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Resume 1

Samples represent that of an actual working technical professional found on the WEB and modified to protect the privacy of these professionals. Human names, company names, colleges, software product names are intentionally made up.


Ravinder Sadeshi


Nine years of experience developing standalone software and web applications for multiple database platforms.

Areas Of Expertise:

  • Client-Server based applications developed using Visual Basic, Reusable Business objects/Active X Components for various industries like banking, communications etc.
  • Internet based E-Commerce Business to Consumer B2C and Business to Business B2B applications
  • Strong in Business requirement analysis and functional specification design and documentation.
  • Through knowledge of Object Oriented Analysis and Design OOAD and N – Tier Architecture
  • Extensive experience with Component Based modeling with Unified Modeling Language UML
  • Strong In Middleware development COM/COM+/DCOM
  • Strong in front-end GUI development using ASP.Net, ASP, HTML, Javascript etc
  • Strong in backend database development including designing and administering databases, writing stored procedures, SQL and triggers for SQL Server and Oracle databases.
  • Strong Analytical Skills.
  • Strong oral and written communication skills

Software Tools/Skills:

Visual Basic, VBA, ADSI, MSMQ, DNA, ADO, ODBC, JDBC, N-Tiered Client/Server Design, C, Visual SourceSafe, WIN32 API, Microsoft Index Server, Site Server, Visual InterDev, SOAP Microcontroller Assembly language, Microsoft Office Access, Excel, Powerpoint . Microsoft Exchange

Web skills:

ASP, Java, HTML, DHTML, Javascript, XML/XSLT, VBScript, IIS, Cascading Stylesheets CSS , Microsoft.NET ASP.NET, VB.NET, C#, Visual Studio.Net




SQL Server 2000/7.0/6.5, Transact-SQL, Oracle 8i, PL/SQL, MS Access

Design Tools/Skills:

Visio, UML, Rational Rose. Erwin


Crystal Reports.Net / 8.5/8.0

Operating Systems:

Windows XP, Windows 2000, Windows NT, Windows 98/95, MS-DOS, Unix, Linux


Brainbench certified in Visual Basic 6.0
Sun Certified Java Programmer


United Soft of Metro Atlanta
Feb 2002 – Current

Project Lead
Project: Speakers Best
Speakers Best SB is a web application developed using the latest .Net Dotnet technologies from Microsoft.

Speakers Best SB processes requests for speakers, tours and campaign related corporate volunteer projects for the United Soft. It aims at saving time and to providing world-class service to all parties and to account for & evaluate all United Soft events. SB provides a variety of reports & statistical summaries of speakers, engagements/tours/volunteer projects, evaluation of speakers/tours. Activity logs can be viewed, printed, exported to spreadsheet application for editing & analysis. SB also has the ability to share data with other applications to perform mail merge & other database management.


  • Architected, designed and developed the system in 3 tiers.
  • Developed the front end using ASP.Net
  • Developed Serviced middleware components using C#
  • Designed and developed the database and wrote stored procedures for SQL Server 2000
  • Developed reports using Crystal Reports.Net

Also currently working as the Webmaster for the Association for Management Information in Financial Services website


  • Installation and setup of existing website
  • Interacting with Network Solutions for Domain modifications and Versign for Secure Server ID .
  • Extensive interaction with the AMIFS Executive Director for requirements gathering and analysis
  • Bug fixes for existing website & website enhancements using Active Server Pages ASP
  • Database administration DBA and writing SQL queries and stored procedures for SQL Server 7.0, daily backups, testing backups etc.
  • Providing phone support for customer problems

United Soft, Inc.
October 2001 to Feb 2002

Project Lead
Project: Distributed Document Repository

The Distributed Document Repository is being developed using the latest Microsoft DOTNET .Net technologies. Most companies with many locations/departments do not have a central place where an employee can go to search for training guides, manuals, standard operating procedures etc.

With this system, each department/location of a company is responsible for maintaining its own set of documents Word documents, pdf files, html pages etc. The documents are uploaded to the web-server within that department. These documents are then indexed using Microsoft Index Server.

An employee always logs on to one Central Web Server. When an employee does a document search, the Central Web Server queries Web Services running on the web-servers at different departments/locations using SOAP and returns a list of documents that match the users requirements. The collective knowledge of the company thus becomes available at one central place. A new or updated document is available company-wide as soon as it is published.


  • Architected, designed and developed the system in 3 tiers.
  • Developed the Object Model using Visio
  • Developed the front end using ASP.Net
  • Developed Serviced middleware components using VB.Net and C#
  • Designed and developed the database and wrote stored procedures for SQL Server 2000
  • Developed the webservice using VB.Net
  • Developed reports using Crystal Reports.Net
  • Mentored a junior developer on .Net technologies



ASP.Net, VB.Net, C#, UML, Visual Studio.Net, SQL Server 2000, Crystal Reports.Net, Visio, Windows 2000 & XP

United Soft of Metro Atlanta
May 2001 to August 2001

Project: Arpedge Individual website

The Arpedge website allows individuals to donate money to United Soft online. The whole process of starting a campaign, accepting donations and uploading information into the backend processing system is automated.


  • Architected, designed and developed a 3 tier structure for this website
  • Developed the front end using ASP, HTML using Javascript for client side validation
  • Developed middleware COM components using VB 6.0 and MTS.
  • Designed and developed enhancements and wrote stored procedures for the existing SQL Server 7.0 database.
  • Developed management reports using Crystal Reports 8.5
  • Documentation
  • Installed and used Verisign Digital Certificates and Cybercash CashRegister product to enable Arpedge to process online credit card transactions.


ASP, Javascript, VB 6.0, COM, MTS, ADO, SQL Server 7.0, Crystal Web Reports 8.5, Visual SourceSafe, Windows NT 4.0

Starpath Communications, Atlanta, Ga
December 2000 to April 2001

Project: Starpath Knowledge Base Starbase

Starpath is America s first consumer two-way, always-on, high-speed satellite Internet service provider. Designed, developed and deployed a Knowledge Management System single-handedly for their customer call center in a record time of 2 months !!!. Received Employee of the Week award from the CEO of Starpath. Starbase helps the Customer Service Reps troubleshoot customer problems. The Starbase design is so flexible that it is also being used as company intranet !!!


  • Extensive end user interaction for gathering requirements, design and UI approvals and User acceptance testing
  • Performed extensive analysis of system and business requirements, and business rules
  • Architected, designed and developed a 3 tier structure for this website
  • Developed the front end using ASP, HTML. Javascript was used for client side validation
  • Developed middleware COM+ components using VB 6.0 and MTS.
  • Designed, developed and administered the database DBA and wrote stored procedures for SQL server 7.0
  • Developed the administrator tool to enable knowledge specialists to input data into the knowledge base and managers to manage the Knowledge Base.
  • Used Microsoft Index Server to index the documents
  • Documentation
  • Mentored Starpath developers in maintaining the project


ASP, Javascript, VB 6.0, COM+, MTS, ADO, SQL Server 7.0, Microsoft Access 2000, Microsoft Index Server, Visual SourceSafe, Windows 2000, Atlanta, Ga
May 2000 to December 2000

Project: BigRate .com online Banking application was the first Web-based auction site for federally insured certificates of deposit CDs . Enhancements included redesigning portions of the website, extensive user tracking and detailed reporting.


  • Developed the front end using ASP, HTML/DHTML. Javascript was used for client side validation
  • Developed middleware COM components using VB 6.0 and MTS
  • Database administration DBA , database enhancements and writing stored procedures and triggers for SQL Server 7.0
  • Wrote ASP pages and components to replace existing Site Server code.
  • Used XML/XSL to store and display client data


ASP, Javascript, VB 6.0, COM, MTS, ADO, SQL Server 7.0, Microsoft Access, XML/XSL, Microsoft XML parser, Visual SourceSafe, Windows NT 4.0

Hallifax E-Banking Solutions Inc, Atlanta, Ga
June 1998 to April 2000

Project:Customerlink Ebanking Product

The E-Banking solution allows customers to do regular banking transactions online. They can schedule recurring transactions such as payment of credit cards, loans, bills etc. Corporate clients can do ACH, Wire Transfers and even pay their taxes online. This software is being used by over 300 banks !!!


  • Developed the front end using ASP, HTML. Javascript was used for client side validation
  • Designed and developed middleware COM \ DCOM components using VB 6.0
  • Used ERWIN for datamodelling
  • Developed a number of reports using Crystal Reports
  • Developed object model, use case diagrams, class diagrams and sequence diagrams using Rational Rose and UML
  • Was involved in developing the bank mail system using Microsoft Exchange, CDO and CDONTS.
  • Helped in the development of the Goldnet application which uses MSMQ to communicate between different financial institutions
  • Used XML/XSL to store and display client data
  • Developed a number of small utilities using Microsoft Access Forms and Reports
  • Used the BISYS API to display check images
  • Used ADSI in creating installation scripts for this product
  • Developed DTS packages to transfer data between different databases
  • Documentation


ASP, Javascript, VB 6.0, COM, DCOM, ADO, SQL Server 7.0/6.5, Microsoft Access, XML/XSL, Microsoft XML parser, Microsoft Exchange, MSMQ, Visual SourceSafe, Windows NT 4.0

MouseHead Productions, New York
July 1997 to June 1998

Project: Various projects

Projects included creating new database driven websites, maintaining and enhancing the websites developed by the company. Was involved in the development /enhancements of several websites.


  • Extensive client interaction for requirements gathering, system analysis and design
  • Developed, enhanced and maintained websites using ASP and Java
  • Developed applets using Java
  • Designed and implemented Oracle and Access databases
  • Developed ActiveX / Active Server components using VB 5.0
  • Developed customizable online presentations
  • Designed multimedia presentations for various events


ASP, Java, Javascript, VB 5.0, ActiveX, SQL Server 6.5, Microsoft Access, C, Windows NT 4.0

Teton Interactive Systems, Bombay, India
October 1994 to June 1997

Project: Various projects

Teton Interactive is involved in the development of industrial as well as educational CBT s and websites for multinational clients. It also develops presentations and kiosks for events such as company roadshows, All of these feature extensive audio commentary and video footage.


  • All projects below involved extensive client interaction including site visits for requirements gathering, system analysis and design, developing the functional specifications, intermediate product demos, client approvals and signoffs.

  • Developed the corporate website for Teton Interactive Systems

    Environment: Visual Basic 5.0, ASP, HTML, Javascript, VBScript and SQL Server 6.0/6.5 on Windows NT

  • Developed onsite in Mauritius for M/s Infoprint Ltd., a CD-ROM on Supreme Court judgements from 1861 to 1996.

    Environment: Visual Basic 4.0 and MS Access on Windows 95

  • Developed the corporate website for the Teton Group of Companies

    Environment: HTML and Javascript on Windows 95

  • Developed CBT on Lobe Pumps for Unilever Plc., UK

    Environment: Visual Basic 4.0, C/C++ and MS Access on Windows 95

  • Developed CD-ROM on World Cup cricket

    Environment: Visual Basic 4.0, C/C++ and MS Access on Windows 95

  • Developed a presentation on Fluid Couplings for M/s Voith Turbo Gmbh

    Environment: Visual Basic 3.0 on Windows 3.11

  • Developed software for a kiosk project for Teton Steel

    Environment:Visual Basic 3.0 and MS SQL Server 4.2 on Windows NT

  • Developed CBT on operation and maintenance of Compactor for Teton Steel

    Environment: Visual Basic 3.0 and MS Access on Windows 3.11

Electronic Systems and Controls Co, Bombay, India
October 1992 to September 1994

Project: Various projects

ESCCO is involved in the design and development of microprocessor-based process control instruments.


  • Hardware design, implementation, and software development in Assembly Language and C for microprocessor based process control equipment such as Timers, Temperature Controllers, Variable Speed Stepper Drives.

Resume 2

Samples represent that of an actual working technical professional found on the WEB and modified to protect the privacy of these professionals. Human names, company names, colleges, software product names are intentionally made up.


Simon Drifter

Sterling, VA


Seeking a challenging position in web application or client-server application development.


Four years of software experience, which includes web based internet/intranet, eCommerce and Shopping online and database application development using ASP, HTML/DHTML, VBScript and JavaScript; also MS-Access and MS-SQL as backend databases and Adobe Photoshop. And one year of financial database design and implementation with MS-Access front-end and SQL back-end.


  • Internet/Intranet applications development using ASP, HTML, DHTML, VBScript, JavaScript, ACCESS and SQL Server.
  • Database design and development using SQL Server and MS Access.
  • Experience in Adobe Photoshop
  • Self-motivated and team player.
  • Combination of professional and software experience.

Technical Skills:


  • RDBMS: SQL Server 6.0/6.5/7.0, MS Access

  • Internet Tools: Adobe Photoshop 5.5, ADO, ODBC, CDO, Active X, HTML, DHTML, XML, XSL, Front page 2000, Visual Interdev 6.0, Allaire HomeSite, HotMetal Pro 4.0/5.0/6.0, vi, emacs, pico, pine

  • Platforms: Windows 3.x, Windows95/ 98, Windows NT, Windows 2000, familiar with IIS 4.0/5.0, MTS, IE 4.0/5.0,NS Navigator/Communicator, AOL 5.0

  • Other Packages: MS Office 97, MS Office 2000 Word, Excel, Power Point, Access and Outlook , Ami Pro, Adobe Photoshop

Software Experience:
March 2002 Present

Web Application Developer/Web Master

An individual work on a project called which has been dedicated to Asian medical doctors, medical students and patients who are looking for doctors in an specific field or specialty, speaking in a certain language, locating in patient s area and/or accepting specified types of insurance. This site is designed to allow medical doctors to register. Then a page will automatically be created for each doctor. A search engine is provided for patients to receive information about doctors viewing doctors home page – in desired field s /specialty, Language s that are used in doctors office, location of doctor s office s , types of accepted Insurance. Patient can also have his or her own myDoctors page, specifically customized for them, to hold all doctors information that a patient visits and Medical History Page. Medical students can, also, benefit from links provided to them about medical information.

I designed the site after receiving and gathering all necessary information, requirements and specs of the project. After designing the database using ACCESS for trial stage , I am implementing and testing the site using HTML, DHTML, VBScript, JavaScript, ASP, and Visual InterDev on a Windows 2000 Professional and IIS 5.0 platform.

Interfix Inc., Fairfax, VA
March 2000 Sep 2001

Web Application Development

Interfix Head Office at Fairfax VA July 2001 Sep 2001

Completing and improving in-house projects to be compatible with IBM-HPR Home Page Reader for disabled persons. Also developing a reusable tool using JavaScript to display searchable XML data.

Verizon at Arlington, MD April 2001 July 2001

Member of the support team for RequestNet software at Verizon: RequestNet is a pre-provisioning tool for Verizon s Large Business Sales organizations, providing over 250 different high-capacity business lines.

RequestNet is used to create sales orders and route them through multiple organizations/interfaces in order to obtain critical availability dates for needed facilities and equipment. The software is developed using ASP, VBScript, JavaScript and Stored Procedures SQL 7.0 technologies.

