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Resume 1

Samples represent that of an actual working technical professional found on the WEB and modified to protect the privacy of these professionals. Human names, company names, colleges, software product names are intentionally made up.


Carl Schuller


  • OS: Solaris, HPUX, NT, Irix, Digital, AIX
  • CM: ClearGuide, ClearCase, MultiSite, ClearMake, ClearDDTS, RCS
  • SCRIPTING: Perl preferred , Csh, Sh, Ksh, HTML, Javascript, Expect


Simon Consulting Systems, San Francisco, CA

Configuration Management Consultant

  • Provide services in relation to configuration management methodology implementation and administration.
  • Specialize in automating tasks and process through scripts, implementing branching models, implementing ClearMake solutions and remote site development administration.
  • Extensive experience implementing, integrating and managing ClearCase, ClearGuide and ClearDDTS as well as instituting accurate and automated build and release methodologies.
  • In addition, will provide comprehensive mentoring of in-house administrative staff that includes basic/advanced UNIX, Perl, Make, ClearCase/MultiSite and CM/build/release methodology training.

New Age Software Group, Cupertino, CA

Regional Consultant

  • Traveled to customer sites to provide direction for the implementation of ClearCase-based Configuration Management systems, hands-on assistance in successful pilots and any needed support for ClearCase, MultiSite, ClearMake for UNIX, NT or Interop.
  • Support services included basic troubleshooting and installations, performance tuning, VOB/VIEW server planning, MultiSite administration and automation, ClearMake implementation and tuning, and product/methodology training.

1994 – 1996
Advanced Software, Palo Alto, CA

UNIX integrator and CM consultant

  • General UNIX contractor.
  • Long-term contract at large UNIX/NT development environment to help create and implement comprehensive configuration management system, utilizing ClearCase, MultiSite and ClearMake.
  • Wrote many Perl scripts to automate various aspects of ClearCase and MultiSite administrative tasks.

1991 – 1994
Jones Financial Systems, Oakland, CA

Configuration Management Engineer

  • Sole configuration management engineer for several multi-million dollar projects with up to 60 developers.
  • Managed all phases of build and release activities as well as wrote scripts to implement configuration management methodology.
  • Traveled to customer sites to install releases and set up and manage remote development environments.

Resume 2

Samples represent that of an actual working technical professional found on the WEB and modified to protect the privacy of these professionals. Human names, company names, colleges, software product names are intentionally made up.


Martin S. White

80 Ocean Drive
San Jose, CA 95136


A position in Software Configuration Management, Build Release Engineering


More than 7 years of experience in SCM and SQA including:

  • Configuration Management: research, select, deploy, and maintenance of CM tools.
  • Build and Release: write scripts and make files to automate product build release.
  • Software Test: write test plans, test report, and test scripts SilkTest
  • Expertise with UNIX and Windows environments including shell and perl scripts, GNU make, CVS, perforce, Clearcase, Visual SourceSafe, PVCS
  • Organized with attention to detail. Team player. Excellent management skills


  • Languages: C, C++, Java
  • UNIX shells, perl, Ant, HTML, JavaScript, InstallShield, SilkTest, mySQL
  • Operating Systems and Software: Linux, Windows NT, 95/98, 2000 , UNIX Solaris , NetBSD
  • JDK, WebLogic, Websphere, Bugzilla, Tinderbox, ClearCase, CVS, MSVC, Perforce, CVS, PVCS Dimension


Victory Networks, San Jose, CA
4/2001 – 2/2002


  • Administered Perforce version control system: created accounts, branching, merging, patch fixes, snapshots, and trained users on the Perforce version control system. Managed daily builds and releases to QA. Debugged build failures and worked with developers and QA personnel to resolve related issues.
  • Implemented tinderbox and bugzilla to the build and release process. The result was a complete build system, which would execute every time there was a check in. Bugs were tracked and monitored consistently.
  • Wrote gmake, bash shell scripts, perl scripts, and mySQL scripts to support the Software Packaging Management to handle MD5, file name, version, and revision.
  • Managed a 5-peson black box testing QA team to spear head latest product testing.
  • Development environments, languages, and tools: NetBSD, Solaris, Windows NT, Windows 2000, Linux, GNU?s tools, gmake, Perl, bash, vcn, Apache, Perforce, CVS, Bugzilla, mySQL

Ferguson Market, San Jose, CA
2/2000 – 4/2001


  • Administered ClearCase and CVS code repositories: source tree and user account administration, branching, merging, patch fixes, snapshots, and training users on the systems.
  • Performed build and release of all software cycles engineering, test, production, update, patches, and maintenance. Wrote scripts in GNU make, Perl, bash, Ant to automate the build release processes. Debugged build failures.
  • Installed and administered Bugzilla bug tracking system with mySQL database and Apache webserver on Linux RedHat v6.2.
  • Established, documented, and enforced version control guidelines and procedures. Wrote development environment and tools guidelines for new hired software developers.
  • Wrote Acceptance Test Suite in Silk?s 4Test language to automate the acceptance test of all builds. Managed the planning and development of Test Cases.
  • Managed, spearheaded a 3-peson, tiger team from QA to regress test major bug fixes.
  • Development environments, languages, and tools: Solaris, Windows 98, NT, Linux, Sun?s JDK v1.x, WebLogic v4.51/5.0, GNU make, ant, Perl, bash, Apache, Visual SourceSafe, CVS, ClearCase, WinCVS, Bugzilla, mySQL.

Canon Informatics, Palo Alto, CA
1/1994 – 2/2000


  • Started from scratch the CM process for Canon Information Systems: Created, administered ClearCase, Visual SourceSafe, and PVCS source trees. Implemented bug tracking system. Established CIS coding standard and template. Wrote CM guidelines, and development tool guidelines.
  • Built and released various Canon products, ranging from Bubble Jet printer drivers, scanner drivers, laser printer drivers, to standalone Windows 95/98 applications. Debugged failed builds to isolate and pinpoint problems using SoftICE.
  • Wrote SilkTest scripts to automate all acceptance tests for all builds.
  • Wrote InstallShield programs for Windows application installations.
  • Created localization kits. Coordinated with language translators, vendors, developers, and QA to iron out problem occurred during the localization process.
  • Development environments, languages, and tools: Windows 3.11, Windows 95/98, NT, Mac, ClearCase, Visual SourceSafe, nmake, PVCS, PVCS Builder, CVS, Perl, InstallShield

Xerox Software Inc., Palo Alto, CA
7/1989 – 1/1994


  • Integrated and tested software components of Xerox s Document Systems
  • Developed in-house test tools using Xerox s computer language mesa
  • Wrote Test Plans and Test Details Reports
  • Development environments, languages, and tools Windows 3.1, XNS, mesa, Visual Test, Visual SourceSafe, nmake, MSVC, PVCS, PVCS Builder, MS-DOS, BAT


Bachelor of Science in Computer Science, Cal State Hayward, CA

Resume 3

Samples represent that of an actual working technical professional found on the WEB and modified to protect the privacy of these professionals. Human names, company names, colleges, software product names are intentionally made up.


