Samples represent that of an actual working technical professional found on the WEB and modified to protect the privacy of these professionals. Human names, company names, colleges, software product names are intentionally made up.


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SAP Resume Sample 1

Samples represent that of an actual working technical professional found on the WEB and modified to protect the privacy of these professionals. Human names, company names, colleges, software product names are intentionally made up.

Don K. Dennis

56 Old Town Road
Irving, Texas 75459


  • 6+ years of Functional Expertise in SAP MM, PM & PP with touch points in Purchasing, WM, and FI/CO.
  • Involved in over 40 implementations Globally.
  • 3+ years as Global Manager for MM functions covering 120 sites.
  • Skilled in 3.0, 4.5 and 4.6 clients of SAP
  • PP/MM Configuration enhancement skills in 4.5 & 4.6


  • SAP Clients DEC Unix 4.0 D , AIX 3.0, 4.5B, 4.6C with configuration in 4.5B and 4.6C
  • Internet HTML. Training webpage designer.
  • Client / Server Oracle Forms/Reports, VB, Access, Crystal Reports, COBOL400, RPG400.
  • Applications Windows 2000, Windows NT, Access, Power Point, Microsoft Word, Microsoft Access, Lotus Notes, CSI Vibration Analysis
  • Industries Automotive, Food and Beverage, Aircraft, Paper, Pharmaceutical, Industrial


  • HTML Certification-Techneon Learning Institute
  • SAP Boot camp-Garden and Plants
  • TSTI Assoc. of Mech
  • Almeda BS CS


Techneon AIS, Irving, Texas
04/2001 to present

SAP Implementation/Sustaining Manager

  • Co-Lead PP upgrade from 3.1 to 4.6C.
  • Mapped system requirements for Job Functions.
  • Led As Is To Be functions in the upgrade from SAP 3.1H to SAP 4.6 for PP module.
  • Created / presented Training materials for upgrade.
  • Designed and implemented training materials for End Users highlighting upgrade enhancements and new functionality.
  • Enhancement Configuration of Navigational Profiles.
  • Gathered information from Business Units on screen navigation downtime and configured Navigation buttons for great user speed to work.
  • Enhancement Configuration of MRP Controllers, mail delivery and screen displays.
  • Led MRP Automation Project.
  • Configured UOM project enhancement.
  • Created various MRP, Planning, Purchasing SAP Training Webpages.
  • Utilized HTML experience to role out User Friendly Webpages for End Users and Management to view the latest enhancements and Problem Fixes.
  • Configured Planning Time Fence project.
  • Gathered system requirements for MRP/Planning to utilize Planning Time fence to more closely adhere to Production Schedules.
  • Designed Security Profile Upgrades for MRP Users.

Garden and Plants, Malden, Ohio
03/1999 – 04/2001

Global MM Manager

  • Global leader for MM implementations.
  • Mapped As Is-To Be system requirements for Implementations.
  • Coordinated system upgrades i.e. quarterly system enhancements and 3.0 to 4.5 upgrade.
  • Led MM efforts with e-Business team to develop and implement MM requirements for on-line catalog ordering and EDI Purchase Order delivery.
  • Designed Basis specifications for Auto Material creation.
  • Developed all training material, Job Aids, Presentations, CBA s.
  • Gathered system requirements for End User to Super Users and designed and implemented training.
  • Designed Global Security Profiles for Security Team.
  • Designed Role layouts and worked with Security Team to role out for 120 sites.
  • Configuration Enhancements for MM module, MRP Mail receipt, Inventory Work Process etc.
  • Worked with End Users and ABAP Team to map and deliver a wide range of reporting and automated upload tools.
  • Managed 3 teams of 10 Globally.
  • Managed Project timeline and milestones for each team.
  • Managed budget for each team.
  • Member of Change Review board.
  • Led User Conferences for 4 regions End Users to roll out new functionality and updated training.
  • Venue of all End Users in each of the 4 regions attended for New Enhancements and functional training packages.

Garden and Plants, Arlington, Texas09/1998 02/1999
North American Implementation Team Leader

  • Performed data clean up from legacy to SAP. Conversion of all materials to Global Standard, Creation of materials in SAP Client, and download to site.
  • Performed over 100 training classes for SAP, MM, and PM.
  • Developed Work Process Flows for Departments.
  • Mapped each work process per SAP role and delivered for Standardization of 120 sites Globally.

Garden and Plants, Arlington, Texas
09/1990 06/1998


For this Manufacturing Facility I managed various pieces of the business. My main direction was the MM/PM functional areas.

As Storeroom Manager:

  • Managed 5 person team and SR Inventory over 2 million dollars. Day to day included MRP evaluation, stocking level reduction to reduce overhead by 1 million.
  • Baseline reduction in stocking time of SR materials. Created Vendor relations program to enhance service abilities. Led Baseline Project Team to map Slowdowns in Material Replenishment.
  • Led EOQ Economic Order Quantity Team to reduce Purchasing costs plant wide.

As Lubrication Owner:

  • Designed New Storage Facility and distribution site for plant.
  • Did baseline study of current usage and reduced by 60 variations of stocked lubricants.
  • Implemented Corporate standards for TPM pillar.
  • Led contract negotiations to reduce costs by 50 .

As Technical Manager :

  • Held International Vibration Analysis Certification Level 1.
  • Designed Vibration Analysis Maintenance program. Certified on CSI equipment and programs.

Wal-Mart Automotive
12/1986 09/1990


Managed all day to day activities of #2 producing shop in Nation.


References will be furnished upon request.

SAP Resume Sample 2

Samples represent that of an actual working technical professional found on the WEB and modified to protect the privacy of these professionals. Human names, company names, colleges, software product names are intentionally made up.

Tom R. Bunker


Strategic Air Co., Swampscott, South Carolina
4/02 to 6/02

SAP Basis Administrator

  • Hardware: OS390-RS6000SP
  • Database: DB2
  • Contract Worldwide rollout and support of SAP 4.0b.
  • Knowledge Warehouse, BW Support.
  • Install languages.
  • Maintain internal company training system.
  • Troubleshoot Basis problems, apply OSS notes, review hot packages.
  • Daily systems checks.

SAP North America, Miller, Illinois
6/01 to 9/01

SAP Basis Instructor

  • 100 Travel to Boston, Philadelphia, Chicago, Atlanta, and San Francisco to instruct and co-teach SAP BASIS.
  • Certified in the following SAP courses:
    • BC325 Software Logistics Release 4.6
    • Competence-UNIX/ORACLE Release 4.6
    • SAP50 R/3 Basis Technology Release 4.6
    • BC305 Advanced R/3 System Administration Release 4.6
    • BC090 R/3 Under Unix Release 3.1H
    • BC120 BC Computer Center Management Release 3.1H
    • JSB10 System Administration I Release 3.1H

Advanced Technologis, St. Louis, Missouri
8/00 to 12/00

SAP BASIS Administrator

  • Hardware: CompaQ DEC-OSF
  • Database: ORACLE SAP Version 4.5B and 3.OE
  • Customers: Ford Motors Company and General Motors.
  • Support for two production rollouts, and an upgrade.
  • Assisted senior Basis lead with SAP Security and CTS using the TMS system.
  • Recruited to relocate to Advanced Technologis; 4-months after joining the company, it downsized during bankruptcy and moved the data center from St. Louis to Detroit. I elected not to transfer to Detroit.

Carter Networks, Santa Clara, California
5/00 to 8/00

SAP Basis Administrator

  • Hardware: SUN Solaris
  • Database: ORACLE SAP Version 4.5
  • Customers: All of Northern Telecom
  • FOCUS project team – worked with Andersen Consulting and Carter project managers to meet critical deadlines for SAP production rollout.
  • Responsible for interfacing legacy systems, which include NT, HP, and SUN. Worked with the UNIX team to install MQSeries and Tivoli Maestro to interface with R/3 Version 4.5.
  • Project was cancelled by Carter and outsourced to CSC in August, just 3-months after I was recruited to Carter.

IBM Corp, Rochester, New York/Santa Clara, California
8/97 to 5/00

SAP Basis Administrator

  • Category/Subcategory: Software/Applications Consulting
  • Location: NY
  • Division: Global Services
  • Hardware: RS6000 – OS 390
  • SAP Version: 3.1.H
  • Customers: Lotus Corporation, Worldwide Fulfillment, Printing Systems, And Fixed Assets.
  • SAP Basis Administrator performing numerous duties including; installation, maintenance, and upgrade of SAP application code, otherwise known as the role of a SAP Consultant.
  • This role carries primary responsibility for problem determination and resolution for each SAP application system database server and application server.
  • Responsibilities also include monitoring the SAP system, perform adjustments, tune and improve performance for the SAP, Database and AIX disciplines.

Sebeco Chemical Co., St. Louis, Missouri
5/96 to 8/97

SAP System Manager

This position was outsourced to IBM Global Services in 1997, and I became a member of IBM. The Chemical division was spun off to be a new company named “Sherman”.

  • Sent to 13 SAP classes around the United States to be cross-trained into UNIX Systems Administration, Windows95 Support, and SAP-BASIS in three months. Certifications from SAP, Digital, Consulting Companies, and local University Configuration/Authorizations and Profile moves within SAP – Corrections and Transports SAP R/3 – 3.O.C.
  • Installation and Setup of HP Jetdirect printers worldwide in UNIX and SAP SAP Job Scheduling – maintain, cancel, and monitor SAP jobs that are triggered from IBM/MVS Mainframe to SAP R/3 3.O.C.
  • Second shift lead – created daily task list. Trained new hires, assisted users at the Chemical plant level with various SAP modules via telephone for the Worldwide Operations and Financials project for Sebeco.
  • Setup SAP Support Center – phone lines, 4 IBM Pentium workstations, install software, write procedures within Lotus Notes, hardware inventory, install US Robotics modems, setup paging software to Notify team members via Alpha Numeric pages. Use of the Internet for contacts; Lotus Notes, CCMail and Databases
  • Provided on-site support for first SAP R/3 rollout in Pensacola, Florida – worked directly with internal SAP consultants provided by Deloitte and Touche on a 24 x 7-12 hour shift rotation.
  • Assisted in the overall set-up of DEC Alpha – 2100, 4100, 8400, DEC Storage Works – 4 gig disk arrays/Nikke Disk Arrays – removal of system fail over.
  • Provide management support on UNIX filesystems/diskspace. Across 60 plus nodes – 70 additional new nodes are being installed and configured.
  • Experienced with HP Operations Center, Omniback, dat drives, CD-ROM drives, and DEC TL822/TL812 Robotic Silo s each containing 300 DLT tapes – running Oracle and Axxion Netbackup for Hot and Cold Backups.
  • Provide support for the UNIX Infrastructure and SAP BASIS Teams 24 X 7. Act as a liaison to hardware vendors such as DEC and HP – minimize systems downtime.
  • Maintain Nutrasweet SAP System to include backups and user support within SAP 2.0. SAP, Oracle 7, UNIX system shutdowns on various hardware in the data center Solution Provider for SAP R/3 -3.OC production problems.

Mastercard International, Alberville, Missouri
7/95 to 9/95

Programmer 3-Mo. Contract

  • Contracted to work various shifts to upgrade and support end users during the upgrade process for credit card systems.
  • Upgraded Asia and European Mastercom Point of sale credit card systems.
  • Heavy data encryption.

Parametric Scripts, Silver Lake City, Missouri
7/95 to 2/96

System Operator/Administrator

  • Performed Backups for Stratus, AS400, HPUX, and DEC VAX systems – ran jobs – provided support for mail order express pharmacy.
  • Troubleshooter barcode system for United Parcel to VAX system.
  • Transferred files using FTP functions between platforms.
  • Minimized systems downtimes.
  • Utilized Xerox printers.
  • Automated VAX/VMS job Schedule.
  • Working two jobs at the same time – rolled off Mastercard project and took this one after contract completed

ABC Energy, St. Louis, Missouri
10/94 to 1/95

System Manager 3-Mo. Contract

  • Contracted to provide support on third shift to Eveready Battery Company s VAX/VMS and standalone VAX/VMS systems.
  • Responsibilities include backup, error resolution, and utilization of DCL and other software to provide for automation of operator functions.
  • Software includes VMS, DCL VAX Cluster Console, Polycenter Watchdog, DEC Scheduler, and the Storage Library System.

TDD Temps and Consulting, San Francisco, California
8/92 to 8/94

System Administrator/Programmer Contractor

  • Assigned to Cellular One, Sprint, Wells Fargo – Nikko, and Electronic Arts providing VAX/VMS support to include backups;
  • job scheduling within DCL, installed windows 3.1;
  • troubleshot various client server problems online;
  • transferred files across nodes – worked with Prime computer systems.

Safe Medical Systems, Cupertino, California
6/90 to 8/92

Support Programmer

  • Set-up after hours support center for hospital Software Company.
  • Provided 24 x 7 after hours support to 65 hospitals during software rollout.
  • Restarted the daily batch processing, cleaned diskspace, and minimized systems downtime.
  • Coordinated events between hospital MIS departments and on call programmers – experienced with VAX BASIC.

St.Anna Medical Center, Concord, New Mexico
7/89 to 1/90

Computer Operator

  • Part-time/Student.
  • Inventory Control.
  • Generated State HMO Claims, Operated VAX Cluster MUMPS Respond and assist Business Office Inquires.
  • Installed hardware to include terminals, multiplexors, and ran telecom wiring.
  • Performed daily backups of the VAX Cluster and PDP systems.
  • Trained additional new hires.
  • Programmed 386 PC and performed backups on the Novell Network.
  • Patient Billing.

United States Air Force, Corpus Christi, Texas/Germany/New Mexico/Korea/California
1983 – 1988

Aircraft Security Specialist/ Transportation Specialist-Logistics

  • Provided Air Base Security in Germany for Air Shows and Flightline for McDonnell Douglas F-4 Phantoms.
  • Trained in Nuclear, Biological, and Chemical weapons and terrorism.
  • Maintained a secret security clearance.
  • Honorably Discharged.


Community College of the Air Force Various Military Bases 1984
Law Enforcement
Muir Technical College Albuquerque, New Mexico 1990
Computer Science/Programming

SAP Resume Sample 3

Samples represent that of an actual working technical professional found on the WEB and modified to protect the privacy of these professionals. Human names, company names, colleges, software product names are intentionally made up.

