-3 Technologies
  • Experience with Windows 95/98, Windows NT
  • Windows 2000, and UNIX Operating Systems
  • Extensive knowledge in installing, troubleshooting, and maintaining Exchange 5.5 Servers and Windows NT
  • Extensive knowledge of local and wide area networks, Cisco routers and switches, VLAN s, and maintenance and operation of Domain Name Services
  • Basic UNIX Administration
  • Broad understanding of current communication technologies and protocols
  • Experience in configuration, installation, and maintenance of micro-computer equipment and peripheral
  • Extensive knowledge with multiple hardware vendors: Nortel Networks, Cisco, Lucent, 3Com, Cabletron, HP, Sun Microsystems, Tellabs, DEC, Motorola
  • Work/Troubleshoot NT and 2000 Servers
  • Experienced with DWTS Digital Wideban Transmission System
  • Experienced with crypto equipment and the Navy s Proteon routers for satellite transmission
  • Experienced with ViaSat and wireless data transmission through military radios

Career Progression

United States Marine Corps, U.S.S Birch-Hill in support of Operation Enduring Freedom
Feb 2002 to Present

Network Engineer

  • Built, managed, and supported 4 network servers while aboard the U.S.S. Oak-Hill
  • Responsible for establishing ship to shore communications for the Marine Corps Network
  • Accomplished migration of Windows NT servers to Windows 2000 Servers
  • Responsible for the implementation, installation and maintenance of the Marine Corps Domain Name Service server
  • Responsible for the maintaining the SMTP Gateway
  • Managed 4 network engineers responsible for technical and network support
  • Support and manage the entire Marine Deployed Secured and Unsecured Network with over 300 users

United States Marine Corps, Camp Somecamp, NC
Jan 1999 Feb 2002

Network Engineer

  • Responsible for the continuous design and development of the network infrastructure by conducting research, topology and network analysis to determine optimal solutions for network enhancement
  • One of key personnel in the Infrastructure Year 2000 Project Team
  • Managed Network of over 4000+ users and 12 servers while stationed in Camp Lejeune
  • Installed and configured Cisco Catalyst switches to replaced legacy network devices to support Year 2000 compliancy.
  • Responsible in the installation and configuration of 22 Cisco Catalyst switches to support a 500,000 network upgrade
  • Responsible for the implementation, installation and maintenance of the Domain Name Service server supporting domains
  • Responsible for the maintenance of the SMTP Gateway
  • Implemented and maintained the Directory Services servers for e-mail
  • TCP/IP Manager of a Class B network configured for over 1000 networks
  • Managed a 6-member response team responsible for technical and network support
  • Provided technical support in microcomputer repair

Continued Professional Development

  • Marine Corps Computer Science School 1999
  • Marine Corps Data Networking Course 2000
  • Marine Corps Small Computers Specialist Course 2000


Currently working on my Bachelor of Science, Computer Science degree by attending evening classes


Secret Clearance


  • 2002 Good Conduct Medal
  • 2002 Navy/Marine Corps Achievement Medal
  • 2001 Certificate of Commendation


Resume 12

Samples represent that of an actual working technical professional found on the WEB and modified to protect the privacy of these professionals. Human names, company names, colleges, software product names are intentionally made up.


Myo Xeong

Red Prairie, TX


Seeking a network software/protocol/architecture engineer position, or a research and development position in the areas of optical WDM/SONET networks, or telecommunications/data networks.


I have excessive experience for more than seven years on network protocol design/evaluation/implementation using C/C++, especially on routing/signaling/transport protocols. I also have nine years of experience on system design/implementation/prototyping/ASIC design in digital systems. In addition, I have seven years of experience for research and development in networking areas, and have more than 14 papers in the areas of optical networks.


  • Strong programming skills using C/C++ in network protocols/algorithm development
  • In-depth knowledge in network protocols and networking, esp. routing/signaling/transport protocols
  • Excessive experience on network protocol design/implementation/evaluation/analysis
  • Strong analytic/simulation skills on network protocols
  • Strong skills and experience for research and development in networking
  • Significant experience on assembly language and DSP processor
  • Excessive experience in large-scale system design/implementation/evaluation/prototyping
  • Strong debugging and troubleshooting skills
  • Highly experienced with full-cycle of software and hardware development.
  • Experience in technology transfer to commercial product


5/2002 present
Diamond Optical Networks, Bridgewater, NJ USA

Architecture Technologist Consultant

4/2001 5/2002
Modern Strategy Group/Network Architecture, Decatel USA

Research Scientist

  • Conducted research on routing, signaling, control issues, QoS, traffic engineering, network modeling, and network management.
  • Designed and implemented new multicast routing/signaling protocols using C/C++ in optical networks.
  • Designed and implemented an optimum multicast tree construction algorithm using C/C++.
  • Performed evaluation/anlaysis on the routing and signaling protocols.
  • Designed and implemented QoS scheduling algorithms in optical packet/burst switched networks.
  • designing efficient resource wavelength management for improved QoS.
  • Proposed and investigated operational and maintenance OAM and network management issues in optical networks.
  • Developed a network model and performed a comparison and analysis between optical wavelength switching and optical burst switching networks in terms of bandwidth efficiency and deployment cost.
  • Proposed a new scheme for signaling/routing scheme and LSP set-ups and distribution with routing protocols BGP and OSPF under the GMPLS framework in optical network .

6/2000 1/2001
Decatel Corporate Research Center, Darson, TX USA.

Full-time Co-op

  • Implemented/analyzed new/existing multicast routing protocols using C/C++ and performed performance comparison in terms of blocking probability and processing load.
  • Provided architectural issues in optical burst/packet switched networks.
  • Designed new multicast routing protocols to improve network utilization/latency under dynamic membership.

9/98 5/2000
CSE department, TUNY/Buffalo, Buffalo, NY USA.

Research Assistant

  • Designed and implemented a new WDM multicast routing protocol using C/C++.
  • Proposed and analyzed new/existing optical cross-connect architectures.
  • Designed and implemented efficient re-grooming algorithms for tree-shared multicasting under dynamic sessions and dynamic membership in optical packet/burst switched networks.
  • Performed comparison and analyzed unicast routing protocols in mobile ad-hoc networks.
  • Designed and implemented a new reliable multicast routing protocol using C/C++ in optical burst/packet switched WDM networks.