Saluja Jyoto


  • Highly motivated and dedicated individual seeking a position in the area of Software Configuration Management.
  • Experienced in ClearCase administration and ClearCase Multisite involving version and process management.
  • Experienced in administering Clear Quest.
  • Automation of SCM processes using triggers and shell scripts.
  • Experienced in customer requirement analysis and structured programming techniques.
  • Quick comprehension with good analytical and communication skills.< /li>


  • Operating systems: Unix Solaris and Windows 2000/NT/98/95
  • SCM Tools: ClearCase4.0/4.1, ClearCase Multisite Unix and NT , Clear Quest 2001.03.00
  • Languages: VB5.0, C++ and C
  • Web Tools: Active Server Pages2.0, HTML3.2/4, DHTML, MS IE 4 and Active X components
  • Databases: Oracle 7.x/8, MS SQL Server 7.0
  • Scripts: JavaScript, VBScript, Shell and Perl Scripts


Intel Corporation, Santa Cruz, CA
February 2001 till Date

Configuration Manager

  • Responsible for preparing the Configuration Management Plan CMP to define the procedures for performing Configuration Management CM activities for the entire project.
  • Responsible for installing ClearCase on Windows NT/2000 and UNIX Sun Solaris .
  • Upgrading the VOB server to include latest patches/releases.
  • Responsible for Administering ClearCase and Clear Quest.
  • Designing and maintaining E-mail notification rules. Designing and maintaining database schemas.
  • Writing and maintaining user guides.
  • Maintaining user administration logins, permissions, mailing lists, user report .
  • Responsible for the documentation of the Implementation processes.
  • Responsible for the defining the branching and the merge strategy, creating baselines and releasing the code.
  • Responsible for Reformatting the VOBs from schema 53 to 54.
  • Responsible for restoring VOBs from the backups.
  • Responsible for troubleshooting problems with ClearCase and Multisite.
  • Defining multisite implementation strategy for access of latest code repository at remote site by all users.
  • Configuring ClearCase scheduler for synching the VOBs across the Intel sites at an hourly basis.
  • Responsible for writing Perl scripts to import Third Party Code into the VOBs.
  • Responsible for writing triggers to automate the process.
  • Define implementation policies after analysis of existing scenarios for various projects.
  • Responsible for developing Reports using ClearCase Report Builder and Crystal Reports.
  • Responsible for training the users in using ClearCase and Clear Quest for implementing the processes through various PowerPoint presentations.
  • ClearCase4.0/4.1, Multisite, Clear Quest 2001.03.00, Sun Solaris2.6, Windows 2000, Confeasy 1.12

Commerce Systems, Inc., Salinas, CA
November 2000 January 2001

ClearCase Administrator

  • Designed and implemented Configuration Management processes and procedures.
  • Administration of ClearCase, Multisite and Clear Quest.
  • Setup Configuration of ClearCase VOB, View, Registry and License servers and Clear Quest.
  • Involved in maintaining ClearCase environment in NT/Unix platforms.
  • Developed Shell/Perl scripts for system administration activities.
  • Designed and maintained database schemas.
  • ClearCase 4.0, Multisite, Clear Quest 2001.03.00, Windows NT, Unix

Digital Automated Data Processing, New York, NY
June 2000 October 2000

Configuration Manager/ClearCase Administrator

  • Developed company wide Software Configuration Management plan and defined code promotion process.
  • Customised triggers using Perl scripts to implement development policy enforcement. Installed and configured ClearCase on Unix SunSolaris and Windows NT Server.
  • Performed analysis, documentation, administration, VOB backup and recovery, branching-merging schemes and trigger automation as SCM duties.
  • Multisite analysis and implementation involving documenting geographically distributed development teams to determine proper replica synchronization and configuring Multisite.
  • Used both Command Line Interface CLI and Graphical User Interface GUI on Unix and NT.
  • Set up VOB server, license server, registry server and network regions for ClearCase INTEROP environments. Added non-version controlled resources/project objects to version-control.
  • Determined baselines and milestones to coordinate parallel development projects.
  • Monitor and support local and remote administration of VOBs.
  • ClearCase4.0/4.1, Multisite, Sun Solaris2.6, Windows NT

December 1996 April 2000

Software Engineer

  • Involved in requirement analysis and design.
  • Designed and coded dynamic web pages using ASP, VBScript and JavaScript.
  • Designed and coded front-end functionality using HTML, DHTML and JavaScript.
  • Coded data access functionality using ADO.
  • Developed software release notes. Designed and coded Distributed COM components for Payroll modules.
  • Imported non-versioned code into ClearCase.
  • Designed effective custom labeling, branching and merging strategies.
  • Assisted the development in the creation and modification of config specs.
  • Unit testing, Integration testing and bug fixing for various modules.
  • Visual Basic, ASP, COM, VbScript, JavaScript, ClearCase 3.2, Windows NT.

Inautix Technologies, India
September 1994 November 1996

Software Developer

  • Involved in the complete life cycle of the project.
  • Involved in the User requirement analysis.
  • Designing, coding and documenting the front-end functionality in C, C++ to calculate the inventory lying in the finished goods store.
  • Supported build management and release engineering.
  • Designed different tables using Oracle as the backend.
  • Designing forms for the invoices and reports for the clients.
  • Designing forms for the invoices and reports for the clients.
  • Automated the existing system to generate the details of stock available at a particular point.
  • Reports were created on daily, weekly and monthly basis for a particular category of products.
  • C, C++, Windows NT, Oracle


Bachelor of Science, Devi Ahillya University, India 1989
Master of Science in Organic Chemistry Gold Medallist, Devi Ahillya University, India 1991
Diploma in Computer Applications – Tulec Computers 1994

Resume 4

Samples represent that of an actual working technical professional found on the WEB and modified to protect the privacy of these professionals. Human names, company names, colleges, software product names are intentionally made up.


Glenn Bunker

137 Grandview Ave.
San Bernardino CA, 95018


Owner / Senior Engineer
San Bernardino Software Release Engineering

Technical Summary:

  • Skills: Configuration Management, Release Engineering, installation technology, version control, source control, automation, cross-platform solutions, open source tools, documentation, websites, software development, programming, scripting, Client/Server, training.
  • Languages and technologies: ClearCase, CVS, PVCS, InstallShield, PERL, AWK, unix shell scripting, batch scripting, Solaris and Irix installers, CGI, Bugzilla, Tinderbox, Talkback, HTML, C, C++, JavaScript, Java, IIS, Apache, SQL, ColdFusion administration.
  • Platforms: Linux, Windows NT, Windows 98, Windows 2000, Solaris, Irix, Mac OS9.< /li>

Professional Experience:

San Bernardino Software Release Engineering, San Bernardino, CA
July 2000 – present

Owner and Senior Engineer

  • Companies served: Netscape Communications; eMotion, Inc.; KickFire, Inc.; InterTrust Technologies Corp.
  • Provide expertise and engineers for build processes across multiple platforms; automated memory, footprint and performance related smoke testing on Linux; development and Release Engineering support for in-house webtools; Solaris and Windows installers InstallShield and XPInstall , XPInstall engine development.
  • Train entry level engineers into Build/Release, Installer programming, and test automation positions.

eMotion, Inc., Ontario, CA
1999 – 2000

Release Engineering Team Lead

  • Recruited, hired and trained two Release Engineers, one specializing in build processes and the other in InstallShield programming.
  • Automated the build process of a Java Client/Server product for parallel builds of multiple versions on multiple platforms using ClearCase, NT tools, Hummingbird Maestro and UNIX scripting.
  • Ported installers for 3 products from InstallAnywhere to InstallShield and significantly upgraded installer quality.
  • Maintained installers for Solaris and Irix products.

Netscape Communications, Oceanside, CA
1997 – 1999

Webtools Developer

  • Designed and implemented a tool to deploy shipping products across a firewall via HTML forms using CGI scripts PERL , an existing Oracle database and HTTPS security. The solution coordinated activities between Marketing and Release Engineering, synced Web content about products and actual physical bits on the Netscape portal site, removed opportunities for human error, controlled access to sensitive servers, and provided an audit trail of activities.
  • Formulated an approach to internationalizing an existing CGI based tool used to manage product releases on the Netscape portal site. Requirements included supporting localized products, sites and advertising across different geographic user locations and websites.
  • Designed and implemented SmartUpdate Builder SUB , which shipped with Mission Control Desktop. This tool was created to make Netscape Navigator s SmartUpdate features, a web based installation technology, more accessible for developers and enterprise users. SUB is implemented almost entirely in JavaScript/HTML, with a small C module.
  • Redesigned and began implementation for the 2.0 release of Configuration Editor CE , a Mission Control Desktop tool used by enterprise customers to customize Netscape Navigator. The redesign included a complete UI redesign and the addition of several new features to the tool. CE is written almost entirely in JavaScript/HTML, with a small Java module.

Release Engineer 1997

  • Automated and maintained the build and release processes for Netcaster 2.0 across Windows, UNIX and Mac platforms.

National University, San Diego, CA
1996 – 1997

Adjunct Faculty

  • Taught several semesters of introductory and intermediate C programming.