Design and develop a reporting tool to automate different daily reports by scheduling a task to move data from different Log Files into appropriate tables in the RequestNet database located on SQL 7.0 server and utilizing ASP, VBScript, JavaScript and HTML. at Concord, VA March 2000 April 2001

Consult, design and develop an online site for Coldwell Banker Personal Retriever link commissioned by, which enables users to introduce their property for sale, online, to the market. Users have their own portfolio, which is assigned to them at the first time registration time. This service allows each user to specify their property information and select an agent or agents introduced to them according to their Zip Code. Then, each sales associate creates a proposal page for the client, which is searchable by buyers. Comparative analysis to a property, Marketing Plan and sales associate s Introduction Page are a few of the services that are available to a sales associate to create each proposal in Administration side. It is done by incorporating two components in to a suite of Coldwell Banker s Personal Retriever services. The two components are:

  • Administrator side that focuses on management of each office and/or sales associate on creating proposals for a client, after receiving a proposal request. Templates could be created and reused to facilitate creation of each proposal.
  • Consumer side allows new users to begin with creation of a portfolio and set up a Username and Password by registering. Users, then, are lead to step through the process such as entering their property s detail, receive information of the identical sales, and select a sales associate s and request proposal s from them. Users are able to view the created proposals, later. All entered information is updateable, as needed. The site has features to educate users to enter in real estate market.

I have involved in developing, testing and debugging the User Interface, ASP, HTML/DHTML, VBScript, and JavaScript, Adobe Photoshop. CDO is used for email generation. Also design and implement of SQL 6.5/7.0 back-end.


All Netscape Navigator/Communicator, Internet Explorer and AOL are the client Interface; Middle Tier includes ASP3.0, IIS 4.0/5.0 and Data Tier using SQL 6.5/ upgraded to 7.0 Technology.

Advanced Design Corp., Newton, VA
March 1999 March 2000

Database and Website Developer

Involved in the design and development of two database based financial and delivery projects for Project Management/ Night Vision in Ft. Belvoir, VA base. They were implemented on MS-Access front end and SQL 6.5 back-end that I upgraded and debugged them to SQL 7.0. I also created other database applications such as ANVIS which were to keep track of Night Vision Goggles testing process. I also designed and implemented Intranet projects for the same base, using MS-Access as back-end. This site has two sides of Viewers who can be informed of each event and its duration, and Administration who are able to edit events and training programs.


For Databases: Access front-end and SQL 6.5/7.0 back-end.
For Internet/Intranet Web design: Both Netscape Navigator/Communicator, Internet Explorer are the client Interface; Middle Tier includes ASP3.0, IIS 4.0/5.0 and Data Tier using MS-Access and SQL 6.5/7.0.

Alpha Solution, Inc., Santa Cruz, CA
Mar 1998 February 1999

Website Developer

A Design and implement of several eCommerce sites to enable users to search through company s inventory by different categories i.e.: Category, Subcategory, Item number, keyword, . , add the item to shopping cart and, finally, check out using Cybercash technology. Mat2000 was slightly different from eMax USA, because it provides users with pricing list in accordance with what percentage of discount was set up by Administration of the site for that particular client. Users were allowed to customize their purchasing personal computers as well. Other sites were using search engines, databases and Cybercash checkout system, as well.

  • Administrator side that focuses on management of administrative tasks, such as pricing and/or discounts where applicable , upload images of items where applicable , orders status, etc.
  • Consumer side allows new users to begin with creation of a portfolio and set up a Username and Password by registering. Users, then, are lead to step through the process such as searching for products or use categories already provided for them, add or delete items to shopping card, and finally check out. When checking out, users are asked for their billing, shipping and payment method information. If credit card is being used, cybercash enables the site to process the credit card and complete the process by emailing invoices to the company and the user.

I have involved in developing, testing and debugging the User Interface, ASP, HTML/DHTML, VBScript, and JavaScript. CDO is used for email generation. Also design and implement of SQL 6.5/7.0 back-end. I started projects like eMaxUSA, from scratch on the paper to completion of the project.


All Netscape Navigator/Communicator, Internet Explorer and AOL are the client Interface; Middle Tier includes ASP, on NT platform and Data Tier using SQL 6.5 Technology.

I have used Visual Interdev, HomeSite, HotMetal Pro, FrontPage, Adobe Photoshop, SQL Server 6.0, Access, ASP, HTML, VB Script, Java Script and ADO.

I started ActiveC from scratch. This software was created by Powersolutions Inc. ActiveC is an eCommerce software to be downloaded, customized by business needs and walk through several questions to set it up on a server. Then, the business is online. That simple!! The software is made of templates and it is made in 3 versions by the time I left the company to move to Virginia . One version has eMaxUSA look and functionality, another one is the same with different levels of pricing and discounts. And the last version is like Bears And Books/ Paris Blues. They have both Administrative and Consumer sides under the above-mentioned environment. We introduced this product ICE show on September 1998 at Los Angeles Convention Center.

Mega Communications, Fountain Valley, CA
March 1997 December 1997

Web Developer

I was mostly involved in designing and development of Mega s intranet. Part of this intranet includes training material for employees and exams online. I have used Visual Interdev, HomeSite, HotMetal Pro, FrontPage, MS-Access, ASP, HTML, VB Script, Java Script, and ADO, Adobe Photoshop.


BS in Computer Science and Computer Engineering from University of California at Long Beach on December 1998.

MS-SQL 7.0 Implementation course at IKON – April 1999 – SQL 7.0.

Resume 3

Samples represent that of an actual working technical professional found on the WEB and modified to protect the privacy of these professionals. Human names, company names, colleges, software product names are intentionally made up.


Tim Harrison

Chicago, Illinois

Executive Summary

10 years of extensive experience in web and client / server technologies covering all phases of project development including business requirements analysis, architecture and design, user interface design, module and component construction, testing and quality assurance, and implementation. Specializing in multi-tier web or traditional client / server projects using Microsoft server and development technologies. References are available upon request.


  • Microsoft Certified Solution Developer (MCSD) – in progress
  • Principal Certified Lotus Professional in Application Development (PCLPAD) – February 1999
  • Principal Certified Lotus Professional in System Administration (PCLPSA) – February 1999

Industry Experience

Insurance, Manufacturing, Construction, Real Estate, Chemical, Accounting (Audit), Packaged Software Development


GUIs Visual Studio.NET, Visual InterDev 6, Visual Basic 6, Borland Delphi (all versions), Lotus Notes 4.5 – 5.0 Databases SQL Server 6.5 / 7 / 2000, IBM DB2 Universal Database 6.1 / 7.1, Lotus Domino 4.5 – 5.0, MS Access 97 / 2000, Paradox for Windows 4.0 – 7.0
Languages / Coding C#, HTML, DHTML, VBScript, JavaScript, ASP, Visual Basic, Delphi, Object Pascal, T-SQL, ANSI SQL, JSP, Java Servlets, Java, Borland JBuilder, SOAP, XML
O/S and Protocols Windows NT 4, Windows 95/98, Windows 2000 Professional and Server, MS/DOS, Red Hat Linux, TCP/IP, DNS, DHCP, SSL, SMTP, POP3, IMAP, LDAP
Packaged Software Selectica, Calico, FirePond, Trilogy
Graphics / Multimedia Adobe Photoshop 5.5 and 6, Macromedia Flash 4 and 5, Adobe ImageReady 2.0
Office Software All versions of MS Office, MS Project, Visio
Statistics SAS, SPSS
3rd Party Components Crystal Reports, saFileUp, AspQMail, Apex True DB Grid Pro, Sheridan Data Widgets ActiveX
Other DCOM, COM, MTS, MSMQ, ADO, RDO, DAO, Allaire HomeSite 3.0 / 4.5, MS Visual SourceSafe, ForeHelp, Doc-2-Help, VB Help Writer, Timbuktu Pro, Platinum ERwin, VNC, PC AnyWhere, CITRIX, LEDES specification
Methodologies Rational Unified Process, UML


Author of “UDC Care: A Case Study” published September 1995, in Paradox Informant magazine. Copies are available upon request.

Engagement History

Please note that some projects are done concurrently with other projects and that the projects done at St.John University are research projects for St.John and not professional experience per se.

Richter Insurance
Jul 2001 – Jun 2002

B-PLUS Application

The assessment I wrote for Richter in November 2000 was reviewed and a migration plan was approved to improve the architecture of the B-PLUS application. I was contracted to assist in this effort. The majority of my time on this project has been spent between development and production support. As part of the B-PLUS team I am assigned various production support issues that arise. Sometimes those issues are simple data changes, sometimes they are complicated bug fixes in the application code. The development time is spent adding new features to the application required by the business customer and cleaning up the existing code by separating logic into presentation and business tiers. A data tier was also proposed but has not been approved to date. The eventual goal being to have a thin client with the majority of the presentation logic and a server-based business tier. In July 2001, B-PLUS was one large client application.

The effort has been largely successful. New features have been added on time and on budget while significant improvements have been made to the structure and stability of the code base. The overall footprint has decreased despite additional features because of increased code reuse between areas of the application.

Technologies Used:

Visual Basic 6 Enterprise Edition, COM, DAO, ADO, IBM DB2 Universal Database


My responsibilities as architect and developer for Richter were as follows:

  • Maintain the DB2 ERD files using ERwin
  • Support the production version of B-PLUS
  • Design and development of new features of B-PLUS
  • Write functional and technical documentation for B-PLUS and participate in knowledge transfer to other developers
  • Participate in numerous design and project status meetings
  • Help create test data and test cases

Richter Insurance
Jan 2002 – Mar2002

ABC Clearance Web Site

The ABC Clearance web site was created to allow United Kingdom producers to clear business for ABC in the United States. After ruling out modifications to the B-PLUS client application, a web application was decided to be the best solution. Over a 12 week period, the site was created from scratch, including about 3 dozen ASP files and associated includes and 3 middle tier business objects. The ASP pages were written with Visual InterDev with integrated SourceSafe. The business objects were written with Visual Basic 6. The business objects returned data to the ASPs in a custom XML format. The MSXML component was used to create and parse these XML data streams. Photoshop 6 was used to create the images for the site.

As with other Richter web applications, the site is served on IIS 4 and goes through the Webthority proxy server which handles SSL and LDAP-based authentication. Traditionally, a significant amount of work has gone into working with the Webthority team to test the security of the site and to ensure maximum availability.

Technologies Used:

Active Server Pages (ASP), Visual Basic 6 Enterprise Edition, COM, HTML, ADO, MTS, IBM DB2 Universal Database, IIS 4, XML, Webthority, LDAP, JavaScript, VBScript, 128-bit SSL


My responsibilities as architect and developer on this project were as follows:

  • Design, construct, and test the Active Server Pages
  • Design, construct, and test the business objects
  • Write the SQL to get data into and out of the DB2 database
  • Participate in numerous design and project status meetings
  • Interview client for interface design requirements and general business process analysis
  • Work with security architects to ensure safe, secure availability of system

St.John University
Feb 2002 – Mar 2002

Word Sense Disambiguation

Word Sense Disambiguation is an ongoing project at St.John, in conjunction with the WordNet project at MIT, to identify the context of a given sentence based on the words in the sentence and their relationships to other words in the sentence. For example, when a human is given the sentence “He sat on the river bank and watched the boats go by,” the human knows that the person is not going to a bank to finance a boat. A computer might make that mistake because it is difficult to identify what context of bank is meant. My work on this project was to create a web-based front-end to the application which accepts a sentence and attempts to identify the context. The site consisted of only a single JSP and several classes.

Technologies Used:

Java Server Pages (JSP), Java, Tomcat / Jakarta, Windows 2000 Server, Borland JBuilder Enterprise Edition


My responsibilities as programmer were as follows:

  • Design, construct, and test the JSP web site
  • Design, construct, and test the Java classes
  • Help create test data and test cases

St.John University
Aug 2001 – current

AI Search

This is an artificial intelligence project which uses various algorithms to optimize the contextual accuracy of Internet search results. Given a particular search criteria, the application then measures the relevance of all database documents, reporting the most relevant documents back as search results. The Java classes implement a number of mathematical measurement functions to determine relevance.

Technologies Used:

Java Server Pages (JSP), Servlets, Java, Microsoft Access, Tomcat / Jakarta, Allaire JRun, Windows 2000 Server, Borland JBuilder Enterprise Edition


My responsibilities as programmer were as follows:

  • Design, construct, and test the JSP web site
  • Design, construct, and test the Servlets and other Java classes
  • Help create test data and test cases
  • Set up the Java web servers Tomcat and JRun on university s Windows 2000 Servers

Richter Insurance
Oct 2001 – Feb 2002

B-PLUS Document Generation Server

One of the most time-consuming tasks involved in using B-PLUS in the generation and printing of various forms and letters. Before this project it took between 40 seconds and 2 minutes to generate a given document in the field. The same document only took 10 seconds or so when generated local to the database. The overhead was due to the slow connections between field offices and the home office and the massive number of database queries required to generate a given document.

I proposed offloading the document generation task to a powerful server in the home office. A request would be initiated by B-PLUS in the field, the server would receive the request, generate the required document, and return a completion result. The documents were and continue to be stored on a file server at the home office so the document itself did not need to be sent back across the network.

The solution was implemented as a web service using SOAP and the accompanying components. The document request was sent via SOAP, collected by the SOAP Listener on the server, and then the documents were generated. A significant amount of componentization of the B-PLUS logic was required to make this work. The document generation logic was eventually hosted in MTS and was separated between several objects.

This was one of the bigger successes for B-PLUS as the average time for document generation went down to 3-4 seconds in the field. The generation time was better than expected due to the server actually generating the document much faster than in the field. The server was a dual processor, 1 GB machine where the average field machine was an older Pentium model with 32 MB RAM and most users having Lotus Notes loaded simultaneously, i.e. very slow machine.

Technologies Used:

SOAP 2.0, Visual Basic 6 Enterprise Edition, COM, DCOM, HTML, ADO, MTS, IBM DB2 Universal Database, IIS 4, XML


My responsibilities as architect and developer for Richter were as follows:

  • Separate out the document generation logic and create COM components for the server
  • Install SOAP on the server and plan the rollout of SOAP to all B-PLUS client machines in the field
  • Modify B-PLUS client application to interface with the server through SOAP
  • Created and executed load tests to ensure document server could handle many document requests simultaneously

Richter Insurance
Jul 2001

AON – Web-Based Field Quoting Application

AON was in the process of writing an web-based application to allow agents in the field to capture customer information at the customer site, get online, submit the information, and retrieve a quote for the proposed coverages. The application was to be run on the agent s laptop using Personal Web Server. A local SQL Server database contained the customer and quote data and was replicated with the master SQL Server database in the office.

I was brought in to assist in meeting the proposed deadline and became responsible for the web application. The architect directed me to create an XML document definition to contain the variables captured in the customer coverage application interview. Each page would collect the data, insert it into the XML document, and pass the document to the next page to persist the data. All of this was done using ASP written in JScript and JScript classes.