6/99 8/99
Decatel Corporate Research Center, Darson, TX USA.

Full-time Co-op

  • Designed and implemented a new multicast routing protocol, called Tree-Shared Multicast in optical burst/packet switched network in order to improve network performance in terms of bandwidth consumption/processing overhead using C/C++.
  • Designed and implemented shared multicast tree construction algorithms using C/C++.
  • Actively involved in routing and architectural issues for optical burst switched networks.

7/96 8/98
Sensor Technologies Plus Inc., Amherst, NY

Project Engineer

  • Designed and developed image reconstruction algorithms in medical imaging system using C/C++.
  • Implemented the reconstruction algorithms onto Texas Instruments TI DSP processor TMS320CXX.
  • Designed and developed medical imaging system based on Charge Coupled Device CCD .
  • Wrote several research proposals to DOD.

1/88 7/94
Hyundai Electronics Co. now Hynix Semiconductor , Kyungki-Do, Korea.

Senior Research Engineer, R & D center

  • Acted as project leader and managed three engineers.
  • Designed for motion estimation/compensation algorithms using C/VHDL.
  • Implemented the motion estimation and compensation algorithm into ASIC using standard cell technology.
  • Designed and developed a prototype for an ATV HDTV of US system.
  • Designed and developed a prototype for a MUSE HDTV of Japan system.
  • Designed and developed a prototype for a HD-MAC European HDTV system.
  • Designed and developed a prototype for a Digital Audio Tape DAT recorder.
  • Designed and developed an Automatic Light System ALS for Car and implemented program into 8048 microprocessor.
  • Implemented and evaluated algorithms/architectures for the prototypes listed above using C language.
  • Designed excessively digital and analog hardware system.
  • Used Altera, Xilinx, VHDL, Alegro PCB design software etc.


  • Excessive experience in design and implementation for digital/analog hardware and its system.
  • Computer language: C/C++ 10 yrs + , Java, MATLAB, assembly language, HTML, XML, etc.
  • Platforms: Windows/NT/UNIX/Linux
  • Network simulator: OPNET expert , YACSIM good , ns-2 basic , OMnet++


  • In-depth knowledge in networking and network protocols, e.g., TCP/IP.
  • In-depth kknowledge in unicast and multicast routing and signaling protocols e.g., OSPF, IS-IS, RIP, BGP, MBGP, PIM, DVMRP, CBT, RSVP etc. and their design/implementation.
  • Solid knowledge on QoS, OAM, control/routing issues, GMPLS, traffic engineering/management, protection/restoration and resource management.
  • Significant knowledge on ATM, SONET, wavelength-routed WDM networks, and optical switch architectures.


Aug. 2001 Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering
State University of New York at Buffalo SUNY/Buffalo , Buffalo, NY

Feb. 1996 M.S. in Electrical and Computer Engineering
State University of New York at Buffalo SUNY/Buffalo , Buffalo, NY

Feb. 1988 B.S. in Electronic Engineering
Hanyang University, Seoul, Korea


One US patent filed and several patents in Korea.


IEEE and IEEE Communications Society member.
Superior contribution award from Decatel, 2001.
Best Student Paper Award in IEEE/ACM/SPIE Opticomm 2000.
Four-year Tuition Scholarship award based on National Entrance Exam. from Hanyang University, 1984 1987.

REFERENCES Available upon request

Resume 13

Samples represent that of an actual working technical professional found on the WEB and modified to protect the privacy of these professionals. Human names, company names, colleges, software product names are intentionally made up.


Vasily Serov

Lamar, CO


  • Network Engineer/Administrator with eight years of experience in design and support of large scale multi-vendor Local and Wide Area networks.

  • Experienced in Windows 2000, NT4.0, 95/98 and UNIX Solaris, BSD systems installation, administration, upgrade, and performance tuning.

  • Expert in TCP/IP, specifically relating to IP addressing, routing, VPN, and VoIP.

  • Expert knowledge of planning, installation and upgrade of switched multi-layer LANs.

  • Extensive hands-on experience with Cisco routers and Catalyst switches, as well as network equipment from Nortel Bay , Motorola, Ascend Lucent, Avaya , Kentrox, Cabletron, RAD, Asante.

  • Superior troubleshooting skills. Expert in protocol analysis using NA Sniffer, Ethereal, as well as testing equipment, such as BERT testers, cable scanners, and Flukes.

  • Excellent communication skills; works well individually and as part of a team.

  • Skilled in network documentation and presentation using MS Visio and PowerPoint.


  • Operating Systems:MS Windows 2000, NT 4.0, 95/98, FreeBSD v.4.4, Sun Solaris 1.x, 2.x, Cisco IOS CLI ans CatOS.

  • Applications: MS Exchange 5.5, MS Proxy 2.0, MS RAS, sendmail, bind, Apache, Squid.

  • Network Security: ACL, PIX firewalls, NAT, PPTP, VPN, IPSec PKI, IDS.

  • Network Management and documentation: Sniffer Pro v.2.5, MRTG v.2.9.12, CiscoWorks 2000, HP Openview, Cabletron Spectrum, Visio 2000, Powerpoint.

  • LAN Technologies: Fast Ethernet, Gigabit Ethernet. VTP, VLAN, Trunks ISL, 802.1Q , STP, EtherChannel, HSRP, multi-layer switching.

  • WAN Technologies: Frame Relay, ISDN, T-1/T-3, dial-up, HDLC, PPP, GRE Tunnels, VoIP.

  • Network Hardware: Cisco routers 7500, 7100, 3600 and below, RSM, MSFC. Cisco Catalysts 6500, 5500, 4000 and below. PIX firewalls 515, 520. LocalDirector 430. Xyplex terminal servers. Hubs: 3Com, Cabletron. Broadband and dial-up modems, CSU/DSUs. Ascend Lucent, Avaya Pipeline and MAX, Motorola 6500, Kentrox AAC-3, Nortel Passport.

  • Routing protocols: BGP, OSPF, EIGRP, RIP. IP addressing, VLSM. IGMP, CGMP, PIM.

  • Network Protocols: DHCP, WINS, DNS, SMTP, SNMP, RMON, HTTP, FTP, Telnet, SSH, TACACS+, RADIUS.