Borland International, Los Angeles, CA
1990 – 1997

Release/Integration Engineer

  • Managed a small release team for IntraBuilder and Visual dBASE.
  • Created and maintained InstallShield installers for above products and contributed maintenance support to installer for Borland C++ tools suite.
  • Released a plethora of products, both domestic and international including double byte, over my entire tenure. Release responsibilities included version control, build, automation and installation.
  • Lead the development and maintenance of several utilities for CM support and build automation using C, C++, Delphi, Paradox Engine, OPAL and DOS batch files.
  • Contributed to several aspects of the installation technology development for DOS and Windows. In addition to work on in-house tools and solutions, this included both development of InstallShield installations and collaboration with InstallShield toward improvements to their product.


  • Certificates in ClearCase administration and metadata from Rational Software Corporation.
  • MS in Software Engineering from National University, San Jose, CA
  • BS in Computer Sciences from National University, San Jose, CA
  • CS in Computer Information Systems from Monterey Peninsula College, Monterey, CA

Resume 5

Samples represent that of an actual working technical professional found on the WEB and modified to protect the privacy of these professionals. Human names, company names, colleges, software product names are intentionally made up.


Simon A. Ford


Seven 7 years of IT experience with Four 4 years of strong experience in Software Configuration Management, Build Management and Release Engineering using tools like Rational ClearCase, Rational ClearCase Multisite, Rational DDTS 4.1, Purify, Rational Suite on Windows NT/ 2000/ 98, HP-UX 10.20/11.00, Linux 6.2 and Solaris environment.

Certified Rational Clearcase Multisite Administration by Rational University
Certified Loadrunner Web by Mercury Interactive
Certified WinRunner Web by Mercury Interactive


  • Configuration Management Tool: Rational ClearCase, Rational ClearCase Multisite, Rational DDTS 4.1, Rational Suite, Rational Robot, Purify, Quantify, Rational Rose, ClearQuest
  • Release Engineering: Clear Make, GNU Make, N Make, Perl Script, Shell Script
  • Install Shield Tool: RPM Redhat Package Manager , Windows Installer
  • Languages: C, C++, Perl 5.0, Java 2.0, ASP, JavaScript, VBScript, PL/SQL, HTML, DHTML, Shell Script
  • GUI: PowerBuilder 6.5, Visual Basic 6.0
  • QA Automation Tool: Win Runner, Load Runner
  • RDBMS: Oracle 8.0/7.x, MS SQL Server 7.0/6.0, MS Access.
  • Operating System: Windows NT/2000/98/95, Windows CE, UNIX, HP-UX, Linux, Solaris, Pocket PCs Gernada HP / Palm Devices, QNX-Neutrino OS


Shell Optical Networks, Inc.
March 2002 – Till Date

Clearacse Administrator

  • Responsible for Software Configuration Management and related activities for Clearcase LT, Bug tracking system ClearQuest ver. 20001.03.00 on Windows 2000 platform, Builds and Releases Products on Windows 2000 platform, Final installer Superimage creation on Windows 2000 platform.
  • Responsible for Clearcase LT and ClearQuest and Product build and Release day to day support,creation of final Superimage Installer for testing and delivery to customer and putting the final image on FTP server, modification to existing build setup as per user requirement, footprint Static code size generation required by project managers.
  • Responsible for design and implementation of polices, branching methodologies.
  • Responsible for Clearcase, ClearQuest client, Crystal Report 8.0 installation on client s machine
  • Responsible for Daily Backup, Scheduling of backup job, Nightly backup setup, Every morning making sure of backup status and solving if any backup related problems with Veritas Backup Ver 8.60.
  • Responsible for ClearQuest Administration
  • Environment : ClearCase LT on Windows 2000, ClearQuest 200103.00, C++, JAVA, Veritas Backup Ver 8.60 backup
  • Software: Crystal Report, Windows2000.

Westman Kodak Company
September 2001 – March 2002

Software Configuration Management Clearcase and Release Engineer

  • Responsible for Software Configuration Management and related activities, Bug tracking system DDTS 4.0, Builds and Releases of Products on UNIX and NT platform, Installer creation on UNIX RPM .
  • Configured Rational s ClearCase CM environment and subsequent migration from Sun s Solaris servers to other Sun s Solaris servers.
  • Developed and implemented a CM architecture and process to support C++ development on PC and UNIX clients, Updated policies and procedures associated with software configuration management, Data transfer in Clearcase from UNIX environment. Configured defecPerformed various software builds for QA and testing environments. Responsible for new build line creation for new branches of code, Merging, Nightly build compilation setup. t – tracking system DDTS 4.0 .
  • Responsible for DDTS administration. New account creation, adding new projects, creation and maintaining email notification list, solving DDTS related problems of users. ClearCase DDTS end user support needed for ClearDDTS users running on Windows NT. Installed Rational Clearcase, DDTS, Purify.
  • Responsible for RPM and whole RPM regeneration process.Installed and tested existing RPM. Patching existing RPM s. Uploaded final RPM s on FTP sites. Specification file generation for rebuilding RPM s.
  • Environment: Clearcase 4.0, Legato Networker Backup software, Solaris, Windows NT 4.0, Windows2000

Hewlett Packward
February 2001 – August 2001

Clearcase Administrator/UNIX Administrator/Release Engineer

  • Administrated ClearCase Version Control used in development and QA organizations and end user support for ClearCase users running on Windows, Linux, HP-UX.
  • Administrated ClearCase Multisite. Monitoring shipping Incoming and Outgoing activities and making modifications to both replicas, synchronizing the replicas and verifying changes are done, communicating to other site. Transfer mastership from one site to another.
  • Provided ClearCase, UNIX, Windows NT support to users such as solving users problem for ClearCase, Disk access, UNIX login, VOB access problems on UNIX server, elements in VOB. Setup environment for new ClearCase user i.e. preparing new client machine, installation of ClearCase and DiskAccess on client machine.
  • Administrated ClearCase DDTS, solved DDTS related problems of users, Responsible for ClearCase DDTS end user support needed for ClearDDTS users running on Windows NT, Linux, HP-UX.
  • Implemented and administrated Rational Suite TestStudio, Installed and setup for Rational Suite TestStudio.
  • Setup and maintenance of a cross development environments where build /host is one of following HP-UX, Linux, Windows NT, QNX and target would be one of following HP-UX, Linux, Windows NT, QNX, Windows CE and automation of build environment. Integrated and nightly build of multiple products. Responsible for creation of source and binary products, suggest fixes at times. Created and applied labels for builds.
  • Administrated HP-UX system and support for NIS login, netgroup, slaves , NFS and automounter process. Monitored disk space growth and performance and load.Responsible for maintaining software and hardware support and networking problems. Provided 24 x 7 project support.
  • Environment: ClearCase 4.0, HTML, Omniback Backup software, HP-UX 10.20/11.00, Linux 6.2, Windows NT 4.0, Windows 98

Foliant Corporation
May 2000 – January 2001

ClearCase Administrator/Release Engineer System

  • Maintained generalized VOBs. Responsible for administration of ClearCase Version Control used in development and QA organizations.
  • Responsible for daily/weekly releases/builds. Responsible for planning and set-up of license server, Registry server and network regions. Designed effective custom branching and merging strategies. Installed Linux 6.2 servers, Windows NT 4.0 Servers, workstations, Service Pack.
  • Installed and setup for Apache server on Linux. Installed Oracle database on Linux.Did web site development using HTML, DHTML, JavaScript on Linux 6.2 and administration, support for Linux 6.2.
  • Responsible for maintaining status, scheduling of work, reporting to project-leader, preparing status reports. Provided 24 x 7 project support. Responsible for maintaining software and hardware support and networking problems.
  • Environment: ClearCase 4.0, HTML, DHTML, JavaScript, Linux 6.2, Windows NT 4.0, Windows98, Solaris, HP-Unix