Technologies Used:

Active Server Pages, JScript, HTML, Visual InterDev 6, IIS 4, XML, MSXML


My responsibilities as developer for AON were as follows:

  • Create the Active Server Pages
  • Create the DTD to capture all customer application information
  • Create the JScript classes to persist the XML document
  • Participate in numerous design and project status meetings

Richter Insurance
May 2001 – Jun 2001


TelePlus is the online system that claims operators use to take claim information over the phone. TelePlus is mostly a COBOL application with a semi-GUI front end. Richter is in the process of replacing the front end with a web-based front end served in the Internet Explorer browser. My responsibility was to review all front end screens and document the conversion of those screens to web page equivalents. I was also required to review the COBOL code and identify key business logic which could be moved to an NT middle tier.

Technologies Used:



My responsibilities as business analyst for TelePlus were as follows:

  • Review GUI front end and map migration of each screen to HTML equivalent
  • Identify issues related to sessionless web environment
  • Review COBOL code and document logic to be moved to NT middle tier

Richter Insurance
Nov 2000 – Apr 2001

JPI Legal Bill Review System

Richter receives over $200 million in legal bills from over 700 law firms which it does business with. Ideally, each legal bill is audited for compliance with the services agreement between Richter and the law firm. The average legal bill is generally 10-20% overstated. In other words, the majority of law firms charge Richter more than they are allowed to in their agreement with Richter. Unfortunately, only a handful of internal auditors are on staff to perform these audits and, hence, the vast majority – over 80% – of the legal bills go unaudited. If these legal bills could be audited, Richter would save millions per year in legal fees.

The JPI system allows law firms to submit legal bills to Richter electronically for payment. The system performs an automatic audit on the invoices in the electronic document based on a set of threshold rules and math checks. Some reductions are made automatically. Other invoice line items are flagged for manual review by internal auditors. The system then provides tools for the auditor to do the audit more quickly. After an invoice is complete, an Explanation of Payment (EOP) is sent to the claim adjuster and made available to the law firm via an online “inbox” provided by the external site. Emails are sent to the adjuster using AspQMail and Lotus Notes.

As architect and developer on this project, I was responsible for designing and building the manual review interface and for designing and building an interface which allows admin personnel to set up law firms, agreements, roles, timekeepers, and other key items in the database. I was also responsible for overseeing the design and construction of the law firm interface as well as implementation of certain business rules in the overall system. I was responsible for maintaining the DB2 and SQL Server 7 versions of the ERD. DB2 was the production database but both Access and SQL Server 7 were used in prototyping.

I was responsible for the architecture of the system overall and its integration with existing Richter facilities. I was responsible for selecting and configuring the web server and application server hardware. External user logon is performed by Webthority against the enterprise LDAP server. The proxy server maintains the 128-bit SLL certificates. The web sites are hosted on two web servers with business components residing on an application server. The web servers have hardware-based load balancing using Network Dispatcher. The web servers are running NT 4 with IIS 4. The application server is running NT 4 and ADO 2.5. Data access is restricted to the application server for security reasons. All business and data access components are located on the application server and referenced on the web servers via DCOM.

The internal web site is comprised of almost 9,000 lines of ASP code across over 30 web documents. A single COM object is used and is comprised of over 3,000 lines of Visual Basic 6 code. The invoice loader application is an additional 2,000 lines of VB code. I was responsible for the code reviews of the external site and the EOP object.

Technologies Used:

Active Server Pages (ASP), Visual Basic 6 Enterprise Edition, COM, DCOM, HTML, ADO, MTS, IBM DB2 Universal Database, IIS 4, XML, LEDES EDI / XML specification, SQL Server 7, Webthority, LDAP, JavaScript, VBScript, saFileUp, AspQMail, 128-bit SSL


My responsibilities as architect and developer for Richter were as follows:

  • Maintain the DB2 and SQL Server 7 ERD files using ERwin
  • Design, construct, and test the invoice loader application
  • Design, construct, and test the manual review application
  • Design, construct, and test the system maintenance application
  • Write functional and technical documentation for all applications and participate in knowledge transfer to other developers
  • Participate in numerous design and project status meetings
  • Interview client for interface design requirements and general business process analysis
  • Help create test data and test cases
  • Specify the architecture used for the system
  • Specify the hardware requirements and validate against delivered hardware
  • Work with security architects to ensure safe, secure availability of system
  • Project management duties during the testing and implementation phase of the project

Richter Insurance
Nov 2000

B-PLUS Architecture Migration Assessment

This was a short, two week engagement. I was contracted by Richter to analyze a small, 2-tier application written in VB with an IBM DB2 Universal Database backend. The application was originally intended only for departmental use. The application was very successful and popular, though, and had been rewritten and / or extended for three additional lines of business. I examined two versions of the application and documented a migration path to convert them from the 2-tier architecture to a scaleable 3-tier architecture using VB and COM, ASP, MTS, and the existing DB2 database. I analyzed each form and code module in the VB application and documented the complexities of the forms and the functions in the code. I itemized the tasks for separating the application into 3 tiers. I assessed the current IIS infrastructure and made recommendations for maximizing performance, scalability, and availability. I also assessed the possibility of deploying the application using CITRIX nFuse as a quick method of getting the application out to users on the web. Finally, I assessed the challenges in interfacing the application with existing or pending CORBA Java components using a COM / CORBA bridge or SOAP.

Technologies Used:

Active Server Pages (ASP), Visual Basic 6 Enterprise Edition, COM, HTML, ADO, RAO, DAO, MTS, IBM DB2 Universal Database, CORBA, IBM WebSphere, Java, Java Beans, CITRIX, IIS 4, SOAP, XML


My responsibilities as enterprise architect for Richter were as follows:

  • Analyze existing VB 6 forms and code modules
  • Analyze existing DB2 schema and SQL statements
  • Meet with various business owners and managers to determine scalability requirements
  • Redesign application using ASP and VB6 COM
  • Write comprehensive migration plan, including project plan with resource and work estimates
  • Write Executive Summary describing migration strategy
Sept 2000 – Oct 2000

Internet Web Site s original Internet site was built using a 2-tier architecture. When I started at Hippo my first responsibilities were to help them finish moving the original site over to a 3-tier architecture using ASP, VB COM, and SQL Server 7. I was responsible for the RFP functionality, the region maps, modifications to property searches, and the Hippo Direct functionality. Each area required five to a dozen functions in a COM object and usually a half dozen stored procedures. Once the site had been migrated to the new architecture, it was moved to the production servers.

The Hippo Direct and RFP features both used CDO and scheduled NT processes to automate sending of user email messages.

Hippo did not have a replication architecture in place prior to my arrival. They also did not have separate development and staging environments or solid code promotion procedures. I contributed significantly in planning and deciding how to implement replication and how to design and promote between a multi-stage server environment.

Technologies Used:

Active Server Pages (ASP), MS Visual InterDev 6.0, MS SQL Server 7.0, DTS packages, all types of SQL Server replication, Windows NT Server 4.0, IIS 4, HTML, JavaScript, VBScript, Transact-SQL, ADO, PC AnyWhere, MS Visual Source Safe 6, Microsoft Transaction Server (MTS), SMTP, Collaboration Data Objects (CDO), Visual Basic 6 Enterprise Edition, COM


My responsibilities as a web developer and SQL programmer for were as follows:

  • Create new tables and indexes as needed to support changes to application features
  • Create new stored procedures and modify existing stored procedures to support changes to application features
  • Implement snapshot, transactional, and merge replication between development, staging, and production environments
  • Set up DRI in application databases
  • Create triggers to manage foreign key-like relationships between tables
  • Optimize SQL stored procedures
  • Write, test, and promote COM objects using Visual Basic 6 Enterprise Edition
  • Create packages in MTS; manage existing packages and package security
  • Write new ASP pages; modify and debug existing ASP code
  • Use PC AnyWhere to remotely manage development server
  • Manage Visual Source Safe databases
  • Participated in team design and planning meetings
  • Write Functional Design documentation

DRS Consulting, Inc.
Aug 2000 – Sept 2000

Nalco Project Proposal

DRS contracted me as an interim practice manager for their new e-commerce practice. They had an immediate opportunity with Nalco that required quick business requirements gathering and analysis. I attended several client meetings with the DRS account manager to interview key client personnel. During these interviews I documented the requirements of the applications needed and other details which I would use to assess the complexity of the project and estimate an accurate work effort. After the client interviews I went back and broke the project down into several stages for each application. For each application I identified technologies which I believed would yield the best cost-benefit ratio. For each stage I identified the resources needed and assigned tasks to each resource. When the project plan was complete I created a formal project proposal which documented the overall scope of the project and detailed costs and schedule estimates. Once DRS approved the project proposal, we submitted it to the client.

Technologies Used:

Lotus Notes 4.6 / 5.0, Microsoft IIS, Microsoft Access, Microsoft Project, various other technologies considered including SAP and Oracle


My responsibilities as interim practice manager for DRS were as follows:

  • Attend client interviews and gather business and applications requirements from client personnel during these interviews
  • Take requirements and assess technical complexity of applications
  • Break application and requirements down into a multi-stage, step-by-step plan
  • Itemize deliverables obtained out of successful completion of plan
  • Identify resources required to deliver successful project
  • Work with DRS to estimate costs of resources and overall project
  • Create project proposal for client to use in comparisons against other firms proposals
  • Work with DRS sales and recruiting staff to build resource pipeline and win client business

Bill Tompson, LLP
Apr 2000 – Jul 2000


When I first started at Bill Thompson, my responsibility was to learn the EOR application and to begin debugging the existing version. When a bug is reported, a System Investigation Request (SIR) is created by the tester and assigned by management to one of the developers. I completed several dozen major SIRs, the application was promoted to production, and the EOR code base was used to generate additional applications: QARM, Fraud, BPO, and BRCA. Each application was then customized to the specific requirements of the application sponsor.

There were approximately 100 ASP pages, written with VBScript, in the EOR application with a significant amount of embedded JavaScript routines. There were also about 50 SQL stored procedures and several COM objects served via MTS. The database used was SQL Server 7 running on NT 4.

One of the other responsibilities I had was to manage a daily data migration between application data stores on several SQL Servers, some V6.5 and some V7.0. The migration code was encapsulated inside of several DTS packages and scheduled with the SQL Server Agent. The packages moved approximately 600,000 records each day, some requiring BCP due to translation of code page specific characters to Unicode (nvarchar). Replication was investigated, proven, and is due to be implemented in the environment soon.

Several application components and modules were written in Visual Basic, compiled, and promoted to production to run when needed or on a scheduled basis. One of the applications used CDO and SMTP to automate emailing statistical reports to management.

Another task required me to use the Wise Installation system to create installation executables to install EOR-based applications on multiple web servers. The installation was required to set up ODBC connections, install COM objects into MTS, and install all ASP code and HTML pages.

Technologies Used:

Active Server Pages (ASP), MS Visual InterDev 6.0, MS SQL Server 7.0, MS SQL Server 6.5, DTS packages, Windows NT Server 4.0, IIS 4, Cascading Style Sheets (CSS), HTML, DHTML, JavaScript, VBScript, Transact-SQL, Software Artisans saFileUp, ADO, Timbuktu Pro, Platinum ERwin, MS Visual Source Safe 6, Lotus Notes / Domino 4.6.1, Microsoft Transaction Server (MTS), SMTP, Collaboration Data Objects (CDO), Visual Basic 6 Enterprise Edition, COM/DCOM


My responsibilities as a web developer and SQL programmer for the various Bill Thompson applications were as follows:

  • Make SQL scripts to implement changes to database schema; promote the changes from development to beta to production
  • Write SQL stored procedures; debug existing stored procedures
  • Set up DRI in application databases; write triggers to ensure additional integrity
  • Optimize queries within existing SQL stored procedures
  • Create, test, and promote DTS packages to handle complex, multi-step SQL tasks on a scheduled basis
  • Create tables, indexes, and other database objects for applications
  • Write, test, and promote COM objects using Visual Basic 6
  • Manage MTS component usage
  • Write new ASP code; debug existing ASP code
  • Write JavaScript routines; debug existing JavaScript routines
  • Manage code promotions from development to testing to beta to production
  • Use Timbuktu Pro to remotely manage development, test, and beta servers
  • Manage and set up Visual Source Safe databases
  • Write HTML help files for all applications
  • Redesign screen layouts and artwork for all applications
  • Participated in team design and planning meetings

Sawer Wagonlit Travel
Jan 2000 – Mar 2000

Digital Board Strategy

Sawer Wagonlit Travel (SWT) hired Proxicom to help it create a digital strategy for competing against Expedia, Travelocity, American Express, and others.

Technologies Used:

Windows NT Server 4, IIS 4 (not many – this project was a strategy / assessment engagement)


My responsibilities as the project manager and technical lead were as follows:

  • Participate in the strategy sessions and provide technical feasibility summaries and estimates
  • Analyze the existing NT architecture for scalability to new system objectives
  • Standard PM responsibilities such as time sheet approval, risk analysis and mitigation, expense tracking and approvals, quality
  • assurance of various deliverables
  • Team size was 14 strategists, creatives, and developers

General Motors Corporation
Sept 1999 – Jan 2000

General Motors Corporation (GM) hired Proxicom as general project management and architecture contractors for “their site. I was one of 3 primary project managers for the effort. I was responsible for the site rollout in Mexico, Taiwan, Brazil, and Australia. The entire team was made up of over 300 contractors from 9 different vendors, including IBM Global Services, EDS, CompuWare, and others.

I worked with the architecture team (30+ architects) in planning the Version 1 a rchitecture and the Version 2 architecture. The majority of my contributions on the architecture team were in the area of configurator selection and implementation. The configurator software, provided by a third party, allows a customer to select various options on a car. This is a hugely complex piece of software as it has to keep track of all the options combinations, the cost of each, and various rules regarding inclusion and exclusion of additional options.

Additionally, I participated heavily in the construction of a single UI to be used in all 40 initial rollout countries and the underlying components which allowed local variables such as postal code vs. zip code to be resolved. I spent several weeks in Australia leading a team of 18 developers, architects, UI designers, and several business strategists in working directly with the Holden company of GM to implement the Holden version of There were quite a lot of technical and political challenges to resolve in Australia, including differences in calculating distance to dealerships based on latitude and longitude, postal code, and legal issues regarding storage of personal data. The Holden site was run on NT with IIS and ASP. We spent a lot of time revising the ASP to match the functionality of the JSP used in the United States version of buypower.