Warren A. Greene

2301 Wesley Street
Milwaukee, WI 53227


  • 5 year consultant and project lead with MBA, and 4.6b experience
  • FI/CO, SD, TR consultant to 6 SAP R/3 implementations AP/AR/TR/CM/CR/GL/CCA/PCA/PA
  • Accounts Receivable FI-AR & Credit Management TR-CM Project manager on 4 implementations
  • Lockbox TR-CM Configuration on 3 implementation
  • Vertex Sales & Use Tax manager to 2 SAP R/3 implementations
  • DART Data Retrieval Tool and Archive Project Manager
  • Profitability Analysis consultant to 3 SAP R/3 implementations
  • Project Manager on 5 SAP R/3 implementations
  • Integration specialist with configuration experience in FI/CO TR & SD
  • Report Specification experience 6 implementations

SAP Training

  • AC010 – Financial /Management Accounting Reporting
  • AC040 – Cost Management and Controlling
  • AC225 – Accounts Receivable and Configuration
  • BC660 – Data Archiving
  • AC250 – Configuration & Organization in Financial Accounting
  • CA705 – Basics of the Report Painter and Report Writer
  • CA710 – Advanced Functions of Report Writer
  • CA950 – Configuration of Taxes and Purchases
  • WC620 – Vertex / SAP Sales & Use Tax Training
  • L0930 – LIS – Logistics Information Systems


Sr. SAP Applications Consultant
1996 – 2002

Crystal Modules, Ellisburg, PA

Project Consultant – Commonwealth of Pennsylvania


  • End user testing and training
  • Write Business Process Procedures
  • Develop Interfaces and Conversions
  • Lockbox testing

Andrews Paper, Great Falls, NY

Project Lead Consultant – All Modules

Manufacturer of Paper and Packaging Products with 10 Plants nationally, with all modules except HR implemented on 4.6B version of SAP.


User Support

  • Help completion of Sales Orders through Invoicing
  • Modification of Purchase Order entry to facilitate Accounts Payable
  • Cycle Count of Inventory Procedures
  • Profitability Analysis Reports changed depending on requirements
  • Reconciliation of Accounts and addressing errors
  • Provide support to Auditors with necessary downloads of information
  • Aid in the standard use of SAP eliminate the need of Consultants
  • Corrections to Profitability and Financial Reports – Form and selection criteria
  • Create line layouts and display variants

Customization of SAP

  • Change Configuration for executing a Cycle count and frequency
  • Modify Release strategy for Purchase Order Requests
  • Revise and delete Terms of payment
  • Risk Categories and Credit Rep. Groups
  • Credit Limit Check on Sales Document Types
  • Account Assignment Group and Define and Assign Account Keys
  • Create Condition Type
  • Tolerance Groups for GR/IR clearing
  • ABC Inventory indicators changed to aid Cycle Counts
  • Creation of new Work Centers

Training and Development of Training Materials

  • Sample Documents
  • Recurring Documents
  • Account Assignment Models
  • Reversing of FI Documents
  • Customer and Vendor Master Record Entry
  • Year end Closing Procedures
  • G/L Account and Cost Element Entry
  • Input of Annual budget by Cost Center and Profit Center
  • Maintenance to Credit Master
  • Release of Orders from Credit Hold
  • Teach how to set Machine Hours Rate and Mass Roll-Up
  • Developed a procedure to enter a Request for Credit

ERP Design

  • Credit Management utilization of risk Categories
  • Develop ABAP Query and Report Writer Reports

Baron Services, Springfield, VA

Project Lead Consultant – FI/CO/TR/SD/ASAP

Major distributor of laundered uniforms nationally with 96 locations. 4.6B version of SAP with FI, MM and AP fully implemented.

  • Responsibilities and project scope include the conversation of Customer and Accounts Receivable Master Data and develop daily interfaces from Legacy system to SAP to implement FI-AR. Order processing and Billing will remain in Legacy environment on separate Databases.
  • Cleaned legacy customer master data. Reviewed customer address data, credit limits, dunning, line item displays, and carry forward balances.
  • Trained and advised team members on SAP functionality.
  • Mapped and specified with programmers all conversions and interfaces from Legacy system to SAP.
  • Completed Hardware sizing requirements for the project.
  • Followed ASAP Implementation methodology and designed the business processes, wrote blueprint phase documentation and completed configuration during realization phase.
  • Full configuration of the project covering the following modules: FI-AR, CO-CCA, CO-PCA, FI-GL, TR-CM, SD-MD and SD-CR

    Configuration includes: GL accounts, Account determination, Field Status Groups, Enterprise Structure – Credit Control Area and Business Areas , Account Groups, Document types, Customer and Document number ranges, Terms of payment, Clearing functions – Posting Keys, Reason Codes, Automatic clearing, Account assignment, and Tolerance groups , Bank master data, Closing & reporting, Interest calculation, Statements, Dunning, Credit Management functionality and Lockbox processing.

  • Tested Sales/Use tax functionality using Vertex.
  • Created methodology to accept Credit Card Payments and post Automatically.
  • Design and develop Line layouts, Variants, Account assignment Models and Work Lists.
  • Laid out integration and scenario testing.
  • Specified 17 Reports required due to Business requirements. Worked with ABAP programmers and completed testing.

Bolton Companies, Milwaukee, WI

Project Lead Consultant – FI/CO/SD/ABAPQuery/Vertex

Major distributor of restaurant supplies and equipment. 4.0B multi-company sales oriented environment with FI, CO, SD, MM, and WM.

  • Managed Project for Credit and Accounts Receivable implementation addressing needs for Training, Configuration & testing of core FI-AR, Customer and Credit Master Data conversion, defined and practiced steps needed for the integration process, and Report development.
  • Configuration includes: Account Groups, Document types, Customer and Document number ranges, Terms of payment, Clearing functions – Posting Keys, Reason Codes, Automatic clearing, Account assignment, and Tolerance groups , Bank master data, Interest calculation, Statements, and Credit Management functionality.
  • Cleaned legacy customer master data. Reviewed customer address data, credit limits, dunning, line item displays, and carry forward balances.
  • CO-PA configuration included building the operating concern, developing value fields & characteristics, configuring summarization levels for reporting and assessments, cost center assessments to segments, CO-PA reporting, forms, planning, derivation rules and structures, product and customer hierarchy, PA settlement, realignments, and integration issues with Sales & Distribution.
  • Project Manager of Vertex configuration in both SAP, Master Data cleanup and Quantum Tax Decision-Maker.
  • Addressed Reporting Issues by developing ABAP Query and ABAP specified Reports.

Kruger Power Systems, Denton, WI
4/99 – 6/00

SAP Project Member – FI/CO/SD/DART/Archive

Manufacturer of Electrical Transformers and supplies for the Utility industry

  • Member of FI/CO Team to improve SAP performance through implementation of ERP principles.
  • Responsible for researching OSS Notes and transporting to Production Client.
  • Trained Credit Department to utilize SAP functionality correctly.
  • Specified programs and reports to be completed by ABAP programmers to aid Customer Service and the Credit Personnel to service customers.
  • Sales/Distribution SD Tested pricing procedures, availability checking, credit management, sales quotes, printed sales orders.
  • SAP Project Team trainer in Report Painter and Report Writer.
  • Project Manager for the implementation of DART, Data Retrieval Tool – Data extract required for Federal, State and Municipal Tax Audit purposes.
  • Project Manager for FI/CO and SD Archiving Project – This entailed the selection of a team of users who would support decisions made for Archive Objects.
  • Instrumental in CO-PA configuration, which included building, the operating concern, developing value fields & characteristics, configuring summarization levels for reporting and assessments, cost center assessments to segments, CO-PA reporting, PA settlement, and integration issues with Sales & Distribution.
  • Started fact-finding Project as to the feasibility of Activity Based Cost Accounting for product cost development. Trained in CO-ABC Activity Based Cost Accounting.

Marvin Chemical Manufacturing, Euless, IL

SAP Consultant – MM

Chemical Manufacturer of Water Treatment products

  • Develop Report Writer Programs specific to analyze Order-related Product Costing requirements.
  • Design LIS Information Structures to analyze Material and Order Costs.
  • Create Transparent Tables to address specific reporting needs to be use in Report Writer.
  • Train Client Personnel to use Reports and create them in the future.

TDS Industries, Redwood City, IA

SAP Lead Functional Consultant – FI/CO/SD/MM/Vertex

Chemical Manufacturer of Fertilizer and Distribution of supplies for the Agriculture Industry

  • Responsibilities as a Project Consultant are to define Feasibility, address Customizing needs for Terra Industries, Configuring with the IMG and Prototyping Accounts Receivable, Sales & Use Taxation and Credit.
  • Presented Re-engineering developments by means of As-Is and To-Be Modeling to identify gaps, to Project Management to update the Business Plan. Defined and practiced steps needed for the integration process.
  • Involved with the Project Planning on a weekly basis as well as delivering status to Steering Committee.
  • Full configuration of the project covering the following modules: FI-AR, FI-AP, FI-GL, and SD-CR

    Configuration includes: GL accounts, Account determination, Field Status Groups, Account Groups, Document types, Customer and Document number ranges, Terms of payment, Clearing functions – Posting Keys, Reason Codes, Automatic clearing, Account assignment, and Tolerance groups , Bank, Interest calculation, Statements, Dunning, and Credit Management functionality.

  • Accounts Receivable FI-AR Cleaned legacy customer master data Reviewed customer address data, credit limits, dunning, line item displays, and carry forward balances.
  • Teamed with Treasury Department to Configure TR-CM Cash Management. Cash Management configuration included account management, electronic bank statement, account groupings, Lockbox processing, liquidity forecast, cash management position, manual check deposit, cash concentration, and the payment program.
  • Developer of SAP Modifications which involves Interfacing Open Invoices between Legacy System and SAP, ABAP Program for Credit Reporting, and Treasury ABAP Modification to track financing arrangements.
  • High level of experience with SD-CR Credit and SD-MD Master Data developed on this project. Contributed and exposed to SD-BF Basic Functions, SD-BIL Billing, SD-CAS Sales Support and SD-SLS Sales.
  • Accounts Payable FI-AP Cleaned legacy vendor master data Reviewed vendor address data, purchasing limits, line item displays, and carry forward balances.
  • Instrumental in CO-PA Profitability Analysis configuration, which included building, the operating concern, developing value fields & characteristics, configuring summarization levels for reporting and assessments, cost center assessments to segments, CO-PA reporting, PA settlement, and integration issues with Sales & Distribution. Familiar with CO-PC Product Cost Controlling and CO-PCA Profit Center Accounting used in the Configuration of this project.
  • Member for Reporting Team utilizing CO-PA Profitability Analysis, LIS – Logistics Information Systems and SIS – Sales Information Systems.
  • Special Ledger FI-SL Tested FI-SL configuration to other SAP applications, General Ledger Accounting FI-GL , Profit Center Accounting EC-PCA , and Cost Center Accounting CO-CCA .
  • Functional Trainer for the SAP Implementation team in Report Painter and Report Writer.
  • User Trainer and Developer of training documentation for Taxes, Accounts Receivable and Cash Management.
  • Project Manager of Vertex configuration in both SAP and Quantum Tax Decision-Maker.

Ashland Corp., Fort James, WI

SAP Team Lead – FI/CO/MM

Paper Manufacturer and Napkin Converter & Distributor

  • Responsible for Configuration and Implementation changes of SAP Controlling CO , Financial Account FI and Procurement MM Modules.
  • Utilized Re-engineering techniques to enact improvements in financial systems, procedures, processes and practices.
  • Fixed assets FI-AA required configuration of asset classes, account determination, screen layout, asset under construction, capitalization, acquisition, depreciation, disposition, and reporting.
  • Managed and reviewed Projects and Internal Orders by use of CO-OPA Order & Project Accounting.
  • Prepared annual Forecast and Budget by use of CO-PA Profitability Analysis.
  • Material Master MM – Reviewed and tested purchasing groups, purchase requisition, purchase orders, contracts, price determination process, material types, and valuation classes. Reconciled goods movement processing, goods issues, and goods receipts.
  • Used Modules CO-CCA Cost Center Accounting and CO-OM Overhead Cost Control daily in analytical responsibilities.
  • Responsible for interfacing data between Legacy System and SAP.
  • Manager of team to provide both Functional Training to company employees.
  • Member of ABAP Report development committee involved with Analyzing, Tuning and SAP Modification.
  • Developed Report Painter and Report Writer programs to meet needs of management.
  • Project Manager for conversion of payroll time keeping system to KRONOS and integration with LAWSON payroll program.
  • Developed Activity Based Cost Accounting System using OROS software and interfaced with SAP.

Prior Positions

Beta Laval – Westford, WI
7/95 to 7/96

Assistant Controller
Manufacturing of Dairy Industry pipes, values and fittings

Stevenson Paper, Inc. – Westford, WI

Wholesale Paper and Industrial Products distributor

Controller – Wisconsin
Branch Manager – Green Bay
Operations Manager – Milwaukee


Master of Business Administration, University of Wisconsin
Bachelor of Business Administration, University of Wisconsin Major: Accounting

SAP Resume Sample 4

Samples represent that of an actual working technical professional found on the WEB and modified to protect the privacy of these professionals. Human names, company names, colleges, software product names are intentionally made up.

Simon Rabinowitz


Simon has 17 years experience at the implementation and operation of ERP systems. Simon worked in many implementations projects in different roles from system analyst to project manager and was involved in all aspects of implementation. Apart from that Simon has operational experience in Production Planning and Material Management.

At early 1997 Simon started working at IBM IGS Israel as an SAP PP consultant. Since early 1999 Simon has been working in the USA where he completed by now three SAP Projects. Currently employed by DigitalWare Corporation.

SAP Education:

  • Certified APO Consultant: Two weeks full-time SAP APO Advanced Supply Chain Planning & Optimization Training at the SAP Training Center at Chicago, IL.
  • Certified PP Consultant: Five weeks full-time SAP PP track at the SAP Training Center at UK.