Netscape Communications Corporation
August 1999 – April 2000

Clear Case Administrator Sun Solaris /Release Engineer

  • Installed and configured ClearCase on UNIX Sun Solaris , Server.Responsible for daily builds. Maintained “Build Scripts and do builds.Helped set-up license server, registry server, and network regions for ClearCase.
  • Prepared environment setup for testing, Installed Windows NT workstation, Service Pack.
  • Designed effective custom branching and merging strategies. Responsible for sending our “Monthly” release notes and other management reports. Developed scripts using Perl for automation of testing procedure, functional and Y2K testing of Netscape Products such as Netscape Collabra Server, Netscape Messaging Server. Environment setup for testing.
  • Tested product functionality for Y2K compliance. Applied Fixed and Rollover dates for Y2k testing. Tested and prepared test cases documents.
  • Prepared the final Y2K Certification Report.
  • Environment: ClearCase 4.0, Netscape Messaging Server, AIX, Perl, HTML, Netscape Collabra Server, Dec, Linux 2.2, Windows 98, Windows NT, Solaris, HP-Unix

ABCEdge Corporation
January 1999 – July 1999

Interview tracking system Release Engineer/Software Developer

  • Designed and developed an application Interview tracking system to keep track of on-site consulting positions and the suitable personnel for the particular requirement using Perl, CGI, HTML, JavaScript and Oracle 7.3.
  • Analyzed, documented, administration, VOB backup and recovery, branching methods, merging, trigger automation, version control Management.
  • Developed system using PERL, CGI, HTML, JavaScript, ORAPERL and ORACLE 7.3 backend was responsible for tracking and solving during testing phase.
  • Developed and tested the database driven functionalities like inserting new lead, updating skill set, inserting new appointment, retrieving successful appointments and viewing personnel available on specific skill set and experience database was updated each time when Interview/appointment was done.Involved in unit testing of the module.
  • Responsible for Administration of ClearCase 4.0 used in QA department UNIX .
  • Did unit testing, Integration testing, functionality testing and regression testing.
  • Environment: ClearCase 4.0, Perl, CGI, HTML, JavaScript, OraPerl, Oracle 7.3. Windows NT

Ryder Informix, Denver
October 1998 – December 1998

Point of Sale System

  • Designed and developed Point of Sale System which handled total management from truck rental leads, quotes, discounts, agreements to resale of trucks using PowerBuilder 6.5 and Oracle 7.3.
  • Used various PowerBuilder objects like Application, Window, Datawindow and UserObjects.
  • Involved in the development at front end of Customer Management Module, which maintained detail information about customers with a dealer and interaction with Tuxedo 6.3.
  • Environment: PowerBuilder 6.5, Tuxedo 6.3, Oracle 7.3, Windows NT

Pinkerton Computer Consultants
March 1998 – September 1998

Etude – Training System

  • Developed Etude Training System using PowerBuilder 5.0, PFC and Oracle 7.3. This system maintains all details required for qualified employees for a specific role in company.
  • Responsible for the user interaction, screen design and development of User Interface using various PowerBuilder Objects like Application, Window, Datawindow, User Objects, Menu.
  • Wrote complex Powerscripts using Embedded SQL, user events, and instance shared variables.
  • Used inheritance and user objects to ensure consistency of screens and code.
  • Performed Data Transfer program using embedded SQL, database link. Involved in DBA activities such as creating users, backups, Startup and Shutdown.
  • Created instance in Oracle on Windows NT.
  • Environment: PowerBuilder 5.0, PFC, Oracle 7.3, Windows NT

GroupWare Digital Systems Limited
April 1996 – January 1998

Production Support System

  • This system maintained information about production cycle. It involved various processes from molding, furnace, machine shop and quality control departments.
  • Involved in screen design and development of User Interface using various PowerBuilder Objects like Application, Window, datawindow, User Objects and Menu.
  • Wrote complex powerscripts using user events, instance and shared variables window levels. Developed various data entry screens, maintenance screens, master-detail Screens and different interface styles like dropdown datawindows, checkboxes, radio buttons, listbox.
  • Used inheritance and user objects to ensure consistency of screens and code.
  • Environment: PowerBuilder 4.0, Oracle 7.0, RS 6000, AIX 3.1, Windows 95

Krupp Industries Limited
December 1995 – March 1996

Inventory Management System

  • This system maintained database of hardware components. It kept track of every transaction of hardware component between various departments in the company.
  • Designed screen and developed User Interface using various PowerBuilder Objects like Application, Window, Datawindow, Menu and Report.
  • Developed various data entry screens, maintained screens, master entry screens and different interface styles like dropdown datawindows, checkboxes, radio buttons and listbox.
  • Used inheritance to ensure consistency of screens and code.
  • Environment: PowerBuilder 4.0, Oracle 7.0, RS 6000, AIX 3.1, Windows 95


B.S. in Computer Science

Resume 6

Samples represent that of an actual working technical professional found on the WEB and modified to protect the privacy of these professionals. Human names, company names, colleges, software product names are intentionally made up.


Daniel Mitchell

59 Old Town Way
Weatogue, CT 06089


An intelligent, self-starting Professional with over sixteen years experience in Application Development Design, Implementation, Support and Consulting. Proven Mainframe, PC/LAN, and Technical Support abilities. Outstanding Project Management, analysis, problem solving, communication, and implementation skills. Specialist in Configuration Management with experience in Application Development Lifecycle design, training, processes, and support. Very fast learner with the ability to quickly devise solutions to technical problems and integrate them into a comprehensive design


  • Configuration Management
    • Rational Clearcase for NT
    • Rational ClearQuest
    • Merant PVCS Version Manager
    • Serena Change Man Workstation
    • Rational Clearcase for Unix
    • CA-Endevor/Workstation
    • Serena X:Change
    • CA-Serena Change ManEndevor/MVS
  • UNIX
    • IBM AIX
    • Sun Solaris
    • PERL
  • Personal Computer
    • Windows/NT 4.0 Workstation
    • Advanced Server
    • SQL Server programming
    • Object Oriented programming
    • SNA servCOM/DCOMer with MTS and COMTIWindows 95/98/ME
    • Microsoft Visual Studio
    • Visual Basic 6.0
    • Microsoft Project
    • Microsoft Office Products
    • Micro Focus Mainframe Express
    • Micro FocMicro Focus Revolve us Netexpress
    • Softfactory/ 2000
    • Micro Focus COBOL Workbench with optional addins
    • Micro Focus XDB
    • Micro Focus Mainframe Access
    • Various Mainframe Terminal Emulators
    • Lotus Notes
  • Mainframe
    • MVS/ESA
    • CICS
    • SQL
    • COBOL II
    • JCL
    • TSO
    • VSAM
    • DB2 proAbend-aidgramming
    • File-aid


3/2002 present
ABC Warburg, Stamford, CT


  • Designed, documented, and implemented procedures for using Rational ClearCase to control the Application Development Life Cycle for the Global General Ledger system. Created a branching and labeling model to handle the promotion and release of the system to the testing and production environments. Created ClearCase makefiles to build and deploy the application components from ClearCase. Performed all aspects of ClearCase administration during this project.
  • Performed analysis and reconciliation of two different versions of the Global General Ledger system using Rational ClearCase. Created Scripts and reports to document the reconciliation results. Worked with developers and Release Engineers during the reconciliation, testing, and implementation cycles.
  • Designed, documented, and implemented procedures for managing Sybase and Oracle database changes during the development cycle. The procedure captures changes to the database definitions as well as to reference data held in the databases and stores them in ClearCase. Database changes are migrated to the testing and production environments in coordination with application changes.
  • Created a Visual Basic utility to manage changes to reference data held in the Sybase and Oracle databases. The utility allowed live migration of the data between different database servers and provided and audit trail of the activity. This utility is used to ensure the correct reference data is in place for the Global General Ledger to utilize.