Southwestern Colorado, Inc.
October 2001 to Present

Network technician

Environment: Windows 2000, NT4.0, Apple MacOs 9.0-10.0, FreeBSD UNIX 4.4. MMF Gigabit Ethernet, 100Base-T Ethernet, EtherChannel, VLAN, VTP, ISL, dot1q, 802.11b wireless. Cisco Catalyst, 2948, 2924. Asante 6524 switches. TCP/IP, NetBIOS, DNS, DHCP, WINS. BNI H.323 Windows-based videoconference software/hardware. NA Sniffer Pro and Ethereal protocol analyzers.

  • Installing, configuring, and fine-tuning Windows 2000, NT4.0 servers/workstations and Cisco Catalyst switches in complex data and real-time video multi-protocol environment.
  • Installing and troubleshooting videoconferencing hardware/software.
  • Using protocol analyzer resoving complex networking issues, such as connectivity, security, quality of service, DHCP, WINS resolution, and real-time traffic proiritization.
  • Miscellaneous: user support, domain administration, printer support.

Group-DPEX, Inc.
October 1999 to September 2001


Clients: Quinto Inc., New York, NY

Environment: MMF Gigabit Ethernet, 100Base-T Ethernet, EtherChannel, VLAN, VTP, ISL, dot1q, MLS. T-3, T-1, Frame Relay, HDLC, PPP. TCP/IP, BGP, OSPF, EIGRP, SNMP, HSRP, DHCP, DNS, TFTP. Cisco Catalyst 2926, 2948, 2924. 3Com 3300. Cisco routers: 7120, 3640, 2621. PIX firewall 515, 520. LocalDirector 430. Xyplex 2600 terminal server. ADC Kentrox CSU/DSU. OpenBSD UNIX v.2.9, Windows 2000, NT4.0. IPSec PKI. GRE Tunnels. NA Sniffer Pro 2.5, MRTG SNMP Monitor, Visio 2000.

  • Conducted major redesign, audit and fine tuning of client s 100+ nodes TCP/IP network consisting of 3 sites connected via VPN IPSec GRE tunnels and multi homed to 6 ISPs.
  • Completely documented the network, including physical and logical organization, IP addressing scheme, access policies, routing policies, VLANs, and IPSec PKI VPNs.
  • Using dynamic routing protocols OSPF, EIGRP as well as policy routing and HSRP, implemented total router, VPN tunnel and firewall redundancy of all sites, as well as load balancing between multiple ISP links.
  • Using BGP-4 attribute manipulation and route filtering created update and advertisement policies to ensure effective routing and high availability.
  • Using MRTG v.2.9.12 and SNMP MIBs created a Web tool to monitor network equipment operational parameters such as link utilization, interface error rate, memory and buffer capacity, CPU load, and BGP table size.
  • Educated client s MIS team on how to manage and modify the network by conducting classes, seminars, and hands-on labs.
  • Troubleshooted Frame Relay, HDLC and PPP links over T-1 and T-3, as well as CSU/DSUs and line cards.
  • Corrected sub optimal routing setting and other configuration errors in routers, switches, firewalls and load balancers , DNS and DHCP setup on Windows 2000, NT, and UNIX machines.
  • Worked collaboratively with ISPs to optimize route update and advertisement settings.

Geoplan USA Corp., Lamar, CO

Environment: MMF Gigabit Ethernet, 100Base-TX Fast Ethernet, EtherChannel, VLAN, VTP, ISL, dot1q. T-1, Frame Relay, ISDN BRI, VPN PPTP, IPSec , Cisco VoIP FXS, FXO . TCP/IP, OSPF, RIP, EIGRP, DHCP, WINS, DNS, TFTP, SMTP, SNMP. Cisco Catalyst 4003, 3524. Cisco routers: 3640, 1750. Ascend Pipeline 130. Hubs: 3Com, Netgear, Cabletron. PC-compatibles: Dell, HP, and clones. MS Windows 2000, NT 4.0, MS Windows 98, FreeBSD UNIX 3.3. MS Exchange 5.5, MS Proxy 2.0, MS RAS dial-up and PPTP VPN , Cisco IPSec. GRE Tunnels. CiscoWorks 2000, Visio 2000.

  • Designed and set up switched Ethernet 150+ node LAN using Cisco Catalysts 4003 and 3524 with Gigabit Ethernet fiber optic backbone.
  • Configured VLANs, trunks, EtherChannel and inter-VLAN routing.
  • Planned and installed Frame Relay WAN links to the branch offices.
  • Using Cisco VIC-2FXS and FXO voice modules set up VoIP via FR links reducing company s long-distance expenses by 4 .
  • Configured RTP header compression, IP precedence and RTP priority queuing allowing the concurrent use of the link for data and voice traffic.
  • Redesigned the site s firewall architecture adding ACL and NAT as an additional layer of security in front of MS Proxy 2.0 firewall.
  • Set up PPTP VPN using MS Windows NT RAS for the remote users.
  • Configured secure tunnel between company s branch networks using Cisco IPSec VPN.
  • Worked with junior team members helping conducting systems backup/restores, hardware and software upgrades, and inventories. Coordinated with local exchange carriers, data link providers, cable installers, and peripheral vendors.

Russian Trading System, Moscow, Russia
February 1997 to September 1999

Network Engineer

Environment: 100Base-TX Ethernet, Frame-Relay, ISDN PRI, BRI, E-1, ATM OC-3, HDLC, PPP. Async and broadband modems. TCP/IP, OSPF, RIP, EIGRP, BGP, DHCP, WINS, DNS, SMTP, NNTP, TFTP, FTP, SNMP/RMON, TACACS+, RADIUS. Cisco Catalysts 6509, 5500 with RSM and MSFC. Cisco routers 7513, 4000, 3600. Hubs: 3Com, Cabletron. PIX 515 firewall, Local Director 430, CiscoProbe. LS-1010, ADC Kentrox AAC-3, IDNX-Micro, Ascend MAX 4000, Motorola 6500. PC-compatibles, Sun Ultra 5, 10, 450. FreeBSD 2.x, Sun Solaris 2.x, Windows NT 4.0, Windows 95. HP Openview, Cabletron Spectrum, MRTG, Visio. Microtek Pentascanner, Dolch protocol analyzer.