  • B.Sc. Degree in Industrial Engineering 4 years, full time , Tel-Aviv University 1984 .
  • Certified System Analyst 1990 .
  • TOC Theory of Constrains, Constrained based Planning Seminar. 1994

SAP Experience Summery:

  • Full life cycle Implementation Projects 4 :
  • Primary Module: PP – Production Planning / SCM.
  • Secondary Module: MM – Material management
  • LIS Logistic Information System / Flexible Planning
  • Other modules exposure, integration and detail knowledge:
    • SD Sale and Distribution / Supply-Chain
    • PS Project System
  • Upgrade Projects 2
  • Accelerated SAP ASAP Project one of the above 4 .
  • Team Leader on SAP development project
  • Technical skills: ABAP, CATT, ABAP Query.
  • Industry exposure: Food, Metal, High-Tech.
  • Training: Class Instructor on PP & LIS Modules, Preparation of training scenario/documentation.

SAP Knowledge:

  • PP Production Planning / Supply Chain

    Implementation of the standard functionality of the PP module. Make-to-Stock and Make-to-Order environment. Work experience includes the following PP sub-modules: Sales & Operation Planning, Demand Management, Long Term Planning, MPS, MRP, Production Orders, Capacity Planning, Product Costing. Analysis and configuration of PP Master Data including Material Master, Work Centers, BOM, Routing and CAPP. Other areas: Inter-Plant Planning, Sub-Contracting. Duties performed included analyzing business requirements, carrying out fit-gap analysis, process design, customization, and resolution of bugs with OSS and ABAP programmers. ATP configuration for PP, MM & SD modules. Preparation and presentation of new concepts and solutions to senior management.

    Special emphasizes on the ability to implement overall Supply Chain/ logistic planning cycle and deliver business results: improved customer service and reduced inventory levels. Preparation and execution of key users training classes.

    Team Leader on SAP development project to enhance Make-to-Order/ Project System functionality.

  • MM Material management

    Detailed knowledge of purchasing, material files, and stock handling processes. Work experience includes the following MM sub-modules: Inventory Management, Forecast Based Planning, Purchasing, Vendor Evaluation and Physical Inventory.

  • SD Sale and Distribution

    Detailed knowledge of sales processes from supply chain perspective. Work experience includes distribution functions, cross-plant distribution, ATP across plants and delivery procedures.

  • PS Project System

    Detailed knowledge of integration points between PP/MM and PS. Experience with operation of Project System processes.

  • LIS Logistic Information System

    Detailed knowledge of LIS, implementation of LIS including both Standard & Flexible Analysis.

  • ABAP/Technical Skills

    • Conceptualization, design and management of development project.
    • ABAP: Report design and programming.
    • ABAP Query reporting.
    • CATT Data upload.
  • Training

    • Preparation of training scenarios on the system, training documentation.
    • Class Instructor on PP & LIS Modules.
  • Related Knowledge/Skills:

    Application software skills MS Office : presentation, spreadsheet, word processing applications and Access Database.

SAP Projects/Engagements:

05/01 Now
Morgan Korea – The Korean subsidiary of Morgan

Project: Managed by SAP America. Overall implementation covering modules FI/CO, PP, MM & SD. This is an Accelerated SAP project that focus on implementing R/3 version 4.6C quickly with a small team in order to meet budget constrains SME market . The project is based on the PCC Pre-Configured Client for consumer industries a component of ASAP methodology and tools.

Role: Sr. SAP PP and MM Consultant.

Implementation of standard functionality of the PP and MM module of version 4.6C of R/3 in a discrete manufacturing Make-to-Stock environment.

  • Duties includes analyzing business requirements, carrying out fit-gap analysis, process design, customization, master data upload, integration testing, key users training and resolution of bugs with OSS.
  • PP sub-modules implemented: Sales & Operation Planning, Demand Management, Long Term Planning, MRP, Production Orders, Capacity Planning, Product Costing. Analysis and configuration of PP Master Data including Material Master, Work Centers, BOM and Routing.
  • PP Master Data upload via CATT s including Material Master, Work Centers and BOM.
  • Significant involvement in the MM module implementation, business process design and fit-gap analysis.

06/00 04/01
Dassin Industries – The world leader Engineer-to-Order Production Lines & Machines cooperation.

This project was part of a worldwide SAP implementation and is responsible for USA, Canada and UK sites. The project offices are located in Wisconsin, USA.

Project:Overall implementation covering modules FI/CO, PS, PP, MM, WM, SD. The project included:

  • Implementing R/3 version 4.6C for a large new site.
  • Upgrade project from 4.0B to 4.6C.
  • Support for other 4.0B sites.

Role: Sr. SAP PP Consultant.

  • This project was highly integrated in nature and requires knowledge of several modules and integration understanding in order to make a contribution.
  • Planning issues includes both Make-to-Order and Make-to-Stock strategies.
  • PP sub-modules implemented: Sales & Operation Planning, Demand Management, MRP, Production Orders, Capacity Planning, Product Costing and Sub-Contracting.
  • Analysis and configuration of PP Master Data including Material Master, Work Centers, BOM, Routing and CAPP due to the engineering nature of the organization the project had strong emphasis on PP Master Data creation procedures and interface with a PDM product .
  • Integration points included strong emphasis on integration with the PS module as well as MM, WM, SD and CO. CAPP Master Data upload via CATT s.
  • ATP configuration for SD, MM missing parts and PP.

SAP development project: Conceptualization, design and management. This project provides enhancements to standard SAP for Make-to-Order environment. The unique aspect about this project was that it provided new functionality without ANY modification to standard SAP code.

10/98 5/00
TDR Steel – One of the largest steel companies in the USA

The main facility is located near Chicago and other three production plants and distribution centers are spread across the nation.

Project: Overall implementation and project covering modules FI, CO, MM, PP, SD of R/3 version 3.0F. The project took place in a multi-company/ multi-plant environment and included upgrade project from 3.0F to 4.5B.

Role: SAP PP and MM Sr. Consultant.

  • Implementation of standard functionality of the PP module of version 3.0F of R/3 in a discrete manufacturing environment.
  • Duties include analyzing business requirements, carrying out fit-gap analysis, process design, heavy customization, training key users, and resolution of bugs with OSS and ABAP programmers.
  • The client recognizes that my work led to significant improvements in business results in the Supply-Chain area including substantial reduction in stock levels and improved customer service.
  • PP sub-modules implemented: Sales & Operation Planning, Demand Management, MRP, Production Orders, Capacity Planning, Product Costing and Sub-Contracting.
  • Analysis and configuration of PP Master Data including Material Master, Work Centers, BOM and Routing. LIS. ATP configuration for SD and PP.
  • MM sub-modules implemented: Forecast Based Planning, Purchasing, Vendor Evaluation and Physical Inventory.

ABC Japan IS unit at Tokyo, Japan.

Role: Training assignment:

  • Preparation of training scenarios on the system, training documentation.
  • Class Instructor on PP & LIS Modules.

10/98 11/98
SEDECO Netherlands – Seed Business

Role: SAP PP Consultant.

Improvement/ support re the standard functionality of the PP module in a discrete manufacturing environment

10/97 – 9/98
IBM IGS Israel

Customer: Lock-Safe Ltd. – The largest security doors and locks concern in Israel with exports to the EC & USA.

Project: Overall implementation and roll-out project covering modules FI, CO, MM, PP, SD of R/3 version 3.0F. The project is taking place in a multi-company 5 , multi-plant environment.

Role: SAP PP Consultant.

  • Implementation of standard functionality of the PP module of version 3.0F of R/3 in discrete manufacturing environment.
  • Duties include analyzing business requirements, carrying out fit-gap analysis, process design, customization, training key users, resolution of bugs with OSS and ABAP programmers.
  • The project is characterized by unique PP solutions per company/plant, large amount of master data and complexity of logistics processes.

3/97 9/97
IBM IGS Israel

Role: PP track at the SAP Training Center at UK April 1997 .

  • Further PP training.
  • Pre-Sale support of SAP including product presentation to potential customers and preparation of quotes for SAP projects.
  • Other ERP/MRP Projects/Engagements

01/96 – 02/97
GURON Information Systems

Role: Founder Owner & Manager.

Guron is the sole representative of Inmass/MRP MRP System in Israel. During 1996 Inmass/MRP has been sold and installed at 5 High-Tech Companies, among them Metalink NASDAQ: MTLK , US Robotics Israel, Aptel Ltd. Simon has done the Product Management for all companies.

Main: Sales, Pre & Post Sale Support, Product Management, implementation of Inmass/MRP.

7/93 – 12/96
NDS Networks Ltd.

Role:Manager of Information Systems


  • Implementation of INMASS/MRP.
  • Implementation of TQM projects.
  • 50 reduction of Raw Material Stock and overall improvement of the company Operation Process.
  • Development of applications in MS Access.

12/90 – 3/93
Telecom Australia Pty Ltd.

Note: From July 1990 to April 1993 my family and I have lived in Sydney Australia.

Role:MRP System Specialist


  • Implementation of SYMIX ERP/MRP System.
  • Operational responsibilities to Production Planning & Control, Purchasing and Stock of PABX Product Line.

8/86 – 6/90
Israeli Military Industries employed by a Software House named Informix

Role: Project Leader & Senior Consultant


  • AMAPS MRP package.
  • The current Client Server version is D&B Implementation, multi-plant environment at three Divisions, mainly at the Rockets Systems Division.

10/84 – 7/86
“ARDS” Food Industries – the largest food company in Israel

Role: Purchasing System Implementation Project Leader


  • AMAPS Purchasing module Implementation in a multi-plant environment.
  • Participation on the overall Implementation in a multi-plant environment.

7/82 – 9/84
J. Gladstone & Assoc. – Consulting Engineers During university studies

Role:Various projects: Optimization of Work Processes, Warehouses, Plant Layout and Time Study.

Other Relevant Courses

  • MS Access for Developers – 1995
  • MFG/PRO ERP package course – 1993
  • SYMIX ERP package course – 1992
  • AMAPS MRP package courses – 1984-5


SAP Resume Sample 5

Samples represent that of an actual working technical professional found on the WEB and modified to protect the privacy of these professionals. Human names, company names, colleges, software product names are intentionally made up.

Larry Potter


I am providing a resume that highlights some of my skills in SAP with specific details focussed on my training and Project Management skills.


I am an incorporated individual who has spent the last 7 years providing management, training and support for 8 SAP implementations. My value add is my strong grasp of business needs and broad knowledge of SAP process requirements with the view to changing business processes and enabling end users.

My roles during this time have included:

  • Project manager for several midsize technical and training projects.
  • Change Management leader for rebuilding quote to cash sales process
  • Process Planner for SAP and Operational Support.
  • Team lead for operational and SAP Helpdesks.
  • Course Creator and Editor of SAP training in PS, PM, FI/CO, MM and HR.
  • SAP End User Trainer for PS, PM, MM and HR.
  • Career Manager, Mentor and trainer of junior staff, field trainers and super users.
  • Escalation and Change Control Coordinator.


My exposure to business has included both domestic and international oil and gas production and distribution, electrical and telecommunications utilities, grain marketing and educational and government environments. I have the strong business background that enables me to map work processes to application functionality.


My Master s degree in Computer Applications, computer network certification Novell CNE , and Win95 support certification provide the strong technical skills and broad knowledge base for developing efficient solutions to complex issues.


I can provide you with the skills needed to sustain your clients in responding to the challenges of implementing new technology. I thank you for your attention in this matter and urge you to call me to discuss this or any questions you may have. I look forward to that conversation.

SAP Resume Sample 6

Samples represent that of an actual working technical professional found on the WEB and modified to protect the privacy of these professionals. Human names, company names, colleges, software product names are intentionally made up.

Patrick Thrump

40 Green Ivy Ave.
Revere, WI 54313



An outstanding technical leader in the SAP R/3 Basis and cross application environment with over 20 years of experience in information systems including 10 years supporting SAP. Has been involved in planning, implementation and support of SAP R/3 and R/2 Basis systems. Has experience with SAP R/3 releases 2.2, 3.0, 3.1, 4.0, 4.5, 4.6 and WAS 6.10. Also has experience with BW and APO. Has been very successful in mentoring the client staff at each of his assignments due to extensive teaching experience. Experienced in team leadership and technical project management. Team player who always gets the job done.

SAP R3 Experience Highlights:

  • 6 years of Basis planning, implementation and support.
  • 6 years of system tuning and performance.
  • 5 years corrections and transport.
  • 5 years troubleshooting and debugging including RFC, gateway, ALE, Workflow .
  • 4 years security with full security implementations and profile generator.
  • 4 years troubleshooting functional problems including ABAP trace.
  • 4 years installation and upgrade.
  • 4 years UNIX HP, DEC, AIX
  • 4 years NT
  • 3 years ALE
  • 3 years backup and recovery
  • 2 years ABAP with screen painter and menu painter
  • 2 years Internet, ITS, IAC
  • 1+ years APO
  • 1+ years BW
  • 1 year Workflow
  • 1 year Archiving

SAP Training:

ASAP Certification
JSB10 – System Administration I
JSB20 – System Administration II UNIX, Oracle
JSB40 – System Administration III CTS
CA010 – SAP Authorization Concept
BC – SAP R/3 Performance
BC – SAP ABAP 4.0 Update
BC600 – SAP Business Workflow Introduction
BC610 – Building and using SAP Business Workflow
BC355 – APO Administration
BC555 – Livecache Administration

Business Experience:

Kelsey, Inc.
March 2001 Current

Project: Internal SAP Projects – March 2002 Current

  • Provided Basis support for 20 systems.
  • Provided APO support
  • Provided BW support.
  • Provided ITS and Workplace support.
  • Supported MS Exchange Connector.
  • Provided Corrections and Transport support with STMS.
  • Installations and upgrades APO 20B,30A, BW 20B,21C,30A
  • Provided SAP Security support

Project: Advanced Education – April 2001 March 2002

  • Provided Basis support for 15 systems.
  • Provided APO support
  • Provided BW support.
  • Involved in problem solving of many functional problems.
  • Helped manage technical aspects of ASAP.
  • Supported SAP on IBM AIX/SP UNIX and Red Hat Linux.
  • Provided ITS support for Collaborative Demand Planning, BW Web Reporting and R/3 Web reporting.
  • Set up Central User Administration.
  • Helped develop the time zone strategy.
  • Helped setup MS Exchange Connector and Fax Sr. connections.
  • Provided Corrections and Transport support with STMS

Independent Consultant
December 1999 March 2001

Project: Fidelity Group, North America – June 2000 March 2001

  • Provide Basis support for 9 systems.
  • Team Leader of 46C upgrade.
  • Provided Corrections and Transport support.
  • Provided Performance tuning and monitoring support.
  • Completed several systems copies and refreshes.
  • Completed several Oracle restores and recoveries using ADSM.
  • Client copies of large production clients.
  • Helped troubleshoot application problems.
  • Supported SAP on IBM AIX/SP UNIX with ADSM and EMC2.
  • HACMP testing and support
  • Archiving

Project: Sacramento/Pharmacia – December 1999 June 2000

  • Provided Basis Support for 23 systems 5 production with 57 servers
  • Provided Corrections and Transport support
  • Provided support for printers, OSS, and security.
  • Provided Monitoring and troubleshooting of RFC and Gateways.
  • Provided Performance tuning and monitoring
  • Installed Archiving Information System and Legacy System Management tools
  • Applied SAP Notes to 23 systems.
  • Implemented Technical Upgrade of 3.1H HP34-HP58 with retrofit of SAP Notes
  • Used ABAP trace and other tools to solve application problems
  • Provide monitoring and troubleshooting for ALE problems.
  • Helped with upgrade of R3 3.1H to 46B and installed Platform-independent GUI
  • Created Data Dictionary components in support of ABAP development
  • Supported SAP on Compaq and HP UNIX

Barton & Associates
December 1996 December 1999

Project: ABC – July 1999 November 1999

  • Provided all the Basis support for implementation of 45B on Windows NT
  • Provided Corrections and Transport support with STMS
  • Installed KPMG R2I Chemical Template and SAP Consumer Products
  • Installed 4.5B and upgraded from 4.0B to 4.5B.
  • Used Document Management System, Archiving and did XIOS planning.
  • Installed ITS and used IACs to communicate between SAP and Internet.
  • Did Planning and Sizing for APO,B2B, and BIW

Project: Ashley Pump – June 1999

  • Performed a Basis audit on Windows NT and SAP 4.0B system
  • Provide infrastructure planning
  • Did performance and tuning on 4.0B development and production systems

Project: Great Builders – March 1999 April 1999

  • Recommended changes to Windows NT SAP system based on Audit Review
  • Worked on Business Workflow in classification system
  • Provided Performance and tuning recommendations
  • Analyzed their SAP file systems and gave archiving recommendations.
  • Created automated startup and shutdown scripts.