2/2000 3/2002
Strategic Investments, Marlborough, MA


  • Provided Rational Clearcase implementation and consulting services to Fidelity as part of the Version Control Team for Fidelity Information Services Group. Installed, configured, tested, and supported Clearcase on Windows/NT and UNIX. Planned and implemented Clearcase for a wide variety of application development teams in a mixed Windows/NT UNIX environment.
  • Designed and implemented a new Application Development Lifecycle for Windows/NT UNIX Change Management. Developed Policies and Procedures for implementing the Lifecycle using Rational Clearcase and ClearQuest across platforms.
  • Attended Rational Clearcase Fundamentals, Metadata, and Administration training while planning conversion from PVCS Version Manager for Windows/NT and IBM AIX to Clearcase for Fidelity Group Pension Canada.
  • Created PERL scripts and modified Kornshell scripts for use with PVCS and Clearcase as triggers and utilities to automate many of the Release Management functions.
  • Installed, Configured, and tested new versions of Clearcase, PVCS, and ClearQuest on Windows/NT and UNIX. Planned and executed the deployment of the new versions.
  • Provided Release Engineering services to Fidelity Group Pension Canada using PVCS Version Manager and PVCS Configuration Builder on Windows/NT and IBM AIX platforms. Responsible for all Promotions, Builds, Release Management, and Production Deployments of a wide variety of applications including JAVA/HTML Web applications, IBM WebSphere applications, C++ Windows applications, IBM AIX CICS and Batch COBOL applications, and Kornshell scripts.

NN Waterhouse, Jersey City, NJ


  • Installed, Configured, analyzed and tested Microsoft SNA server, Microsoft Transaction Server, and COMTI to provide access to mainframe CICS transaction from Visual Basic application via APPC/LU6.2 protocol.
  • Worked with service bureau to gather communication and application specifications for application interface.
  • Created component type libraries in COMTI for data type conversion from CICS to VB.
  • Documented SNA server/COMTI configuration and instructed Waterhouse programmers on configuration and use of SNA server and COMTI.

7/99 10/99
Independent Technologies, Cambridge, MA


  • Provided senior technical services on a client server project being developed for Mercedes Benz Credit Corp. Application consisted of a Visual Basic GUI front end accessing a CICS/COBOL/DB2 mainframe application through Microsoft Transaction Server and COMTI. Designed application architecture, resolved numerous mainframe and integration technical issues, performed business analysis and design, and assisted project management with project planning.
  • Installed, configured, tested, and supported Microsoft SNA server, Microsoft MTS, and COMTI to provide remote access to mainframe CICS transactions from Visual Basic application via TCP/IP on Windows/NT network. Performed troubleshooting and problem resolution for SNA server and COMTI.
  • Designed Visual Basic to CICS interface components and created component type libraries in COMTI for data type conversion from CICS to VB.
  • Designed, installed, configured, and supported application development environment using Micro Focus Mainframe Express with the SQL option for DB2 emulation and the CICS option, Microsoft SourceSafe, SNA server, and Visual Studio on a Windows/NT network.
  • Provided documentation, training, and mentoring to application designers and developers on use of application architecture and development environment.

9/94 7/99
Macro Focus Inc., Wayne, PA


  • Project Leader developing a Vendor Managed Inventory distributed client/server application for a Micro Focus client. Used Micro Focus Netexpress to develop Object Oriented COBOL COM/DCOM objects. The application used a Visual Basic GUI front-end to initiate the business processes written in Object COBOL and utilized Embedded SQL and ODBC drivers to access a Microsoft SQL server database. Performed business analysis, object design, architectural design, coding, testing, and training.
  • Consulted for Micro Focus, Inc. at various client sites. Installed, Configured, Tested, Documented, and Rolled out PC Workstations for offloading Mainframe COBOL development and maintenance using Micro Focus Mainframe Express, Micro Focus Mainframe Access, Micro Focus COBOL Workbench, CICS Option, 370 Assembler Option, IMS option, CA Endevor/MVS and Endevor/WS, Serena Change Man and Change Man Workstation, Serena X:Change, Attachmate Extra! For Windows and Extra! Personal Client, and Intersolv PVCS products.
  • Designed, Implemented, and Documented procedures for performing Year 2000 remediation using Micro Focus Softfactory/2000 and Micro Focus Workbench tools. Performed Impact analysis and Year 2000 analysis on large mainframe systems.
  • Trained and Mentored application developers on the use of Workstation tools for Year 2000 remediation.
  • Designed and Implemented Application Development Lifecycle Strategies for controlling Distributed Application Development. These strategies included installing and configuring Software Control Management products such as Endevor/MVS and WS, Change Man and Change Man/WS, X:Change, Micro Focus Mainframe Access, and PVCS. Migrated Mainframe Application software to the LAN for maintenance on PC Workstations.
  • Clients include Chemical Bank, JP Morgan Guaranty Co., United Jersey Bank, US Postal Service, Franklin Life Insurance Co., John Hancock Life Insurance Co., Prudential Insurance, Ames Department Stores, Mercedes Benz Credit Corp, and Panduit, Inc.

The GRFS Systems Group, Inc., Glastonbury, CT


  • Worked under contract for the Sikorsky Aircraft Division of United Technologies Corp., Stratford, CT. Designed, Configured, Tested, and Implemented Endevor/MVS and Endevor/WS software and procedures to provide control of Mainframe software development.

Aetna Life Insurance Co., Middletown, CT

Service Consultant, Enterprise Technology Services ETS 1992-1993

  • Constructed, tested, implemented, and supported PC/LAN based Application Development Workstation ADW using Micro Focus COBOL, Endevor/WS, and Endevor/MVS to increase programmer productivity by off loading Mainframe Application Development.
  • Served as core team member on two initiatives developing Aetna Corporate Standards for Source Code Asset Management CAM and LAN Administration. Helped design Aetna s strategy for CAM implementation with various Application Development scenarios on a variety of platforms.

Administrator Software Programmer 1992-1992

Software Analyst 1990-1992

Systems Analyst, Employee Benefits Division 1989-1990

Senior Programmer Analyst, EBD 1987-1989

Programmer Analyst, EBD 1985-1987


Diploma, Business Computer Programming, Computer Processing Institute, East Hartford, CT. 4.0 GPA

Rochester Institute of Technology, Photographic Science Major, Dean s List

Diploma, William Hall High School, West Hartford, CT

Numerous training classes in a wide variety of technologies.

Resume 7

Samples represent that of an actual working technical professional found on the WEB and modified to protect the privacy of these professionals. Human names, company names, colleges, software product names are intentionally made up.


Jay M. Steven

162 Santa Anna drive
Pleasonton, CA 94566

Personal Summary

My vision is to help developers be more productive by getting products out quicker, correct, and with fewer iterations. I accomplish this vision by automating tasks such as builds, regression checks and defect tracking, writing tools for developers to reduce repetitive and complicated tasks, exploiting configuration management of a versioned code repository, better communication through documentation with leading edge tools such as Wiki, journalled IM and KLogs, and process improvements based on experience. Self-motivated, I work by my own, as a leader, or as part of a team maintaining a constant focus on the end goal.


  • 9 years ClearCase and MultiSite Administration
  • 30 years as a programmer with over 18 in Software Engineering
  • 20 years Software Configuration and build management, 9 years ClearCase, 8 years CVS
  • 9 years writing web applications with first 3-tier application in 1995
  • 20 years mainframe, 15 years PC, 10 years Unix workstations
  • 15 years with embedded systems


Silicon Consulting Associates Corp.
October 1999 – Present

Senior Software Configuration Management Consultant

As Senior Consultant I focus on refining and improving development infrastructure for development environments. Assignments include process and infrastructure performance improvements for a client that practices a form of extreme programming with code reuse in over 30 embedded products per year from a single code base. As ClearCase consultant responsibilities include:

  • ClearCase and MultiSite administration
  • ClearCase and MultiSite hardware, software, and process specification
  • ClearCase and MultiSite release migration and patch application
  • ClearCase trigger creation for secure cross-platform operation
  • ClearCase hardware budgeting and tuning
  • Makefile review and debug
  • Analyzing performance bottlenecks in both development infrastructure and processes
  • End-user Help-Desk support
  • At this assignment ClearCase usage grew from 12 to over 125 VOBs per site, MultiSite was introduced and grew to 6 sites and over 800 VOBs syncing 4 times per hour.
  • Upgraded ClearCase hardware to tier 1 Solaris with SAN write cached disks
  • Migrated from ClearCase version 3.1.1 to 3.2.1 to 4.2
  • Worked with Rational to fix multiple clearmake problems
  • Migrated some development to NT ClearCase interop with NFS, CCFS, and CFIS to NetApp resident support
  • Prototyped a Linux ClearCase build farm
  • Introduced pilot UCM process project for new product development
  • Restructured several large VOBs with minimal impact on developers
  • Developed label archive/restore procedure
  • Perform SysAdmin duties on co-located multi-host web, mail, and application server.
  • Projects include Titan, tripwire, remote backups, OpenSSL/SSH, BIND, djbdns, sendmail, qmail, pine, mutt, ezmlm, apache 1.3.20, perl 5.6.1, mod_perl, MySQL, and TWiki with pluggings for drawing and enhanced skins.