  • Designed and managed company s 200+ node 100BASE-T Switched Ethernet LAN.
  • Designed and managed 1500+ node WAN. Installed and configured Cisco routers and switches.
  • Designed routing policies using RIP, EGRP and OSPF, as well as ISP peering using BGP4.
  • Trained junior technical staff to install PC software, peripherals, and hardware.
  • Planned and installed Windows NT 4.0, Sun Solaris 2.5 and FreeBSD 2.2 servers and workstations. Performed Sun/PC hardware diagnostics and upgrade.
  • Performed network monitoring/diagnostics using HP OpenView, Cabletron Spectrum, Dolch.
  • Managed company s DNS, DHCP and mail servers SMTP, POP3, IMAP .

Institute of Inorganic Chemistry, Novosibirsk, Russia
September 1982 to January 1997

Network Engineer

Installed, supported and oversaw 3 generations of network upgrades over a 5 year period – from Artisoft LANtastic to Novell IPX to mixed IPX/IP multi-OS environment. Developed and implemented multi-platform Intranet network environment. Hands-on leader of team delivering technical services. Final “buck stops here” problem resolution ownership of complex or irresolvable issues regardless of technology, vendor, or customer. 1993 to 1997

Environment: 10Base-2, 10Base-5, 10Base-T Ethernet, X.25, leased lines, and async dial-up. Async and broadband modems. Cisco routers series 2500. Accton, SMC, and 3Com hubs. Motorola 6500. Novell 3.1x, OS/2 v.2.11-3.0, SunOS 4.1.x, 386BSD v.1.0, FreeBSD v.1.x. MS-DOS v.3.30-6.22, MS Windows 3.1, MS Windows 95. HP Openview, Visio. HDLC, SLIP, PPP, IPX/SPX, TCP/IP, RIP, OSPF, DHCP, DNS, SMTP, NNTP, FTP, SNMP, and TACACS.

Hardware developer 1990 to 1992
One of three hardware developers responsible for designing, developing and incorporating various measurement and control equipment for scientific experimentation purposes, based on Intel 8048/8051 microcontrollers, PDP/11 and IBM PC computers. Electronics design, embedded programming using C and various platform-specific assemblers.

Mainframe engineer, system programmer 1982 to 1990
Initial placement in Information Technology. IBM 360/370 mainframes maintenance and support. Programming in Assembler-360/370, JCL, PL/1, Pascal-360 on administrative and technical applications.


Master of Science in Computer Science, Moscow Institute of Radio Technology, Electronics and Automation, Moscow, Russia, 1991


Cisco Certified Network Professional CCNP – March 2001
Cisco Certified Network Associate CCNA – November 2000

Resume 14

Samples represent that of an actual working technical professional found on the WEB and modified to protect the privacy of these professionals. Human names, company names, colleges, software product names are intentionally made up.


Greg Greene

Aurora, NY


To obtain a challenging internetworking position with room for growth in a solid & focused company that can offer longevity & stability.


American Global Network Solutions, Aurora, NY

Network Integrator/WAN Engineer Multi-protocol Change Team
Multi-protocol Change Team Department s 2nd Shift Technical Team Lead

  • Performed Configuration changes and 2nd level support on Cisco routers 2500–7500series and switches CAT1900&5500 , IBM routers 2210/2216 and some Bay routers using Site Manager in various network environments under AT&T s global umbrella I1.1, MDNS, CNS, LEMS & VPNs. Most of these networks use Frame-Relay which consists of Hundreds of Customer Companies and over 4,000 nodes.
  • Protocols and Technologies worked with on a daily basis include: TCP/IP, IPX, OSPF, BGP, EIGRP, RIP,VoIP, Frame-Relay, MPLS, NAT, HSRP, ISDN, DLSw, RSRB and some AppleTalk to name a few.
  • Worked as part of a Team on the “Cisco 7000 Migration Project” for the I1.1 & MDNS networks. This entailed removing all customer connections including Standard Discreet Serial Circuits, Frame-relay, Channelized T s, SW56 etc., from all Cisco 7000 backbones and re-configuring them over 6,000 connections on the new Replacements Cisco 7500 series routers within a specific time frame error free.
  • Worked as part of a Team on the Dallas Node Move Project on the I1.1 network. 12 Backbones were removed from the node and upgraded with 6 new Backbones that would provide better performance and services in the MDNS network as well as the option to do Frame-relay. This also reduced costs to AT&T. This entailed moving Customer links from the Old Backbones to the new Backbones within a specific time frame error free to maintain customer confidence. Frame-Relay, MPLS, NAT, HSRP, ISDN, DLSw, RSRB and some AppleTalk to name a few.

State Network Solutions, Aurora, NY

Network Integrator/WAN Engineer Multi-protocol Change Team

  • Performed configuration changes and 2nd level support for Cisco routers 2500-7500series and IBM routers 2210 & 6611 models on the I1.1 and MDNS networks of the IBM Global Network.
  • Protocols worked with on a daily basis: TCP/IP, IPX/SPX, OSPF, BGP, EIGRP, RIP, NAT, HSRP, DHCP, ISDN, DLSw, RSRB & X.25.
  • Trained 6 TSSC Subsidiary of IBM employees the basics of Frame-Relay and how to implement Frame-Relay on Cisco & IBM 2210 routers.
  • Prepped them for a project they were acquired for, to perform migrations from discreet circuits to frame-relay circuits for customers on the IBM Global Network. I also trained them on the administrative process to get the job done.
  • Worked as part of a Team on the I1.1 OSPF to BGP Migration Project. This entailed removing OSPF from the entire Network Backbone and replacing it with BGP. This was implemented to rid the Backbone of occasional OSPF storms and to speed up the routing table conversion in the backbone. This in turn alleviated unwanted outages to the customer due to OSPF storms among other things. This Migration was completed in a fashion where it was transparent to all customers network wide.
  • Focal Point of Contact for the Circuit City X.25 Implementation and Migration to VPN Project. This entailed configuring and testing X.25 communications and Frame-Relay to over 50 sites, Configuring 3 Hubs 2 of which backed one another and 1 for disaster recovery just in case the other 2 routers went down .

Computer Task Group/IBM, Jefferson, NY

Network Engineer, worked as a Contractor for IBM in 2nd Level support.