Project: Dragonfly– August 1998 February 1999

  • Provided all the Basis support for implementation of 4.0B on Windows NT
  • Provided Corrections and Transport support with STMS
  • Installed WINFAX and connected to SAP FAX interface
  • Provided a Full Security Implementation with Profile Generator
  • Provided all Network support and Windows NT support.
  • Provided Functional support implementing MM, PM, HR, PP, SD, WM, QM
  • Wrote 2 applications in ABAP including transactions with screen and menu painter

Project: SAP America at Cupertino – February 1997 July 1998

  • Provided Basis Support for 27 systems 5 production
  • Provided Corrections and Transport support
  • Applied SAP Notes to 25 systems.
  • Used ABAP trace and other tools to solve application problems
  • Provided Security troubleshooting and support
  • Provide support and troubleshooting for Workflow, ALE, and ITS
  • Installed beta SAP IAC for web requisitioning
  • Provided Monitoring and troubleshooting of RFC and Gateways
  • Provided Performance tuning and monitoring
  • Supported SAP on Digital and HP UNIX

Project: SAP America at Groton Networking – December 1996 and March 1997

  • Installed 3.0E on AIX
  • Upgraded 3.0E to 3.0F on AIX

Warren Clark Corporation
October 1990 December 1996

SAP R/3 Technical Project Leader

  • Responsible for planning, implementation and support of the SAP R/3 Infrastructure and UNIX system management.
  • Upgrades and Production responsibilities in the areas of:
    • Capacity Planning
    • System Tuning
    • Back-up and Recovery
    • System Maintenance Procedures
    • User Security
    • Correction and Transport
  • Responsible for System Tuning, Database Administration and Operating System support for production site.

SAP R/2 Technical Support

  • Responsible for planning, implementation and support of R/2 Infrastructure for Europe and Australia R/2 systems.
  • Upgrades and Production responsibility in the areas of:
    • Capacity Planning
    • System Tuning
    • System Configuration
  • Analyzed performance options of VSE and MVS and then assisted in moving R/2 system to MVS.

Software Consultant

  • Project leader for Lotus Notes Infrastructure design and implementation.
  • Web server implementation on Sun Solaris
  • Responsible for performance of MVS systems and associated software.

Ariadna Mutual Life Insurance Company
1980 – 1990

Capacity and Equipment Planning

  • Responsible for all mainframe equipment purchases.
  • Managed a capital equipment budget, which averaged 5 million per year, including the purchase of a 10 million Amdahl computer and millions of dollars in disk purchases.
  • Responsible for managing performance of MVS systems.

MVS Systems Programmer

  • Responsible for MVS and JES3 systems.
  • Installations and upgrades of MVS, JES3 and other infrastructure products.
  • Problem solving for all MVS systems.
  • Responsible for disaster recovery for MVS systems.


Bachelor of Science, Mathematics, University of Wisconsin
Master of Science, Mathematics, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee
Qualifying and Preliminary PHD Exams, Mathematics,
University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee

SAP Resume Sample 7

Samples represent that of an actual working technical professional found on the WEB and modified to protect the privacy of these professionals. Human names, company names, colleges, software product names are intentionally made up.

Vijay Agacheti

Skill set:

SAP HR, MM – ABAP Technical / Functional Consultant


  • SAP R/3 Team Lead Technical Consultant with 5+ years experience in HR, MM, SD, FI/CO and PM up to version 4.6 C
  • 4 years US experience, including Public Sector, Pharmaceutical, manufacturing, transport, Process Industries and big 5.
  • Worked in Full life cycle implementation, Upgradation Project.
  • ABAP skills set include Data Archive Reports, BDC, Data Dictionary,Report Writer, SAP Script, Transactions, ALE, Idoc, Query,Interface programming, SAP Business Work Flow.
  • 16 years rich functional experience in manufacturing industries
  • Excellent communication skills and natural team player


  • Software:SAP R/3, Forms-4.5 and Reports 2.5/ Developer 2000
  • Languages:ABAP/4, C
  • SAP Modules: HR, MM, SD, PM, FI/CO.


BS Mechanical Engineering
Diploma in Management
Post Graduate Diploma in Marketing Management
Diploma in Unix, C and Oracle

Project Details

1. Johnson Systems, Inc., Atlanta, GA
Jan 02 – Feb 02

ABAP Technical Consultant – SAP HR / 4.6C CEI

Environment: IBM – Server and Windows 2000 / Windows ME – PC

Responsibilities: Worked on the out bound interface from SAP to Frick Company dealing with Unemployment data .

  • Analysis of the existing system
  • Gathering requirements for the development of Interface
  • Preparing User Interface design documentation.
  • Develop the program
  • Test the program with respect to its performance and accuracy.
  • Transport the program from Development box to Quality assurance box.

2. Durham Cement, Littleton, NH
June 01 to Nov 01

ABAP Technical Consultant – SAP HR / 4.6C CEI

Environment: IBM – Server and Windows 2000 / Windows ME – PC


  • Analysis of the existing system
  • Gathering requirements for the development of Interface & User exits.
  • Preparing User Interface design documentation.
  • Develop the program
  • Test the program with respect to its performance and accuracy.
  • Transport the program from Development box to Quality assurance and Production box.

Worked on the following User Exits and Interfaces.

User Exits:

  • Benefit Life / AD&D Plan – To change Employee Cost and Employer Credit for each age band and salary.
  • Benefit Retiree Plan – Using Custom Table Flex dollar amount obtain employee / employer cost.
  • Salary and Age freeze for Life/AD&D and LTD Plans.
  • Cats User exit for single screen solution for employee Pay information for HR/Payroll and employee time for work order.
  • Refresh Cat2 time entry screen when wrong entry made.


  • New Hire Data
  • Payroll data to Frick Company
  • Unicare Dependent Care Spending
  • Unicare Health care spending
  • Unicare – Medical & Dental Eligibility
  • Credit Union Deductions
  • Gelco-cost Center data
  • Incentive Pay details.

Also developed Custom Info type – 9000 tables.

3. Mayflower Pharmaceuticals, Boston, MA
Feb 01 – May 01

ABAP Technical Consultant – SAP HR / 4.6C CEI

Environment: Main frame Sever – Windows 98 / 2000 – PC


  • Analysis of the existing Legacy Reports
  • Gathering requirements for the development of the report program.
  • Preparing User design documentation.
  • Develop the program
  • Test the program with respect to its performance and accuracy.
  • Transport the program from Development box to Quality assurance and Production box

Worked on the following reports:

  • Event management reports
  • Employee turn over reports
  • Compensation Report
  • Age & years of service Report
  • Benefit Insurance plan premium report
  • HMO Participants to vendor report
  • Group Universal Life Payments report.

4. American Airlines, Fort Worth, TX
Nov 00 – Jan 01

ABAP Technical Consultant – SAP HR / 4.6C CEI

Environment: Main frame Sever – Windows 98 / 2000 – PC


  • Analyzed Payroll and Time management reports requirement and prepared High level and detailed specification and collected basic requirement for coding the Report programs.
  • Performed Gap analysis and formatting report specification.
  • Preparing User design documentation.
  • Develop the program
  • Test the program with respect to its performance and accuracy.

Some of the reports are:

  • Shift time recording report.
  • Wage type statement.
  • Tax setup exemptions.
  • Workers Compensation information report.

5. MIRAMIS Pharmaceuticals, Rochester, NY
Sep 00 – Nov 00

ABAP Technical Consultant – SAP HR / 4.0b

Environment: Windows NT Sever – Windows NT – PC


  • Worked as Technical Consultant in the OMNI Project – implementation of Gross to Net Payroll and merging of two company data RPR & HMR .
  • Performed Gap analysis and formatting report specification.
  • Preparing User design documentation.
  • Develop the program
  • Test the program with respect to its performance and accuracy.

The following are some of the work done by me here:

  • Created a Dynamic Program to update Info type 0003 whenever Info type 0014 or 0015 created for retired and terminated people.
  • Worked on Schema to extract information for Insurance Benefit using UBEN features and User Exits
  • Modified STD SAP RPLICO10 program – Flexible employee report to suit client requirement.
  • Developed a Interface program for Metlife Insurance company.
  • Modified STD SAP RPCLJNU0 Payroll Journal Report to suit client requirement.
  • Modified Remuneration statement Report RPCEDTUO to suit client requirement.
  • Labor and Liability report
  • Deduction Wage type Summary reports.
  • Base Payroll / Work Hours Report.

6. Advanced Technologies, Raleigh, NC
Jun 00 – Aug 00

Team Lead ABAP Pricing – SAP MM / SD – 4.5b

Environment: IBM – main frame Server – IBM -PC


  • Worked as Team Lead in MMLC- Pricing Technical team consisting of six members both as support function and testing of Data Integrity in 4.5b version of SAP MM module and SD Module.
  • Performed Gap analysis and formatting Program specification.
  • Preparing User design documentation.
  • Develop the program
  • Test the program with respect to its performance and accuracy.

Worked in the following Areas:

  • Worked on Parallel currency and Euro currency in the pricing table
  • Enhance Program ZDMRFAXX – for pricing with development class ZDMM
  • Update Pricing tables – ZPRCTAB, ZDMRFA.
  • Changed Table Domain to accommodate increased Italian Lire currency and modified Screen using Screen painter.
  • Modified Program ZDMLOGRP to show errors in the count.

7. Amtrak, New Ark, NY
Feb 99 – Feb 00

ABAP Technical Team Lead – SAP HR Payroll- 4.0b

Environment: IBM – AS400 Server With Windows 98 PC


  • Led a team of four members in designing, implementing and maintaining the project plan for implementing Data Migration and Interface between SAP and Legacy.
  • Data Archived for data conversion from ASCII character to SAP system using EBCDIC Charter set
  • Worked on SAP Business Work Flow related to Employee Hiring including employee events such as when an employee is hired, or leaves the company, or is reassigned within the company.
  • Responsible for the analysis Work Flow like New Hire, Leave of Absence LOA , Termination, Retirement with pay, Retirement without pay
  • Design of batch programs, documentation, testing, and Data migration of over thirty info types in organizational management, Payroll, Tax, benefits and Master data for over forty thousand employees.
  • Use Interface toolbox PU12 to upload master data interface from flat file to SAP with a specific format using Interface Toolbox
  • Conversion master data, payroll data, Benefit & Tax data with a specific format using Interface Toolbox
  • Responsible to create Batch data conversion program for migration of Legacy data into SAP data in to Master data, Payroll, Benefit, and tax Info types like Group1- basic Info type 0000,0001,0002. Group2-Info types 0006, 0007, 0008, Group3-Info types 0014,0015, Group4- Info types 0207,0208,0209,0210, Group5- Info types 0169, 0170 etc.
  • Responsible for the analysis, design of Interface programs, documentation, testing of out bound interface and custom info types.
  • Developed an ADP interface including code mapping to wage types using custom code in the processing time for block of ADP master data.
  • Developed three Interface Programs for Wyatt using Idoc.
  • Additional responsibilities – Post Implementation Support in identification of errors and eliminating them.

8. Kruger Cements, Arlington, PA
Dec 98 to Jan 99

ABAP Technical Consultant, SAP- 3.1h – PM

Environment: Unix Sever – Windows PC


  • Responsible for creation of Batch program for data migration in Plant maintenance module, testing and documentation of data transfer.
  • Utilize Proteus tool to create Batch data programs linking various fields with rules.

9. Parametric Decisions, Nashville, TN
Aug 98 to Nov 98

Functional consultant in SAP HR 3.1h

Environment: Oracle Database NT-server – Windows PC


  • Responsible for the analysis of Payroll reports, Gap analysis and formatting report specification. Some of the reports are.
    • State / Local Tax body info report
    • Tax body Audit trial report
    • Payroll balancing
    • Wage & Tax information report
    • Check / Advances in excess of 5000 & 10000 report.
    • Workers Compensation report.
  • Responsible for creation of technical coding sheet with various fields.
  • Responsible for creating specification for testing reports and classifying them.

10. Duglas Brothers Incorporation, Chicago, IL
May 98 to Jul 98

SAP Functional / Technical consultant MM

Environment: Unix Server – Windows PC


  • Member of MM Functional team in identifying upgrade requirements.
  • Responsible in identification of up gradation patches and applied patches.
  • Responsible in creating program for pricing using BOM, Customer over due balance.
  • Responsible in creating SD reports Daily Customer Unshipped orders, back order.
  • Enhancement of Program RFDOPR00 FI Customer evaluation over due balance .