Technologies Used:

Windows NT 4, IIS 4, Active Server Pages (ASP), Solaris, Java, Java Server Pages, JDO, Java Servlets, WinRunner, Trilogy, Selectica, FirePond, Calico, various configuration management tools


My responsibilities as a project manager and technical architect were as follows:

  • Participate in and lead the architecture meetings for V1 and V2 of Review applicability of various technologies and feasibility of implementation in existing architecture and interfaces with other GM systems
  • Manage the Australia site deployment – participate in all technical and design meetings, present existing buypower architecture, assist in resolving political and legal obstructions to project completion, provide daily status to US counterparts
  • Work with 3rd party vendors to analyze the technical feasibility of their products working within the architecture.
  • The requirements of the GM project caused several vendors, including Selectica and Calico, made significant feature enhancements out of our discussions.
  • Code ASP with developers in Australia to match JSP in US modules
  • Provide weekly status reports on the my teams progress towards their deliverables.

McDonald s Corporation
May 1999 – Sept 1999

Corporate Intranet (Archie)

McDonald s hired USWeb to lead the effort in building their corporate Intranet, later called “Archie”. The Intranet was to be rolled out to the 3,000 or so Oak Brook employees with a view toward rolling out to all 8,000 or so US domestic employees. Access to some Intranet applications would be given to McDonald s suppliers via extranet and to the Owner / Operator stores. The Intranet would then be rolled out internationally after that. When I left they were beginning to roll out to Sweden using Domino R5.

I was the project manager, lead architect, and LotusScript and ASP coder. The system was hosted in various point releases of R4.6.x of Lotus Domino and IIS 4 on NT 4. All of the Intranet data – articles, press releases, etc. – were stored in Notes databases for security reasons. The home page of the Intranet was hosted on NT as was the content editor. The home page was made up of modules which were periodically updated by an NT service. The NT service would connect to Notes through ODBC (not easy) and pull headlines and article summaries out of the database to populate these modules. In addition, there was a polling / survey module which had its data stored in an Access 97 database. The content management interface was used by almost 100 content managers throughout the organization to post their articles and other content. The content management interface was in Notes but the forms where the actually content editing was done was ASP because of a dependence on DHTML and IFRAMEs.

Technologies Used:

Visual InterDev, Active Server Pages, Windows NT 4, Lotus Domino 4.6.x, Lotus Notes, Visual SourceSafe


  • Key architect in planning and designing corporate Intranet for global organization of 10,000+ users
  • Led team design and development status meetings
  • Wrote requirements, architecture, app spec, detailed design docs
  • Used evolutionary prototyping to deliver incremental features implementations and revisions
  • Monitored and reviewed usability studies
  • Planned information architecture (navigation)
  • Coded search module for Intranet
  • Coded ASP for content editing tools
  • Created and maintained project plan to deliver two versions of Intranet under budget and on schedule
  • Evaluated 3rd party tools
  • Wrote status reports and led management team status meetings
  • Assisted in identifying key business applications for conversion to Intranet
  • Assisted in infrastructure planning for 3-5 year implementation plan
  • Performed testing on Intranet deliverables
  • Assisted in migration from development to staging to production
  • Assisted and reviewed server and application stress / load tests

Unified Resources Corporation
May 1998 – Mar 1999

Practice Manager, eCommerce & Groupware

Technologies Used:

Microsoft Active Server Pages, Lotus Domino 4.6.2, Lotus Notes 4.6.2, Lotus NotesPump, Oracle 8, Microsoft SQL Server 6.5, Microsoft Project, Microsoft Word, Microsoft Visual InterDev, Microsoft Access 97, Windows NT 4.0 SR4, Microsoft Internet Information Server 4.0, Microsoft Internet Explorer 4.01, Dynamic HTML (DHTML), Cascading Style Sheets, JavaScript, VBScript, Adobe Photoshop, Allaire HomeSite 3.0, Microsoft Visual SourceSafe, Microsoft Visual Basic 5.0 Professional Edition, ActiveX, Apex True DB Grid Pro, Sheridan Data Widgets ActiveX, Seagate Crystal Reports, VB Help Writer

Project Descriptions

L.R. Nelson – Oakridge, IL Feb 1999 – Mar 1999

Designed and constructed a marketing presentation printing application. Users selected presentation inserts and the application created a customized proposal / presentation for customers. The entire application was hosted on the web.

Morton Metal Craft Corporation (MMCC) – Morton, IL Jan 1999 – Feb 1999

Designed and constructed a Lotus Notes database for tracking engineering programming requests. Duplicated functionality of an existing Visual Basic application in the Lotus Notes database.

RLI – Oakridge, IL Dec 1998 – Jan 1999

Converted an existing knowledge repository into a Lotus Domino hosted web-based knowledge repository

Caterpillar – Oakridge, IL Oct 1998 – Dec 1998

Designed and constructed an updated version of the Parts Maintenance Planner application which tracked and estimated machine maintenance schedules and costs.

Caterpillar – Oakridge, IL Oct 1998 – Nov 1998

Designed and constructed an application used for tracking and distributing career goals and progress.

Unified Resources Corporation – Rolling Meadows, IL May 1998 – Nov 1998

Designed and constructed a knowledge repository for internal use. The repository held documents as attachments in the Lotus Notes databases but also used SQL to access financial data held in Platinum and Proamics application databases. All content was delivered dynamically to a browser-based client.

Jan 1998 – Apr 1998

Project Manager

Technologies Used:

Lotus Domino 4.5, Lotus Notes 4.5, Adobe Acrobat, Microsoft Project, Microsoft Word

Project Descriptions

Caterpillar – Oakridge, IL Feb 1998 – Apr 1998

Designed and constructed a web-based marketing materials catalog. The existing paper-based catalog had approximately 2,000 items available for dealers to order. An Adobe Acrobat document was created for each item in the marketing materials catalog and then placed as an attachment in a document in the online catalog. A comprehensive search engine was created to allow users to easily search the online catalog.

Edmonton-Hart – Oakridge, IL Jan 1998 – Feb 1998

Designed and constructed internal application for tracking differences in actual and estimated consultant billings.

Tekara Technologies, Inc.
Sept 1992 – Dec 1997

Owner, Application Architect and Developer

Technologies Used

Borland Delphi Professional Versions 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5, Borland Interbase, 80386 Assembler, PVCS

Product / Project Descriptions

DocObjects: Designed and constructed a full-featured word processing component suite, including text control, data-aware text control, ruler, status panel, and toolbar. All components were developed in 16- and 32-bit programming environments.

Care: Designed and constructed Care medical records management software.

Enforcer: Designed and constructed a component-based security system, including BlowABCh encryption algorithm implementation. The component was developed in both 16- and 32-bit programming environments.

GridObjects: Designed and constructed a full-featured grid / spreadsheet control, including integrated formula and function parser. The component was required to have both 16- and 32-bit versions.

Accounting: Design and construction of 16 separate component-based accounting modules, including accounts receivable, accounts payable, job costing and estimation, financial reports, and financial graphing. All components were required to have both 16- and 32-bit versions.

Fujitsu Corporation – Tokyo, Japan
Apr 1997 – Jun 1997

Revision of word processing control to handle Japanese Kanji character set and other Asian character sets. Required conversion of internal data format to Win32 Unicode (double byte) character set.

ALLTEL – Atlanta, GA
Feb 1997 – Apr 1997

Revision of word processing control to handle Hebrew character set and right-to-left typing to support Middle Eastern typing direction.

Resume 4

Samples represent that of an actual working technical professional found on the WEB and modified to protect the privacy of these professionals. Human names, company names, colleges, software product names are intentionally made up.


Hovard Rane

Santa Monica, CA


Project Management:

  • Proven ability to take charge of projects and ensure successful completion
  • At ease dealing with executive staff, tricky clients and production teams
  • Confidence in my ability to lead a diverse group of individuals working on a project, ensuring not only that the project is completed, but that the project staff is able to work as a cohesive team
  • Turning client relationships around by providing strong decisive leadership and following through on requests that had previously been neglected
  • Ability to organize efficiently and effectively
  • Solid writing background, enabling me to produce quality project documentation


  • Managed projects with the following technologies: iCat, Cold Fusion application servers , Java, ASP, Perl, D-HTML languages Flash, Flash Generator, Shockwave, QuickTime rich-media Sybase, Oracle, SQL Server, Progress databases
  • Understanding of HTML, image formats, browser capabilities and back-end integration issues
  • Ability to do web site production work
  • At ease using MacOS, Windows and UNIX operating systems
  • Regular use of software such as MS Word, MS Excel, MS Project, BBEdit and Photoshop


Santropy Partners, Hollywood, CA
5/02 – present

Project Manager

Contract project management for a leading web consulting company. Current project work includes website development for a fortune 500 automobile company.

Karacos Welch Design & Construction, Topanga, CA

Project Manager

Freelance project management of construction and design projects. Participated in budgeting and proposal work for new projects. Managed communication with vendors and clients throughout project lifecycle.

BE FIRST formerly AmericaWeb/CKS , San Francisco, CA

Senior Project Manager / Producer

Collaborated with Account Team in order to manage project fulfillment. Organized the creative and technical members of the team in order to complete a project onschedule and budget. Defined and tracked all elements of project development, including scope of work, project budget, and project schedule. Managed projects ranging from large-scale custom database development to small maintenance fixes.

  • Participated in process and methodology development
  • Mentored Associate Producers, providing advice, education and experience to further their career growth
  • Successfully served as primary client contact for multiple projects.
  • Clients included Mattel, 3Com, Visa, Kinkos, Barclays Global Investors, and Kenwood Electronics

AmericaWeb, Santa Clara, CA

Project Manager – Online Marketing

Managed all phases of corporate online marketing development. Coordinated with corporate groups to define scope and purpose of online initiatives, communicated with outside development teams, and ultimately served as project manager for resulting projects.

  • Formed plan to redefine corporate online strategy
  • Successfully managed implementation of last-minute project by clarifying scope and effectively communicating with development team
  • Developed plan to track maintenance requests through a web-enabled system in order to streamline webmaster functions

AmericaWeb, Palo Alto, CA

Project Manager

Managed project fulfillment from the point contract was signed until the system or services had been delivered and accepted by the client. Responsible for authoring and/or integrating statements of work, milestone schedules, functional specifications, and supporting documentation for projects. Served as point of contact for clients and third-party developers, coordinating schedules and deliverables for all contributing parties. Strove towards the ultimate goal of delivering results of the highest quality, on time and within budget.

  • Contributed to company-wide project methodology, including formulating templates and documentation
  • Led implementation of high-visibility commerce enabled web site
  • Re-wrote and clarified project documentation for legacy project, in order to ensure project success

AmericaWeb, Waltham, MA

Junior Project Manager

Responsible for managing web site maintenance projects. Served as point of contact for clients,tracked client maintenance requests and billable hours, and generated client bills. Collaborated with development staff in order to find solutions to problems, and ultimately led production team in performing site updates and fixes.

  • Successfully instituted the first dedicated Maintenance and Virtual Webmaster department for the company
  • Created and implemented procedures and methodology for maintenance department
  • Provided a high level of customer service that resulted in commendation from previously unsatisfied clients


Boston University, Boston, MA
BA History and Archaeology, Cum Laude

Resume 5

Samples represent that of an actual working technical professional found on the WEB and modified to protect the privacy of these professionals. Human names, company names, colleges, software product names are intentionally made up.


Daniel Osborn

Bellevue, WA
Web Developer / ASP Developer / C# Developer / .NET Developer


Target Job Title: Web Developer
Desired Job Type: Employee, Temporary/Contract/Project
Desired Status: Full-Time
Desired Salary: 90,000.00 USD Per Year
Site Location: On-Site
Description of my perfect job: Development that uses technologies such as ASP.NET, XML, XSL, C#, ASP, SQL or other Microsoft technologies.
Career Level: Mid Career 2+ years of experience
Date of Availability: Immediately


Company Size: No Preference
Category: Information Technology


Relocate: Yes
US-AZ-Phoenix US-WA-Seattle US-WA-Bellevue/Redmond


I am authorized to work in this country for any employer.


12/2001 – Present
Modern Soft, Inc., Redmond, WA

Contractor/Lead Web Developer

Contracted to design, architect and code a secure, cutting edge, flexible and robust XML driven ASP.NET web application.

Responsibilities include:

  • System Architecture and development.
  • Database design and development SQL Server 2000, SQLXML3.0 .
  • XML Schema design and development. Visual Studio.NET, XML Spy
  • ASP.NET application design and development. C#, XML, XSL, XPath, Visual Studio.NET
  • System Implementation.

2/2001 – 11/2001
FrontSafe, Inc., Redmond, WA

Software Engineer

Creating Windows services and components using C# on the .NET platform. Services and components made extensive use of XML and XSLT and integrated with SQL Server 2000 on the back end. Also involved with web development at Frontdoor inc. Web development included use of ASP and VBScript as well as extensive use of XML and XSL as the script logic was completely removed from the UI in order to support multiple brands.

11/1999 – 2/2001
e-Home, Bellevue, WA

Lead Web Developer

Started at e-Home as a public site ASP web developer. While there I became extremely proficient with ASP, VBScript and with various tools such as Visual InterDev, SQL Analyzer, SQL Profiler, VSS, Windows2000 and its various tools. Duties included writing ASP web pages that interact with a SQL 7.0 database. Responsibilities earned during my time at e-Home included leading teams in the design, development and maintenance of the public web site, as well as coordinating design/development/test/and releases with the Database and admin web site teams.

7/1999 – 11/1999
Simpson Group, Bellevue, WA


Worked on assignment at USWeb/CKS on a team developing an interactive real estate sales web site. Duties included writing web pages that interact with a SQL Server 7.0 database using ASP, ADO, COM, VB Script, JavaScript, HTML, and DHTML.

7/1998 – 7/1999
Modern Soft, Bellevue, WA


Worked on assignment in the MSNBC newsroom under the title of Support Analyst II. Duties included 24 hour monitoring of MSNBC s 34 web servers, 2 Content Replication Servers and 5 media servers. My responsibilities also included monitoring content that appeared on and content that is exported to MSN and SNAP. Worked under firm deadlines and extreme pressure to publish each hourly release of to the internet. Technical skills employed included HTML, JavaScript, VBScript and ASP.

12/1997 – 9/1998Utica University / Center for Human Rights, Pullman, WA
Internet Administrator

Designed and developed a viable, interactive Internet Site residing on a Unix server using Front Page, HTML, Java Script and CGI. Duties included 24 hour support along with user training. Developed and Coded an interactive Visual Basic application to edit and post updated HTML pages to the web for those without the expertise to do so. Also developed an interactive web site designed to dynamically display jobs posted by authorized users. Functionality included an on-line application for searching current job openings at the university using Pearl script, CGI, and HTML Forms.


5/1998 Utica University US-WA-pullman
Bachelor s Degree
Degree in Information Systems.


Skill Name Skill Level Last Used Experience
ASP Expert Currently used 4 years
VB Script Expert Currently used 6 years
SQL Intermediate Currently used 3 years
Javascript Intermediate Currently used 6 years
HTML Expert Currently used 6 years
DHTML Intermediate Currently used 3 years
Visual Basic 6.0 Intermediate 2 years ago 2 years
CSS Intermediate Currently used 2 years
XML Expert Currently used 3 years
XSLT Expert Currently used 2 years
C# Intermediate Currently used 1 years
.NET Intermediate Currently used 1 years
ASP.NET Intermediate Currently used 1 years
SQLXML 3.0 Intermediate Currently used 0 years

Resume 6

Samples represent that of an actual working technical professional found on the WEB and modified to protect the privacy of these professionals. Human names, company names, colleges, software product names are intentionally made up.