  • Protocols worked with on a daily basis: TCP/IP, IPX/SPX, OSPF, NAT, HSRP, ISDN, DLSw, RSRB and DHCP.
  • Focal Point of Contact for the VHA1 Network Address Translation NAT and Named Access-List Implementation pilot. This entailed configuring and testing NAT on all VHA1 sites over 90 sites . Documenting bugs and fixes as well as the Pros and Cons of implementing the Named Access-list as opposed to the Standard Access-list in the VHA1 environment.

United States Air Force

Network Technician Base Network Control Center [BNCC]

  • Designated Team Lead of 6 person Install Team. We Built Local Area Networks LANS base wide. Migrated the entire base from ARCnet to 10mb Ethernet.
  • Terminated CAT5 UTP, designed the cabling Infrastructure, built and setup the communications closet equipment included: i.e. Hubs, Fiber, switches etc., pulled cable to PCs and setup the desktop for Network connectivity and troubleshot any LAN issues including cabling, hub, switch, and desktop operating system issues.
  • Supported over 100 nodes and 12,000 users via field visits, telephone and the Unix based Action Request System ARS from the BNCC Helpdesk
  • Maintained several WAN ATM links using Cisco routers 7000, 7200, 4500 and 3000 series
  • Protocols Worked with: ATM, TCP/IP, IPX/SPX, DHCP, BootP, NetBIOS, and NetBEUI

Dept. of Parks & Recreation, Boxboro, NY

Network Administrator

  • Focal Point for LAN Issues and Desktop Support
  • Troubleshot and Maintained a 24 user Ethernet LAN
  • Worked on a project to upgrade all PCs at my site running windows3.11 to win95 and to get all PCs and 2 printers on an Ethernet Network. Which entailed installing Ethernet NICs in all PCs and cabling them to the communications closet and putting the new win95 software on the PCs that needed it and adding IP addresses and other information to the PC s TCP/IP stack.


Cisco Certified Network Associate Certification
Cisco Certified Network Professional Certification

AT&T Newburgh, NY
Bay router Configuration using Site Manager.
Network Associates University Fishkill, NY
Formal Classroom Training
Sniffer University TCP/IP Applications: Concepts and Troubleshooting
Sniffer University TCP/IP Network Analysis and Troubleshooting Using Sniffer Pro for Windows.

Global Knowledge Harrison, NY & Danbury, CT
Formal Classroom Training
Voice Over IP
Cisco LAN Switch Configuration
Cisco Internetwork Troubleshooting
Cisco OSPF Design and Configuration
Cisco BGP Configuration
Advanced Cisco Router Configuration

TCT Technical Training
Formal Classroom Training

TCT Technical Training
Formal Classroom Training
Implementing and Expanding PC LANs
System Administration for Netware 4.x
Managing a Novell Network
Cisco Internetwork Operating System IOS
Configuring Protocols on a Cisco Router

United States Air Force Technical School
Completed Computer Systems Control Specialist Course

Resume 15

Samples represent that of an actual working technical professional found on the WEB and modified to protect the privacy of these professionals. Human names, company names, colleges, software product names are intentionally made up.


Harry Oakmill

Ann Arbor, MI


Strategic Planning & Development / IT Systems Design & Implementation / Global Network Infrastructure
New Business Development / Systems Integration / Technical Management


Business technology professional with successful achievements in wireless communications, financial network systems, electronic publishing, customer support and manufacturing systems. Background in project management, strategic planning and implementation, operations management, new business development, systems auditing and assessment, LAN/WAN/MAN network and security management. Qualified leader with demonstrated abilities functioning in a fast-paced highly competitive environment. Expert at managing cross-functional, cross cultural teams and building strategic partnerships, global distribution networks and OEM/Partnering relationships. MBA, MA, PMP, business and technical certifications. Seasoned international negotiator fluent in Spanish.

Areas of Expertise – Customer Services, Vision and Strategy, Organizational Structure, Relationship Management, CRM/ERP Systems, Change Management, Quality Assurance/Auditing, Business Systems Re-Engineering, Process Improvement, Training/Mentoring, Sales/Marketing, Team Leadership


Extensive, direct hands-on technical and managerial experience in the integration of strategic business goals and technological infrastructures to address and fulfill business needs while augmenting net worth and market competitiveness. Director level experience managing senior professionals and mentoring junior associates within an organization ranging from 25 direct reports to over 400 associates in a P&L environment of over 20M.

Recruited by Digital Systems Corporation to develop and expand its East Coast high tech consulting practice. Provided Fortune 100 clients at the C level with advanced e-Business solutions, program management, system development and financial system auditing expertise. Designed technical infrastructures, implemented processes, standards and procedures, and conducted user training. Project clients included JP Morgan, Solomon Smith Barney, AT&T Wireless, Blue Cross/Blue Shield, and the NYSE. Managed six projects with a total contractual value of over 80M.

Led TopNet Corporation s business development, planning and implementation in the re-design and deployment of a 20M warehouse management system tied into OEM and partnered inventory control and ordering systems via secured Intranet/Internet transactional system. Conducted financial and security systems audits and assessments. Directed matrix teams consisting of internal employees and developers from partnering clients.

As Regional Manager at Motorola instituted swift and aggressive operational and production processes designed to achieve ISO 9001 and SEI-CMM Level 4 certifications for fabrication facilities in the US and Latin America. Efforts directly resulted in a 7 increase in productivity and 20 decline in manufacturing defects as well as a significant increase in the customer base. Divisional profitability rose 11 as result of these efforts.

Reengineered software development and hardware design methodologies at StarLight Technologies. Ensured the rapid development and marketing of flagship Quick-Tag product ahead of competitors with first year sales of 4M. Installment of CRM processes and systems further aided in the expansion of company s overall client base.

Designed, developed and installed an integrated CRM/ERP/MRP technology support platform at American Fence Corp. which consolidated call center operations, order processing, inventory control and product delivery thoughout the company s national distribution base. Inventory costs declined by over 10 with on-time product delivery improved by nearly a third.


Independent Business/Technology Consultant – Temple, AZ/Ann Arbor, MI
04/01 – Present

Web site developer and designer for a non-profit educational Temple, AZ organization. Provided network infrastructure and HRIS applications support for satellite offices of a Reston, Virginia based client.