11. Alpha Petrochemical Company, Saudi Arabia
Jun 97 to Feb 98

ABAP Technical consultant. in SAP HR 3.0e Payroll

Environment: Main-frame Server – Windows PC.


  • Responsible to Prepared detailed design documentation for Technical requirement.
  • Responsible to develop Report Program.

    Some of the SAP-reports upgraded to suit client requirement:

    • Wage type summary – Program name RFFOD_U
    • Pay roll summary – Program name RPCLGAOO
    • Payroll register – Program name RPCLSTRX
    • Bank list for direct deposit – Program name RFFOD_U
    • Gosi Report – Emp No wise – Program name RPCLSTRX
    • Gosi Report – Gosi No wise – Program name RPCLSTRX
    • Introduction of Cheque no in Allocation field – Program name SAPMF05L

    The following are some of the reports developed.

    • Temporary Employees list
    • Employee wise monthly Travel and Expenses report
    • Reservation Ticketing MM module
    • Polyethylene movement summary FI/MM/SD – module
    • Reservation Pick Ticketing Shop Paper – PM module
    • Monthly work schedule for the employees

12. ABC Software International Ltd., Madras, India
Oct 96 – May 97

Functional Consultant – SAP MM, 3.0e

  • Responsible for the analysis, design, configuration, documentation, testing, and final implementation of Details will be given separately
  • Materials Management
  • Inventory Management System
  • Warehouse Management System

Details of Functional experience spanning sixteen years in Engineering IT Related Manufacturing Industries will be provided upon request

SAP Training, 1996

Materials management Module
MM005: Overview of Materials Management.
MM010: Introduction to Materials Management;
MM020: Purchasing Guide;


BC160 : ABAP/4 for new Programmers;
BC030 : R/3 Data dictionary
BC170 : ABAP/4 Programming;
BC175 : Report programming techniques
BC180 : ABAP/4 Data Interfaces;
BC185 : Programming logical databases
BC200 : ABAP/4 Query;
BC220 : Introduction to On-line Programming
BC230 : Advanced techniques in On-line Programming;
CA110 : SAP Script Texts, styles, Layout sets
CA120 : SAP Script Programming interface.

SAP Resume Sample 8

Samples represent that of an actual working technical professional found on the WEB and modified to protect the privacy of these professionals. Human names, company names, colleges, software product names are intentionally made up.

Johnatan S. Wesley

1204 Hillcrest Drive
Irving, TX 76207



Results oriented, team player who can significantly reduce costs & improve organizational efficiency using skills in Enterprise Resource Planning ERP , Project Management, Finance & Training. Business Process Improvement & Customer focused.

  • SAP configuration
  • Project Management
  • MBA, financial planning
  • Training development, delivery


Horizon, Dallas, TX
2000 – 2002


  • Saved Horizon 30 million with implementation of Warehouse Management WM process via SAP Plant Maintenance PM and Materials Management MM modules
  • Performed requirements gathering, analysis, and mapping of business processes
  • Configured Plant Maintenance: FLOC, equipment, orders, master data
  • Configured Materials Management: master data, material codes, storage locations
  • Production Planning PP module experience: MRP, BOM, work centers
  • Also worked with the following modules: Asset Accounting AA , Project Systems PS
  • Created ABAP and Workflow design specification documents, utilized user exits
  • Wrote Design Interface Specifications to legacy systems, Smallword & COEMOD
  • Worked with programmers, debugging coding and interfaces
  • Performed system testing, unit, string, integration, with negative & positive scenarios
  • Wrote test scripts, performed system validation, and production support
  • Performed data cleansing,conversion with extracts using Access VBA & SAP IBIP
  • Created training documentation, trained all levels of users at multiple locations
  • Handled support Help Desk issues for users in several states
  • Coordinated security issues and all changes to user authorization profiles
  • Developed SQL reports on Horizon s Data Warehouse system VFrame pulling data from 90 different systems including SAP, PeopleSoft & Hyperion using the Viador web portal

North America Computers, Dallas, TX
1997 – 2000


  • Saved North America Computers 10 million with implementation of SAP modules, Sales & Distribution SD , Materials Management MM and HR Training & Events module
  • Promoted from National Training Contracts Project Manager
  • Won Best Run Project award from CEO of SAP, 1999
  • Configured SAP Sales & Distribution, 32,000 orders at 5M per month
  • Configured SAP Materials Management MM
  • Utilized recursive Bill of Materials BOM
  • Configured HR Training & Events, handling 1 million customers per year
  • Also worked with the following modules: Finance FI , Control CO
  • Directed go-live and production support operations
  • Supervised both configuration and ABAP customization
  • Created training documentation, trained users at multiple locations
  • Handled Help Desk issues for 200 locations, 800 people

Instruments & Maintenance, Amarillo, TX
1991 – 1997


  • Played major role in TI s winning of the Baldrige National Quality award in 1992
  • Directed TQM and Teaming for Excellence project, over 2000 participants
  • Facilitated Strategic Planning process, won UNT best paper award
  • Managed all IT division performance measurements, reduced cost/turn-over
  • Utilized the Oregon Productivity Matrix, improved team accountability
  • Coordinated SEI related activities, tracked group metrics
  • Directed all Quality Programs and related training
  • Implemented Motorola s Six Sigma, tailored to software staff
  • Taught Cycle Time & Defect Reduction, participated on design teams
  • Certified as DDI team trainer, delivered 100 classes

Instruments & Maintenance, Amarillo, TX
1983 – 1991


  • Promoted from Computer Operations Manager, reduced cost 25M per year
  • Consolidated control staff, reduced from 5 sites to 1
  • Managed financials for 24 cost centers, 20 computer product lines
  • Directed capital acquisitions, division allocations and streamlined process
  • Negotiated maintenance contracts with Honeywell, Xerox saving 12m annually
  • Implemented SAS interface to voucher register, improving lease accrual process

Instruments & Maintenance, Amarillo, TX
1980 – 1991


  • Promoted to Department Planner, improved MLO forecast variances
  • Managed manufacture of E-Beam Systems, electrical and mechanical assemblies
  • Handled 250K in purchased components, implemented master scheduling
  • Coordinated fabrication with machine shop, improved cycle time
  • Monitored final system test in clean room facility, completed life cycle study


SAP Plant Maintenance L0100, PM configuration L0815, 2000
SAP Human Resources HR050, HR Training & Events HR515, ASAP,1999
MBA Amberton University, Garland, TX 1993
MS Industrial Technology UNT Denton, TX 1979
BS Industrial Technology UNT Denton, TX 1975


  • Windows, PC and NT *
  • SAP Sales & Distribution Module
  • SAP Plant Maintenance Module
  • SAP Materials Management Module
  • SQL and Oracle DB s
  • Excel, Word, Powerpoint
  • Access & VBA coding
  • MS Project and Lotus Notes
  • Map Linx and Visio

SAP Resume Sample 9

Samples represent that of an actual working technical professional found on the WEB and modified to protect the privacy of these professionals. Human names, company names, colleges, software product names are intentionally made up.

Kamran Faruh

154 Lakeside Drive
Toronto, Ontario, Canada.


  • 13 years of strong IT and Logistics Management experience including app.
  • 5 years of consulting on core SAP
  • Logistics modules SD, MM and WM – 4 Full Cycle projects .
  • Experience of SAP CRM and Siebel CRM projects.
  • Certified SAP SD and MM consultant.
  • PMI certified Project Manager PMP . Well versed in Project Management methodologies as in PMBOK : FAST TRACKING,
  • CPM, PERT, EV, GANTT, WBS, and Flow Charts.
  • Experience of Implementing, Configuring, Customizing, Post Go Live support & User training in CRM, SD, MM & WM.
  • Integration with FI/CO/PP/QM/PM. Implementation, customizing and user training of Siebel 5.0.
  • MBA Marketing and BS Mechanical Engineering degrees.
  • Organized and Result oriented. Highly developed project management, communication, presentation, negotiation, administrative, analytical and customer service skills with strong team commitment.


  • ASAP / Value SAP Methodology
  • SAPScript, ABAP Query, EDI/IDOC and CATT.
  • Test Scripts, Unit & Integration Testing and Post implementation support.
  • Business Process & End User Procedures



CanadaPharmex Inc., Toronto, Canada
Mar 2002 To date

Principal Consultant / Project Manager

CanadaPharmex is the largest Canadian Pharmaceutical company employing more than 4500 people. Being in the healthcare sector, CanadaPharmex is governed under cGMP and FDA regulations.

As a Principal consultant I provide 3rd. level support to around 600 users in SD, MM and WM. Am responsible for writing functional specs for special enhancements/modifications and for coordinating developments with ABAPers. Am responsible for smooth working of interfaces with Third Party software/equipment like FMC AGV, Nova SKU and Freight Management System in warehouses, EDI Gentran Subsystem , ECCnet, Credit Card authorization system, Airmiles loyalty program and other Reseller related custom developments.

As Project Manager am responsible for managing IS department projects relating to SAP enhancement, modification and development. This includes writing of Project Charters, Scope planning, resource and risk planning, issue management, implementation and post golive support. Am currently managing following projects for Fiscal year 2002- 2003:

  • SAP system landscape upgrade.
  • SAP Support package upgrade from 4.6C Support Pack 14 to Support Pack 32.
  • CanadaPharmex Warehouse Expansion.
  • Corp Review of Upgrading from 4.5B to 4.6C versus moving to CanadaPharmex Inc. s 4.6C system.

Artonics Inc., Montreal, Canada
Jun 2000 Mar 2002

Logistics Application Consultant

Artonics is a SAP CBS Partner for the Eastern Canadian Provinces. Was involved in following projects on behalf of Artonics:

  • Bike Motors Corporation, Montreal, Canada, Nov. 2001 Mar. 2002

    Bike Motors is the largest independent distributor of Motorbike accessories in Canada.

    Was the Project Manager and also responsible for implementing SAP CRM 2.0C Internet Sales . Both B2B and B2C business processes were implemented. Project involved customizing of R/3 and CRM, data replication, Web Shop creation and activation, Product catalog maintenance & publishing, special development for ATP in CRM and Web interface, and user exits for customer based plant determination. Also responsible for User training.

  • Greenville Group Inc., Greenville, Canada, Feb. Oct. 2001

    Greenville Group is one of the largest manufacturers, designers and distributors of caskets and funeral products in North America.

    Full cycle French language project involving FI/CO, MM, SD, QM, WM and PP modules 4.6C . Was responsible for SD and WM and also acted as proxy project manager. Main areas covered were Sales commissions, Rebates, Free Goods handling/Promotions, Special Pricing, Returns Processing, Bar Code integration, Serial Nos., EDI, Taxes, Shipping functions, Invoice lists, LIS, Variant Configuration and special Quality Notifications. Complete Warehouse setup was done in Toronto and Laval. Make to Order and Make to Stock strategies. Also provided Super/End user training.

  • Telecom Networks Inc., Montreal, Canada, Jul. 2000 Feb. 2001

    Was a High Tech., start-up that designs and markets specialized products for the telecommunications industry. Full cycle project involving FI/CO, MM, SD, and PP module 4.6C using Value SAP methodology. Was Team Lead for SD and MM. Main areas covered were Variant configuration, Sales commissions, User status management, Third party operation, Consignments, Special RMA, Taxes, shipping, SIS, stock transport orders, procurement and inventory management. Special Buy to Order strategy. Conducted Super User training.

  • Spot Consulting at Hydro Quebec, Isofab, AVW Telav, Rotalec, Buscuit Leclerc, Draxis, and Bike Motors.

    Training assignments at Celestica and Isofab.

BioMed Optoelectronics Inc., St. Louis, MO, USA
Feb 1999 April 2000

SAP SD Analyst

BioMed Optoelectronics provides Digital Imaging, Sensor, Telecommunications and Lighting technologies to Customers in Biomedical, Communications and Industrial markets.

  • A Global roll out project involving St. Louis – USA, Vaudreuil – Canada and Manila – Philippines.
  • Provided SD functional expertise during project implementation and customisation phases 3.1H .
  • Consulted, configured and fine tuned the R/3 system processes, Established master data, sales, billing, pricing and credit management.
  • Post Go-live support.

Carter Oil Ltd., Pakistan
March 1994 Feb 1999

An Affiliate of Chevron – Texaco

  • Team Lead Siebel Project – Nov. 1998 Feb. 1999

    Mapped Business processes, performed requirements analysis and functional customization to create customer information categories, individual views, tool bars and options. Trained users in setting options and using queries.

  • SD Team Lead SAP Project – March 1997 Dec. 1998

    A Global Template Rollout project involving India, Nepal, Bangladesh and Pakistan. Involved from Conceptual Design stage. Significantly contributed in As is To be analysis, Business Processes / Blue Print finalization, QA checks, Integration and User acceptance testing. Organized end user documentation & training.

    Configured: Global Settings, Organizational Structures, Free Goods using sales BOMs, complex Pricing, Rebates, Credit Management, Billing, Output determination & SIS. Integration with FI/CO, PP, MM and WM. Supervised configuration of shipping function, packing, transportation and warehouse management.

  • Area Business Manager – March 1994 March 1997

    Played key role in Product availability, Packaging, Pricing and Product launch decisions. Developed and successfully managed effective distribution network throughout the region. Achieved and exceeded sales target two years in a row. Managed sales of USD3.0M. Supervised a team of 9 Marketing Officers and reported to Distribution Manager.

USF Refrigeration Industries Limited, Pakistan
Aug 1992 – March 1994

Branch Manager

URIL is the largest manufacturer and marketer of durable goods in Pakistan with a staff of over 4000 and annual revenues of over USD65 million.

  • Managed sales of Dawlance brand of consumer appliances through extensive dealer network.
  • Managed complete logistics operation and sales of USD5.0M.
  • Managed administrative and financial working of the branch and 2 warehouses.
  • Supervised a staff of 23 and reported directly to the Managing Director.

United Pakistan Refinery Ltd.
July 1989 Aug 1992

Maintenance Engineer.

UPRL is the largest multinational oil refinery in Pakistan.

  • Planned and supervised the maintenance of rotary/stationary equipment and tank farm.
  • Technical correspondence and labor management.