Jay Warren

Redwood, WA


A senior level web programmer with experience in designing, developing, and managing information technology based web applications. Solid background in the development cycle of the web/new technology, including design specifications, prototyping, interface development, testing, and ongoing maintenance. Quick learner that rapidly adapts to emerging technologies.

Qualification Highlights

  • Web/CD-Rom Development
  • E-Commerce
  • Streaming Media/DRM
  • SQL Server, Site Server
  • Visual Studio, Flash
  • PhotoShop, Illustrator
  • VBScript, JavaScript
  • XML, Browser Compat.

Professional Experience

Advanced Digital Productions, Redwood, WA
1996 – Present

Project Manager/Sr. Web Developer

Develop, Design, and manage web based projects for Advanced Digital Productions or from within Advanced Digital Productions for outside firms. Direct projects providing internet-focused solutions, customer service, branding, technology consulting, and ecommerce enabling. Work with clients to define project requirements and translate business plans into working models. Manage planning, design, development, and delivery of web-based solutions. Lead cross-functional teams through development, testing, and product launch.

Accomplishments include:

  • Designed Specifications for Modern Soft Commerce Server pipeline component for new type of internet transactions. Lead team through design, development, testing, and implementation of component.
  • Developed branding and upgrading of Microsoft Commerce Server Sample Sites Auction, DBM, Store front for a suite of streaming media based ecommerce sites.
  • Designed & implemented processes for cleanup, performance improvement, and source controlling of client code bases.

Modern Soft Corp. via Excell Data, Redmond, WA
June 2001 Dec 2001

Sr. Web Developer

Designed and developed software solutions for a product with a CD-based and web-based presence. Coordinated web based solution with cross-functional teams to ensure products on time launch.

Accomplishments include:

  • Developed DHTML/XML based software solution for Microsoft Plus! for Windows XP main menu structure. Designed an aesthetically pleasing dynamically driven interface for the menu structure that supplied a better experience for the user.
  • Coordinated www.Modern web site launch with multiple teams localization, doc, design, animation, and development to create an on time solution.

Primavera via Solutions IQ, Seattle, WA
Sep. 2000 – June 2001

Sr. Web Developer

Developed and managed ecommerce solutions and internal tools for Convera s New Media Division of products. Cohesively applied Convera s flagship technologies RetrievalWare with the New Media tools created within the division.

Accomplishments include:

  • Developed a parallel code base to transfer from a Real Media based custom highlights application NBA to a Windows Media based solution NFL . Tapped into Convera s trademarked RetrievalWare to further enhance the applications speed for highlight searches.
  • Designed and developed browser based image management system with SQL Server and the latest Microsoft technologies. Enabling the artist and the customer to view and change storyboard concepts and ideas on the fly.

Modern Soft Corp. via Solutions IQ, Redmond, WA
Apr. 2000 Sep. 2000

Sr. Web Developer

Developed the web based technologies for the Digital Broadcast Manager Site Server 3.0 commerce sample site. The sample site enabled companies to sell their digital media via the web utilizing Microsoft s set of solutions including: Commerce Server and Digital Rights Management.

Accomplishments include:

  • During the multiple Bug Bashes had the highest count of fixed bugs within the shortest amount of time.
  • Developed the front-end user solution as well as the back-end admin solution for the commerce sample site.
  • Designed and developed the multiple user levels scenario for the Digital Broadcast Manager solution.

Dinet Computer Technologies, Flagstaff, AZ
Jan. 2000 Apr. 2000

ASP & Site Server Lead Developer

Designed and Developed an Dinet property site to auction off excess or returned merchandise to specified Dinet vendors.

Accomplishments include:

  • Utilized Site Server 3.0 commerce and various other Microsoft technologies, managed developers, designers and SQL admins in order to launch the site at the proposed launch date. Designed a database link from the Site Server database to the current proprietary Dinet database schema in order to maintain product cohesion.

Art Institute of Concord, Concord, AZ
Mar. 2000 Apr. 2000


Developed curriculum for a set of basic HTML & ASP weekend workshops, class was geared towards students who were new to web programming. Classes included basic web rogramming, web hosting, browser specifications, etc.

SmartAccess Corp., Scottsdale, AZ
Jan. 1998 Jan. 2000

Web Developer/Web Manager/Engineering Manager

Developed, designed, and managed multiple projects for this leading Phoenix, AZ web hosting/development firm.

  • Designed and developed a document management solution for the largest southwest semi-conductor company .
  • Development of a consumer complaint logging site, coordinated with design, development, and database admins to create an expandable web solution .
  • Managed weekend technology upgrades for the Scottsdale & Phoenix Mayo Clinics. Involved touching over 250 computers per weekend with 10 team members.

Webber Design InterActive, Scottsdale, AZ
Apr. 1997 Jan. 1998

Technical Recruiter/Computer Services Manager

Lead Technical Recruiter for Video and computer based clients, developed an in house Computer training center for retraining of potential recruits, and developed the company s external web presence.

Greenborough s Food & Drug Grocery Stores, AZ
Apr. 1994 – Jan. 1996

Video Store Manager

Video sales & rental store manager for the chain store of Greenborough s Food & Drug. Awards received for customer service, video sales, and new customer signups.


Art Institute of Phoenix, Phoenix, AZ
Bachelor of Arts in Computer Animation/Web Design

IKON Office Solutions, Scottsdale, AZ
Certificate of Completion for Designing & Implementing Web Solutions with Visual InterDev

Resume 7

Samples represent that of an actual working technical professional found on the WEB and modified to protect the privacy of these professionals. Human names, company names, colleges, software product names are intentionally made up.


Jason Smith

Somerset, NJ


Background includes development and production support in the telecommunications and e-commerce fields. Worked extensively with Microsoft products such as VB, ASP, HTML, Visual Interdev, IIS, SQL Server, and Win NT/00,ADO.NET,ASP.NET, VisualStudio.NET, VB.NET. A detail oriented problem solver and team player with excellent oral, written and interpersonal skills.

Technical Skills:

HTML, XML, JavaScript, SQL Server 7.0/00, Microsoft IIS 4.0, Microsoft Index Server, SMTP, Microsoft Visual Studio 6.0 Visual Basic, SourceSafe, Visual Interdev, Visual C++ , ADO, Microsoft Active Server Pages, VBScript, Windows NT, Windows 95/98/00, Exchange2000, Lotus Notes 4.x, Lotus Script, Domino, Notes Pump, Notes Formula, IBM/MVS, UNIX, Novell 3. lx, Novell 4.x, PL/l, TSO/ISPF, COBOL, MFS, BTS, IMS, DB/DC, Exchange2000.

Employment History:

03/90 – PRESENT

Technical Team Lead that is responsible for designing, developing and deploying customized solutions for internal and external clients. Participated in designing, developing and deploying Microsoft products such as VB, Visual Interdev, SourceSafe, ASP, Javascript, IIS, SQL Server, HTML, and ADO. Responsibilities include providing technical sales support, developing proof of concept prototypes and converting the prototypes to full applications. Worked on various short and long term assignments, below is a sample representation of the larger engagements:

  • Viropharma
    Redeployment of a Microsoft Access application that was converted to a SQL Server 00 WEB based application. Conversion was accomplished using Visual Interdev, ADO, VB Script, IIS 5.0, SQL Server 00, Javascript, and ASP. Platform used for this application was WinNT 00.

    Developed the On-Line Credit Application for the BMW Owners Circle portion of the BMW USA web site. The application allows visitors to the BMW site to select the automobile of their choice and apply for a consumer loan or lease. The application was implemented using Microsoft ASP, SQL Server 7.0, IIS 4.0, and JavaScript. Developed the Quality Assurance test plan for the application.

  • Avaya Communications

    • URL Migration Project: Developed and executed a plan to migrate approximately 200 Lotus Notes Quick Places from a Lucent owned server to an Avaya machine as part of Avaya s URL migration project. Also Provided post migration technical support.
    • Designed and developed an internal web site and content publishing tool for the Avaya General OEM & Licensing Division GOLD . The web site was designed as a marketing tool for the organization and was implemented using Microsoft ASP, SQL Server 7.0, IIS 4.0, and JavaScript
  • Black Enterprise Magazine

    • Provided Technical sales support during the proposal and discovery process for the Black Enterprise project. Responsibilities included performing a full design analysis of the current site and providing the sales staff with a detailed description of the conversion process.
    • Technical team lead of the conversion of the Black Enterprise Magazine website from a Lotus Notes/Domino platform to a Microsoft platform. The web site was redeployed using the latest Microsoft technologies ASP, VB, IIS 4.0, HTML, Visual Interdev, SourceSafe, Com, ADO, Javascript, and SQL Server 7.0 . Features of the new website include the following:
      • Ability to allow users to register to the site
      • Ability for the webmaster to download Registered User information
      • Ability to Send bulk emails as well as individual email to registered users
      • Ability to import and publish pre-composed articles in any format that MSWord recognizes.
      • Basic Search capabilities for registered users
      • Interface to Order fulfillment vendor
  • A.M Best International
    Lotus Notes Administrator – Performed daily Lotus Notes Admin tasks such as creating/deleting users, administering Notes Mail and monitoring the overall performance of the Notes Mail system.

  • Lucent Technologies

    • Leader of a software development team providing development and user support to the sales force in the Asia Pacific Region. The application is Opportunity Management System OMS , a large Lotus Notes application currently deployed on four international servers, used to track Sales Leads and Opportunities and provide reports back to management.
    • Responsibilities include system design and development, generating program requirements and specifications, troubleshooting application problems, implementing program enhancements and providing technical support as well as scheduling enhancements and balancing workload in the group. All work is performed in Windows 95/NT environment and utilizes Lotus Notes 4.x, Lotus Script and Lotus Notes Pump 2X.
  • Bell Communications Research Bellcore

    • Member of a software support team providing development and user support to a large telecommunications research organization and subscribing user organizations. The application was the Listing Services System LSS , a large IBM mainframe on-line and batch application 1 million source lines that was utilized to publish White Page telephone directories and other specialized directory products. Responsible for the support of several batch and on-line subsystems.
    • Responsibilities included system design and development, drafting program specifications, troubleshooting application problems, implementing program enhancements and providing technical support. All work was performed in IBM/MVS and UNIX environments and utilizes PL/I, TSO/ISPF, COBOL, MFS, BTS and IMS DB/DC.
  • Notes to Exchange2000 Migration Internal
    Project Leader – Successfully performed a migration of the Cotelligent-Branchburg Lotus Notes Mail server to Exchange 2000 in our lab. Responsibilities on this project included the design, development and implementation of the Notes to Exchange 2000 plan. The goal of the migration was to benchmark data transfer rates to be used in developing client proposals.

07/81 – 03/90

  • Systems Development
    • Analysis of specification documents received from various departments dealing with tracking and billing of telecommunications use, computer hardware use and labor rates. Produced a formal description of a full scale system design package after engaging in preliminary testing. Estimated cost and scope of the projects.
  • Project Coordination
    • Served as a liaison between key personnel and the programming group. Created task specifications and project schedules. Monitored testing and implementation.
  • Training
    • Provided instruction to Junior Programmers and end users regarding design, operation and applications.
  • Troubleshooting
    • Called upon to develop innovative programs to resolve problems, as well as maximum system utilization.


Pratt Institute
M.S., Computer Science
B.S., Computer Science

Rutgers University
WWW Developers Certificate


Novell Netware 3.1 CNE, 4.X CNA

Resume 8

Samples represent that of an actual working technical professional found on the WEB and modified to protect the privacy of these professionals. Human names, company names, colleges, software product names are intentionally made up.


Brendan Freedman

Florissant, MO


IRS-ADC, Fremont, VA
Senior Web Developer

Tech / team lead on project to design / develop security tracking site for the IRS. Utilize Microsoft Internet Information Service IIS , Perfect Tracker PT5 , MS SQL 7, and Visual Interdev to write website using VBScript, JavaScript including object-oriented JavaScript , HTML 4, https/SSL, Cascading Style Sheets CSS , and SQL, in Windows NT 4. Site maintains / tracks data on technology security incidents / issues for the entire IRS organization, including the real-time data, attachments in any format, reporting / statistics, and secure access for multiple security entities, across the organization s WAN and Internet.

AOLTV, Pittsburg, MD
Senior Web Developer

Hughes Networking Systems

Redesign and complete key components of the AOLTV/DirecTV set-top box. Use JavaScript, VXWorks, UltraEdit, HTML, to create the interface components of the set-top box, such as the program guide screen where one examines current and future TV listings and selects channels. Entire interface is comprised of web pages and LiveConnect. Also use Apache and Netscape web servers for development purposes, with Windows NT and Solaris., Fairfax, VA
Senior Web Developer

Triad Management Systems

Lead position on project to develop E-Commerce segment of, a music magazine designed to make money through merchandising CD sales, et cetera . Utilize Cold Fusion, InterShop, JavaScript, HTML 4, and PERL, with Apache web server, Oracle, and InterShop running on Solaris and Linux. Design graphics in Adobe PhotoShop 5 on Windows NT. Also work to modernize the layout of the website, host of the Country Music Awards simulcast., Reston, VA
Senior Webmaster / Developer

C. C. Pace

Manage the development and improvement of the CareerStrong website, premier job search site on the Internet, using VBScript, JavaScript, HTML 4, SQL on Microsoft SQL Server 6.5 and 7.0, IIS 4. Involves both hands-on development/programming, and management of teams, technology and project path decisions, et cetera. Also conduct projects for statistics tracking and analysis for the eighty CareerBuilder servers, and guide development of intranet and extranet web-based interfaces. Design and develop web statistics tracking system for a network of over eighty web servers. Some development with Cold Fusion. Write web activity reports based on MS SQL 7 database, using Seagate Crystal Reports 7.

Department of Defense, Arlington, MD
Senior Web Developer

IIT Research Institute

Head project to design web interface for STINT, the system used by the Federal government to track and compare parallel research, to avoid duplicate effort. Technologies include Netscape Enterprise Server, Oracle, Dynamic HTML 4/Cascading Style Sheets CSS , JavaScript, PERL, SQL. Heavy use of forms, transactions, and commerce server technology.

The Motley Moon, Alexandria, VA
Web Master / Developer


Project lead to modify and develop the top personal finance site on the web, using DHTML/HTML4 and ASP with JavaScript and VBScript, using SQL, ADO, ODBC to access SQL Server 6.5. Manage the SQL Server database. Site includes live stock quotes and stock market information, a heavily trafficked message board area, custom user data tracking, e-commerce and ad targeting, and various other financial information. Responsible for both front-end and middleware development, as well as back-end management. Head projects and manage teams in the development of web applications and services, as well as hands-on development.