Digital Systems Corporation, New York City, NY

Principal/Senior Program/Project Manager

Hands-on leader and technical manager in the planning, development, deployment and re-engineering of Fortune 100 IT enterprise platforms into e-Business/e-Commerce enabled global infrastructure systems. Applied expert knowledge of e-business, quality systems, ECN/secure transactions, IT auditing, vertical industry trends and technical architectures to create responsive, profitable service platforms. Led staff of 53 across six projects involving Oracle, SAP, BroadVision, WebSphere, BEA WebLogic and Ariba on NT/Netware/Wireless LANs using firewall security, disaster recovery fallback systems and antiviral/data integrity/archiving protection.

TopNet Corporation, Temple, AZ

Director, Business Information and Program Management

Successfully planned, developed and implemented a 20M Warehouse Management System tying together corporate, OEM and vendor distribution management centers nationwide. Platform included legacy mainframe based HRIS/financial control systems, 5,000 node PC/Unix/Sun/AS400 LAN/WAN running Netware and Win2000, wireless bar code inventory counters and CRM/MRP systems running Oracle, SAP and JD Edwards OneWorld. Hands-on position leading project, infrastructure and software management efforts in systems design, software development, scheduling and contract negotiation. Staff of 34 technical and business analysts.

Americas – Motorola Corporation, Temple, AZ

Regional Manager, Process Improvement

Assessed, established and conducted SEI/CMM business and technical process improvement initiatives affecting regional organizational structure, product development and manufacturing. Led efforts to standardize global technology operations and LAN/WAN/MAN platforms using Unix, Netware, Windows NT and LDAP/Active Directory. Actions directly resulted in decreased operational costs of 8 and increased profitability of over 11 . Directed staff of 22 technical and financial analysts along with 12 matrix team members.

StarLight Technologies Inc., Temple, AZ

Director, Advanced Information Technologies

Conducted strategic business and technical management planning, project management, technical systems design and training in a hands-on, high-volume manufacturing environment. Developed, implemented and managed point-of-sale, inventory control, PeopleSoft ERP and CRM management in mixed PC/S390/AS400/ Mainframe Netware /NT environment with over 1200 users. Directed staff of 15 technicians and analysts.

American Fence Corp., Temple, AZ

Sr. Manager/Director, Business Information Technologies

Conducted all corporate level technical planning, budgeting, implementation, training, subcontractor management and vendor contracting. Developed, installed and managed enterprise-wide Netware/AS400 computer and communications network to handle call center operations, ERP, MRP II, order processing, inventory and delivery in a highly diversified, distributed production environment. Staff of nine senior analysts.

Hispanic Daily Magazine, Santa Barbara, CA

Senior Manager, Information Technologies

Designed, implemented and managed LAN/WAN Netware/PC network system supporting editorial, reporting and free lance staff members as well as executive, financial and customer support departments. Developed and supported software applications that facilitated business decision making and financial auditing. Conducted user training, subcontractor management and contract negotiations with vendors. Staff of 14 techs and analysts.

Digital Systems Corporation, Lompoc, CA

Senior Manager, Product Quality Assurance

Led and mentored senior level test and development engineers, programmers and contract managers in the performance of software quality assurance, systems testing, code design/walk-through, inspections, component design/integration, and configuration management in a mixed, classified technical environment under ISO 9000/9001 and ELMP requirements. Conducted software engineering and programming efforts for customer deliverables. Directed staff of 22 business and technical professionals.


Masters, George Washington University 1998 – Program/Project Management
Masters of Business Administration, University of North Dakota 1983 – Financial Mgt./Information Technology
Bachelor Of Science, Rutgers University 1978 – Biology/Computer Sciences


Carnegie Mellon University – Software Engineering Institute SEI Senior Assessor
Digital Systems Corporation – Catalyst 4D Development Methodology
IBM Advanced Business Systems Institute – Business Process Systems Redesign Methodology
International Quality Assurance Institute – Quality Assurance Instructor
Motorola Corporation – Quality System Review QSR Senior Auditor
Novell Corporation – NetWare Certified Novell Engineer CNE
Program Management Institute – Program Management Professional PMP


Business Management – Executive Leadership, Management and Communications; Contracting and Negotiation; International Program Management; Program Management Control for Distributed Organizations; High Risk Management; Process Improvement for the Enterprise; Scheduling and Cost Control; Software Quality Management, Method/1, Catalyst 4D, Healthcare Systems Management.

Information Technology – E-Commerce Planning, Security and Implementation; Enterprise Level Planning Analysis, Control and Integration; Network and Communications Design, Implementation and Operations; Systems Integration; Project Management for the Software Environment; IT Project Leadership Methods.


Software –
Windows 98/NT/2000/XP Workstation/Server , NetWare 4/5.x Group Wise, Manage Wise, Border Manager , Solaris 7/8.x, UNIX, Linux, Microsoft Office, Primavera TeamPlay, MS Project, MS BackOffice, Lotus Notes, Mac OS/X, PalmOS, Rational Clearcase, Documentum, Fusion, WebObjects, BroadVision, WebSphere, Ariba, WebLogic, Oracle-I HR/FIN, SAP, PeopleSoft, JD Edwards OneWorld.

Hardware –
PCs, Apple Macintosh, Apollo/Sun workstations, HP 9000, IBM AS/400, RS6000 and S390, DEC MicroVAX, Internet web/e-commerce/proxy servers/firewalls, Citrix, Cisco routers, bridges and gateways, wireless access points and PDAs.

Networks –
Novell NetWare 4.x/5.x, Windows NT/2000/IIS/Active Directory, Ethernet 10/100/TX, Fiber Optic, T-1/-3, ATM, xDSL, TCP/IP, VPN, DNS, Voice Over IP, X.25/400/500, Token Ring, AppleTalk, CSU/DSU, Wireless LANs.

Languages –
HTML/D-HTML/X-HTML, XML, WAP, Java, COM/COM+, Visual Basic, C/C++, DB2, MVS, VMS, CMS, JCL.


Lt. Colonel, United States Air Force

Commander, Strategic Nuclear Operations

Provided executive-level leadership and direction on a multitude of high-level national technology based projects at the Unified National Command level. Responsible for the financial, security, personnel and resource management of over 3000 professionals across 5 operational units . Top Secret/SIOP/ESI/SBI, NATO and Q Level security clearances. Honorable Discharge.