  • OPERATING SYSTEMS: Window 95/98/2000 and Windows NT 4.0. MS DOS.
  • ERP: SAP R/3. 4.6C, 4.5A, 4.0B, 3.1H & 3.0F.
  • CRM: SAP, Siebel.
  • Others:MS Office, MS Project, Visio, Page Maker.


SAP20, LO530, LO531, WNAWMI, TASD40.


Masters in Business Administration MBA .
Bachelor of Engineering BS in Mechanical Engineer

SAP Resume Sample 10

Samples represent that of an actual working technical professional found on the WEB and modified to protect the privacy of these professionals. Human names, company names, colleges, software product names are intentionally made up.

Michelle Flynn


Michelle Flynn has over 15 years experience in Information Systems. She specializes in SAP R/3 Basis Administration and has strong leadership and technical skills. Her hardware and operating system experience includes RS/6000, AS/400, SUN Microsystems, Compaq, and Unisys using UNIX/AIX, OS/400, Solaris, and Microsoft NT respectively. Her database experience includes Oracle, DB2, and Microsoft SQL Server 7.0. Her storage management experience includes EMC Symmetrix Systems.


  • SAP R/3 Expertise:

    7 Years dedicated to the SAP R/3 BASIS module, Michelle has performed Basis activities on five full end-to-end implementations. Experience includes implementation project management, hardware sizing, SAP R/3 installations and upgrades, OSS configuration, change request management, client landscape design, stress test activities, mentoring new R/3 Basis teams, R/3 monitoring, performance tuning, system administration, database administration, technical problem solving, security operating system and SAP , cutover tasks for SAP R/3 Go-Live, production support, storage / backup management and business continuation strategies.

  • Industry Expertise:

    R/3 implementations for the following: a large computer retailer 2000 end-users , a large china / crystal retailer 200 end-users , a global fuse corporation 1000 end-users , a large furniture corporation 500 end-users , and a global telecommunications corporation 3000 end-users

  • Other Expertise:

    Project planning, process workflow and implementation, end-user training, intranet design, and database design.

  • Positions Held:

    R/3 Data Center Migration Lead, R/3 Performance Lead, R/3 Basis Mentor, Lead Basis Consultant, Systems Analyst/Basis Specialist, and Systems Administrator/Configuration Control.


  • Relevant Education:

    EMC Wizards Conference 2001, SAP TechEd 2000 & 1999, SAP 4.x Basis Administration Training, SAP R/3 Implementation for AS/400, SAP Core Competency Courses, SAP Basis Concepts, SAP R/3 Overview, Oracle Administration, UNIX Administration and Solaris Administration, various workshops on Basis processes and procedures.

  • Certification:

    SAP Basis Certification, 1999

  • Scholastic Education:

    Computer Information Systems, Devry Technical Institute
    B.S. Business, Major: Marketing 1990, Utah State University


North America Computers – Dallas, TX
September 1999 June 2001

Consultant, IBM Global Services

  • Industry: Retail / Computing

  • Hardware Platform / OS / Database: Windows NT 4.0 ? MS SQL 7

  • EMC Symmetrix
    EMC Control Center, Timefinder, SRDF, PowerPath
    Compaq Servers Proliant Models

  • Project Scope: Implementation, configuration and data center migration of SAP R/3 v. 4.5B and 4.6B .

  • Performance Lead responsibilities included maintaining defined CPU, DASD, and response-time dialog and background process thresholds, installing and configuring monitoring tools for EMC and SAP?s CCMS and making recommendations to improve the performance of the R/3 Systems.

  • Basis team Lead responsibilities included all R/3 Basis implementation tasks with emphasis on business continuation, storage management, upgrade management, and backup and recovery strategies using EMC tools Timefinder and SRDF.

  • Components being implemented: FI, SD, TEM, BTO, BW, APO

  • Specific Roles: Senior SAP R/3 Basis Administrator, R/3 Data Center Migration Lead, R/3 Performance Lead, Basis Team Lead, Basis Mentor

Jane Aikens, Inc., NJ
September 1999

Consultant, IBM Global Services

  • Industry: Retail / China, Crystal

  • Hardware Platform / OS / Database:AS/400 / 0S/400 V4R4M0

  • Project Scope: Implementation and configuration of SAP R/3 v. 4.5B .

  • Primary responsibility included mentoring individuals on all R/3 Basis implementation tasks ranging from installation to ?go-live? platform sizing, installation, system monitoring/tuning, system/client management, support center reorganization, pre-production analysis, etc .

  • Modules being implemented: FI, Retail

  • Specific Role: Basis Consultant – SAP R/3 – IBM Global Services

Callahan Corporation, Des Plaines, IL
October 1998 August 1999

Consultant, IBM Global Services

  • Industry: Fuses Automotive

  • Hardware Platform / OS / Database: AS/400 / 0S/400 V4R3M0 / DB2

  • Project Scope: Implementation and configuration of SAP R/3 v. 4.0B .

  • Responsibilities included all R/3 Basis implementation tasks ranging from installation to ?go-live? platform sizing, installation, system monitoring/tuning, system/client management, pre-production analysis, etc .

  • Modules being implemented: FI, CO, PA, PD, MM, PP, QM, SD

  • Specific Role: Lead Basis Consultant – SAP R/3

Modern Furniture, Malden, NC
September 1998 – October 1998

Consultant, IBM Global Services

  • Industry: Furniture

  • Hardware Platform / OS / Database: AS/400 / 0S/400 V4R2M0 / DB2

  • Project Scope: Performance improvement on SAP R/3 system v. 3.1H .

  • Responsibilities included adjusting profile parameters to improve system performance, monitoring the R/3 system log, which included analyzing, recommending, and implementing solutions. Monitoring hardware usage via OS/400 such as CPU levels, disk arm utilization, system messages, and job logs. Also, collected LIC and COMM traces for TCP/IP analysis by IBM Rochester acting as an ?on-site? liaison between Century Furniture and IBM Rochester.

    Specific Role: Basis Consultant – SAP R/3 – IBM Global Services

SouthTelecom, Irving, TX
April 1994 – July 1998

SAP Basis Administrator

  • Industry:Telecommunications

  • Hardware Platform / OS / Database: SUN E10000 / Solaris / Oracle

  • Project Scope: Implementation and configuration of SAP R/3 v. 3.1H .

  • Responsibilities included developing and implementing policies and procedures for the GTE National SAP Support Center with emphasis on the SAP Basis change control processes. The processes consisted of control of fixes OSS Notes and Hot Packages , and the corrections and transports workflow. Other Basis responsibilities included system administration and profile configuration, client copies, deployment of system utilities, security administration, and technical problem solving.

  • Participated in establishing a support center for 3,000 SAP R/3 end-users. Responsibilities included SAPGUI deployment to local and remote sites. Designing and implementing the GTE SAP communications plan to notify end-users of system outages. OSS administration including functionality troubleshooting and correcting OSS connectivity outages i.e., network connections, Frame Relay connections, saprouter process and OSS user administration. Applied SAP vendor code repairs. Designed and Implemented the GTE SAP Issues Tracking System SITS which included PowerBuilder design, Oracle administration, beta testing, enterprise-wide workstation deployment, and end-user training. Populated Lotus Notes database, ?GREGG? GTE Repository of Enterprise Graphical Groupware which included in-depth analysis of the GTE legacy systems.

  • Prior to R/3 Basis administration at GTE Corporation, Michelle was the lead Webmaster and set up the intranet site for the upcoming SAP project team. This intranet project included obtaining hardware, software Netscape Enterprise Server , selecting a team of webmasters for each functional and technical area in the department, training the webmasters and administering the web server.

  • Specific Roles: SAP Basis Administrator, Unix / NT Systems Administrator, Web Administrator / Web Master

SAP Resume Sample 11

Samples represent that of an actual working technical professional found on the WEB and modified to protect the privacy of these professionals. Human names, company names, colleges, software product names are intentionally made up.

Jyoti Joshi




  • 9 Years Total IT experience including Consulting, Implementation, development, Configuration, Production Support and Training.
  • Implementation of complete life cycle of HR project from Project design phase, Mapping customer requirement in SAP, continuing with configuration, testing and implementation of various HR modules till supporting the end users in various sub modules of HR.
  • Specialization in Personnel Administration Master data, Benefits, Payroll functions , Personnel development Qualifications, Appraisal management, Succession planning and integration with PA , Compensation Management including integration with PA, Time management and Organizational management including integration with cost centers in CO module.
  • Knowledge of the country specific infotypes.
  • Worked extensively with Wage types and their valuation.
  • Expertise in other application areas: Employee Self Service ESS , Travel and Event Management, Time management, Travel and expense management, CATS, Integration of CATS with other modules like PP, MM, SD etc.,
  • Has extensive configuration experience as a team lead in managing HR implementation experience in version 3.1h to 4.6c.
  • Implemented projects under ASAP methodology.
  • Hands on experience in ABAP/4
  • Designed and conducted courses for the client implementation team.
  • Excellent communication, configuration and project management skills.


M/s Addison Logistics & Transportation solutions Worldwide, FL
Oct 01-Present

  • Led workshops to obtain process configuration details for blue print and project scope determination.
  • Setting up of Wage types in Infotype 0008.
  • Configuration of time management data integrating with Material Management though usage of CATS Cross Application Time Sheets.
  • Successfully configured adhoc query for flexible reports.
  • Responsible for developing work plan for gross payroll run including supervision of SAP R/3 and client resources through realization phase.
  • Interfacing HR Master data with ADP.
  • Off cycle payroll configurations.
  • Setting up of Benefits along with Cost implications.
  • Integration configuration to FI/CO through wage type mapping to symbolic accounts and G/L accounts.
  • Conceptulized and configured the Time Structures including infotype 0007.
  • Prepared and configured Work schdueled rules and Shift rules.
  • Configured Event Management data including cost implications.
  • Reviewed deliverable contents including Business Process Procedures BPP s and unit test and integration test scenarios.
  • Go live support for Post Implementation issues from head office to users across geographical locations.
  • Imparting training classes to super users.

M/s Roland Lloyd Inc., NY
Jan 01-Sept 01

  • Conducted brainstorming sessions with the management and super users and designed the Enterprise Structure, Personnel Structure and Organizational structure and mapping them into SAP.
  • Developed design template for Global SAP HR implementation for HRIS project for 87 countries round the globe.
  • Involved in Business Process Reengineering, change management and knowledge transfer.
  • Involved in GAP analysis and designing of the data from legacy system to SAP including data mapping to various infotypes.
  • Altering the structure of the standard infotypes to user specific designs.
  • Configuration of Personnel administration module including setting of Action types, invoking dynamic actions.
  • Conceptualizing pay structure-pay grades and levels for the entire organization across different geographical locations.
  • Configuring various wage types to suit the client requirement of various countries.
  • Development of compensation packages for the organization.
  • Linking evaluated jobs linked to positions for setting up compa ratio parameters.
  • Configuration of Budget types, Budget values, Compensation components, setting up of eligibility rules and guidelines using matrix and calculation variants for compensation adjustments including Long term incentive plans.
  • Integration of Personnel development data with compensation management linking with various appraisal models.
  • Prepared specifications for user exits.
  • Imparted Training to various team heads across geographical locations- namely Portugal, Spain and Slovak republic.
  • Resolved issues: If standard wage types are missing for a country code, setting those wage types on country specific infotypes.
  • Translation of data to various country specific languages and customizing the country specific infotypes for a common reporting requirement.

M/s Prudential, PA

  • Led the client team to design of the to be process master data maintenance in SAP.
  • Configured various master data screens, action menus and infotype selection of menus.
  • Led workshops to obtain process configuration details for blueprint and project scope determination.
  • Configuring work schedule rules using a flexible calendar.
  • Lead consultant for data mapping between legacy systems Tesseract and PEPOLS and SAP Personnel Administration, Organization management, time and Payroll infotypes.
  • Setting up of ESS configuration linking the data to individual infotypes of employees.

Jan 96-Jun 99

  • Being a team member of in house support team had an active role in recruitment analysis and selection procedures, analysis of staffing status.
  • Streamlining of standard personnel actions in SAP HR module.
  • Setting time based authorization checks using CATS including layout alterations.
  • Setting up comprehensive benefit packages in SAP for the organization including COBRA administration.
  • Configuration of payment wage types including processing classes, evaluation classes and attributes.
  • Configuration of Gross Payroll.
  • Setting up succession planning models.
  • Creation of flexible holiday calendars in SAP.
  • Creation of time structures-Work Schedule rules for flexible reporting structures.
  • Setting up of qualification structures in Personnel Development submodule.
  • On line support to all super users including FI areas.


M/s West India Hotels Ltd.-A Leading company in Hospitality sector
Mar 95-Dec 95

  • Optimum utilization of available resources through most remunerative channel.
  • Optimization of profitability for all departments for all operational areas.
  • Systems audit for better Productivity
  • Team member for compensation adjustment and job evaluation exercise conducted M/S McKenzie Ltd.

M/S Indian Express Ltd.-A leading company in courier Industry
May93-Feb 95

Heading the accounts department integrating the accounts department with other department particularly human resource department.


Chartered Accountant from The Institute Of Chartered Accountancy of India
Cost and works accountant from The Institute of Cost and Works accountants of India.
Oracle Financials from Institute of Chartered and Financial Institute of India.
Trained on ASAP methodology by Pegasus Consulting group.

References: Available on request.

SAP Resume Sample 12

Samples represent that of an actual working technical professional found on the WEB and modified to protect the privacy of these professionals. Human names, company names, colleges, software product names are intentionally made up.

Gopinathan Neru




  • 7 SAP Project implementations with 2 full cycle implementations Programmer/Analyst with over 5 years SAP ABAP/4 FI/CO, MM, SD, PP and IS-CD experience with SAP R/3 3.1H, 4.0B, 4.5B and 4.6C.
  • Over 7 Years of strong industrial experience in Materials Procurement, Inventory Management and Stores Management.
  • Extensive experience in Customization and Configuration in MM and ABAP.
  • Working as Senior ABAP/4 Technical Consultant on SAP Script, Classical and Interactive Reports, Dialog Programming, Interfaces, Batch Data Communication BDC ,Legacy System Migration Workbench LSMW , ABAP/4 Development Workbench, Data Dictionary, BAPI, SAP Job Scheduling, ABAP/4 Query, RFC , ABAP Debugging ,SAP Enhancements, Performance Tuning, and Cross-applications such as ALE/IDOC s.
  • Extensively worked on ALV ABAP List Viewer Has extensive knowledge in SAP R/3 MM, SD, PP and FI modules implementation and automated testing tools such as Win Runner and QARun.
  • Additional Oracle 7.3 and Visual Basic 5.0.
  • Possesses excellent analytical, programming and communication skills.
  • Strong commitment, dedication and efficient problem solving.