Develop a ClearCase site survey tool that assembles a quick detailed technical overview of a ClearCase installation and continue to consult with clients on specific ClearCase performance issues.

Digital Capital Technology
June 1997 – October 1999

Senior Software Configuration Management Consultant

Senior SCM consultant focused on ClearCase and MultiSite performance problems. In addition to analyzing and addressing performance problems I undertook assignments that include:

  • Developed Perl based build system.
  • Created custom DDTS reports.
  • Upgraded entire development system for 200 engineers to address Y2K issues.
  • Analyzed Y2K requirements for 500 engineer company.
  • Performed several large VOB splits.

Exponential Technology
Dec. 1996 – April 1997

1996-1997 Tech Lead – System Administration group

Hand on manager for System Administration group of 4 people. Formed support group responsible for 120 NetBSD with over 750 GB storage 70 NetBSDs in simulation farm , 20 apple Macs, 20 Sun, and 20 Wintel administrative PCs. Infrastructure support include:

  • backup/restore, GNU tool maintainence
  • NetBSD 1.2 install
  • Hardware maintainence
  • Software support
  • MKLinux port to X704
  • NT 4.0 server install to support PCs and Macs
  • internal and external apache web site

1988 – Dec. 1996

1990-1996 Tech Lead – Design Automation Tools Group

The Tech Lead for a DATools group of 8-15 people who were responsible for the computer resources for development and administrative uses for the 270 person storage business at ARZAN. As Tech Lead, I was involved in the migration of all development activities from a 3270 mainframe environment to the current Open System combination of Sun workstations, PCs, and mainframes. Duties includes:

  • Development process definition and automation
  • Configuration Management
  • Project Management
  • Tool specification and selection
  • Budgeting and purchase of tools
  • Webmaster
  • System Administration
  • Hardware, Software, and Maintenance budgeting
  • Network Architecture
  • Training
  • Overall technical leadership
  • Technical accomplishments include:
  • In house SCM system based on VM/CMS
  • Conversion to ClearCase MultiSite
  • Automating audited system builds
  • Makefile structure to maintain DNS based on NIS hosts map

1988-90 Development Engineer

  • 6100 Storage Controller and follow on Microcode developer OEMI
  • Fiber interface designer and programmer. Mainframe host support development in 370 Assembler using for MVS STARTIO, SuperLocate, ESTAE and VM CP Diagnose
  • IO, CMS, QuarterDeck 1988
  • Chief programmer for tape backup system QIC 120 for S/36 using twinax interface and embedded Intel 80186.

Tallgrass 1987-88

  • Core team member on development of a cached storage controller for IPI-3 to ESDI using Intel 451 and M68020.
  • Lead programmer for 68020 assembler, wrote and used a M4 macro pre-processor to develop embedded disk controller system using non-preemptive, multi-tasking, threaded I/O and managed cache.

Contractor 1985-86

  • Fortran Geophysical Programmer to O Conner Research targeting PCs, Unix, Vax/VMS and Cray/COS.

Storage Technology 1977-85

  • MVS
  • VM Systems Programmer supporting 80 person HW/SW Development and Test organization. Lead group of six people maintaining 45 MVS and 6 VM systems.

TSafeco Title Ins. 1975-77

  • MVT, MVS Systems Programmer

Transamerica Insurance 1973-75

  • Cobol
  • Assembler Programmer


Professional Training
Project Management, VM Internals, The Human Element – Phase I, UCLA Extension Certificate of Systems Programming,
California State University at Fresno
1972-73 B.S. Business Administration
Fresno Pacific College
1969-1972 Liberal Arts undergraduate

Tools, Environments and Skills

  • Code Control Rational ClearCase, RCS, CVS, SCCS, VM UPDATE, VSS, Perforce
  • Languages-Interpreted Perl, Bourne and Korn shell, HTML, JavaScript, Python, Make, REXX, Basic, TeX, GML, elisp
  • Languages-Compiled C, C++, Perl, Pascal, Assembler, Java, Algol68, COBOL, Fortran
  • Unix Tools gcc, g++, ld, awk, sed, pipes, Make, NTP, BIND, djbdns, qmail, apache, TWiki, jabber
  • Operating Environments Unix Solaris, IRIX, NetBSD , Linux, MS Windows 2000, NT, MVS, VM
  • Editors Xemacs, vi, XEDIT, Frame, MS Word, notepad, ISPF
  • Tracking Systems ClearQuest, DDTS, Bugzilla, IPRC, Remedy
  • Project Management MS Project, TimeLine

Resume 8

Samples represent that of an actual working technical professional found on the WEB and modified to protect the privacy of these professionals. Human names, company names, colleges, software product names are intentionally made up.


Thomas Cook

210 East Street
Sammamish, WA 98075


Clearcase Admin, Release Engineer, Unix Admin


The University of Maine
BS in Computer Science, 1991
Minor in Electrical Engineering.

ADVANCED Software Development Lifecycle, Batkey-Howell


  • Clearcase Advanced Administration, Rational
  • Advanced Unix Software Development, IBM/Boston
  • Unix Performance Management, IBM/Boston
  • Advanced AIX Systems Administration, IBM/Boston
  • Advanced Solaris Systems Administration, Sun/Boston
  • TCP/IP Network Communications, IBM/Boston

APPLIED Software Development Experience:


  • Software Development Lifecycle Model
  • Project Planning
  • Change Control
  • Design Reviews
  • Test Plans
  • Test Cycles
  • SQA/Auditing
  • Release Management

Release Engineer Experience:

  • Clearcase Administration
  • Multisite
  • Automated Build Expertise
  • Makefile Management
  • SQA Audit Scripts
  • Compiler Management
  • Systems Integration Work

UNIX Administration Experience:

  • AIX
  • Solaris
  • HPUX
  • Clearcase
  • UCM
  • Multisite
  • X11
  • CDE

UNIX Shell Programming Experience:

  • Korn
  • Perl
  • Bourne
  • C
  • Awk
  • Sed

Network Administration Experience:

  • TCP/IP
  • NFS
  • NIS
  • DNS
  • Automounter
  • Netview DM
  • Sendmail
  • Ethernet
  • FDDI
  • X.25
  • Modems
  • Concentrators
  • Hubs
  • Fiber Optic Wiring

Hardware Experience:

  • IBM RS/6000
  • IBM SP2
  • Sun Sparc
  • Xstations
  • Tape Libraries
  • RAID
  • High Capacity Storage Units
  • Network Printers
  • Memory and Hard Disk installation.


Boeing Commercial Aircraft, Contract, Kirkland, WA
May 1997 to Present

HISTORY Systems Engineer / Clearcase Administrator, Distributed CATIA Group

  • As the Release Engineer I managed all development code following the Software Development Lifecycle Model. I was responsible for the entire build process including the creation of Makefiles and maintaining consistent and up to date compiler levels.
  • Developed automated build programs to create Makefiles and to perform the builds.
  • Performed AIX, HP, and Solaris Systems Administration for 30+ test systems. I would continually reinstall and custom configure servers for different test situations.
  • Created formal test plans which detailed step by step instructions for setting up a test scenario and included task check lists to ensure that all tasks in the plan are executed.
  • Provided complete Clearcase support including the initial design of the development environment, installation, administration, and upgrades of Clearcase.
  • Configured and managed Rational s Unified Change Management System. UCM
  • Developed Clearcase Instructional Material and conducted training classes.
  • Consolidated existing projects by migrating them into Clearcase allowing all developers to gain unified and controlled access to all development efforts. This also allowed me to integrate them into an automated build process.
  • Responsible for moving Clearcase vobs and data between servers when projects became reassigned amongst different groups.
  • Developed standardized deployment procedures and audit scripts to follow accepted SQA operating procedures and to provide consistent software deployments.
  • As a Systems Integrator, I continually used my troubleshooting skills to diagnose problems and write whatever scripts or programs necessary integrate new products.