Resume 16

Samples represent that of an actual working technical professional found on the WEB and modified to protect the privacy of these professionals. Human names, company names, colleges, software product names are intentionally made up.


Peter Walen

Rochester, KS

Professional Summary

Networking professional with nearly 20 years of IT experience, including 14 years experience in all phases of operations support, network management, project management, enterprise network design, e- commerce systems and implementation of networks in LAN/WAN telecom environments.Excellent knowledge of the Internet. Experience installing and configuring routers, LAN and optical switches. Hold CCNA and working toward CCIE Certification. Has over 8 years of experience with LAN technologies such as Ethernet, Token Ring, SONET, FDDI, and WAN technologies such as DSU/CSU, T1, T3, Fractal T1, Frame relay, DDS, ISDN, DSX panels, DMS250, M13 mux, Brite voice response units, Cisco Summa switches, ACDs, and ATM. Excellent working knowledge of implementing and supporting LAN/WAN using HP Openview, CiscoWorks, CiscoView, CWSI, SNMP, and QIP on HP UX, Sun, and NT platforms. Received an Excellence award for engineering documentation. Directed project to upgrade Cisco hardware to Catalyst 5500 on corporate LAN on time and within budget overseeing 5 team members. Configured and tested Catalyst 5500 redundant supervisor modules with IP addresses and setup appropriate VLANS for proper operation. Directed operational support of enterprise LAN/WAN with over 2000 nodes consisting of highend IBM, HP, SGI, and PC systems. Responsible for directing 8 team members. Designed, configured and implemented Cisco 7000 backbone to replace old Cisco AGS + and IGS routers including new IP addressing scheme in timely manner and within budget. Received two Teamwork Awards. Provided support for training and help desk in large GSA enterprise LAN/WAN. Develop and maintain web pages for Service Provider NOC.

Technical Summary

  • Hardware: DEC System 10/20s, VAX 11780; Sun Sparc Stations; Cisco and Lucent Routers, Switches and Access Servers; Bay Networks, Routers, and Hubs; AT&T Definity System 75; T1 CSU/DSU; NAT bridges; various multiplexers and data communication equipment; PC, IBM, Macintosh, Compaq PC, and Compatible

  • Languages: HTML, Basic, Cobol, Assembler, C, Visual Basic

  • Applications: Office 97, Mail 3.2, Remote Mail, Project, FrontPage Web Designer; WordPerfect 5.1; Dbase; Harvard Graphics; Filemaker Pro; cc:Mail, CaLANdar; Procomm Plus; HP Openview; Tivoli Netview, GeoTel Call routing, MacWrite, Draw, QIP.

  • Operating Systems: Windows 95, 3.1, 3.11; NT Server 3.51/4.0, Workstation 3.51/4.0; OS2; MSDOS; Xenix; UNIX; Solaris; Novell 3.11/4.X; Presentation Manager

  • Network Topologies: Token-Ring; Ethernet Thick, Coax, 10BT; Switching; FDDI, Frame Relay, ATMNetwork

  • Protocols: SS7, OSPF, IGRP, EIGRP, IGRP, EGP, BGP, and PNNI.


Master of Business Administration, University of Denver, 1990.
Bachelor of Arts, University of Missouri, 1987.

Professional training: Missouri Institute of Technology, Electronics Technology.

  • GeoTel Admin Workstation;
  • Cisco Certified Network Associate;
  • Advanced Cisco Router Configuration;
  • Microsoft Windows/Windows 95;
  • Introduction to TCP/IP Internetworking;

Professional Experience

ABC/Lucent Technologies, Rochester, KS
9/99 to present

Senior Network Systems Consultant

Manage projects, design and install Network Management systems using Java and CGI tools for client company. Develop and implement solutions on time and within budget. Design and install HP OpenView NNM system, CiscoWorks 2000 applications on Sun platform and train personnel overcoming database problems. Develop and manage processes for provisioning and configuration of service provider networks. Design, implement and test QIP software at client sites.

Data Systems Inc., Kansas City, Missouri

8/96 to 9//99 Senior Systems Consultant

Manage projects for the design, implementation and maintenance of call-center networks for major telecommunications firms. Manage implementation of network support for operations group. Diagnose network problems with routers, switches and hubs. Develop web pages to support operations. Developed plans to design and implement core networks using GeoTel call processing for Dynamic Network Routing. Directed 6 projects to upgrade administration and call routing networks, which are located in 20 states, and over 1500 users. Directed project to design/configure HP Openview, Ciscoworks, and Ciscoview software for NT. Developed training for HP Openview and Ciscoworks. Administer Ciscoworks software and Sybase database.

ARC Inc., Stigma, Arizona
1995 to 1996

Network Manager

Manage, implement, and develop network infrastructure to include testing, configuring, and upgrading routers on large, complex TCP/IP network with connections to the Internet. Supervised a staff of 12 analysts to provide timely problem resolution of WAN/LAN issues on site. Developed and implemented plan to upgrade routers and install fiber links on time and in budget.

RNSI Inc., Atlanta, Georgia
1994 to 1995

LAN Manager

Managed the development and implementation of a help desk with a staff of 15. Provided technical support for 2 500 nodes Novell NetWare LAN using MS Windows and OS2 and refined procedures for the help desk. Developed and presented training classes on new software. Developed, documented, and edited technical tips for users. Tested WAN connectivity to remote offices using V.32 and V.34 US Robotics modems.

Teledyne Brown Engineering, Bellville, Alabama
1992 to 1994

Senior Sales

Support EngineerLed technical sales support team for Regional Sales Managers. Performed briefings and demonstrated EDI systems to potential clients. Provided technical support to associates and clients to resolve and document WAN connectivity issues for an X.25 based EDI system. Developed systems and procedures for Regional Sales team.

Geller, Orsen and Associates, Atlanta, Georgia
1991 to 1992

LAN Manager

Managed the data base administration, installation, upgrade, support and training on a 40 user LANtastic LAN running AutoCAD R 11.0, WordPerfect 5.1, Lotus 3.X, and a variety of software. Performed installation, evaluated and reported on the advantages of migrating company network to Novel 3.1X or Unix systems. Installed hardware, developed procedures; trained users on all new software and hardware systems.