  • MAXIM Motors , Sacramento , CA Implement By CGEY
  • DDP Tax & Finance Services , Santa Clara, CA Implement By SAP AMERICA
  • FINE Vacations, Arlington, PA Implement By NET ACROSS
  • Lilian Travel Impressions – Subsidiary of American Express , Tewksbury, PA By IBM
  • TSS Flex Solutions, Phoenix, AZ
  • Kane Breweries & Distilleries Implement By SIEMENS
  • Alexanders Pharmaceuticals Implement By SIEMENS
  • Dr. Clark s Laboratories Implement By SIEMENS




  • Studying the User requirements and existing Developed Programs and Layout Sets, modified Print Programs, Transactions and Layout Sets to get the User required Output.

  • Check Print Program

  • This report is used to Print the Audit Report details such as Report run date, File name, User Id , First Check , Last Check, Total number of pages, Total amount and Check details such as Client address, Check Number, Vendor number, Document number, Invoice number, Purchase Order number, Invoice date, Amount Discount, Net amount, Vendor or Customer address, Bank address, Bank routing number, Bank account number and Total amount in words

  • Check with Check Management Layout Set SAP Script

  • Modified the existing Layout Set F110_PRENUM_CHCK to get the Check Print Program Output results

  • Purchase Order Layout Set SAP Script

  • Modified the existing Layout Set MEDRUCK to get the Company Header and Logo depend on Company code, Supplier address, Delivery address depend on Shipping instructions, P.O Number, P.O date, Purchase agent, Purchase requisition, Requester, Payment terms, General description, Total Purchase Order Value and General terms and Conditions.

SEP 01 DEC 01


  • Studying the User requirements, Preparing High Level Technical Specifications, Preparing Technical Specification, Preparing Unit Test Plan , Coding and Testing the Unit Test Plan , Documenting the Test Results and Train the User.

  • Study the existing Developed Programs and Change the code to improve performance

  • Bank reconciliation report :
    This report is used to capture the Ending Bank Balance, Unadjusted G/L Balance, General Open items and Returned open items from G/L , Open items from Bank, Open items from Checks IS-CD and Diff between Bank vs G/L.

  • Combine Billing Report :
    This report will update the Insurance objects Incoming and Outgoing payment methods, Bank Id s for each subsidiary /child partner from user defined table based on the from date equal to Current system date.

  • Wire Invoices by Product Code for Month Using ALV :
    The information provided by this report will assist in analyzing product behavior among wire client, as well as volume processing during peak periods which should assist management in the forecast

  • Stop Payment report Using ALV :
    This report is used to give the Line items stopped for payment, item details such as House Bank, A/c Id, ABA, DDA, Check range, Check issue date, Total dollar amount and Business partner for Non-Electronic Banks

AUG 01 SEP 01


  • Performance Tuning
  • Study the existing Developed Programs, Change the code to improve performance
  • Using Runtime Analysis analyze the performance of Transactions, Programs and Function modules created in ABAP Workbench.
  • Using Performance Trace Record access, Locking activities and remote calls of reports and transactions in trace file and Analyze.

NOV 00 JULY 01


  • As an Sr.ABAP/4 Technical Consultant, developed user-defined reports and interfaces in MM and SD using various tools of ABAP/4 Development Workbench.
  • Developed Layout Set for Invoice, Vouchers, Itinerary, and Manifest Hotel, Air, and Car
  • Report for Mass Material Change Using Function Modules
  • Report to Call Layout Set for Invoice, Vouchers, Itinerary, and Manifest Hotel, Air, and Car
  • Outbound and Inbound Interfaces for Disney and Europe Reservations
  • Created IDOC s using ALE, Change Pointers Vendor and Customer Master
  • SAP Enhancements
  • Developed a SAP Standard User Exit / Enhancement which triggers a Budget check, during Purchase Requisition creation, for account assigned PR s, for the relevant Cost Centers. This Budget check prevents the User to create the PR, if the Total value of the PR exceeds the Budget available for the relevant Cost Center Modified automatic batch number first four digits with current year using SAPLV01Z

APR 00 SEP 00


TSS Flex is a large Circuit Board Manufacturing Company. As an ABAP/4 Technical Consultant, developed user-defined reports and interfaced in MM and SD using various tools of ABAP/4 Development Workbench. The areas covered include:

  • Many Reports, BDC s & SAP Scripts were upgraded from SAP 3.1H to SAP 4.5B Version.

  • ALE / IDOC s Cross-application

    • Using SAP R/3 Cross-application ALE, which transferred Master data such as Material Master, Vender Master, Customer Master, and G/L Accounts from Client to Client.
    • Using Background Process to transfer Master data such as Material Master, Vender Master, Customer Master, G/L accounts from Client to Client.
  • SAP Enhancements

    • Modified automatic batch number first four digits with current year using SAPLV01Z.
    • Developed a SAP Standard User Exit / Enhancement which triggers a Budget check, during Purchase Requisition creation, for account assigned PR s, for the relevant Cost Centers. This Budget check prevents the User to create the PR, if the Total value of the PR exceeds the Budget available for the relevant Cost Center
  • Interface Programs BDC

    • Payroll Accounting Documents FI . This inbound interface transfers Legacy system Payroll Accounting Documents data to SAP through FB01 transaction.
    • G/L Accounts in Chart of Accounts FI . This interface is used to create G/L Accounts in Chart of Accounts through FAP1 transaction.
    • Cost Centers PP . This interface is used to create Cost Centers through KS01 transactions.
  • Reports

    • Master Production Schedules using SD, MM, and PP modules.
    • Work Center Work-In-Progress using MM and PP modules
    • Open Item Status using SD module.
    • Scrap Analysis using FI/CO modules.

APR 99 MAR 00


Kane is a large Brewery and Distillery. SAP R/3 4.0B implemented by Opus Ltd. Worked as an ABAP/4 Technical Consultant. The job included project analysis, development of user-defined reports, and interfacing MM and SD using various tools of ABAP/4 Development Workbench. The areas covered include:

  • BDC s conversions

    • Material Master Conversion MM . This inbound interface transferred the Legacy system material data to SAP through MM01 transaction Basic View, Sales View, Purchase View, Plant/Storage Location, and Warehouse Views .
    • Purchase Order Conversion MM . Purchase orders that were still open or partially delivered on legacy system, when the switch over happened on legacy system to SAP, and then was received in SAP.
    • Initial Inventory Upload WM . This interface extracted existing inventory from a Legacy system and created material batches in SAP through MB1C transaction and placed these batches into respective warehouse bins using transaction LT01.
    • Vendor Master Conversion MM . This conversion created vendor master records in SAP using transaction XK01.
  • Dialog Programming Interactive Reports

    • Batch and Expiration Data Management MM . This interactive report listed the quantity and quality of unrestricted and blocked material. From the results of the report query, the user was able to perform two separate transactions enter transfer positions unrestricted to blocked MB1B, and modify batch attributes MSC2 interactively.
    • Dialog program to enter the packing list details for each line item of the Delivery made.
  • Reports

    • Developed two forecast reports in raw materials. The reports detailed materials and opening and closing stock and consumption on a monthly basis.
    • Developed two reports in project systems, which summarized the costs related to purchase orders, purchase requisitions, and reservations in detail for every project.
  • ALE/ IDOC s Cross-application

    • Using SAP R/3 Cross-application technique ALE, which transferred Master data like Material Master, Vender Master, Customer Master, and G/L Accounts from Client to Client.
    • Used background process to transfer Master data such as Material Master, Vender Master, Customer Master, and G/L Accounts from Development Client to Production Client.
  • SAP Enhancements

    • Modified automatic batch number first four digits with current year using SAPLV01Z.

SEP 97 MAR 99


Alexanders is a large supplier of Hospital products in India. SAP R/3 3.1H implemented by Siemen s Information System India, Ltd. As ABAP/4 Technical Consultant, participated in project analysis and development of user-defined reports and interfaces in MM and SD using the various tools of ABAP/4 Development Workbench. The areas covered include:

  • Scope of ABAP/4 Development Workbench and Customization Tools :
    Reports such as Classical, Interactive, Batch Reconciliation, Batch Tracking, and Recoverable Residual Material. Transferred batch data communications to Material Master, Bill of Material, Vendor Master from Legacy system to SAP R/3.
  • Developed Data Dictionary Objects such as user-defined tables, data elements and data structures.
  • Created user area menu and modified existing area menu.
  • Created math codes and search helps.
  • Created user defined value-request and help-request.
  • Modified layout sets for purchase order.
  • Worked on SAP R/3 Cross-application techniques using ALE. Master Data transferred from Client to Client.
  • Worked on SAP R/3 Cross-application technique using Document Management, interfacing Materials Management process including attaching drawings of particular materials in Material Master Basic View.
  • Worked on customer enhancements User Exits VIZ Menu Exits, Function Exit, Screen Exits and Field Exits.
  • Worked with SAP enhancements such as SAPLV01Z to modify automatic batch number.

APR 97 SEP 97


Dr. Clark s Laboratories is the largest supplier of Hospital products in South India. SAP R/3 3.1H implemented by Siemen s Information Systems India, Ltd. The Company has two manufacturing plants. The Corporate structure was configured in the SAP system. The main business processes were then designed and tested in the Finance, Production Planning, Materials Management, Sales and Distribution modules.

For the MM Module, one purchase organization, four storage locations, and one warehouse have been considered. Following business processes of MM Module were implemented in the project:

  • Creation of master records such as Material Master Records, Vendor Master Records, and Purchase Info Records.
  • Release of RFQ s/QTN s, batch management study, source list creation, quota arrangement, master pricing conditions, outline agreements, release strategies for purchase requisitions, collective release of POs and vender evaluation in Purchase Management.
  • Goods receipt posting, goods issue against reservations and handling of consignment stocks, and third party stocks.
  • Sales order requirements, negative stocks, and sub contracting items in Inventory Management.
  • Usage of five storage types, which included creating different types of storage bins and implementation of different placement and removal strategies in Warehouse Management.
  • Invoice Verification.

MAR 95 MAR 97


  • Programmer/Analyst for a Storage Management software application on Client/Server using Oracle 7.3 and Visual Basic 5.0.
  • Storage Management is the process of recording, classifying and reporting the incoming and outgoing material in an organization and preparing reports based on this data.

FEB 93 FEB 95


Worked as Materials Management Engineer with the responsibility of planning inventory and procurement.

DEC 89 JAN 93


  • As Production Planning Engineer, major responsibilities included planning the materials through a mainframe based system.
  • Also worked as System Analyst for the Client/Server Materials Management System.

APR 89 NOV 89


Worked as Maintenance Engineer.


Bachelor of Engineering
Postgraduate Diploma in Computer Applications


Microsoft Certified Professional in Visual Basic 5.0


  • ERP: SAP R/3 3.1H, SAP R/3 4.0B / 4.5B / 4.6 C
  • OPERATING SYSTEMS: MS-DOS, UNIX, Windows 95, and Windows NT
  • RDBMS: Oracle 7.3, MS SQL Server
  • GUI: SAP GUI, Visual Basic 5.0
  • TESTING TOOLS: Win Runner, QARun

SAP Resume Sample 13

Samples represent that of an actual working technical professional found on the WEB and modified to protect the privacy of these professionals. Human names, company names, colleges, software product names are intentionally made up.

Roland B. Lynch, CPIM


Consulting or project management position supporting the implementation or enhancements of SAP ERP systems.

Summary of Qualifications:

Extensive ERP, supply chain, and operations experience in the aerospace and defense, electronics, automotive, and capital manufacturing industries. Has implemented SAP R/3 and developed integrated web applications for a full life cycle major go live. Achieved long-term strategic objectives with high ROI through business process changes and on time, on budget. Proven track record.


2001 – Present
Methuen Logistics, Methuen, IL

WM/LE Consultant

  • Providing go live support for a global Logistics and Distribution solution that consists for 6 regional distribution centers and 1 central distribution center that collectively ship over 100,000 line per day Investigates user problems and determines root cause. Takes corrective action either through configuration changes, data clean up or training.
  • Extensive integration with MM and SD. Solution includes inbound deliveries with handling units, multiple storage types, bin management, wave picking, bundling, packing using handling units, and shipping. All shipping documentation packing lists, load instruction sheets, BOL, etc produced through the system.