AT&T Wireless Systems, Contract, Arlington, WA
May 1996 To May 1997

Systems Engineer/Network Specialist, Corporate I/S

  • Provided 7×24 availability support for the Cellular Logical Data Collection Network. This required UNIX systems administration for servers running AIX, HP-UX, and Solaris. I created emergency shell scripts as needed to recover data and to update Sybase Databases during outage situations.
  • Provided network administration for X.25, FDDI, TCP/IP and associated hardware.
  • Created shell scripts for processing data from the Logical Data Collection Network. These scripts updated database tables, monitored data flow, and routed messages to an on-call pager when problems were encountered.
  • Created automated shell scripts to monitor and report on Production UNIX servers. These scripts tracked system error messages, network connectivity, data feed rates, and database warnings. Problems were routed to email and to an on-call pager. The data feed rate was also tracked and weekly reports were automatically generated and emailed to show growth rates and to plan for future capacity needs.

Boeing Commercial Aircraft, Contract, Seattle, WA
Jan 1996 To April 1996

Senior Technical Lead, Structures Engineering

  • I attended meetings with management to define the work load for the group. I gained experience in forecasting projects and allocating team resources to complete the work. I also provided technical mentoring to junior level members of the team.
  • Designed and implemented a new NIS domain for the Structures Engineering Group. This project involved the consolidation of 5 NIS domains and their NFS servers. I also introduced automounter increase the performance of the NFS servers.
  • Responsible for providing System Administration support for 120 RS/6000s with a team of four Systems Administrators.

AT&T Wireless Systems, Contract, Renton, WA
May 1995 To Jan 1996

Systems Engineer, Fraud Management Systems

  • Maintained and provided global support for the Fraud Management RS/6000s.
  • Installed and configured RS/6000 hardware including SCSI drives and controllers, Serial Disk, SSA drives, memory cards, tape drives, tape loaders, system drawers, system racks, concentrators, hubs, FDDI rings, and fiber-optic wiring.
  • Responsible for maintaining data security on the Fraud Management RS/6000s. Implemented standard operating procedures and created shell scripts to monitor for unauthorized access of the Fraud Management data.
  • Designed and developed FMS Backup to maintain synchronized real-time mirrored copies of the Fraud Management Tracking databases. This allowed clients to switch to a backup Fraud Detection server instantly when tracking possible fraud.
  • Supported Fraud Management software releases by providing developer support, Sybase and AIX administration, performance monitoring, and capacity planning.
  • Planned and executed the upgrade of all Fraud Servers from AIX 3.2.5 to AIX 4.1.4. Installed and maintained Sun Sparc servers running Solaris and Sun OS.

Liberty National, Information Systems, Lancaster, NH
Jan 1992 To May 1995

Systems Administrator, I/S Operations Services

  • Maintained and provided support for a mix of 90 RS/6000s and Sun Sparc servers.
  • Performed capacity planning for existing projects and sized new projects for new hardware purchases. The analysis included CPU and memory usage, printing volume, and storage requirements.
  • Developed automated shell scripts to monitor the performance of RS/6000 Sun servers. These scripts tracked the server loads, application throughput, filesystem loads, pagespace utilization, network resources, and system error logs.
  • Developed shell scripts to automate ftp transfers, network printer management, and system backups.
  • Supported development projects by designing the development structure, setting up source code control, creating Makefiles, coordinating test cycles, and monitoring performance during these test cycles.

Resume 9

Samples represent that of an actual working technical professional found on the WEB and modified to protect the privacy of these professionals. Human names, company names, colleges, software product names are intentionally made up.


Shankar Udaya

Sacramento, CA


Extensive IT experience in Software Release Engineering / Configuration Management SCM , Software Development, Systems Administration and Networking.

  • Experience in Software Release Engineering using Configuration Management tools Perforce, ClearCase CVS, and CCC/HARVEST.
  • Experience in Software programming utilizing C, C++, JAVA, Perl and UNIX.
  • Experience as a System Administrator in establishing Network, Software and Hardware Installation and Configuration and maintenance, NIS, NFS, DNS and Lotus Domino, Apache server.
  • Proficient in Perl Programming, Unix Shell scripting, Batch files and Make Utility for Unix/Windows NT platforms.
  • Good Written and Communication Skills.
  • Ability to work as a team member.




  • Languages : C++, C, JAVA
  • Window Environment : X-WINDOWS, MOTIF, WINDOWS NT, WINDOWS 95.
  • Databases : ORACLE 7.3

Professional Experience:

Parametric Consulting
January 2002 – Present : Configuration Management Engineer.

New Experience Corporation, Needham, MA.
March 2001 – December 2001 : Software Release Engineer

NTFCO Software Inc, Palo Alto, CA.
January 1999 – February 2001 : Software Release Engineer

Essencial Data Systems EDS, Boulder, CO.
June 1998 – December 1998 : Software Engineer.

DSEA Engineering, Detroit, MI.
March 1997 – June 1998 : Systems Engineer.

Bangalore, INDIA.
July 1994 – March 1997 : Systems Administrator.


Parametric Consulting, Sacramento, CA
January 2002 – Present

  • Responsible for implementing the Configuration Management process for the Integrated Maintenance Management System IMMS project for Department of Transportation, California using the CCC/Harvest CM tool by setting up the Environment and various States. IMMS is an application for managing the Asset, Cost and Time for the entire Department of Transportation in State of California.
  • Deploying and configuring of Hansen Application server, Hansen Application server is the proprietary software, used for IMMS project.
  • Developed programs to generate reports on CCC/Harvest and Nightly process using Perl and Unix Shell.
  • Setting up the Citrix sessions and installing, configuring the systems for Performance testing.
  • Involved in implementing the 24X7 availability of the IMMS project for the Department of Transportation.
  • Involved in supporting Systems Administration tasks.

System Environment

SUN/SOLARIS, HP-UX, WinNT, Hansen Application Server, C, C++, SQL, VB, Perl, Unix Shell Scripts, HTML, CCC/Harvest, Makefile.

New Experience Corporation, Needham, MA
March 2001 – December 2001

  • Developed programs for automating the build and packaging process using PERL and Shell scripts. Managing the source code using ClearCase and CVS source code Management system.
  • Installation, Configuration and Administration of Clear Case and CVS.
  • Involved in setting up ClearCase VOB s and View s.
  • Migrated source code base from ClearCase to CVS Configuration Management System.
  • Involved in setting up ClearCase license, registry, VOB server and View server.
  • Creating Tags and Branch s on Clear Case and CVS.
  • Developed perl program for checking to see the source that is being check-in is reviewed by project lead and an e-mail is sent to appropriate members of the group. This program was setup as trigger for ClearCase.
  • Creating and maintaining Makefiles and Ant build files, Generated the builds for C, C++ and JAVA source code.
  • Assisting the developer in debugging and fixing the broken code written in C and C++. Solving porting related issues
  • Setting up the automated daily and/or nightly build.
  • Installation and setting up of ClearCase Registry and License server.
  • Supporting the defect tracking and change management tool ClearQuest, and setting up the ClearQuest clients for Windows, UNIX with the backend on Oracle database. Generated the reports on weekly basis to QA.
  • Designed and Developed the software installation program for installation of the product at customer site.
  • Developed batch files and Unix shell scripts to automate QA process. Managed the bug tracking system.
  • Responsible for System Administration on the build and QA machines on Unix and WinNT platforms for installing and configuring software and hardware
  • Setting and managing user account, setting up the machines on network, making file systems available over the n/w and setting up NFS and NIS.
  • Administration and Backup of CVS and ClearCase repositories. Also involved in evaluating the software tools.
  • Assisting the developers, QA and new users on using ClearCase.
  • Developed the Release engineering Web site and Maintained the Web server for Release engineering.