United Airlines/Keller Partnership, Denver, Colorado
1980 to 1991

Field Service Engineer/Network Administrator

Managed the planning, implementation, and support of voice, data communications, hardware, and software for projects at O Hare and Denver Stapleton Airports. Coordinated/completed 200+ projects to install or upgrade client computer systems while maintaining time and budget constraints. Developed, tested, and documented a disaster recovery plan for the network site at Stapleton Airport.

Resume 17

Samples represent that of an actual working technical professional found on the WEB and modified to protect the privacy of these professionals. Human names, company names, colleges, software product names are intentionally made up.


Scott Napster

Bountland, UT

Senior Network Engineer / Architect


  • 3 years WAN experience with ATM, Frame Relay, SMDS, DSL, ISDN, DDS, T1 and T3, VPN, Cisco routers, PIX firewalls, RIP, IGRP, EIGRP, OSPF, BGP, HSRP, TACACS+ and Cisco Works
  • 6 years LAN experience with Cisco Catalyst and Cabletron switches, TCP/IP, IPX, STP, Ether Channel, Gigabit / Fast Ethernet, FDDI, Token Ring, VLANs and Trunking, WINS, DNS, DHCP and Radius
  • 10 years NOS experience with Microsoft Windows 2000 / NT / 95 / WFW, Novell, UNIX, and MS-DOS
  • 10 years application experience with Visio, Microsoft Office Suite, Microsoft Project and Wordperfect
  • 5 years software engineering experience with C/C++
  • Training in Cisco Network Professional series BSCN, BCMSN, BCRAN, CIT , Managing Cisco Network Security MCNS , Microsoft Windows 2000, Microsoft Active Directory, Microsoft SQL Server and Microsoft Systems Management Server SMS


Cisco Certified Network Professional CCNP / CCNA
Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer MCSE – A+ Certified
Microsoft Certified Product Specialist in Systems Management Server


DATACOM, INC., Sacramento, CA
October 2000 – April 2002

Senior Network Engineer

  • Engaged in daily analysis, design, documentation, change management, implementation, and support of clients network infrastructures – the major of which consisted of 300 Cisco routers, 1000 Cisco Catalyst switches and 15 Cisco PIX firewalls. Contributed to WAN portion of a 10,000 square foot data center migration from Napa, CA to Sacramento, CA – activities included moving over 100 backbone ATM, SMDS and Frame Relay circuits and redesigning the network core at the new data center using Cisco 7513, Catalyst 6500 and 5500 devices to provide fail-safe services within and to the data center.
  • Performed security appraisals of the network utilizing visual inspection of router and switch configurations files, port scanners, SNMP/ping sweeps, access lists, brute force attacks, and other methods to determine security weaknesses.
  • Advised clients on security practices such as changing passwords frequently, using strong password types, ensuring routing updates, vtp, ntp, HSRP, SNMP and other inter-router processes utilize password authentication to prevent hijacking. Also for clients to use TACACS+ to track router configuration changes, using access-lists to restrict unwanted traffic flows, restrict access into router input lines and monitoring access-list hits, inspecting ip-accounting logs to determine abnormal traffic patterns and other front-line security measures.
  • Integrated various types of WAN/LAN technologies to promote maximum throughput and scalability including VPN to replace legacy ISDN and RAS dial-up services, TACACS+ to introduce global authentication, authorization and accounting on all Cisco routers and switches, and using Frame Relay to ATM mapping FrATM at AT&T to allow a more cost effective design when remote sites require sub-T1 speeds but the access circuit into the data center is an OC3 where frame relay is not supported.
  • Developed automation scripts for performing mass change functions to routers and switches such as the ongoing process of changing passwords, SNMP community strings and upgrading switch and router IOS versions.
  • Designed replacement for legacy 10BaseT Cabletron switched network of 750 nodes at a 24-hour call center with a fault tolerant 100BaseTX Cisco switched network running Gigabit Ethernet on the backbone and to the server farm.

September 2001 – present

Instructor of Information Technologies

Developed and presented curriculum used for routing and switching courses

INDESIC, LLC, Santa Clara, CA
February 2000 – October 2000

Network Engineer

  • Sustained WAN infrastructure and connectivity between domestic and transoceanic locations consisting of Frame Relay, T1, and VPN services.
  • Designed a state-of-the-art network infrastructure at an 80,000 square foot facility including the provisioning of power, physical, and network infrastructures including disaster recovery for power and network resources, gigabit/fast Ethernet switching to all nodes, and wireless voice and data feeds to mobile devices.
  • Developed a roadmap and implemented a plan to convert from Windows NT to Windows 2000 and Active Directory.

January 1999 – February 2000

Consulting Systems Engineer

  • Collaborated with other network services personnel to derive and implement a strategy for upgrading a global implementation of Microsoft Systems Management Server SMS v1.2 to v2.0 on over 60,000 nodes.
  • Directed a process of certification, scalability and capacity testing to verify the integration of SMS v2.0 into the Intel global network.
  • Interfaced with Microsoft to improve SMS operations in large enterprise environments.
  • Established and documented processes for the installation, administration, security and disaster recovery of the corporate SMS infrastructure.
  • Presented instructional materials to introduce and explain SMS technologies to several technical review committees for implementation approval.

BLUE BELL, INC., Salt Lake City, UT / Sacramento, CA
September 1994 – January 1999

Systems / Network Engineer

  • Engineered, planned and implemented a corporate-wide network management solution using Microsoft SMS to significantly reduce costs of maintaining servers and end user workstations.
  • Derived and implemented upgrade of legacy email systems of Microsoft Mail and Lotus cc:Mail on over 7,000 clients to Microsoft Exchange and Outlook.
  • Sustained NT domains, WINS, DHCP, file servers and their connectivity between Packard Bell NEC call centers and out-sourcing providers at 5 national locations.
  • Conducted Y2k compliance activities on over 7,000 corporate network resources.
  • Implemented centralized time synchronization solution utilizing Network Time Protocol NTP to increase event accuracy and historical time stamping.

GRATA, INC., St. George, UT
April 1994 – June 1994

Software Engineer Intern

  • Translated product software from object oriented Pascal to C++
  • Executed alpha and beta testing on product software prior to public release


UNIVERSITY OF UTAH College of Engineering
Bachelor of Science in Computer Science Salt Lake City, UT
June 1997