1998 2001
Moore Aircraft, Inc., Wichita Falls, KS

Project Leader SAP Systems

  • Responsible for the configuration, integration, and test of the PP, MM, PP-PI, PS, WM, and PM modules for a large 5,000 users multi-company, multi-currency implementation
  • Solution architect for Operations, Supply Chain, Service Management, and Customer Support
  • Strong configuration skills in PP, PP-PI, MM, PS, IM, WM and PM, including integration with SD, QM, CO, FI and HR.
  • Operations solution included development of Master Planning, Capacity Planning, MRP, Production Orders, Kanban for make to stock and make to order. Strong PLM skills with Material Masters, Routing, Master Recipes, BOMs, ECRs, and ECMs. Implemented SAP s parameter effectivity. Developed CAPP solution to include generative planning. Project leader for APO PP/DS. Solution included finite scheduling for resource constrained work center. Reduced cycle times 20
  • Project Leader for a BW implementation. Developed reporting strategy where operational data was reported directly from R/3 and summary data was reported from BW. Developed user friendly R/3 reports by using list viewers and custom report trees.
  • Integrated PP with CO, HR and data collection system to capture costs and record time.
  • Full MM functionality including integration with IM and WM.
  • Developed Variant Configuration functionality to automatically generate Order BOM s, Operative Networks, and Routings.
  • Responsible for the development of Specifications for various ABAP Program and Reports.
  • Understand the relationship of Data Elements in tables, views, & structures.
  • Full life-cycle experience including 21 months post-live optimization and support.
  • Multiple implementations:1 tooling and calibration, 2 Operations, Sales, Finance, HR and Customer Support, 3 APO, 4 Service Management, 5 BW
  • Successfully implemented web applications for customer order management and employee self service
  • Technical design and SAP enhancement skills worked with SAP Labs and SAP AG to resolve industry specific gaps now in core solution

1996 – 1998
Moore Aircraft, Inc., Wichita Falls, KS

Manager – Supply Chain

  • Responsible for material requirements planning and inventory control. Annual material volume exceed over 2.0B per year
  • Inventory turns improved from 4.1 to 8.0
  • Developed strategic outsourcing partnership for raw materials that lead to 15M inventory reduction and reduced lead times by over 2 months
  • Implemented supplier managed inventory program that led to 8M inventory reduction and reduced shortage by over 20

1994 – 1996
Lacoss & Cedarapids Inc., Westford, IA

Supply Chain Manager

  • Material Manager for a unionized, ISO certified, multi-plant, manufacturer of heavy capital equipment
  • Managing staff of 90 employees, was responsible for Supply Chain management and Logistics Management
  • Increased manufacturing output by 38 and reduced lead times by 36
  • Increased through put at gateway work centers through improved inventory management of raw material and set up time reduction
  • Improved inventory accuracy from less than 80 to 98 accuracy
  • Reduced indirect labor by 18
  • Improved service levels for spare parts from 78 to 90
  • Responsible for consolidating two plants in different states into one plant

1988 – 1994
Lowell Missile Systems, Berlin, TN

Production Control Manager

  • Material and Production Control Manager for a high volume missile plant
  • Managed staff of 185 people
  • Project manager for the MACPAC/D MRP II system that was implemented on schedule and on budget.
  • Transitioned 2 programs from engineering development into full rate production

1977 – 1988
Brian Corporation, Chelmsford, FL

Various Supply Chain Assignments

  • Responsible for master scheduling, material control, inventory control, procurement and production control
  • Reduced material costs by 12,000,000 over a 2-year period.
  • Responsible for the implementation of the Boeing PMS MRP II system.
  • Developed Earned Value Measurement System EVMS that achieved DOD production certification
  • Logistics Manager responsible for supporting over 200 satellite communication stations located through out the world.


B. S., Management Science, Florida Institute of Technology
MBA, Florida Institute of Technology
Certified by the American Production and Inventory Control Society CPIM
Fluent in Portuguese

Professional Affiliations

  • Past member of the Society of Logistics Engineers
  • Member of the American Production and Inventory Control Society APICS
  • Served on the board of directors of the local APICS chapter
  • Guest speaker at APICS and Professional Accountants meetings
  • Presented paper at the SAP Aerospace and Defense Conference March 2000
  • Written papers for APICS
  • Past instructor for APICS certification exams

SAP Resume Sample 14

Samples represent that of an actual working technical professional found on the WEB and modified to protect the privacy of these professionals. Human names, company names, colleges, software product names are intentionally made up.

Ravinder Bhojani




Mr. Bhojani is a highly motivated professional with over four years of solid experience in SAP R/3 FI Finance & CO Controlling configuration, SAP Implementation, Business re-engineering and training in Business Warehouse BW , Treasury, SAP Vertex Sales Tax, Use Tax, VAT Tax Module and Project Management.

In addition, he has eleven years of experience in Financial Services, Corporate Accounting, Corporate Income tax and Business Process. For four years he was in-charge for Human Resources Department, including preparation of all payroll tax return and 401k tax returns.

SAP modular experience includes: General Ledger, Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, Treasury, Asset Management, Cost Center Accounting, Profit Center Accounting, Profitability Analysis, Product Costing, Special Ledger, Report Painter and Business Warehouse BW .


Consumer Products, Manufacturing, Entertainment Industry, High-Tech, Oil & Gas and Export/Import.


Feb 99 – present
RSSTECO, Inc., Chelmsford, California

Sr. SAP FICO Consultant

Major Entertainment Studio in Los Angeles:

  • Responsible for re-implementing COPA and BW.
  • In-charge for production support and various on going small projects.


  • Performed a custom archiving project to eliminate non-business data existing on the SAP system that is being turned over to the organization acquiring the product line.
  • Defined functional criteria for masking & archiving data.
  • In-charge for SAP FI/CO/AA production support.
  • Collected and analyzed users business requirements, identified and defined areas for improvements, prepared specifications for development, configured, troubleshooting and supporting for systems users.
  • Configured VAT European tax module.
  • Configured 4.4.5 Financial Year End Accounting.
  • I have supported SAP Vertex/Sales & Use tax, any new configuration and development.

Thermo Extex:

  • Configured Lockbox process/automated AR cash posting and on AP side Positive Pay file.
  • Configured 1099 s, magnetic tape and reporting process.
  • Defined substitution rule.
  • Wrote custom specs on budget upload process in SAP.
  • Configured and created custom PCA reports in CO module.
  • Configuration and Modifications to SAP AR, AP, AA, GL and CO modules.
  • Automated wire transfer payment process in SAP-AP system.
  • Setup business area adjustment batch jobs.
  • Conducted hot pack testing for FI/CO module.
  • Coordinated with MM, SD and ABAP team.
  • I have completed full implementation in Vertex Module.
  • The configuration includes, tax by country, verify tax indicator, assign tax classifications, define default for non-taxable transactions, tax jurisdiction structure for USA, tax codes, processing key set up, condition records, configured non-USA countries, created reports, worked on customer master data conversion, supported post implementation, integrated with order entry and material management module.

SEDECO Oil & Gas:

  • Re-engineered, Configured BP & Amoco s SAP FICO System into single instant system.
  • Involved in the upstream & downstream FI/CO re-engineering process.
  • Conducted testing procedures.


  • I have implemented SAP FI/CO 4.6 upgrade project, did fit gap analysis, business re-engineering, testing and new configuration to fit gap between SAP 3.1h to SAP 4.6C version.
  • Includes SAP AR, AP, AA, GL and CO modules.
  • During the upgrade I was the team leader.
  • I have configured G/L, A/P, A/R and AA modules.
  • Created Chart of Accounts, asset classes, Master Data, Valuation, Asset types, allocations of number ranges and transfers of legacy data in Asset Management Module.
  • Defined depreciation areas, depreciation terms, and periodic processing.
  • I have also configured tax depreciation books.
  • I was also involved in remittance payment program configuration.

SAP America:

  • I have configured BW Business Information Warehouse v 1.2b.
  • Designed Info Cubes, Info objects and queries, loaded data from SAP R/3 4.0b.
  • Did performance tuning and query optimization.
  • Created Info Cube aggregates to improve the performance.
  • Extracted master and transactional data from flat files.
  • ASAP Methodology for planning, designing and implementing BW.
  • BW BAPI s interface of the staging engine, extraction from R/3 data sources and integration of other SAP implementation and non-SAP data sources.
  • Connected BW system to multiple SAP OLTP systems.
  • Analyzed data. BW OLAP extraction.
  • Modified Info sources for master and transactional data.
  • Used business explorer analyzer Bex. At SAP America Training Center .

Port Authority of NY/NJ Public Sector :

  • I was in-charge for Y2K safety check for FI/CO testing team.
  • Prepared Y2K testing plan and supervision of FICO tester s team.
  • Analyzed status and fixing FI/CO tables, SAP HR tables and configuration complied with Y2K.

Digital Technologies:

  • I have configured SAP R/3 Cash management CM , Treasury Management TR-CM , Loans TR-LO and Market Risk Management applications TR-MRM .
  • Set up the structures required for managing short-medium-and long-term liquidity for the company.
  • Defined the system settings needed to control internal processing.
  • Wrote AS-IS & TO-BE Business process for Treasury department.
  • Conducted testing and helped in production support for a fortune company.
  • Written, Created, Maintained BPR scripts for Cost Center Master Records, Profit Center Records and Standard Hierarchy in SAP.
  • Created custom document type journal entry .
  • I also supported SAP production team and post implementation team.
  • Wrote custom specs in Accounts Payable and Accounts Receivable reports.

Carl Dearborn:

  • I have performed year-end closing, which involved posting of adjusting entries.
  • Analysis of all open items, foreign currency revaluation, reclassification of payable and receivable, clearing of goods receipt/invoice receipt GI/IR accounts, performing reconciliation s, profitability allocations by business area.
  • Closing the accounting period, carry forward balances to the next period and generating financial statements by using best business practices that meet GAAP guidelines for control reasons.
  • My role was to help address design issues and assist in performing fit/gap analysis in the FI/CO arena and financial process.
  • I have mapped two companies general ledger into one parent company s general ledger and business process.
  • I was the team lead at this project. I was tasked to coordinate test case development for the functionality to be implemented within the SAP system.
  • The area includes billing, accounts receivable, profitability analysis and contracts.
  • I have developed the testing plan.
  • Responsibilities included preparation of test cases and execution of plan.
  • Played a key role between testers and the project manager.

Sep 97 Jan 99
Bob Flint, Inc., New York, NY

Sr. SAP FICO Consultant

Digital Technologies:

  • Responsibilities included interacting with client s business process team; collect all the business requirements create functional and technical specifications, which would be used by the construction/programming team.
  • Illustrated the flow of data through the lockbox procedure.
  • Defined the components of the process.
  • Configured lockbox program.
  • Wrote to be process for lockbox data flow.
  • I also defined the BAI 2 format, which provided different level of detail of the incoming payment.
  • Completed lockbox configuration.
  • Configured bankruptcy global process in SAP system for a multinational Company.
  • Document the AS-IS business process for bankrupt customers.
  • Design the new business for bankrupt customers.
  • Write business specifications for interfaces and reports to support the bankruptcy process.

Gillette Company:

  • I was a member of the SAP FI/ CO team implementing Product Cost Accounting.
  • I was responsible for FI/CO configuration test based upon existing business processes and business scenarios, create FI-General Ledger test plan, add the finance expected results to Bid to Cash test plans, Inventory Planning test plan.
  • Execute FI-General Ledger tests.
  • Validate financial posting coming from Bid to Cash and Inventory Planning test.
  • I was the team lead at this project.
  • Played a major role in the development of Business Processes BPRs relevant to Financial Business Scenarios associated with North American s SAP business activities.
  • Created script instructions SCIs for all BPRs across all Business Scenarios identified with the process category of Financial Management.
  • Created Test Objects TEOs for each BPR linked to the business scenarios identified with the process category of financial management.
  • Developed test plans, for each TEO, used in the SAP construction-testing phase for all financial management transactions.

Fillsbury Company:

  • Configured AR, AP, GL, AA and CO modules.
  • Wrote custom fixed assets SAP scripts from ASAP to client need and scripts tested during the prototype phase.
  • Documenting and support for the finance work stream that is, FI, CO, AP & AM modules and the project progress in R-3 tool kit.
  • Coordinated business process scenarios.

Jan 96 Sep 97
Arlene, Chelmsford, CA

Sr. Consultant

  • Computer Associates Products: Managed various small projects that required data conversion from legacy systems to client/server.
  • Projects included General Ledger Module FI , Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable and Sales & Distribution SD , Costing CO Inventory, Order Entry OE and Human Resources HR .
  • Involved in the design & implementation of new accounting system and was also responsible for maintenance of legacy system.
  • Researched and evaluated new Enterprise Resource Planning ERP software for various departments based on business needs, functionality, and ease of use.
  • Involved in training end users on various accounting systems.

Jun 94 Dec 95
Clark & Gable, CPA s, NorthWest, CA

Audit Manager

May 91 – May 94
Lazares & Petrick, CPA s, Skedd City, CA

Sr. Accountant

  • Conducted audits of various manufacturing, export and import, distribution companies.
  • Prepared financial statements, financial analysis, cash flow statements, cash projection and budgets.
  • Developed marketing plans and re-engineered business strategies.
  • Setup internal controls in job costing, inventory management Using FIFO/LIFO method , purchasing and sales department.
  • Assisted clients in securing asset-based financing e.g. factoring, receivable financing .
  • Independently completed all phases of Corporation, Partnership, Subchapter S Corporation and Individual income tax returns.
  • Developed computer consulting practice.
  • Through the effort the firm became qualified authorized dealer and Installer of various Enterprise Resource Planning ERP software packages.

Jun 86 Apr 90
Harvard Associates, Inc., Palo Alto, CA

Financial Controller

  • Responsible for developing, implementing general accounting systems, financial concepts for finance planning and control.
  • Perform technical analysis to determine present and future financial performance.
  • Preparation of Income and Balance Sheet statements.
  • Managed general accounting personnel A/P, A/R & G/L .
  • Responsible for closing and account reconciliation s.
  • Assisted and reported to President of the Company in various projects.
  • Selected independent auditors.

Jan 86 – May 86
Baker & Smith, Oklahoma City, OK

Securities Analyst

  • I have managed Investment and banking portfolio.
  • I have performed equity research and analysis.


M.B.A., Finance, Oklahoma City University, Oklahoma City, OK. May, 1986
B.S., Accounting, Osmania University, India GPA 3.5 July, 1983

SAP Training:

  • SAP R/3 Profitability Analysis COPA 4.6 training at SAP America
  • SAP R/3 Cost Center Accounting CCA 4.6 training at SAP America
  • SAP R/3 Funds Management: Processing, Organization & Configuration
  • SAP R/3 FI 4.6 Upgrade Version training at SAP America
  • SAP R/3 Asset Accounting 4.6 training at SAP America
  • SAP R/3 – Vertex Sales & Use Tax training at Vertex, Inc.
  • SAP R/3 Configuration of Taxes on Sales & Purchases 4.6 Version
  • SAP R/3 – FI/CO training at Pricewaterhouse Coopers
  • SAP R/3 – BW Business Information Warehouse, SAP America
  • SAP R/3 Treasury training at SAP America
  • SAP R/3 – Systems Management Methodology, Pricewaterhouse Coopers
  • SAP R/3 – Change Integration, PriceWaterhouse Coopers
  • SAP R/3 ABAP, MM and SD Interface.


  • Financial Accounting systems: AMI Data write, ATB, ACE, Uni-link, MAS 90, ACCPAC, BPI, Business Works, SEI trust aid systems and insight layered accounting software packages.
  • Tax Software Applications: SAP Vertex Sales & Use tax, Lacerte, Computax and other tax software packages.
  • Software Applications: Microsoft Excel, Word, Power point and Lotus notes.
  • Qualified installer for ACCPAC accounting software packages.
  • Operating Systems: Windows N.T 4.0, UNIX and Windows 95
  • GUI: SAPGUI and Microsoft Windows.
  • SAP Repository & Tracking Systems: Clarify, Remedy & R-3 toolkit.

Personal: US Citizen

Reference available upon request