Black & Red, Towson, MD
Web Master / Developer

Maxim Group

Create an internal Intranet web site for Black & Red, to manage all of their product blueprints and 3D models, allowing B & D employees, and others, to search among and print them. Utilize Dynamic HTML DHTML/HTML 4 , JavaScript, and Perl with SQL commands to access a Product Manager database and list the output, then print with CATIA to any printer in the company s entire North American Wide Area Network, from any workstation in the WAN. Utilize HTAccess security to control access to the website. Manage / configure Apache web server and administrate AIX IBM Unix machine. Fully document the project and show how to reinstall it so that Black & Red can also use it on their European and Asian wide area networks.

National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, Silver Spring, MD
Senior Webmaster / Developer

ICF Kaiser

Head project to develop NOAA s most advanced website, as demonstration project of the High Performance Computing and Communications umbrella group responsible for cutting-edge communication technology .Directly manage a Microsoft Internet Information Server IIS , ODBC, Real Server 5.0, web cameras, audio/video in MPEG, AVI, RealVideo, and QuickTime formats. Personally create Dynamic HTML and Active Server Page ASP layouts in both text editors and Microsoft Visual InterDev. Script in JavaScript and VBScript. Interact with MS Access database using SQL. Design graphics in Adobe PhotoShop 4 and Corel Draw 7, and The Gimp on a Silicon Graphics Workstation . Oversee development of Java, C++, cgi-bin, and Visual Basic/VBScript/ASP aspects of project. Coordinate integration of all parts of the project. Site includes real-time video, audio, and data, uploaded from ONCO Data Acquisition Servers on NOAA Corps ships.

Gribble Space Telescope, Baltimore, MD
Senior Webmaster / Developer

Computer Sciences Corporation

Head design of new Gribble Space Telescope website. Manage Netscape Enterprise, Microsoft IIS and Apache web servers. Use HTML/DHTML, JavaScript, C++, PERL, Java, and various other web/push technologies. Design graphics with PhotoShop, Corel Draw, and Quark Xpress. Also implement various other STScI projects, such as the Summer Program web pages, as part of design team. Design graphics using Adobe PhotoShop and Corel Draw 7. Administer both NT and Linux Unix servers.

UltraService Internet, Laurel, MD
Founder, Owner and WebMaster/SysAdmin

Provide Internet services to commercial customers, including designing web sites that effectively meet customers needs. Administer web servers running Apache, Netscape, and Cern. Set up and operate Internet servers and nodes using Windows NT and Linux a Unix clone with a high-speed T-1/router connection. Provide Internet access to home users via modem over multiple incoming telephone lines including E-mail, Internet relay chat sites, and home pages. Respond to requests for technical support from users of all types of operating systems and various levels of understanding with a patient, empathetic explanation of the solution. Operate BSD and SunOS servers as well.

Smart Platform Consulting, Adelphi, MD
Technical Consultant

Configure and manage systems and networks for complex, mixed-platform environments, by connecting Windows, Macintosh, Unix workstations and servers, using a variety of gateways and protocols, for commercial clients.

Other Projects:

Website – National Science Foundation, Andrulis Corporation

Two-week contract to finish an intranet website used to create, edit, and track project documents and profiles, replacing project lead whom had left the job unexpectedly. Intensive coding to meet their deadline. Heavy use of SQL, including stored procedures. Technologies include Microsoft IIS, Sybase, Active Server Pages ASP/VBScript , JavaScript, HTML, with Visual Interdev and Visual Source Safe.

Website – Chippendales Men, Chippendales/VIP Telephone

Website to sell memberships in the Chippendales Men club, which offered merchandise and other Chippendales the male dancers related services. Involved cgi-bin PERL , signup and feedback forms, and a sophisticated JavaScript slideshow of male models and feature lists for the club.

Website – Bank1, Meridian KSI

Change management website to be used by Bank1 and Meridian KSI in the development of their training website. Utilize HTML 4/CSS, JavaScript, VBScript, SQL, with Microsoft IIS 4 and an MS SQL Server 7 database. Site contained forms for creating and editing revision entries into a database of changes to be made on a given project, with various forms of query and information organization available.

Website –, PlanetSancta

Add E-Commerce shopping cart catalog to a top collectable card game website, using JavaScript, HTML 4, and SSL.

Skills Inventory:

  • 16 years of hands-on computing experience
  • Expertise with Unix and Internet scripting languages, including HTML/DHTML including CSS, HTML 4 , JavaScript, PERL, VBScript/ASP Active Server Pages , and SQL, familiarity with Java and XML. Skilled at site design compatible with all major browsers, that delivers all objectives, while being designed efficiently/quickly.
  • Proficient at user interface design, the core element of website development.
  • An artist s view of designing appealing Internet home pages for the World Wide Web, and push services, including Netcaster and Pointcast Network.
  • Experienced WebMaster, expert at Apache, Microsoft Internet Information Server IIS , and Netscape web servers, familiar with Cern and NCSA. Knowledge of Commerce Server design. Can write pages via text editors, Visual Interdev, emacs, et cetera.
  • Knowledge of multimedia web technologies, especially Real Audio/Video, AVI, MPEG, and Quicktime/MOV, streaming audio/video.
  • Web Ontology – Categorization and indexing of information for websites and directories.
  • Web Promotion – Obtaining activity by targeting search engines and directories to maximize the number of users finding the site.
  • Professional/SysAdmin knowledge of Unix, Windows 3.1/WFW, Windows 95/98, Windows NT 4, Macintosh/MacOS and other computer operating systems combined with an aptitude for configuring software for optimal use of features and performance.
  • Rapport with computer users of all levels of experience

Education, Computer Training, other Activities:

Collinsville Area Vocational Center, Collinsville, Illinois, 1983 to 1985, completed certification and training in computer programming and electronics

Southern Illinois University, Edwardsville, Illinois, 1987-1988 , majored in jazz performance guitar and keyboards with a minor in Computer Science

Editor for the Open Directory Project, source of website listings for Lycos, HotBot, AltaVista, Netscape, MetaCrawler, and AOL.

Owner and developer of several personal websites, which get over five thousand unique users per day.

HLL / Object Oriented Programming experience in C/C++, Pascal and MS Visual Basic with a working knowledge of Cobol, Fortran and LISP

Expertise in twisted pair cabling for computer and telephone networking with a working knowledge of Ethernet, Localtalk/AppleTalk, TCP/IP and Novell networking

Horrible in up to six spoken languages, including German, Latin, and Sanskit. Brilliant in English.

Descended from European Royalty – Charlemagne, and various kings of England, France, Sweden, Russia, et cetera. Well hey, it can t hurt, right?

Resume 9

Samples represent that of an actual working technical professional found on the WEB and modified to protect the privacy of these professionals. Human names, company names, colleges, software product names are intentionally made up.


Kisimha Ikuntla


Over seven years of experience in software design, development and Implementation of Client/Server, Web, and Database Applications. Experienced in ASP, VB, VisulaInterdev, ASP.NET, VB.NET, C#, Visual Basic ActiveX , VB Script, Java Script, COM, Front Page, HTML, MTS, ADO, MSMQ, Java, JSP, MQSeries, XML, SOAP and extensively worked on SQL Server, DB2, MS-Access, Oracle databases. Strong Communication and Interpersonal skills.

US Experience: 3+ Years

Skills Profile:

  • Languages: JAVA, VB, SQL, PL/SQL, and Cobol

  • RDBMS: Oracle, DB2, MS Access, and SQL Server

  • Web Tools: Active Server Pages ASP , Java Server Pages JSP , Visual InterDev, Visula Sourcesafe, Front page, VB Script, Java, Java Script, HTML4.0, COM, MTS, ADO, MSMQ. IIS, WebSphere, XML,XSL,CSS

  • GUI s: Visual Basic 6.0 ActiveX , forms 4.5, Reports2.5

  • Reporting Tools: Crystal Reports, SQR

  • Operating Systems: Windows 95/98, Windows NT, and Windows2000

Project Details

Jan 2000 – Present

Project: Help Now! Easy Access 6.1 NLS Version

Description: This is an Intranet application, which automates the password-reset process of an Organization. EasyAccess is developed on Microsoft ASP, ASP.NET, COM, JAVA, IIS5.0 and DB2 technologies. Requests from the client are formulated into a string using delimiters for each piece of data related to each transaction and stored in the database by ASP server script. The Password Engine developed in Java then pulls up this information from database, validates as per the password rule assigned to target platform and generates password. Microsoft built-in facility for COM objects developed in Java enables the data encryption and decryption process.

This tool has been enhanced into 4 major languages like Japanese, German, French and Spanish apart from existing English version. File Verification Tool, CHKPII is used to facilitate the conversion/translation of ASP pages from English to other languages.

Role: Programmer Analyst

  • Analysis and design of the application.
  • Developed UI to add, update and delete resources using HTML, DHTML and style sheets.
  • Developed business logic routines
  • Client side validation is done using JavaScript
  • Developed COM classes for encryption/decryption of data
  • Input screens for Adding users on different platforms using ASP.NET
  • Developed classes for authentication and input validation
  • Configuration of IIS for load balance
  • SMTP configuration for mail delivering
  • Accomplished database connectivity via ASP using ODBC IBM DB2 ODBC driver
  • Developed authentication routines using RSA ACE/Agent for Windows SecurID Authentication .
  • Implemented web controls such as AS/CX for header and footer enhancing from include file method in earlier versions.
  • Using Code Behind technique, created control a class for the page to inherit from.
  • Created Stored Procedures and called in business logic
  • Developed COM objects using C++ and VB


Windows 2000, VisualStudio.NET, ASP.NET, VB.NET, ASP, Visual InterDev, Visual Source Safe/CMVC, VB script, Java Script, IIS 5.0, COM, DB2 7.1/7.2, MS front Page, Java, RSA SecureID , XML, XSL, CSS

Project: Easy Access 2.0/2.2/6.1 ID and Password Services

Description: This is an intranet application, which automates the password-reset process of an Organization. HelpNow EasyAccess ID and Password Services provides an automated password reset facility for Windows NT, Novell NetWare, MVS, UNIX and HelpNow ids. There are two interfaces that can be used to perform password resets:

  • a web interface and
  • a programmable voice response unit interface VRU .

In addition, there is an administrative interface that will allow administrator s to: approve HelpNow ID registration requests; assign and verify application/system ids that can be managed by HelpNow EasyAccess ID and Password Services; add, update or delete application servers; and add, update or delete HelpNow ID records. There are two modes that this application can run in. It can be installed by itself and that installation is referred to as standalone mode. It can also be installed with the HelpNow application and that installation is referred to as integrated mode.

Role: Web Programmer

  • Developed Interactive content using Active Server Pages ASP 2.0 technology.
  • Implemented both Client side and Server side scripting using JavaScript/VBScript.
  • Developed database communication from Asps using ADO
  • Developed Active Server Components for the enhancement of application s functionality.
  • Developed functions and routines to enhance business functionality.
  • Used Visual Interdev as IDE for developing HTML and Interactive content for the Application.
  • Transaction details are passed to the business logic using XML


ASP, VB, Visual InterDev, Visual Source Safe/CMVC, VB script, Java Script, IIS 4.0, COM, DB2 5.2/6.1, MS front Page, Java, C++, STA Secure token Authentication , XML, CSS

Project: ID Administration 2.0

Description: The IDAdministration application is being developed using XML based messaging architecture. The XML based messaging subsystem is used to communicate between each of the software components. The web layer consists of JSP and servlets processing requests from the web. In the web layer a XML message is formed, this message consists the relevant information for the target operation to be performed. For example if four users are to be added to different target machines, there will be four transaction messages built. Each transaction is a child of a parent request. The requests are submitted to transaction handler, which dispatches each transaction to the business logic engine, which spawns a new thread for each transaction. The number of thread and database connections are configured based on the load.

Business rule layer is a multi threaded Java based server, which has pools of custom worker threads waiting for requests to be processed from the request queue. This module implements the business rule logic using a custom state machine and whose rules are stored in DB2. On retrieving a request from the request queue the business rule manager assigns it to one or more worker thread s . These worker threads are responsible for executing the business rule logic. At the end of processing a response XML message is formed, which contains status of each transaction.

Roles & Responsibilities:

  • Worked on the development of java based Business Logic Engine BLE with capability to process multiple concurrent transactions
  • Worked on Revalidation of ID s
  • Worked on Batch up loader to upload data from a new installation into the ID Management software
  • Performance optimization of Java Server pages.
  • Installation, configuration and testing of the application on WebSphere application server version 4.0
  • Worked on XML message transformation to WEB format


WebSphere4.0 as application server, IBM HTTP server as web server, Java, JSP, and Forte for Java, Java Script, and DB2 7.2

Project: ID Management 1.0

Description: This is an Intranet application, which automates the password-reset process of an Organization. ID Management provides an automated User ID Management on different platforms like Help Now, NT, Windows 2000, MVS RACF, LINUX, AIX, HPUX, and Solaris . This tool is used to create, delete, suspend and resume a user Id apart from automated password reset facility for Windows NT, Windows2000, MVS, UNIX and HelpNow ids.


  • Developed User Interface screens using Java Server Pages JSP 1.0 technology.
  • Developed client side scripting for validating input data using JavaScript.
  • Developed entity beans like InputValidator for validating user input and using Java
  • Developed various HTML and interactive pages using Sun Microsystems s Forte for Java. Several functions and routines were developed to enhance business functionality.


WebSphere3.5 as application server, IBM HTTP server as web server, Java, JSP, XML, Forte for Java, Java Script, and DB2 7.1

Sanova Printing & Publishing, Inc, Dallas, TX
Jan 1999 – Dec 1999

Project: Sales Lead Generation System

Description: Developed an Intranet application for Sales Lead Generation software through which all sales people can enter, retrieve and edit Sales Leads through their browsers. This application allows the sales people to add any new sales opportunities they come to know on client sites, allow coordinators to edit any orders attained from those leads and search leads by location, company name etc.. There is also a company wide directory, quarterly and YTD summaries available for management to browse through. The entire application is developed using ASP, VB Script, SQL Server and ACTIVE X Components.


VB 6.0, ASP, Visual InterDev, VB script, Java Script, SQL Server 7.0, MS front Page, IIS 4.0, COM, DCOM and Active X Controls

Wonderful Travels, Inc., Dallas, TX
Feb 1998 – Dec 1998

Project: Airline Reservations Booking System

Description: Discover Travels is one of the leading online travel agencies. Their e-commerce solution has been developed to provide the customers, an access to their online services, which include Online Reservations, Cancellations, Information, Package Deals and Tour Guides.

Role: Various HTML and interactive pages were developed using Microsoft Visual InterDev. Interactive content was developed using Active Server Pages ASP technology. Both Client side and Server side scripting was accomplished using JavaScript/ VBScript. ActiveX Data Objects ADO were used to communicate with data layer. Several functions and routines were developed to enhance business functionality. Several Active Server Components were used for the enhancement of application s functionality.