System Environment

SUN/SOLARIS, HP-UX, LINUX, WinNT, C, C++, JAVA, Perl, Unix Shell Scripts, GNU tools, HTML, CVS, ClearCase, Apache server, Makefile, Ant build files, Exceed, ClearQuest, Bugzilla.

NTFCO Software Inc, Palo Alto, CA
January 1999 – February 2001

  • Implemented the Software Build process for various NTFCO Products. Responsible for writing programs to automate the entire build process and packaging program using PERL and Shell scripts.
  • Managing the source through Source Code Management System SCMS using Perforce, ClearCase and CVS.
  • Installation Configuration and Administration of Perforce Configuration management software.
  • Creating the Depot, Tagging and Branching the source on Perforce, ClearCase and CVS.
  • Creating the backup of Perforce, ClearCase and CVS repository.
  • Developed perl program to send e-mail to appropriate members of the project when there is any changes to the source code. This program was setup as trigger for Perforce.
  • Generating the builds for C, C++, JAVA source code. Creating and maintaining Makefiles.
  • Implemented the Native packaging for various flavors of Unix.
  • Supported the bug tracking/defect tracking software ClearQuest and Quintus and setting up the client software on the developer and QA workstations.
  • Designed and developed the software installation program for Unix platforms.
  • Involved in developing and running the batch files and Unix shell scripts for smoke test on the software package before delivering it to QA.
  • Involved in creation of the package on NT using Install Shield.
  • Solving some porting related issues and setting up the automated daily and nightly build. Assisting QA in testing the API written in C and C++.
  • Responsible for System Administration on the build machines on Unix and WinNT platforms.
  • Responsible for creating the CD for the final software deliverables.
  • Developed and maintained the Web site for Release engineering.
  • Evaluated the Install Anywhere and Java source obfuscation tools.
  • Assisted Developers, QA and new user on using Perforce.

System Environment

SUN/SOLARIS, HP-UX, Linux, DEC Unix, AIX, WINNT, C, C++, JAVA, Perl, Unix Shell Scripts, GNU tools, HTML, Perforce, CVS, ClearCase, Install Shield, Apache server, Netscape enterprise server, Batch files, VSS, Makefile.

Essencial Data Systems EDS, Boulder, CO
June 1998 – December 1998

  • Involved in developing programs to Consolidate the data that comes from the Mainframe to the Oracle database, which is then used as Production data.
  • Developed programs to extract the database information has required by the Client HP, this is being done using C language and some API s to connect to the Oracle database server which exists on HP machine.
  • Also involved in developing Unix shell scripts, Batch files and SQL Scripts to run Database jobs which makes the task automated.

System Environment

Hardware : HP, Pentium, PC-486.
Software : C++, C, Oracle 7.3, Unix Shell Scripts, SQL Scripts, Batch files.

DSEA Engineering, Detroit, MI
March 1997 – June 1998

Software Development:

  • Developed a utility for Monitoring the WEB Server – monitoring the traffic and analyzing it. Displaying server traffic for a given Domain/Server by hour/day/week/year by web-pages/documents accessed etc. This was implemented using HTML and PERL Scripts on the Netscape FastTrack Server.
  • Involved in study and planning of implementing existing software C code to C++.
  • Involved in testing “Vista Dialog Editor” VDE , an in-house case tool, developed for rapid GUI design and development.

Systems Administration

  • As Systems Administrator was responsible for UNIX and NT systems and Networking.
  • Creating File Systems and User Accounts.
  • Setting up File and Print servers and creating boot and root file system Backups on Unix workstations. Restoring / Recovering the files from the Backup s.
  • Installation, configuration and maintenance of the third party software like IDEAS, PDGS and UG software.
  • Performing TCP/IP networking management tasks, including monitoring network traffic, adding new hosts to the network, solving network hardware problem.
  • Mounting remote disks and exporting local disks with the Network File system NFS and NIS.
  • Installing and configuring the external and internal Hardware s on UNIX and NT.
  • Configuring and setting Router, Switches and Hubs. Configuring for Network printing.
  • Installation of Windows95, Windows NT Workstation/Server Operating System. Installing Lotus Notes Domino 4.5 Server and client and configuring the Lotus notes server for SMTP and DNS. Implementing E-mail and Group mail using Lotus Notes 4.5 and creating and maintaining User accounts.
  • Configuring all the PC s running on Windows95 and Windows NT for Gateway and Domain name service DNS .
  • Developed Unix shell scripts and Batch files on Unix and NT for automating system administration tasks.

System Environment

Hardware : SGi, SUN, HP, Pentium, PC-486.
Software : C++, C, Unix Shell Scripts, Batch files, Object Oriented Concepts.

DSEA Technologies, Bangalore, INDIA
July 1994 – March 1997

Software Development

  • As a member of Software development team consisting of 10-15 Software Engineers, involved in designing, developing and testing utility programs using C and C++ with Object oriented concepts for a commercial CAE Software product DSEA-CRASH, a vehicle crash simulation pre and post processor. These were developed using the Object concept.
  • The various objects that were developed were to measure angles, distance etc., for the CAD/CAE applications.
  • A filter utility was developed for smoothening of the time history curves at different cut-off frequencies.
  • GUI control panel was designed and implemented for finite element meshing and controls.
  • Developed Hard copy module for Importing of the different Objects and Images from a model Window, and saving it in the Postscript format which helps in taking model printouts. This was done in a multiple window environment utilizing the API s written in C and C++ of the in-house product VISTA which was developed on X-Windows and Motif.
  • Developed systems utility security system for mounting of the file systems on different kind of Hardware ranging from PC s to Workstations using shell scripts.
  • Developed “communication utility” which is used to send a broadcast message to all the hosts on the Network and a backup utility to take the regular backup s.

System Administration

  • As Systems Administrator was responsible for UNIX and NT systems and Networking.
  • Establishing 100Mbps Ethernet LAN.
  • Installation and configuring HUBS and Switches, connecting of the PC s and UNIX workstations and Server to Network and configuring and tuning of PC s and UNIX workstations to TCP/IP and NFS.
  • Installation and configuration of Hardware s such as Hard-Drives, Tape-drives and CD-ROM drives on the Unix workstations.
  • Installation of UNIX Operating system, Development system and other software s on Unix workstations and PC s.
  • Installation and configuring of the Software and Hardware on systems ranging from PC s to Unix Workstations.
  • Creating File Systems and User Accounts. Setting up File and Print servers and creating boot and root file system Backups on Unix workstations.
  • Restoring / Recovering the files from the Backup s.
  • Performing TCP/IP networking management tasks, including monitoring network traffic, adding new hosts to the Network
  • Solving network hardware problem and mounting remote disks and exporting local disks with the Network File system.
  • Creating Regular Backup s both PC s and Unix Workstations.
  • Configuring of different hardware s such as Hard Drives, CD-ROM, Tape Drives and Modems on PC s. Procurement and Maintaining of all the Software, Hardware and Licenses. Installation of Windows95, Windows NT Workstation/Server Operating System and Other software s on PC s.

System Environment

Hardware : SGi, SUN, HP, IRIX, AIX, Pentium, PC-486.
Software : C++, C, Unix Shell Scripts, Object Oriented Concepts.

Professional training and seminars attended

  • Rational ClearCase conducted by Rational University in Lexington, MA
  • TIB/Hawk a sophisticated tool for monitoring and managing distributed applications and systems enterprise-wide. Conducted by NTFCO Software Inc. Palo Alto, CA
  • Object Oriented Analysis and Design in C and C++ conducted by INDIAN INSTITUTE OF SCIENCE, Bangalore.
  • Seminar on Remote Connectivity conducted by 3COM. Bangalore India


B.E in Telecommunication from BMS College of Engineering 1993, Bangalore University, Bangalore.

Web Server Technology Fall 1997, Wayne State University, Michigan.

Reference : Available upon request