Visual Basic 6.0 was used for creating COM Objects and accessed through active server pages. Also used Internet Information Server IIS 4.0 . Data was stored in Microsoft SQL Server 6.5 database on Windows NT Operating System.


VB 6.0, Active X components, ASP, VB Script, COM, DCOM, Java script, SQL Server 6.5, IIS 4.0, Visual InterDev, Windows NT, DHTML.

Gokuldas Industries, Bangalore, India.
May 1997 – Jan 1998

Project: Sales Order Processing System.

Description: Designed and developed a Sales Order Processing System for a manufacturing company. This is an online system for keeping track of customer details, item details, inventory details, pricing and billing. This project was developed using Visual Basic and SQL SERVER. Developed about 20 forms for inputting master entries and transactions. Generated several reports for daily and periodic reports on itemized sales, active customers, item in/out, and itemized billings. Extensively used various features of SQL Server 6.0 including the use of cursors, database triggers, stored procedures, and functions.


Visual Basic, SQL Server, Windows 95

LV Co-op. Bank, India.
Aug 1996 – Apr 1997.

Project: Banking System Project.

Description: Designed and developed a Banking Management System using Visual Basic and SQL Server. This system can deal with daily transactions in the bank, opening of new accounts, account transfers, interest and penalty calculations on different accounts and automatic backup of data. Incorporated all business rules by developing appropriate database triggers and stored procedures and functions. Developed one major input screen with several sub forms with menus and submenus. Generated several nested and drilled down reports including Master-detail reports. Involved in the entire life cycle of the project starting from analysis, design, coding, testing, implementing and documenting.


Visual Basic, SQL Server, and Windows 95

The Stack, India.
Jan 1995 – July 1996

Project: Office Automation System.

Description: Designed and developed an Office Automation System for computerization of the activities in software training center. It has two major modules called Administrative Master and Financial Accounting Master for keeping track of registration process, student counseling, student transfers, course material, student placements, fee payments as well as handling the accounting system among others. This package was developed using Visual Basic and Oracle on Windows 95 clients connected to NT server through Local Area network. Developed several forms for entering a variety of data with input data validation and generated reports for listing courses offered, time slots, fees payment schedules, trial balance and profit & loss statements.


Visual Basic, Oracle 7.0, and Windows 95

Project: Sales and Purchase Order System

Description: The Purchase Order Module keeps track of the purchase orders and maintains the inventory. The Sales Order Module provides for the generation of sales quotations, customer information, sales order from partial quotations and shipping advice for partial orders. It has been designed to handle exception reporting like Sales order pending with detailed list of items.


Forms 4.5, Reports 2.5, Oracle databases

Project: Tender Estimation of Light Fittings

Description: This package gives a cost estimation of the various light fittings procured from different vendors and a comparative report of the prices by different vendors. This system also provides the user with a report of the product code, their respective prices for each of the vendor, a complete estimation of the prices and intermediate totals.


Forms 4.0/ 4.5 Reports 2.5 Oracle as a backend

Technology Used:

It was initially developed in Forms 4.0 then upgraded to Forms 4.5. Reports 2.5 were used to generate reports, Oracle as a backend.


Shivaji University – India
BS in Engineering

Professional Training

Post Graduate Diploma in Computer Applications

Resume 10

Samples represent that of an actual working technical professional found on the WEB and modified to protect the privacy of these professionals. Human names, company names, colleges, software product names are intentionally made up.


John Sommerset

Concord, California

Summary of qualifications

Project Management
Demonstrated ability to manage projects including multi-million dollar websites. Experience includes project planning, budgeting, staff planning, hiring, staff management, team leadership and working with senior management. Not afraid to take the reigns and lead a team. Has the wisdom that comes with over 20 years of software development experience.

Systems Analysis & Design
Proven analysis and design ability with experience developing a large number of projects. College major was Business Systems Analysis. Has designed a wide range of applications including eCommerce, distribution center, point-of-sales, retail, payroll, personnel, inventory, GL, AP, AR, stockbroker, billing, document management, customer support and more. Architecture experience ranges from IBM mainframes to n-tier websites. Knows how to develop data models Entity Relationship Diagrams and process models Data Flow Diagrams .

Database Analysis
Has over 15 years experience developing relational database applications. Experience includes IBM DB2, Oracle, Microsoft Access, and Microsoft SQL/Server.

Skilled programmer with over 20 years experience in leading edge technologies. Experience includes writing hundreds of programs for platforms ranging from IBM mainframes to Microsoft Windows websites. Stays up with technologies and currently specializes in Microsoft .NET. This is a great fit for a technical leadership role on a development team.

Tool Knowledge

Microsoft Windows 2000 Server, Microsoft NT Server 4.0, Microsoft Internet Information Server IIS , Microsoft Site Server Commerce Edition, Microsoft Component Server, UNIX and Netscape Enterprise Server.

Visual Basic 5, 6, .NET , C#, Active Server Pages ASP, .NET , Visual InterDev 6, .NET , FrontPage, Visual Basic Script, Java Script, HTML, ActiveX, SOAP, COM, COM+, XML, DAO, ADO and ADO.NET.

Microsoft SQL Server, Microsoft Access, Oracle and IBM DB2.

Transaction processing
IBM CICS, DB2, Windows 2000 Component Services COM+ , SQL Server, and .NET Transaction Processing.

Web Projects


Bachelor of Science in Computer Science: University of West Florida, Pensacola, Florida.

Post Graduate Studies in Business Administration: University of Florida, Gainesville, Florida.

Recent Training:
Microsoft ASP.NET, Microsoft .NET Security, Microsoft .NET Cashing & State Management, Microsoft .NET Remoting, Migrating from COM to .NET, Microsoft .NET Web Services, Microsoft .NET Debugging, Microsoft .NET Transaction Management.

Professional experience

Transtrel, Inc., Concord, CA


I have continuously operated this IT Professional Services business for over 17 years. I have served clients in a variety of roles in the development of information systems for companies ranging in size from small start-ups to some of America s largest corporations. I have specialized in leading edge technologies and now Microsoft .NET. For the past 7 years, I specialized in web development using Microsoft products.

  • See
  • Member of Microsoft Developers Network.
  • Certified California Small Business
  • Former Microsoft Solution Provider

Docuwizardr.NET – Concord, CA


This is a project to develop a Document Management Web system based on the Microsoft .NET architecture.

  • See www.Docuwizard.NET.
  • Technologies: ASP.NET, VB.NET, ADO.NET, C#, .NET Transaction Processing, Windows 2000 Advanced Server, XML, IIS, Visual Interdev, SQL/Server 2000, Visio, IIS and HTML.

Kwan, Inc., Sacramento, CA

Project Manager Consultant

This was the analysis phase of a project is to build and host a Spanish language version of the California Department of Motor Vehicles

  • Managed the project
  • Conducted negotiations with DMV
  • Prepared the bid documents
  • Prepared cost analysis including staff requirements
  • Prepared systems analysis

Workers Compensation Insurance Rating Office, San Francisco, CA

Project Manager & Chief Software Engineer Consultant

This was a development project for a multimillion dollar, multi-tiered, cross platform, website www.WCIRBonline.ORG that contains the repository of confidential workers compensation records for the State of California.

  • Managed the analysis & design effort.
  • Worked directly with senior management.
  • Supervised 10 employees including business analysts, programmers, database administrators, web designers and graphical artists.
  • Planned the project using Microsoft Project.
  • Hired & fired team members.
  • Prepared the budget.
  • Led the database analysis which included data models Visio Entity Relationship Diagrams . The final design document included hardware recommendations, DBMS recommendations and a detailed design of all the objects tables, indexes, triggers, security, etc. in the database.
  • Led the systems analysis which included the analysis of the current system consisting of an IBM mainframe running CICS, COBOL and VSAM. Used process models Visio Data Flow Diagrams to study user interfaces, manual processes and interfaces with other systems.
  • Developed the system platform which included IBM Mainframes, Sun servers running IBM DB2, and Dell web servers running Microsoft Windows 2000. The analysis included the study of alternate platforms and components including Microsoft .NET, Java, Microsoft NT 4.0, web services, SOAP, MSMQ and FTP.

Noster Bank, Concord, CA
2/1999 8/2000

Senior Systems Analyst/Programmer Consultant

Team Noster Bank website project — The purpose of this website is to help manage membership and events for volunteer organization run by the bank throughout the world.

  • Provided technical leadership for a 5 member team.
  • Developed the n-tier architecture.
  • Researched alternative n-tier web architectures including COM, COM+, Distributed Network Architecture DNA and Microsoft Transaction Server MTS .
  • Designed the database using data models Visio Entity Relationship Diagrams .
  • Prepared tables, triggers & stored procedures for a Microsoft SQL/Server database.
  • Developed a prototype of the system.
  • Wrote programs using HTML, ASP, VB, ADO, Access, Java Script, Visual Interdev Visual Studio , IIS, Windows 2000, Windows NT 4.0 & SQL/Server.
  • Developed an interface with the company LDAP.

Transition website project — The purpose of this project was to assist in the merger of Noster Bank with NationsBank.

The website was a project scheduling system based on Microsoft Project.

  • Provided analysis and design of software components
  • Developed programs using HTML, ASP, VB, ADO, Java Script, Visual Interdev Visual Studio , IIS & Windows NT 4.0 & SQL/Server.
  • Developed tables, triggers and stored procedures for a Microsoft SQL/Server database.

Energy Consulting, Palo Alto, CA
8/98 12/98

Project Manager & Chief Software Engineer Consultant

The purpose of this project was to develop an energy shopping website based on n-tier architecture.

  • Managed the project and a couple employees.
  • Worked directly with senior management.
  • Planned the project using Microsoft Project.
  • Prepared the budget.
  • Prepared a database analysis which included data models Visio Entity Relationship Diagrams .
  • Prepared a systems analysis of the desired system which included process models Visio Data Flow Diagrams .
  • Prepared the architecture to include Microsoft NT 4.0, IIS, SQL/Server, ASP, VB & ADO.
  • Prepared a prototyped of the website using HTML, ASP, FrontPage 98, IIS 4.0, Visual InterDev 6.0, Visual Basic 6.0 EE, Access 97, ADO, COM and SQL Server 6.5.

Starbucks, Seattle, WA
5/98 – 8/98

Chief Software Engineer Consultant

The purpose of this project was to build the Starbucks ecommerce website .

  • Developed interfaces with Microsoft Commerce Server.
  • Developed programs for customer registration, employment events, financial news, press releases, employment applications & feedback.
  • Configured production servers including Microsoft Commerce Server, SQL/Server and IIS.
  • Developed programs using HTML, ASP, VB, ADO, Java Script, Visual Interdev Visual Studio , IIS & Windows NT 4.0 & SQL/Server.

Noster Bank, Concord, CA
1/98 5/98

Senior Systems Analyst/Programmer Consultant

The purpose of this project was to develop the Human Resource Services website.

  • Developed programs using HTML, ASP, Microsoft Site Server 4.0, NT Server 4.0, IIS 3.0, Microsoft Visual InterDev, Microsoft SQL Server 6.5 and Microsoft FrontPage 98.

Quantum Corporation, Milpitas, CA
12/95 12/97

Project Manager & Senior Systems Analyst/Programmer Consultant

There were three projects for Quantum: a Document Management website to manage technical documentation, a Student Registration website to allow employees to register for classes and a Customer Support website to analyze customer problems.

  • Planned the projects.
  • Provided analysis and design for the projects.
  • Designed the databases.
  • Developed a 3-tier architecture using VB COM objects.
  • Supervised the work of 3 other developers.
  • Prepared prototypes of the systems.
  • Developed programs using NT 4.0 Server, SQL/Server IIS, ASP, Visual Basic, Visual InterDev, DAO, HTML, COM and Access.

Arco Publishing, San Mateo, CA
7/95 7/96

Web Consultant

Managed, designed, programmed and hosted this company s website on a UNIX platform.

ObjectDale – San Francisco, CA
4/95 4/96

Web Consultant

Managed, designed, programmed and hosted this company s website on a UNIX platform.

Reodyne, Cotati, CA
7/95 7/96

Web Consultant

Managed, designed, programmed and hosted this company s website on a UNIX platform.

Wells Fargo Corp., San Francisco, CA
2/95 11/95

Senior Systems Analyst/Programmer Consultant

This project was to develop a COBOL-to-Visual Basic re-engineering application using Windows, Visual Basic and Access.

Pacific Gas & Electric – San Mateo, CA
9/93 9/95

Project Manager & Senior Systems Analyst/Programmer Consultant

This was a large project to develop the Property Accounting Client/Server System. The result was a 2-tier architecture with a Windows user interface and an Oracle database.

  • Worked directly with senior management.
  • Supervised 3 employees including 3 programmers, programmers and a database administrator.
  • Planned the project using Microsoft Project.
  • Prepared the budget.
  • Conducted JAD sessions.
  • Prepared a prototype.
  • Prepared the database analysis which included data models Knowledgeware Entity Relationship Diagrams .
  • Prepared the systems analysis which included the analysis of current systems running on IBM mainframes running TSO, CICS, COBOL and VSAM. Used process models Knowledgeware Data Flow Diagrams to study user interfaces, manual processes and interfaces with other systems.
  • Developed the system platform requirements.
  • Developed programs using Windows, Visual Basic, Oracle Database, Access, ODBC and Crystal Reporting.

Charles Inner & Co., San Francisco, CA
4/93 9/93

Senior Systems Analyst/Programmer Consultant

This project was to develop a prototype for Schwab s first Windows-based Stock Trading System. The programs were developed using Visual Basic and Access.

Pacific Gas & Electric, San Mateo, CA
8/90 4/93

Senior Systems Analyst/Programmer Consultant

This was a major multi-million dollar project to develop the Non-Energy Billing System. This is the billing system for everything except gas and electric.

  • Provided technical leadership to a large team.
  • Worked directly with senior management.
  • Designed the development process.
  • Solved major Knowledgeware development issues.
  • Designed the database.
  • Developed over 40 programs using IBM Mainframes, TSO, Knowledgeware CASE, OS/2, CICS, COBOL and DB2.

Littelton Industries, Alameda, CA
1/90 8/90

Senior Systems Analyst

This was a project to design a warehouse distribution system for a retail company. The system required interfaces with

  • Worked directly with senior management.
  • Prepared the database analysis which included data models Knowledgeware Entity Relationship Diagrams .
  • Prepared the systems analysis which included process models Knowledgeware Data Flow Diagrams to study user interfaces, manual processes and interfaces with other systems.
  • Used Knowledgeware CASE tools.

Pacific Bell, Santa Clara, CA
6/88 12/89

Senior Systems Analyst/Programmer Consultant

This was a project to develop a training and class management system TRAINS .

  • Provided technical leadership to a small team.
  • Worked directly with senior management.
  • Designed the development process.
  • Developed the architecture.
  • Designed the DB2 database.
  • Developed over 20 programs using IBM Mainframes, TSO, CICS, COBOL and DB2.

Eulesshouse, Sunnyvale, CA
6/87 6/88

Senior Systems Analyst/Programmer Consultant

This was a job to develop a missile and submarine project management system BOSS for United States Department of Defense.

  • Provided technical leadership to a large team.
  • Prepared the database analysis which included data models Entity Relationship Diagrams .
  • Prepared the systems analysis which included process models Data Flow Diagrams .
  • Worked directly with senior management.
  • Designed the development process.
  • Developed the architecture.
  • This may have been the first DB2 systems ever put into production.
  • Developed over 20 programs using IBM Mainframes, TSO, CICS, COBOL and DB2.

Mervyn s Department Stores, Redwood, CA
2/87 5/87

Senior Systems Analyst/Programmer Consultant

This was a project to develop an inventory management system using IBM Mainframes, TSO, CICS and COBOL.

Computerland, Redwood, CA
2/87 5/87

Senior Systems Analyst/Programmer Consultant

This was a project to develop an accounts receivable system using IBM Mainframes, TSO, CICS and COBOL.

Amanda Corporation, Redwood, CA
2/87 5/87

Senior Systems Analyst/Programmer Consultant

This was a project to develop a student registration system using IBM Mainframes, TSO, CICS and COBOL.

Pacific Bell, San Mateo, CA
7/85 6/86

Senior Systems Analyst/Programmer Consultant

This was a project to develop the Easy Access Request System EARS which is part of the Service Order System SORD .

  • Performed a system audit for the US Department of Justice
  • Re-architected the system
  • Developed programs using IBM Mainframes, TSO, CICS and COBOL.

Resume 11

Samples represent that of an actual working technical professional found on the WEB and modified to protect the privacy of these professionals. Human names, company names, colleges, software product names are intentionally made up.


Martha Reno

Saint Petersburg, FL


  • Extensive experience and knowledge of HTML, DHTML, ASP, JavaScript, XML, Visual Basic, VBScript, SQL, SQL Server, Oracle, COM, Java and Microsoft Developer Studio.
  • Experience in building websites from user requirements gathering to production rollout.
  • Excellent problem-solving and analytical skills with ability to work independently or in a team environment.
  • 2 years experience in website security implementation with Microsoft Active Directory, JNDI, ADSI, and Client / Server certificates.


Dissenture, Inc.
September 1994 Present

Web / Java Developer

  • Designed and developed the full Help Desk website, providing customers the ability to submit online requests, search the knowledge-base for solutions to common problems, and check the status of submitted requests. Integrated website with current Help Desk Call Management System. Added email notification features to maintain up to-date communication between help desk personnel and customers. Utilized technologies such as Visual Basic, ASP, HTML, and SQL Server.

  • Redesigned internal Web-based Issue Tracking Tool. Improved usability by taking advantage of JavaScript and XMLHTTP to provide a more user-friendly interface. Improved response times by 30 by writing more efficient code and utilizing XML data islands to bind data results to HTML tables reducing the number of trips to the server. Added functionality to integrate Outlook Tasks. Worked together with management and users to redefine requirements. Modified website security by using integrated windows authentication instead of a login page first website in office to utilize integrated windows authentication .

  • Designed and developed Java Security Architecture for client website. Created COM interface to Microsoft Active Directory to authorize and authenticate users with client certificates. Integrated security architecture with current in-house client/server architecture.

  • Developed web page to upload XML files to client s server for later processing. Created Java COM interface to verify uploaded XML files against DTD and reject invalid files. Designed and developed web page to download previously uploaded XML files utilizing a JavaScript tree structure for better performance and usability.

  • Programmed Java module to migrate client s data from access database to new Siebel system for testing and production. Integrated with available Siebel COM objects to maintain data integrity.

  • Programmed C# .NET Demo to demonstrate how Radio Frequency Identification Devices are used to automate the creation of purchase orders to maintain inventory levels.


  • Programming: Java, Visual Basic, HTML, JavaScript, VBScript, Cascading Style Sheets, ASP, Korn Shell, XML, Windows Scripting Host, C# .Net, WAP.

  • Databases: SQL Server 2000, Oracle 8i, Microsoft Access.

  • Operating Systems: Windows NT / 2000, HP-UX.

  • Storage: EMC, Network Appliance.

  • Additional: SAP R/3 Basis, ABAB, Benchmarking, Oracle Tuning, UNIX Systems Administration.

  • Languages: Fluent in English and Spanish.


Bradley University, Peoria, IL, May 1994
B.S. in Computer Information Systems with a Minor in Business Administration

Resume 12

Samples represent that of an actual working technical professional found on the WEB and modified to protect the privacy of these professionals. Human names, company names, colleges, software product names are intentionally made up.


Douglas Seymore

Columbus, Ohio


Enthusiastic and creative software developer with seven years of SDLC Software Development Life Cycle experience. A hands-on team leader, skilled in database driven software and web design and development, human-factors and accessibility concepts, using JSP, XML, XSL, SQL Server, Cold Fusion and Microsoft-based technologies.

  • HTML
  • JavaScript
  • UML
  • ASP
  • VBScript
  • SQL
  • SQL Server
  • XML
  • XSL
  • J2EE
  • JSP
  • Windows/Windows NT
  • JBuilder
  • Microsoft Office
  • Microsoft Visual Studio
  • Adobe Photoshop
  • HomeSite
  • XML Spy
  • Bowstreet
  • Ncompass Resolution
  • Cold Fusion


April 2001 June 2002

CONTRACT – Senior Software Developer Consultant

  • Developed large-scale SQL Server driven software applications for Research Foundation using Cold Fusion, SQL Server and JavaScript technologies. Developed database structures for optimized application performance and data integrity. Served as consultant for design and development of future Research Foundation applications.
  • Real-time Grants and Proposals Award Tracking System
  • Data-driven Foundation Event Calendar
  • Dynamic Active Desktop Calendar

December 2001 March 2002

CONTRACT – Software Developer Consultant

Developer for Investment and Management Group. Programmer for several Sales and Management Banking Reports. Responsible for developing stand-alone web-based Administration tools for team use, using Stored Procedures, ASP, VBScript, JavaScript, MS SQL Server and IIS. Applications were also built using Cold Fusion technologies.

  • Programmed complex compensation and payout algorithms for IMG Sales & Management Reports.
  • Built Windows-style Directory/Uploading application in Cold Fusion.
  • Built database driven Administration tools using Cold Fusion.

February 2000-October 2001

Lead Software Developer

Team Leader for front-end presentation design and development for internet and customer facing web-based applications for Toyota, HomeBase and American Hardware Manufacturing Association. Technologies include J2EE, writing brokers, requestors, session beans, servlets, WebLogic 6.0, XSLT, XSL Formatting Objects, XML and MS SQL Server. Also responsible for design and development of web-based applications and software utilizing ASP, VBScript, JavaScript, IIS and other Microsoft-based technologies and environments.

Authored style guide for department internet application development; topics included localization, globalization, graphic layout, design and issues pertaining to human factors and disabilities. Selected to join Impact! Team at Sterling Commerce, a 10-member team that drove environmental and cultural changes within Global Development.

September 1999-January 2000

CONTRACT – Lead Intranet Consultant

Worked with outsourced Graphics Department for re-design of ChemLinc, a Corporate Intranet site, using MS Visual Interdev, ASP, SQL Server 7.0, VBScript, JavaScript, HTML. Also responsible for external department projects consisting of document conversion, site design and development.

  • Integrated SAP and Lotus Notes into ChemLinc to allow associates the ability to launch and access programs and applications from one common navigational element.
  • Implemented cross-organizational regulations regarding further Intranet sites belonging to off-site departments and company divisions.
  • Consultant to new E-Commerce initiatives, including trading with chemical vendors and managing customer orders via web interactives.

July 1999-September 1999

CONTRACT – Lead Software Developer

Developed and deployed large-scale e-commerce Internet and Intranet solutions. Responsible for online Internet applications and developing the Intranet Administration side of application using HTML, ASP, VBScript, SQL and SQL Server 7.0. Led weekly Technical meetings including all programmers and graphic designers, to encourage teamwork, learning and open communication and utilizing latest web trends, programming languages, project obstacles/solutions and client obstacles/solutions.

Performed Data conversion from static HTML and Access dB to the more dynamic ASP and SQL Server 7.0. Developed interactive websites including online restaurant ordering, insurance applications, web forms, graphical statistics, search engines and CD-ROM catalog application.

August 1997-July 1999

Application Developer/Webmaster I

nstalled and maintained department Web Server MS IIS . Responsible for various departments design and development of Intranet web sites. Provided web-based TELCO ordering system database-driven web applications using JavaScript, MS Access, ASP, VBScript and SQL. Converted documents to HTML for online viewing. Worked with other departments and associates to develop sites to fit specific needs. Responsible for making decisions and creating an overall web experience that was both user friendly and easily navigated by all internal and external Associates.

  • Created interactive sites forms/databases using JavaScript, ASP, PERL, CGI, SQL/dB programming.
  • Oversaw integration and development of additional internal webs.
  • New Hire Instructor for MCI-WorldCom/Compuserve; taught classes for newly hired Field Engineers pertaining to usage of Field Service web-based applications.

July 1995-August 1997

Internet Coordinator, Print Production

Responsible for 28 stateside medical journals, including developing, updating and supporting all electronic publishing information for print, CD-ROM, and electronic journals. Created and managed 6 new web sites. Proofed and edited 160 domestic and international medical, occupational and professional journals. Responsible for print production of all promotional materials for stateside journals. Negotiated cost for production and printing of slides, lecture notes and article reprints. Created and updated weekly press schedules. Proofed color and black and white copies of journals, slides and advertising. Sent journals to press and sorted advertising imposition. Responsible for post-production printing of advertisements, inserts, journal covers, spines and promotional materials for Direct Marketing campaigns.


Digital Communication
Columbus State Community College, Columbus, Ohio

Associate Degree, English and Journalism
College of the Siskiyous, Weed, California


MentorNet, Mentor
Columbus Digital Eve, Instructor of Web Programming classes, Member, volunteer
Columbus WebGrrls, Instructor of Web Programming classes, Member, volunteer

Resume 13

Samples represent that of an actual working technical professional found on the WEB and modified to protect the privacy of these professionals. Human names, company names, colleges, software product names are intentionally made up.


Harry Cooper

Newport News, VA


B.S., Information Systems Technology, AIU (Estimated completion July 2003)
A.A.S, Information System Technology, Networking Specialization, Northern Virginia Community College


Top Secret (SCI Pending)


Over five years experience in the design and development of systems and software applications using tools such as ASP, Cold Fusion, SQL Server, JavaScript and DHTML on various hardware platforms.


4/01 to Present
Science Applications Corporation (SAC), Addison, VA

Web Developer

Currently supporting Air Force Intelligence Information Technology (AF IIT) Systems Integration Management Office (SIMO) as a Web Developer and Designer. Responsible for the development and maintenance of the AF IIT SIMO web site integrating dynamic technologies such as Active Server Pages, which deliver real time information to the web site from a Microsoft Access database. Develop and administer a Microsoft Access client/server relational database. Develop, design and maintain the current AF IIT SIMO web site. Perform analysis to determine and improve Air Force Intelligence enterprise transition management strategies and implementations. Provide technical reports, briefings, and web products to convey and communicate findings and recommendations. Conduct information management process analysis and make best practice recommendations to SAIC and the customer. Streamline data collection into database repositories developed in MS Access and available via the web. Manage and track computer systems planning for the AF IIT SIMO.

6/00 to 4/01
Northrop Grumman-Logicon (Federal Systems Group), White Church, VA

Web Developer/Designer

AIMP Webmaster supporting U.S. Army Electronic Army Intelligence Master Plan (EAIMP), responsible for the operation of two EAIMP production servers operating on classified networks and one development server. Ensured the overall management and content of the sites and applicable standards and validity were met. Responsible for optimizing web architecture for navigability, editorial responsibility for the content, and quality and style of the site. Developed tools to create web content and check for consistency. Maintained site maps, performed all software maintenance procedures of all sites, and ensured performance of weekly backups. Promoted the site, monitored error logs, and identified and resolved potential problems. Performed server configuration and maintenance on the site. Developed code for the web site using Cold Fusion and other languages. Maintained proper security procedures for the sites and ensured applicable security procedures were followed.

9/98 to 6/00
SAC, McGregor, VA

Web Developer/Designer

Web Developer and Designer supporting Air Force Intelligence Information Technology (IIT) Systems Integration Management Office (SIMO), responsible for the development and maintenance of the AF IIT SIMO web site integrating dynamic technologies such as Active Server Pages which delivered real time information to the web site hosted on JWICS and SIPRNET from a Microsoft Access database. As a Junior Analyst provided technical and analytical support to the DoDIIS and Air Force IIT SIMO. Responsibilities included Transition Planning/System Integration Management, and correlating and analyzing intelligence information requirements for current and planned systems architecture baselines. Developed and maintained web-based systems and operational architectures. Conducted analysis to determine and improve Air Force Intelligence enterprise transition management strategies and implementations. Researched technical and functional information and intelligence information systems statuses and produced technical reports, briefings, and web products to convey and communicate findings and results. Drafted, edited, evaluated, analyzed, reconciled and implemented Air Force, DoDIIS and Intelligence Community policy and guidance. Streamlined data collection where possible into database repositories developed in MS Access and available via the web.

10/96 to 09/98
Britney Management Services (AVIS Corporation), North Beach, VA

Assistant Site Manager and Lead Technician

Responsible for all Word-processing, records management, shipping and receiving, duplication procedures and incoming and outgoing mail processing and budget/contract responsibilities. Managed and tracked preparation of OSHA Reports and First Report of Injury Reports. Responsible for computer equipment management. Supervised and managed 12 employees.

9/75 to 10/96
United States Navy

Administrative Supervisor/Manager

Administrative Supervisor/Manager for a staff of 11 to 450 personnel, military and civilian. Managed and maintained all administrative records and training. LAN Manager, Computer Systems Manager, Educational Service Officer, Computer Security Officer. Initiated and managed a computer-based training program. Managed a personnel budget of a $400K annually, travel budget in excess of $2.5 million per year and a supply budget of $32K annually. Manpower Manager/ Administrative Officer for over 2,500 personnel. Head administrative inspection officer assigned as a member of the general administrative inspection team conducting administrative inspections on over 12 organizations annually.


HTML I and II, Visual Basic, Basic and Advanced netViz, JAVA, Local Area Networks, Event Driven Basic, TCP/IP, Database Management, Computer Program Design, XML, Information Center Management, Active Server Pages, Cold Fusion, Networking Servicing, Web Site Security, Introduction to the JAVA Language, Dreamweaver, Photoshop, Fireworks, Flash and FrontPage software programs, Adobe Illustrator, Go-Live, and Live Motion. Proficient in Visual Studio (C++, Visual Source Safe, FoxPro and Visual Interdev).


Available upon request.